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"Week-Eiid Edition, June 12-13, 1915.
These Women Won $100 In Cash
Phoenix, Ariz., June 3, 1915.
Ad Letter Editor.
Dear Sir:
This ad appeals to me because I am a mother and one who must be particular of the health of her
family and little ones.
How nice and comforting it is to be assured in simple plain language that there is one place in
El Paso where I can get "Pure Milk, "Clean Milk," "Good Milk." The ad seems to say to me: "Go
try every thing else, all the patent baby foods; all the canned milks, and cooking preparations, then if you
have failed to get what you want, we will be glad to serve you. , We. make 'no exorbitant claims though for
our milk,-its just milk, but itspure and wholesome milk; it protects the baby and helps keep disease away
from the household."
What more could a housewife ask for in the way of milk? Further on down is the company's
very cordial invitation to visit their dairy. This gives confidence; they want you to see their clean sanitary
dairy, and their cows from whence comes the milk so "pure," "clean" and "good."
The ad is attractive, or at least it is to me; there's the big, pretty laughing baby all health and
happiness; one naturally assumes that it is the very product of the El Paso Dairy, and this clinches so
firmly their argument about clean milk, good milk, and pure milk, and gives confidence to the most skeptical.
Who would'nt want a nice clean glass of this pure wholesome milk?
Mrs. A. N. Munn, (
604 E. Roosevelt St..
Phoenix, Arizona. ..
Pure Milk
Clean Milk
Good Milk
Why not go and see the dairy from which you get your milk, watch the cows milked, observe the manner
in which the milk is cooled and prepared to be served? We are always pleased to have our patrons call
and see how we nandle milk and investigate the healthof our cattle.
. -
f" 'if ' .
j3668 Douglas 'Street,
El-Paso, Texas.
June 1. 1915.
"Ad. Letter Editor,'
Care El -Paso Herald."
The Advertisement of the TRI-STATE TELEPHONE COMPANY contained in your
issue of the 5 th. May, page eight, constitutes, in my opinion, the best ad. that has appeared in any issue
covered by the past month. In support of this opinion I would assign the following cogent reasons:
FIRST: It is DISTINCTLY STRIKING from and artistic standpoint in that it instantly arrests the
eye and therefore the attention of the reader. It has "gripped" you. TBat is the FIRST
essential of an ad.
SECOND: It is UNUSUAL. It U lifted out of the sphere of the ordinary. Therefore its impress is at
' once felt and maintained. The mind and the brain are led out involuntarily to think of the
SERVICE that awaits upon a' moment's bidding at any hour of the day or night the
THIRD: It bTNSPIRATIONAL. Somehow it fascinates you: you feel better for SEEING it, and
you feel better for READING it. You feel as if the Company has spared no effort, time
or money in order to advance your PERSONAL and INDIVIDUAL comfort and you
feel grateful; you feel as if you were proud of its service, and as if you wanted to be chari
table for any little errors its operators might make. A bond of GOOD-WILL has been es
tablished; therefore your PATRONAGE has been WON.
THAT is the final essential of an ad.
Because of these reasons, therefore, I-unhesitatingly claim for it the PALM and assign to it
the FIRST RANK among a coterie of other excellent advertisements that have adorned the pages of the
HERALDrdunag the present contest.
- ( ' ', Respectfully,
Below will be found the
names of the 35 Women
Readers of The Herald who
have been awarded cash
prizes aggregating $100 in
The Herald's "Ad Reading
Competition," which was
first announced in this paper
in April.
The prizes were offered
for the plainest and most in
teresting letters by women
concerning advertisements
which appeared in The Her
ald during the period begin
ning April 27th and ending
May 31st. A competitor se
lected any advertisement
which appealed to her as
most interesting and then
wrote to the Herald a letter
giving "her reasons for this
special interest. Any wom
an or girl was eligible and
no money was required.
Prom the very beginning
this competition has proved
one of the most popular and
interesting ever presented to
the southwestern public.
Letters have been re
ceived from women in every
section of Arizona, New
Mexico and "West Texas, and
in practically every instance
there was demonstrated in a
most effective way the ex
traordinary sales power of
a well prepared advertise
ment placed in the El Paso
On this page will be found
some of tiie prize winning
letters, together with the
names of the enterprising
firms whose advertisements
were chosen. Read these
letters carefully. They show
in a most interesting way
how southwestern women
are saving money and time
by careful daily reading of
Herald advertisements.
The Wimers
1st Prize. ?25.
Mrs. John T. Hardle, 95 Kansas St,
(Popular Adv.)
aid Prize, Sie. '
Mrs. A. N. Munn. 4 E. Rooeevett
St, Phoenix, Arts, (El Paso Dairy Co.
AdT.) x
3rd Prize. 55 Bach.
Mrs. C. H. Ashton. Douglas St,
(Trl-State Telephone Adv.)
Miss Edna K. Seamands. Ml Roberts
Banner Bids, (Ckradcroft Adv.)
Mrs. R. D. Ingram, 3408 Montana St,
(Everybody's Adv.)
Mrs. K. E. Nelson. Miami, Aril, (Bl
Paso Dairy Co. Adv.)
4th Prize, 53 Kneh.
Mrs. Anna Hall. JUS Alamogordo St,
(Popular Adv )
Mrs. D. N. Reid. 3712 Tularosa St,
(Everybody's Adv.)
Mrs. Lida D. Wlthrow, Box 4S, Naco.
Ariz, (The E. P. S. W. Ry, The Right
Way East Adv.)
5th Prize. Iiarh.
Mary Helen Atkins, Doming, N. M,
( merican Bank Adr.)
Grace E. Zahn. 132X B. Nevada St,
(Newman Investment Co. Adv.)
Mrs. O. McWiUiams. 7M Wyoming St.
(Cloudcroft Adv.)
Mrs. R. M. Jackson, Clint, Texas,
(Globe Mills Adv.)
Mrs. U. A. Wlkel. 412 Fiedras St,
(Warner Drug: Co. Adv.)
Mrs. J. D. Black. 125 San Antoate
St, (McMickle's Adv.)
Mrs. A. P Thompson, 43 San Dfage
St, (EI Paso Dairy Co. Adv.)
Miss Agnes Tinkler. 1301 N. Oregon
St. (Popular Adv.)
Miss Rose Mackey. SOS Roosevelt St,
(K. C. Baking Powder Adv.)
Mrs. Euphrosyne Wisda, 1117 N.
Ochoa St, (Popular Adv.)
Bill Prize. SI liarh.
Mrs. Ernest McAulay. 29S5 Alamo
gordo St. (Levy Grocery Co. Adv.)
Mrs. J. W. Hughes. 903 di. Second St,
(El Paso Dairy Co. Adv.)
Elizabeth Bruce. 3024 Frankfort St,
Altura Park, (K. a Baking Powder
Luz Ronquillo. 1301 Park St, (Popu
lar Adv.)
Mrs. G. U Emmett. 05 N. Mesa Ave.,
(E. P. Electric Ry. Co. Adv.)
Mrs. R. W. Geaas, 717 Federal St,
(Velra Adv.)
Mrs. N. X. Jarvis. McNeal. Arrt,
(Crusto Adv.)
Hiss Martha Bde, Iteming, X. M,
(Popular Adv.)
Miss Maggie Colter, Smelter, El Paso.
(Purity Baking Co. Adv.)
Mrs. A. W. Talbert. 21S E. Boule
vard. (A. P. Coles Adv.)
Mrs. Gertrude Rutherford. 10J Wy
oming St. (Velva Adv.)
Geneva Richardson. 1210 Texas 3t
(A. D. Foster Adv.)
Mrs. Emma Smith. 82S W. Missouri
St, (Newman Investment Co Adv.)
Clara Carruth. 208 Don Gaspar Ave,
Santa Fe, N. M, (City National Bank
Mrs. Thos. J. Yoe. 2704 E. Rio Grande
St. (Newman Investment Co. Adv.)
,Tl?..A B Ain. Clovls. N. jr..
(T.isrhtbody .dv.
"Ad Letter" Solicitor.
Care El Paso Herald.
The advertisement of The Popular D. G. Co., which appeared in the El Paso Herald of
May 31 was especially interesting and very helpful to me. Trying as I was to decide oa a trip to the
Exposition I was very anxious to get a reasonable idea of what ray clothes, etc would cast me also to know
what to get, and as I was to join a party who were still undecided as to the exact date of starting I wasted
some idea of the time that would be necessary in which to make ray preparations so the add "GOING
AWAY" attracted my attention and gave me such a good idea of color, quality, price, etc, thet I was able to
.not only figure up what I would need but to within a few dollars of what I would have to spend in getting
ready. It also suggested so many things so necessary but so easily overlooked in the rash of paddag. and as
it was arranged so that die different articles were all under attractive headings I could with a glance find just
what I wanted. I have neither the time nor inclination to read all about why a store can bay such a quanity
of such and such a thing why they can undersell other stores why you should trade with them and so on. but
I do like to read advertisements that helps me keep posted and tells me something defeake about prices
quality and ett. Thus enabling me to do my shopping wkh the least possible expense both of time and
money it also informed me I could phone to the EXPERIENCED SHOPPER at the store to help in
selecting and in offering suggestions. Thus savisg rae many trips to town and I can truthfully say that
this advertisement, coming at this particular season, is the best gotten up the most attractive, truthful, bealp
ful, time savkg, and full of information and suggestions of any I have read since April 27, 1915.
. -. " k - - 905 N. Kansas St.
June 3. !9I5. El Paso, Texas.
x May29-I5.
El Paso, Texas,
3418 Abraorgotdo St.
To The Advertising Editor,
El Paso Herald.
Dear Sir:
After reading the Herald carefully, chrriftg the period from April 27. 1915 to the present
time, I have decided that the Advertisement inserted by the Popular Dry Goods Co., on the evening of May 20,
1915. has been.to me, by far, the most interesting. Of course to those to whom money is no object, this
advertisement would not have so strongly appealed. But to those like myself, who are obliged to consider
long and well, before spending even a small amount of money, it certainly looked good.
Owing to a long illness I had been unable to replenish my wardrobe since late last fal, and an op
portunity such as this Advertisement presented, could not be overlooked, especially when so complete a show
ing in ladies ready-to-wear apparel could be had m one shop, and at so low a price The Advertisement
was for a "Dollar Day," or Dollar Sale, which is new to me. coming as I have but recently from another
State; there the Dry Goods Go's have daily Advertisements, but never before have I had the pleasure of
reading about, and attending, a "Dollar Sale" The Advertisement promised such rare bargams as Women's
Dresses, skirts and suits, in values from $4.95 up to $15.00 per garment, and your choice for $1.00, but
the nicest part of it was on arriving at the Sale to find there was no limit to the number of garments a customer
could purchase; this enabled me to select seven garments, all of excellent materia and splendid make
Among them was a little white party dress easily worth double what I paid for the lot, and the ma
terial in even the plainest garment would have cost twice or three tines the amount I paid- for the fkushed
article There were gowns and Petticoats, of beautiful nainsook and lingerie cloth, lace trimmed, girls dresses
of gingham, repp and lovely madras, many of them $5.00 values, all were included m the "Dollar Sale."
A littlo- dress or street hat. good looking and dainty, some trimmed, others un trimmed, could be had for a
Dollar, and in this day of dear millinery this item alone was worth the trip to the Dollar Sale
But the very greatest bargain I found, was a Corset. A good looking and comfortable Corset is
the foundation of all well dressed women. For years I have gone to an experienced' Corsetiere and been
fitted, just as an experienced salesman fits my shoes and gloves, but in the "Dollar Sale" I purchased a
Corset of the same make hi my size, for which the Corsetiere has never charged me less than $630 And
wouldn't that make an Advertisement interesting?
Very sincerely,
(Account Mrs. Frank Overton.) 3418 Alamogordo St.
EI Paso. Texas. Juae 2nd. 1915
"Ad Letter" Editor of The Herald.
El Paso. Texas.
Dear Sir:
The advertisement which interested me mct during me period of tkne between April 27m and
May 31st, was the Popular Dry Goods Go's "ad" of Saturday May 29th. First, k attracted my attention
because of its "funny" feature The Jiggs family, in ray estimation b the very fussiest of all the newspaper
comics. To work them into the ad was certainly a clever idea, and secondly the "ad" was interesting be
cause k brought toreind many necessary things for my summer trip, some of which I might, ho doubt, have
overlooked, but for my reading the entire advertisement.
Respectfully, Yours
(Mrs.) Euphrosyne Wisda,
No. 1117 North Ochoa St
El Paso, Texas.
Ad Letter" Editor.
EI Paso Herald.
Dear Sir:
Since the Herald opened this Women contest, I am reading nearly every advertisement in the Her
ald but the one who interested me more than any other is the particular one over which I am writing this letter.
It is from the Popular store, and it interesed me became k is of a special sale for the Ettle ones and k in
leresed me more because I have two children and will have a chance to buy someting for them m this, special
Sale Because I think it is the duty of every Women to take advantage of an oporiimky Kke this to buy
someting for the children because those little boys and girls coudnt take themselves aventage of mis sale nor they
have means to buy. so this is the advertisement which interesed me more than any other, becaus k is aa in
valuable guide which help to buy fresh goods and save mosey especial for children.
my name
Luz G. RoaqutUo
1309 fourth St
Other Prize Wirmmg Leilas of the Popular Drp CooJt Co. Will Appear Next Week-

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