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Werk-End Edition, (MoLer 23-24, 1915.
I Ml
, s nr n t
: uu m m i
BtlUb. UU L? -Wlt.il
New Era Of Big Business
Indicated By Combinations '
Plorence and Russell Moses, of Fort Bliss, Are Winners;
Manchester Paget Gets the Second Prize; The
Third Goes to Ruby Bozarth; All Prizes to be
Distributed Monday at the Big Concert.
Fanners of Vinton District
Reach Agreement With
Reclamation Men.
i New lork Oct. St. That a new era
of big business marked by consolida-
tions of existing concerns into larger 1
units is beginning, is the opinion of i
many financial and business experts '
nere. The past weeK has witnessed tne ' QXOreS ItODDcU UV Irallg Ul
nnnns enn nnrai nSTnnB S
L I H I J " nUL U U L K fi I hi I Ml I
ninhiflnannrHv un U!fl
i nnsaiw mi&mn.s.n
i M m:rn
PM23B winners in the Herald's Wild
Animal contest are announced as
follows, the prises will be dis
tributed Sfonday afternoon at The
Herald office about S:M, while the
great Calliope-Electric Chimes eoncer:
Esther Mc-
, Martin. Clifford Ileffler.
Auliffe. Fred Sanders.
Among the "wild animals listed by
various contestants were the follow
ing Man. Dragon. Agnus Dei. Bull
I Moose. Star.Ied Doe. Man . Eater.
Trident. I nicorn. Probos .s. Mastodon.
' i Sagittarius. Aries. Leo. and the Lion of
is soing on. ; Lucerne.
First prize. -J5. U divided equally be- i 0n the whole, the lists submitted
tueen Florence Moses and Russell showed an astonishing amount of re
Moses, of FortBlsss. These two worked . search and thought. Preparation of the
independently and- each prepared a very j papers was in t. e main excellent, well
lino- j4 a.iMll.nMv urritt.n limt Aif ' i.. ... ,. . -
wrmen correcuy speuea, ana neaL
ere among
-""(S .......,...-.., ... , .
A inn- s.oatl.. In rfat.ll fmm thA Mh.r 1 , .. . ... ..
c ", & w .. ...- v. r jnany 01 me snorter 'ists ere among
since they are in the same family, it is j the neatest while some of the longest
inougm lair to uiviae me urak iiao
Vinton. Tma rwr ?.. A delegation
j of Vinton land owners made a trip to
lms cruces to confer with the reelama
ticn service regarding the water being
cut out of the ditches. This is aeing
done as an experiment br the reclama
tion service to lower the water tables
and drain the valley When matters
had been explained, the question was
settled br the cooperation of the farm
era and the reclamation service The
farmers will build a small dam into the
river at the head of the La Union di'cl
and make an effort to get what water
there is in the river If this doesn't
prove a sufficient amount for the irri
gation of the winter crops, water will
be turned In the ditches aoout the 20th
of November instead of waiting till the
first of December, the usual date
between tnV-m.
Second prize, $J. to Manchester Paget,
of 1703 East" Rio Grande.
Third prize. it. to Ruby Bozarth, of
1016 Wyoming.
Fourth prize, $1. to Vineta Llndauer,
of 816 West Missouri.
Two reserved seats to Barnes's W-M
Animal circus each to the following:
Ruth Burns, :S 1-2 West Main.
Miriam Hafle-v. 314 Richmond
Kssie Anderson.
Irma Morton. S8 Upson.
Alvena McDonald Sll North Florence.
One reserved seat each to the fol
Ibm Stelskal. 1 Leon.
Marshal G Mustain. 1617 Wyoming
"Marietta. Plain. 320 Sacrameato.
Mary O'Brien, S97 East Rio Grande.
Jrvie Hargraves, 1214 Texas.
Knft-ial mmnulilrilltlan fe riiie tn thA
follow iig though? for various reasons 1
they could not be included in the prize
Louis Oberkamfcf. Mary Pitman.
Marguerite O'Brien. vMaria II Romagny
Lois Leonard, Mayo Seamon. Norma
HeBfler. Frances FVanklin. Elizabeth
Mornss, Gladys Tillecy Dick C Brace
Brown. Eura Tracy, Edward Meagher.
M?y Heron, John McElroy Slater, Sadie
Plate Glass Burglars;"
$250 Shawl Stolen.
conclusion of two new combinations In
the steel trade, the organization of Mid
vale Steel and Ordnance compan
through the union of several inde-'
pendent plants under the direction of i , . . imv
William E. Corey and the acquisition 'Plate glass burglars were busy
of the Pennsylvania Steel company by ' Friday night and five plate glass win- j
Charles M Schwab for the Bethlehem , dows were broken in the business dls
Steel company. j t , t b th burglars. The Grand ,
Rumors are prevalent of many other lr,cl " e ... ... m d..
consolidations not only in the iron and , Leader store, at J18 S" vYI- t52
steel industry but In other important ! street, ras entered by breaking tne
n.. e .. . ...... -.r i window. Fifteen watches, 18 rings.
this new movement, the first of the ? P"1" 'tiov:"'"e..J"
and neatest lists were disqualified for
some particular disregard of fie rules
While none of the lists submitted were
allowed the full number listed, all were
judged on the same basis, and the
raving -noma noi oe suosianuaiiy i
changed bv anv modification of the j
basis or estimating Bushong. Carmen Lelevier. Ralph
All the boys and girls who took part! Cohen. Low el Ponder. Marjone Frank
in the contest had a lot of fun out of It, i Hn. Thomas Rasor Delmar Roberts,
and they all know a lot more about the j Elsie Armstrong. Vineta Lindauer. Edna
tnlml vnt-U than th,,. Irnam 1.a a 1 ., ..- , .. xi..-. t.!1 - .
cuiiivaiu j.rns tiui&uuii. oiuu v..,-
George Hall. Jcsie Bray. John MeElroy
Slater. Leonard Walker. Gien Colemon.
Louis P Oberkampf Wade Hamel.
Wilbur Welsch. II J La Verne
Mathews. Helen Roselvn Depew. James
Bryant. Paul Sloes. Tom Hansen. Lola
kind that has been in evidence for the
past ten years, is said to be the necessity-
of more complete and elaborate
equipment to fill the enormous orders
for war munitions that have been
placed in this country with n tne past
six months and, to provide organiza
tions capable of making headway in
the competition for foreiirn trade a
it -. .. I . ., ; 1 uun Willi uic sauiv oc uo ic " -
line of endeavor that is attracting much i ... i .. i.i., ..,., in h. yia.
attention at present. I F.in which were identified bv the
" i managers of the store as belonging
i Joseph Welsch. Mary McCa-ty.. Dick to them.
Acarte. Robert Glass. Salmon Brown. I IWntcvr Is Cut.
Ruth Burns. Janvo Pnsuman. Tonev I The Genev a Jewelry company's store
Cirvaid. Robert M Jackson. Essie I at 225 1-2 San Antonio street, had the
coats. 13 pairs ot snors i biik "i- (
skirts, 21 shirts, seven pairs of worn- j
en s shoes were taken. i
Jose Perez vu arrested later and.
according to the police, he had a quan- i
tity of sweaters in hi possession. He
is being held In c oi;-s.iciion with tbe
robbery Manuel Martinez was also
arris ted Saturdav morning in connec-
i tinn with the same case, lifl is SS'C
animal world than they knew before.
i The research in the animal books and
the dictionaries and encyclopedias re
sulted in much pleasureable entertain
ment and access of knowledge, but it
is to be regretted that every one ot
those who worked so hard could not
receive one of the prizes for which all i
were striving The Herald congratulates
fin Mirr. Marguerite Armljo. lfred
Uhlig, Lewis Hiilman. George Duck.
Helen Louise Cannon. . Mayo Seamon.
Irma Morton. Miriam Haffley. Fred
Buttner Frank D HenseL Winton Roe.
Celia Craver. Henry Miller. Mary Mor
ris Law son McKinnev Edna Bramlett
Lucille Wallhiuser. Elsie Blanch
Kvle. Doris Zivley. Harland Heineman.
John Hall, Josephine Roberts. Harry
Mr-Ginnis. Margaret Fegan, Auguatin
B. Robert, jr.. Leroy HilL Alberto
plate glass window cut with a dia
mond, but nothing was taken from the
Ben Swatfs store on South Oregon
the contestants, nne and all nnA hnnAa Brath Flovd Shaw Frances Towner I
they will continue the interesting ! Estelle Barton. Herma U Black. Alta lj!??2J0t-!ii
study thus inaugurated, . I Barton. Russell Mosses. Ly dia T ts worth J" Ear.e. JM,n Covesv. David N.
Mav nes. Hvldnn Ti.t.m xitt-y Rvatn street had the window Dicked in and
jr. Dudley MeCafu. Jesse Poole. Rich- ' two sweaters taken. Paz Solas was
aril G Firlev. Marie Roberts. Barbara J later arrested with some sweaters in
Robert Cvrenc Williams Marsuerile j his possession.
O Brien, Mary O'Brien. Eva Adams. I The Emporium store at the corner
Wilbur Robertson. Sadie Martin. A1- ot Broadway and Overland streeta. had
bert Ousts. Helen Lindspy Kenneth 1 a ole broken in the plate glass win
DuBose. Jerre B. DuBose. Bennie Hum- j "v and sweaters pulled through the
phreys. Ed Beilford. Wilmer HilL Fred ! "U.
Sanders, -Lucy KobelL Cecilia Kobell. I The, Model store at Overland and
vifreti Rnrh.iisn r.v, nin.. p.th.-" Broadwa vm also robbed Knday
Mo!iffe llnhie McKee. Csrl Gring. ! "'Sht bv having a bole cut in the win- .
Howard Justice Madelaine Lvons. Her- ow Nothing of value was missed, I
Viorthj- of Snrelnl Mention. I Frank Flore. CBesley Keynoias. iseme i "" -j;rr; ; """", .:,7. (
Among the many lists submitted the Beauchamp. Cyril Fallon, Robert cocKe. i ,,"(.,"- Vh u.ntXht riireni Hil street was entered through a rear door
following were decided by the judges Elmer G Stearns. May Pierce, Gladys
10 oe wormy or special mention xiiiery, uscar auci-. jvameruif- i--ii,
VdtnnfO rl.al.nrt C n n.a. Tlnw.nl Tjll. TtAI Smith Fnrreflt T. Smith.
Marguerite Vanden Broeck, Katherine
Clifford. Elizabeth ThornhilL Earl M
HilL Gwenn MacMillen. Joseph Allard,
Jr. Marion Dyker. Ruth Gebler. Mar
shall Myers. Joe Peters, Robert Rudicll,
I.ola Bess Smith. Forrest M. Smith,
Frances Foster. Orville Oxford. Tom
Goss. Claude Rasor. Bauee Brown. Oli
ver BendalL Edward Orn Joseph Mul
lin. Ruth Shirley Stahmarn. Chauncey
A. Pond. Ella May Smith. Eura Tracey
YOU, Mr. Hardware Buyer, must admire a Business that's
Every employee of this concern has got to be AS SQUARE
from the proprietors to the truck drivers and porters. They
have got to be square every day in the year and every hour in
the day. Cunning business trices DON'T GO HERE any
more than downright dishonesty, and where every solitary
man is STRICTLY ON THE SQUARE you can't get
anything but A SQUARE DEAL. That kind of princi
ple can't be beaten.
SQUARE DEALING has made us a host of friends, and
those who know best say our progress in one short year is remarkable.
'At the Sign of the Shears''
Clifford Kro. Robbed.
Clifford 3ros.' store on Overland
i.i.i 'r- . i- ifmi. u.-.i. I and two packages of coffee and three
buuH GeorOwTr. Anita Sierra. Man! , ?' '.' "?d taken E. H, Thorne
Chester Paget, Mary Pitman. Clifford , "? ,? '.""SSf, 'm., n e
vi.i .JT. t-i .. ! u.. Ml North Campbell street.
,":. . d vj. iiiiiit; .t . K1....1. u-.. .,.-. -An. f? ... i
.- .-.w n u.u.b.. ..wu. j. saw.. i
Turns Down Women; Says
They Are Child Bearers
and Suffrage Failure.
Santa Fe, N M, Oct. 23 Santa Fe
had Its first suffrage parade when 150
women in automobiles proceeded to the
residence of U S. senator Thomas B.
Catron. At tne Catron residence. Miss
Aurora Lucero. daughter of the secre
tary of state, made a plea for woman s
suffrage She was followed by Mrs.
Rupert F Asplund. president of th
New Mexico Federation of Women's
clubs. Mrs. Francis C. Wilson, who
headed the delegation, also spoke, and
Mrs. K. St. Clair Thompson eloquently
summed up the arguments.
However, senator Catron remained
unconvinced, and told the visitors that
"it looks to me as if vou are asking
me to do something not exactly right
when you ask me to go to Washington
to help pass an amendment to give the
ballot to people who have stated plain
ly that they don't want it."
He referred to the recent defeat In
New Jersey and Ohio. He based his
opposition to woman's suffrage he said
to the fact that man is the hardy
rreature, woman the delicate one. man
the worker and provider, woman, the
child bearer, and to grant wom-n the
ballot woald lower her by bringing
her into contact with things that are
He declared that woman's suffrage
has not been a suocess in California
and that if women had the franchise
the best women would not use it but
the lower element would exercise it to
the detr.n-nt of women of refinement
and culture
Awnings Du Sang & Wellborn. Adv
American Organidatoin To
Handle American Trade
Washington. D C. Oct. 23 loraa
tion of an American Trust comp ia.,
similar In organization to The Jiether
land Overseas Trust to handle Amer -can
products abroad with assurancesv
that they will not reach the belliger
ents. was announced today by secretary
Redfield of the department of com
merce The company will have i
unofficial recognition of the govern
ment. Secretary Redfield said it was "
templated to have the company hand a
all export shipments from the L rut
States to neutral countries. He sa l
thit while the government would i '
of'n'ially guarantee the belli?-'
countries that th piods Hhipi--d u
agreement witn the merican com
pany would not ret h hen n
the government wouH xe--c,se s
super ision is m ' - j i
plete neutrality of the commerce.
In conside-in u n .i -.tt
tion by the gov erament for the np
concern, it was made a condition in il
the company must handle the expo tl
business of all American firms whi h
might make application provided tnt.
could meet the conditions laid dott
by the belligerent countries wi
which the concern might operate. Ti
understanding was reached that ag- s
of the treasury department in exno
cities in tbe United States and co-i
mercial agents of the department
commerce abroad woo!- cooperate tj
assure the complete neutrality oi
transactions handled through the co-cern.
For a quick sale list your prope-tv-with
W H. Austin. Herald Bldg 1 j
San Francisco St. Phone -4715. Adv
UcKlnnev. Cora. Slater. Mary Ellen
Hackler. Josephine Hackler. Louise Ir
win. W E Kendall. Agnes Jolly, Mil
ton Towner. Edwin RudiciL Agnes
Hohl. Marguerite Teller. Frances
Franklin, Walthall Dunn. Joe Dugan.
Maria II Romagny. Susie ONeilL Bes
sie Smith. Harrold Mitchell. Margaret
McCarthy. Mary A. Jacob. Ivan Scot
ten. Isabel Pomeroy, Bertha Harris.
Avalina Whipple. Bonnie Semer. Louise
jtacaaiiten, i eie jame-s xveui-j-. xvi.ii
erine Rodehaver. Lawrence Hams.
Kusinsky. a delivery bov for the Home
bakery, Friday One was also stolen
from A. Grimes.
Guadalupe Sardelas. an actor at the
Star theater filed a complaint against
Elverto Gardea, charging him with II
tne theft or a Spanish silk shawl val
ued at XI 3 n.rria Tnaa hn nlnfwf '
nn.. r..f
Arthur Courtney has been arrested j
and Is being held as a suspicious t
iiumLtci ,cu..ii2c Ltj uive-siiKitiion v-".
erine Rodehaver -f?", "a-ms' the disappearance of a diamond ring i
Raymond Williamson. Frederick Kinp. j from the Patac), hote,
cawani arvu .nti-ir". ..mdmw... -..-
ence Mow Charles McKay Floyd Gor
man. James Flangarz. Albert Sharp,
216-18 N. Stanton Street, Corner Mills
Beatrice Merchant. Irvie Jackson,
Derby Morebead. Ruby Bozarth. Tom
Bourland. Ida Rosenblum. W R. Tighe.
Howard Butler. Dick Cox. Alma
Snenee. Charles Moore. Martha Blank-
enship. Janice Schmalhausen. Jerelean j
William;. Carl Wvler, Olivar Van Pat- ,
ten. Norma Hefner. Donaldson Crow, j
Raymond Patterson. Marshall G Mus
tain. Joe Laird. Virginia Stalling.
Gladys Benton. Peter Compton. Claude
Rasor. Will Sutton, Tama O'Keeffe,
Gervals L. Johnson. Florence Rogers.
Maurice Rogers. Peter O'Keeffe. O'Don
nell O'Keeffe. Thomas O Keef fe. Eliza
beth Moriss, Frank Clayton. Virginia
Roscar, Edward Meagher. Phillip Gib
son. Cora Scott. Louis Carl Meagher.
Philip S. Shapley. Nell Boomer. Kath
leen Ingram. Felix P. Miller, jr.. Ophe
lia Miller. Gladys Duncan. George
Wynn. Doris Ebbs. Ford Ebbs. Jose
phine Thornton. Elfrieda Fulleman.
Julia Taylor. A. i-ntnam onrooe. uae , Ma, charte Took, earalrv fe reZ
Haskell Doke Hatfield. Louis William f m thVrefrand aTateSd't? te
reon Jcmes snd Selden Parmelee.
Wavne E. Ramage. Samuel E. Ruffner,
Norman Ferguson, Lawrence Md-on
The home of Vfn r tiirrtmnnann lifll
East San Antonio street, was entered
on Friday night and robbed of a sultar
Eusebo Frias reported to the police
station Saturday morning the theft of
a bicycle which he used as a messen
ger boy Frias lives at 814 Zaragoza
street and the wheel was stolen from
in front of the Milli building between
6 and 7 oclock Friday evening.
ttuhlncton D a Oct. :S The following '
army orders haw been issued i
I'rornottons and asslg-nmenU- Lieut. Col.
Gray Csrleton. Third cavalry, to eolo&et. an-assts-ned.
Ma J Georre L. Brrom ts ltefrtea
nt colonel assi-nied to Third cavalry. Opt.
R. C Williams, 14th cavalry, to major, as-stim-ed
to that reaimeat.
First Lieat. Rufus H. Hsgood. jr. roe-Heal
eorps, will report to comma wtlBg geaersl
Fifth brurade. for temporary duty
Vame at Maj M. M. MtNimts cavalry. Is
placed n the list of detached officers aad
The Pierce Furniture Co.
316 Texas
Use your credit and enjoy your furniture while pay
ing for it.
Call Monday and receive useful household article free.
nell. Jack Laird, Margaret Jackson.
Willard Kline. Wilda Gilbert. Ed
mund Cody. Carlos Rushing. Al
bie SteiskeL Horace Waller. Mar
tin Patterson. Eula Cain.
Berghauer. Oliver K. Hughes. Kath
erine Reaney. Philip Arroyo. Mnrial
Berg. Arthur Bourland. Graydon Toung.
Emma Adams. Alfred E. Allen. Bradley
Hollis. Robert Thornton. Pauline Wal
lace. Allfree Devore. Wllma Cleavenger.
Irma Wolf. Justin Foster. Hllburn Au
kerson, Dorothy L Vollertsen. May
Heron. Walter Want. Arthur Pearce,
Robert Myers. Servando EsquweL Ed
ward Short. William Morris, Fred IL
Ehler. Richard Langford. Joe CRourke.
Robert Lowman. Clifford Lyons. Eunice
Cox. Clifford Neffler. Isabelle Silva.
Raymond Baumstark Margaret Spence,
Marietta Blaln. Franklin Coffey. Essie
Anderson. Jennie B Hare, -Inez Grace
Pierce. P Randolph Jones. Jr.. Erin
Stanlev Kneeland. Anna Diamond. Viola
I Steptoe. Ruth Pickels. Edward Wales.
Aline Edwards. Bessie Jlali. itay i- rieno.
Julia G R. Cbavey, Fred Sanders,
Bertha Farnawnrth. Vrthur Lome. Mar
vin Fulkerson. Lucille Hammons. Mer-I
lin Spansel. Connie Livesay. Harold Lu
jan, Cecil Thompson, John Hinton. Dee
Lee. Eliza Cupell, Madge O'Neal. Pat
rick Mcintosh Zephia Youngker. Ken
neth Tatum. Cloudcroft. N M.
Tenth cavalry
Cspt F R. H'U. medical corps. wHl pro
ceed to Washington. 'D C for temporary
dutr thence to prope- station.
First Lieut. H. C Rexach. Porto Rico
regiment of Infantry, has been promoted to
the grade of captain, with rank from Sep
tember 1 last.
Marion , detailed for recruiting- service and will" pro-
i w i-MNrE ior anvy. relieving uapt M.
S. Hathaway, retired, who Is relieved from
active duty and will proceed to bis home
Leaves of absence Capt. W O Smith,
quartermaster corps, two months: CoL J. H.
Beacom. Infantry, two months. Cspt. F. M.
Coeke. coast artillery corps, two months;
First Lieut, c S. Caffery. Fifth Infantry, ex
tended 14 day.
Miss Helen Horton, a former stu
dent in the stenography department.
was a State college visitor from El
Paso this week. She was accompanied
by Misses Nancy Daugherty and Stacy
Surges of El Paso.
Ek-ko Alcohol Lamps with canned
heat. While they last at SS cents per
outfit. Potter Drug Company. Phones
375-35S. Advertisement.
Carpets Cleaned Clean. Dn Sang &.
Wellborn Ph. S9 Advertisement,
THE following main arteries of travel, taking all
traffic, were paved with Bitulithic, as follows
TEXAS ST., 1910.
MONTANA ST., 1909.
(Not Hast of Cotton..
MESA AVE., 1909.
Nothing has heen spent for maintenance, except
ing car track repairs.
1 Paso Bitnlithic Co.
708 1st National Bank BHfj.
intake Iff on Your Savings
lorn Our Christmas Club.
Cet a Pocket Bank Free.
They have established hauling economy and
maintenance records never equalled anywhere.
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tage. Get our prices and terms.
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ments to reduce our slock.
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Cepter for Good
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we keep in touch with the latest styles. Be
cause we think of YOU when we buy. Here
is everj thing usually found in jewelry stores
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Silverware, Cut Glass things for gifts or
every day use. Treat our store as a museum
if you wish. Look over our stock often.
Then.when the time comes that you wish to
purchase we know you will seek our store.
Hie. A. D. Foster Co.
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