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Classified Section
Classified Section
Wednesday, October Twenty-seventh, 1915.
iiiTirp mo luurHT
Many New and Novel Motor Devices Will fce on Display
During Big Exhibit This Year; Lccal Representatives
Arranging Show Room Space for Cars; Chamber
of Commerce Publicity Department Boosting.
I - j 1 j j j- 1
run us uru m
H is going to be. a chance tor
"" south weatern inventors of no-
t i ilev ices to show their goods. urney
E. VirJ, sr. of Alamogordo is alive
to the possil lilies or the big "how
. t . k uil haa written to The Herald for
inf. n ntion at out the show
Air Ward t-tatea that he wishes to
Pi a display ol a ommer aiio a "
B h illis flt'in
a n m pending
t l h with s n
x i h will take
for which patent
He wants to get in
rHi cole firm here
vet the msinnuui
only tlie "baby grand" models so far.
CoL Eidson .16 anxious to show the
light touring car, which is o great
favorite in California.
The Mission has also gone into the
tire business on a large scale and it t
likely that they will have a specter dls
plaj of AJax tires.
Mcctlnff of Denier.
Arrangements for a meeting of the
dealers this week have not et been
concldded. but that matter is now he
me attended to by the publicity de
partment of the chamber of commerce.
which, alw-avs awake to secure every
possible bit of advertising for El Pa.
- r 1.. J. .ill Vt.cA O I ... ....... vi.rlHn nJ. nnUIMtv tV AllIO
jte t , Tor ni K00"" "' w"' " ' - " ' " iww fcc.ts " " c""""-"; - -
wjrking r. odel for display on a car i mobile Week."
drmc show we-k here 'I It Is known definitely that two cars
Trl-state Motor C ompany. I which are not now actively represented
I f i .s are to he marie bv the rrl- here will have exhibits for the big
. . .ni.n.n.A hnr-
S t .M iior compiin i ".- mt ..."
ram or Its rig new wrant, i ......
F ., xntomo and J-eon streets, read
I-,r tl ( w week. November JS to ie
t mhe- 4 It is hardl iikelv that the i
wide building will be read for oe
i ;.rfi , v th it tune but a special ei
f i-t i to be m.-ue to hae the main
lit or finished and a bin display of Ford ,
c i-s. accessories and Firestone tires ar-
xertil for the visitors
"I W R. Eidson of the Mission
C n if,e inc. Is making a special effo-t
to have a full line of Chevrolet ars (
Ice lur snow weew 1 ne .i
wek The manufacturers have alreaa
given instructions regarding show
space and special representatives
from their factories will be sent here
to show tne cars and explain their
sood points
KI I'nKO Ural Center.
El Paso has been developed into one
or the really big automobile distrib
uting centers of the country and manu
facturers of all makes of cars have
their eyes on the southwestern busi
ness which has its " beadqtiarters here.
" he factories which have .-epresenta-
tives here r, almost witnout excep-
n I
w "cc" t , ...ii. wl- riitrihn.
Mes rave i een rusneu mis i con, tjin:i.. t. . ;,
the 'ocal i 'ti -i s h..ve recti ' toi, to haTe ireed displ-vs.
Builders Provided Excellent
Accomodations for Growds
Attending "World Series.
games of V orld s saries importance.
The pavilion is onlv one decked, but It
ascends high in the air. so that the
writers on the roof of the structure in
the lun-.odious t-ress box seem to be
locking at tiu fame from the clouds.
SneextR Side of Mountain.
r "m-F' toY """IT.:; The bleachers ut the side of a
a . i ma w ruer. iu. c..v..- irountain. so far away do thev stre;cn.
- tribu.e to the Braves-field and th. jn onc direction from the g'een
v tne reord Hreaslng trowds wer. , stretches of the field are to be seen
h llrrt there in the World's feeries , tne spires of clas-sic Harvcrd I ar
Tu the seatin e r tj of the Park i aW3, from the red brieXs. the dirty
oe! le--s than claimed for it, but , strtets and the factor buildings that
s ill it stands is t .e ereatest monn fem the environment for virtuall
t tt ere'.' 1 to b isebalL There e,er other ball park, there Is some-
.... hi. ..tti the crowd mt ' thins- e attractive in this vista
..l.".. I-.. - . .... ---" . , , !.
fcfoton Kue nor to gi ncTi v-iivrrc
and ge them l.act The subwav and
surface cars were forced to overtime
speed Automobiles --vrrie! enough or
an arm to hrve milita-v importance
if trained, and when automobiles go
out to Braves' field there is a place
ZJalfmJ ) t J ""vM ynz jS A i3 WAY FROM ' '
SK RASSiE Shot . ,
. . -
I - -.-i. Tn.r.1., at Boston, hut
t was due to the jam of people oa.
" . and there mas no Mame atto iw
th. r ana meiit .r. Viams st i
also dispioves the rt..w that street
i i.,ne was inadequate
TV,. itinp fop the series seemed
'" .." f ..at- . . . .1 . .1... I.M.VA
flile iu iTf to the oei asion lor cue " ' I 10 use care oi cnein. cor in cn "e
time writes Ora am The crow.l en- arrangement a b-g s. tion his been,
t rec rap i'iIv -vnd with no discomfort. , set out wlie'e. under efficient diree
nnn in spite of its groat sue is roove-t j tion, th. machines may be parJcea
out far more ranldlv 'than the little i under guard, so that the motorist see
exits of the Phillies- ground permit, i ng th- game may know that at all
The 4"e(9 were out of the ground in times his machine Is all right.
-n minutes, and there was no jostling i There was Bat much trouble about
or crowding the distribution of tickets here. r"or
The f eld was one on which a ball j one thing, president Lannin had the
came could be plaved on its merits advantage of a great number to dis
tend not developed largclv into an at- i tribute, and in anticioDtion of his vle
f nr of luck, depending on what mi-"- to-v in the American league race, he
rr or ba'ls happened to collide with took precautions ahead so that the
tne -nort fence and the near Weachers pasteboards could be put out with in
Slte Is Iixcellent. I telligence
Some one with the eve of an artis- i sixty Clerks 'Working.
ri e.l out tne sue r,""' , Mthoi-sli he has a great park of hi
own into which 2S.O90 could be put, he
nevertheless preferred to plav on the
bigger field Moaover. he had a force
of 60 clerks at work for a week in
advance of the series classifying the
realists and taking care of the mone.
11 this was in marked contrast to
the fitful unoroaredness and amateur
methods that marked the distribution
of tickets In Ph'ladelphia, culminating
How Moran Knocked Out Dublin Giant
j -::- -:!!:- -::- -::- -:II:-jTad"
Gives Details of Recent Fight
nv TAD.
nt.nni it Tt is an inimeiire plot o
p-ound in which the Phillies- ground
cruld be placed a rouol" of times.
vroind the outer boundi-ics onlv a
frw hundred v ards from the riht and
center field fences, runs the I'h.-rie-Tn
er w uch todav danred and snarkled
1n the sheen of -i nsp October dav
No hatter ever lived who could h
a ball ovr i nv of thoe fences
tv ould take the driving now -r or a d lncI(1.nt hen hundreda
polfe- to send a ball out of the bound- were .( out without
rnes Here a game must be pl.-v. " Brr,aon of the better
en ts merits. Luck is elimir.ited method pur-oed tere was present in
'en. lrs or short fences absorb pun I sfac.,on that lacked in
T3PS lor Oiue lulls mis is a o...- T,. . , . .
.. h n-st hittmc arhievenent i I hii. deipnia
ni,ement g us rome
The sit r ai-
i mmoilat.- the
w i t to see
Gum for Rent aniv renaired Mien
Ar-"s a-rl C 'e o dv ertiseinent.
THE bell has just ended the second
round. Moran wafts toward his
seat, rm sitting right next to
Moran's corner. His month is cut, but
he smiles and shows his ivories. BIS
Coffey, the motorman. is ambling to
ward his corner with a swollen left e e.
The house Is mad. Kvery seat is
takes and It seems as though everyone
is trying to dofte the tning out.
Moran almost had Cotfey on the
hum at the bell and, although Jim is
favorite in the betting, some think
Moran will win.
Willie Lewis grabs Moran around
the neck and sets him down "Krank."
he veils, "you broke his heart, ioo
took all he bad He shot his works
at vou and he's through. Easy now.
easv. He don t like that subvrav stuff
jou're handing him. You're dropping
his arms all the time He won't
shoot that left at you. he's afraid of
the pounding under the heart vou're
giving him Keep cool. now. you know.
Here's some water Quick, a towel
There's the belL Remember, Frank,
old boy, feed him the sucker stuff"
They start to the center to resume
the quarrel.
Moran holds his left out stiff and
Coffev is Jabbing with a long left.
Moran backs awa. Coffey shoots a
right over Frank's chin and the latter
3Ioran ppears Dopey.
There is a mixup but Moran doesn't
seem to be perturbed There doesn't
seem to be an steam behind his punch.
Coffev is vwlld to land one Moran Is
ft' htmc litr a oro- full e tnn Jim
'"orbett says that" Moran is waiting I
for a signal Corbett thinks Moran
has more than he has shown Harry
Harris offers to take a bet on Moran
at Iio to 40. The guy sas he's on.
Coffev chips Frank on the chin and
10.000 motormen are up howling like
wolves. The mob at the ringside
thinks it's over, too
Moran staggers to the ropes, but his
eves are bright and cheerrul.
They re moving again. Moran Is
taking them on the chin without even
winding It looks soft. Coffej thinks
it is, too
Frank stands back with his right
judge this car
by its utility
After all the utility of an auto
mobile its day-in-and-day-out
usefulness to you is the only
real measure of a motor car's -value. The Detroit
Electric in electric-powered enclosed automo
bile is the most useful car because every member
of the family can use it in all weather all the yer
'round. Its big bitteries give you greater
mileage range on one charge than you will
ordinarily need for an entire day! motoring.
It has plenty of speed and power to pull
through heavy going and up steep hills. Further
more it rides smoothly and comfortably over
interurban roads as well as over paved streets.
We wiH gladly arrange a demonstration at your
Prices range from $1975 to $2275
Anderson Electric Car Company
Manufacturer of trie Detroit Electric Car.
ready and the left still stiff before him.
Coffey pulls a haymaker. He Is half
wa across with h when Moran slips
the right on Jim's chin. Coffey's legs
bend. He dives forward wfth his bands
at his side. He lands on his eye as
Moran steps to one side.
A Wild Time.
A wild yell goes up. Everyone In
the house is screeching.
Bill Brown, the referee Jumps OTer
to where Coffey is lying face down
ward Moran walks slowly to his
corner. You can't hear a thing.
Coffey gets his hands near his head.
He lifts himself up to a sitting posi
tion The referee is counting four.
Coffey gets up and reels to the ropes,
looking at an Imaginary trolley car
Willie Lewis yells to Moran, "Go after
him, Frank, he's not out."
Coffey looks as though he's waiting
for the trolley belL The referee Is
trying to get him to go to his corner
as Moran takes another swing at him
The fight is over. No it's still on.
Why is Brown talking to Coffey?
Brown tells Moran to go away and he
does. He walks to his corner wonder
ing. Brown is starting away with Coffey
to the other corner. Moran's seconds
tell him to stay In the ring. He thinks
it's a mistake,
, I pipe the lod clock and they have
a minute left in the round. Moran
starts to swing at Coffey again. Brown
pushes him away, and then the ring is
full of seconds. Willie Lewis throws a
towel in the air. kisses Moran and
waltzes him toward his corner.
Gibson Not Satlarled.
Hats and umbrellas are flying all
over the place. It's all over, and
Moran wins. Billy Gibson is running
around saying that Jim should have
taken the count. He says that Brown
shouldn't have stopped it as Jim was
standing up.
Everyone else seems satisfied mat
Coffey had no chance.
Two motormen pass me and say that
Coffey quit. Tough.
Moran puts on nls bath robe and the
crowd yells for more. He laughs all
the way up the aisle, while the mob
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Everyone Looking For Big Guarantees
-:II:- -:1I:- -:.:- -Ml- 1I
Need More Tnan Publicity
JESS WTLLiAIUJ won l Ilgm um
he gets tSO.MO or so. Freddie
Welsh won't unless ha gets $15,
0; Bulgaria wouldn't until she got a
big guarantee; Johnny Kilbane won't
unless he gets a king's rr -isom; Greece
and Roumanla insist upon a big guar
antee, win, lose or draw.
"Sing to me a song of guarantee
"Of a purse Just full of wealth
"Or I won't fight for you, you see,
Tm not battling for my health.
"There'll come a time some day.
scout. ..
"When you'll sound your own oeatn
"When wearied, of your biff demands,
I'll say to you. 'Just go to .
Can It be that "Cactus" Cravath re
fused to hit In clinches because he
hadn't received a guarantee?
Bill Sloane Insists that o one Is
going to rush mo Into a match with jess
WlUard." Yet there are some persons
who say fighters have no brains.
"Fighters at the beginning and
throughout their careers should make
a greater play for publicity; they
should get Into the limelight more. -Jack
Skelly. old time fighter and ref-
"The greatest trouble with the rlnsr
game today Is that too much publicity
is given to fighters, especially to the
newcomers." George Monroe, one time
bantam champion.
x s X
Publicity keeps a good fighter but
It Is of little avail to the dub. No man
over got greater publicity than Carl
Morris yet Morris lacked the "goods
and despite his press agentlng he has
skidded off Into semi-obscurity
Boer RodeL Bombardier Wells, Jim
Savage. Tom Cowler, AlPalier. Arthur
Pelkey all of them got a million lines
of publicity. Their names were printed
In a thousand papers; their pictures
peered out from every sporting page
in the land. But what lasting Rood
did It do them? They lacked real eiass
and soon were shunted off to the pu
gillstlo sidelines.
Sam Langford and Sam Mevey have
not "fought" each other for more than
a month. Have the boys qnlt eating
or did they suffer the recent loss or
rich uncles?
That Jimmy Clabby-Les Darcy fight
ought to settle the double barreled
amotion "la Darev a fluke or a
Ever since Darcy sent scale .ue-
T JNLESS some hitch occurs, Every
bodys and the 20th infantry will
open their seven-game baseball series
at Rio Grande park on Thursday
afternoon, with other games on Sat
urday anil Sunday afternoons. The
counterjumpers have arranged for
some star players outside their reg
ular team and the series should be a
real hummer.
""THAT the dope on baseball finances
is not always reliable was amply
proved by the statement of the
Kansas City Federal club that it had
lost $35,332 on the season. The
New York dopesters, who haven't
much use for the Federals as that
league has no club in the big town,
had it that the Packers cleared
about $35,000 on the season. Well,
they were only $70,000 wrong and
that's a close guess for a New Yorker
on anything outside New York.
Sfi 3 2
"miLLARD is now talking of de
serting the circus life and getting
back into the ring. Strange to say,
the "wild west" show with which he
is traveling has announced that it is
to go into winter quarters. Quite
natural for Willard's managers to
have some of that "anxious to fight
again" stuff handy. But it's a safe
bet that they won't risk the title
until spring.
T ES DARCY is planning to visit
America in the near future and
we may have some honest to good
ness middleweight championship
bouts. If Darcy is a real middle
weight, he will make his matches at
158 pounds and should easily dis
pose of any of the contenders for few
of them can make the legitimate
middleweight limit Mike Gibbons
and Packy McFarland, should Packy
stick in the game, will be the Aus
tralian's most formidable opponents
and if he can outpunch McGoorty
and outboz Clabby, he should be able
to both outboz and ontpunch Gib
bons while Packy will be handicapped
by giving away weight.
rEATH of Ed Dunkhorst again re
vives the interest in the really
big men of the ring. When Jess
Willard was training here last spring,
his press agents tried to stuff the
fans with a story that Willard was
the biggest man who had ever
donned the gloves. Dunkhorst was
as tall as Willard and weighed more,
his weight when he tackled Bob
Fitzsimmons being around 350 pounds.
And there were some other big men
in the nng a few years ago, though
Willard is probably the heaviest of
all champions.
Q0VERN0R CARLSON of Colorado
is likely to stop all fights in
Denver, where the 20-round game has
been going strong lately. The gov
ernor was a booster of the manly
art at the time he was elected but
his vacillating policies have created
a fear that he may have changed his
JEPORTS on the coast say that the
proposed series at San Francisco
between the Red Sox and Phillies
was called oS because the club own
ers thought they should have half of
the earnings of the players in the
series. The players couldn't "see"
this and the series had tp be called
off. Now the magnates are talking
of taking action to prevent all barn
storming tours.
UIGHT critics have been kicking at
Freddie Welsh for picking up
some easy money in the ten-round
game but Freddie has had more
fights, short bouts considered, since
he won the title than any other of
our present champions. Kilbane,
Willard and Williams all love their
titles and honors pretty well and are
taking no chances on losing them.
Willard has been champion nearly
six months and he hasn't even
tackled a ten-round no-decision bout.
Goorty down and out pnglllsUc. fan-
. . a ! IP TV.V
aora nas oeen woauuiub "
caught McGoorty out of condition or
whether he really beat him oecause
he was the superior battler.
The Clabby-Daxcy boat Is to Be
staged In Australia sometime in o
"Hooper up.
"Maulbetsch now playing full back,
for Michigan.
"Eggs 59 cents a dozen.
"Mahan dropped back, for a trvout
at a goal from field.
"Lewis up.
The Germans pieced a 41 centi
meter gun Into position.
"Snow and colder tonight."
The melancholy days will come I
The saddest of the year
When golfing links lie deep In snow
And golfers are so drear.
Do your Christmas shopping early
I 'TfceTWotider Gar
I Demountable Rims I
H The 1916 Maxwell is equipped with do. g
H mountable rim and has the same size tire on S
all f oar wheals. Two rrtally important features.
To replace a tire on the road it is onhr nee
essary to loosen ftre holts; slip off the flat
tire; slip on spare rim and tire; tighten three
bolts, and proceed.
We are waiting to take you for a
test ride in the car that has broken
all low "First-Cost" records, and is
breaking all low "After-Coat" records.
hF j& WMzfoLptttioii 1
1 Buquor Motor Car Co. T 1

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