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El rmo and not Texas, fair: New MexU
o. fttir. Vrizona air, warmer.
ie n tin. Lotr " ? Mexican pe- i
an -i-a t, Trhrh a
-i - .,,, -jnoiJ -ter -ll-ex G.! -'
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LATEST I o L' ASSOCIATED PRESS. mm.u- copz five cents
Large Captures Of German
Troops Are Claimed In
Pelrosjad Advices.
"Let Us See You Win a
Battle" Is Greece's Virtual
Reply To the Allies.
'TOK. ENG Oct SS. The latest
official news from Fetrocrad rive '
' . " 7. TOm 1 ?. Bl"?i
-ome inaicauon that new marshal
Vu i Hindenburg's drive toward the Bal
tic port of Riga has again been checked
and that, nearer the center, of the Ger-
"nt pTrman-eou'n'ter 'iS-S St.
been rpr.iilvl I
F.ghtinp on the left bank of the Stry
continues, ami the Russians assert they
7iae made further captures of large
numbers of men Jn the Caucasus live-
ly notions are reiorted Vienna ac- j
JvTi wledg-es Au tmn troops have re-
tired in Gal cm under the pressure of f
(superior Russian fortes. j
Germans (roM Drlna. '
German trooos hae crossed the Dnna
rler jn northwestern iervia near Vise- ,
ETad, dmuu southward the Serbians
on the heights, according to-the official
statement issued today br Gentian army
headquarters at Berlin. It legatee a- f
nounced uiat .Bulgarian troops Have
captured the Servian towns of Netrotin
ana .ogneo
p.iifn -,ii,. ., ..,
e suuaMoTLlonT thVonU fronrnfi
the situation along the entire front of
nnj oximateK 675 miles as faorab!e
n m their point of view Three days j
ag the Geiman efforts between Mitau
ani the Gulf of Riga presented a 1 i' r . ', ' iXZ Ti-,i, .W k.
set.ous prolleni t the present time LarFe Pa,rt f ih,T ,eD,?l?ivm'. to,
the status ,n thit sector is consldereH nad, "ly by "tjlhrinrr thu cheap class
t the Rusnn. as satisfactory. The'01 JabJ?r. wer? e n,nms companies
Get nans have been checked and their fna?'d ! w the "
sr iere of .cnon is being narrowed 1 tTi- rebd;es weJe f?"11 ,n com
contintlv parison with those of other camps in
Rnlnn Gain It I'nsiavy. ' the statp , and scattered over a wide
F istward the Russians are ttlT-ces- area- Todav. the Morend miner can
fum press .is the Germans, gaining
jrrouna in nam places. Tfceir most
considerable success, recentl his been
at 1 tavy This town uas tnken -ind
th Cermans were driven wbtnard
thi ugn Dul- i m a fierce battle
From th t Kimu south to the
Barnovichi ecio there is little act.v
it at present In the mimed. ate vi
c i i of B-i mo lrh the Russians are
11 the offe ne I
Claim Oeraitm l'xlinatcd. j
in v,ancn ll l-sr ins are following
up ineir i c e at ovo Alexintz. (
It i ; ated ihu th-ee German divisions j this vcr when on account of the
Wf-re out to fiiec there European war. the companies were con-
Thp Ru i ii authorities attribute fronted with the necessitr of stn in to
tb1 successes to the vijror of the Rus- j aid their emploves in the face of de
s n track thi exhartion of Ge-man t creased output. This tas necessarily
troops and the increasing difficulties of attended bv a reduction in wages. The
tr n portation with which the tut- Shannon companj had been compelled
tri ns and G- mi-is have to contend i to shi.t down entirely The Oetroit
Greece ttitnde Declared. compam seeking to avoid the suffering
Tl e status or political affairs in the bound to result from a shut down em-B-Ikans
is iln it equal in interest to ploved as man) men as possible, cutting
thi militarv filiation The belief is down the hours of work for individual
grow.ng he e that neither Greece nor J workmen in order to increase the num-
j.uu nuia it. 'iho to enter me war at
lest until the
tente allies gam some
Greece aimarentlv '
c isie
ffer f th" ,". rr"re ;mPrta that the
fired in h-r, th P!S!i 5"? '' 'S
iaveome . la in Vhe SaltanSlS,"
bv m alliel fleet raised hopes In Enl- I
land that in,, entente powerV will not
lie .(ntent vvith landing troops in Sa- '
J"n ki but m iv cause enough of a di- '
vn n elsewhere to engage a consid- '
eratle body f BuUa-ian troops. !
Fleet I-onibard l,.lnrii.i,
An offici m'-iunication was Viv.n
i-iunuation was given
h ministrv of marine
w I
bv the
inistrv of marine
hlpS Of Th
inou.icinir th,, ,v, '
'ent- illies bombard-
Thurv l
' ie Kulgarian port of ' even higher wages than thev had re
the eagean sea. The I ceived previously at corresponding cop-
rt. hi i
-mr,i h allies s juailrons bombarded the I
V.,Mr"?S ani! whales at Dedeag-,
Sfn I ?i afternoon of the 21st but i
tent of th. JZ?n residential quar
lers or the city Besides this the fleet
alonEbe Rtaur!f .L'htary poats '
Jlay Threaten t.reece.
It is exn4ct-. fha. -7t.l i. t tric was concemeti accord tig to tne
mtinue ?LVJ?J ente PHe,:s wiH statement, which describes the arrival
fiVn ob?ertfonc fo TUr " T. 'lin June, JU and August, of "secret
lmne D-JectIo.n to hr Present att. anti:" fiiw, h ni v xuur
Ttr.eut ,t. i
The. ..,,! " ." T .T
militarv an .r.t,..i . '
OrcfCf s tr -m
.. avl .v.ai .IUU1IUTI .
It is held , ..i. '.; .." " ... .v '"'I
- - , " '- ". ufuu . ine en- i
ements of maintaining in the Balkans
the equilib-ium to the building up of
which they cont'i utt Thev tike th
position that Greece is hound to sup-
Dtrt her treite hi- ..... ,. mZ .. '
defmite decUor h , na" L I
tJermite declsior on h r part to do oth-
Continued en i-age , Cable Section! I
Get Ready for the Photo Play
Contest; $25 Is Awaiting Yoa
The Herald mil jrue ZZ the peron writing the let photo pbt
-wliiLh bniigK into pla 1 Pao scenes and industries to the best advantage.
A sample photo play will be piiblitJied m The Herald Monday to give
contestants an idea of what is the bent method to r-areue.
The contest will dose October 30
Has Been a Year of Great Development
IfllfflS GUI
Statement Issued After Termination of Conference Says
"Western Federation Has Obtained Control of Clifton-
Morenci-Metcalf District ; Presents Allegations of
Abuses said to Have Be en Started by Agitators.
RCI.ARING that the conferences
between the managers of the
companies in the Cliftou-
Sironeci-Metcalf copper district of
Arizona, and the committee of strikers
held here dailv for a week had been so
dominated bv the influence of the West
ern federation that thev were futile.
the managers stated today they were ;
concluded ,.....,
A lengthv statement issued by the
managers follows, in part .
W ith unrarylns persistence the de-
structive influence of the Western
Federation of Miners has attended each
eye"P"nenl i.lne summon wnacn uie
Federation agitators forced upon the
commumtv that is now stricken it
nas not oeen posnoie uui ik P"'
time, when the details of this smazrag
conspirac, against industrial peace "".federation orontxers adopted bol.ler
-,,," -JSS w?,"h ?"i !
acquaint me puoiic wun a compiow
recor ft15;"i ftn p.iti
Lar KU n,nm' on Federation.
The recently concluded conferences
between the mine managers Ad strikers
committee supplied the final links of
evidence which proved that the Western
Federation's sole object was to force its
organization upon employes, mine man-
agers and the state of Arizona. At
thi finfrnrM th. fMTomtinn'K -
mands invariably were woven into the
issues to such an extent that the mine
managers were wwerless to act Hi the
interests of their eld empsoye-s.
3Id Iiore Cncnp Labor.
"The public cannot entertain a dear
conception of the situation without
knowledge of conditions -whteh prevailed i
back as " tmrlf ' !
the Cliftoa-Morenct district
Mexicans v. ere in a large majority
e''ver only two and a half or three
tons of ore for his day's work. In
camps more recently developed and in
which the introduction of more economic
methods of extracting and handling ore
is possible six or ten tons of ore per
da is the average per mar At the
present time the average grade of ore
mined in the Clifton-Morenci district is
continuallr falling This results in
higher cost per pound of copper I
hnt Down following War, i
-ssecret ents or tne westernreoera- i
n oi Winers emciru lae ai"irici eanj ;
k. .mnWMi
The Arizona Copper co-npanv (the
, . . t ., j..i.
forced bv the prospect of certain loss.
to shut down its entire Metcalf prop-'
ertT and th concentrating plant St
the wage scale was based on 17 to 18
ceni cop.nfr.fc 'Ka'!:e Kductl" was
made untiI the Earolve"'' crisis, in spite
ot tnc ct tnat copper had meanwhile
fallen a low as 14 to IS cents
Hege flacen Ralcd.
"Following improvement in the mar-
ket earlv this year, the n inagers of
the companies adopted a sl'dhig scale
has! on the averatre svll nir once of '
copper This scale gave th- employes I
per nnces
tlnlm Organlrers Were Uninvited.
The managers assert the scale was
satisfactor to the employes until
Western Federation of Miners agitators
.. - ,.i,.r. .nn..rMi ,uin,.ir
uninvited so far as a request of any I
1 representative body of men of the dis- i
j trict was concerned " according to the '
wt z- . .: . ; x : ...7. i
agents. - touowea ov uuv k. aiuier. ;
executive board member, and president
zrsl - I. tl saIa.A r a. wjrr .- 17a1 I .. .
eration oi Miners, ana diners.
Call Kmplove I'or Conference,
"The mine managers, being aware or
impending trouble, called committees
of their old employes for eonferene-.
the commttteees to be chosen from the
various iniiiii.K ueaaiuiicuia ov ine men
themselves. These were to meet the
three mlne managers In Clifton on
August 2 They were told that no
LL PASO. TEXAS. MAIL EDITION FOR SUNDA . OCTOBER 24. 1915. di.uvei.ed anywhere - cents a month. 32 PAGES, FOUR SECTIONS. TODAY.
good w ould con e of affiliation w ith the
Western Federation of Miners, that the
companies reaffirmed their police of
advancing; wages when conditions war
ranted such increase. Advances en
jojed by the men in the past would be
amplified in the future, but such
chancres could not be arranged while
K& aft-iaB-trl. aviiatlnn nf than. Waatarn
Federation prevailed, and while the
agitators and organizers remained in
tne u.t.rict
s -.vdrrntlon oppose Mexican,.
- managers covenanted to deal
-,.- wlfh ,,,-, . . - ,,
the We,tern federation influence was
eiimlnated. It was clearly explained to
the thllt tll. nnM. .lve of
, ,, mm., -,. . n,..t
the Mexican employes from the district,
-During the ensuing two weeks the
-Uand by t harming
and persecuting the men, succeeded In
forming a local organization of con
siderable strength Not until then did
the companies take active measures b
discharging certain ringleaders who
were guilty of flagrant breaches of dis
cipline. .citntorn k Conference,
"0 September 11 two letters with !
demands from the agitators for a con- I
ference with the Western Federation
of Miners were dispatched to each of
the three mine company managers f
The old emuloves of the comour bad i
I JlllssV" Jtn' iJllBlii.as ioth
I raanagers."
The statement then narrates the call- 1 ttturnry Klllnjnvoixl for the miner ; companies about lo.oa per hour Ratb
inir of the strike on Sentemner 11 on- l said that the seIon had liern an em- , .r . hirfc arice in order that a commit-
der th leadership of Gny K. MlUer. I
" eomnatrtes. It was said, were given ,
wmaixto que to protect their properties or
save them from destruction.
l-ic2.ei riirra iroana i-inni. t
-The federation stationed pickets In
.... . ... .f. , ... .
and around the plants, the statement
continued, "these pickets denied en
trance eTen to officers of the com
panies." SubseQuently the plants Mere sur
rendered bv the companies to the care
of the sheriff
Claim Committee ere Handicapped.
' The companies' managers deter- !
,-- iiuiiuicuhiiox i
znineu xo appeal 10 tneir oiu empio es.
I .. l , - .t. . . -1
continued the statement, "and agreed to
mee,t on September 17 a committee
ct'lc:.cl(''iK mr iupiu,-a jl me All- .
zona Conner ramuni. Th pnmmlltep !
representing the employes of the Ari-
mat responaei admitted that a ma- oi picxei autj inremoie mc j,.vj..- j tne purpose or improving tn"e conui
Joritv of its members were chosen at ' ing has been done entirely by Tun- , tong that we tried reneatedl to get an
meetings of the n estern fedention" j teers. Ilirections have been gien that . adjastJm.nt before the ariitrar. action
A second committee also of federation ' with each pun of pickets must ne 1 M , manBers closed the plans.
men, followed -iccording to the state
ment j
tonvinred Folerntlon In Control. I
ne mine managers previousiv naa 1
made it clear that thev ere eager to
not '
ra- I
confer w th committees w hich were
handicnpptd bv the "Western feilera
tion." continued the statement "Word
was received on September 20 that
commute s had been ranted and a
Joint conference was agreed upon de
snite the fact the i-ianasrer were ran.
Ivlnced that they were being deceived.
and the Western federation was In
complete control "
Pr-sin,ent Mover
24, It was stated,
meeting at which
arrived September
and hel a mass
resolutions were
Tage Seulc Al onld Ituin Companten.
"A Joint meeting wis arranged on
Septem er 16 ' said the statement, "at,
which the resolutions adopted at fed
eration miss meetings were read.
These resolutions called for. among
other thintrs the adoption of a wage
scale whi- h would put the Detroit Cop
per conminv and the Shannon Copper
compan ou of nuMness and reduce the
life of the -izona Copier company
possiblv 50 per cent
I'he joint meeting established the
J fact that the privilege of dealing i
rect'v with their old emploves wa de-
nied the mining companies.
futllttv of seekinsr further to deal witn
the" strikers while the district was in
the grip of the federation nflTience,
was appirent
tfnck t.overnor Ketn.
"f'oi Hunt arrived in Clifton Septem
ber n response to messages from
the sheriff The mine mam-j'rs sub-
muted proof that ftie Western feilera
tion was responsible for the strike, and
that a reign of intimidation existed
assured him that as soon as the
llltlllnn etmmmA .nl th. Mtmnatli,
' -- "" - ."
manatrers were able to meet their em-
lplo.es in a direct manner the trouble
i ould b terminated happilv
ine ionowing da to ernor Hunt j
held a conference with the "Western
federation leaders and addressed a
strikers meeting at Morenci He was
introduced by a federation agitator,
fsovernor Favored Men.
"On September 30 governor Hunt
summoned the mine managers to a con
ference He announced his investiga
tions convinced him that the workmen
had just caupe for complaint and in
sisted on the two sides tet tin c: to
getber He said he was goinc aw i ani
If be returned he would be It and the
mine managers would hare no say in
the matter
tlorney General lino Favor Men.
"The same afternoon Go Hunt
threatened to put mine mamers as
well as strikers "in the bull pen V-.
toney general Wlle K. Jones follow ed
concluding a brief address, with th
announcement that the strikers' cause
was 'the cause of Almightv God.
"Got Hunt retu rned to Phoen ix in
fCiintlnued on Page Z, Cable ect!on)
i 1 !
HMD mi I
Strikers Think Managers Are
Making An Effort To
"Break the Strike"
Those Who Go Into Camp at
Duncan Are Being Taken
Care Of By Besses.
t S 1 UK flnnl conference between 1 be
mine manager, and .he Clifton-
met MrJkr rrpreaentatl.es
came t a eloie at 410 Saturday after.
noon, the mine managers rejecting a.l
A 4S .t.. 1 - 11 itt 111
. c uruiuiiu iuc i4iii,r cummiiire
and refanlag to operate In the Clifton- '
lorenel district until nneh time as "the
influence of the Western Indention of
Miners Mas completely removed."
It'a all our, MlJ ;. !. liolllnga-
north, chairman of the strikers com
... . .. . , .
". -" " ' remain, for u. t,
ee what happen In the field.-
The strike committee, whose ex- I
neiute are nilrf bv the mine minicen.
fnHrtrium t-tKr?-niIntn!r-TIlirlct -t
I once and make formal report. ,
bnrraaaing one from the vlenpoint of ,
"T hnrrnlnc incident and that he
'""" " "","r
had been held
In liortlshurg, nbrrr no dllurhlng In
metier ne:i mm Hie nrai inurra. raui3
" - ,
"" entered Into It.
rUFTOX, Arix, Xt. : Suspicion
that the refugee colony at llun-
- can is reallj a concentration
camp Is oeepening to settled convic
tion with the strikers.
Tbfi claim to have received informa
riMn nil rn, comnuRi lutvc .-..'
tion that the companies have agents
thmmkoui southc.-n Arizona and New I
" r. .. ...
Mexico gathering up all persons will- i
ing to join ihe colonj Word has gon ,
xortii xrom me eiecun.e wmuu.t.'f's
inai nercuiicr aim,... ..wfc ,
hr of roninilttc s must do their share f
..-. .. ..11 , . Irr ,n, ,.IT,
.several Amenr ins.
President on Trial.
Juan Guerra. preslfleni oi tne pinion
of i
v- w. mml . i
Miners, mav be deposed from ofHce to-
dav V -.pe. lal meeting of the entire l
membership has been called and
local OI tne M esiern reucmuwu
Guerra has been summoned to expla n
a boast he is alUged to have made
that he could send the Mexican strikers '
hack to work at an time Guerra has j
been ver popular among the Mexicans. I
When the first peace committee Has '
sent to KI lao, he was added as 9
member At larx;e upon the insistence
of the CliT'on miners.
Jos. H. Mrrs wired tolay that he
would not cme to Clifton The mat
ter of ordering a federal investigation
of wage ana working coniit.ois in
this district is up to the secretary or
labor, he Satid
Orchcitrn at IooI Depot.
A Mexiin orchestra composed of
striking miners, is a new attraction
added to the soup kitchen maintained
in Clifton b the strikers The -injrie
men boarding there fletcherize to the
stiains of Aloha Thi married men
who rett-ne supplies t om the relict
depot opposite lox ttot awa w ith
sacks vt flour and bcnv
One carload of beai . one cir of
flour and S-000 worth of mixed goods
irora rtainiiaul hv ttls rt-Mt 4il-iitizitte' 1
veittertlfl.. Two wagonloads of oota-
toes w ere
contributed by Duncan
Anotbe" parade has been planned for
Sunday af tei noon iu i lifton b the
strikers, to again dt.uoustrate their
roi.Ing Itncc Fcellmc.
There lb a lilt-f amounting almost
to a conviction that the companies are ,
trying to arouse rate feeling among ,
the Mexican strikers b reminding
them that the Ame. lean workmen here t
favored the mi peiccit liw last fall i
The strikers claim that HU d" Lo le j
and James S ise of Uisbee. who
left Morenci upon in itution earl this .
weeK were usinn in- n perc nt law
to bring at 'Out antagonism between
the mencanb and Mexicans f
"tine of the principal results of the '
strike thus far has been to wipe out J
ail race leeimg. saia one ox tne smice
leaders The Americans and Mexi- I
cans are fighting shoulder to shoulder 1
for a common cause, and we are not
PAin., t, ,av .nmn-ini rP)nM.ii
like Cs and lole arousing dissen-
cinn It Mtinot hi lntxii that there
has been some rat-- feeling in the pist (
hut tint is ill oer now and will ner
be reied
Miperlnlendentn Hrturn.
n. 1
Reports from Ouncan are that the
refugee colon is growing
greit nian superintendents and othei
offit ials w ho hae bt en in Kl Paso
aim a da or two after the thrr
m,m ifcrs fKd to th it plate hae re
tuned this w erk ind settled with tlie
otht t refugees at F-un in The ump
is t king on an air of perminnc th it
cannot be explained except ) isuni
(Contlmied sn rase :. Col. I.)
TIEl 5ff GWEiffliMRCEi
Committee of Workingmen Declares Action of Managers
Throughout Conference Indicated They Had no In
tention of Beaching a Settlement; Assert the
Managers Have Eep eatedly Broken Faith.
T-HE committee of strikers from tne
Clifton - Morencl - Metcalf copper
strike district of Arizona, issued
the following statement after the close
of their conference with the mine man
agers of the Shannon, Arizona and De
troit Copper companies:
"The farcical conference just con
cluded between ourselves and the man
agers of the companies operating In the
Clifton-Morenci district clearly indi
cates the necessity of compulsory arbi
tration laws for the settlement of labor
a... ., tn, tj, Cattle
n,. .,ti Af tit. manner thrnneh-
I th. conference ha. clearHindJ-
! Q nitlmatelv arnvnig at an adjustment.
caiQ 10 as inai mrj aau nv ,;,
Th demands that we presented ha7e
, been in their .Possession for .
I mourn anu i r pruiesKa w v -
. .,,.i !,., ,..,
l-rofen Ignorance of Condition.
"Theyhav e also professed to be abso
lutely ignorant of the conditions which
he caused this strike, in spite of the
act that an in estimation by unpreju
diced members of the press has dis
closed the fact that our contentions
have been well founded and that condi
tion have been exactl as represented
iy us.
Money jot, lBvB"' iioany.
"The tim araatad. ia. tsna-aaeajled
cotTference Is costing flSfTempToyBs of
the district and the stockholders of the
tee .eiectej bv the employes should be
abIe to .xptate u, the managers the
conditions existing in the district and
loacerning property the managers have
control! for jears.
' Manager Reject trbltrntlon.
"We have found the managers igno
rant of conditions governing collective
. bargaining with their emp'oves. appar
ently ignorant of the working condl,
. tions in their own plants. With these
. conditions confronting us we have re
' .ii . --,. ,iA ,.! i,i. i-
Tr "e '"""- - --
oner nas been repeateaiv rejectea.
AVe deplore the conditions that exist
in the Clifton-Morenci district realix-
,ng that the state and the puhl'c must
uigg suin-r in aisiiuira ui mis m
, We deplore the conditions that existed
! previous to this strike and it was for
s.iso siirier in aisoaiea oi mis kihu
,t e ari
roin-Inlnnni it,,, i)lehrze.I
"For ears the emnlove have ten
dias'tisfied -with their working condl
iiA.a a tha innr r-i. nf wrailti niiri
; .,.V.W .. ...t -V- . --- ,
xions ana me tow rate oi wauts p;uu
Tet e,ery tlme man eIpressed himself
M .,,. dissatisfied he was immedi-
teU dlI,hcarged Petty foremen fixed
atel d i h carped Petty foremen fixed
i the rates of wages and there wis no
scale ror anv class oi emp.ovmoni me
rate was as little as the employe wouIJ
work for
Organization is iMst Keftort.
- insult itrtor m-mmm arsx ininiife ins
emploves. realiring that anv attempt to
pre-ent their cnevances would result
in iminediite dischir.-e. Inv i-ed organ-
izers ot tlu Western Fede-ation ot
Mm, . to iv ..strict T'e.e nr.-n.
ixers oegani-ved tht non un'on men vrd
some m;i.o,. 01 ov..r. uiKaiiieiuuna
also joined the Wesf-rn Fede-ation of
Miners. The manage-s commenced dis-
charging their empl-i es wlu joined the
union, some of them having worked for
the company over 20 ea
Men Quit I nnlmrni.lj-.
' It wrns this action h t nrec pitiit-U
the strike When the strike wts called
members of een o-gamstion stopped
work It made no di'fer ice v hethe t
man was a carpenter boilerinaker. elec
trician or a member of the Western
trician or a member of the Western
FederaUon of Miners the action was
unamrrous Hiving for vears been de-
nled anv adjustment of grievances, the
ned an adjustment of grievances.
action of one was the action of all.
Only Fair Treatment deeded.
"Proper management would have pre
vented the strike Had a fair heirin-?
not been refused the men would be
working todav I nder a fair proposi
tion for settlement the mines might re
sume operations tomorrow Since th.
demands we have made have been re
pea ted ly published, we will not rep, at J
them at this time. It Is enough to sa t
that the wages we ask are lower than
those paid in man parts of the state 1
ani lt onlv fair that we should bv j
pad for PJSrht hours work when we '
work eight hours instead of being paid
for 7 jj hour
Thr Ifonpltnl Iiue.
"The hospital, built and supposed to
Q operated b 'the emplo-.es, i , the
. ; f t- Mnv rnd te niMd - j
.... , .-,.' i1,.ra.j K ,., I
f"? f l!",?6'"8, mmU rJ K
" 'oP hich ',1 T , Kfi i ' ill V?
onl to th ?" of the Arixona Cop-
Pr compan iiriieiii e nae 01
fered to submit our sine to a fair boir' 1
of . r ntr ition. i turn inn to work w hit i
awiiting the action of the board Could
an ofter fai-er
I)lcrlmlnnfe Iletween Itacef-.
Tha st -it anient often m.td h tht
-- ; ;. . . -
"-""S" tnai ine present: laoorers
HWIIHriCI sVliWt. .r p "-js. lis. aaL-vi vio .
could not earn the higher wiges asked
is nonsense Man ox ine oiner mi
cm emploves ears ago receied muti
higher w iges thin the receive to!a j
In the othr imp-, of the state there s ,
ro disi r minatiou h twe n rces wh i .
it nct-tsvir in tHs distrut The tru I
ft ts n th it tht:e romp ni.. trie I
-oiTf,h the en pi in 1 t f differen i
an i riifr rent r it s of w mes for
of Home
these races to preent any cooperation
among the men
Discharging Morked Out Employes.
What would ou think of a company
that pavs a mtchimst. Mexican, Jt-7
a da and his helper. American. JJ.SST
The companies compassion for the poor
employes who could not earn the higher
wages might better be extended to the
old employes, who. having worked a
lifetime for the company at a starva
tion wan, ire discharged because they
are so old thev can no longer earn that
starvation wage
Claim Managers Hate Broken Faith.
"The managers have repeatedly
j broken their word as to the conditions
isimoosed uDon the employes in order
that thev "; J-J
. --- ---- - -- ---"- ,
I ern Federation of Miners wer as real
as they pretend, tnen mere mtgnt oe
some excuje for the I?
i ----- - -
two states.
It 1 ot Federation Strike.
"This is not a strike of the Western
Federation of Miners. It Is a strike of
the employes of the copper companies
Two members of this commute are not
members of the Western Federation and
hate no intention of joining that organ
ization. The "ft estern Federation or
ganizers left the district as soon as
they had completed the work they were
invited, wito the district to do. They
have not aduscd this oomastMee as to
its actions or demands.
Represent Laboring Men.
"We represent the laboring men o
the Clifton-Morenci district and for
those men and their famitwas we are
asking a Irving wage and decent living
conditions. " j
"Knowing that anv fair board of ar- j
nitration will find conditions in that I
distrUt to be as we represent and'
knowing that the findings of any fair j
board would improve our conditions wo
are willing always to submit our case
for arbitration
"itrike Dne to Infalrne.
The calling of this strike was due I
to misminpeement on the part of the
,",.. ,rt it. t,n..n will be
; -"."i'.. - .- .- -----
due to the sime m'smanagement and
unfairne" that ha enaractenzea tne
actions of the companies In tne past-
A fi. f ittAenh GiVe B'lP 1
Power Plant Once Over
& M col'ege students, who ar- i
rued here F id to iit the El Paso
indu"tnl phrf spent the morning
Satnrdn Tt the roer plant of the
! Ftcctric I ui 1 1 ?i coiTiDanv Thev also ,
, -
, .,..-.. .v .... ... .
v isit. I tne Fl Pai
shops while In El
Satunnv afterr
raw) ana oouinwesiern -
aaturni afternoon they attended
toe rootriall game between the Hign
school and the A. Jk M college ai d will
return tih the team this evening
A crowd of rooters for the M
team armed from State College Satur
da morning to witness the game
. -r ......., .- n m . ou i.ue haiui:
Sflfrvj MtninaW
--P'K" lYieninglUS IS
Villi, A,'.- V
A.li71J? i UZOnO UeeT
1 - ........ .,.-. ..t A- , ,IV uu.urfaa
of a speiies of pmal meningitis among
leer ard dnno.tie animal- of Graham
deer ard domo.tic animal- of Graham
! countv iv reported here Men who have
jbee-i nut hunting sa the saw bodies
ot 33 deer .hi-h hid died of te dis -
ease, rtnd saw several others apparently
in pain ind practicallr helpless
A number of horses have aUo been
affected it i sa d
IlntKP TC T w t a--art-., ....
Block and tatkle methods were used'
i "". a,M,' ulR'' memoos were used
",,,rda ""ernoon to get a horse be-
.""Ji'"- ' Bright from a cesspool at
! :,- San Joe street The horse while
gnzmg hid fallen Into the pool.
Approve Herald Article
On Clifton-Morenci Conditions
Editor Kl Paso Herii.l
SIM r read in the art cl. r latlve to the t
written bv Hi.btrt limit, r assistant n
I lifion 111 voiir iiv ot tK.tober 21 vvi
INI r read in the art cl.
r latlve
for -.eiming mi!i i tair niindi 1 man as Mr H"nt r to represent The Herald,
in dcacrili.n' the ... 1 ti n- Mirroumlin'r this tl'trut l tie iindtrHigned
cau sav fron imiiU kn.nill.ri of from om to ufteen vears in and out
ot the district, i- that Mi Hunter failed to put in quite tnoniru l.njrlisli
We wish to inform Mr Hunter, throutrli the lohitnns ot Tour pafer, that
the undersigned who have the honor oi b mjr m. ml. rg ot t'le B I L. of A
ami the only labor organization in (.rati count N t Mexico .1 ire to ex
ti il a .-oriiial weliom. to lnm to visit n an i t 'rthermort he w II t ot be
4!!omiI it lie will make IhuimH known to uiv oi the um!erNijtietl i umbers.
i! 7''9 B I I ot of lamlsburj' to sm -hI on, . tit tor aiv ot tl t noces
rir- ot lite r in the lan'rua'rc ot tlie Ti in I s board" hore Teeil and
ualiin.! will not ct him one i.nt
l ith l-at w ines to The HeralJ for
Milton Morris. President.
Kobort R Wis Financial Peeretary.
in A ilson Vice President.
II M. Keel.
r:n link.
First Chief Thanks the Pan
American Governments
For Recognition.
! People of Lower Rio Grande
Ask Governor To Stop
the Outrages.
TUB Carranza consul In the EI
Iaxo custom district, it la
announced, will aak Untied
States federal officials to hold up
all property and goods entered for
Import ont of northern Mexico
which 1 now claimed to be subject
to duty by the recognized de facta
EoTeraseet'a custom, lawse on the
ground that the legal export duty
ha not been paid to the proper
authoritlc In Mexico.
Thi new move on the part of the
Cferrania agent here vrHl. If acted
upon accordingly by United States
. otttetaH", -put a third layer oa the
already establfavbed double embargo
of the dvti and military, now In
lam along the border. It wBI alo
result In holding up indefinitely for
payment of export duty to Carran
za government agents, all dutiable
thing Intended to be brought
aerss the riier out of Mexican
northern territory. Including Vmer
leau tblpments and YIHista con
signment. WSHIN6TO, DL C Oct II
Gen. Venastiaao Qarranra,
through his representative
I here. Kliseo Arredondo addressed a noto
, ..-.. .- ,v. ,- c .. . .,
t ,v. , iuK mwi ..iies ana ta
j other American republics which have
recogijized his government expressing
his appreciation of their action ard
""""" ". miiwuianc loiiresvni
aties soon will be accredited to tfre
vanous governments.
The state department today admit
ted hearing a rumor from Juarez, at
tributed to Villa officials, that FeliT
Dips and 40,000 Zapata troops were
men-cms: Mexico Otv However, it
was said that no such nun er of Za
pata tropj had ever been reoorted be
fore and that the Ca-ranza, agencv
1 had received notice thit Felix Diaz
hai been seen in Ntw ork three days
Zapatista Breaking TJp.
Ms'-ag. also were received from
M i o i ty b the Carrarza agenc
-iatitig th it the Zapata forces had dis
integrated into snfiall ba ids. many of
them had asked Gen GonzaJt-s for am-
. ..
! ncstv aa mat appeal ray oeen re
.ceived fro-n the people of Morelos for
more tr ons to lombat the -mall gue-
' ""a band as he Zapata troop had
, abandoned all pretense of orgranlxa.-
rretlndo Gotm to Border.
, . . . ,.,,. -e ,.
Fearing official notifications of the
t cok V", ,th Vf" V !,,S f!? IZ
t recosi ition by the I nt- lat5 a
i the l atin American repu llc . the
. government in M W"?? Ar
!6" enustiano C;ra Htajo Ar-
, rw,'naw ' ll L'!- LVl L "
to riit n,: chlef , . ,-.. v-
' M'can bandit raids a Ion -the bor
1 der will be one of the subjects taken
j up b Mr rredondo with his chief
I rorrnilTLI tMtimM RenOnlibllit
sumrnry of todav s dispatch
" --",'''.' ,.....
tn' ,"en ''TSlri .Informed
The department is "frm'd
1 Carranza has stated that resp
that Gen
(Contlsaed on "xe S. CoL S)
LordsburQ New Mexico Ikt
to the tlitton Morenci Metcalf district.
nens illtor ol Tbe Herald, at
a-, a whole vvish to thank von
its future success w e ar
i rv tniiv
I 1- tsrnllo
F T Faulkn- r
Walter tliovr
t V. 1eonard.
I his 'oorc
M r Perrv
In El Pa
c "

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