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Wek-Eud Edition .momlier 6-7, 1915.
"s Given as Escort in Honor
of Colonel Cody, Once
an Army Scout.
v ah the e-e-e-e-u-n-p-p-p-f of the
- owdot, the yelp of the Indian and
i be .vcreech of the calliope, there mln
'eU a different sound when the parade
of the Sells-Floto Circus and Buffalo
Pill s Original Wild West made Its trip
through the downtown streets Satur
c'a . morning And at that sound the
ircus men on the street turned, they
ent their heads to one side, to listen
the better Thev squinted their eyes.
That's not any circus band." was
their verdict.
nd it wasn t For the music came
from the mounted Eighth cavalry band,
preceding the carnage in which rode
Col W F Cod (Buffalo Bill) a trib
ute from the armv to the colonel. Send
ing the band to accompany Col. Cody
n-is the idea of CoL Charles W. Tay
'or commanding Fort Bliss. CoL Tay
lor and Miss Josephine Horfit rode
with Col Cody in his private carriage.
The mliitarv feature of the parade,
and the thoughtfulness of the army in
"bowing its respect for CoL Cody made
a great hit with the crowds along the
street The band was cheered many
t raes.
s for the circus part of the parade.
It contained everything that the pro
verbial small boy possibly could wish
'or There were wild animals in cages,
there "were elephants in droves, and
beautiful women on horseback and all
the other features that are so necessary
to the enjoyment of a circus.
The Sells-Floto circus it to grre two
exhibitions here today, one at 2. IS
oclock this afternoon and one at 8:15
oclock tonight. Doors open one hour
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meet mm
Interstate Conference to be
Attended by Association
Men of the Southwest.
The indian and the Mexican will have
their inning at the Young Men's Chris
tian association Interstate convention
to be held in El Paso Nov. 11 to 14.
The program provides that on Friday
morning religious subjects will largely
bo discussed, while on Friday after
noon the matter of missionary work
among the Mexicans will be discussed.
Saturday morning has been reserved
for discussion of work among the In
dians. Mexican "Wort.
I. "Worcester of Chihuahua. Mexico,
will speak at the Friday morning ses
sion upon "Practical Methods of Work
With Mexicans" The address will be
preceded bv a talk upon "Men and the
Bible" by Fred a Goodman. The sub
ject of "Practical Methods of Work In
Industrial and Railroad Communities"
will be discussed by C R. Towson. in
dustrial department, international com
mittee. New York city The Bible
hour on Saturday morning will be con
ducted by Fred S. Goodman
Opening Eanqnef.
A great deal of energy and enthus
iasm is being expended upon the open
ing banquet to be held at the Paso del
Norte. The greetings from the city
will be from mayor Tom Lea and the
greetings from the ministerial alliance.
Dr. J. F. Williams, pastor of the First
Baptist church Greetings from the El
Paso association will be offered by
Prof. G. P Putnam The toastmaster
will be James G McNary.
The sessions are. to be alternately
held at the first Christian church and
the Young Men's Christian association;
and the two rallies of Bible students
and Sunday school students on the
morning and afternoon of Nov 14 Is
expected to be one of the biggest
Shears cost no more than
(Itna, bIuutb a...) v..... 1 .......
Houston Paper Advertises for
Negro Who Escaped From Alamo
Judge Bryan Has Copy of Houston Telegram of 1837 Which Tells How
"Joe" Travis's Megro Slave Escaped; Houston Was Then Capital;
Texas Was Free From Mexican Threats.
discovered among his family papers
a ftouston Telegram under date of
July 2. 1SS7. and a year and some
three months after Travis. Bowie.
Bonbam and Crockett met so tragic a
death In the old Alamo mission, that
the name of the only male survivor of
the Alamo siege by Santa. Ana was
"Joe" who later ran away from John
R. Jones, executor of the estate of vV
B. Travis, and took with him two
horses and saddles and bridles. Texas
history accounts for the fact that Joe
survived the fall of the Alamo but
does not account for "What happened
events of the kind that ever occurred
in the southwest.
3Inny Rotables.
A number of notable and sincere
workers have been secured for the
gathering and the presence of Y.M.C.A.
workers from Arizona, New Mexico and
western Texas it is thought will be
large. Amonir the notable guests will
I be: G. a Bilheimer. district executive
secretary, Denver, Colo; H. M. iair,
general secretary at Phoenix, Ariz.;
Fred S Goodman, international com
mittee. New York city. A. B. Richard
son, general secretary. Bisbee. Ariz.:
Gale Seaman, student department, in
ternational committee. Los Angeles.
Cal . N. C Schlichter, secretary, inter
national committee. New York, Prof.
John H Vaughn, State College. New
Mexico, Prof Dean Worcester. Univer
sity of New Mexico C. R. Towson. in
dustrial committee. New York City: J.
W. Getzinger. University of Arizona,
Prof Stanley Brown, State College, N.
M . chaplain John T Axton of the 16th
mfantr . Dr. R. B ion KleinSmid,
president of tjie University of Arizona,
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to him, or what he had to say upon
this event in American history.
Woman, Escaped.
Texas history does describe the
fact that lire. Dickenson, wife of Lieut.
Dickenson, and her infant alone escaped
the disaster of blood and sbelL Dur
ing the early sixties a rumor began to
spread In various parts of the state
where the events of the republic began
to loom ka as epochal and historical
and the rumor was that a man had
successfully made his escape from the
Alamo during a lull in the battle. The
man's name was said to have been a
J W. Rose and of French extraction.
Rose Escaped.
Rose, so the history of Texas by Mrs.
Percy Pennybacker. the national pres
ident of the Federated Women's clubs,
made his way through the Mexican
lines after dark. The account states
that Santa Ana save orders that as
the annihilation of the garrison had to
be that any small group of men seen
to escape were to pass unmolested.
Rose, it Is said, was given an opportu
nity to leave. If he so chose, by his
superior officers, and he took the op
portunity. The account of his Jumping
from the nails of the mission into
blood, his long tramp over fields where
the cacti thorn abounded, and his need
of water and food are familiar to most
students of the Pennybacker Texas his
tory Sheer Invention.
Judge Bryan insists that the story of
Rose is a sheer invention and that its
originator was W. P. Zueber. who lived
for many years at a small village called
Iola, and later at Austin, where he told
Mrs. Pennybacker and many others of
the daring escape.
"No investigator has ever been able
to substantiate such a tale," said the
Judge, "and if any man passed through
any complete house furnishing
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the seise to U 11 the tale it undoubted
ly "ttas this netjro Joe who later showed
his ingratitude for being saed oy rob
bing a man of his horses and saddles."
What Happened to Joe?
What happened to Joe. whether he
was eer foand and reduced to being
a white mans burden, or whether he
joined an indian tribe are not recorded
in later issues of the Telegram. The
chances are that Joe might have been
able to tell of the remarkable noment
when Travis drew a line with his
sword and asked of those who cared
to remain to cross the line every man
crossing it. He might even have told
whether Rose crossed or took advan
tage of the offer and fled to safety.
He might have also settled an issue
which has long been a bone of conten
tion, as to whether the battling was
hi the Alamo or within the walls of
the old fort.
Ancient Ad.
The advertisement in the old Houston
paper reads
"Fifty dollars reward will be giv
en for delivering to me on Bailey's
Prairie, seven miles from Colum
bia, a negro man named Joe, be
longing to the succession of the late
William Barret Travis, who took
off with him a Mexican and two
horses, saddles and bridles This
negro was in the Alamo with his
master when it was taken; and
was the only man from the col
onies who was not put to death;
he is about 25 years of age, five
feet ten or eleven inches high, very
black and good countenance: had
on, when he left, on the night of
21st of April nlC a dark mixed sat
inet round Jacket, and new white
cotton pantaloons.
940 for Joe.
"Forty dollars will be' given for
Joe. and the small bay dorse,
(Shannon) and ten dollars for the
Mexican, other horse and saddles
and bridles.
"If the runaways are taken more
than loo miles from my residence,
we will pay all reasonable travel
ing expense. In addition to the
above reward. John R. Jones, ex
ecutor of W. B. Travis, Bailey's
Prairie. Ma SI. 1837
llounton the Capitol..
At the time of the issue of the Tele
gram, Houston was the capltol of the
to a druggist, or even an inex
concern in the great South
price, we also offer you the
III i II ' ili'li'illli M i i '! i H i i I
Burner, the Rat is
state of Texas, and in the Issue is an
ordinance and decree for opening the
several courts of justice appoint n
clerks, prosecuting attorneys, and de
fining their duties; as well as an act.
authorizing the issuing the promissoo
notes of the government.
The paper has verv little news but a
great deal of advertising, and defined
at this early day the deielopment of
not only Texas but American newspa
pers. Instead of the want ads, there
are Interesting advertisements of the
sale of slaves and rewards for the re
turn of runaways. A notice appears of
the creation of the township of Buf
falo Bayou, which so far as a trip
down that stream Indicates that the
township was never much of a suc
cess, while in the county of Washing
ton, the town of Montgomery was her
alded as a growing town of big future
Pioneer Boosting.
One of the news stories bears out
that boosting is no innovation. The
Item .reads: "Texas has probably at
no former period presented a more pros
perous aspect than the present. Tran
quility pervades the whole territory
Eery symptom of domestic dissension
has vanished before the frowns of an
intelligent people. The Mexicans no
longer threatens even by a show of
power at the west, and the Indian has
fled from the north."
Court of Honor.
A second item, which rather bears
out that tranquifity does prevail in
Houston of 1837. is. "V court of honor
was convened in this city, on Tuesday
last. Its decision has prevented a duel
and probably preserved the life of one.
possibly the IKes of two. Individuals
whose services may hereafter do credit
to themselves and to our counto "
Colonel Criticised.
A tiny square in the paper devoted
to higher criticism and research takes
a certain colonel to task for a bum
chart. The critique reads "We have
received a sketch of a lithographic
chart of Galveston bay and the Brazos
river, with the soundings, bayous,
creeks and settlements on and between
them, compiled from his own surveys
and observations, by CoL Edward Bar
court, chief engineer of Texas. This
sketch, which has lately been printed
from stone in New Orleans would dis
grace even a novice at drawing, we
EHnT3gHTirBr?iFWs'--"x-!3tiTitinT'J "
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vvr i
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