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2 D
El Paso Enters Final Inning Four Runs Behind, but
Slagle Blpws TJp and the Home Team Wins; the
Mackmen Get Only Two Hits in the First
Eight Innings; Stadelli Is a Star.
TWO DOUBLES, two singles, a
triple and an error gave the
.Mackmen five runs in tbe last
u the ninth and a victory over the
( 'id Pueblos. 6 to 6, in Friday's game
at Bio Grande park. It was a tough
game for Walter Slagle to lose for the
ruscon pitcher had kept the Mackmen
and Mr. Babe Hit on merely nodding
urnis for eight innings. Walter hurt
nis ankle sliding to second base in tbe
third inning, but continued on the
mound despite his injury. Only one
( lean hit, a triple by Bauer in the sixth,
was secured off him until the fatal
ninth Joe Mathes had reached first
Fafclj on a hit by third in the third
inning-, but it was of the scratch va
riety Just two Mackmen reached first base
in the first four innings. In the fiftn,
an error, a pass and a sacrifiec got
men on second and third. But they
remained there. In the sixth, with one
gone, Jake Bauer connected for a drive
to deep centerfield which went for
three stations. George Duddy then
hoisted a sacrifice fly on which Bauer
scored For the next two innings,
Slagle was complete master of the sit
uation, sending the Mackmen back in
Kallio One of Form.
Bay Kallio was not in his usual form.
Tt o passes, a double and a single gave
Tucson two runs in the third. In the
seventh, errors by Pendleton and Per
i me started a rally. A pass and a sin
gle gave the visitors two more runs.
The eror charged to Perrine should
i lgbtly be charged to umpire Kane for
he made an error of judgment. Slagle
had reached firt on Pendleton's wide
throw to first. Fulwider hit to Pendle
ton, who shot the ball to Perrine. i,ig
Touched second and had drawn back
his arm to throw to first when lie
Connell, running for Slagle. bumped
into him and made him drop the nalL
Kane, considerably to the surprise of
everyone, called -lcConnell.safe.
After two were gone in the eighth,
McGeehan hit safe to leftfield. Slagle
followed with a long drive which, even
in his limping condition, was good for
a double and McGeehan scored. Kallio
then fanned Fulwider.
Beer Bats for Kallio.
In the last of the eighth. McCloskey
sent Sammy Beer in to bat for Kallio
and Sammy got on nase. thanks to
Seaton's error. Mathes. Perrine and
Bauer were unable to hit safe, how
ever. Bauer drove one between left
and centerfield. but Art Stadelli was
on the job. He made a hard run and
& jump and nailed the balL It was a
mighty preaty piece of fielding.
Stoney McGlynn made his appearance
on the mound in the ninth and pitched
to three men. Incidentally. Stoney gets
credit for pitching a winning game.
Stadelli greeted the veteran by slam
ming out a double. Seaton popped to
Pendleton and Rader flew to Hayes.
Stadelli thought he could advance on
the throw-in and tried it but Hayes
nailed him at third.
And Then It Happened.
And now we come to the fateful last
o the ninth. Duddy was the first man
up ami he gave Stadelli another chance
to s me as a fielder. Jack Bliss
i racked a grounder over second base
and Thompson came along with
mother Pendleton evidentiv thoufrnt
MzfiS&SFSrW 3ttSt"2
Tlie Many Times Champion
Knows Carrying Power
of All His Clubs.
.New York, June 12. How does Wal
ter J Trcis. 56 years old. do it?
That is the question which his vic
tory last Saturday when he 'met John
G. Anderson at Apawamis for the
Metropolitan golf title is provoking;
In golf circles. It is the fourth time
Travis has taken this title.
The only answer is that Travis has
reduced golf to science. He is never
out oY practice. He knows within a
couple of feet the exact carrying power
of each club he uses. There Is not a
week of the year when he is not on the
links. That is part of the reason why
men half his age cannot beat him.
Queer Ban of Clubs.
A peep into the Travis golf bap
sues a good insight into the man's
deep study of his favorite sport. His
clubs are the wierdest collection you
ever saw, drivers with big-knots on
them, mashies shaped like fish hooks
and putters exceptional for their bulk.
But they all serve their purpose. For
lis weight and age Travis drives a
remarkably ions ball off the tee, the
reward ot perfect swinging and cor
rect timing. Like Harry vardon. the
celebrated English champion, Travis
Vrill always sacrifice distance for direc
tion, not only because it is the proper
th-ng to do. but advancing years have
taken some power from the veteran's
shoulders and arms.
Iron Shots Are Perfect.
Travis has a knowledge of the Im
portant short game that few natlvo
born Scotch professionals can excel.
Hi iron shots are practically perfect
Unlike the many amateurs who dread
the mashie, the Garden City star can
make this difficult club perform mira
cles for him. It was a great mashie
shot that indirectly led to Anderson'3
It is on the green, however, that
Trais is at his best. Championships
are mostly decided on the greens. The
veteran's sensational putting has won
most of his titles. To be a good putter
one must have complete command of
Telephone 6 7 3
CTlf Tl W
Kitty Knight had just made his ap
pearance from the clubhouse so Mc
Closkey sent him in to bat for Hayes.
Kitty delivered the goods, slamming
a clean double to centerfield. whicn
scored Bliss and Thompson and made
the score 5 to 3. McGlynn shifted his
chew, hitched up his trousers and lit
on the first ball pitched to him. Felts
got one hand on it but it was too far
out and went for a double. Knight
I There was only one run needed to tie
the score and the fans, scenting a be
lated victory, could be well described
as fanatics. There sure was something
doing in the stands. Joe Mathes
looked over a couple from the new
worried Slagle. He found a low one to
his liking and paid his compliments to
deep centerfield for three stations. The
hit sent "McGlynn home and the score
was tied.
No fan or fanatic, if you prefer it.
was detected in the act of leaving the
park. Instead, hats, coats, etc were
being thrown around in joyful style.
Fulwider Drops Perrine's Fly.
The fanatics fatrly prayed to Nig
Perrine to "lilt -er out." .Nig did his
part all right and hoisted one to right
field. "Red" Fulwider happens to bo
playing that position and it looked like
an easy catih. The fans prepared to
settle down for an extra inning, but the
handsome pitcher had used too much
cold cream with his morning toilet and
the ball rolled safe. Mathes crossed
the plate and the game was over a
victory for the Mackmen.
Despite the errors, the game was a
good one. The fans had a chance to see
some fast, snappy ball and the fielding
of the Old Pueblos, when they were
fighting for the lead, was the kind that
delights the ISrd fanatic.
The score:'
Tucson. AB R H PO A E
Stadelli. If. 3 1 1 2 e
Seaton, 2b. 51111
Rader. as. S 1 X i 1
JiseMurdo, lb. 4 1 11 0 1
Felts, ct 4 S 1 4 9 0
Callan. c I 1 1 o
McGeehan. 3 b. 4 1 610
SBegle. p 3 S : 0 3 0
xMcConntll e 1 0 0
Fulwider. rf. ........ 4 I 1 0 1
Toals 3 S M 10 4
xMcConoeU ran fer Slagle is fourth, sev
enth and eighth.
Two out in ninth lrhen winnlne run was
El Paw. AB
MatbM. lb. s
1 12
Perrine, 2b. ..
saoer. cz.
Duddy. lb.
Bliss; e. ,
Thompson, rf. ......
Pendfetfta, sa. ......
Hayes, If.
Kaluo. p.
McGlynn, pi ........
Totals 24 C 7 27 IS 2
xKsight batted for Hayes in the ninth.
tBeer batted for Kallio In the eighth.
Tpcjpo 4tt 21 S
El Paso ..... ... ......... eae aei sej c
Summary Three base hits lutbes. Bauer.
Two base hits. Knight. McGlyon. Slagle. Ra
der. Stadelli. Sacrifice hit. KalUo. Sacrifice
fly. Duddy. Stolen base. Fulwider. Hits, off
Kallio, 3 in eight Innings. Strockoot . by
Kallio. 4; by Slagle. 4. First base on balls.
Kane.1" "" "--- -
.. auiiu. : on otajrie. i. ixniDle mat pr.
his nerves. The slightest twist or fls.
movement will send the ball off its
course. No matter how close the matcn
may be. Travis is always the same,
absolutely unmoved and nerveless -n
the greens. Nothing upsets him. He
occasionally misses putts to show he
is really human.
Travis's list of championships is rs
long as a congressional record. He'a
captured the "Met" titles four times,
been national champion, and in 1M
Won the English amateur title at Sand
wich, the only American who ever suc
ceeded in doing this.
Britons "Were Soar.
Travis rather bitterly says that In
aH his long career that was the only
victory to be followed by unpleasant
ness. The English golfers at that time
ridiculed our players.
Travis entered at Sandwich unan
nounced and promptly began by win
ning all his early rounds. He went
through to the finals and captured the
The disappointed Britons attempted
to soothe their feelings by declaring
sarcastically that "the bloomin' Yan
kee sneaked his way through the
That was one of the few times the
grand old man of the links ever got
a stymie be couldn't negotiate.
Chicago, 11L, June 12. Baseball pools
which have been surprisingly popular
in Chicago during the present baseball
season, will go out of existence by June
15, according to an arrangement made
by judge Booney and the representa
tives of a national baseball pool
operated In connection with a weekly
baseball publication, owned by a Wilk
esbarre. Pa, man.
Five men arrested and charged with
maintaining a gambling institution,
will appear before ludge Booney on
June IS for trial. The court has not
promised what their sentence will be. In
case they are convicted, but he has ex
acted a promise from them that they
will not attempt to sell chances on a
baseball pool after that date.
ffltl J
A LBUQTJERQTJE fana have ad
vanced another alibi for the poor
support accorded the Dukes. They
claim the schedule has sent only
second division teams to Albuqnerque
this season and that the fans there
won't torn ont until the pennant
fighters get there. Well, we had an
impression that the Solons were in
the first division when they went to
the Dnke City. Albuquerque doesn't
want to get sassy about that second
division for that is where the Dukes
live. And about the schedule
George Reed, the Albuqnerqne man
ager, was largely responsible for the
latest schedule.
QUALITY of baseball played here
this week is at least 50 percent
better than in any other series this
year. It's like betting a dollar
against the hole in the doughnut
that the Rio Grande is the fastest
class D organization in America.
The writer has scored on three class
B leagues and feels quite safe in say
ing that the quality of ball here this
week has been above the average in
the class B leagues.
Nine Hits and Nine Passes
Off Southpaw Defeat
the Mighty Dukes.
Albuquerque, N. SL, June 12. VakiKf
every hit count formula value, the Sotoas de
feated the Dukes, here. Friday afternoon,
by a score of 7 to 4 and again evened up
the seiie& each club bavin? won two tames.
Tbe game was featured by fast fielding: o
the part of both teams.
Herb Hall, the prize hurler of Heater's
staff, ont pitched Lefty Russell but didn't
have any wide margin as the southpaw put
up a much better argument than he did on
his first appearance In an Albuquerque uni
form. "Money" Mundorff. who was expected to
Join the Solons here on Wednesday and for
whom Hester made & place by releasing
Pittman, has not yet put in an appearance
and Hester has signed Salazsr. a local
semi-professional player who took part in a
couple of games with the defunct Douglas
team at the opening of the season, tem
porarily. He played rtgh field today and
while be had no fielding chances he per
formed ably with the bat and on the bases.
For the Saturday afternoon conflict.
Trekell Is likely to work fer the locals
while either Sonoqul or sled Toner will be
on the mound for the visitors. McCreery
and Irion are the likely pitchers for the
Sunday game.
The box score follows:
Phoenix. AB
Scanlon. 3b. ......... 3
McArdle. as 3
"Ntatt. ex. 4
Demagglo, If. 2
Lynn, c S
Dowling. 2b. ........ 3
Heater, lb. 4
Salazar. rf. 4
Hall. p. 4
1 14
Totals 31
AlbuqBerque. AB
Morphr. ef. ..... S
Humphries, es. ...... 4
Hoelsman rf. ....... 1
Herrtett. lh. 4
French. Sb. 4
Davis, lb. J
Carman. If. . . 4
Raedel. c 4
Russell, p. ....... 4
) a u s
1 X
X t
17 2
Totals 22 4 5 27 15 1
Phoenix 302 lee 002 7
Albuquerque 101 111 M I
Summary Three base lifts. Herriott. Mur
phy. Two base hits. French (2), Hall (I).
Hester. Sacrifice fly. Nutt. Stolen bases.
Hnmphles 3). Lett on bun Albaqoerqee, 7;
Phoenix. S. Doable plays. HnniBhrles to
Raedel to Davis to Raedel: Carman to Her
riott: Humphries to French to Herriott:
French to Herriott. Bases on balls, off Rus
selL 9: off Hall. S. Stmckout, tr Russell. 4;
by Hall. 5. Wild pitches. Russell. 2: Hall. L
First base on errors, Albuquerque. 2; Phoe
nix. 1. Time of came. 1:45. Umpire. Ster
ling. Bill Guesses He's
Gets a "Phonograft" Instead
Buster's Scheme Works All Right Until Gnssy Wants a "Higher Girl," but
(Copyright 1S15. by Ring XV. LardDer.)
CHICAGO. June IS. Steve: "Wen.
Steve, it takes a woman a long
wilo to lern some thing out X
guess this time I've lerned Gussy who
is the bos round here and who is not
the boss and she thot she could twist
me a ruond on her finger nale but she
will know it better after this.
The other night we was over to some
friends of ours name Tailor and they
got 1 of these here pianos where you
play it with'your feet and It plays by
it self as long is you keep tredding on
it up and down. So wo all took terns
playing this here pianno and wile 1
was playing on It the others danced
the 1 step walk and foxs trot and we
had a pretty fare time only Tailor
acted like the town had went dry and
wouldent send out for nothing.
Gussy 3IaL.es n Suggestion.
So wile we was going on the way
home Gussy says how nice it would
be if we got a hold of 1 of them pl
annos so as we could dance by our
self in the evenings so I says I dident
think I could dance no better with a
pianno standing In the rm. then if they
wasent none there and she says what
do you mean and I says we alnt onley
got 4 ft. between us and if I and you
was dancing to gather we couldent
spair no ft to tred on the plannos and
she says may be we could get a'hlgher
girl to do the house work in the day
times and at night she could set and
run "the pianno wile we danced so I
says do you know how much 1 of them
piannos cost let alone a higher girl
so she says she knowed where you
could rent a reglar pianno that you
play by hand for (3 per mo. and I says
well suppose we had I of them we
would half to stop evry time we was
dancing past it and strike a cord anl
she says no she thot we could may be
get a he'd of a girl that was taking
musical lesons and would be glad to
us our pianno to practice on and
would help Gussy with the work In
the day time for her bord and fun
and want it to make a slave out of
ber so I says well what do you want
to make out of me a poor house popper
so she says I wasent treating her right
or I would be reddy and willing to
spend S3 per mo. to give her a good
time so I says I was reddy and willing
to spend the S3 per mo. for a pianno
if she could show me where we could
get it played with out givemg no
higher girl S7 or SS per wek to pla
it for us and besides from all I herd
its hard enough to get a higher .jiri
that cau cook and1 wash dishes with o'Jt
TENTDCKY has a racing commis
sion which is a real power in the
state. The commission recently
fined jockey Butwell 5250 for "rough
and malicious riding." Batwefl
didn't pay it and jumped to New
York state. There he found he had
been suspended by the Kentucky
commission for failure to pay the
fine and that he couldnt' ride in New
York. If we had a few more organ
izations like the Kentucky State
Racing commission we would have
cleaner horse' races.
ATTENDANCE records should be
broken at Rio Grcnde park Sat
urday and Sunday. The attendance
this week has been very encourag
ing but it is not yet enough to pay
dividends. The total records for the
first four games were barely enough
to pay the guarantee to the visiting
club. There has been nothing for
the home club. The club figures on
making its money on Saturday and
Sunday. Do your part, if yon like
good, clean baseball.
Use home valley meats.
Boys Under 17 Years May Compete in Tournament at
the Country Club; Courts Opening on Wednes
day; the Finals Wi U Be Played Next
Saturday Afternoon.
ARRANGEMENTS for the cham
pionship tennis tournament on
tle courts of the El Paso Coun
try club were completed at a meet
ing of tennis boosters Friday af
ternoon at the office of E. E.
Neff, the southwestern "daddy of lawn
tennis." The tournament, which will
be conducted under sanctions of both
the United State national Lawn Ten
nis association and the Border States
Tennis association, will bo open
to all boys who have not passed their
17th birthday anniversary and will open
Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock. Pray
will continue until 4 p. m.. and asalu
on Thursday and Friaay. If necessary.
The finals will be played on the Coun
try club courts on Saturday after
noon. Two Events on the Card
There will be two events, singles and
doubles and a very small entry fee has
been named, Sv cents for the singles
and 2S cents for each contestant in the
doubles. i
The rules of the national association
will govern and the tournament will,
in all respects, be conducted along- lines
similar to those of the bis tourna
ments. The winners will be recognized
champions of the junior division in this
part of the country. Their names will
also appear in the official records.
This Is to be the starter of a regular
series of boys' tournaments. The 191S
tournament will be held in the spring
and the winners in both singles and
doubles will be taken to the Tucson
tournament as the guests of the asso
ciation. There they will compete for
the junior southwestern championships.
Tucson. Bisbee. l'hoenix and Douglas
are also to hold junior tournaments
and the various winners will be en
tered in the meet at Tucson.
Valuable Trophies for "Winners.
Some valuable cups are to be pre
sented to the winners and the runners
up in the coming tournaments and the
lucky boys will have a memento they
may keep for life of their good wort.
Entries for the tournament will close
on Tuesday evening at o'clock with
Harwood E. Simmons, 1019 East Rio
Grande street, to whom entries should
be sent at once. Mr. Simmons is chair
man of the tournament committee, the
other representatives of the young men
being Charles Overstreet and Mayo
"Lerned Gussy Whose Boss:'
her. bean a orchestra in the evening.
So we argude back and 4th and finely
I happened to think a bout a phono
graft in the stead of a pianno and
you dont need no body to play on them
but just start them going evry time
you want to dance and no more bother
untill your threw so I dident say
nothing a bout it to Gussy and the nest
day I went down town and seen 1 for
115 and the man says I could pay for it
S3 per mo. for 5 mos. and I gues thats
better than renting a pianno for the
same price per mo. onley when you
get threw rcting it still belongs to
who ever you got it from yet. So I
had the phonograft sent out to the
house and 2 peaces of music a 1 step
walk and a fox trot a long with it
and I wisht you could of saw how
tickled Gussy was onley wile we was
danceing after supper she says 1
should ought to boughten more then
jusf the 2 peaces because we wouia
get tired hearing them over fcnd oer
so we found out where we could get
some peaces sent out on the approval
and if i'tju dont like them you can
send themback and of coarse the store
wont never know wether we liked
them or not and thats none of there
bisness- I dont halt to go around
to every store In Chi and tell them
what I like and what I dont like. But
after we use 1 of them peaces 1 even
ing we can send it baclf and get an
other and so 4th.
So you see what a sucker I would of
been to listen to Gussy and rent a pi
anno with out no body to nlav it and
,of corse Gussy can play pretty good
wnn 1 nana out it wouiant De no fun
for me troting a round the rm. with
the carpet sweeper or some thing for
a partner and now all we half to do Is
turn on the phonograft and wear all
Slorc Worry for Bill.
Well we danced ouh heads off last
night and tonight after supepr l ast
Gussy was she reddy to dance and she
says no she was all tired out and dident
feel like danceing so I ast her what had
she been doing to get tired out and she
says the house work was wareing her
out and then she broke down and be
gin to cry so I says for her to cheer
up and may be she would feel like
dancing some other time and she says
no she couldent never dance again in
the evening when she had to work all
day and she says she had left me have
mv own nay a bout not getting no
pianno and I should ought to leave
her have her own flay a bout gretin-r
a higher girl so we bepsrin to argue
jcam but ihe kept on blubbenr to
A LBUQTJERQUE has come to life
" all right. With the prospect of
Bisbee getting the franchise unless
the fans turned out better, they
have ralleid to the support of the
club and manager George Reed wires
that the baseball situation in the
northern city was never better than
it is right now. Let ns improve a
fairly good situation here. The club
will be home all next week and we
should have capacity crowds Sunday
and the following Sunday.
"TENNIS fans will be interested in
the junior tennis tournament
which opens on the Country dub
courts Wednesday. If you know any
good tennis player not over 17 years
of age, see that he enters his name
for this tournament before Tuesday
QPEN-AIR boxing is making a hit
in New York. At the recent
Coffey-Flynn bout, more than 10,000
persons were present, while 15,000
were present the same night at
Brooklyn to see Soldier Bartfield
shade Mike Gibbons.
'BECK. -
Seamon. . W. Prltchett and E. H.
Neff represent the Country club on
the committee and H. D. Ross and A.
H. Beckett represent the press.
The draw for the first round will
take place on Tuesday night, when tbe
committee will meet at The Herald of
fice at S o'clock.
: : :
The crowd was hardly up to that of pre
vious games ef this series but the fans cot
plenty ot thrills.
The series bow stands three games to one
la favor of Bl Paso. It looked like a Tuc
son victory on Friday right up to that great
rally in the ninth and sosae of the fans were
wondering Just what Albuquerque would do
to the Solons.
Perrine thought there should have been
a double play In the seventh. With the
bases full and none out. Radel lined a hot
one to Nig. which ho shot to Mathss. getiug
Seaton before he could return to the bag.
Nig thought Mathes should hare made it
a triple play by throwing to Duddy and
caching lieConneil. bat ho Mg fellow was
back on the bag too quick.
The Old Pueblos were in hard lock In
more than one way on Friday. In the bat
ting practice before the game. Oscar Horst
maB wa hit on the ankle by a hrown ball.
Injuring a Mood vwssul and causing a swell
ing which may keep him on of tbe game
for a few days. Then Slagle hurt his ankle
sliding to second early in the game. To cap
it off. there was that ninth Inning victory
for the Mackmen. after Kitty Brashear had
it all figured out In he percentages as a
victory for hia dab.
There has been a broese at Rio Grande
park every afternoon this week and the
stands are alee and eooL Ne one questions
MeCloskeys choios -of' location any mere
for the stands are Ideally located to get
away from the hot sun and also get the
benefit of any breeze Mowing.
Build up your home valjey. Use her
of a Piano-PIayer
Bill Pots a $4 Limit oa the Girl
finely I give in to her and says she
could get her self a higher girl if she
dident pay no more than SI per wk. So
she going to try and get her self 1
and she shouldent ought to have no
trouble as long is she dont half to
get a girl tnat ran tare off rag time.
But if I had left her have her own
way we would be pain t per r. for a
pianno 'that wouldnt never belicng o
us and S7 or SS for a girl to play on It
and for all we know the girl couldent
play nothing but HIms.
If you ever get married Steve you
run the house your self and dont leave
the Mrs. run it or 1st thing you know
you will be rnoveing to the county
Respy, B11L
ud Your
I Home
lock your private Pa
pers and Jewels in a
Safe Deposit Box in
our Concrete Vaults.
This is a wise pre-'
caution, and costs
very little.
Rio Grande Valley
" --iTsnm
Hamet fL Tdiiot fV.
"" ""'
i rrsa
1 -'ifl Xf&r .afissss!
Wi iasssn I-
Most of Big Run totals and Hitting Records This Season
Have Been Made Against L eft Handed Pitchers, Who,
For Some Reason Have Been Unable to Deliver;
a Few Southpaws Are Delivering the Goods.
KW YORK, June IS. Always
more or lees inconsistent creat
ures, taken as a lot. the south
paw pitchers are less dependable this
year than any other time In the last
decade. At least they have traveled
the rockiest sort ot a road thus far
in their journey, nearly all the le
run totals and the aitzine records ''
the year in tbe two big leagues have
been mads against left handers. to say
nothing of long strings of bases on
balls Interspersed with wild pitches
and hit batsmen. It is possible, if
course, that the port wings will lose
some of their kinks after a protracted
spell of good old fashioned hot weatn
er. But if Mr. Southpaw as a whole
is to break even with his normal sidad
brethren during the season he will have
to get a move on him pretty soon.
Several teams with pennant aspira
tions based much of their hopes, when
the campaign began, on expected sen
sational work on the part of their
leading left banders. The most notable
case of this kind is the Boston Red
Sol The Red Sox counted on sensa
tional pitching on the part of Dutch
Leonard, who led the American league's
southpaws last ear, and Vean Gregg.
Cleveland star of a few years bacK
who appeared due for another first
rate year.
GregE and Leonard Fall.
Gregg has been an utter failure thus
far. Manager Bill Carrigan has not
even given him a regular turn in the
box. Leonard's case has cooked up the
scandal of the season. According to
the manager and president Joe Lan
nln. owner of the club, Leonard has
refused to obey training rules and
keep in condition. His recent suspen
sion brought forth charges of internal
dissension in the team.
Regardless of the dissension, suspen
sion and disobedience of training rules.
however, it is sufficient to say that
Leonard has been practically worthless
so far, whereas he was counted on to
win probably more games than any
other jnan on the staff.
Babe Ruth, still another Red Sox
southpaw, found it impossible to strike
a winning gait until his return from
the first western trip, and his entire
record thus far embraces about thrae
times s many defeats as victories.
Ray Collins also has been about use
less. The one biggest disappointment of
the champion Boston Braves is George
Tyler. .This tall left handert who
ranked right with Dick Rudolph -and
Bill James when the big trio swept
through the National league last sea
son, has been worse than indifferent
in his showing this year. If he should
fail to round back into his 1914 form.
the Braves will have a mighty tougir
time repeating.
Dodarera Xeed Southpaw Aid.
The Brooklyn Dodgers, a team of
great potential strength, tbe .heaviest
hitting outfit in the universe, will go
no higher than last year unless Its
two leading lefthanders come througn
The comeback of Jack Coombs, veteran
discard of the Athletics has been a
windfall for the team, as also has been
the uncovering of a sensation in
Wheezer DelL Both these fellows have
been doing great mound work, ajid
Jeff Pfeffer, the leading twlrler of
the team last year, has begun to ex
hibit his former effectiveness. With
these three delivering as they now
are. the Dodgers will become danger
ous pennant contenders if either one
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of their big left banders come throuVi
Nan Rucker or Raleigh Aitehiso-.
If -both come through, the Dodgers wui
win the flag, no matter what happens
in the ranks of the opposition.
Itneker Seems Slower.
Rucker. the greatest southpaw "f
them all a few seasons gack. has lost
all of his old speed; Even the aver
age high school pitcher can zip th
ball across faster than he can. B 1 1
Nap has considerable head on bs
shoulders, also considerable curve ba I
and considerable control. Lsing t.ie
slowest kind of a floater, he made ti;
Giants look sick in the afternoon game
of the Decoration day double header
However, it showed he had it in him
and some more of that same stripe
would mean much for the team. Ait
chison has twirled first class ball m
about six innings of each game 1"
has started, but something alwas ts
occurred in the other three to maia
his day's work wasted.
Others Undependable.
Slim Sallee and Hank Robinson of
the Cardinals are two more failures
to date. Wilbur Cooper of the Pitts
burg Pirates and Earl Hamilton of
the Browns have been undependable
too. Hamilton was suspended for
breaking training rules, Just as Leon
ard of the Red Box was. Ho is re
instated now and has shown an in
clination to return to his old capable
winning ways, but thus far his figures
are by no means impressive.
Connie Mack's Athletics had a dis
mal enough outlook at it was without
counting on any breakdown of his most
promising pitcher. Rube Bressler.
big boy who resembles Eddie Plan
in motion, has done absolutely nothtnir
thus far to justify the confidence re
posed in him.
Rube Marquard, one of the queerest
mixtures of good and bad to be found
anywhere, began his year with a no
hit game and then immediately sank
into mediocrity or worse. He has won
a couple of games during the last fe-v
weeks in which the opposition got
nearly ten runs off him. simply being
lucky enough to have the assignment
on the days when the Giants hit still
harder and got still more runs for
Some Are Dolnc Welt.
Only a few left handers have been
delivering the goods as they should.
Rebel Russell of the White Sox wrll
be quite a factir in his c,lub's succe-s
if he can keep on as at present. ar.-1
may even mean the difference betwe&n
just a fair team and a flag winner
H George Pierce and Jim Vaughn of
the Cubs have gone along In fine shap -.
and manager Roger Bresnahan cai
congratulate himself on being abojt
the only man in the world that h.s
two really good southpaws this year
Rube Benton has pltehed a good game
here and there for Cincinnati. Har-v
Cevaleskie has been the big noise Tor
the Detroit Tigers. Joe Boehlings
work for the Washington Senators has
been well above par.
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