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"r bank notes IS1 -Mexican pesos
i hibuahua ourrenLV 1-5 of a cent
rranz-t urrency H Bar silver (Han-
& Harmo4 quotations) 4S Copper
Si Cii Graloa higher Livestock steady
I ram. fair: nc Mexico, fair; Arizona,
fair; west Texas, fair.
EL PASO. TEXAS. FRIDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 22. 1915. delivered anywhere ee cents a month. 12 PAGES. TWO SECTIONS. TODAY.
Power Lines Are Severed In
An Effort To Prevent
Fighting Of Flames.
Outbreak Of the Old Hop
Workers' War On Pacific
Slope Is Now Feared.
SACRAMENTO. Calif-, Oct. 22.
Four fires, started by arsonists.
broke out simultaneously at mid
mtrht Thursday night at the Brewer
hop ranch of Horst brothers, east of
this cit and at the. American river,
causing S30,6O6 in damages.
Telephone -wires had been cut and
power lines severed so that pumps
could not be used to extinguish the
The messengei who hurried to town
to get aid w is ordered to halt near
the ranch by several armed men. but
drove madly b them. The hop kilns.
press room ana warehouses were fired.
Believe Old Feud Rrnened.
The fires are believed to have been
started by hop worksrs as a recxu
ouutuu el' Vie oM feTWStween tEe
ranchers and their employes, which
resulted several- years ago in the hop
field riots, in which a district at
torney was killed while trying to re
st c re peace.
Tnreats have been frequent recently
be. ause of the refusal of Gov. Hiram
J' h nson to pardon of parole leaders
-Ri o we-e sent to the penitentiary af
M Killing
"White Plains, N V, Oct, 2i. Fin
le Ja; Shepard, preiously john Doe
No 104. alias Austin McCIeary," has
been transformed in a day from one
of the poorest to one of the richest
h s in the world. Mrs. Finley Shep
ard formerly Miss Helen Gould, is the
foe year old child's foster mother.
Her own fortune is estimated at be
tween J2ll,0,00 and S30,00.e.
Adoption papers have been issued to
Mi and Mrs. Shepard.
Tne orphan was found on the steps
of St, Patrick's Cathedral, New York.
ai d after reaching St Christopher's
home was noted by Mrs. Shepard on
ore of her charitable trips.
I-ast February John Doe No 14, as
h was known intheJuime, .paid Mrs.
Sheiardaar---aTher Fifth Avenue
ho!na--nd, in company with the two
children of Frank J. Gould, alan ttv-
ine with Mrs Shepard, was stricken i
....-I (.uiuicii-ix ana suae an en-fo-ced
visit of some length. He has
been in Lyndhurst, Mrs. Shepard's place
near Tarrjtown, several times and
ed there permanently from the
home several days ago
! r 1 ,. Oct. 22 As a result
or ,ii.e .ne iatio-i into the mys
te lous death last August of Mane
Cn stophle. a joung gnl belonging to
one of the wealthiest families of
C'ermont. Jean Cnrlstophle. her
, brother, and madame Marguerite
Christophle, the moth-r. were arrested
Wednesday night. Because of the
p ominence of the famllx the latest
d- velopment In the case has caused a
st nsation.
During the night on which Marie
Chr'stophle raet her death a fire oc
curred in her home, neighbors rushed
in and found the eirl AA -itH
wounds on the head. These injuries.
explained at the Christonhle
home were
struck b a
caused b the girl being
part of the ceiling whirl.
was brought down b the fire. Sin
ister rumors, however, were soon cur
rent and a post mortem examination
re tiled that the wounds were nnwi
barp inbtrument.
Chicago. III. Oct. 22. May Rosen
green and Flora Collins, two young
girl inmates of the Illinois state train
ing school, were kidnapped Thursday
night by a crowd of bos who after
ward used shotguns to hold a pursuing
posse at bay. The girls were finally
captured and returned to the home.
u diwir uas arvusea superintendent I
Carrie O'Connor to the ooint of ,..i.
ing to Gov Dunne for more orotectinn
at the home SiinArlnanAn i-v-i i
Superintendent O'Connor
said that for the last thre w.kson.nr
m,. Hri TV., i.1 ,T3iB 0"?1
more girls
has been missing
cr 1
As THE Gateway To
Tie War At a Gl
an op
ULGARIAN troops have driven
pposing force across the
rardar river in southern Ser-
via, south of Strumitza, the German
was office announced today. The
Berlin officials announced today
the defeat of the entente troops
which were reported to have ad
vanced in Servia at this point on
their way to the assistance of the
distressed Servian armies.
Bulgarian forces have had an
other success farther north, having
reached and occupied Kumanovo,
also on the Nish-Salonika line,
about 30 miles south of Vranya,
where they had previously cut the
line about 18 miles northeast of
Uskub. Occupation by the Bulga
rians of Veleze, where a battle was
reported to be raging, also is an
nounced by Berlin.
Auatro-Gernian Are Gaining
To the north, Austro-German
forces are pressing on. progress to
new lines of both Gen. von Koe
vess's troops and those of Gen. von
Gallwitz being reported
Llnalngen Defeats Ituiilnni
On the Russian front, repulse by
the Germans of attacks in the
Baranovichi region are claimed, as
is a victory over the Russians by
Gen. von Lmslngen's troops west of
Italians Claim Important Vdvnnee
An important advance for the
Italian armies invading Austria is
reported from Verona, the unoffi
cial news stating that in one dis
trict in the Leeontino they have
penetrated more than several miles
north of the latitude of the city of
Germans Loae at Givenehy
Paris records the repulse of at-
. tacks by Germans in the vicinity of
Oirenchy and in the valley of Sou-
chez. In the Champagne there has
been a violent artillery dueL
Greece Reject Allied Offer
Greece, according to ar London
newspaper report, has rejected
- Great Britain's offer to cede the
ieland jf, Cyprus, in exchange for
ttreekr partlerpatron in the war on
the side of the allies.
Three Steamers ftmli
Sinking by the Germans of three
British steamers which were -detained
at Hamburg at the begin
ning of the war the City of Ber
lin. The Auk and the Iris -is an
nounced in London. The circum
stances of the sinking are not ex
plained. New Tork, Oct .... Scientists inter
ested in the development of wireless
telephony are toda discussing with
animation the experiments successfully
conducted Thursday when a conversa
tion was conducted between Arlington.
Va, and Paris. France, and which was
oerheard in Honolulu. Han ait
To B B. Webb, a telephone engineer.
fell the honor of being the first man ;
to snan with his "voic. t!i snaco be- -
I-...--" i- i u j . i L-t. ;
I .vr-eii uie uiu wufiu ana xnu new. on.- i
I ting at the powerful wireless plant or
i the navy at Arlington. Va Mr. Webb I
shortly after midnight Thursday morn-
ing. asked the wireless telegraph op-
erator to signal the Eiffel tower in
Paris. The wireless snapped out the ;
signal and soon there came back a re- I
at the Paris end of the wireless radia , morning to the charge of Illicit liquor pulsed, but the Germans are bombard
tion were H. K. Shreeve and A. M. Cur ! dealing and to the charge of threaten- ' ,ns the Riga-Dvinsk railway beyond
tis. other engineers, and a group of 1
French officers, listening with espec-
lauy designed apparatus. I
Cn emotion Ii nrief.
In Honolulu, 8000 miles from Arling
ton, Mr. Espenchled. another telephone
engineer, at the Pearl Harbor navy
yard, also was waiting. Webb at Ar
lington had a transmitting instrument
but no receiving apparatus. f7e knew
therefore that he would have to wait
for the cable to confirm the success
or failure of the experiment. !
"Hello. Shreeve," he shouted into the j
uvuuipiecc. xieiio, mre-tc
He then began to cu t "one. two,
three, four. one. two, tnit. U ur Good
Cable Confirm 31esace.
Late in the afternoon the expected
cable message came. It was addressed
to the company here and said that
Webb's "hellos" and "good bye" had
been distinctly heard by the engineers
and French army officers in Paris and
that portions of his test figures had
also been picked up. At about tty
same time there came a message from
Honolulu s?ing that Webb'3 "talk" had
been understood in full b the receiving
engineer there, and that even the voice
had ben recognized as Webb's.
J London. Kng , Oct. 22. The new
i budget, which provides for a super tax
I of 50 percent on the profits of all Brit
i ish companies, already has caused th;
! removal to the United States of the
headquarters of several companies rep
I resenting South and Central American
KS Z&Z thftax rVJ-Si-'TS
movement will become so great that
New ork. instead of London, will be
come the mining capital of the world.
Portland. Ore.. Oct. 22 Reports
from The Dalles. 22 miles north or
Mount Hood, that smoke was seen
issuing from the mountains were -
er investigation by the forest serv-
Ice looay
, ioay. iBe summit is nidqen oy j
""", 0 eruP"on "n repon-
?? s'n one said to have occurred In
lst- - i
I MoUnt Hood is 11.22S feet bich I
Mount Hood is 11.225 feet high.
Cases Agairt the Alleged
Huerta Conspirators
Are Dropped.
No indictments were returned by the
United States district grand jury
against Frank aiffl Ike Alderete, Gen.
Marcelo Caraveo and Jose Zozaya in
connection with toe alleged Huerta !
conspiracy to violate the neutrality
iwh. ib grana jury xor me ucioner
term of the federal court has been
dismissed and the Alderetes. Gen. Ca
raveo and Zozaya have been released
of their bond obligations, the charges
against them having been dismissed.
May Liberate Huerta.
The failure of the federal grand jury
to indict the four alleged Huerta con
spirators here is taken by attorneys
for Gen. Huerta to mean that the gov
ernment attorneys have failed to make
out a conspiracy against the men al
leged to have been associated with
Huerta. and that the case aaalntt the
former Mexican president, which is to
be investigated at San Antonio by the ' j mlHr.i-ir .:..... m , ..
federal grand jury in December, will ! , muMT position is critical. Ham
be dismissed in the same way that ' mered by superior forces on two
those against the alleged El Paso con- j flde her armies are threatened with
spirators were dismissed. ' being crushed as no army has beeu
Huerta Waived.
When Huerta. Orozco and the others
were arrested here Huerta, J. B. Rat
ner. Gen. Jose Isabel Rabies and oth
ers waived the preliminary bearing and
were bound over to the San Antonio
federal grand jury Gen. Orosco, the
Alderetes, Gen. Caraveo and Zozaya
were held on bond to appear before the
I El Paso federal grand Jury
j Gen. Orozce-'s case wag closed wben
, he was shot and killed near Van Horn.
I Mrs. Orozco is now undertaking to re
i cover the amount of Orosco's cash Bead
j of JISOO which ha facfcltad wfcea he
" escaped and failed fo appear in court.
IIS Sentenced.
Sentences ranging from 18 months to
four months were imposed by judge
Thomas S. Maxey In the United States
I district court. Thursday afternoon,
I against Rlcardo A. Agnilar and IT oth
I er defendants who were found guilty
I of conspiracy to violate the neutrality
I laws by planning an expedition into
Mexico. A motion for a new trial of the
case was overruled.
To Leavenworth.
Aguilar, who was alleged to have
been elected leader of the forces that
gathered at the Polvo ranch, was sen
tenced to IS months at the Leavenworth
prison, as was also Albino Frlas. Jose
Sanchez was given one year and one
day The other IS defendants were giv-
i en four months in the county jalL They
' are: Jose Rodriguez, Mariano Lopez,
Jose Perez, Jose Domtnguez. Jose ja.
Basco. Juan Antonio Mlnjares. Miguel
I Villanuena. Santiago Hernandez, Pable Macedonian tow n of Veleze, where the
Cabeliero. Miguel Balalto. Felicito Vas- j Serbs won a victory over the Turks
I quez. Tonus Rodriguez, Juan Antonio jn the Balkan war of 1J12. Accord-
Acosta, Nestor Quesada and Rlcardo j ing to an unofficial report, the Bul
i Hucrto. ( garians have taken the town.
Instructed Verdict. . Hanger for Rica Inerea.es.
I An Instructed verdict of not guilty 0n most of the ionK eastern front
was urougm in oj me jury in me esses ,
'of Charles Hundley and Candelario
Juarez charged, with Wong Toy and
others, of conspiracy to smu-ggle Chi-
iimp aIIai-i into the TTnit.Ml Rtt: Th
-m i j rtm i
cnarires aKmsi r ranciwo ana v.nec i
Gim were dismissed. Wong Toy is out-
side the iurisdietion of the court being
in Juarez, it is stated.
The case of Luis Perez against the ,
Southern Iacific for damages was re- I
manded to the state district court. -
Alleged Threat.
ig a United States witness. In one
case he was sentenced to days In
jn and fJned jiM. in th! second case
he was sentenced to one year and
day in the federal prison at Leaven
worth. Germans Say British
Fell At Loos At Rale
Of 100 Men Per Second
Berlin. Germany, Oct. 22 (b wireless
to Tuckerton. N. J.) The Tages Zei
tung says that during one period of the
great battle at Loos last month the
British fell at the rate of 10 men a
"The British attacked in dense rows
of eight sections," says the Overseas
News Agency in a resume of the Tages
Zeitungs dispatch. "The attack pre
sented a spectacle like that of a Napo
leonic battle. The British artillery came
up as far as possible without being in
the range of German rifles. It was
equipped with bridges designed to ena
ble the artillery forces to cross Ger
man trenches. The artillery was ac
companied by cavalry. A captured
British general says it was excellent
"The British advanced with admira
ble braverj Suddenly they were
checked by -the German fire, and 100
men fell each second. The British did
not even reach the German trenches.
Their artjllery was destroed b Ger
man mortars. They lost nearly lo.svs
men in dead and wounded and StO of
them were captured."
Stockholm. Sweden, Oct. 22 Swedish
niwspaners express indignation at the
attack by a terman armed trawler on
the Swedish submarine Hvalen off
stad Thursday.
De t lis rere.ved toda state that the
German trawler fired several shots and
I then hoisted a Kienal nf inoulrv as to
then hoisted
the identity of the submarine. On
naming or their error, the Germans
sent officers to make an apology and
Kile issnram i that comnensation
nnnlH ho maA -a'i Hind 0
Mexico, EI Paso's Commercial
i nr
Only Salvation Is the Speed
With Which French and
Britons Can Attack-
Greece, Despite the Pressure
From Allies, Intends To
Stay Neutral, Report:
Knar net ci.
wi uouw uunng me war.
-not only are these facta
in cngiand, France and Russia, hat
they are reflected in official Servian
statements. The key to escape from
this situation is the speed with which
France and England can throw forces
north from Saloniki In the hope of re
lieving pressure from the Austrians
and Germans in the north and the Bul
garians in the east.
UulKara Most ilirass Serbs.
The Bulgarians are now battiinv nn-
5.,1" y of. King Ferdinand. Not-
i waasuuKUBK. lae presmniul superior ,
u. tne Austrian and, tier- I
mars. It Is the frank attack by the '
Bulgarians which seem the most men- I
acing to the Servians. At few places I
are the Teutons as much as -0 miles !
south of the Danube. In fact, the '
ground gained averages a depth of only
ten miles.
Allied Movement la Semt.
The movements of entente troops
from Saloniki are still unknown to the
public but tf any considerable force
has been detailed for the task of doing
for Serbia what Kngland attempted to
do for Belgium, it must be beavd from
Rattle 'Rases at Velene.
From Sofia and Saloniki come de
nials that the Bulgarians have lost
btrumltza. This means that Bulga
rian soil is still free from invasion. It I
1 ..,. .ul .I., i. t.t..h .t I
cooperating with the Bulgarians, and
v-wa,.;u .umL x iu -.b.i. is.mrv as
inai a great oauie is raging at tne
lhe Russians seem to be in the as
cendancy, but both Petrograd and Ber
lin Amnh-BS-lz- the inrrpatdne Huncrer of
Rijtas positions. From the southwest j
ine lyeruMiis m
ine trtrrtiw.i.5 arc iiv uirs ui5 viuaac
- s-,i. ,. 4 .. 1 -iiae -Awma
. -TZhJCJ InctJ ttei?
?u?a- .T6e .ar fL'80 ""creasing tr
"luJLee tK- eit mi,. . .h.,
outb"t!. -ifi. JKS MSI
Wvter within eight miles of their
BOr . . . r-
The Russians fsert J German at-
laCKB in IMC ItlWH w vnl ncav
th.eeH?m,U,o7 Cun rfinfVrcemeSts. '
warding of Russian reinforcements. ,
From ,n7o7matiou today It
.nn.r. that ibe Greek government la '
iSjs.TS'.a jrsrss: !
lust made by the
JMtt. llinwc "j ,
will abide by ner policy oi inora neu
trality. The allies offered Cyprus to
Greece in return for aid m the war.
Ilulgars Itout Enemy.
Berlin. Germany. Oct- 22. (by wire
less to Sayville, L. D Bulgarian
troops have advanced south of Stru
"mitza and have driven the forces op
posing across the Vardar river. It was
officially announced today by German
army headquarters.
Occupations of Kumanova and
Veleze by Bulgarian troops is" also an
nounced. UMtro-Gcrnians Advancing.
Field marshal von Mackensen's Austro-German
forces have further ad
vanced in the north. Gen. von Koevess's
troops having reached a line running
from Arnayevo to Slatina mountain,
while the army under Gen. von Gall
witz has advanced to a front running
through Salevac, Savinovao and
Trnovca and to the north of Panovec
Itun!nn Attacks Reunified.
Russian attacks northeast, east and
southeast of Baranovichi have been re
pulsed by the troops of prince Leopold,
it was officially announced by the Ger
man war office today. The capture
of eight officers and 1140 men is
The army of Gen. von Linsingen has
made a general counter attack to the
west of Czartorysk and thrown back
the Russians. During the
last fear t
days 19 officers and J.Su men have been i
taken prisoners in this district, and one j
cannon and eight machine guns cap-
tured, the official announcement adds.
"' "ivcnv.ni, ntrULOliU
Pans, France, Oct. 22 German
troops Thursday evening made an un-
suc'rssful attack upon certain French
pcsitions near Givenehy. according to
the announcement made this afternoon
yLhe Krm ,wr office.
The communii ation sas
The enemy undertook Thursday ee-
(Contlnued on rase 2, Col. 1).
No Goods May Go Into or Come Out of Villa Territory
Without Being Unloaded and Examined at Border;
Dealers in Ammunition and. Arms Must Furnish
Information to Cutoms Department.
NEW federal embargo has been
launched against the Villa fac
tion in northern Mexico, out of El
Paso district, extending from Marfa to
Columbus, N. JC with a new militar em
bargo expected hourly, which will com
plete the "sewing up" of the Vllllsta
government's revenue sources tighter
than any revolutionary organization
across the Rio Grande was ever affect
ed before.
Not only exports out of United States
territory into Villa country in northern
Mexico, but imports out of Chihuahau
and Sonora states for the northern side
of the ner hare been blocked effect
ively h. nrohahlv the most drastic e-
ftion the treasury department has ever
essayed since the revolution began in
Mexico five years ago.
.In Rffect Today.
The date of (he actual inauguration
of the new state of affairs was set for
today and the new order of things
went into effect automatically with the
receipt of orders
From now on until further notifica
tion from Washington, every carload of
goods jntended for shipment to Juarez
i muki oe umoaaea ana reiaftQm unuer
! the eyes of a customs inspector. Also
S everv wagon load, every auto load, ev-
i j . -w-
rn nf M.rl nt
Dealer 4fnst tvf-iae Information,
Every dealer in 1 Paso must supply
I Douglas. Ariz.. Oct I- Oen
' ilia's arm of 7000 men is at Oaxaca.
j 70 miles southeast of here, headed
toward Agua Prieta. where 16.000 Car-
rsnza soldiers and refugees are erowd-
mA hehlnjf rnvi nf mines wirA en
-- . -
tanglements and trenches.
Calles sajs he can't be captured, but
believes cannon would soon force his
surrender Villa personally is with
his army, which is mov ing slowly ow
ing to bad roads.
Geo C. Carothers, representing tne
state department, conferred with
mining men today, promising to pro
tect their Interests as much as pos
Naco, Ariz.. Oct. 22. Naco. Sonora,
was late Thursday evacuated by Car
ranza soldiers under command of Gen.
P Ellas Calles. They withdrew to
Agua Prieta. the Carranza headquarters
and Naco was occupied by a detach
ment cf Yaqui Indians, under command
of Gen. Ur hale jo.
the who,c PoP-tat'O" crowed to SS
AriIO ,ld. ,nd tn- - -,, rf,,,.
tTJuT PrTe "" ""'
'rom here to Agua prieta.
. vriii. m
As the Villa forces entered customs
officials here put into effect an em
bargo on the importation of arms and
Los Angeles. Calif.. Oct. 22. Venus
tiano Carranza. head of tbe de facto
government in Mexico, is s-oing- to en
courage the American game of baseball I
i in the republic as a substitute for bull j
border, according to Adolfo Carillo. his
i consular agent here.
Carranza. Carillo said, will shut down
on border iniquities as practiced at
Juarez, Mexicalu Tia Juana and other
order towns and will not recognize
race tracks or monte Carlos, or con
cessions therefor.
"Tour American game of baseball
will be encouraged instead," said the
Gen Salvador Alvarado reports to
EI Paso Carrancista headquarters that
there has been no religious persecution
in the state of Yucatan, adding that
there were many convents open In J
plain contravention to "reform laws,
and that it was sucsrested to nuna and
mnnlr. that fht mf ftnl AfT tl m eAm.
munity as under JJie regulations they
were not permitted to remain longer
j ii:s omtK to i'bb,zi
New Or,en. !-- ss Jose
, Garza, in charge of the Villa consulate
, here, closed the consular offices Thurs-
I dav and delivered to local Carranza
! representatie, hn records and office
' property evp-csing a desire "to con-
tribute -to the earlj pacifitation of our
.ountr and declaring hii willingness
j to ai, the goernment recognized by
j ,,, , n,t.d state-, and the Latin-Ameri-
"ccri republics
! If
the customs house with an inventory of
every bit of ammunition he has on
hand, is expecting to arrive, or has sold
or sent out. with details of its destina
tion ready, and supplies on hand sub
ject to instantaneous examination by
government inspectors.
The shipment of all meat out of Jua
rez for this side the Rio Grande has
been stopped absolutely by federal or
der, and the Pioneer Packing company,
of Kl Paso, has received strict orders
from federal authorities to close down
and refuse all shipment of dressed
meats out of northern Mexico, without
redress of any kind.
Cattle Import to be lniipccted.
Particular scrutiny is being given
cattle shipments entered for import
from across the river, with especial at
tention given to unbranded calves. Ev
ery carload and every package of hides
must be opened for inspection, and the
brands found on the hides will be ex
amined tor property confiscated or
stolen from American or other foreign
owners in Mexico
Hours for import and export business j
re limited to the legal daylight hours j
for business in El Paso. Any anununt-
lion found on the into Mexico will
luoject the carrier of it to arrest by
United States authorities, whether in
carioaa iois or several rouno lor -
Aotlees Vre Posted.
The following notices tucva been poat
(CvnMaaed oa paxe 4. CM. 31
Topolobampo Met. Oct. 21 , via
I:adio to ban Diego, Cal, Oct. 22.1
Troops hae been ambushed by Yaqui
Indians between, the plantation of the
United Sugar companies of Los Mochls
and San Bias. Sinaloa. according to re
ports reccned here today, and 44 of
the 46 soldiers were killed.
The mdians then piled the bodies on
a railroad bridge and. setting fire to
the latter. destned alL The band
consisieo oi 19 inaiana.
The Indians are now reported cross
ing the r'Jerte river and moving to
ward one of the United Sugar com
panies' plantations, at Aguila. about 9V
miles from Los Mochls. Carranza
troops have been sent from Los Mochis
garrison against the Yaquis.
Admiral Cameron McR Winslow.
aboard the United States cruiser San
Diego, visited the French mining town
of Santa Rosalia today. He found the
copper mines operating at practically
full capacity and perfect order pre
Douglas. Ariz. Oct 22 George r
C. Carothers. an agent of the state de
partment, who nntil recently spent
most of his time at the headquarters
of Gen Francisco Villa arrived here
today. It was said here that an in
terview had been arranged with Gen
P. Ellas Calles. Corranza commander
in Sonora.
The Carranza command which evac
uated Naco Thursday has proceeded to
.vnavacacm pass.
according to reoorts I
received here todav . to prevent Villa
forces occupying that outlet westward
Gen. Lrbalejo. the Yaqui chieftain who
commands the forces that occupied
Naco. Sonora, late Thursday, has re
fused to say whether he will nnnAr
Gen ilia, whose representative he )
supposed to be, or operate indenenrt
Torreon. Mex, via Laredo. Tex, Oct.
An army said to total 22.000 men.
claimed to be only a fraction of th
whole Carranza lorces. was inspected
by Gen Carranza and Gen. Obregor.
Thursday at Gomez Palacio. a suburb
of this city
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Only tho-e ietteis to b, funnl in t'i Th. pri: winners will be announce.!
words . I G. Barnes Wild Animal Or- ! in tomorrow's Herald and the prizei
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Life Is Just Starting
i sota in be? b b a r w w
Twenty-eighth Infantry Is
Ordered To Reinforce the
Lower Border Troops.
Plucky Wife Saves Husband
From Bandits' By Use Of
Knife and Gun.
WASHINGTON. i. C, Oct 12.
The department of justice will
detail more agents along the
Mexican border immediately to co
operate with the war and treasury de
partments to meet raids and violations
of the embargo on arms.
After receiving information from
Secretary Garrison tadav resrartttne:
i k-i u ...
"" "" """-- " "
I conferred with president Wilson and
I announced that the number of dopart-
., of justice agents would be in-
Would Indict Mnerta.
I Regarding the case of G4n. Huerta.
ow aeu prisoner at mart Bliss; the
attorney general said Be expected evi
dence would be laid "before the grand
jury within the next few weeks in an
effort to obtaip an Indictment on a
charge of attempting to violate the
aentralitv law of the TJniteri States.
; No request for the extradition of
Gen. Huerta has been received from
the Mexican government, he said.
Border Troops Reinforced.
The 28th regiment of infantry has
been ordered from Galveston to Har
I lingen. Tex by the war department as
i a result of the renewal of bandit raids
j on Texas border towns.
The troops will be used by Uen
I Fuaston to give added protection, to
I small posts such as that at Ojo del
j Agua. where three soldiers were killed
j and eight wounded Thursday morning
tin a bandit attack.
The -.Id infantry, now at Jackson
ville, Fla, in connection with the na
tional rifle matches there, will be re
turned to Galveston, where it will oe
held in reserve for use on the border.
o Authority for 3IartiaI Law.
Officials explained today that the
army was doing all it legally could do
to check the border bandit raids. The
situation, they said, was not a mllitarv
one. but a ciil one. under tbe jurisdic
tion of Texas. Unless the governor
should formally ask federal Interven
tion there is no authority for the es
tablishment of a militayy zone and dec
laration of martial law.
Aroiy detachments guarding various
towns may repel attacks, but cannot
go beyond that without additional au
thority. War department officials,
however, wi'l give every possible aid
to the civil authorities in protecting
tow ns and ranches.
AN CARLOS, Tex., Oct 22. If Al
fred Wilke. a Martindale rancher,
recovers from an attack Thursday
night by three Mexicans, he will owe
his life to the bravery and physical
prowess of his wife.
Mrs. W ilke wrested a knife from one
of the Mexicans and threw It to her
husband, who killed one of his attack -
ers:. nen- ougn suriertng irom a
era Then, though suffering from
r"." wuna- " 8BO,,n.n
killed one of the others. The third
The Mexicans asked WUke for work
and when he refused, shot him three
times tn the back. It was then that
Mrs. Wilke came to his aid.
W ilke's condition is serious, but he
may recover Mrs. Wilke's recovery is
Say Lopez Will Cooperate.
Brownsville Tex., Oct. 22. An active
campaign against bandits on tbe Mexi
can side of the Rto Grande by Gen. Eu
genio Lopez, Carranza commander in
Matnmoicd. was promised today M
Jose 2. Garze. Carranza consul here
Mr Garza said Gen Lodcz has re-
I quested moretroops in order to handle
I the Mexican side of the raids.
Wild Animal .
Concert Monday
seat tickets and fle other lists get one
reseed seat ticket, so there s a rea-
j son w h you should hurry and get in
cr,,,.. 11b. vlslb. .

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