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Senator Ashurst Makes a
Proposal, But General
Scott Rejects It.
"Washington. D. C, Nov. 9. Neutral
zones at Agua Prieta, Naco and Nogales
extending four miles over tlie border
from each of those places, to be
patroled by American soldiers, were
proposed today by senator Ashurst to
secretary of state Lansing and MaJ.
Gen Scott, chief of stall of the army.
as a means 01 preventing ruruer
damage to American life and property
in the Mexican border fighting.
Difficulties in the way of creating
neutral zones were pointed out by both
eeretarv Lansing and Gen. fccott. uen.
Scott thought the plan would involve
invasion of Mexico and secretary Lan
sing indicated it was not feasible from
the state department's standpoint. Gen.
Carranza's government, it is under
stood, would be willing to permit United
States troops to cross into Mexico if
Mexican troops were permitted to cross
into the United States. The plan was
discouraged and senator Ashurst was
nclmed to drop it It was submitted
to him by citizens in Douglas. Ariz.
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Deserters Assert He "Went
to Cananea for Purpose
of Making Trouble.
Agua Prieta, Sohora, Hex, Nov. 9.
Twenty-five Villa deserters reached
Agua Prieta Monday. R. Garduno, Mex
ican consul here, stated today that one
in firmed him that Gen. Villa is in a
very ugly frame of mind, and went to
I Cananea from Naco for the avowed
j purpose of "stirring things up." This
i report is causing much uneasiness be
cause of a number of Americans in
Cananea. Friends fear that Vilify may
take some rash step.
Gen. Alvaro Obregon yesterday
granted amnesty to 25 Villa officers,
who he allowed to return to their
homes in Chihuahua, by way of the
United States. Gen. Obregon agreed to
furnish them with money for the ex
penses of the trip.
Two cases of smallpox were discov
ered in Agua Prieta yesterday. The
patients and their nurses were isolated.
The patients are two of the soldiers
who came by way of Eagle Pass and
El Paso to Agua Prieta last week.
While Gens. Obregon and Calles re
fuse to discuss plans for their cam
paign against Gen. Villa, It is learned
that the quartermaster of the Calles
army is buying up heavy horses in this
city and vicinity for the use of the ar
tillery and wagon trains when they
take the field.
Three troops of the 13th United States
cavalry, brought here last week, left
yesterday afternoon on a special train
for their station in Columbus. X. M.
(Continued from pace 1.)
Gen. Francisco Villa to Gen. Venustiano
Carranza. MaJ. Gen. Frederick Funston
found it unnecessary to remain here
and left today for his headquarters at
San Antonio, Tex.
It is the opinion of army officers that
conditions all along the border are set
tled for a few weeks at least. Some
uneasiness was manifest concerning
Nogales. Sonora. where it was believed
Villa's expected entry tonight might
produce some excitement. American
saloonkeepers and others were prepar
ing to spend the night on this side of
the border.
Today was Gen. Funston's 50th birth
day. He is the youngest major general
in the army.
An American railroad man reached
the, border Monday with a report that
Frank James DIgnon. an engineer em
ployed on Villa's railroad, had been
killed at the time the evacuation of
Torreon by Villa was in progress.
According to the American railroad
man's statement, DIgnon. who was one
of Villa's favorite engineers, was rn
Yiinir n. train out of the Torreon vards
when the engine turned over and Dig- I
non was killed and his fireman, who J
was a Mexican, was so badly scalded
that he died later.
Dignon's home is said to have .been
in Topeka. Kas, where his mother
four generals and 1000 men
are now Defending juarez
Four generals of Villa's army have
gathered in Juarez with a total of less
than 1000 men. it was reported across
the river. Gen. Manuel ocnoa is com
mandant of the military forces in the
town, with Gens. Canuto Reyes. Pablo
Slanez, and Banuelos at hand in charge
of various details of the management
of the garrison.
It was further reported in Juarez
that Gen. F. Delgado is still in Chi
huahua city, and Gen. Maximo Garcia
operating in Durango state.
Guaymas. Soil, Nov. 9. Herraosillo.
capital of Sonora, was ocnpied Sunday
by Gen. DIeguez. Carranza commander;
according to a dispatch received here.
Not a shot was fired, the message said.
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Two Americans Arrested in
Juarez, Released; Both
Make Statements."
Victor Flannery and Patrick Baker,
the soldier of fortune and the 1 Paso
automobile drier, who were arrest)
in Juarez Saturriav nn a charEs
plotting against the life of Gen. Manuel
Ocboa, the garrison commander, lytve
secured their liberty, and are again In
El Paso Flannery denies that he was
in any plot In Juarez and says he is
the victim of those in the garrison who
are disloyal to Gen. Villa. Discussing
his case he said today:
"Before I would extend my hand or
lend my ear to any Carranza party, I
would gladly die, for I will always be a
champion of Gen. Villa, and, while alt
the world throws brick at him. I will
toss a rose at his feet.
"While I have been under many
flags, neevr have I had such treachery
woven about me.
"Had the officials of Juarez been
, faithful to their first chief, all would
1A.C UUb KltUCU 0U. MOUJ UIUC9 . m W
put myself to great danger for the
Villista forces. Had they acted under
my orders they would have triumphed
over Carranza in many ways.
"It was known widely throughout
Juarez that I was one of the strongest
champions of Gen. Villa, and let a man
meet me face to face and say one word
against Gen. Villa, down In the dust
I will make him beg and apologize.
"Note you well. Juarez is in a similar
way to that of Nogales. Two factions
represent each town, and, knowing my
power 4T ascertaining what they did
not want known, they trumped up a
charge against me and gave me their
strong hand. '
"You might as well bid me spit upon
the cross upon the altar of the Roman
Catholic church as to ask me to slay
a friend like Gen. Ochoa.
"Why did I go to Mexico? I went to
do a humane duty Red Cross work.
"When I saw how the unfortunate Villa
soldiers needed a tender hand to tend
their wounds, my heart was touched
with pity and deepest sympathy. I
went to the commandante and I ex
plained my mission of sincere brotherly
love for his people. An appointment
was made for me to call at the cuartel
at Juarez at a. m. Saturday. I called
and I was then put under arrest. Like
a lamb I was led to slaughter. I, their
truest friend, was double crossed by
the opposite party which Is plotting
to change the standards of their chief
tains. Since my good service is so un
appreciated. " I will now 'Journey on.
where a man is honored and given du '
respect to his service, to Europe. I will
sail from New Orleans as soon as I can ;
reaen mere.
"I hope that all Americans will put
no trust in the treacherous de facto
government headed by Carranza.
Raker Tela Kvperience.
Patrick Baker, night mechanic for
the Jitne company of Kl Paso, Tuesday
told the story of his arrest to The
"I had won about S79 in the Monte
Carlo gambling place and had stepped
outside to look for a street car to go
home, when a captain of the troops in
Juarez poKea a. 41 canoer gun into my
face and marched me to the Jail. I had
a total of about Jl at the time, and
it looked bad for the rolL
"I had about eight soldiers back of
me on my way to the police office.
From there It was a quick trip to the
Jail, and I was' there for four days be
fore I got out. It cost me all my money
to buy my way out.
"I pat it up straight to the Mexican
who was my Jailer. "Look here." I said,
'how much wili it cost to have you
get me out of herer He came back
without a ruffle. 'All you got.' was the
way he put it. I pa. 1 and he took me
out. smuggled me into the open, and
then led me away by the outskirts of
the town ft the bridge, where he told
me to "beat it.'
"I didn't see Flannery until the last j
aay, jusi oeiore i got out. He nan
been thrown into a cell for the same
reason I had been. They must have
taken about 110 from him. He's left'
town, swearing he had enough of the
border. Detroit, Mich., he told me, was
his destination. I'm going to stick
around til Carranza goes Into the town
across the river and drives some of
those fellows Into Texas, and then I
may find the man who stuck me up for
my rolL
"They didn't give us anything to eat,
and w had to buy food and have It
smuggled to us. We had dirty water to
drink, and not much of it, either ""
Naco. Ariz.. Nov 9. Villa, within
the last few days, has issued passports
guaranteeing safety in his terrltor to
several British subjects. Each passport
bears the notation automatieallr re
voking it In the event that Great Brit
ain recognizes Carranza.
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Customs Officials Discover
afe Filled With Dia
monds: Villa Medal.
Between $25,000 and S30.0OO of the
rsorml jewelry of Gen. Francisco
Villa was seized Tuesday morning at
10 SO oclock at Jj9 Leon street by the
secret service department of the United
States treasury department, the seizure
being made on the charge that it 'was
smuggled property and was made by
L J. Ayers and G. P. Locke.
"Wan In Large Safe.
The Jewelry was found in a large
ton's home; Mr. and Mrs. Benton be
ing the aunt and uncle to Mrs. lllpollto
Villa. The safe was opened by Mrs.
Villa at the request of the United
States officials. Mrs. Villa, after open
ing the safe, said she did not have the
key to one of the inner compartments
and a delay of 30 minutes was had be
fore the small drawer was opened. Such
articles" as Mrs. Hipolito Villa declared
were tier's were left in her possession
( but the bulk of the diamonds and Jew
elry was taken to the customs bouse
where it was labeled "smuggled prop
erty." Medal for Bravery.
The articles found were a gold medal
given to Gen. Francisco Villa in 1914
and bearing the inscription. "To Gen.
Francisco Villa from the Constitution
alist government for personal valor."
ten diamond rings with varied set
tings, a necklace with a diamond and
pearl pendant and set with diamonds of
not less than a karat in weight, sev
eral pairs of diamond earrings, one
elaborate diamond brooch set in plati
num, and many small articles of great
Safe Purchased Here.
Benton is a driver for the Nations
Packing company. A safe was bought
four week ago from rKakauer. Zork
& Moye and delivered to the Benton
home at 528 Ion street. The safe
was purchased by B. Herrera and for it
139 was paid in cash. The transfer
of the safe was made by the Western
Transfer company.
The fact that Benton was the undo
by marriage of Mrs. Hipolito Villa and
that many carriages and automobiles
stopped at the house after dark
aroused the suspicion of the federal
authorities. The seizure of the Jewelry
A silver casket was found by the
treasury department officials after the
first seizure was made which con
tained a bracelet set with diamonds,
two scarf pins valued at 2300. three
diamond rings and a pair of diamond
ReDorts brought t6 El Paso from
Douglas Tuesday stated that Chas. E.
Wis wall, manager or tne uananea uai
tle company, is a prisoner of the Villa
array at Villa Verde, south of Agua
Prieta. The report said that Dr. James
Wilson, who was a prisoner last week.
had said at Douglas that he had seen
Wiswall In the Villa camp and that
both he and ' his chauffeur. George
Snow, were held Drisoners. Snow, how
ever, was seen on the border when Dr.
Wilson reached Naco. having- come the
same day and reported having seen Drs.
Tfaigpen and Wilson at Villa Verde.
Telegrams to Douglas and Naco today
failed to confirm the fact that Wiswall
is known to be a prisoner.
Austin, Tex.. Nov. Gov. Ferguson
today honored a requisition issued by
Gov. Williams, of Oklahoma, for the
rendition of Tom Wells, wanted at Du
rante Okla.. to answer to a charge of
assisting prisoners to escape from the
county Jail of Bryan county.-Oklahoma,
Wells is now under arrest at Seymour.
Baylor county. He is charged with hav
ing, by force of arms, aided in a Jail
delivery In which four other prisoner!
made their escape on Oct. 19. 1915.
Washington. D. C, Nov. 9. President
Wilson was asked again today by
delegation of union leaders to commute
the sentences of former officers or the
Structural Ironworkers union, now
serving terms in Leavenworth peniten
tiary for their convictions in connection
with the socalled dynamite case, which
involved the destruction of the Los An
geles Times.
Clemency was asked for Frank ZL
Ryan, of Indianapolis, former president
of the ironworkers, and 12 others. It
was represented to the president that
the men have served about one-third
of their terms, and that fine prison
record of each has been exemplary- The
president took the appeal under advise
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Consul Letcher Says for TJ.
S. to Learn Spanish
and Get Trade.
"U.riisi in i?encrraDhical form, is a
j cornucopia, and to these Americans who
! see in her their opportunities she is
a veritable horn or plenty inis was
United States consul Marion Letcher's
tribute to the Mexican republic in an
address read before the V. M. C. A.
Spanish club Monday night at the 1.
M. C. A. building.
Teach Spanlnh.
Mr Letcher who is United States
consul at Chihuahua advocated the
teaching of Spanish In the public
schools of this country and praised the
efforts of the Y. M. C. A. to give busi
ness men and boys of Kl Paso a chance
to lean) the language which is to be
the key to opening the big door of
Mexican, Central and South Amerlean
trade to United States Industrial In
terests. Will Find Herself.
"Our next door neighbor. Mexico, will,
in a brief time, God willing, find her
self and with her loins girded anew
step out proudly as before to a place
of leadership among the nations of the
western continent." he said. "Mexico s
riehts are too fast, the innate strength
of her people too great for us to see
anyming vise bdcm.
Horn or Plenty.
"Let us look at the physical charac
teristics of Mexico, geographically
shaped like a horn of plenty. Mexico s
sierras are filled with precious and
useful metals, despite the incalculable
yield taken from them in centuries
gone. The fetillty of her broad llanos
has In no wise diminshed. All Mexico
needs now is a stout heart and a broad,
forgiving patriotism in the breast of
each of her sons that will lead them
to forget their differences and work
'together in harmony for the uplift of
their own fair country.
Mexico Our Market.
"The question of our tiade extension
with Mexjco and the other countries to
the south of her is one that must occu
py our attention most vigorously at
the present moment. Each year sees
us more and more a manuiaciuriiiK
nation, and we are now actively com- ,
lines in the markets of the world. In
Mexico the United States has a ready
market right at hand, a market which
should be the United States own with
out serious competitive danger.
Learn Language.
"All Pan-America is a market ready
to band, in fact, and iftis our present
duty to prepare ourselves to claim our
own In the big trade continent to the
south of us. This means that the lan
guage of the people. Spanish, as the
tool of -the salesman-prospector, must
be made a part of our every day
Study Conditions.
"Commercial relations must come as
tie result of careful study of the con
ditions existing in Pan-American coun
tries, and one of the first things re
quired is a knowledge of the language.
Language is the first tool the sales
man needs wherever he is. and with
out Spanish in Mexico. Central and
South America. United State, business
must lag woefully behind that of more
progressive nations which will have
been quiCK lo perceie lire 6"" ,"-,
. vnnuri.rir at Soanish is to play in
the trade getting to the south of us."
X if rr l- Hnnnlih LlMH.
Mr. Letcher was Introduced by J. I
?i.an. th mmhnihiii and Dromotion
secretary of the local V. M. C A, who
delivered a lew remanis un mw "!
of the new Spanish course for business
men in the institution. J It Howard,
instructor In Spanish, read some notes
on the need of Spanish, and his
methods of teaching it.
Austin. Tex , Nov. 9. Substantial remits
are expecta within a, abort time from th-e
probe now under way by controler H. B.
Terrell into the operations of not lcs than
5 so-caed social club now tlonrtshinff in
virions portions of the state. It is under
stood the controler has already obtained suf
ficient evidence to pt maay C them oat
of bostnesfl. and In fact Information has
been recetYe-d by the department of the ac
tion of several of these dabs In voluntarily
jyariac the past several months there
hare been chartered quite a number of clubs
whose -purpose- are said to be literary, hat
which the contro-.er declares are orsanlsed
for the p-arpose of dispensing hqaor.
So flagrant has become the operations of
certain of tee altered clubs, that they are
apparently making Inroads into the regular
ly licensed saloons, as is evidenced by the
fact that a few days ago a committee from
the Texas Retail Liquor Dealers' association.
headed by Its president, came to Austin and
made formal complaint to the governor and
the controler.
Phoenix. Ariz.. Nov. . SeUm Mlcbelsor
is to succeed the late C B. Wood as post
master of Phoenix. From among a list f
eight active applicants, congresamatu Carl
Hayden elected Michel eon as the one whose
appointment he should at-commend to the
postmaster general. The appointment Is ex
pected to follow in about two weeks.
Mlrhelson has ror many years been en
gaged in the tobacco business in Phoenix.
He has long been active In politics, as a
Temocrat. and was national committeeman
from Arlxo-aa from IMS to 1912. inclusive.
Vinton. Tex.. Nov. S. An unusually
bold theft occurred on the Ford ranch
while Mr. Ford was in El Paso, and
Mr. Reynolds, who stays at the place.
had gone to the store. Some one en-1
tered tne corral and stole a zee pound
hog; taklne It 2ft yards, where it was
butchered and made away with. No
trace of the thief has been found. Last
week Mr. Ford had i valuable 14
mntithx' oirf oou shot in his fiM. v.t- .
vvctriv .nt. ar u iu ioiuauic a, i
i i .. i.j t
aniiiiuLiuu oiiuw eu umi, & anviKun imhi
been used and It was thought that some
hunter did the shooting accidentally.
Phoenix. Arts.. Nov 9 Under the auspi
ces of the Phoenix chamber of commerce, a
farewell reception and banquet will be ten
dered vice president Thomas R. Marshall
and wife Wednaaday een!nr Only ZM tick
ets to the banquet are to be sold. After din
ner speechea will he made b a number of
prominent Arizonana
rte have had so many Inquiries
lately regarding czema and other
skin diseases, that we are glad to
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ful Investigation we have found that
a simple wash Of Oil of Wlntergreen.
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tion, can be relied upon. TVe would
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trons, friends and neighbors unless
we were sure of It and although
there are many so-called Eczema
remedies sold, we ourselves unhesi
tatingly recommend D. D. D. .Pre
scription. Ail druggists have D. D. D-,
25a. 50c. $1.
"Drop Into our store today. Just to
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ful Prescription. Ask also about
U. D. D. Soap.
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the Standard
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phone- 530
(Contlnuec from pase one.)
the correspondence, "is regarded as
somewhat pedantic, but as not in any
degree menacing He is conducting the
controversy, it is thought, in such a
fashion as to keep American rights
intact and unprejudiced and at tle
same time to keep the discussion from
developing into a quarrel.
"The only danger that is foreseen
here from the president's attitude is a
political kind. The presidential elec
tion in the United States is drawing
I j .w "-""""- "
i near and there are big vested
in America, notably the Chicago meat
packers, that
are aggrieved ' by our
London. Eng. Nov. . The British
government today took its first definite
step toward preventing emigration of
able bodied British subjects, who in
considerable numbers have been using
this means of evading military service.
A new regulation was issued By the
home office requiring subjects of the
United Kingdom who are Is years old
or older and -contemplating emigration
to apply at the foreign office for pass
ports. If the passports are refused they
must hand to the office supervising
the embarkation the reply of the for
eign office to their passport applica
tion, together with their birth certifi
cates with photographs attached.
Paris, France. Nov. S. The French
government received today from pre-
mier Skouloudls. head of the new
Greek cabinet, formal assurance of
"our neutrality with the character of
slncerest benevolence toward the en
tente powers."
Paris, "France, Nov. S. Premiers As
qulth of Great Britain, and Briand of
France, have just exchanged messages
pledging continued cooperation between
their governments.
In closing his message, Mr. Asquith
"Whatever changes time and circum
stances may bring, I know that in
France, as In Kngland, the- will to de
fend oar common cause until a decisive
victory is won remains unshakeable
and we are sure of winning."
Washington. D. C Nor. S. Subscrip
tions to the third war loan up to San
day in Austria totaled SM.eM.CsM
crowns: in Hungary. 1.5M.M crowns,
or a total of about M,9.M. accord
ing to a Vienna foreign office dispatch
to the Austro-Hnngarian embassy here.
Athens, Greece, Nov. 9. The third
anniversary of the fall of Salontki was
celebrated Monday by a TeDeum on the
maneuver grounds, in the presence of
. . ... .. -, . .
Kins -uonsCMiune an me memo era ot
tha rnvil famflv ThA rrtmfflBV V
the royal family. The ceremony was
followed by a review at which the king
was acclaimed.
'Washington. D. C, Nov." . Ambas
sador Gerard at Berlin has been in
structed to protest to the German gov
ernment against detention ef the
American sailing ship Pass of Balmaha,
which after being seised by a British
warship was captured with the prize
crew aboard by a German strimsmrtne.
London. Eng. Nov. . Notwithstand
ing wet weather, immense crowds
gathered today to witness the inaugur
ation as lord mayor of London of Sir
Charles Cheers Wakefield. The proces
sion was logger than in time of peace.
Four captured German guns and the
afitl-aircraft corps of London with its
guns were conspicuous figures.
Twenty-five hundred soldiers, repre
senting all contingents of troops now
in Sngland. were in line.
Recruiting speeches were made at
various points by members of parlia
ment, and recruits dropped into the
Tonight there is to be a banquet at
Guild hall, attended by premier As
quith. other members of the cabinet and
representatives of the diplomatic corps.
I Carlsbad. X. M.. Nov. . Judge Gran-
' alii. DUk.lua mwmaovaw a-all knAn .
vaia-o v, xviviaasvl uaa ivuiviivn ifm vycil i
court here, making the trip from ar- j
rixoo. where he held court, in an auto- i
mobile prolntc via. Kl Paso.
Pllrn Cured In to 14 Days I
I'ruggtsts rtfund monr) If PZI OIXT- I
MKXT fails to . ure Itchn g. iJlind
l.lo,,lms ii- Vrntruiilni: Piles- First ap
plication pn.s rluf. 50c I
Completely Modern, on
paved wad. Basement,
fumqee. Extra large
yard. Easy terms.
100 San Antonio SU
Cough medicines, as a rale contain a
large quantity of plain syrup. A pint of
eranarated sugar with pint of warm
water, stirred for 2 minutes, gives tou
as sood syrup as money can bay.
Then st frod vour drscr?iet 2H otraces
Pinex (50 cents worth) , pour into a pint
Dotae ana nu ue nonie witn sucar
svrun This crives yon, at a cost of only
54 cents, a full pint of really better cough
syrup than yoa could buv ready made for
Si50 a clear .saving of nearly" 32. Fall
directions with Pinex. It keeps perfectly
and tastes good.
It takes hold of the nsnal consa or"
"meat cold at ones and conquers it in 24
hoars. Splendid for whooping cough,
bronchitis- and winter coughs.
Ifs truly astonisoiiic: bow rmkklr it
loosens the dry, hoarse or tight congh
and heals and soothes the inflamed mem
branes in the case of a painful congh.
It also stops the formation of phlegm, is
the throat and bronchial tabes, thus end
ing the persistent loose congh.
Pinex is a highly concentrated com
pound of genuine Norway pine extract,
combined with guaiaeol, and has been
used for generations to heal inflamed
membranes of the throat and chest.
To avoid disappointment, ask your
druggist for "2"4 ounces of Pinex," and.
dont accept anything else. A guarantee
of absolute satisfaction, or money prompt
ly refunded, goes with this preparation.
The Pinex Co, Ft,Wayne, Ind.
Spend 25 cents! Dandruff
disappears and hair stops
coming out. x
Try this! Hair gets beauti
ful, wavy and thick in
few moments.
If yoti care for heavy hair, that
glistens with beauty and Is radiant
with life: has an incomparable softness
and is fluffy and lustrous, try Dander
Ine. Just one application doubles the
beauty of your hair, besides it Immed
iately dissolves every particle of dand
ruff: you cannot have nice, heavi.
healthy hair if you have dandruff
This destructive scurf robs the hair of
its lustre, its strength and Its verv
life, and if not overcome it produces a
feverishness and itching of the scalp
the hair roots famish, loosen and dle
theh the hair fails out fast.
If jrour hair has been neglected and
is thin, faded, dry. scraggy or too
oily, get a IS-cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine at 'any drug store or toilet
counter: appls. a little as directed and
ten minutes after you will say this was
the best investment you ever made.
We sincerely believe, regardless of
everything else advertised, that If yon
desire soft, lustrous, beautiful hair and
lots of it no dandruff no Itching
scalp and no more falling hair yon
must use Knowlton's Danderine. If
eventually why not now Adv
Household Economy
S Hoir to Bare the Best Conch ;S
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