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PricUv, November 12, 1915.
reflect map IF CIT!
Two Banks Increase Their Dividends to Stockholders
in the Past Few Months; Demand is Strong For All
Stocks and Prices Are Rising; Local Coffee Man
ufacturing Concern Pays Ten Per Gent.
PKOSPERITY has hit El Paso's home business, according to figures compiled
by the Curliss-Manning eompoy here, awl Bews of local stocks in El Paso
to date brings out that dividend rates on the stock of the Commercial
National bank and El Paso Bank and Trust company hate been increased from
10 percent to 12 since July and January 1, 1915, respectively. ,
The Western Coffee company paid a total of 18 percent in dividends during
lur past fiscal year.
AH local stocks are strong and in demand, and there has been a steady rise
in price in the past few months for practically all local stocks.
The latest quotations on local stocks foHow:
Bid. Ask. DivJlate.
American Trust and Savings bank 120 140 8
City National Bank 165 1S5 12
Commercial National bank 110 115 10
El Paso Bank and Trust company 195 12
Tirst National bank 230 245 16
Rio Orande Valley Bank and Treat company 15S 163 12?i
Secuntv Tnit and Savings bank 9S 10S None
State National bank ...600 Variable
Terns Bank and Trust company ....- 206 Variable
Union Bank and Trust company 130 15i S
Firt Mortgage company 130 140 10
Bio Grande Mortgage company 115 125 10.
Texas Mortgage company 108 110 10
Amicable Life 70 00
Great Southern Life 1850 26J
Interstate Casualty and (Juanutty company 50
Occidental Life .'....145.00 155.00
Occidental Fire - .....i.... . .50 1,25
San Antonio Life 18.66 12.08-
Two Republics Life, H Paso 100.W
"Western States Life, California 4-50 6.S8-
Atlas Brick company '. J5
EI Paso Foundry and Machine company . 20 56
EI Paso Ice and Refrigerator eoopaay 180
EI Paso Hotel company 25 75
El Paso Electric company, preferred 9T
El Paso Electric company, eomaw 125
El Paso Phonograph company '. 3W
First State Bank of Cbat -,K 15
Globe Mills, preferred ...j.. 160,
Globe Mills, common S
Government Hill Realty company 46 55
Great Teias Realty company ,. . 11
Phoenix-El Paso Building company 75 100
S. W. Portland Cement company, preferred and common 95 110
Western Coffee company 90
For Better Groceries at a Better
Price See Us
We guarantee everything we sell.
Moses Best Hard Wheat Flonr 4 lb. Sack 80c
Rose Brand Soft Wheat Flonr 48 lb. Sack 1.60
Snowdrift, 10 lb. pail .$1.15
Cottolene, 10 lb. pail .- $1.40
Pure Lard, 10 lb. pail $1.35
15 lbs. Colorado Potatoes. 25c
9 lbs. Onions . 25c
Gold Plume Coffee, per lb 35c
New England Mince Meat, 3
packages .1 25c
Woodchnck Yellow Soap, 10
bars -25c
Apples, Gano, per box . . .$1.70
Jonathan Apples, per box $1.75
In our Meat Department we sell only the Best
Meat obtainable Poultry and Oysters.
For Thanksgiving well have select Valley Turkeys at the right
price, and everything that goes with turkeys Give us yonr or
er early.
One trial ttHI convince yon that our price, qnalltr and TrelRht
are right.
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Regulation Army Olhre Drab, Full Size, Pure Wool, dJ" A J?
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Xo. 152.
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Steam Heat
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nished. Nothing Finer in the
$1.00 a Day Up Special Weekly Rates
Herald Want Ads Bring Results
To Cooperate With Chamber
of Commerce in Getting
Settlers for Valley.
The EI Paso Real Estate dealers
will organize into an exchamje for the
purpose of taking care of prospects and
completing the work of the publicity
department of the chamber of com
merce which brings many people and
Inquiries into the southwest.
The plans for this exchange were
tentatively drawn at a luncheon of a.
committee on organization at Hotel
Sheldon at noon Fndaj. The plans
will not be made public until Thurs
day afternoon. Nov 18. when a mass
meeting of the real estate men of El
Paso is called to discuss, and if found
desirable, accept the program formu
lated by the committee. The meeting
will be held in the auditorium of the
chamber of commerce.
Meeting Thurmlay lflernoon.
G. IL Clements presided at the meet
ing and explained that the publicity
department was trying to bring 150
German farmers here from Canada to
locate in the valleys of the Kio Grande
and that he had called the real estate
men together to consider plans for
bringing these colonists here. He sug
gested sending a representative of all
the valleys under the project to confer
with the prospective colonists and that
this representative be supplied with
maps, literature, photographs and cre
dentials authorizing him to quote prioes
and terms to the farmers. He aald the
chamber -of commerce did not wish to
send such a representative unless the
entire bady of real estate men belong
ing to the chamber concurred In it and
he was assured that this was the case.
A committee composed of J. B. Paden,
V. F. Payne, R. E. Sherman. James I
Marr. M. P. Stevens. Dexter Mapei and
II. ta Salle, was appointed to make
plans for an organization of the real
estate men
o Organization.
"As It is now," said Mr Clements,
"when a man or woman with whom the
publicity bureau has long been in cor
respondence finallv comes to town,
often from long distances, the best I
can do is go over with them again the
matter covered by our booklets and by
our letters, show them maps, point out
to them the samples of fruit, vegetables
and other forms of vegetation we have
on show in the chamber of commerce
and then hand them a list of the real
estate men who are members of the
chamber of commerce or contributors to
the budget fund, -and turn them out
the front door. The result Is that
many of these prospects who have
made their long trip get into the
downtown district and become lost
"We should have a sales agent or
locating agent as they have at LasCru
ces, possessed of an automobile, over
"to whom we could turn these prospects
to be taken from one emi of the El
Paso valley to the other and shown ev
erything there is to be shown in the
form or agricultural lanas. inis awes
agent or locating agent should have no
connection with any individual real es
tate firm -ana tne prospect snou
know that.
IIow to Get Colonies.
"What we are narticularlv intereteil
in now, however, is In getting togther
for the purpose of handling coytaies.
Should a representative of this Gfcrman
colony in which we are interested
just at present come to El Vnko how
could he be handled by the tfublldtv
bureau under the present system You
have it in your own hands tot provide
the remedy." I
Among those present at the meeting
were James U Marr. H. La Salle, a H.
Palm, n. E. Sherman, J. C. White. J.. B.
Paden. D. C Kloss, J. I. McCullough.
C B. Stevens. JL P Stevens and W. F
Payne, all of El Paso, and J F Find
lay. II B Link and F. L. Hill, of Las
Cruces. The latter were called in to
explain the method employed by the
Elephant Butte Water Users' associa
tion in handling prospects brought to
Las Cruces by the avertising done
through the efforts of immigration sec
retary Link or the joint immigration
bureau conducted in El Paso
Mr. El Paso Sutfers With
Goul and Nerves as Result
Of Six Luncheons Friday
An El Paso business man who at
tempted to attend ail of the luncheons
which were held Friday would have
collapsed from a complication of nerv
ous prostration and gout
There were six luncheons held Fri
day at noon and the hotels were so
crowded that it was necessary for the
different organizations to wait their
turns to get into the dining rooms.
The Y M. A. had a luncheon for
the visiting officials who are here for
the interstate convention. The real
estate men met to perfect a real estate
exchange. The Druggists' association
held its semi-monthly meeting, S S.
McClure entertained his friends with a
luncheon at the Sheldon, the auto deal
ers had a luncheon to plan for Auto
week and the county commissioners
had a luncheon after letting the con
tract for the new courthouse.
j . i
Work Will Start on Con-! Gives Luncheon for Friends
struction Within Week: and Tells Them ot .Fleas-
- 1
Will Cost $700,000.
Dnt will be moving for the new
county courthouse within the next week
or ten days, according to J. K. Morgan,
who was awarded the contract for the
construction 'of the building at a meet
ing of the county commissioners' court
Friday morning
Mr. Morgan's bid of $378.33. which
does not include the proposed audi
torium, jail or elevators, was accepted
without a dissenting vote. Mr. Morgan
agreed to omit the wiring, which
brings his bid down to $164,971.
A disposition was manifested on the
part of some of the commissioners to
include all features of the work which,
based on Mr Morgan's bid. would
amount to J588.S77. if simple windows
were used, or 3687.793 If double hung
windows were installed.
While there is only J42O.O00 available
for the courthouse at this time, it Is
planned to issue scrip to take care of
the remainder
Clifford "Wants Andllorlnm.
Commissioner James Clifford urged
the building of the auditorium at this
time, while commissioner J. M. Walling
expressed a desire for tthe completion
of the jail on the top floor of the build
ing. Commissioner George Jendell
came out strongly for letting the con
tract for the whole. Commissioner
Seth Orndorff declared that he was as
anxious to let the contract for every
feature of the building as any of the
commissioners, but that the county did
not have the money at this time. He
moved that the bid of Mr. Morgan for
S378.3, less $13,422 for wiring, be ac
cepted. Commissioner Cliffordsecoaded
the motion and when put the motion
Need Meeting Place.
Later commissioner Pendell declared:
"I don't like that order. We are as
food as 1 (alias and Dallas built a JtOO.
00 building with $200,000 cash, issuing
S 400.00 scrip We are going to have
the irrigation and the dry farming
congresses and we need a large build
ing ip which to hold those ' and other
conventions that are coming. The "is
suance of scrip would not work a hard
ship -upon the county. It has been
figured out that a tax of SI 2i on the
$1000 valuation for the first year. $1
for the second year. 75 cents for the
third year, ',0 cents for the fourth year
and IS cents for the fifth year, based
on our present assessed valuation,
would take care of the issue and I am
for it."
3.V,oOA More "Needed.
It is estimated that over S230.000 will
be required to complete the building
above Mr. Morgan's contract and frotc
$75,000 to S100.000 additional to com
pletel -furnish it bringing the total
for building and equipment to about
ure of His Visit.
S S McClure, the New York pub
lisher, gave a luncheon at noon Friday
at Hoie.l Sheldon to a number ot EI
Pasoans. The table was arranged In
the private dining room and was oeco
rated in amilax and carnations. Mr.
McClure complimented EI Paso, told of
the pleasure ot his visit here and of ni
appreciation of the courtesies extended
him, and called upon .various gnests for
short talks
Lieut O E. Michaelis acted as toast
master and introduced the various
guests, all of whom made short talks I
as tributes to Mr. McClure, wnom tney
had grown to know and like during
ills short stay in El Paso.
I'romlnenr Guexts.
James Graham McMasy and R. B. Orn.
dorif occupied seats on each side of the
host at the head of the table. The
guest list included the following. U. S.
Stewart. Judge Dan M. Jackson, Mat. J.
L. Hines, H. S. Potter. CoL C. W. Tay
lor, It B. Orndorff. James Graham Mc
Xary. Maj G H. McMaster, J. V Na
tions. S. G. Humphreys, G. A. Martin,
Capt A. P Watts, J E. Benton, J. R. Se
gall. Leo Ferlet, F J. Feldman. Dr. W
R. Jamieson, Dr. C C. Young. H. D Sla
ter, Capt Geo C. Barnhardt. W. E. MIX,
Malcolm A. Fraser, Marion Letcher. Seth
Orndorff. Lieut O E. Michaelis, Rich
ard M. Dudley, W. H. Frer, JI. S
Beach. A. E Rowlands. E. C Davis.
Maj F. A. Wilcox. Claiborne Adams, A.
W. Reeves. Frank Langan, J S. Gain
ing. J. Young Pentland. of Edinburg.
Scotland: A. E. Ryan. G H. Clements.
Vicente Herrera was arrested Thurs
dav morning by federal agents charged
with importing a woman to El Paso
, from Mexico for immoral purposes, anil
remanded: to jail in default of S1000
bond. Guadalupe Bees. the woman.
I was detained at the Immigration pens
I at the international bridge.
I Francisco Lopes was arrested on a
from a United States soldier. He was
released bv federal officials upon flung
bond for $200.
Genara Heynaut charged with smug
glliw; across the border out of Mexico
at this point the five paintings alleged
to have been stolen from the bishop of
San Luis Potoai. was released from the
jail upon filing bond for S1000.
Some grease, an old hose and waste
' paper upon the top of the boiler in the
basement of the federal building filled
! the postoffe itn smoke at 9:4:
1 oclock Fridav morrnig and brought out
! the fire department
1 John W. Burns, of t le city division of
1 the postoffi-e force won the applause
! of all hii fellon clerks by crawling
' through .i hole in the wall and ex
I tinguishmg the blaze
The first iletc Hon of a fire was a
stream of smoke which came up
, through a flue into the Parcel post
division The building was filled with
smoke, but no damage was done.
Ike Alderete has announced his can
didacy for the position of district clerk.
subject to the action of the county pri
mary which will be held in July.
Alderete was district clerk for two
terms and is considered to be a strong1
candidate anions the Mexican oters of
the cit and has many friends among
the Americans.
Will P Casares has also announced
his candidacy for constable at the
county election.
These are the first official announce
ments that have been made for the
county election in Julj
One of the largest shipments of cat
tle out of northern Mexico into the El
Paso district was scheduled to be re
leased Friday afternoon on George M.
Holmes's entry of 2"A head of beef on
the hoof, 47 horses, 25 mules and one
These animals have been held up the
4S hours fiftd b law. and were free to
be taken into United States territory
at Fab ens.
Four hundred and fortv head of cat
tle were entered for import by Leon
ardo Zarrllla Kridaj.
The El Paso Druggists' association
held their regular bi-monthly luncheon
at Hotel Sheldon at noon Friday. The
chief event was the reading of an ar
ticle uron the advance in the Drice ot
drugs which appeared in the, Thursday
issue or The Herald.
The luncheon was presided over by
president Herbert Ward and, as a re
sult of The Herald article, the ques
tion of an advance in the price of drugs
was disctrssed No action was taken
that would Immediately affect the consumer.
BY AUGUST 1, 1916
The new high school building is to
be completed by August 1. 19l, 'ac
cording to agreement between the
school board and S. B. Houx, repre
senting the American Construction
company of Houston, successful bid
ders on the work of completing the
building The meeting was held Thurs
day afternoon in the office of Trost,
& Trost architects. '
It was decided at the meeting to use
Alaskan marble instead of vitrolite or
opalite in the toilet rooms of the build
ing, for which $350 will be deducted
from the contract price of t27I,M).
Mr. Houx raised objection to a fea
ture of the contract which held him
responsible for the qualitv and quan
tity of material put into the substruc
ture, which was built bj J. K. Mor
gan. He declared that Mr Morgan's
work had Dfeen done very well and he
had no doubt that everything had been
done in accordance with the specifica
tions, yet he did not wish tb make his
company responsible for work done by
another man While no formal action
was taken, the cantract will likely be
modified The contract is being re
drafted and will probably be signed at
a meeting of the school board at the
Bailey school tonight
Anto thieves broke two yale locks
on the garage or Robert Krakauer. on
Golden Hill terrace Tbunsday night
and drove his Cadillac touring car
away. Later it was found on Newman
street with the fan broken.
Mr Krakauer has offered $100 re
ward for information which will lead
to the arrest of the men who took the
auto from his garage. "Auto owners
should get together and cooperate with
the police in putting a stop to these
auto thieves," said Mr. Krakauer Fri
day. "I am willing to do my part and
I intend to push the case to the limit
if the men who took my car are ar
rested. It is time this auto stealing
should, stop and it can be stopped if
the auto owners will assist the police
all tbey can."
Claude Duke, the fireman who was
injured in the fire auto collision Tues
day afternoon, is reported to be im
proved and he has a chance for re
covery. Mrs. Th& Eggers. who was
riding In R. G. Martin's Fiat car and
who was also injured, has almost en
tire! recovered friton the effects of the
shock and bruises.
"You don't realize what a nervous
strain vou are putting on a man in
the cab." said a Southern Pacific loco
motive engineer ton automobile driv
er, "when you dash up toward a cross
ing jnst ahead of his train. There he
is in his cab and he knows that he
can't stop his engine. There you are
in your automobile speeding toward
the crossing just ahead. You probably
know that ou are going to stop just
at the edge of the track and look up
and laugh at him. He doesn't He
doesn't know that you even see the
train He doesn't know but what you
are going to try to dash across ahead
of hint. It's a joke maybe to you. To
him it's a few seconds of the most in
tense agon). Whv do you do it? When
you see a train coming and know that
you can't make the crossing and don't
even intend to try to make it why
don't you slow dow n and give the engi
neer the assurance that his train is
not about to hurl you into eternity T"
"I never thought of it in that light"
said the auto man. "I guess we do
those things in a spirit of deviltry. I
can tell you one thing, though. I'm
never going to harrow up another en
gineer's nerves."
"I wish they'd all quit it" said the
railroad man. "It happens a dozen
times a da '
Nathan L Daum died at 10:25
oclock Thursday night at his residence,
iSll Bliss street H- had been in ill
health for about two years, his Ill
ness becoming serious a month ago.
The body will be taken this afternoon
to his former home in New York city,
accompanied by Sirs. Daum and two
brothers. Charles and Harry Daum.
The two brothers arrived three days
ago to be with their brother
Nathaniel L. Daum was a member of
the Daum-Beal company. 821 Colum
bus avenue. New York. He was 2s
years old and had been living in El
Paso, in the hope of regaining his
health, for several months, having
previously spent some months In Albu
querque. He is survived by his widow
and father, two brothers and a sister In
New York
f Newest Designs In
rE feel that we can be justly proud
of our selection of sterling silver
this year. ' Many of the designs are en
tirely new, and the
' it '
variety is excellent.
You can't make a
mistake in choosing
sterling silver 'as a
Wedding Gift no
matter in what form.
It is always good,
always pleasing.
I W o JL o i J.J..
Mills &5-d Mesa,
Coo j
FlMSIttL Hi:i,l FOR "MRS..
Friends of the family filled the chapel
of Nagley 8c Kaster Thursday after
noon to attend the funeral of Mrs. Mary
Allen, wife of Harrv Allen, general car
I foreman or the G. H. & . A.
t The floral offerings included a great
' blanket of flowers from the mechanical
' department of the G. II. 4 S. A , and a
large number ot bouquets and Ilorai
pieces from the officials and employes
of the railroad. The burial was in Con
cordia cemetery and the funeral service
was in charge of Rev O. J Wade, of
the Calvary-Houston Square Baptist
The funeral of Mrs. Edith Rider.
1 wife of W Leslie Rider, will be held
at 2 oclock Saturday afternoon from
I the undertaking parlors of Nagley &
I Kaster Mrs. Rider died Thursdav aft
' ernoon at 1 3" at her home, 2419 Nash
ville street
She was a native of Chelsa. Mass..
and was 39 vears old at the time of
her death. Her family was one of the
oldest in that state. She is survived
by her husband and three brothers
Rev. Miles Hanson will have charge of
the funeral services.
Joe Lea is in the city. He has made
his horns in Arizona for the past two
years ha was formerlv connected, with
the Chihuahua Bnterprise
The Indiana society will meet this
evening in the offices of Dr L. G.
Witherspoon id the Roberts-Banner
building at S oclock The officers for
the societv w ill be elected this eve-
I ning and plans made for a Hoosier din
I ner to be held soon The membership
includes all former residents of In-
diana. their wives or husbands
Liberty Bell Day posters are being
sent out by the chamber of commerce j
to all of the stations on the South- I
western and Santa Fe roads. The I
posters show a picture of the old bell
with the dates of the Liberty Bell cele
bration 'and, army tournament here
November 16. 17, and 18.
M. Loewensteih. upJErom Ysleta. says I
tne farmers are through witn their
crops, and none of them are advertis
ing tneir larms for sale.
$22.50 Austrian China Dinner Sets
100 Pieces
Regular $22.50
- Special 14.00
Saving .... $8.50
This will make a verv appropriate and apprecia
tive Christmas inft and means 37 percent discount
on these beautiful design Austrian Chiua Dinner
Sets. Think of the saving!
'See the prettv patterns and excellent qualitv of
china and be convinced what exceptional bargains
are being offered. Only a few sets left. BUY XOAV !
112 San Antonio St.
California Field Carnations 10c
Fete Large ChrysanthenitSBS, pe dozen -. .$1.50
Smaller oaes, per dozen - .. .$1.00
Fresh Coco-Nut Bar. a vrhoksosie confection on which we
lose money. Regular price .25 c the pouad Saturday
only per pound 15c
Potter Floral & Confectionery Co., Mills Bldg.
Get Ready For
Liberty Bell Week
Dawson Nut Coke
For the Baseburner
Sawson Egg
TEL 5720
rsoii Fuel Sa!
for information leading to arrest and
conviction of person or persons who
broke open my garage on night of
November 1 1 th and stole my car.
PHONE 1040

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