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NOTE So much comment has heat aroused
among cigarette smokers by the sensible sug
gestions in this advertisement that e have re
ceived several letters irom El Paso men. sug
gesting that Ike advertisement be repfhted for
the benefit of those vho missed seeing it in
last raeek's papers. Clip this oat and keep it
as it vill not appear again.
rna m n i kbt
Salute of 13 Guns to bg Fired in Honor Original States
Massed Band Composed of 100 Musicians Will Play
National Air While 500 Voices Will Sing Fatri
f otic Songs; Flower Sh ower to Smother Kelic
ev mm mmMw w1 W R
KTILX.ERY pieces will boom a hearing- numerous suggestions, to 'Park
salute of IS gums, a. masked band.
of 109 military mustcans wm
The Star Soancrled Banner" and
asH choras of SOfl voices will sins
' America" as th- historic old Liberty
bell move througU the city next Tues
dj" Liberty Bell day.
Not since the Taft-Dias celebration
has El Paso witnessed such a patriotic
celebration as the one mayor Tom Lea.
(Jen. John .T. Pershing and the women
Lof the P. A. R. are planning for Lio
Wty Bell day. The atreets will be
lined with' troops, army bands will play
fit the jmrks and the old hell will be
snrothered in fall flowers by the chil
dren of the city. The city will be deco
rated in national colors and the day
will be declared a jreneral holiday in
order that the crowds may see tne bell
and the military parade.
No School Parade.
The elimination of school children
from the parade, as a special consider
ation to the teachers, was definitely
decided at a meeting: of the Liberty bell
committee held Monday afternoon at 4
oclock in the council chamber at the
elty halL The children will be taken
bv their parents.
This action was the result of the re
port of E. M. Whitaker. chairman of the
committee on school children, showinc
that the teachers generaly do not wish
to march the children to the viewing
point. The teachers, he stated, fear
accidents, and. it was further pointed
out to the committee by the teachers
that most of the schools were too far
removed for children to walk.
To Part Bell In Tnrds.
"While the final details of arrange
ment have been left to the committee
composed of Maj. F. A. Wilcox, It. B.
r.rndorff and Judge Dan 31. Jackson. It
was the sense of the meeting:, after
Th!s is a recent discovery of Doctor
Herce, who is head of the Invalids
Hotel and Surgical Institute at Buffalo,
K. Y. Experiments at Doctor Pierce's
Hospital for several years proved that
there is no other eliminator of uric acid
that can be compared to it. For those
easily recognized symptoms of inflam
mation as backache, scalding nrine
and frecraent urination, as well as Eedi-
ment in the urine, or if uric acid in the
blood has caused rheumatism, it is I
simply wonderful how surely "Anuric"
acts. The best of results are always j
obtained in cases of acute rheumatism
in the joints, in gravel and gout, and i
invariably the pains and stiffness which j
eo frequently and persistently accom
pany the disease rapidly disappear.
Go to your nearest drug store and
eimply ask for a 50-cent package of
"Anuric," manufactured by Dr. Pierce,
or even write Doctor Pierce for a free
sample. If you suspect kidney or blad
der trouble, send him a Eample of your
water and describe symptoms. Doctor
Pierce's chemist will examine it, then
Dr. Pierce will report to you, without
fee or charge.
Kotb: French scientists affirm that
"Annric" is thirty-seven times more
active than utnia in eliminating una
add, and is a harmless but reliable
th TJKertv toll nn the center track in
the vards Just north of the Stanton
street depot, and permit the crowds to
pass rapidly by on the two sides.
To ArrnuBt for Crowds.
Maj. Wilcox suggested that the
school children living sooth of the
tracks mass on Mills and Texas streets
and Mvrtle avenue, and then move up
Kansas street, while those living north
of the track congregate on Missouri
and Wyoming streets and move down
Kansas street. He suggested the form
ing of lines of soldiers in two columns
alone- each side of the car in order to
keep tbe crowds in line in passing
from Kansas street to btanton street.
He also suggested that people lrrinp: !n
the vicinity of the union station mass
on the hill and on San Francisco street
and view the bell as it' is slowly moved
from the union station to the Stanton
street depot, .while there could be Mop
ping places in the eastern part of the
city where the bell couW be -seen by
those living in that section as it
moved out of the city.
AH Traffic Stopped.
R. M. Hoover, superintendent of the
G. II. & A., stated that the road
would cooperate with the citizens, that
ail traffic would be stopped on the tracks
during the time the car was parked,
to eliminate danger of accidents. With
regard to a stop in the eastern part of
the city, he thought that it could be ar
ranged to have a olace in the vards at
Piedras street cleared- to permit the
garnering oi a consiaeraoie number oc
people. '
I'lowers nn Flatcar.
The suggestion was made that two or
three flatcars be placed at each end
of the Liberty bell car In order to form
a barrier to prevent the possibility of
the crowds moving from one side to the
other, and in this connection it was
V thought that the cars could be deco-
j rated witn Dunting and that tne itorai
offerings of the children be placed upon
these cars.
The matter of decorating the cars
I and supplying children with flowers
j '.r floral offerings was left to Mrs. J.
, V Lorentren. president of the local
liapter. Daughters of the American
, Ft-voiution. In this connection, mayor
i oro L,ea stated tnat one large store
had offered to supply the flowers.
Military Parade.
t Maj. Wilcox outlined the plans that
' :al been agreed upon by his commit
' t"e with reference, to the military pa
! rr-ile. The parade will be held lmmedi
, ately preceding the arrival of the IJb
! erty bell at i:S9 p. m. The 6W sol
diers will assemble at Magoffin and
Cotton avenues and march west on Ma-'
! soffin avenue to San Antonio street.
. thence to El Paso street, thence north
on El Paso street past pioneer plaza
to Mills street, thence to Mesa, avenue,
north on Mesa avenue to Missouri
street, thence west to North El Paso,
i south on El Paso street past the re-
!' viewing stand in Cleveland square ami
disband, or move on towards the station.
Band on Plat Car.
A band will probably be placed on
one of the flax cars of the train bear
ing the Liberty bell and will play
"America" as the train moves cast to
the Stanton street station. As the bell
leaTes the union station a salute of 13
guns wll be fired by a batterv of ar
tillery, the 11 guns to represent tha
original 1.1 states. Daring the time the
people are viewing the bell massed
band composed of the organizations 6f
the Eighth cavalry and Sixth and ICth
infantry regiments will play in the
park north of the Stanton street sta
tion. There will also be a massed cho
rus of S60 to sing patriotic airs. While
this is going on. the Fourth field ar
tillery band will render a concert in
Cleveland square as an attraction for
those who have viewed the bell.
Decorate CItx.
Mayor Lea. bas expressed the desire
chemical comnound that mav be safelv I
niven to children, but should be used ,hat the city be decorated for the eele-
tee on decorations C- A. Kinne. 'V. K.
Stiles and J. A. Happer. ,
Those present at the meetinc wera.
I Major Tom Lea. chairman, aldermen
rv. n. aievens, w. i. jouy and johb w.
Wisher; John Wyatt, E. M. Whitaker.
R. B. Orndorff, R. M. Hoover. H. W.
Connolly, Maj. F. A. Wilcox. Lieut. O.
K. Michaelis. II. D. Slater. V. It Stitea.
I Mrs. J. W. Lorentsen. K. J. Tighe, su
J perintendent of schools; chief of police
lsoii jDDDwn, captain or ponce 1. u.
HalL. and Rev. G. W." Robinson, pastor
.of the Second Baptist church.
Special Ilates.
Tbe Southwestern railroad has an
nounced a rate of one and one-third
fare for the round trin for the T.iherrv
i bell celebration here and the tickets
win oe good from November 15 until
November IS. The rates extend to
Xaeo on the west and Tucumcari on the
only by grown-ups who actually wish to
restore their kidnevs to perfect health,
by conscientiously using one box or
more in extreme cases as "Annric"
( thanks to Doctor Pierce's achievement!
is by far the most perfect kidney and
bladder corrector oDtamacie.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets are the original
little liver Pills. One Utile Pellet for
a laxative three for a cathartic.
Face powder simply coTera up an
unattractive complexion and leaves no
lasting benefits. Those who have tried
a simple spurrdax face lotion find It
much better, as it removes skin dis
colorations, such as freckles and tan.
and makes the skin smooth, white and
velvety. This lotion is made by dis
solving four ounces of spurznax in one
half pint hot water, then adding two
teaspoonfuls glycerin. This complexion
beautifier does not rub off or show
like powder, and gives a. more refined
appearance. It removes both shinlness
and sallowness. rapidly giving the skin
a permanent healthy, youthful appear
ance. An especially fine shampoo for this
weather can be had at trifling expense
by dissolving a teaspoonful of can
throx in a cup of hot water. Pour
slowly on scalp and massage briskly.
This creates a soothing, cooling lather
that dissolves and removes all danS
ruff. excess oil and dirt. Rinsing
leaves the scalp spotlessly clean, soft
and pliant, while the hair takes on a
slossy richness of natural color, also
r. fluffiness which makes it seem very
much heavier than it is. Alter a can
throx shampoo arranging the hair is a
yt lea su re. Adv.
No Mora Desire
for Tobacco
Arthur Kroose is a locomotive flroman who
had been using- tobacco since he -was a boy
About two years ago be began to have
Fpellfl f illness. His memory was sotting
ry bad and his eyes bothered him a good
ieal. He had tried In vain to ooaoner the
habit until he got a certain .book and now
h l freed from the thraldom of tobacco
nd his health Is wonderfnliy Improved.
Anyone who desires to read the book can
o! tain it absolutely free by writing to Ed
ward .T. Woods. 1251 C. Station E. Nrw
ork "ftr Tt tells how the habit of smck
lrg r-heain? or stmff taking can be con-iirr-M
in three days. Adv.
Washington. D. C. Nor. 3. The following
army orders have been issued:
The president has accepted the rtricaa
tlon of Capt. J. G. Lsngdon. Feurth field
By direction of the president. CapC Jack
Hare. Plrrt infantry, is detailed lor service
in the quartermaster corps, vice CapL "ft". O.
Smith, quartermaster eorp. relieved.
Ieaves of absence: Capt. J. B. Christian,
signal corps. I days: First IJent. J. C. H.
Lee, corps of engineers, two months: First
Uent E. H. Marks, corps of engineers, three
months: First Lieut. H. H. Arnold, ltth In
fantry, two months: First Lieut R. H. Lewis.
field artillery, one month and IS days: Sec
ond Lieut. E. J. Dawley. Sixth Field artillery,
two months: Second Lieut. H. S. Clarksen.
field artillery, two months;
Orders of July J. relating to Maj. T. G.
Hanson, quartermaster corps, are revoked
and that officer will, upon expiration of
leave, report to the commanding general.
western dlvlslen. for assignment to duty, as
assistant to the department qnartermaster.
Orders of September 3. relating to Maj.
C H. McNeill, quartermaster corps, are
revoked and Maj. McNeill upon arrival in
the United States, will proceed to Chicago for
doty as assistant to tbo department quarter
master central department.
Max W. S. Scott, quartermaster. Is re
lieved from duty as assistant to the dpot
quartermaster at Philadelphia, and will pro
ceed to San Francisco for duty as assfstant
to the superintendent army transport serv-
Capt. B. it Goldthwalte. medical corps,
will report to the commandaat. army med
ical school, for dnty vice Capt. E. M. Tal
bot, medical corps.
Uent. CoL a. B. Baker, quartermaster
corps, will proceed to Fort Leavenworth for
temporary duty, (hence to proper station.
Additional second lieutenants E. A. Zundel
and C. w-. Howard, Third Field artillery.
Field artillery, with rank from June II last,
are assigned as second lieutenants to Fourth
San Francisco. CaL. Nov. 9. B. Su
zuki and S. Toshimatsu, representa
tives of organized labor in Japan, were
refused seals at fraternal delegates bv
the American Federation of Labor.
which began Monday its JSth annual
This action was based upon a report
o' the committee on credentials. The
committee recommended t'nnt the Japa
nese be extended the courtesies of the
Get all the smoke-pleasure you pay for.
Find the right cigarette a SENSIBLE
one that fits your own likes and dislikes.
London. Eng.. Nov. 9. The death is
announced in a London snbttrd of Piwlijt
.lames King, who designed the first bal
loon to tost the Knglish chanw-l. II
also u bipnci the first "fish balloon. '
lnif-:'l forf-runnf r of the ii,oUm FriT
,lFh airhli Hu as 77. ip.t1- r M
Tastes differ in fashions, foods and pretty girls.
Also in cigarettes.
A cigarette that started out to please every man's
taste would end up by pleasing none.
Most of ns like our cigarette smoke deliciously cool
and refreaang. The .Mexican likes his hot and dry. with
a nice little peppery sting in it.
Some men like a cigarette wholesomely, fragrantly
mild. Others of us hunt for a cigarette almost as heavy
ns a black cigar.
Most of us want an "easy" cigarette a SENSIBLE
one, so that no matter how steadily or how many we
smoke, we'll feel as fit as a fiddle. Other men. though,
don't care about that. They smoke only a few so they
want a kick like a mule's in each puff.
All of us want our smoke "full-bodied" itirlusUay
that smoke-hunger. But the cigarette that just fills the
bill for you may not do at all for your next-door neighbor.
Sometchcre among all the brand on the market is the
one Just-right cigarette for YOU I
Maybe it's the very one you have now in your
pocket but are you SURE ? Maybe it's some entirely
"different" cigarette it may or may not be Fatima.
But "find it 1" Until you do, you're cheating your
self out of a whole lot of smoke-pleasure.. Also you're
wasting some money.
How to Find "yours
To avoid blindly trying too many different cigarettes,
ask yourself, first of all, this question:
"Just Tchat do I l&e in a cigarette 1 "
If you smoke only a few every day, you may prefer
a cigarette which is rather rich or heavy and. "oil'.' Or
you may like one which has a rather strong "oriental"
taste with a pungency almost dike perfume. Or you may
want a cigarette with that noticeably "sweetish" Egyptian
hut this will help you find it.
flavor. But if you smoke quite often if you Would like
to smoke whenever you feel Jike it and without any effect
on the tongue or throat or any fear of a heavy or "heady' '
feeling afterward then you should choose some cigarette
such as Fatima," a cigarette composed of all-pure tobaccos'
of considerable aroma, mellowed by being aged and care
fully blended to produces fragrant and wholesomely mild,
yet "full-bodied" smoke. And thesmoke must be notice
ably COOL. For otherwise your tongue or your throat
will soon signal you to stop smoking so often.
If you will ask any Fatima smoker, he will tell you
that Fatimas never make him "feel mean" no matter
-how many he smokes.
That is why Fatimas are considered th& most sensible
cigarette by such a large majority of smokers. And
that is probably the maitt reason ichy hardly any
Fatima smokers ever sidtchf They like sensible cigarette
and one with a good, pure taste to it.
Bat the Taste is up to You
All cigarettes are pure, but when it comes to the taste,
nobody can help you choose. You simply have to decide
for yourself.
Of course, Fatima's taste may not appeal to you.
But most men who try Fatimas like the taste so well that
they seek no further otherwise Fatimas could never have
icon and held their enormous and growing leadership
amounting to over one and a half BILLION cigarettes a
The one purpose of this advertisement is to ask you
in a fair and square way to give Fatimas (SO for Joe)
a good trial. If they don't happen to suit your taste,
you'll quit smoking them of course. But if you like
Fatimas as well as MOST men do, you'll be mighty glad
you read this advertisement and ACTED ON IT I
Below jire two simple tests which you can easily make
and which may help you find your sensible cigarette.
It may or may not be Fatima. But be fairJto yourself
and find "yours."
Largest cigarette masafartarer in tie V. S.
as shown by Internal Rcreaoe rrports.
CeprnsU. OB. Uctt t JrVrrs Sttam C.
lAUUA wu the Ont, Ossntte Awarded ths Grand fnu at Panama-Pa nUmsthnai Exp.
I wiuiMUttlidAUlig
aHarSMsB !Kss8r f I ia
BV98rssssfll BsssSH il
w,MM i &i wmt I
ssssssV' sslH nsBssW' 5S, WHITE 1
jatssssssBsX ' IsssssssV rV3Ak' TAN
UjHSnandR ylsssMBEgl 15vyTHr r' nattiTco ,lto.
Jast as easy to open a savings account with as as though yon
lived next door.
WE PAT 4 per cent Interest, compounded Twice Every Tear.
We do business under the Depositor's Guaranty Law of the Stats
of Tesas and are a Guaranty Fund Bank as provided by such Law.
Our plan, in addition to being convenient, is safe, profitable
and liberal. Nobody has ever lost a dollar in a State bank in Texas.
Write today for our free booklet. "BANKING BT MAIL." Too
simply mail your deposit.
El Paso Bank & Trust Co., El Paso, Texas
' Call 1544
For Wood, Coal, Hay, Grain
and Poultry Supplies
Rio Grande Fuel and
Feed Company
320 S St. Train.
TOone 151.
D. . CROSS. Prop.

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