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Tke S
e r v i c e
By P. A. VAILE, Author of Modern Tennis, Modern Golf, Etc
One of a Series of Instructive Articles
-r-jHERE are so many different , One
T kinds of service In tennis -nat
it Is obviously Impossible to
deal with all of them In one article.
V e shall therefore take first "the"
service, the delivery that is entitled
to the definite article, the delivery
which is the foundation of all the im
portant services, and in itself a valu
iule service, namely, the plain over
head It one can serve the plain fast over
he id service without cut or spin of
.ui Kind one is better armed than 7i
r- rcent of those who use exaggerated
top-spin The plain service, well
pl-ced. is quite good enough where
vith to win championships, but a
jlaer should know and be able to use
rii the others, as a change is often
itrj useful.
Lack of Fora.
the greatest lack of form In the
6' r ice, generally speaking, is in the
management of the weight. Most
pla- era, especially those who use top
spin in the service, start the service
with the weight on the front (or left)
leg, -a hereas it should be mainly on
th r.ght (or rear) leg.
The ball should be thrown Up is
nearl' as may be over the right ear.
The weight of the body is almost en
tirdr thrown onto the right leg. al
though the left still has enough on it
to grip the ground firmly.
The weight is borne by the front
part of the feet from the ball of the
big toes forward. Naturally the neels
are well away from the ground. The
left toe points toward the net. The
Tight foot is practically parallel with
the base line. Both knees are sllgnt
lv bent. The body Is inclined DacK
vsard, the right shoulder Is drooped,
the left shoulder is higher up and the
left arm is extended toward the net
with the hand lightly clenched. One
arm. in fact, balances the other. It is
the same in weight lifting or putting,
one must make the left arm assist the
right It stands to reason that if one
does this one must keep the left hand
firmly, although not necessarily tight
ly, closed.
Now as to the action of the service.
I have already said where the ball is
to be thrown up. It should be thrown
fairly high and struck immediately it
comes within reach of the center or
the racket at its fullest extension, that
is to say, the server must try to get
even- men out or his height and
hnvever. gets beyond the
nut-hull stnee and then it becomes im
portant to know what to do with one's
The simplest and most practical ex
planation that can be given it to use
it as one would in throwing a stone.
The action of serving a tennis ball is
practically the same as 'throwing a
stone, but instead of a stone one
throws one's racket at the ball. II
one gets this Idea firmly fixed In one's
mind it will produce a free fast serv
ice. Avoid Cut Service.
Hit the ball with the full face of
; ""wwvwwwww
Tuedny's Games.
Scheduled Tnia TveeL.
Kl Paso at AlbaqHerque.
Phoenix at Tucson.
the racket, that is to say. without any J gf" J
rnf ir draw. at first. Later On OlM .. !
Washington ,
Cleveland ..
St. Louis
Chicago . .
Philadelphia ....
st. uaa .
New York ....
Go Enr at First.
One will, of course, go easily at first
and try to get the ball over and into
the court before trying for much pace.
mv srn Into the cut services. fJw. rorK --
Do not pnt the ball into the net too
often. This is not facetiousnese. It is
easy enough to avoid the net and go
over the baseline.
It is a better fault to be serving
over the baseline than into the net.
Remember that. A ball In the net is
useless. So long as it goes over the
net it serves an object, although it
may not be the one aimed at.
Get any idea of hitting the ball
downward out of your mind. Hit It as
soon as it comes within reach of the
AAn4A. 'nt .ha T4Kl'Bt ahlMT YAH, Tlirtlt
ear and it will come down. Try to get Brooklyn ..
as you strike the balL This is where I
you get your pace. It Is the body that ,
v!i,a It Tha arm tiir itself wnulfl UB I
comparatively ineffective.
Be most careful to keep your eye on
the ball until you have hit It More
services and overhead volleys are
spoiled by the neglect of this rule
than from any other cause. Remem
ber that this ball is moving all the
time and that in this game, possibly
to a greater degree than in golf, is it
necessary for one to keep one's eye on
the ball
Then Follow Through.
After hitting the ball do not make
anv attempt to check the racket. The
ball will take up a lot of force ron
put Into your stroke. Let what re
mains carry the rarcket forward until
It goes down almost to the earth. This
is what is called following through.
It Is important In nearly all strokes,
but particularly so In the plain service
and its near relation, the plain smash,
which Is virtually the same stroke.
The importance of the follow through
in all games comes from the fact tnat
it is an indication of the manner in
which the action antecedent to the
striking of the ball was performed.
it is odvious. although some contend
otherwise, that nothing the racket or
club does after the ball has left it, can
affect the flight of the balL
Kansas City
rewark . ............ 21
Brooklyn 28
Baltimore 21
Galveston 47
Waco 41
Houston ......441
Dallas ........ .3s
San Aatome .....Is
Fort Worth 34
Beaumont .......... ...........12
Shrevepert ...... ............. ..37
Watson's Fine
-::- -::- -:f:-
Lfeaderless Newfeds "Win
Pitcnmg Wins
4 or" 5
rATSOX'S fine pitching enabled
the Sloufeds to win an uphill
battle from the Tiptops by a
score of i to 3 Tuesday. Crandall start
ed for the Sloufeds and was found for
six hits, including a homer, in the first
innning. netting the Tiptops three rune
Wat son was then sent to the mound
and held the breadmakers to two hits
for the remaining eight Innings while
the Sloufeds combined errors with hits
and gathered enough raus to win.
Th leaderless Newfeds won their
fcur'h game In five by defeating the
riufcds 4 to 2.
T.ons- George McConnell was too
ch lor the Terrapins and the Chicago
ales won oy a score or 11 tol. The
I Specialists
I Speck
s Across
Bio Grande Association, t
It Today - I I
W. L. Pet Win Low P , . ,. , .
:::::::: 11 :!S lit U? r "A t-3 ' w -T "-
M If -36 -4S-T 'Ta . ..?ec ...c rurulT T- I n"S nUt-V SIX IrJCHES
17m EH FRAKfrf ? Lj4 COeJCEDSO T- mo-
Ameman league, fj KfJEP IT UP O' Bor Vp &EX AO EXTRA STROKE
w u ret winES; Thi ,s wHfcKt w hj WK -IT" w nMO ' ',
? SJ 7 4?U- -Trr UrtUOR M AlUT PAIR. ) -
35 J19 .S3 .SOD i5l I Kkau UJH5T v-. STJ2&(feS ii S Cv 1 VI Ms
.:a 3s ie .si$ .( . &ff weoi.0 xfsre it, v 2s$- SS'Jr ' W. 11a II ffff.
:i:si5:i!::s ls' '. i &. jRSSha . J'.n ,. ft M
-ir m " . 43K r 1 . mk. f?A-lm. - mmmt
If Today &j WiWLfs7) l . A 1 w ' . l ' T: . ' . '"Z? 35"Rr riT I - ' ' frrlllrsJl7
W. U Pet Win Lose ig ttVy V P"o' ' W 53-L, . , j$. &$, I ft 0'7lWf&b
37 3s jiis .S3 .i v.8av jgJ T-.ra zSEEyZrfy WhusSt4, jV- ? UlunnmWnM I Wr
it 33 .493 .473 .43 ) " TSX 7. S'BF&'2&Elx9 A dlSftSSSi' Ji ISfiMflll WtfwWl I AWfc, -
31 3 .447 Ait .4t (TV JL$ ZitF tsraftS&Sr JzwiEwllU'Xzm X I ' jt J
33 34 .434 .444 -43 It fcv '""' ISA! . CL r-gtRtM5?gVagv IgSMKJlinKCPOj I DC. WSSLj ' . . X
Federal league. &K UkSTKSoSwiiWf tSftllT S j ' TM . t"l
:::::::::::g U 3S la. if. sU' ' iMu, .. W8SWC: V- W(. W l i E J
Taas League. EW tlh.. , iff- KVUS?yVl I A W 4 m. lff I
Won Il p,t JfiJrj?5Srzrzrr-sS.-ls:ri, 1 s " WfSSS S XS I flA Mil I I. i Mil Ml I
- WeKmJl BmfL m !i- '-Iff
M1 tef&Si&EfiESlmE&v ? " herb- re I y,?fxwZ, ' I m w'J , w, Wi
vrestern Lengne. K L tuiQ- UORrTlNlG i V 6 Wfo Jw mJ. "C & W 'ft
DoslSie, 3?r5& ?:::Zi iBtoMtJB8 Wj
Tjpoka 37 a ,Bl, trKrrzxZZ&i&Z XW " fZ VrOy 'Xv ' - l XSS "PkjiJSjr!''
WM 3 3 .417 -S. ... rt ,teit'' V, - -c-SC tBff VSTN .. ' ' I. , V Sl.lt,1
AVe cure all
classes of cases
requiring spe
al office treat
ment. You can
tell by talking
ith. a man
whether he
knows your
case or not.
An examination
and consulta
tion will tell if
we know our
Front Offices,
from the Elite Confec
German - American Doctors
20514 Mesa.
Tinkerites drove Qulnn from the mound
in the sixth.
But for a wIW throw by Gibson. Mc
Quillan would have blanked the Reds.
As It was, the Pirates won by a score
of 2 to I.
"With Marquard and Alexander doing
the mound duty, the Giants and Phillies
went nine innings to a tie at New York.
A double by Lobert followed by Doyle's
single, gave the Giants a run In the
first inning. For the rest of the con
test they did not get even a hit and
only two men reached first base on
passes, as Alexander was nigreat form.
A pass and a couple or singles gave
the Phillies their run In the first In
ning. Marquard yielded a total of seven
hits, but kept them well scattered. Each
pitcher fanned four. A heavy rain put
an end to the battle after the ninth.
While Jack Coombs held the Braves
to six hits, he presented them with six
passes and they proved costly, the
Dodgers losing by a score of 2 to -.
Dick Rudolph pitched tine ball except
in the seventh, when the Dodgers
bunched hits and scored two runs.
aeven pucners were qshi oy toe
Tigers and Browns in a IS Inning bat- '
tie at Detroit, wmen iinaiir went to the
Browns by a score of 13 to 9. Six sin
gles and two errors behind Covelskie
in the 13th gave the Browns four runs
and a victory. A total of 3S hits
for 50 bases were made in the game.
Bunching hits with errors and run
ning bases at will, the White Sox beat
the Indians. 9 to 6, In a weird game.
Kight erVors were made in the con
test The Red Sox drove Ayers from the
box nl the sixth, but Shaw held them
safe and the senators combined their
hits with Boston's errors and won by
a score of 7 to 4-
Xow Orleans
FaciSe Coast League.
Teaw won Lost Pet
S"5. ?BC, -'l
Sslt Lake City n j( j.
Los Angeles 4I 4l ..
PUn4 J4 t .4I(
Venice ........ u ji ics
Oakland jc 4 "4T
American Association.
Wan Tut TXmt
'""PoWs 44 3t .(M
i?-" U 3i .13
Milwaukee 3s ? .fa
Kansas City j7 j7 .ja,
Svp-? 3T M .41
ColSBSBSM J4 jt 4g
2"1-- 33 3 1443
MianeapoHs 33 31 ,4lt
Southern Association.
Won Lost Pet
..41 34 .431
4 C A
- 33 .M3
?vme M -MT
AJ""- a 4 .444
!2j-?0' 3 34 .43
LttOe Rock 34 3 Ml
" ?. 31 43 .331
At Cleveland: K.M.-K.
CMcago 114 14)3 M -'
Cleveland 02a 930 Ml 6 x 2
Batteries Chicago. Faber and Schalk;
Cleveland. Stadt. Jones and CNellL
At Washington rr -v
Boston 110 Oil 04V0 I 11 3
WaahlngtOB m 032 Ox 7 8 1
Batteriest Boston. Foster. Shore.
Penner ami Thomas. Cady: Washington.
Ayree. Shaw and Ainsmith.
At Detroit -r w c
ISt Louia.43 90 009 994 13 31 2
Detroit ..092 949 939 099 999 9 17 I
Batteries: St. Louis, Hamilton, James.
Perryraan. Weil man and Agnew; De
troit Dubuc Savet, Coveleekle and
Stanage. XcKee, Baker.
Hauenatein and Markle; Waco, Donalds
and Walters.
At Beaumont R. H. E.
Beaumont 19 14 4
Shreveport S 14 1
Batteries: Beaumont Brant Frantz,
Bobo and Speer; Shreveport Leverette
and Smith.
Tucson. Ariz,. June -3 The Border
land Automobile club has decided to
stage an automobile race at the Fair
land track on July 5. A purse of $100
will be divided by the winners. It is
expected that at least a. dozen racers
will be entered.
At Cincinnati R. H. E.
Pittsburg 929 991 099 3 7 1
Cincinnati 999 999 1991 4 4
Batteries: Pitt-bure-. VeOnlllan snil
Gibson: Cincinnati, Schneider, Toaey
and Wingo.
At New' Tork R. H. E.
Philadelphia 190 0e 090 4. 7 9
New York 199 0 0991 2 0
Batteries: Philadelphia. Alexander
and KIIHfer: New York. Marquard and
Meyers. Called, darkness.
At Boston R. K. E.
Brooklyn 099 60 290 1 S 1
Boston Ill 99 09x I 6 9
Batteries: Brooklyn. Combs and
Killer; Boston. Rudolph and Gowdy.
Games Postponed.
New York at Philadelphia; wet
At Brooklyn R. H. E.
St Louis 999 291 199 I 7 9
Brooklyn 396 909 000 2 S 2
Batteries: St Louts. Crandall. Wal
ton and Hartley: Brooklyn. TJpham.
Marion and Simon.
At Baltimore R. H. E.
Chicago 010 922 90S 11 IS 2
Baltimore 910 099 102 4 6
Batteries: Chicago, McConnell. John
son and Wilson. Clemens; Baltimore.
Qulnn. Conley. Walker and Owen.
At Newark w w v.
Pittsburg 900 010 991 2 3 2
Newark 999 992 S9x I 7 4
Batteries: Pittsburg, Knetzer, Le
clalr and Berrv: Newark, rnmn wi
Games Postponed.
Kansas City at Buffalo, wet grounds.
At Omaha R.H.E.
Des Moines 999 90 420 S 7 2
Omaha 909 100 399 I 6 2
Batteries: Des Moines. Thomas and
Breen: Omaha. Bverdon and Krueger.
At Lincoln R.H.E.
Denver .: 199 911990 2 6 0
Lincoln 999 910 2x 4 12 2
Batteries: Arellanos. Mitchell and
Shestak; Lincoln. Narveson and Yantz.
At Sioux City R.H.E.
St Joseph 991010 0992 7 1
Staax aty 194; 090 94x 5 7 2
Batteries: St Jasesh.- Tavlor and
Tonneman: Sioux City. Kelly, Boothby
and fries.
At Toneka: R. H. E
WItchita 191 999 000 2 S 2
Xopeka 939 (Mi 90 11 14 2
Batteries: Wichita. (Hest-Sulltvan and
Griffith; Topeka. Cluna ana lion toe.
Bob Bescher. former Giant outfielder,
but traded to the St. Louis Cardinals,
is making good with the latter team. In
fact, too good to suit his former team-
At Salt Lake 0; Oakland 2.
At Los Angeles 2; Venice S.
At San Francisco 4; Portland
(Eleven innings.)
At Minneapolis. 0; Milwaukee. 2.
At Louisville. 12; Columbus, 0.
At Indianapolis, 5; Cleveland, i.
At Kansas City. ; St Paul. 4.
At Atlanta S; Birmingham 2.
At New Orleans 0: Mobile 5.
At Nashville 1: Little Rock 2.
( Con tt need from Irevlon Pnge)
E. P. & S. W. BLDG. PHONE 5105
Phone 3585.
1 El Paso Auto Sales Co.
Office 713 N. Ochoa St
At Galveston. R. H. E.
Galveston 2 9 3
Fort Worth 7 9 4
Batteries: Galveston, Moore and' Car
son; Fort Worth, Fentress and McMcr
ray. At Houston. R. jr. K.
Houston .... 3 7 1
Dallas 1 s 4
Batteries: Houston. Ware. Dodd and
Clarke; Dallas. Goulait and Dunn.
At San Antonio. R. ir. e.
San Antonio ..s 7 j
Waco 2 7 0
Batteries: San Antonio, Harding.
They bolted in a body, not ope of them
even looking back at the ring.
I've never heard what they said to
Frankie when he got home that night
or the next morning, perchance, after
getting boiled out in a bathhouse. ?o
that the evidences of combat were iot
quite so prominent. The referee called
it a draw but both men were badly
beaten up. At any rate Frankie
kept on boxing, but never after that
did the relatives gather to see him pci-forra.
Always Looked Innocent.
Baker was an innocent looking youth
even when he donned the 'war paint of
the Quoensberry ferena. He always
looked much as the calf is supposed to
look when the butcher 'walks in on
One night they took Baker down to
the Sheridan club to box a German
athlete who had been a wrestler. He
was a ferocious looking chap, who
fairly bristled with muscle.
"My, my, what a shame to have that
nice looking boy slaughtered.' the
members said as they looked at the
men in the ring.
Who Pnt I.lsht Out"
They lost this feeling soon after the
battle began, for Baker gave the Ger
man about as artistic a lacing as man
ever got with a pair of flve-oun-e
gloves. Near the end of the bout, as
a parting shot Baker landed a swing
on the bridge of the German's nose that
not oniv made a large beet itKe bnn"h
Berlin. Germany. June 22. (By wire
less to aayviiie. .1 .1 ino jcica .
News agency today gave cut the fol- I
lowing regarding the heavy fighting I
in the vicinity of Arras. France:
"Reports from Dutch sources state j
that the French losses are fearful. Hos- I
Dltals at Amiens and Abbeyvflle are I
overcrowded. The constant arrival of
trains with wextaded adds to the confu
sion and it is Impossible to give the
usual care to the wounded.
"Soldiers write that from Arras to
Souchex (about eight miles) the field
is covered with corpses and that the
odor is unbearable.
"The losses on both sides are fear-fuL"
Little Rock. Ark, June 22. A ter
rific storm struck this city today. The
wind attained a velocity of 70 miles an
hour at 3 10 o'clock and the tempera
ture drooped 22 degrees in 13 minutes.
Heavy rain accompanied the storm. A
negro was killed by a live wire.
Heavy damage was done to store
windows. Automobiles left in the
streets were blown about by the gale
Fort Smith. Hot Springs. Arkadel
phia and Helena were cut off from com
munication with this city and the ex
tent of damage in those directions was
not known.
Malvern, a town of 5,909 population,
was said to have been struck by a tor
nado but wires to this point were down
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10 Grande Valley
Iank & Trust Co
El Paso, Texas
United we stane. tiers nnlte In buy
ing home valley products.
Prints. 3c -le. and 5c 7-honr service.
The new name of the El Paso Fhctfo
Supply Co.
Mills Bide. Wt X. Oreaon.
mates, for in a recent same with three
men on bases. Bescher stepped up to
the bap and knocked out a home run.
Bescher came to the Giants from the
Cincinnati Reds.
Harwood E. Simmons Wttn the consolation
HBflM in th Junior tennis tournament,
Tuesday- Tb match was not played last
week with the finals of the other events, as i
K!j-tj??sr' but b,acked hot ! So. rssr-sssz. '".-ssr.
Overland Automobiles and Willys Trucks
Oakland Auto Sales Co.
40T-409-411 Myrtle Avenne.
A. n. ELMORE. Msrr. Tel 1143
Phoiw 528. 318 San Francisco St
West Texas. New Mexico. Anzona, Old Mexico.
Hotel Taxi Garage. Phone 878 for Demonstration.
of his e.! as well.
Cominir down the street after the
contest the German had difficulty in
breathing; and taking out his bandana
blew his nose vigorously. Instantly
both eyes were shut as tight as clams,
somewhat a common happening in the
ring Then the German convulsed the
crowd about him by Kazlnc; around with
his sightless orbs and observing calmly:
"Who put the lights out?"
Many people who know better are
forced into the hands of spectacle
sellers and "Free Examination" fakirs
because of the high charges of oculists,
tie to $S6. My charges are
mrnuor1 ONLY 2.00
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amine your eyes and head not a
"seller of glasses. He orders your
glasses. WrlE.-s
direct from
the wholesaler
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the retail price
and saves you
many times
his fee. and
your glasses
are built for
your face and your eyes, not "selected
from stock."
1 1 cade c be Specialist.
American Bk B-dg , 1 I'ao tt San Antonio
. m" ill- --tre t from entrance Hutel
D 1 iSorte :? -1 ih oken.
Traveling under the name of the "El
Paso City club," an aggregation of local
ballplayers went to Btsbee last Sunday
for a game with the Blsbee Boosters.
When they returned home they said
nothing whatever about the result, but
the Bisbee papers tell the sad. sad tale.
As a game, it was a joke, the home
team winning by a score of 14 to 3. de
spite the fact that the tourists drafted
Helnie Bennallack, late of the Douglas
tribe, to help out with the pitching.
The lineup of the "El Paso City club"
was given as follows: Marty, 2b; Ham
mond, ss; Onslow, c; Chant, lb; Harly,
cf.- York. Jb; Vandewater, lf-p; Baker,
rf ; Fisher. p-If-rt; Bennallack, rf-p.
The Blsbee Boosters are nearly all
experienced professional players, while
only two or three of the tourists are
even known in the Commercial league.
An all-star team from the Commercial
league could doubtless give the Boost
ers a good game, but it -ather hurts EI
Pao baseball for an amatour team, or
a team comio;ed mostlj of amateurs,
to umlt-rt iki to hold down thf p ofes-
play last Saturday By mutual agreement.
the match as postponed and took place on
the Conntry dab courts on Tuesday.
Simmon took the first set. S-4. but only
after aome hard and close play Simmons
began to draw ahead la the set. which he
took by a score of s-s. Two of three sets
settled the cosaolaUon and the trophy irent
to Simmons,
Hsrwood Simmons, with his brother, tin.
ifthed second in the doubles as well as first j
In the consolation. The stncles went to L. t
Sneay who, with his psrtner J. Hawkins, also
took the doubles Winston McConnell was
mnnerap in the singles.
Annapolis, Md., June 22- It was a
general practice among naval academy
midshipmen to enter surrepitiously
the marine engineering department to
obtain information as to their marks
on recitations and examinations, ac
cording to the testimony today of mid
shipmen James E. Waddell and C ".
Reagle of the former third class.
Waddell and Reagle raid that they
bad got into the engineering depart
ment by themselves several times ana
In company with others, among them
R. M. Nelson, an honor man of the
graduating class, who has been recom
mended for dismissal.
The purpose of obtaining advai.ee in
formation on marks, it was testified
was to enable a midshipman who wav
behind to study up.
The ordinary cost oi i
The El Paso Herald is
reaches an aer.ttre of
rc.-3ei eacTi isue.
i Want Ad in
25 cents It
about 100.000
Our reputation and present large practice is
due to the fact that we make no misleading
statements in order to secure practice, and
that we cure each case we accept for treatment
for a stated fee and in the shortest possible
Occasionally we fail to cure a ease because
the patient fails to follow instmetioBS or be
comes discouraged beeansc it takes loafer thau
he thinks it should. If the fault is ours we
never fail to reimburse him.
For oia eight years we have been doing -this kind of work here and
defy anybody to contradict us. We lay no claims to superiority, bat we do
claim to deal honestly with those who place themselves in our care for
treatment and have spared neither pains nor money in equipping ourselves
and offices for the successful treatment of all those diseases included in
our specialty.
The fact that our practice is larger now than ever before, asd that
our patrons are of the best families in the country, and that hundreds
whom we have cured are sending us their friends shows better what we
are doing and will do than alt the boastful tirades "of what osw will do
or promises to do." Promises are easily made and any doctor ran guar
antee to cure, but his guarantee is not worth the paper it is written upon
if there is nothing to back it. THERE IS ONLY ONE GEXUTNB GUAR
We are the only Specialists is the Southwest properly prepared and
equipped for the scientific treatmeet of Chronic Diseases, and one will
make a great mistake in placing themselves in the hands of any doctor
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SUPTURE in from one to three treatments without pain, operation
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VARICOCELE in thirty -aates without doing an open operation,
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HYDROCELE in thirty minutes, without pain or operation.
RECTAL TROUBLES without catting, uofars ligatures or cautery, and
without detention from business. ,
OBSTRUCTIONS are responsible for more trouble of the urinary
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are the result of an injury. Why experiment? We cure this trouble with,
out operation.
Consultation, Examination and Advice Free.
Office Hours: 9 a. m. to 7 p. m. Sundays 10 t 1.
interiiafiosiaS Specialists
Dr. Ketchersid & Co.
Hammett Block, Opp. Rio Grande Bank 112 Mesa Ave, El Paso, Tex

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