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Thrown in Piedras Negras
Jail While at Luncheon;
McClure Gets Release.
Jolin 'W Roberts, staff correspondent
of the Hearst news syndicate, arrived
in El Paso Friday night after an ex
citing experience In Brownsville and
Eagle Pass, -when he was placed in jail
by Carranza officials.
Roberts, it will be remembered. Is
charged with being the man who put
Villa over." The Carranclstas have not
forgotten that. That's why Roberts had
an exciting experlence.
Wlth S. S. MeCInre.
"When on his way to Bl Paso two
weeks ago, Mr. Roberts received a
telegram from S. S. McClure. publisher
of McClure's Magazine and the NeT
York Een:ng Mail, asking him to wait
In San Antonio. Mr. McClure wanted
to get some inside history of the Yllla
Carrana split. Shortly after they met
the two were Invited by Carranxa rep
resentatives to go to Eagle Pass and
meet the first chief. Arrangements
were madf. and Mr. McClure. Roberts
and Lincoln Steffens, the famous
writer, went to Eagle Pass on a special
Invited to Cross.
First chief Carranxa. finally arrived
In Piedras Negras. Arrangements were
Immediately made to have all the cor
respondents at Eagle Pass attend a
dinner given by General Carranxa,
Roberts was Included. "When the 1
representatives of American newspa
pers and magazines arrived at Carran-za-s
cuartel Roberts was "invited" to
see minister Acuna who was "down
stairs" waiting. A similar experience
in Mexico City, when Rodolfo Fierro
"Invited" Roarts to come and see him.
and immediately afterwards ordered
him shot, made the Hearst correspon
dent suspicious.
Tin IMnclieu" Roberts.
Tin being pinched," he whispered to
his companions. "Follow me."
Mr. Acuna was nowhere to be found
and Roberts was led under & double
guard to the military prison, relieved
of his belongings and placed in a cell
incomunleado. Fortunately. Mr. Mc
Clure and several other correspondents
bait followed thA ii e-cext ion and saw
I what happened. .V meeting of corre
spondents was neia. xney oeciaea. i"
a man, not to attend the dinner and if
necessary withdraw from Carrancista
territory unless Roberts was Imme
diately released. John R. Silltman, rep
resentative of the state department,
demanded his release at once, uncon
Carranxa Muliborn.
The first chief was stubborn." said
Mr. Roberts. "Mr. Silliman reiterated
his demand, pointing out the fact that
I "had been Invited over to Piedras
Negras and, furthermore, tnat 1 am
an American cltlxen. It was not un
til telegram from secretary Robert
Lansing arrived, however, demanding
my Immediate release mai uumu
issued the necessary Instructions to
liberate tne. Escorted by a heavy guard
I was brooght to the International
bridge and delivered over to the wait
ing correspondents with instructions to
"keep away."
Grinning Maniac.
"They threw me into a four by five
cell." added Roberts, Saturday. "With
out even, a- seat, much less blankets.
Outside In the patio of the jail was
a maniac who kept pushing his nose
in through the bars of my window to
laugh at me diabolically. Every little
while he would purse his big. blacK
lips and say: "Besame; besame;' (kiss
me kiss me. I had nothing to throw
at him so I lit a match and stuck it In
his face. This kept him away."
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Empress Remains in Tokio,
Another Heir to Throne
Being Expected Scon.
Tokio. Japan, rcov. S. Yoshihito. em
peror of Japan and 122d head of the
Japanese imperial house after the first
emperor Jimrou, whose reign began
1575 years ago. left Tokio today for
Kioto to make his state entry into the
capital of his forefathers and there
formally accede to the throne of the
empire of the Rising Snn. The mon
arch was to have been accompanied
by empress Sadako, but the nearness
of the period when her majesty is ex
pected to give birth to, another heir
prevented her from participating in the
o Cheering Permitted.
As the emperor emerged from the
palace he was greeted by 100,000 school
children, who paid silent homage to the
ruler. There was no cheering, the au
thorities bearing in mind the accident
which happened to king George recently
on the western war front when his
horse was frightened by the cheers of
the soldiers and threw him.
" The imperial corriage was preceded
to the railroad station by the "kashi
kodokoro" or divine mirror, which rep
resents the spirit of the grand imperial
ancestress or snn goddess, Amaterasu
Omikami. and was accompanied by the
two other sacred treasures which sym-.
bolize the sanctity and power of the
thmn, .r Kinnon. the sacred sword and
the sacred jewel, sometimes 'known as
th necklace of nearl-Iike gems with
the magnificent curve, which have been
handed down from emperor to emperor
through untold generations.
The whole city of Tokio is is joyous
fete unexampled in Japanese history
since the triumphant entry of emperor
Mutsuhito. nearly 50 years ago. Hun
dreds of thousands of people are here
from the provinces, most of them to
remain until the great celebration in
Tokio at the end of the month when
the emperor returns from Kioto. Spe
cial flags and paper lanterns are sus
pended over every door to mark the
inauguration of the happy coronation
period. Streets, parks and public
buildings are decorated with festal flag
and banner. The tramcars wear gar
lands. From the noble to the rick
sha man the dominating note Is Joy and
Xn extensive celebration of the coro
nation will begin in Tokio the first part
of December, and naval and military re
views will be held as a climax of the
coronation period.
Little Dictagraph Is On
the Job At County Jail
There is a dictagraph In good work
in? order at the county jail. Every
thing that is said in the Jail Is heard
by someone with his ear to the hard
rubber ear-piece and, if there is any
thing of Importance said, it Is imme
diately reported to the authorities.
An attorney called at the Jail Satur
day to confer with a client He talked
for almost an hour and when he reached
his office he discovered that the en
tire conversation had been repeated to
the authorities and inquiries were be
ing made on the basis of the informa
tion. 'A man is not safe from these
bloomin' spies even in Jail.' said one
of the prisoners Saturday.
Heid Bros, and R. B. Bias
Safes Cracked Saturday
and $60.50 is Obtained.
Safe crackers blew open the safes of
Heid Brothers. 1800 Texas avenue, and
R. B. Bias Fuel company 1014 East
Missouri, early Saturday morning, se
curing 50 cents from the safety vault or
the Bias company and $60 In cash
from Heid Bros.
Between $100 and $00 in checks
were removed from the Heid safe. One
of these checks was picked up Saturday
morning by a negro near the Sells
Floto show. It was for $100 and made
by the Court House "Wagon yards, pay
able to Heid Bros. It is believed by
the police that the -yeggmen" decided
to take no chances with the signed
paper and that the other checks may
be found strewn along the roadsides.
Clock Stop at 2:04
The clock at Held Bros, stopped at
four minutes after two Saturday morn
ing as a result of the explosion. The
work is that of experts and is thought
to be that of men who travel ahead or
the show.
The Bias Fuel company was entered
first and the tools and nitroglycerine
used In the blowing Job were found
on the floor at the Heid building. All
of the inner compartments with locks
were forced and a bolt from the safe
went through one of the windows
making a circle and scarcely disturb
ing the rest of the surface of the pane
Taa TJ'aY ItBfl.
Entrance to both buildings was ef
fected by a pass key. Mr. Bias had
a notice printed on the door of his safe
to the effect that he did not wish his
safe damaged so gave the combination
E. a Held placed the value of the
vault as $600. the entire front of whicli
will have to be replaced.
The central-fire department was
called out to a false atom In the i00
block East Missouri street, at 5:50 a.
m. Saturday morning.
It is believed that the safe crackers
turned In the alarm to attract atten
tion away from their work.
he Wigwam today offers a special
f.E.1 tn thrw who are interested in
the modern society dances. Mr. and
Mrs. Vernon Castle will be seen in six
of the most popular ones. These in
clude their famous creation, "the Castle
walk." the one-step, the Breaillenne.
Brazilian maxixe. Argentine tango and
the hesitation waltz. There will be
special music between the hours of -:J
and 5:30 and from 6:10 to 10:S0. Arllno
Pretty and Pay Pwigglns will be seen
in tne vimgrapn mmotw. ...........
Summer Boarders." and there will be
a melodramatic Biograph, "Bad Money.
Sunday Forget your troubles in the
enjoyment of the three-reel comedy.
"The Landing of the Hose Keel. TBree
full reels of real reel comedy.
Wednesday Bettey Nansen. Dorothy
i.cuu j t-- actress.
Bernaro. ""'" . -ATT--.. of
1 and Artnur iioups. k;
Hate." a superb Fox production, that
! the roost severe critics have declared
1 a perfect production. Adv.
Enemy to Society." Mr. Revelle plays
the part of a modern Robin Hood who
sought to right the wronss of the poor
by robbing the rich, found his regenera
tion, his fortune and his real identity
through love of a woman. It Is a pic
ture of romance, mystery and thrills.
Admission price for this production will
be 25 and 15 c nts. Advertisement.
A Kalera two-part special will be
featured at the Bijou today. "The Man
in Hiding," a picture full of action,
featuring Alice HoIUater and a star
cast. An animal drama will also be
shown, featuring elephants and leop
Tomorrow, the usual high class bill,
including the favorite cartoon comedy
"Cartoons in the Country." sa:d to
be the funniest of all, will be given.
Today and tomorrow the Plue I
sent? "An Enemy to SocW.- J
interesting parts, featuring the e
bratea acfoi? Hamilton Revelle, and
the exquisite Lois Meredith. An
Enemy to Society" is a superb ptetur
rkatlon of the absorbing. frtpP"1?.
by the noted writer of fiction. George
Bronson Howard, who surely wrote an
ideal romance when he conceived "An
The offering at the Alhambra today
and tomorrow Is the Shubert success.
"The Little Mademoiselle." a produc
tion that affords Vivian Martin an op
portunity to display her caprice and
winsome charm, which she does to an
extent that is truly delightful. The
story la a charming romance and has
many beautiful scenes and also its ex
citing moments The winning of 'he
big automobile race helps the tw
I lovers to orinK meir rtu.ua vu a iittin,
I culmination ana aiso auoras excite
ment foi the spectators. Adv.
I irA l.vtton s sublime play. Th
Lad of Lyons." with special scenery
and" gorgeous coEtuires, win be pre
sented next eek for the benefit of the
-Rescue Home." at the Crawford. Miss
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with Mr Taylor as "Melnottj. and th
I entire Tu lor compan in the support.
Prom'neJt society people will render
(specialties between the acta. Adv.
troils of the Crawford theater tonight.
George H. Cohen; Sreat laughing suc
cess. -Running for Office
This is the first time this play has
been produced in El Paso at any price
and those who are fortunate enough
fo witness it will certainly pronounce
i?o oflhe best in Mr Taylor's large
repertoire. Advertisement.
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'ay matinee.
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RKET No. 2
On the charge of having stolen four
mules, two wagons and several sets
of harness, Inez Castillo, said to be
an officer In the Villa army, was
bound over to the grand jury under
$1000 bond, following his preliminary
hearing before justice J. M. Beaver
Saturday morning.
Manuel Achuleta. on the stand, told
of having been taken captive by Cas
tillo and five other Mexicans, on Feb
ruary 25, 1915, and held In Juarez for
three or four days and then released.
Achuleta. stated that he was on the
"island" when the party, headed by
Castillo, rode up. dismounted, the wit
ness stated, and then approached on
foot. They fired several shots, he said,
and Bernabe and Rafael Gandara, who
were working in the vicinity, ran
away. He remained with his team and
wagon and was captured and taken to
Guadalupe, across the line.
Bernabe Gandara. on the stand, con
firmed the story told by Achuleta as
to the theft of the mules, wagons and
harness. He and his brother. Manuel,
ran when the band began firing upon
them, he said. He idenUfled Castillo
as one of the band. He notified the
officers at Fbens, he said.
Mayer, Arix, Nov. 6 Robert Hen.
dersoa, 34 years old and a resident of
this section for many years, shot him
self at his home through the head with
a revolver. He had been in ill health
since an operation some months ago.
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By George Bronson Howard, in five acts, featur
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Hamilton Revelle and Lois Meredith
A superb picturization of an absorbing, gripping
story of romance, mystery and thrills.
A modem Robin Hood, vlio sought to right the wrongs of the
poor by robbing the rich, and found his regeneration, his fortiui" and
his real identity through love of a woman.
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