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Classified Section
Classified Section
Monday, October Fourth, 1915
Army Stars Batter Weiss
and Defeat Euritys By
Score of 10 to 4.
niM gS Q 1 I J J&tMT If I !flHf4B!!i!!iHK!L !? J r e33& x " "1
I 3b r Bumm j if Vj St F SL, S&m K fc 3P WBk
I )8Hii ftu- P00GHKE65- Xihj '. Hl W& fp I -jPff-1?) SBM w2irJ&s
TOO much Graham just about tells
the story of the first game for the
baseball championship of the city
Will iut Osi...Ia sT ..au. .- YI ".-.
nark. blirpfti th Tnritv. r.nfnratfri
b a couple of other Commercial league
stars, and the all-star Army league
tt-am playing under the name of the
"Oth Infantr In only two innings did
tiit star flin-er of the Army league
v. taken at nil while his hatting was
a f attire of the contest Graham got
three single and a triple in five times
up The firt two singles each drove
jn tv t, runs while the triple sent in
one tal!. G-aham got to third twice
and to second on two other occasions
but did not srore a run himself.
" yhorty" eiss started against Gra
ham but the portsider couldn't fool the
Army batters with his sweeping curve
and they didn't bite as Weiss would
hi- liked They proceeded to wait
him out and two passes and a sacri
fice were the results of the first three
Tn-n to face h.m Then Graham smashed
out a single and Weirs took a abi
1 m ascension He steadied enough to
fan Angustiak and Sexton went out on
.ii i i the second inning be hit
two batters and four singles sent him
xi . -o high that Manager Sims Davis
.inked him from the bcx and sent Paul
Piiher to the mound
FlPhrr PHltr- Mw Ball.
Fisher pitchd good ball for the rest
of the gan with the exception of the
senth wht-n he opened by hitting
M-rch Ht sd singled. Buchanan dou
bled and Graham tripled, three runs
scoring Fishtr workei his quick de
liery with fair success but the sol
diers had evidently been carefully
coached against bitinjr on turves and
Fisher had to la them oei the plate.
Had he started the game on even terms
with Graham, he would undoubtedly
hae pitched cen better balL
In the fielding department, the sol
diers had a big advantage. Th gave
Graham sni) and errorless support.
til- only hobble of the game for the
2( th being made by the pitcher. The
E"ldirs were fpster on the bases bni
the baker were handicapped in the
catching department as Caletma, their
regular backstop hurt his hand on Sat
urday in the exhibition game. Mortimer
tried to work behind the bat but went
to short in the ftvirth inning, replacing
I llleman, w ho had an off day, whil:?
Lirenre ?ot behind the bat.
Scldlrrn Better en Pathx.
The soldiers worked the delayed steal
on three occasions and took advantage
of all six fielding errors made by the
baker. Head plajed a great g-ne for
the soldiers at cond base and his hit
tins was timeH He trot a p :- and
three singles in five trips to th- plate.
Roy Davis pulled off a coupi-i of
clever catches for the bakers in cn
terfield but was very weak at the bat.
He fanned the first three trij , to the
plate, and got his only hit in the eighth
-Hn Cham weakened a .tit .'nd al
lowed four hits. Ay Is worth fanned
tm- tlnv s. as did Darnell Measoa
was the batting star for the takers,
both his singles being opportune. Vjt-
timer was also good with the willow
He got two singles and a double
i- .
iu i
four times up
Grnbam Panjt IT llakeri.
r.ril.n fimiul 15 ht. Inrin - th.
frame He wiffed Meason. I&ri-T and
J.ylsorth in order in the second m-,
nn?r. wnue ne rannea uuree in toe f
eisnin. lae xirsi stniseout in inil in- j Jfeaen. Xb
Hint? was the leadoff man. Darnell. t Darts, cf
liut the pitcher then weakeawl and i Ayiinrorth. ib
four hits intervened before he whtffcl , Adktns. U
Avlsworth and Adkins. Lawrenct. the ralala-
first up in the ninth, fanned but Fishr ",w,ce' c--went
out on Graham's throw f.'st. li5Sh ' """
Graham wound up the same by fan- r"CT' v
jiinst DarnelL ! Totab
isner was locatea zor 3iu scen
Jiitsin the six and a third innings rhat
lie -worked and fanned five.
Record CrotTd In Attendance
The game was witnessed by i towJ
that packed the grandstand and bleach
ers while a bi row of automobiles
held a couple of hundrel fans who
cou'dn't find seats in the stands The
paid admissions at the gate were 1-82
while several hundred tickets were! Totals X5 ! i: 27 9 1
Bold at the army canteens. The erowl ruritys Runs Mt ! 4
was one of the largest that has tutne-1 ; Hits 1 11 4 3
cut for a baseball game here this ve-ir. ssth Infantry Runs ., 241 Xx 1
The g'andstand was filled by Z o'cl.wk Hit. 141 111 Xx IX
and the entrance closed to prevent ov- Sammary Two base hits. Mortimer. GU
ercrowding The first of the box ore Dwjrer. three base bit. Grmham: Holn
.,. -ui-.M -. in o-rloclc on Snndav baes. Ayleswortb, Head (5). Buebanaa X.
seats was sold at i o ciock on sunaay G (2) xm.h: sacrifice hits. Bocban-
morning and !.y 1 o clock all had been sextoi: Wta, off Wete. s la 1 2-X Inning.:
taken. It was a case of a world s , nrrt ha,, 0 balta. off Wets. X. off Ftober 1.
series' rush in minatnre for tha good off Graham X: struck oat. by Weiss 1. by
Hall! Hall! Tbe Cans' All Here.
The 20th Infantry band was oreisent
and rendered a much appreciated pro
gram during the afternoon The band
master added to the fun by some ap
propriate music at various tim"S-
A word should also be said for the
ti.npinng. As Harry Kpnr. the Army
u.nifii nig. a ia.ij r.-n-. ure .-. ...j ,
Iracut umpire, worked ie2iiiiil the bat
In the exhibition game oa Saturday.
Ferro. the regular Commercial league '
indicator man. was umpire in chief on
Sunday with Kane doing th base work, j
Ferro started working behind the bat '
m a
JLa JL 03 a &$
The new Benjamin models and fabrics are
belter than ever.
$20 to $40
' III Fl
jfeH . .A iwmw mmm i bss Mmiiruzm ma mm
oaly a few weeks aso anC n -- bee i
the subject of much good natnred josh
ine on the psrt of the Commercial
league fans and the s"rihes but he
handled Sunday's same like a veteran
and' Knne did equally efficient work
on the tags.
"Vest Gnmr on Tcewtlay.
The next frame in the series will be
played at Rio Graide park on Tues
day afternoon at ?:30 o'clock. Wed
nesday is an off day but there will be 1
Karres on Thursday and Friday Th i
higrh school football team has the park i
on Saturday for the open.np nunc of j
the local trridfron season but the da- I
mond stars will resume the series "n '
Sunday next and will continue until i
one team has iron six Kami
It is likely that Tied" Brennan will J
work for the P-i'itys on Tuesday and
"Wilson for the soldiers. Brennan
showed ood form on Saturday an!. I
with Fisher, is llk-ly to be the pitch- j
ins: mainstay 01 ine leara.
rani MLn aillette.
There hai been considerable regret
expressed that the Puritys have not
seen fit to ue "Bnster" OUletU in the
series as "Bus" Is rated as one of the
nest innxers in ine umnKiciu tvaKu?.
- . - T" ,i:. i i !
wnere tne piicnm5 nu own mww m i
' general average for semi-pro. circuits.
JorI.t,yK A?" ?
B","'- "' ' ' " J J
Ptt A. BL
1 '
t s
1 X
rwyer. lb.
. 4
. 4
,. 4
.. S
.. 4
. 1
. S
. 4
. 5
. 4
.. 4
.. 4
. S
. X
. 4
. S
. 4
h. pa A. E.
Ita lafaatty.
' Head. 2b
1 Bnchaaan. a
! Clhnore. b
Graham, p
AngttMiak, c.-..
Sextan, rf
Savage K
Soaderh. ef . .
Morch lb
t vtMfcM- & W Gran
nam 15: wiia Mtcnes. ura
ham I. alt By pltcnea Dana. Dy mreis. i
(Sooders. Morrh). by Fisher 2 (Amcusti.k.
'Uorehl. passed halls. Mortimer'l. Aogustiak
, 1: doable play. Mortimer to Dwyer: time of
came, 1.57. umpires. Ferro sad Kane.
roi.nn inn mii.itiv okkickk
ienver, coio.. tjct. . tapi. a. xi.
riahiene Sunday won the governor's
cup at the Colorado national guard's
rjfie tournament. The winner secured
so bullseyes out of a possible 56. Only
three rifle men remained in the final
. 1
Gardner Is So Much Better Than Stock and Byrne That
the Phillies Are Greatly Handicaped; He Is Made
Over from a Second Baseman and Is One of
the Best Now Playing the Game.
Valoe Value Value Yalne
la la In in
Offence. Defence. Season. Series.
Gardner 614 7X 746 7S7
Stock-Byrne.. f( 71X Tl TIC
ORE cold comfort for Philadel
phia. When the final figures
showing the relative values of
tbe third basemen who are rivals in
this world's series are compiled and
reduced to the concrete, we ftad Boston'-
Red Sox again have tbe advan
ce advantage this timo teMt
larger than we have found elsewhere
seve in center field.
Stock, in fact, compares so badly with
Larry Gardner for the purposes of a
world's series that, even allowing for
all claims of improvement niade for
him by the Philadelphians. still he is
beaten far and away. As Moran knows
these things perhaps better than any
of us outsiders. I expect Bobby Byrne
will be in there helping out with his
rich experience, his gameness. and
fighting ability during at least part
of the series, and I have figured Phil
adelphia's third basemen on the basis
o? five parts Stock and two part
Gardner It Itankinc llasemnn.
This combination is rather unfortu
nate, for the showing it makes, while
gcod as compared with the average
third baseman, looks bad when it is
laid up in cold figures alongside the
value of Larry Gardner. For this fel
low Gardner is today the ranking third
baseman of the country in all-round
value to the team.
An odd case is that of Gardner. He
was a second baseman of some merit,
but held the job mainly because he
could hit. as he was an unpolished
gem and jarred the harmony of the
field. One day John L Taylor got one
of those notions that seize magnates
at times and ordered his manager to
put Gardner over at third. He had
seen Larry practise there for a few
Became Sensation of Leasrue.
Gardner didn't like the thought a
great deal, but he Is one of those smart,
quiet, intelligent Yankees and he went
over there because third basing Is a
pudding compared with playing second.
Instead of just grabbing a sinecure, he
became, almost overnight, the sensa
tion of tbe league, the best and clean
est fielding third baseman of them all.
an Instinctive third baseman, a great
thrower, a fellow who got the jump on
bunts, who blocked down the hard ones, J
wno tagged runners ana oiocKea tnem
off. In fact, he looked as though he
had played third base all his life.
Ills Fielding Has Fallen Off,
Now. oddly enough, Gardner has not
beep fielding the base as well this sea
son as he has done in preceding years:
but he has been doing it well enouh
to hang right on at the top of the
third basemen of the league.
He is a grand worker with the other
infielders. helps Scott out by cutting
across toward the pitcher for the slow,
high bounders, and be travels a long
way after fouls.
Chief fetrendh at flat.
His chief strength, however. Is at
bat- Again, he is a 'bit off his hitting
stride this season, and he hasn't been
piling up as many stolen bases as
' u'uaL Still he holds enough of a lead
, to earn him figures well above those
of Stock.
j Stock Is Improving.
i Stock is a very fair ball player. He
1 is much improved this season over last,
net so mm h hy added experience as by
escaping from tbe McGraw kenneL It
is evident now that McGraw' s tactics
fussed Stock so that he could not do
lum.elf justice McGraw wanted an-
"ti.r Herzog or another Shafer and
a.! lisanoint ! Stock is sdi aiul
I quick,
catlike in his actions around
third, and he covers along the line
Byrne IVeakeni In HIttlns.
Even so. Stock scarcely is strong
enough for a regular job on the Phil-lie.-,
while Bobby Byrne is on the list.
Birne, a grand little veteran, slipped
a lot in his hitting this season, be
insr SO points below his normal aver
age, and Stock got the job because he
was nicking the marble a lot harder,
although even then he wasn't a Lajoie.
So Byrne, the veteran, took the un
derstudy role, and as Stock has been
going well. Moran. like other manag
ers, would be foolish to make a change
wtile the team is winning.
However, the figures plainly reveal
the fact that Pat probably would
strengthen his team by sending Byrne
to third for the series, esoeciallv as
Byrne was through one world's series
when with Pittsburg, and the expe
rience la valuable.
Byrne Is Veteran.
Byrne has played around the circuit
nine seasons now. and always has been
a capable and fighting ball player with
a lot of punch and ginger in him. Stock
has not shown much evidence of the
flgntlng spirit.
Probably, for a regular season and
under the present conditions Stock is
the better man for Moran's use. but
when we come to examine what they
are likely to do against Boston's great
liUbing corps, it is a different story
Not that either one of them I liable
to drive Ruth or Wood, or Shore, or
Leonard or Foster off the slab, but the
chances are better for Byrne to do some
hitting than for Stock.
Byrne Good gainst Southpaws.
If Carrlgan's pitchers go into this
series on edge, which they undoubted
ly will, as -he has more good ones than
are needed by the two clubs. Stock
will be nearly helpless. Byrne has In
the past been a fellow who took a nice
snappy crack at the offerings of the
left banders especially, which might
help a lot as it is a cinch that Carrigan
will use southpaws In three games out
of six. if it goes that far, and perhaps
Stock has not been doing much pinch
hitting, and the fast boys seem to have
him choked to death. Under those cir
cumstances. Wood ought to make him
biae his bat and he doesn't figure much
better against either Foster or Leon
ard. Byrne's experience might help,
and his courage In standing up to speed
and taking his healthies may cause Mo
ral! to change plans after the series
starts. If not before.
Byrne Better In Fielding.
in xieiaing uyrne Is more exoe-
rienced and about the
ibout the eaual of his
Jearr mate and a better judge of pltch-
iust. accoraing to tne players.
Gardner figures to be one of the few
Red Sox who will hit well against
Alexander, but you may wipe him off
the slate against Rixey if Eppa Jeptha
It near his best form.
The comparison Is scarcely flattering
to the National league champions and
gives the Red Sox a slightly larger ad
vantage on tl-o coini ar:on of the en
lire iniieltis than I sujroM-d they n-d
when I started doping them out
On the total infield comparison, the
Red Sox figure 1935 points to the Phil
lies' 280S, which is a considerable lead,
especially since the greater portion of
It is due to the greater attacking
strength of in Sat niria farrl-
Ran appears to have the more mobile
infield strength. Gainer's ability to hit
left handers offsets Hobby's weakness,
and. with Wagner as understudy for
second or short, with Janvrin an under
study almost anywhere. Carrigan has
much the advantage in substitute
strength to use in emergencies. Mo
ran's team is sadly weak on subs.
(Copyright, 1915, by the Wheeler Syn
dicate, Inc.)
Hunt and Dirt ruin more furniture
than hard usage Protect our property
with A the rloth TJn-d Metal Weather
."tup K.ithi-un-Mn Co- 41 Mesa A.e
pou-ee op sPeecu 1? eff tjve -cress wM fScm
Cravath Has Greater Value As Eight Fielder Throughout
the Regular Season Than Hooper and Is Best In
Offensive Play Though Weaker In Defence;
Both Very Evenly Matched, However.
VaK In VaL In VaL In Vat In
Offence. Defence. Season. Series.
Cravath. . .7g 641 771 7SS
Hooper. . ..788 678 76 781
IMAGINE standing at the head of the
Commons and saying the Adamses
aren't blue blooded, or yelling out at
the corner of Broad and Chestnut that
old Bill Penn was a grafter. Then you
know what we are up against when it
comes to decide In figures that Hooper
is a better right fielder than Gawy
Cravath is, or vice versa.
Fortunately. our lives are saTed in
this case. The figures give us a com
promise. They prove that Cravath is a
mOTe valuable man for his team In the
regular playing season than Hooper is.
and that in the series now near at hand
Hooper Is slightly the more valuable
man when both are studied In view of
the pitchers they must face.
Cravath Is the strong hitter, the great
est sleanup batter of the year, a record
breaker for home runs, and a leader, in
tbe respect of extra bases, averaging
almost two bases to the blow. He has
piled up a new mark for modern hitters
In the matter of home runs.
In studying Cravath's hitting, remem
ber this that two-thirds of his home
run blows have been long-lifted flies
over the short wall at Philadelphia.
Perhaps not more than five or six
would have been caught on any ground.
dui iimjij ui mem wsum qui usve itnu
home runs. We must remember, too,
that half of the coming games are to be
played on the same grour is and that
Gawy will get at least two shots at
that wall before a new world's cham
pion is declared.
Might nit Better.
He can hit. Independent of that walL
In fact. I think he would bat at least
IS points better if he was not "lofting"
for home runs so much. Ever since he
broke into the American association he
has been recognised as a natural swing
ing hitter of great power, with a per
fect "follow through" stroke and a keen
eye. He has kept up his hitting against
National league pitchers, but that is not
the true test, since National league
pitchers have been weak for two years.
However, Cravath has hit good pitch
ing, excepting the extremely speedy
boys. It Is tradition In his club that
Alexander can make him throw his bat
away with sheer speed.
Is Not a Great Fielder.
Cravath Is fortunate In another thing.
He is not a great fielder, being but lit
tle above the average, and he is fortu
nate that he drew a short field to play
on at home, one which does not require
much covering or switching around. In
this he will be handicapped on the long
Boston grounds, but he will hold Hoop
er, with his wonderful ability to cover
ground and go anywhere for, fly balls,
to even terms on the short field In
Hooper Is Not Press Agenteil.
Hooper, to my mind, is one of the
best outfielders in the business. He is
not press agented as Speaker Is. Hf
does his work in a quietly effective
manner, but he Is there all the time or
thereabouts. He has speed, dash, lots of
' . ... .... .
courage, and with Speaker in center to
let mm roam a oil. ne goes on 10 xoui
ground a block after fly balls.
Hooper is just a shade off in his
batting this season, due to one streak
of bad hitting, and he is far belonw his
rival both in number and in length of
his hits. He is a clever man at bat,
dangerous eren to good pitch in er, and a
fellow who makes them all pitch He
hits about 350 normally, goes fast to
first, draws above the average num
ber of bases, and hits well with the
runners You will notice that in
this particulir the Boston club has heer
pin in it better ball this ear and get
ting more results out ot their hits.
showing Carrlgan's improvement as a
directing manager.
Hooper Better Base Runner.
Once on first base. Hooper is the bet
ter man. Cravath has as much, if mot
more speed, but he does not run with
the. keen judgment that Hooper shows.
Neither is a star base runner in the
number of steals, but remember that
neither man Is playing on a team that
uses the steal as a means of getting
runs. Neither manager believes straight
base running is tbe most effective way
of run getting, but both will order
steal when the chance is there, using
the play as a surprise rather than as a
regular system.
On running on hits or errors Hooper
uses keener judgment in making the
tries, and he travels faster on a two
base jaunt than his rival does, due
Shotgun Shells
If you use a shotgun
shoot with the most
VVk. N
Sg est speed a
oiv'v best sprez
5" yHPs..BLQsBw!fl
j" -. r. msbts . -w
J-JMrJS fjl1
m A a? IWlrrQf m A B
if X35 If
largely to cleverness In saving ground:
in turning bases- In experience and
in knowledge of the game. Hooper has
a shade tha better of the argument
The difference between Cravath and
Hooper is not sufficient to rount for
anything in the series unless Cra
vath gets a good hold ot a
fast one. Cravath wfll hit fairu
well, but he will see more fast
balls flung close to his shins and clos
to his breast than he has seen in a !ois
time. I figure that Hooper will di
well against Alexander as well as a
of them; that he will not do much to
Rixey. and that he is likely to help fin .
Ish Chalmers or Mayer.
Chalmers's late season form has h.--r
excellent, and he figures now to be M
ran's third pitcher instead of Ma er as
we will nee when we reach the pitch--"
Copyright. 115. by the Wheeler m--dlcate.
Oklahoma City. Oct 4. Jesse 'Willari
announced Sunday night that his f -t
tight to defend tbe title of wo- 3
champion, heavyweight puc'list -- -
ably would take place in New Orlea -the
challenger to be "the logical con
tender" for the title, selected b n
sporting writers of the countrv rie
said he would accept the offer of V-7-Orleans
promoters for a :n-rn-iil
match during Mardl Gras. in Mar h
Boston, Mass, Oct 4. The Boston
Red Sox will go to San Francico to
play a team selected from the best
players in both leagues, in a special
series If they win the forthcoming
world's series. President J. J. Lamm
said today.
Games are to he played on the way
west, the trip lastlmg about one month,
according to present plans.
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