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Tuesday, Xovember 9, 1915.
IB mow IS
Gets $10 in Merchandise for
Advertiseents in Week-end
Most Errors; Many Get
a Careful Reading o f
ANOTHER Urge list of answers
was submitted in The Herald's
mis-spelled wor B contest for the
week ending October M Miss
Louise McKicney, 801 2"ortn Virginia
street, vas awarded itirst prize, 310
worth of merchandise. As usual, hon
orable mention is given Jo a large num
ber who did not come irithin the list
o prize winners. The judges regretted
mat tne prize list was .not larger, as
some of those who receired honorable
mention sabmittd unusuaJIy well pre-
Clears Complexion
Don t worry About skin troubles. Tou
can hae a clear, clean complexion by
using a little zemo. obtained at any
drug store for 36c or extra laree bottle
at $160.
Zemo easily removes all traces of pim
ples, black heads, eczema, and ring
worm and maScea the skin clear and
healtb Zemo is neither watery,
isttck-v nor greasr and stains nothing
Jt is easilv applied and costs a mere
trifle for each application It is al
Trars dependable
Zemo, Cleveland
7. v
s-i w mjm$&sm
L "J I WanKX 1 l r . 1 t
fc NT.te&S,
x s
We are just in receipt of another shipment of Children's Sues that
are built on broad foot form lasts. These shoes are made by two of the
very best manufacturers of children's shoes and are made of Solid Leather,
priced at 90e to $2.50, according to size
Infants' heavy turn sole, black Kid button, size 5 to 8. Oft
Special tUC
Infants' patent leather vamp mat Goat top, heavy tarn soles, J y A f
sizes 5 to 8. Special 4JLrU
Boys' Gun Metal Button, sizes 21-2 to 7, all solid leather. t-I Qf-
Speeial J)lot0
Bring your children to our store they wHl be given the very best of
McReel Slioe Ca
221 San Antonio St Through the Block to Texas.
JijO matter what other dealers, who handle
Talking Machines may say about the
and you will appreciate that dealers who indulge in this
kind of advertising could not be expected to say anything
favorable about a competing product, particularly one
with the merits of the
you should not decide upon the purchase of any kind of
sound reproducing instrument until you have heard it
demonstrated to you by a dealer who is in a position to do
it under favorable circumstances. You owe it to yourself
to hear Mr. Edison's new marvelous instrument, and to
give us an opportunity to play it for you. Our business
is to tell you of its merits, and we are quite willing to let
our competitors do the "knocking."
After you have visited our store you will realize why
competitors find it necessary to "knock."
El Paso Phonograph Company
Wholesale and Retail.
Two-0-Two Texas.
Most Careful Reading of
Herald and Discovering
Honorable Mention for
the Advertisements.
pared lists in fact, all the lists sub
mitted showed a careful study of all the
advertisements in the page The full
list of prize winners follows
First prize, $10 worth of merchan
dise coupons to Miss Louise McKinney.
801 N. Virginia, second prize, $7 worth
of merchandise coupons to Mrs. C II
Wilson. Cochise, Ariz third prize S5
worth of merchandise coupons to Mrs.
I M McCrummen, 311 W Boulevard,
fourth prize, 14 worth of merchandise
coupons to John Jones, M0 Nashville,
fifth prize, $2 worth of merchandise
coupons to Mrs. S. J. Gatlin. 1301 B.
Rio Grande
Fourteen other nrlzes of $1 each
-worth of merchandise coupons to the
following- Miss Irene O Menus. l!tl
Cotton. Miss nna B. Weber. 1003 R
Rio Grande. Alberta Maynes. :M1 Ma
goffin. Frederick W Beers, 1JI4
Orient John Wisda, HIT X. Oehoa; Mrs.
Geo K. Dolph, 720 Mund . Mrs. Win.
Fishman. 14 Brazos Apts,, Miss Nell
Boomer, 1008 N Oregon: Bye Je R.
Clemons care Shelton-Payno Arms Co..
Mrs. A. S. Tale, IMS N. Virginia
George G Earnest, Morenct, Ariz. Miss
E. Heflin. 110 X. Florence. K. E. Simp
son. 1011 Xoble. Miss Mary G. Kelly.
900 Mesa Ave.
Honorable Mention.
Those given honorable mention are
the following
Meta Ormsbee Box (SI. City
in a jiy3
j. f "
.rsiiri trif r ss
I J -01r?t
j-- -
TM Week
Box lit:
Urs E. M. Wear, 21I Atlanta.
Theodore Davis. .15 E. Nevada.
F BeUolr. Box 70. City
Mm. W E. Dawson, bis Raysor 8L
Mr. A. Belroir Box TOO City.
Miss Mary Glen UcHinnet CIS N. El Paso.
W E. Lord, ft Mills St.
Mrs. c. H. Jones. hjo N Florence.
Mrs. W a. Clarke 628 Stewart St.
Ml-s Iaabeile Clemons. 71 Wyossiac
Miss Ladle Cowan, 231 Park Ave.
Miss SaUle B. Jones. I9 NaaferiUe.
Miss Grace E. Mathews. 211 Detroit.
Mrs J. I Weatermann. in Arizona.
Mias Ceua Mathews. :19 Detroit.
Mrs. H S. Jones. 196 San Antoalo.
Miss Kate Cblpley. 2 Detroit.
Mrs. Burt Rawlins. 42IH X Oregon.
Chas. Acres. lli Noble.
Miss Comfort Paulson. Ills
R. Lynn Held. IMS N Florence.
Mrs. J. B. Sutton. 14M Arizona.
Mrs. E. Blachshard. 2211 Texas.
Mrs. M. H. Filey. Ml N Virginia.
suas uennue oe ns. S2J w
Mum Emma OTUmrKe. S2C W.
Apt. u
Miss Mollle A. Thornton. Oacara.
N M.
Mias Eleanor A. Wlnslow. 1402 N El Paso.
Mlaa Constance Pateman. M Montana.
Miss Katherine G. Woodslde. Torrance,
Mrs J K Payas. SIS Arizona.
Mrs. F A. fcacontrtas. CM N. Orecon.
Mrs. R. A. Hubbard. 219 Sacramento.
Miss Gertrude Tale 1919 N. Virginia.
A T Karlea. Carrier 21. P O
It- W Glass. tt X Campbell
Miss Elma G. Carlson. Torrance. N M.
Mrs. U C Boswell. MIC Louisville.
Mrs. J F. Palmer 1S1: E. Boulevard.
Jl-s. c J Huber. 819 W.
v H. -Uanlnnd. 2C20
C. F Cleareland, Jr. 2M K. Nevada.
Mrs. M. G Miller. 1M3 R Rio Grande.
C. H. Wilson. Cochise. Ariz.
& J Gatlin. 1M1 E. Rio Grande.
Mrs. W E. Arnold. 1418 Hawthorne Place.
Mbs Elizabeth Croxton. C41 W Missouri.
Mrs. O L. Bryant. C2I Stewart.
Miss Coral Bias. 1111 - St Vraln.
Chas. c Richmond. 24 AUanta.
J F Ixibdell. Hotel Bristol. CM Saa Fran
cisco. Miss Lucille Lyons. 711 WyamtaK.
Mrs. A. A. Persch. 711 X Stanton.
A. T Tnllocn, CM W Missouri.
Roy Wyler. lt Magoffin.
Miss Kathleen Cannon. HIS E. Boulevard.
Mrs D T Underwood. 71 N Campbell.
Miss Janet Mack. 1414 Hawthorne Place.
Mrs. O C Cleveland. 145 K. Overland.
Miss Elvira Cordova. I960 Wyominc.
R. .1 Hushes. 11M Wyominc.
Mrs. J F Qaaltro. CIS Noble.
Mrs. H A. Stewart. 242S E. Missouri
A. B. Fenz. HIS Wyominc
Miss Marcaret Mulcahy. 1022 Myrtle.
Mrs. C R. Fox. E21 w Missouri.
F L. Cleavanaer. Sll X Florence.
Miss En!a Stewart. Rodeo X M
Mm Gladys Dancaa. C13 Nevada.
Miss LOutse a Irwin. Ill Montana.
Ben Scott Smith, 19J1 Nevada.
Frank Dunham. Company D ICtta infantry.
Mrs. Hacb McBrlde. 1M9 E. Boulevard.
Miss Nellie Beanrhamp. S23 X CampnelL
Mrs C C. Dietert. 2111 Gold St Highland
R. L. Williams. 311 BLtbee.
Mrs. M. K. Smith. Box 2C2. Daibazt. Tex.
Mrs. C. F McPhersoa. Vauxhan. N. M
Mrs. J A. Watson. 1212 Brown.
Mrs. T. C Campbell. Las Cruees. N M.
Mrs. L. A. Cardwell. Las Cruees. N M
E. Coram. 1221 Huaco.
Mrs G W. HeM. IMS Wyoming;
Mrs. C L. Wolfe. 119 w Rio Grande.
W Brandish. Johnston House.
Nat S. RusseU. (II Arizona.
Mrs. F B. Miller. 112 N Oregon.
atlas icuu Keanac ,zs e
Miss Anna Lyons. 711 Wyominc
Mrs. R. B. Cutler. P O Box Ml.
Mias Estelle Morrison. 914 N Florence.
Miss Martha UhHav 7( N Florence.
Joseph Fraps. Box 787 Clifton. Ariz.
Mrs. E. E. Simpson. 111 Noble
MJs Lois Leonard. 1412 Nashville.
Mrs. A. A. ABdorson. ClnHon. Arte.
Mrs. M L. Norrla. East Vaugbaa. X M.
Wm. G Paehard. Troop "C." ltth cavalry.
Marts. Tex.
Miss Ethel Wlston. TJalhart. Texas.
Mr. F L. Wilson. Pearce. Ariz. .
Mrs. J E. Payne. Anthony X M.
Mrs. W A. McCaleb. Las Cruees. N M
Mrs R. CorbeU. Ml Mesa Ave.
Miss Marie Cody 1595 Rivera.
Mrs. Viola SnelUag. 12i Bliss St
Mrs. H. O Dow. 271 Rio Grande
Mrs Alice C Warden. P a Box 95 Saf
ford. Arix
Miss Lea Hulcey. 1117 E. Boulevard.
Mrs. G A. Steele. Apt. F Wright Apts.
Miss Nannie B- .Ponder. 119 Dakota Ave.
Mrs. S. M Davis. Box 54 Benson. Artx
Mrs. J E. Healy. P O Box 18 Bowie. Ariz.
Mrs. G. C Stevenson. 419 California St.
Mrs. Vlrgle Xbltwood. 2S17 Federal
Mrs. . Datahetmer, S0BH Prospect.
Mn. John P. O'Brien. Gen. Del City
Miss Elsie Kelly 292s Manzana.
Mrs. C. A. Patten. 172S Tularosa
Kriwsrd Meagher 77 E. Boulevard
Mrs. A. J Hatfield 114 X Stanton
Mrs, L. C Washburn. 3224 Grand Ave..
Mr Rathlesn Thacner P
Kay F Leen iln rel rit.
St- The
, 'sress
International Dry Farming
ongress First Unit of
Great Festival.
International Dry Farming con
the first unit of the El Paso
southwest s great festival of vallejs
and plains has practically been secured
W. 1. Drummond. chairman of the board
of governors of the congress, who has
been here to intestiarate El Paso s abtl-
i ity to entertain the congress, has ex-
prcssra nimseu as ZHliy satisnea mat
1 Paso is the logical place for the 191$
congress and nothing remains to be
done but the signing of the contract
for the congress.
To Get Irrigation Concms.
The next step to be undertaken by
the chamber of commerce, the cit. the
1 count), the Elephant Butte Water
i Users' association and the El Paso Val
ley Water Users' association, will be
to secure the International Irrigation
(congress for the great festival next i
ear which will be held to celebrate
the formal opening and completion of f
I the Elephant Butte dam. Work is now '
1 being done bj R. F Surges, president !
of the congress and the water users' '
associations to obtain the ' irrigation j
President liar Come. ,
Xext a campaign w ill be started to
hae presiuent Wilson, the new Mrs.
Wilson, secretary of the interior Frank- I
lin K. Lane, secretary of agriculture
Daid M Houston and the other mem
bers of the cabinet to attend the formal
dedication of the dam. As a part or this
campaign, a movement has been started
to name the big project the Wilson dam
as was done with the Salt river project
which was named for and dedicated by
president Theodore Hoosevelt. The fes
tival of valleys and plains w ill be made
a great southwestern celebration and
all of the cities and sections will be
invited to have exhibits here and the
festival will also be made one of
"praise, plenty and prosperity to cele
brate the restoration of peace in Mexico
which country will be given a prom
inent place at the exposition
Meeting Held.
A meeting of R. B. Orndorff. presi
dent of the chamber of commerce,
chairman Drummond. and secretaries A.
W Reeves. M A. FTaaer. G. H. Clements
and H. B. Link; of Las Cruees. was held
at the chamber of commerce Monday
afternoon following the luncheon given
in honor of Mr Drummond at the Shel
don. Mr Drummond told the chamber
of commerce officials that he was fully
satisfied with the selection of EI Paso
as the meeting place for the congress
and declared that, because of the prox
imity of Mexico, the dam celebration
and the other attractions, the 1916
meeting would be especially popular
with tne members or tne congress. ;
Kl Paso Ideal Place.
He was shown that, within a radius j
of 400 miles El Paso had a contributory
population of 4OO.M0 and that better
railroad rates could be obtained for the I
conention than could Denver or other '
cities. Mr Drummond declared that the
congress had voted to go to a southern
city and El Paso was an ideal location
for the convention city
Mr Drummond will leave Wednesday
morning for Denver and it is probable
that the contract for the convention
and the cash guarantee will be ar
ranged before he leaves.
Sta. A.
N M.
. City
A. Huff. Central, Grant Oo..
Mrs. A. J. Rose, 211 Rlverview St
Mias Ella NaMosky. Mil Madera.
Mrs. Will T Coe, oiencoe, X M.
Mrs P McPherson. M7 Pi. Third St. Roe
welL N M.
James Reay. Portal. Ariz.
Mrs. & D. HamDaugh. No. ix Alexandria
Mrs. J a Marshall. Sierra Biases. Texas.
Mrs. A. L. Escoatrias. 213 Wyoming.
Mrs Tt H. Forbes. 2M Savannah.
Mrs. E. Cound. 1112 N. St Vraia.
Mrs. L. J. Treat. Apt 1L 21 Wyoratag.
Mrs. J D. Wilson. 2S2 San Diego.
Mrs. F J Whlteteck. 3 Alexandria.
Miss Bea L. Torpey.' Ill Myrtle Ave.
Mrs. W C Thomas. W Boulevard.
N C Flint 211 Wyominc
O F Becharts, CUftaa. Ana
Mrs. Cloo Edwards, M17 Rosa.
W B. LangMon. 221 Dakota.
Mrs. J A. Boxartn. 111 Wyoming.
Miss Ella, Jewell Young. Sacramento and
Miss Etta Lewis. 1211 Cotton Ave.
Albert SUberberg. MS California St.
Miss Josephine Roberta. 131S River St
Mrs. M. D Murray. No. 1C Brasos.
Mrs. W H- Cain. 3MS Mobile.
Miss Helen Markey. MS Roosevelt
Mrs. Edgar D Brown. Clint Texas.
Mrs C. M. Lyman. 1M X. CsmpbeU.
S. W Meeks. SIC N. El Pass.
Mra W J. Pickering. 12 a Pledraa.
Mrs. F. H Dalton. 221 Ore
John MoWey. 71S N Kansas.
Mias Lillian Parsons. 211 Grand Ave.
Jack Harrison: R. F D. No 1. Box 427.
H H Downey. M4 E Rio Grande.
Mrs. I. L. Stanton. 211 Cpaea.
Mrs. R. M Jackson. S12 N Oregon.
Miss Gladys Booth, MS W Rio Grande.
Miss Ceua Simons. 2 W Missouri.
A. J Peterson. 2717 Mobile.
M. F Collier. 27 E. Boulevard.
Mra. L. McHenry MS N Stanton.
Mrs. M. L. Patterson. 1S X Stanton.
C Murray. 4S E. Missouri
Joseph McLaughlin. :ocan. Ariz.
Miss Nell Mathows. 212 W -Rio Grande.
Miss Avallaa Whipple. 121C Upson.
Mrs. S. S. Baker. 1411 Arizona.
Mias Hazel Smith. 33 Palms Court
Miss Maxine Levers. Roawell. N M.
Mra V C Bddlemaa. IMS Wyoming.
Miss Mertle L. Levers. 57 S. Richardson.
Roswell. N M.
Mra. W. A. Koller. M2 11th St. Douglst
Mrs. Ansa Brooks. 324 Hueco St
R. L. Crooks. Box lS. Cimarron. N M
Miss Beulah K. Wiley IMS Magoffin.
Mrs. J L. CShea IMS Magoffin.
Mra, W E. Lunsford. 112 Myrtle
Mias Mabyn Madison. 3SM McKlnley Ave.
Miss Ella Edwards. 21 S. El Paso.
Mias Melba Rogers. Box 301. Msrathon.
Mrs. Irene Graham. Box 55 Eogle. X M
Mrs. Cblpley. C2 Stewart
George Humphreys, Gen. Del City
Kenneth Hubbard. 4121 ToWn Blvd.
X Terega. S2S W Missouri. Apt Xo. 3
Miss Dorothy I Vollertsen. 215 W Nevada.
Mss Martha Medellin. Mesllla Park. N M
J H Coleman Box 2S2 Stiver City. M
Mrs. M P Mobley 4121 Pera.
Henry Wells. 411 S. Psrk 3C
TV T Wittman. who was to have
given a talk on po ltrr culture at the
chamber of commerce Thursdav night,
was delayed in arriving here and the
meeting has been postponed u til next
-the ncsr POCFRY."
Phone ZISSO. 303 Trini St.
ThU It Ural ppl Time.
Several ktn.lt, 5 pound ZTc
mt I'otntoert, I'rom California.
Creamery Ilutter . . 3Sc
Hseellrnt Kkitm. dozen . 40c
'opudit 1-1 pound ZZc
snrntojni Chip, 3 packajrr 2TIe
Macaroni. 2 parkaKen 1S?
Flour, 34 pound Kle ,
Fully Guarnnfeed.
Tell Xm llic Kind ou re and We
Can Supply ou.
Sweet Mixed Pickle, pint 30c
Don't Overlook Some Home Made
(ooklen for the ( hlldren Lunch
They cll 10 for Ze
Our Hrend at 3c I Good.
Phone Is lour Orders.
lour Patronage ppreclated.
Prompt Deliveries.
II is an easy mailer lo copy VERBATIM some first class store's advertising, particularly so if your ad
vertising manager happens lo be a good "CUPPER." But hen a store attempts to put over on an-mlelbgenl
public the product of somebody else's brain and sign their name lo it they should look out that it don t prove a
BOOMERANG. t . , , , . . . , ...
Stores vith Chatham Street methods should not claim to be one priced, for the truth is mighty and will prevail.
That this is the only one price store in El Paso is a recognized fact the only store vhere you can not get
a reduction from the marked price for any reason.
We Gave Away the Party
Hundreds of interested
dav. The
.Myrtle Ave. Tne price
enger, 811 X. Florence.
iiicht to estimate the price of the dress and iiat tnat we gave away jion-
The Season's Greatest
Wanted Silks and Dress Goods
Bringing lo you the best of the favored leaves and colorings at prices seldom quoted at this time of year.
We are making room for holiday goods hence these remarkable reductions.
75c Cheney Broe. Kimono Silks,
$1-25 All bilk Mescalines, Mack, only,
yard .?
75e neavy Dress Velvets, black only,
Georgine Crepes in all colors,
75c All Wool Challies, new patterns
42 inch all wool Kpin-rfe. in
such a African Brown. Bottle
Green Delft Blue and Black.
Novelty Candy Pebbles
31ade of l'uffrd Wbrnt.
15c THE LB. ,
Mesa Avenue and Texas StroeL
Try Oar Hot Taraalee and Chili aucr.
I Don't pass 1 1
1 Keevil's J j .
I If Yon Want the 3 '
DiAt il tJlaUUOa 1UUUC v rg
All Good 7-Passenger Cam
Rate, J2 Per Hour
Phone 509-510
City Hall Stacd - - 418 San Antonio
We Give i&C Stamp
El Paso women gathered
Tailored Suits
Priced At
upTo $ A O Q
These beautiful models are made up in
F. & H. broadcloths, imported gab
ardines and serges, revealing the season's
most exclusive and high grade styles in
African Brown, Russian Green. New
Navy and Black.
There are not more than twenty suits
in this collection so we would advise
an early call. Women who exact the
utmost in Fall and Winter apparel
will appreciate this offering.
Coat Values (filLf
Values to $19.75 pJLtJ
An appealing collection of winter
coats made of zibelines, Scotch
mixtures and plaids, serges, whip
cords, gabardines, etc.. in swagger
box. flare and belted styles.
It is seldom that opportunities such
as this are offered the buying pub
lic, but with our efficient buying
organization ever on the alert for
snaps we get them and pass along
the benefit to our customers.
45 c
price ofthe dress was S31.IO! tne winner jits. u. it. wuw
ol tne nat was spio.ou; aim iuc Kiuuci .uno. -t . . v.iu
t t - -i i vk-uj r- -ri -j vmnnnTt -- m . .iii'i
$1.25 Chiffon Taffetas, in black
only, yard
$1.00 Heavy Storm Serges, every wanted
shade, yard
$1.35 Silk Crepe de Chine, fall range
of colorings, yard
$1.00 Silk Poplins, in splendid winter
weight, yard ....
$1.25 Chiffon Taffetas, in street and
evening shades, yard
medium weight, suitable for dresses and
Kreen, Belgian Blue, Laurel Green, Crow Bhte, Russian
Priced, the vard
Tell These People What You Want
They Will Respond Promptly
C R. MOREHEAD. President. II C N. BASSETT, Vice Prtriicet.
L. J. GILCHRIST. AMt Cashier.
Better prepared than ever to serve our customers promptly and efficiently
Women's Club "SVIotto"
Let eiery day be clean up da, and paint, wallpaper and kalsomine are
gx)d articles to start with. We have a big stock of each.
210-212 N. Stanton St, Phones 205-206.
Call on ua or send In your Specifications and
Slore Open Saturday Xighta Until S Oelocfe.
Phone 438. 201-303 South Si Paso St-eet.
P O Box J5
Herald Want Ads for results
Dress and Hat
around our corner window
Laces & Trimmings
For Evening Gowns
Oar complete stocks of radiant
laces and trimmings affords un
usual scope for selection. Every
wanted weave and quality is rep
resented at prices to suit all
pocket books.
Opalescent and spangle trimmings
in flouncing IS to 36 inches wide.
also tendings in widths ranging
from 4 to 12 inches, priced the
yard, $25 to 520.00
Metalie laces in rich new patterns
coming in alloverg, bands ami
flouncings, priced the yard $220
to $10.00
Beautiful jet trimmings in hand
sotae designs oh silk nets at prices
ranging, the yard, $1.50 to $15.00
All-over bees including the new
plaids IS to 36 inches wide, the
yard, $lio to $4.75
Silk Xets in beautiful colorings
including the new Cinderella, the
yard, $1.00 to $350
New and Nobby $ . 75
Walking Skirts 0
They embody the utmost in style
and service giving qualities developed
of newest fabrics featuring all
around or half belted effects, patch
and pouch pockets. Colorings in
clude Green. Brown. Navy, Mix
tures and Black.
An exceptional gathering of attrac
tive skirt models affording most ex
traordinary savings at the price.
Selling of
separate skirts in new colorings
j San
HI Antonio
Guaranteed flrat claas and tully up to alt requirements ot
Herald Want Ads for results
i .

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