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Thursday, Xov. 11, 1913.
Tne Complaiiriifg Vife
I 8 L O
a t
v e
r Bcvrmcc Fairfax.
MAN friend of mine says that , John meets a. charmingly attractive
love is a form of Jealousy, and
he adds that affection and
:oe are the same thing. Now I like
a great niany people, but do not love
them, and feel that jealousy would
fellow love rather than love Jealousy.
Worn you explain the matter to mer
writes Edith.
V 'What is love? Is a question that has
c. n aked almost ever since the world
ft n The answers to It are about as
i mi rous as are the individuals that
populate the earth. Even the Ideals
of love differ according to climates.
rice and creed. A very clever man
r .' i tl said to me. "Love is a matter
of geographj." Love is a matter of
all sorts of externals, which It would
be hard to define. But in an Ideal state
Jo e ought to be and mean and stand
for certain very definite things
First of all. love ought to be un
r. 1 fish and seldom is' Real love
oji.'ht to consider the happiness of its
Jieloved. as well as Itself. It ought to
be faithful and tender and true, and
b. ciuse it is these things In Itself it
ouL-ht to believe in them in its beloved.
Jealous is not part of love It Is
lo - s oruelest enemy, and it telays real
love. If you cannot trust, you do not
lovt and make up your mind to that.
tr Emotion vs. Lore.
1. motion and lOTe are often mistaken
for each other. .Emotion may be a
wild, tuil-ulent thing of feeling and de-si-.
It craves possession and resents
th. thought that its object can find
happiness awav from it. It is jealous.
exacting feverishly unhappy in Itself.
o'-.i all too likely to produce a similar
effit in the person It honbrs with its
dircrerous deotion.
Love ought to be honest congenial
fr ndship, plus healthy normal human
e-" 'tion It has been defined as
"friendship plus flowers and veil."
ot to Be DrnlBed.
rmotion is not a thing to be despised
or luddtn It is a beautiful, human
exi ess'cn that too many of us pervert
d constant usage.
Send fha Coupon for
"Brownatone" the Only Quiclr, Safe, Satisfactory and Positive
Method for Browning and Beautifying the Hair.
a he Most Popular Hair Tin tine
Ireparntlon In the World.
CVnsiutrmg the length of time It
1) is been on the market "Brownatone"
is u-idoubetedly the largest selling and
tTie most universally used bair stain in
tl e world.
Brownatone" will instantly cause
pr a hvirs to disappear, will give any
d.M.cd shade from light to the deep
e r brown or black. It comes already
pi pa'-ed (no mixing), and any one
can applv it casil1 and with the sur
lc'vile-ipe of happy results. Just
c nb or brush it into the hair. It will
n -t rub or wash off nor fade, and can
xi' t be detected.
Sme "Brownatone" is to be had. it
Is now a very eas matter to have
beautiful and becoming half. It is ab
c U.tel safe and harirless, as it con-t-1
ins non of the dangerous chemicals
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r rers l
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t? e"- where. . . . .
In El Pa'o "Brownatone" is sold and recommended by Warner Drug Co,
si d other leading dealers.
The Kenton Pharmacal Cow
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Enclosed please find 1 cents (coin or stamps). Please send me trial
bottle of "Brownatone."
Shades. Light brown, golden brown, dark brown or black.
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Are you entirely satisfied with yourself and each
days work and can you retire at the close of the
day with the satisfying knowledge of efforts well
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American Trust and Savings Bank
young girl: she appeals to his senses
and he imagines he loves her. He goes
excitedly whirling through an amorous
adventure he calls a loe affair. He de
mands loyalty and devotion, and since
he cannot command them through faith
and trust and well-balanced congenial
attraction, he is miserably jealous and
suffers, and causes all sorts of doubts.
Neither John nor his cliarmer knows
anvthing about love. They are having
a facile, feverish affair in which youth
is calling to vouth and emotion Is ex
pressing itself without 6. background of
understanding and respect and congen
iality to make it worth while.
True love longs to give happiness.
It believes in the kindly intentions of
its beloved: it has faith when all the
evidence points to unfalth. It has sym
pathy for pain; tenderness for weak
ness; hope for strength and above all
the splendid desire to be fine and
worthy, to make life more worth while
because it has come Into it.
Love knows how much more blessed
it is to give than to receive. Love is
gracious and long-suffering. Love
takes on the Interests of Its beloved.
It casts out jealousy and doubt and bit
terness and all harsh Judgment. It
does all these things it it is ideal love
the sort we all long for and do pa
thetically little to deserve.
There is one thing we all owe to
love that is a high ideal of it, an
ideal that will keep us from accepting
cheap imitations and ideal that will
make us long to be worthy of the
promised land we can vision and may
enter if we choose.
Lieut. O. E. MIchaelis, of the 16th in
fantry Is wearing a new Shrine badge
which is mrde of diamonds set In plat
inum. The badge was the gift or mayor
Tom Lea. who is a close friend of
the lieutenant's and who presented him
with th Shrine emblem as an appre
ciation of all Lieut Jlichaells had done
for El Paso.
FREE Trial Bottle,
Inatant Hair 'tain Itetter Than Slow
Some folks would have you beHeve
that they have discovered some mar
velous combination that will "restore"
the color to gray, streaked or faded
hair, without staining it. No such
reparation has ever been discovered,
any preparations are advertised In
this deceiving waj but they all de
pend upon sulphur, lead, silver or
other dangerous minerals for gradu
allv dyeing the hair.
There Is only one preparation so
far as we know that is entirely iree
from all of these highly dangerous
and poisonous chemicals. That prep
aration is "Brownatone." It is so easy
and safe to apply that the wonder is
that anyone ever uses anything else.
If the gray shows on your temples
or is streaking your hair if the ends
of your hair are lighter than the bal
ance, or if for any reason you wish
to stain all or part of your hair try
Is .x. ,i' '. -J&&? &feajMii&Wflff
This picture, taken just before it was crated in glass and put aboard a special car with machinery to keep it re
volving in order that it n ould not sap. shows the largest chry santhemum in this country and the second largest in the
world, to a flower show in Cleveland. Ohio. The chrysanthemum, second in size to the giant plant owned by the mikado
of Japan, is from the estate of Adolph Lewisohn of Ardsley, X. Y. The plant is 17 feet in diameter and it cost J1706
to shop it to Cleveland and back.
Vorld War Raises Cost of Dyeing;
Aniline and CarLolrc Acid Higk
Potash More 'Expensive Purlmntter Remains the Same Again Peruvian
Bark and Dogwood Come Higher Because of the Big Scrap; Heart
Stimulants for Lovers Do Not Change; Asperin Is
So High Headaches Are As Expensive As Twins.
nv j. ii.
IT costs more to dye now than it did
before the European war began. It
also costs more to die. All products
from coal tar. from which aniline dyes
are produced, have advanced from !
to 300 percent. Carbolic acid, a-prod-uct
of coal tar. and cyanide of potas-
sium, a product of potash, have gone
up soaringly. Both are popular suicide
Apples, timothy hay seed and aniline
dves make good "strawberry Jam" ?
drjggists say. Therefore, strawberry
Ja has gone up. It is a bitter pill to
sw allow quinine has also gone up be
cause nobody in America seems to want
to handle Peruvian bark. Aaperin has
advanced until headaches cannot he af
forded oftener than twins.
Rice Powder Popular.
Ttxce powder, by operation of the law
cf supply and demand for dusting
noses, necks and elbows to prevent
them from looking like goats' knees
the eliiows not the necks has ascended
the ladder of high living cost. Cosroet
.cs. with the exception of the Imported
brands. hae rfot been materially af
fected, 'and milady may perfume and
oil ard massage her countenance with
out stress upon the family purse. This
Is due to the fact that the American
manufacturer rivals the European on
the production of toilet articles.
Potanh and Perlmntter.
Potash is higher Perlmutter remains
the same. This head of the salt family
is being used in the making of ammu
nition for European slaughter. It is
also used in the drug world for kidney
trouble and fertilizing the soil.
A. second popular drug, pleasant in
feeling and not hostile in scent is
glycerine. It has advanced because it
Is "used more in blowing up battleships
and trenches than soothing counte
nances and home made wounds. Not
only has this advance been noticed all
over America, but the same experience
was had when Col. Goethals blew his
was through the isthmus of Panama.
Heart Stimulants.
The doctor's case, which is the last
word In mysteries for 'the uninitiated.
has not been largely affected by the
war. The heart stimulants, for lovers
Bedtime Story For
"Uncle Wiggily and
W(,y -rNCLE WIGGIX.Y. - would you
I J mind going to the store for
me?" asked Nurse Jane Fuzzy
Wizzy, the muskrat lady housekeeper
of the nice old rabbit gentleman, one
day as, Mr. Longears came sliding down
stairs to breakfast.
"Mind going to store for you? Why
certainly not. Miss Fuzzy Wuzzy."
answered Uncle Wigglly politely.
"What do you want me to get"
"Some clothespins." replied the musk
rat lady. "I haven't enough to use in
pinning my clothes on the line, and
soon we will have strong, wintry winds
that will blow the clothes away If they
are not made fast."
"Clothespins you shall have, as many
as you like," said Uncle Wigglly.
So after breakfast the old rabbit gen
tleman left his hollow stump bungalow
In the Woodland forest, and away he
went to the store to get the clothes
pins for his muskrat lady housekeeper.
Uncle Wigglly had not gone very far
before he heard a rustling in the
bushes behind him.
"Ha! Something is coming after
me!" thought the rabbit gentleman.
"I wonder if it is tbe skillery sealery
nllifratnr or Mr. THtrtail lhA fovT
And It was the fox. as Uncle Wlggily I
saw a moment later. But he was not
in the least frightened, for. as you
know the allfgator and the fox were
now good friends with the rabbit gen
tleman, and neither of them would have
so much as pulled Uncle Wlgglly's
"Ah. how do you do. Mr. Bigtail""
asked Uncle Wiggily. "I trust you are
"Very well." replied the tox. "And
now are you.
"Fine!" cried the rabbit eentleman,
most happily, and he thought how nice
it now was not to have to run away
from the good fox. who used to be bad
"Where are you going?" asked the
fox of the rabbit.
"To the store, to get some clothes.
pins for Nurse Jane," answered Mr.
"I'll go with you and help carry
them," spoke the fox, and so he did.
taking half the clothes pins in his paws
"Jor, since you were so Kind as to j
help me' went on the rabbit gentle-(
Iran to the fox. "on"t inu romt home ,
and have lum ti with mr " Nurse Jane
will be glad to see jou " j
and others, are used in such magnified
form that comparatively small quanti
ties of strychnine, digitalis, nitro
glycerine and morphine are used. -
Opium, and its byproduct of mor
phine, are somewhat scarce on the
American market for two reasons: one
that America has shipped out during
the past year large quantities of her
reserve stock of morphine: and sec
ondly, because the enforcement of the
Harrison narcotic act has made the sale
of the drug impossible save in border
Carbolic leld 5 Cent n Pound.
Carbolic acid Is manufactured in Ger
many at five cents a pound. It was sold
wholesale In America at ,75 cents a
pound before the war. Now it sells at
S3 SO. A singular thing about the rise is
that tttA jfraercrict ha luit .Foluil ltic
prices on the acid and is standing the
reduction in his profits, hoping for re
lief with the production of an American
made carbolic acid. It is really the bi
products pi coal tar that have been the
more keenly affected. This Is because
Germany had organized her coal tar
products Industry upon a better scale
than any other of her Industries, drug
gists say. She led the world and jeal
ously guarded this field by threatening
to undersell any American productlf
One of the reasons that Germany
could lead the world in this field was
that the European coal contains a
greater percentage of phenol than the
American deposit and this fact, plus the
cheapness of labor, made it possible for!
tne Teutons to leaa tne wona.
Clothing Djen Go Pp.
The effect upon clothing because of
the reduction in importations of aniline
dyes is debatable. A representative of
John B. Stetson. Philadelphia, one of
the great hat firms, stated that his
firm had not more than a year's supply
of black dye on hand. A representa
tive of a large hosiery house stated
frankly that the use of white hosiery
upon so large scale was due to the
fact that a shortage in dye stuff exist.
On the other hand a local merchant In
sists that the use of white hosiery was
because of the abbreviated skirt and that
women, working by paradoxes, wear
light hosiery In winter to contrast with
tne Little O
the Barking Dog."
"Of course I'll come, and thank you
very much." the fox answered, making
such a low and polite bow that his
fluffy tail swept on the ground, just
like a dusting brush after you've
spilled the popcorn.
Uncle Wiggily and Mr. Bigtail. the
.. . .... ......
iox. were on ineir way to me raooic s
hollow stump bungalow, when, all at
once, through the woods sounded the
barking of a dog.
"Ha!" cried the fox. "I ought to know
what that is. It's a hunter man out
with his dog and gun. and I guess he
is looking for us. Uncle Wlggtly."
Is he. indeedT asked tne rabbit gen-
tleman. "Well, he needn't trouble him- !
self. I want to see no dogs, or hunters
But the old rabbit gentleman could
not help himself, and soon he saw. run
ning toward him and the fox. a big,
shaggy, barking dog.
"Here he comes!" cried the fox. "Run.
Uncle Wigglly! Run!"
Uncle Wiggily ran as best as he could,
but it was not very fast, as he had to
lean on his red. white and blue striped
La Mejor a Cualquier Precio
No hay otra levadura
en polvo que produce
mejores galletas, tortas
y pastelena. No hay
otra tampoco, tan puro
y saludable.
7l Levadura En PolvoT
M. eg J
dark clothing; and dark hosiery in sum
mer to contrast with white garments.
Peruvian Bark, and Dogwood.
Peruvian bark has its world market
In Amsterdam. Holland. The decline In
shipping between the Dutch port and
rn, 1a said to exnlain the sharp ad
vance In the one reputable cure for,.
enills ana lever, ague, swamp liver aim
marsh heart. No, explanation has been.
forthcoming as to wny Americans u
not import the bark. It has been sug
gested that we have no facilities for
transforming the bark Into the drug.
Peruvian bark and dogwood tea have
both advanced In price.
Rubber, which has become a drug
store accessory, has not advanced, as
America is a world market for rubber
and trade is had direct with South
American ports.
America Lead.
Neither have the articles which make
up surgery dressing advanced, as Amer
ica leads the world in the manufacture
of bandages, plasters and medicated
cotton. Any advance which might come
In this direction would Be due to the
enormous consumption In the hospitals
of France. Kngland. Belgium.. Russia
and Italy, where large shipments have
been made.
The rapid rl which has taken place
in the price of many of the most com
mon drugs in nearly every city In the
country In the last few months has
brought a storm of protest and criti
cism upon the druggist from many peo
ple who do not understand the situa
tion. Customers bring a prescription to
be filled and are surprised and angry
when the price charged is about double
what they have formerly paid.
HrngciHtJi Ip Ajralniit It.
In many places the druggists have
called meetings to discuss the situation
and have decided on a nw schedule of
prices. While the druggists of El Paso
held just such a meeting Friday after
noon, no action was taken as to & new
schedule of prices. An effort will be
made to supply drugs at as near the
regular prices as possible, with the ex
ception of the biproducts of coal tar.
which make an advance in prices neces
sary. T. 3- Tm rVimlnsr-
Of the world's production of coal tar
dyes, valued at J:,16.0, Germany
produced 368.3DU.aos worm, or practi
cally three-fourths of the world's sup
ply. Of the world's export trade. Ger
manv has even a larger share, taking
over SS percent. The shutting off of
the German trade by the English em
bargo and the great demand for the
dyestuffs has brought many American
concerns into the field. There are now
nine new plants making aniline and
Intermediates. Their total output la
18,0a pounds daily. Our total produc
tion of coal tar dyestuffs materials at
this time is probably over three times
the production prior to the European
rheumatism crutch that Nurse Jane hatf
gnawed for hjm out of cornstalk. t
"Run faster! Faster!" cried the fox.
"Else the dog will get you. Uncle Wig
glly r
"I can't run any faster." sadly said
tho poor rabbit gentleman. "My legs
are too tired."
"I'll help you," said the fox. Then he
took Uncle Wlgslly s paw In his own,
and sort of pulled him along.
"Oh, I can't run any more! 1 can't go
a step more." said the poor rabbit gen
tleman, as the bad barking dog came
i nearer and nearer. "Leave me. Mr. Big.
.tall ,nJ ,.a wniml t
tail, and save yourself.
"No. I will not!" cried the fox. look
ing around. For a moment the dog
was not in sight, being down behind a
little hllL Then the fox saw a hollow
log on the ground.
"Here, you crawl in the hollow log
and hide." sam the fox to uncle Wlg
gily. "Ill run on. and the dog will
think you are with me, and he'll keep
on chasing. I can run much fdater than
that dog, if I don't have to wait for
you, and 111 soon lead him far away.
And when he Is gone you can come
out of the log and go to your bun
galow." "Oh. that will be so good of you!"
said the bunny uncle. So In to the
hollow log he crawled, and the fox.
with a bark, ran on. The dog coming
upover me top oi tne mil, saw the
THE woman who forever complains
of her married lot. yet who goes j
on bearing It. Is not entitled to j
much sympathy or respect. To live j
with a man aa nis ww ji .
the fact constantly, and to pour Into
the nearest ear a perpetual tale of dis
appointment and dissatisfaction. Is both
weak and Immoral.
So long as a woman wears a mans
JJ,,iJ lives under the same roof
wtS Mm her dignity and selt-reapect
Should enforce her silence In regard to
hi failfngs. It I" difficult to snder
at"nd the Type of woman who loves to
nos" as martyr to the extent of htimll
fatlns th2 man she has married by her
crlt"1sms of his shortcomings to oth-
'" Thinks Only of Herself.
?nrh a woman thinks only of herself,
although IhfVs certain to believe her
life one of self-sacrifice and duty.
It u a curious fact that many women
wish to be thought unhappy and mis
Tr.wlr.tnZS. "What would you do If
you? llfehad not something In it that
vou wanted'" asked a restless and
beautHu? woman one day of a friend
I would hunt about and see .If I
had not made a mistake." the friend
replied "And I would employ every
snarehour In cultivating the very best
S5.ibilitles in myself, until I became
go'oupled that Hte would grow m-
fox. but not the rabbit. ,-,..
W' The fox roust be carrying tncle
Wlggily in his paws." thought the dog.
"Never mind, I shall soon catch them
Bu't he did not. The fox ran on so
fast that the dog could not catch hlro.
and Uncle Wigglly was left safely be
hind In the hollow log. Then the fox
dropped some of the ronnd. slippery
clothes pins in the dog's way. and the
bad barking creature slipped oh them,
fell and bumped his nose. And It hurt
him so he stopped chasing the fox.
Then Mr. Blgtall was safe, and he
picked up the clothespins, taking them
to the hollow stump bungalow, where,
by this time. Uncle Wlggily had gone
himself, crawling out of the hollow log.
He thanked the fox for saving him.
which was the polite thing to do. And
so it all came out all right, you see.
And If the window curtain doesn't hide
behind the shutter, where the rice pud
ding wants to go to sleep. I'll tell you
next about t'ncle Wlggily in the big
snow. Copyright. 191S, by McClure
Newspaper .Syndicate.
Hoosiers will form an Indiana so
ciety Friday evening at the offices of
Dr. I G. WItherspoon In the Roberts
Banner building. At this meeting the
permanent organization of the Indiana
society will be arranged and officers
There are more than IN former In
diana residents in El Paso and all of
these have been invited to attend the
first meeting. Hoosiers who are mar
ried are invited to bring their wives
or husbands with them and residence
In Indiana makes the former Hoosler
eligible to membership as It fs not
necessary to be "native sons."
"Thrifty Alexander"
A lexander gets satisfaction from
his Ban Booi.
No. 10 of a Series
The com he's taved phs mitral.
Macs Km-fccl like a Tseahhy man.
Who'll mae good vhen comes the test?
The bos "ho has a saving plan.
Alexander is now experiencing the joy that cases to
every money savei" the joy of achievement.
This matter of saving mosey is sot all drudgery, net
all sacrifice. Its happy moments are many. While shead
ing money has its fleeting gratifications SAVING it has
rewards that STAY with one. And so, if we keep right
on, jojt as yon see Alexander doing, you wiH knew many
times the joys that free spending will buy.
First National Bank
Arizona State Fair, Phoenix
Dates of sale Nov. 1 3th to 20th, inclusive, re
, turn limit Nov. 22.
YOU WILL SEE the J50-ra3e AUTOiMO.
BILE RACE for purse of $5,000.00.
6:45 a. m., 6:00 p. m. and 10:15 p. m.
Arrive PHOENIX 8:30 p. m. and 11:15
a. hi
Paso to Phoenix by using tfce
Southern Pacific
The Exposition Line
206 North Oregon.
tereatlng In spite of fate.
The woman who posed as a starved
soul had onlv herself to blame for her
condition. She had ability In a. half
dozen directions which she had not
used. She had beauu, which she was
allowing to go to de-a prematurely
by self-indulgence, and was despondent
through lack of proper exercise and
lack of purpose
She was the wife of a man who
loved her and was kind to her, the
man she had deliberated chosen for a,
life companion Yet ear after year
she had allowed herself to think and
talk of being misunderstood and mis
mated and dissatisfied, until she really
believed herself to be all three.
red n Good Rap.
Snch a woman needs a good rap
from the knuckles of fate She needs
to learn what real unhapplness is, and
to be thrown upon the world for self
support and forced to develop her abili
ties. The woman who devotes four or
five or six hours a day to some em
ployment has little time to muse "on
her own misfortunes.
Lt each wife who imagines herself
misunderstood and mlsmated turn her
attention to self-improvement. Let her
develop some talent, take up some In
dustry, enter a class for physical cul
ture and center her faculties on mak
ing herself a woman beautiful in mind
and body.
If the husband is really unworthy
and he prove absolutely unappreclatlve
she will at least be making a better
future for herself than by sitting down
brooding over her unhapplness and
growing old before her time.
Nothing ages a woman like discon
tented and morbid thoughts. The wom
an who keeps the wrinkles from her
face and the fogs from her heart and
the shadows from her mind need not
fear being long neglected by fate.
Copyright. 1915. Star company.
Combing Won't Hid
Hair Of Dandruff
The only sure way to get rid of dand
ruff Is to dissolve It. then you destroy
It entirely. To do this, get about four
ounces of ordinary liquid arvon. applv
it at night when retiring; use enough.
to moisten the scalp and rub It In
gently with the finger tips.
Do this tonight, and by morning,
most if not all. of your dandruff will
be gone, and three or four more ap
plications will completely dissolve and
entirely destroy every single sign and
trace of It. no matter how much, dand
ruff you may have.
Ton will find, too, that all Itching
and dicging of the scalp will stop at
once, and your hair will be fluffy, lus
trous, glossy, silky, and soft, and look
and feel a hundred times better.
You can get liquid arvon at any
drug store. It is inexpensive and
never falls to do the work. Adv.

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