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Monday, October 18, 1915
ford. Penn-, roost worthy grana
matron of te genaral grand
. n-pter of the Order of the Eastern
ur of the world, spent Saturday In
j- I Paso and was the guest of honor
t .in elaborate reception given by
Harmon chapter, Saturday night. In
1 e Masonic temple. Mrs. Mills has
l c, m Fort Worth attending the
..-nd chapter of Texas convention.
Thre she Installed the officers and
i-s.sted in the procedures of the chap
ter She is on her way to San Fran
. JS' i to attend the Brand chapter of
" ali forma.
n.mng the reception, the members
ii 1 their friends met in the chapter
i in of the temple, which was elabor
ate decorated with palms, cut flow
. rs .uid ferns. Dr. Mat tie I. Hill, past
-r.u d worthy matron of Texas, made
The iddress of welcome, to which Mrs.
Mills responded in a pleasing way.
Miss Vivian Sheay, worthy matron of
Harmony chapter, in behalf of the
hapti r. presented Mrs. Mills with a
i ill white basket filled with giant long
-stemmed yellow chrysanthemums.
w htte embroidered net streamers tied
the basket's handle. Mrs. Mills Bl
essed her thanks in a brief speecn.
bolic of each point, while above were
strands of crepe paper m the colors of
the order, meeting in the center where
there was a small prettily decorated
table where the distinguished guest
and the officers of the order were
seated. The table was decorated with
a bouquet of pink and white roses and
ferns in a white crystal basket, tied
with a yellow tulle butterfly Bow.
Ferns were artistically arranged about
the table. The star of the order orna
mented the napkins and the places
were marked with tiny candles at
tached to clever little cards. At the
table were seated Mrs. Mills. Dr Mattie
Hill, Mrs. J. E. Walker, past grand
Esther. Miss Vivian Sheay. grand Ruth
and worthy matron: William Taylor,
worthy patron: Mrs. G. W. Dennis, as
sociate matron: Mrs. S. V. Vaughan,
conductress; .Mrs. Mary Webb, secre
tary: Mrs. Matilda Burroughs, treas
urer. John Rice, worshipful master of
the Masons. Mrs. Blanche Major, past
grand worthy matron of New Mexico
and past worthy grand Ada of the gen
eral grand chapter, and Mrs. C. '.
Leary. the first worthy matron of Har
mony chapter.
At the head of each point of the
star a past worthy matron of the
There was a good crowd at the Coun-
i tr club Saturday night for the week
end dance and quite a number of din
ner parties before the dance began.
Among some of those present were Sir.
and Mrs. Frank Ainsa. Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Ainsa. Mr. and Mrs. A. IL
Kraft. Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Daniels, Mr.
ana .nrs. u. tj. button, nr. and Mr:
J. M. uuaiey. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pie:
of New York. Mr. and Mrs. It. t rW
ley, Mr. and Mrs. Alves Dixon. Mr. and
Dinners, Luncheons, Teas.
Mrs. Margaret Rowley was dinner
host Sunday night at the Valley Inn,
Isleta. Her guests were Lieut, and
7t ., "euencis narrows, ueuu js. A. Mrs. K. M. Whltaker. Mr. and Mrs. W.
Kelly, Lieut, and rs. T. K. Spencer. E. Arnold. Mr. and Mrs. William TValr.
Owen T. White entertained at din- ! Mr- and Mrs. H. TV. Broaddns. Mr. and
ner Sunday night at the Valley Inn. i Mrs- Waters Davis. Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Ysleta. His guests were: Miss Vlr- Gaines, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Anderson,
ginia Stewart, Lieut. James L. Collins J i,r- and Mrs. Harry S. Potter. Mr. and
and Lieut- and Mrs. John Moore I Mrs- John S'aething. MaJ. and Mrs.
Thompson. j George t. Moore, MaJ. and Mrs. Patrick
The officers and teachers of the Sun- McAndrews. Mai. and Mrs. John L.
day school of the First Presbyterian J,nes- f.nd Thomas F. Schley,
church will have a picnic box supper at ap'- aDd ," GerB,e ,?i Earnhardt
6 oclock in the church parlors ednes- V?pt nd Mrs,,r a Smltli. Capt. and
day evening, to plan for the Sunday ' IV,8" Gre,,. "I6,1" Ueax: ,and Mr?
school work. j Allen W. Gullion. Lieut, and Mrs. Wal-
r- . ,r i ... ... . ' ,er GulHon. Lieut, and Mrs. John Moore
Capt. Henry L. ?ewboId was the host Thnnuitii t.iuii nA tr r ir v.,i
of an informal dinner party Saturday I sn. Lieut, and Mrs. TV. F. L. Simpson,
night at the Country ciub. His guests ' Lieut, and Mrs. Frederick Barrow.
1 El Pasoans Away.
I Mrs. L. C. Boswell and little danehter
I Miss Nondace Lenore Boswell, left the I
I last of the week for Dallas, where they
I will attend the fair, going later to Big
Springs, Texas, tor a visit or sever:
I .k.. O T Via.. mnrfl faeallv 1.
tomorrow tor Boston, where the do2of
Twill attend the clinca-l conference atrtu
world, to be held in that city. Tbwhoi
eminent surgeons of Europe aBdiAmer-
ica nil! be present.
I Mrs. Paul Glnther leaves today for
i Santa Monica. Calif., where she will
I visit her sister. Mrs. E. Knrlquer. for
' atfout three weeks. Mr. Glnther leaes
today also for New York tity on a busi
ness trip of several weeks.
Mrs. Robert R. Bowie has gone to
! Lampasas, Texas, and McGregor. Texas,
I for a two months' visit with relatives.
; Daring her absence her apartment at
I SI9 Prospect will be occupied by Mrs.
' Annie Spring King and her mother.
Mrs. T. P. Spring.
of honor at a party given by Mrs
Albion A- Jones, at her home in Grand
View, the , last of the week. Rtd and
yellow dWilias and ferns combined
with dearies and verbenas, decorated
the tohs. Among the guests were:
'hyllis Eickman, Mabyn Madl-
Marian Rullman, Almira Mead.
Eleanor Price. Lula Betha T-.ev d
Mrs H G Porter and Mrs J G '"
A three course supper was served and
games were enjoyed after the supper.
Prosperity's first rule,
Buy home
pressea nfr.n ma or - cnilpter nUd and th, oflfcer Of
. , . JF.LZ w S'n accomDanl- cn P,nt served the members seated
ert PJohn . worehipfuTmat ?er In her point of the star( Mrs. r C.
of the Mnic lodge No 1307wel- IB'rch as "Ada" was In charge of the
. ,,n,Vd e distinguished visitor in be,- I lue It. and the past Vorthy ma
WaVfenf thed'M.sSnsh Mrs Mill's" r?- j ; aed here wtetal. Doc,
nonded with her thanks. :"" "Y- -V """ ""h
riertre W
tion -Kith Walter Davis playing his
piano accompaniment. Miss ivlan
shea. worthy matron of Harmony
hapter. who was made Grand Ruth of
the state chapter at the recent con
rention. was presented with a basket
of chrianthemums by Mrs. Matilda
Burroughs, on behalf of the chapter.
Mrs Burroughs spoke briefly of the
y hapter s pride in the honor opnferred
unon its worthy matron and Miss Sheay
responded appropriately.
fter this an Ice course was served
I little.
in charge or the yellow point. Mrs.
Carlle Milligan. the chaplain of the
chapter, was seated here. Mrs. Gladys
Ryan as Esther was in charge of the
white point and Mrs. Anna O'Rear was
the past worthy matron in this di
vision. Mrs. Harry Burwell. as Mar
tha, was in charge of the green point
and Mrs. J. -. Sanburn was the past
worth matron. Mrs. C H Holloway
as Electra had the red point in her
charge with Mrs Margaret Murry as
the past worthy matron. On the wall
opposite each point of the star was a
ffermeM arranged. The chairs were
placed in the shape of the five pointed
star of the order, with the backs of
the chairs twined with the colors sym-
the banquet halL which was very T formed of satin ribbon of the
A diamond of appro
priate size and correctly
mounted is a mark of
good taste. There Is that
subtle ebarm about a
diamond that carries
distinction and creates
prestige for the possessor.
You Know the Store
SilLerterg Bros.
Cor. Texas.
Mesa Ave.,
Tha mere, thought of buying
a Diamond should
suggest Silberberg Bros."
color of each point Assisting in serV'
mg the guests of honor were Mrs ran
nie Thurston, marshal of the order,
and Mrs. Forrest E Baker, warder of
the chapter. The chaplain. Mrs. Carlie
Milligan. asked the blessing.
Mrs. S. V Vaughan presented Mrs.
Mills, the guest of honor, with two
Mexican serapes in the name of the
chapter. Mrs. J E. Walker presented
Dr. Mattie I. Hill with a bouquet of
red dahlias and Terns, from the chap
ter. Mrs. C IL Hollowav presented a
bouquet of white carnation and ferns
to Mrs. C F. Leary. the first worth
matron of Harmonv chapter, on behalf
of the chapter. Mrs. G W. Dennis m
clever little seeclv presented a lit-
were Lieut and Mrs. Frederick Barrow,
Lieut, and Mrs. Charles Barlow and
Mrs. Gertrude Ledbetter.
A dinner party was given Saturday
night at the Country club by Mason
Pollard. His guests were Mrs. Jose
phine Nations Morflt, Miss Beulah
Brown. Miss Mary Turney Nations.
MaJ. F. A. Wilcox .and Charles A.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C Rhodes entertained
at dinner Mr. and Mrs. J. C Rhodes
and Mr. and Mrs. C E. Henze. Jr.. at
the Valley Inn. Ysleta. Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. It. M. Dudley enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Harry Anderson
and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson at
dinner Sunday night at the Valley Inn.
TV. J. Cox entertained Sunday night
at the Valley Inn. Ysleta. at dinneSr.
His guests were Mr. and Mrs. A. Tie
meyer. of Baltimore. Maryland. nd
Miss Katherine Kelly. Mr. and Mrs.
Tiemeyer are the guests of Miss Kelly,
at the Austin apartments. They have
been Visiting the expositions in Cali
fornia. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Crawford enter
tamed at dinner Saturday night at
their home in Government HilL Their
guests were: Judge J. L. Camp of San
Antonio; Hugh L. Robertson, of San
Antonio; Capt. J. IL Rogers, of Austin;
D. H. Hart of Austin; Zach Lamar
Cobb, Lieut. Otho K. Michaelis and It.
E. Crawford, jr.
Lieut, and Mrs. Charles Barlow. Lieut.
and Mrs. John Cocke, Lieut, and Mrs.
Troy H. Mlddleton, Lieut, and Mrs. Vic
tor S. Foster, Lieut, and Mrs. Howard
Eager. Mcsdames Gertrude Ledbetter.
I Ionian C. Myles. Max Weber. Lillian
Hague Cocoran. Ysabel Flato, J. TV.
McCutcheon, Josephine Nations Morflt.
Misses Olive Davis, Marion Young.
Marie McCutcheon. Walker McClellan.
Valeria Garrard, Georgina Martin. Lau
ramaude Fink. Elsie Crawford, Emily
Kemp, Helen Berry. Lucy Berry, Birdie
Hawkins, Fama RIckman, Helen
Aguirre. Gladys McQuatters. Floy
LBartihardt. Virginia. Stewart. Virginia
bempie, Anne Le mx. jiary jiaye-Alves.
Camille Kibler. Hildegard Sauer. Flo
rence Roul, Birdie Hawkins. TValker
McClellan. Beulah Brown. Mary
Turney Nations. CoL E. V. Smith. CoL
Harry C. Hale. CoL Charles TV. Taylor.
CoL Joseph Garrard. MaJ. George H.
McMasters. MaJ. F. A. Wilcox. Capt. E.
L. Napier. Capt. Richard H. McMasters,
Capt. Martin L. Crimmins. Capt. Clyf
fard Game. Capt. TV. F. IL Godson. Capt.
Thomas M. Anderson. Capt. Doug
las Potts. Lieuts. James Ord. Dennis B.
McCunniff. Theodore Barnes, Jr.. Fran
cis M. Brannan. Robert O. Annln. Sid
ney Graves. John E. Rossell. James G.
Boswell. Oscar Strawb, A. Elliott
Brown. Oliver S. Wood. E. N. Hardy.
K. H. Fletcher. T. G. Hearn, Michael
Davis, Messrs. J. M. Allen. Mason Pol
lard, J. M. Harris. Charles A. Brand
berg. Allen Grambllng. W. H. F. Judd.
Methodist church will give a tea Tues
day afternoon at the home of Mrs. S. S.
Birrhfield, 907 East Rio Grande street,
from 3 to 5 oclock. The hostesses will
be Mesdames A. M. Grambllng, Wip
Robinson. O. A. Danielson. T. J. Wood
side, R. L. Daniel. J. TV. Brown. I. J.
The Missionary society of Trinmrl gjtM-. T BUcksbear Page Kempjo
tie lighted candle to Mrs. Mills and I a ers and Horace A. Lay.
to Miss Sheay.
An informal reception was then held
upstairs in the anteroom After sing
ing "God Be With Us Till We Meet
Again." Mrs. Mills was escorted to her
train and left for San Francisco.
The Woman's Missionary society of
the First Presbyterian church will
meet in the church parlors on Tuesday
afternoon at 1 oclock. Mrs. Joseph K.
Spence will be in charge of the pro
gram. The hostesses will be Mrs. F. E.
Hughes and Mrs. H. C. Kier. The re
ception committee will be composed of
V- C i Chaltiu, a.l 11.. Cat. Ulnt
J Mrs. James K. Harper will give a re-
view of the second chapter of the
! "King's Highway," the study book of
the year. Mrs. C L. Overstreet will
give her impressions of the Hot Springs
convention and the svnod at Paris.
Texas.- Mrs- H B. Durkee will oonduct
j the Bible study, from the 12th chapter
ox su 1.HK. : gospel, jnss AOH. .AXlOll
will sing. There will be an informal
social hour afterward.
The woman's guild of the Church or
bt. Clement will meet Tuesday afternoon
j at 2 oclock in the parish house of the
church. The afternoon will be spent In
sewing and the members are expected
to bring their thimbles, scissors and
The Missionar union will meet
T!-ursday afternoou at t oclock at the
r-arish house of the Church of St. Clem-
it Miss Ruth Anglio, a ralsslenary to
"bins, will give an address on China,
costumed as a native.
The Students' club will meet with
Mrs. J. M. Richmond at her home on Por-
Guaranteed to remove fir'oDlaz street Tuesday afternoon at 3
ton, -freckles, pimpler. oclock-
liver spots, etc Extremi' m.. .... ... , .,.- -.... -
cases about twenty days. , gatlonal church will meet at the home
Rids pores and tissues of impurities, i . " tf- Morse. Ml Erie street,
ves the skin clear, soft, healthy. Thursday aftemoonat.M odock.
Two sizes, 50c and $1.00, By oileti r . -.f t v."
counters or mail i Uul Uj I OWH V ISUOTS.
Beautify the Complexion
Nadinola CREAM
The Unequaled Bcauiifitr
If It Blooms
We Get It For You
' V"'!&.
We know from our own past
experience that there is not
enough Flowers and Greens for
parties and decorations in El
Paso. We can furnish on three
days notice and at special rates,
any quantity desired.
California Floral Co.
Texas St and Mesa Aye.
We keep the flowers that money
can buy.
m (iiuoc UiMl, ii
MaJ. and Mrs. Patrick McAndrew have
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pierce, of JTew
York city, as their guests.'
Mrs. T. L. Lowe of Silver City, who
jtas been ill for a few weeks In Hotel
Dieu, has recovered sufficiently to re
turn to her home.
Rev. Howard D. Hannoford. -who has
been the guest of his brother, TV. H.
Hannoford. leaves today for San Fran
cisco to sail for Japan, his new mis
sion field. He spoke at the First Meth
odist Episcopal church Sunday morning
on his work as a missionary in Syria.
j Mrs. C F. Brown, who has been
J visiting her son. Lieut. A. Ellicott
j Brown, of the 16th infantry, has gone
I to San Francisco. Lieut. Brown has
ucwi iinusicircu iu service in ine
Philippine Islands and will leave soon
for San Francisco to sail with his
mother for the Islands.
Beautiful Hand
Painted Plates
45c-65c-98c I
13.00 3.00 f-i-00
Exceptional values, rare and
beautiful designs. The) '11 go fast
Come early.
China Palace Co.
112 San Inlonlo St.
This TVeek's Bargain.
Louis XV Style Art Case. Kranlch &.
Bach Baby Grand Piano in Mahogany
Case, only Ji8.08. We advise calling
early at the strictly "ONE PRICE"
piano house. El Paso Piano Co., W R.
Schutz. Prop. 168 (south side) Texas
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Dudley en
tertained Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dudley
at the Country club Saturday night at
dinner preceding the week end dance.
Lieut, and Mrs. John Moore Thomp
son, Miss Virginia Stewart and Lieut.
James L. Collins formed a dinner group
at the Country clbb Saturday night,
preceding the week end dance.
Miss Marie McCutcheon was the
guest of honor at a dinner party given
by Dr. E. It. Carpenter at the Country
club Saturday night. The guests were
Misses Marie McCutcheon, Olive Davis.
Camille Kebler. Marion Tounc Walker
McClellan. Mrs. J. TV. McCutcheon, MaJ.
GeorgeH. McMasters, Capt. E. E. Na
pier. Lieut. Sidney Graves and Page
Kemp. '
MaJ. and Mrs. Thomas F. Schley were
dinner hosts Saturday night at the
Harvey House The table was deco
rated with quantities of American
Beauty roses. The guests were CoL
Harry C. Hale. MaJ and Mrs. George
D. Moore. Capt. and Mrs. George C.
Bernhardt,' Capt -and Mrs. C C Smith.
Lieut, and Mrs. Allen W. Gullion. Lieut,
and Mrs. John Cocke, Mrs. Max Weber,
Mrs. Homan C Myles and E T. Craig.
After the dinner the guests motored
to the week end dance at the Country
CoL R V. Smith was the guest of
honor at a beautifully appointed din
ner party given Saturday night by Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Ainsa at their home on
Mesa avenue. A laYge bouquet of yel
low chrysanthemums decorated the cen
ter of the table. Yellow candles were
about the table, under Hallowe'en nov
elty shades. The approaching Hal
lowe'en season was suggested in the
designs of the place cards and dinner
favors. After the dinner the guests
motored to the week-end dance at the
Country club. In the party were CoL
B. V. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Kraft.
Mr. and "Mrs. Afterd Kerr. Mrs. Lillian
Hague Corcoran. Mrs. Tsobel Flato.
Richard F. Burges and Capt. Clyffard
TTiy Xotf
Now on display the finest collection
of Navajos ever shown in the South
west at
Beacb'a rt Shop.
City National Bank Bldg. Adv.
Initial Statlonerr
Whiting's new gold monogram paper
or correspondence cards. 50c the box,
at EI Paso Book Co., Mills Bldg. "If J
Handy." Advertisement.
TVny Not?
A genuine Imported Frog Skin bill
book, made in Japan, priced as low as
11.75, at
Beach's Art Shop.
City National Bank Bldg Adv.
Superfluous natr, moles, SKln blem
ishes removed. Mrs. Grace Benson,
Dermatologist, 29 Holienbcck. over
Watson's Grocery. Advertisement.
The most economical way to buy
Ham or Bacon is by the whole piece.
Be sure it's Sulzberger's Majestic "De
Ilciously Different." Adv.
TVhy -otr
Genuine Imported Japanese Kimonos
and Mandarin Coats of silk, silk lined,
exquisitely hand embroidered In a va
riety of lovely designs. See them at
Beach's Art Shop.
City National Bank Bldg. Adv.
Haviland China
The Valmonl
While anl Cold
Rose of France
AH open stock.
av yacT il v aW
102 .
Have All Gone Since Taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound.
Terre Hill, Pa. "Kindly permit me
to give you my testimonial in favor of
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Com
pound. When I first
began taking it I
was Buffering from
female troubles for
some time and bad
almost all kinds of
aches pains in low
er part of back and
in sides, and press
ing down pains. I
could not sleep and
had no appetite. Since I have taken
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound the aches and pains are all gone
and I feel like a new woman. I cannot
praise your medicine too highly. ' ' Mrs.
Aocustds Lyon, Terre Hill, Pa.
It is true that nature and a woman's
work has produced the grandest remedy
for woman's ills that the world has
ever known. From the roots and
herbs of the field, Lydia E. Pinkham,
forty years ago, gave to womankind
a remedy for their peculiar ills which
has proved more efficacious than any
other combination of drugs ever com'
pounded, and today Lydia E. Pink
Vegetable Compound is recogn
from coast to coast as the stani
remedy for woman's ills.
In the Pinkham Laboratory at Lynn,
Mass., are files containing hundreds of
thousands of letters from women seek
ing health many of them openly state
over their own signatures that they have
regained theii health by taking Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound;
and in some cases that it has saved them
j from surgical operations.
Kohlberg. Ernest Sauer. Carl A. Beers.
Ernest Myles. Talley Brown. C. C Shoe
maker. James Curtis, W. IL Hawkins.
Charles Burrage, Richard K. Barges, E.
T. Craig and Dr. E. R. Carpenter.
About El Pasoans.
H. Braden is 111 at Hotel Dieu.
TV. Viljoen Is III at Hotel Dieu.
Miss a Cameron Is ill at Hotel Dieu.
Mrs. F. T. Smith is very ill at Provi
dence hospltaL '
Mrs. J. IL Barbee Is doing very well
at Hotel Dieu after an operation.
Mrs. J. B. Garvin Is going nicely
after an operation at Hotel Dieu.
Mrs. J. L. Porter is recovering nicely
from an operation in Hotel Dieu.
I Mrs. J. J. Ball is recuperating nice-
, AVU, . Vl'aUDU b AWb .'1CU.
W. D. Simmons is recovering from
an operation at Providence hospital.
Clarence Selly has returned to his
home after a short lllnrss at Hotel
P. W TTells Is doing nicely at Hotel
Dieu, where he has been 111 for a short
Miss F. Wilcox, who has been very
ill at Hotel Dieu, is conslderabl Im
proved. George Look, who has been critically
ill at Hotel Dieu. Is Mecidedly ira-
provea. .
Thornton Hardte, who has been se
riously ill at Hotel Dieu. is recovering
Mr. and Mrs. A. Roos are the parents
of a baby son, born October 1J at
Hotel Dieu.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Williams are the
parents of a baby son, born Friday at
-raoiei lieu.
Miss R. Carrion is improving at Ho
tel Dieu. where she has been ill for a
short while.
Mrs. A. Riddle Is Improving In health
at Hotel Dieu. 'where she has been ill
for a short time.
Mrs. C Stein Is a little better at
.Hotel Dieu. where she has been sick
for a short time.
C C Nessell returned to his home
Saturday, after undergoing an opera
tion in Hotel Dieu.
Mrs. V. A. Lane, who underwent an
operation Friday in Providence hos
pital, is doing nicely
Mrs. A. Camorze, who has been quite
ill at Hotel Dieu. has Improved quite
a bit this past week.
TV. E. Mix has recovered sufficiently
to return to his home, after a serious
Illness In Hotel Dieu.
Mrs. H. TV. Hanford. who was re
cently hurt In an automobile accident,
is recovering at Hotel Dieu.
Mrs. W. T. Witt was operated upon
at Hotel Dieu Saturday. She is doing
as well as may be expected.
Mrs. T. A. Duffy returned to her
home Saturday from Hotel Dieu. where
she underwent & surgical operation a
short time ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Clark of
19T Arizona street are the parents of
a baby daughter, born October 1 at
Providence hospltaL
Mrs. R. Bahnert entertained s,A...
evening at her home In the Green Tree
Hotel, with a reception and supper. In
honor of her son and his bride, Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Keatlnc. who have recentlr
returned to El Paso from their honey
moon trip. The rooms were attractively
decorated with palms and ferns. Ropes
of smilax and ferns were festooned
about the archways and walls. An or
chestra played during the evening. Re
ceiving the guests with Mr. and Mrs.
Keating were Misses K. Boiler. J Ker
nege. C Berger. F. MerreL C. Merrel
and Agnes SteiskaL In the dining room,
where the supper was served. American
fugs and red. white and blue bunting
were used In the decorations. The ta
bles were ornamented with tall vases
filled with pink, red and white carna
tions and roses. Assisting Mrs. Bahnert
in entertaining her guests were Mrs. A.
SteiskaL Mrs. A. Van GIni- an r-
Jv" K- Van Patten. After the supper, the i
unuc cuv me weuaing cake, which was
upon a table In the alcove, surrounded
bv ferns and flowers. Above it was
suspended a wedding bell of pink and
white carnations, hung from white
satin ribbons, which were festooned
across the archway, with white doves
among clusters of ferns at the ends.
Miss C. Berger found the ring in her
piece of cake. Miss L. Merrel discov
ered the thimble. The button was found
by Miss Hillie Melser. Miss J. Fannige
found the wishbone and Miss Agnes
Steiskal the dime. There were about
115 guests present
E. R. Bennett. J. J. Cotter. H. Bus
sell and W. A. Rlchey formed a party
making the trip to Elephant Butte data
aunaay in Jir. Bennetts Ford car. x
Mr and Mrs. s. TV. Fant motored ti
is Cruces Sundar. With them vn
Miss Florence PauL Lieut. Sidney
liraves. Dr. w. u. Priest, nt Houston
and Sam Fant, Jr.
several carloads or Bl Pasoans formed
party which motored to the Klenhant
Butte dam Sunday. On the way up they
stopped for lunch at the ranch home of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Hunt, at Cut
ter, N. M. With Mr. and Mrs. Hunt In
their car was Miss Ruth Brooks, of the
N. M A. & M. college: Mr. and Mrs. C
E. Wharton were in their car. Mr. and
Mrs. C Riley, with Miss Katherine Ri
ley and J F Doolittle were in one car:
Gov and Mrs George Curry -were In
another car and Clarence Longnecker
and Miss Rose Desmond were in a car.
j Miss Sarah Bridgers, who is a stu
dent at the University of Texas, will
spend the end of this week in Dallas
as the gueat ot Miss ueraiaine nson.
She is going to Dallas with the univer
sity rooters to witness tha annual game
between the University of Oklahoma
and the University of Texas football
teams, which is an annual feature of
the Dallas fair.
Miss Phyllis Eit-kman and Julius R.
Scheppe were quietly married Sunday
afternoon at the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Eickman, oi
Rio Grande street. Samuel T. Shlrely.
first reader of the Christian Science
church, serformed the ceremony, which i
I was attended oily by the relatives. Mr. i
i and Mrs. Scheppe will be at the Booth
The marriage of John J. Buck, of the
legal department of the reclamation
service, and Miss Christine Christianson
fwas solemnized Saturda: evening at X
oclock at the St. Clements Episcopal
church. Rev Henry Easter officiating.
The marriage is the result of a sum
mer's courtship in North Yakima,
Wash, where Mr. Buck was stationed
during the early part of the year. Miss
Christianson came on from Brooklyn,
S. D-, Saturday afternoon. She was a
teacher of domestic science in the pub
lic schools of North Kakima. Follow
ing the wedding, which took place in
the presence of a few of Mr. Buck's
friends from the reclamation service, a
dinner was given in honor of the bride
and groom by Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Luney
at their home 171: Mesa avenue Mr
and Mrs. Buck will be at home at SH
East Rio Grande street.
EcSTRY $7p
The Westminster Presbyterian church
women will entertain the members and
friends of the church Tuesdav night .it
8 oclock with a social in the church
parlors. There will be a musical pro
gram. Miss Phyllis Eickman was the guest
The patrons of our first class hotels and restaurants are exact
ing they demand the best Women go where the pastry and cakes
are noted for their excellence. Men are attracted by hot bread and
biscuits when fresh and moist and light
The pastry cook with a reputation uses K C Baking Powder
because he knows that results are certain; every time everything;
is as good as his best
Then, too, with K C Baking Powder he can mix the various
kinds of batter before the rush of the meal begins and bake as
needed so that every order goes to the table fresh and hot yet the
last he bakes are just as good as the hrst
The reasons behind these reasons is that K C is
really a blend of two baking powders. One commences
to give off leavening gas as soon as moistened. The
other requires both moisture and heat to make it
active. Dough or batter will remain in a partialr
leavened condition for hours, andwhenputin the oven
will come up as light as if mixed a moment before.
For cookies, pancakes, doughnuts and the like;
which cannot all be baked at once, K C is indispensa
ble. For all baking thedoubleraise makes doubly certain,
Fotha t&9 example of the professional
cook and bout baking irill be equal to his.
r"AH Het JJp?"
With steamy, dusty housework, or stuffy,
tiresome office work or any other toil?
Just reach for your package of WRIGLEY'S
and take a fresh start!
It will soothe and cool your mouth and
throat, quench your thirst, steady your
stomach and nerves, help your appetite
and digestion. '
It is pleasant, beneficial and economical
an ever-ready friend to thirsty, tired,
nervous people.
Two delicious, long-lasting flavors. Every package
wax-wrapped and sealed against all impurity.
S rfGiw
. I&ffl
o s
s TIWB - al
iiti fl Cg-JTfa XjsBryKr
Write Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., 1220 Kesner Bkfe., Oucago, for "Wrigley's Motier Goose"
y book,' in colon, for tie kiddies.

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