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Thursday, Nov. 23, 1913.
THE an 'ml charity ball Wednes
day night was attended by a bril
liantly gowned throng of society
folk The ballrooms of the Toltec club
uere elaborated decorated with quan
tities of smilax studded with red car
nations twined about the pillars and
festooned over the balcony. Through
Die d.ning room and the parlors were
1 asketa of carnations and ferns. In
ihe receiving line were the officers and
bo-ra of directors of the Associated
cha ties, who were Messrs. J. M
Wjatt. Robert Krakauer, R. F. Surges,
Tr. TV C Kluttz, Dr. W U Brown. Dr
J A. Raw lings. Mrs. IV U Foxworth,
Mrs. Paul Gmther. and Mrs. H W.
Broaddus The guests were introduced
. Mis W R- Brown. The opening
n arch in which a number of fancy
'igures were execuetd. was led by Mrs.
Josephine Nations Morfit with Sterling
J.lackshear. and Miss Marion Young
with Ernest Sr-uer
pleasing feature of the ball were
t e exhibition dances given durin" the
ii termission period. R. Brown an-
ounced the dancers An oriental fan-t-isy
was danced b Mrs. H. B. Stevens.
jr and Miss Georgina Martin. Mrs
Stevens wore a Turkish costume of red
velvet trousers with the dark green
velvet bolero white blouse and red fez.
MFf Martin w ore a ellow skirt, with
o-oaci red and bla.k horizontal stripes.
a white blouse, black velvet bolero
sna rtd bloomer
oix girls costumed in the early Vic
torian period performed a graceful
i nte, "Allegretto." The girls taking
rart -a ere Misses Marion Calnan.
France-, oppenheimer. Sadie Ruth Ald
ndge. Dorothy Vollertsen, Phyllis
Lor ik and Sophia Williams. Miss Ida
Hunter placed their piano accompani
ment The girls were costumed alike
A Temperance Remedy That
From Girlhood to Old Age
Has Been a Blessing to
1 .. V..11 .I........ nf what A ,At tka
111 CIJ IU lAttD -.... JL. IUW.
skirts made with many ruiues piped
with black. The small hi), J waisted
bodices were trimmed with narrow
bands of black velvet riobon- The old
fashioned little lace pantalettes which
extended below the skirts were also
edged with the black. iLe f s wore
their hair in curls and tinv flowers in
their hair. Mrs. II. B. Stevens, jr,
trained the girls for the dancing.
Miss Karma Dean gave a solo dance
to the "Barcarolle" from "Tales of
Hoffman." She wore a costume of rain-
black velvet hat and white plume.
Miss Uallie Irrin, white chiffon over
pale pink silk, with panels of pink in
the front and back; white aigret in
Miss Ksther Ingham, black silk and
black lace.
Mrs. Robert Krakauer. white opales
cent beaded lace over white lace and
white silk-
Mrs. Alfred Kerr, pale blue silk with
white lace bolero effect: cluster of pink
flowers at girdle: blue silk hat, edged
bow hued chiffon, ranging from deep! ith tiny Pln rosebuds.
orange to pale green and trimme- with
pearls. Small clusters of roses caught
in the folds of the skirt. She wore a
turban of black velvet with blue
feathers. r
The music for all the dancing was
contributed by the musician;- t'nkjn.
During the dancing punch was served
and a salad course was served in the
dining room the latter part of the eve-
Mrs .Marion Letcher, pale pink taf
feta with tiny lace sleeves, ornamented
with small pink flowers.
Mrs. J. G. Lelbert. white net edged
with yellow satin, over pale yellow
Miss Irene Laughlin, white opalescent
beaded lace over white lace and white
Mrs. Rwires I-eBaron nink chiffon
n,SS . ... , I over pale pink silk
The women present an 1 their gowns Mrjc. Ijghtbourne. of Key West,
follow: I piai White satin, with waist of braid-
! ed old rose colored satin ribbons, skirt
Mrs Herman Andreas, black taffeta. ! drapery of old rose chiffon: corsage
trimmed with midnight bine silk and : bouquet of American Beauty roses
When s girl becomes a woman, when
a woman becomes a mother, when a
woman -passes through the changes of
middle life, are the three periods of Efe
when health and strength are most
needed to withstand the pain and dis
tress often caused by severe organic
At these critical times women are
best fortified by the use of Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, an old remedy
of proved worth that keeps the entire
female system perfectly regulated and
in excellent condition.
Not a patent medicine because this
oH prescription of Dr. Pierce's has its
ingredients published on wrapper.
Mothers, if your daughters are weak,
lack ambition, are troubled with head
aches, lassitude and are pale and sick-
lv, Dr Pierce's Favorite Prescription i
15 jusr wnai uiey nccu to surciv uniig "
the bloom of health to their "cheeks i ,,"
and make them strong and healthy.
For all diseases peculiar to woman.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a
powerful restorative. During the last
40 years it has banished from the lives
of tens of thousands of women the
pain, worry, misery and distress caused
by irregularities and diseases of a
feminine character.
I you are a sufferer, if your dauch
ter, mother, sister need help, get Dr.
Pierce's Faiorite Prescription in liquid
or tablet form from any medicine dealer
to-day Then address Dr. Pierce. In
vahds' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y, and re
ceive confidential advice that will not
silver lace.
Miss Man- Kaye Alves. pale blue silk
tunic and jacket effect, over a white
silk skirt trimmed with many narrow
lace ruffles.
Miss Helen fAguirre. pale bine ac
cordian pleated silk.
Mrs. W R. Brown, blue satin draped
with gold brocaded blue satin, trimmed
with gold lace. Clusters of satin grapes
on one shoulder. Gold flowers and
leaves in her hair.
Miss Kdwina Pearson Bigelow. pink
taffeta with embroidered chiffon over
dress. Mrs. H W. Broaddus. black jet net
over black satin. Arm bouquet of Ameri
can Beauty roses.
Mrs. W. X. Brown, accordian pleated
pink silk, with white lace drapery.
Miss Virginia Bean, yellow satin,
trimmed black velvet and sprays of
small blue French flowers.
Miss Edith Bailey, white taffeta with
a plaid strip of pale pink white net
Mrs. T. Bailey, yellow taffeta with
silver lace trimmings.
Mrs. C E. Bryan, black lace over
black lace with Jet trimmings.
Mrs. H. T Bowie, pale blue silk, with
pale pink chiffon ami net overdress, ir
ridescent bead trimmings.
lira. Frederick George Billings, white
lace with bands of white silk trimming.
Miss Ada C. Burke, brown silk, with
a brown hat.
Miss Sonia Borten, pink silk with a
checked chiffon overdress and a pink
Mrs. G. II. Bussing, old rose silk with
lace Jacket and tonic
Mrs. A. I Cox. pink taffeta, with the
skirt made in picoted ruffles.
Mrs. Stafford Campbell, rose silk
with ne,t overdress and oplascent bead
Mrs. G. B. Calnan. green silk with
chiffon and lace tunic and trimmings.
Coral velvet girdle.
Mrs. W. S. Crombie. pale pink silk
with skirt made in panier effect, faced
with pale blue.
Miss Hose Clayton, pink taffeta with
white lace bodice, corsage bouquet of
Cecil Brunner roses. .
. Mrs. Winchester Cootey. pink silk
with silver lace trimmings.
Mrs. M P Carlock. pink taffeta bro
caded with gold flowers, fichu effect
of lace and trimmings oi opaiesceni
Mrs. A. J. McQuatters. flame colored
faile silk, embroidered with seed pearls
and trimmed with silver lace: black
lace hat with white plume.
Mrs. Joseohine Nations Morfit, pink
taffeta with the skirt made in petal
shaped ruffles. .......
Mrs. H. C. Myles. midnight blue taf
feta combined with silver lace and
chiffon. ... ,
Mrs. R. Metcalf, of Chicago, black
embroidered crepe, with Jet trimmings,
black hat with white crown and black
arid white plume
Mrs. Irving McNeil, white net over
white silk, trimmed with bands of pink.
Mrs H. J. McMullen, pastel blue
charmeuse. with drapery of silver bro
caded chiffon, trimmings of silver and
Mlse Gladys McQuatters, cream satin
under Spanish lace.
Miss Janet Mack, salmon pink, white
net trimmings- and an amber and gold
Mrs. J. H. Nations, black velvet with
touches of white lace at the neck:
diamond ornaments and pearl necklace.
Mrs. J A. Pickett, white chiffon and
net oer pale pink chiffon: the waist
and part of the skirt draped with
small chains of irridescent beads;
touches of pink ribbons about the skirt.
corsage bouquet of Cecil Brunner roses.
Mrs. W. J Quigley. old gold satin
under old gold chiffon, with a satin
Mrs. Donald Rathbun. white satin,
made in semi-empire style with white
lace rufles on the skirt: corsage bou
quet of violets, trimmings of opales
cent beads.
Miss Anne Lee Itir. white net over
white silk, with ribbons in rainbow
shades arranged on the skirt and hori
zontally on the waist.
Mrs. Nelson Studebaker Riley, black
velvet with black net sleeves.
Mrs. Gladvft Rvan. embroidered pink
chiffon over pink, trimmed with pearl
beads: corsage bouquet of Cecil Brun
ner roses .
Mrs. H. H Stark, pale blue chiffon,
brocaded with silver flowers over pale
blue silk.
Mrs. J. V. Sweeney, black velvet
with a small black velvet hat.
Mrs. T. K. Stefflan, black net over
coral velvet girdle.
u r T. K. tSeffian. black net over
blue satin, with blue irridescent beaded
net trimmings: salmon pink velvet
flowers at girdle; diamond hair orna
ments. Miss Helen Stratton. white chiffon
oter white silk, trimmed with quanti
ties of silver lace, and pearl ornaments
niff, Laeut R. II Fletcher. Jr , Lieut 1
Stuart . Cramer, jr. Lieut Otho E. I
Michaelis. Dr. J A. Pickett, Dr. Irving I
McNeil. Dr. Paul Gallagher. Dr. W. L.
Brown. Dr. W. C. Kluttz, Dr. E. II. Ir--(
rtr T A Rawlinara. rr- O. R Pal-
nan. Dr. II. II Stark. Messrs. Carl A. j
Beers. R. F Surges, M. P. Carlock. Roo
ert Krakauer, W. R. Brown. H. W.
Broaddus. J. R. Harper. W. F. Payne.
Alfred F Kerr, Earl Glascow, Anton W.
Naruszewics. Marion Letcher, J IT.
Sweeney, Frank L. Torres, W L.
Gaines. H C. Mles. J H. Nations. Wal
ter Davis. Herman Andreas, Sterling
Blackshear. Wilbur Elliott. Ed Held. A.
I Sanchez, judge Adrian Pool. F. B. Gal
lagher, Page Kemp, Ernest Sauer, Wal
ler uialon, J j iijii, ijcii utui
ing. James Aires. Will Race. Donald
Hart. Joe Hole. Claudius Smith, Frank
McQuatters, Jack Thompson, Will Race
Sollie Stolaroff. W. J. Deaiitt, J F.
Woodbury. Gus Zork, Otto Thorman.
K. R. Thornton. T A. Thurston. H J.
McMullen. Winchester Cooley, James
Wyatt W. L. Fox worth, J. H. Hirt H
T. Ward. Raymond Allison. Charles
Burrage, Donald Rathbun. S. W. Dan
iels. Roy D. Barnum. W S. Crombie.
Frederick George Billings. C. L. Sir
mans. Walter Jenkins. G. H. Bussing.
Stafford Campbell, S. W. Daniels. C. W.
Croom H. T. Bowie, a E Bryan, S. J.
Freudenthal and W. R. Brown. i
A delightful dance was given Wed
nsuiav nleht bv Miss Hazel Johnson
! hA fcnm r.r her Barents. Mr. and
Mrs rttta Thorman. pale blue chiffon ! ,- n n inhnMiii. on Boulevard- The '
i..u.aa u.h ntnlr rl& nv.r nnl bine I . .. a:..a1p Jum,.II Tirlth '
silk I pink and green streamers and pink
Mrs. T A. Thurston, white satin over chrysanthemums arranged effectively
pale blue chiffon, trimmed with bands j the rooms. Punch was served
of white fur and gold lace. between the dances. The punch table
Mrs. E- R. Thornton, white lace over . aa little lattice work bower
hit ereoe de chine, with sil er bands , - - tfc. ninit and sreen crepe
V. Ita . .mmam n mnrrnunfllnsr the
1Mlrcr . ... - ".T." .
jpTW ft
Gifts For
"Touts for Service,"
EI Paso Electric Railway Co.
Electric Bids. Phone SU3.
whit erene de chine, with
orer the shoulders, ornamented
tinv pink flowers.
Miss Clara L. West, green silk with
pearl ornamented lace trimmings.
Mrs. H. T. Ware, whito satin with
white lace trimmings.
Miss Josephine Wooten, white taffe
ta, sprigged with big bine flowers, un
der white chiffon, piped with pale blue:
hat of gold lace trimmed with pink
ribbons and white aigrets.
Miss Marion Young, white chiffon
brocaded with silver wreaths and edged
with cloth of silver and silver lace.
Mrs. Gus Zork. yellow satin en train,
brocaded in silver flowers: drapery of
black lace and black net; diamond or
naments. Among the men present were CoL
Charles W. Taylor. Col, Joseph Garrard,
CoL E. V. Smith. Maj. George H. Mo
naster Mai. F. A. Wilcox. CBDC J. -
punch bowl were pink chrysanthemums.
ssistlng the hostess were her mother.
Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. M. H. Fliey and
Mrs. D C Brock. The guests were
Misses Dorothy Bunn. Elizabeth White,
Cora Ivy. Helen Stlmel, Edna Long.
i eva DrlskelL Violet uqase. Juiia.
Cooke. Gladys Brock. Jiary iiucner.
Kuth Tincher, Helen Krause. Jean
Krause. Lelia Poland. Louise Welscn,
Nettie Louise Rowland, Grace Streeter.
Margaret 0-Bole and Rose Malonev.
The bojs were James Biggs. Jack
Knight Charles A. Brann. Julius Al
berts. Granville Johnson. Paul Ander
son. James Anderson. Maurice Ander
son. Rowland Anderson. Alvis Cochran.
Henry A. Glaves. Mark Phillips. Eu
sene Smith. Steve Aguirre. Howard
Merrill. Rudolph Davis, a S. Streeter.
H M Morris. Will Ragsdale. Charles
Wilson. Victor Hector. Frank Lineen,
David Hughes. Jesse Payne. A. Bouch
Pirbpriiir. rant. Martin L. CrimmJns. er. vnnsiian juWjuuii. -,-
Capt E. L. Napier. Capt A. W. Kerwin. johann. Rami el Jungjohann. Mr. ana
Lieut Courtnej H- Hodges. Lieut Mrs. Wjatt Cutler Mr. and Mrs. X C.
James B. Ord. Lieut Dennis L McCun- 1 Bevelle and Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Fliey.
M, Mfo Crawford, nale blue vel-
vet with lace and irridescent bead trim
Mrs. C W. Croom. white satin veiled
in white net, pale green girdle, trim
mings of tiny French flowers on bodice
and band of brilliants in her hair.
Mrs. E. B. Cyrus, black lace over
black silk.
Mrs. S. W. Daniels, white lace over
pink silk. ...
Mrs. Y. Del Campo. black satin and
black lace with a black hat
interesting part of the exhibit i mornings and at 1 M o'clock In the
At the close of the exhibition of the i afternoons
pottery pieces. Mrs. Elizabeth Darwin. I The . !ub members were reminded of
of the state pure food commission. ' tl.r buy it made in Texas" week and
spoke of the observations of her in- urged to bear this in mind.
pections here. She urged the wo- J At the conclusion of the program,
men not to buy bread and cakes that ' Miss Belle White sans "Life and
were not wrapped in sealed papers. . Death" and "At the Spring." with Miss
and also urged them to insist on their j Margaret loung playing her piano ac
dealers keeping the fruits, breads and I compar.iment
meats for display under glass, so that I
jars. K- i. Wiseman enieruunea me
irms i ivensinfirton sewing ciud weanesoay.
Mrs. S. H Sutherland announced that ! The afternoon was spent in fancy work.
Mrs Darwin would make her daily ! A light luncheon was enjoyed at the
stai t from the chamber of commerce completion of the afternoon's work.
ir stead of the city tuilL as at first an- Among the guests were Mesdames C
nounceu. and that anone interested F Crow. N A. Comstock. W. A Wll-
would be welcome to accompany Mrs. t liaros. J D. Foster. J N MayfWd and
AMERICAN Ceramics were the dis
cussion topic of the art depart
ment of the Woman's club at its
meeting Wednesday afternoon in the
auditorium of the First Christian
church. Mrs. A. P. AverilL the depart
ment chairman, presided. As her mes
sage to the department from the state
federation In Brownwood. Mrs. Averill I tney wouia be protected from dust and
spoke of the idea of using a stereopu
con lantern so that pictures might al
ways be kept before the art depart
ment She announced the recommen
dation of the board of directors of the
club that the paintings of Allen True, J Darwhi upon her inspection trips Frl- A. Van Duien. Mrs. H. D. Sanders will
of Denver, be brought to El Paso for
an exhibit under the management ot
the art department Mrs. Branch
Craige talked about Mr. True's work.
Mr. True is a native El Pasoan. The
bouse In which he was born stood on
the site now occupied by the First
Presbyterian church. Mr True studied
art in the Corcoran school in Wash
ington, D. C and was a pupil of How
ard Pyle in New York. After giving
up illustrating, he went Into mural
day and Saturday at 3:30 o'clock in the entertain the club at its next meeting
D:,. T ..-Un. T' ! and n table was covered with a Jap
UtnneTS, LUnCheOnS. 1 COS. anese blue luncheon cloth. Mrs. Paul
Miss Emily Levy will entertain with "e'rnMnS and 2'" ia,II n.e ,TTfri
a Thanksgiving dinner Thursday at the . the hostesses. Those having birthday
home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. It i anniversaries during the month were:
Le y. on Wyoming street Mesdames B. Webber. Florence Glenn.
Wilbur Elliott entertained at din-' c- J- DeLooze. A. Boyd; Misses Delia
ner at the Harvey House Wedndsday : Jueicr. nary jioeius. . i. uuver.
If Words Could
Describe a Flavor
Save the coupons on
Vdva labels aad send
for premium catalog.
You'd lose no time in trying
Velva thatgood old-fashioned
syrup that everybody likes so
well. Madam, you can't buy
better syrup than Velva. It has
an old-time flavor and taste
that simply defy description.
Your first can will prove that
we're right.
Velva is the finest for eating
with biscuit, hot cakes and
griddlecakes. There's a great
big treat in store for you and
the children in a can of Velva.
Try this good syrup today. 10
cents and up at your grocer's.
New Orleans, La
Memphis, Tenn. New York, N. Y.
ciiHiuth rinrwin hlat-k lafe i Dslntlne and has been a nunil and as-
over white lace and net with wide I soclate of Brangyn the famous Eng
black velvet panels for trimming. I lish mural painter, whose murals of the
1 ! four elements of nature fire, earth.
Mis Jouett Fall, pink taffeta with j wind and water were the master
bodice of lace embroidered with sliver , pieces of the Panama-Pacific expoat-
t ljuil- A lie paiuuuss W IK CklllUlLCU
here will include about ,0 pictures, 20
free. Adv.
cot von a oennv. Tixlav is the dav. I Miss Lwrarouie i-TiiK. wm e .
--.- t V Z , nicr-Mf with nink roses le SKiri . wi nrcn w -w jncJLavu miiu vuutu-
336-Fage book on woman s diseases sent d??or wh?te silkvered wiU, en. Colorado scenes.
fre- AHV i " rr?l. , m. -b.m r n,nir vi ! Mrs. Frank Seward was m charge
narrow late ru.... x. r . . . , lh ...m Tk.
j. ... .... ..vb'u. v .v ....... aw. " .
velvet current events in art were given dj
jira. . j. rreuoenuai ana jurs. .. r.
AverilL Mrs. Freudenthal talked
about garden pottery, of cement and
terra cotta. Mrs. Averill spoke or the
nisrht before the Charirv hll ic-hlh
I the guests attended later In the party
were Hiss Helen stratton. Miss Mary
Kae Ahes and Ed Held
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Note will entertain
ThanksgiMng dinner this evening at
oclock at their home on West Boule
vard. Their guests will be Mr. and Mrs.
Ruth M Augur and Bernlce Liggitr
Mrs. R. E. Tnomason entertained the
meniDers 01 ine i&eoecca aiwuuri i.
chapter of the Daughters of the Ameri
can Revolution with a beautifully ap
pointed tea Tuesday afternoon, in the
tea rooms on Montana steet in honor
of Mrs. Elizabeth Darwin, of Waco, of
Made in Ei Paso
Here is a chance for
everybody keeping
house "to get next to the
fin , "Made-in-El Paso."'
Call up 340 and have us.
tH'ud you a pound of our
m-i- butter.
Salted or XTnsalted.
Ei Paso
Dairy Co.
i yK Vrantr L. Torres, pink
! with trimmings of lace and brown fur
and brilliants, aigret and hair band of
i Mrs. W. L. Foxworth. black net over
r.r t'. with trimmings of black ; " department meeting ot tne state
, veHet. pink and blue satin flowers t I '"0 iT Campbell ga,e an inter-I formed of Violet, and Cecil Brunner ! Darwin wore a white lace gown over
' ' a t w.r touronois blue silk estinsr talk on the potteries of the roses, bearing the letters F and D. in white net. trimmed with narrow ropes
: M3 .chifnrYbSeroklt8 eastern states,iillustraUnghertalk fiowers JrJSMJSjrj:
F J Barnes. Mrs. Ida S. Breed. Misses i th. ct.i ntr. fond nunniuloii. who is
Mary 1 Stanton, Bessie Barnes. Flor- tn cuest of Mrs. W. L. Foxworth. The
ence Robertson Marj Nafe. Messrs. rooms ue.re most attractively deco
Pred Barnes. Fans Kimbell and Paul ntei wlth red carnations and ferns
,' h , tt. mi,j. . i I n Ted candles in silver and crystal
r!. o? ?ZSl Mitri ril-I?; ' we-e used Mrs Thomason. Mrs.
aria or rranR McQuatters and Donald m-w-.. -- -wr i - TArentwn th.
Harf a delightful dinner was given P"." ? rL ch f nw cTlled the
&&&r&2&?- eVen-lngV i - Swfned g
their home on Rio Grande street The a soft deep red si k. with the bodice
t:.ble was decorated with two stars ot ,ac- trimmed with brown lur. sirs
i S me
feet with trimmings of opalescent
beads, hat or blue covered wn DiacK
, lace and edged with fur.
1 Mrs. S. J. Freudenthal. blue net over
! pale yellow trimmed with brilliants.
Mrs. lv ki. rranmiii. tMri ".
o"T black silk with Jet trimmings.
! fichu of white net
Mrs. W. L. Gaines, cloth of silver
brocaded with gold flowers and
trimmed with black Jet and black and
white net.
Miss Bessie Gilson, nile green silk
with lace trimmings.
Mrs. Joseph Garrard, garnet silk with
rehet trimmings.
Miss Valeria Garrard, pink taffeta
with pink net bodice and silver and
irridescent bead trimmings.
Miss Margaret Gething. blue chiffon,
trimmed with gold and silver lace and
small pink flowers.
Mrs. Paul Ginther, black Jet em
broidered net over black satin with
diamond ornaments.
u ri.iii n. Hudsoeth. onalescent
beaded net over white lace, with dla-
! mono ornamrui
' Miss Ida Hunter, white accordian
' pleated silk.
. Mrs. J. H. Hirt. gray silk with blue
Mrs. E. A. Henning. yellow accordian
' pleated silk with white fur trimmings.
' white beaded hair band with black
feathers. . ,-
1 Mrs. J. R. Harper, yellow embroid
ered net over pink silk, trimmed with
bands of irridescent beads and narrow
black veil el ribbons.
Mrs. Carolyn Payne Harris, black vel
vet en train, with ropes of pearl beads
hanging from the shoulders.
La Major i Guaiper Precio
No hay otra levadura
en polvo que produce
mejores galletas, tortas
y pastelena. No hay
otra tampoco, tan puro
y saludable.
&mBaHiiMW!miwiii- r 'vm
herself In Arizona. She mentioned the
pottery plant In California, which is
a philanthropic institution where tu
bercular girls from the stores, shops
and factories may support themselves
while seefiing health.
Mrs. S. M. Janes talked interestingly
upon the pottery of the cliff dwellers,
Miss Virginia Stewart a doduu?
bride to be, was the guest of honor at
an afternoon tea given by Mrs. Zach
T. White at her home on Mesa avenue.
The rooms were attractively decorated
J with large pink roses. Cecil Brunner
I roses and violets The guests were re
!!ed by Mrs. White. Miss Stewart
which she illustrated by three very J Airs. I. s htewart. Miss Catherine
honor. Pink and green candles were 1 mines were of silver lace. She carriea
about the table The guests were Mrs. i a bouquet of white chrysanthemums.
Paul Gintber, Miss Gladys McQuatters. tied with red, white and blue stream -
Kfttnlr Upflll.tf.P. rW.n.1,1 IU.I .nH .... .t... -! nt Ik. f,A.fB ltfr LO-
- " . - - -..... W.K..U A.... . .M... CI. 11, " Mfc ....
ill Kace After the dinner, the rentzen was dressed in a gown or ac- i
ih Alnlnir room. Mrs. L. L. Roiinson
nd Mrs. w. s. niion poureu iu? t.-
1j. table was centered with a passei
filPV with red carnations in .
Red Xondles in silver sticks were about
the tale- Each guest was presented
with a Httle silk flag. The favors were
about the various manufacturers by
specimens of different kinds of glass,
china and pottery.
Mrs. Henrv Warren read a paper on
cliff dwellers' work in pottery and i guests attended the Charity bail at , cordten pleated yeUow silk, veiled with I operation at Hotel Dieu.
exhibited specimens that she had found ' the Toltec club. , I --j- ! chiffon. Tea was served in vHa' Aldndge. jr. is sick in bed wit
About El Pasoans.
Miss Vera Moonev is recovering from
unusual pieces of their handicraft The
pieces of pottery are of the sort used
to hold the seeds and grains which
were placed beside the dead at their
burial. One is quaintly ornamented
with a design of tadpoles within and
I'nllins and Miss Margaret Collins.
Tea was served in the dining room
ith Mrs. A. P. Coles, Mrs. R. L. Farrar.
Mrs. M. O. Wright and Mrs. W. W.
Turney pouring tea. The were assist
ed in serving by a number of ounger
frogs outside. Another in tne shape j matrons and girls The table was
of a modern rose far is ornamented
with symbolic lightning and other
symbols in red and brown. A cup with
a handle was ornamented in the same
design. Mrs. Janes exhibited some
Tery small cliff dweller arrow heads.
She also exhibited arrow heads of the
same size found In Texas. These are
recorded by the Smithsonian institute
as belonging to a prehistoric period
antedating by a long time the use of
th larger arrow heads more com
monly found. The same miniature ar
row heads were found in g-eat quan
tities in Death Valley. California, vy
government service men.
Mrs. Janes also exhibited a piece of
bronze luster ware that dates back to
the Mayflower period.
Among the pottery and china exhib
its was a iewel case, said to hae be
longed to Marie Antoinette, which Is
of .jevre ware, ornamented "w ith gold.
decorated with pink candles in stiver
sticks and a centerpiece of large pink
All of the members of the Younc
"Women's Christian association, whose
birthda anniversaries occurred dur
ing the month of November, were
seated at the birthday luncheon table
at noon Wednesday, in the lunch room
of the downtown rooms of the asso
ciation. The table was ornamented
with pink candles in crjstal sticks,
with the birthday cake in the center.
the grip, at his home. 221 West Rio
Grande street
J I. Bukey has suffered a relapse j
from his recent illness and is confined i
.- lit hftmii at7ln
CoL W. W. Harve. manager of the
El Paso club and a local Elk. is 111 in
tuttv (M.K- 'w " v.i r t.v ...... -
VSJSJsi? ?hUe' .. rS ! " Heen "heTT, recovering
.l- !.... V X ill.n H w G I nicely at tne acy uospiiu in uu-
were Mesdames N H. Allen, a. . M. . . , jr-.l ,rfol .-
Williams, W. L. roxwonn. irving j.' rTH -
'w.ii h w Broaddus. Miss Gertrude oration.
vie and Miss R. M Augur. The mem- -arl Ulaser, the son of Mx. and Mrs.
bers of the house parij were presented LouU Glaser. lll Arisona street, who
with corsage bouquets of violets, with was operated upon at Providence hos-
. llttl. silk flag in the center A Pltal last week, nas recoverea surri-
strlnsed oronesira piaj-en uu....s -- ,,.u, .- .... .... ... -
afternoon. to reported to bo recovering rapidly.
Weddins. Out Of Town Visitors.
Miss Katherine Davis, of
You Must Decide
The days slip by and become weeks, weeks months and
nuHitiie lengthen into years and while the years glide
swiftly by, man idles and spends. He heedlessly and need-
lesrly throws away the earnings of his golden youth. Sto,,
. ' jnia consider men, if you are to be a success in later life
JM arutt save bow. "Vo't yen start today?
We pay 4 percenl compound interest on savings deposits.
$1.00 opens an account.
American Trust and Savings Bank
EEUin0Dl'S niMC
a plate from the service of the great
Napoleon . a quaint French pitcher.
Mrs. K. If. Trvin, black velvet with a I which contains two compartments, on
xor coiiee ana one tor not muic. caca
with a separte ooentng in the spout
an old liquor bottle containing rour
Anntnarttnantc v iha asm 1 ftf
j mixed drinks, and an old Dutch blua
j plate, all the property of Mrs. Paul
I Ginther.
Mrs. S. V. Young exhibited a signa
j ture vase of Tiffanv and a piece of
i Tiffany Hockwood potterv.
Mrs. Miles Hansen exhibited an old
piece of Coal port china, a bit of old
Gosb wear, a pitcher and sugar bowl
of old china over a centun old. and &
Lancasterian Pllkinton pitcher from
the potteries of west England
Mrs. K t. Thomason enioiteu
Fine lid For
"We arc all crcatly indebted la ihoa
g ho tell their experiences. And among
tie many things wlncb
we read about and
are of Immediate im
portance to the expec
taut mother, ti a spiea
did external resiedr
calkd "Mother's
Friend." TMs is ap
plied over the taosdes
of the stomach. It is
deeply penetrarJas in
its inanencs. ilotheu
CTerywljerc tell of its
soothins eiTcct, how it
allays pains incident to
EtretrWr,'. .f wrtrA
inmnk itut rnnwU. rv.. ..it . ,...
---. 3, wc icu vl rcsum r
coin ort. or ca'-i. peaceful nights, an ab- Beautiful
raicc i laosc caresses pccnliar to the pe-
i riod of expectancy. , rcMef froa moraine
sickness, no more of that apprehension with
wwca so many youn- women's minds be- I Cit National Bank Bldg
hm nuraenea. k h 3 splendid belp. Get .
Miss Camille Kioler and R. R. Foster
were married by Rev Henry Kaster
Wednesday afternoon at bis home on
East Rio Grande. Their only attendants
were Miss Irene Laughlin and Jack
Childs. The wedding was a surprise to
the friends of the young couple. Miss
Kibler Is a graduate of the class of
11S of the El Paso high school and Is
ery w ell known here, as she Is a most
noDular member of the younger set.
She Is the daughter of Mrs. Thomas S.
Parker, of Ysleta. Mr. Foster Is a min
ing man of Mexico. They will make
Texas, is expected to arrive toda or
Friday to isit her aunt, Mrs. E. B
Cyrus, for a hort time
M A. Franklin, collector of customs
at the port of Honolulu, arrived in El
Paso Wednesda night for a few days'
visit with h-s ster. Mrs K. I. Frank
lin. He is on his return ay to Hawaii
from a short visit in the east.
Lodges and Clubs.
The Philathea class of the First Pres-
their home in El Paso until conditions'! ltaraca clas, and tht. christian En
beepme setUed In Mexico. deaor of the ihurch Fr'Jay night in
I the parlors of the hu-t.h Miss Alice
1 wnson im th
Beware of transients claiming to committee
Tkk Lady Suffered From Severe Paia
in Left Side, Was Very Weak,
and Confined to Bed For
Month at a Tune
thiirmnn of the social
transients claiming
write masrazlne subscription at alleged
cheap rates. ou can get Club Prices CI T3 .....
from reliable El Paso Agents El Pai ( '-' iiouui rruuw.
Artisement " " on bJusm. Vrip." " " " . tt """ J M " d"fere rt
Mtas Fanr? R W.kW . .he ... I Voman' J n1"" P' CardU!
For chapped hnntf. race or una, fo'- I , ...,,, Mr. H B Holt in Las , enough... 1 am now saining in weic-'.
Oklahoma City. Okla. Mrs. Cora
Funderburg, of this city, says. "When I
was 14 years old I was very poorlr.
and was told that im ease was Terv
bad . . . The medicine I took did me
no good, and I only spent my mo-ey
for nothing, as I got no relief, but
when I commenced taking Cardnl. I
besran Improving
Before taking Cardui 1 was a r"ere
skeleton, and was ery weak and wa
confined to my bed at times, sometimes
as long as a month at a time I was
unable to go to school regularly for
two ears. on account of my bad health
I had cramping eiery month, ai.d a
severe pain in my left side. .
M mother told me of Cardui a- !
'after taking one bottle I w is great!-.
j relieved of the pains. I nave continuJ
ter's Toilet Cream is uneaualed. nrire r-.... r. -r,-,.,i...u i
15c. Telephone 3SC or T5T and ha-; It I Misi Margaret F Hitchcock will
delivered. Potter Drug Companj Adv.
glove box of Tiffany's Farile glass,
a piece of Teco ware, a Rockwoodase
1 and two plates of Crackle ware, made
I In Deerfield. Mas . reproductions of
, verv old Oriental ware
I There were two pieces of Rookwood
j pottery exhibited that w.re matle by
1 Mrs. J C Mee. who is il-o th owner
1 . i. ,. ...,.. ... 1 ... , " -r - - ewirwiu new. oet
i HbSS , 'Z kV V.m TV. i I a , ytoUxi'z Fneod- froi your For chapped hand, face or lips. Pot
Magazine Subscriptions make ideal
Xmas gifts Club rates at the El Paso
Book Co Mills Bldg "It's Hand "
Ahy 'Notr
hand beaded Elk Skin
moccasins, in ever size. These are
reautiful and of the finest quality
Ueach m Vrt Shop.
ind ill my friends that see me speak
of how much better I look in the las'
iic: th, and I tell them I am taki--r
Cirdul I highly recommend it to ail
tattering women. '
T taking Cardui for your troubles
Mrs. L. H Ritier and danshier. iiis. J '" ooiue toua i ou wont regret
Doroth Hitter, of Palms Court, have ! giving it a tml 1 our druggist sells
leave tills evening for Alamocordo. to
spend Thanks-riving as the guest of
Mr and Mrs. P A. Ross '
El Pasoans Returning.
returned home from a six weeks, vist
in east Texas, isiting relatives and
friends in I 'a Has and Fort Worth.
it. Adv.
'Wnj' Not f
1 TOl'RIST: are invited to in-pet our!
A i ..m ,... .. . , , 1 . -- ii - 7" --- -- --' - -- j toi. 01 Ktnuiii ,iiai ire intuan 1
pitcher Min.1.,1 t.. tln .- in Hi. 1 -it- utZT ZLTSZ. 'ZiF'. onsol!a'1 St' . Zr s .'" '" r"m. iK ""uaieo.. price sumr ,.lN
F . . ' tt lOT VOU. Then Wrill trt TtrqS.l.t T ' ?S, . ..linn.- .tl ,.? .iT .tml Inv. it ... ... ....
isn museum 1 lie r'"' r - ciri- 1 ,.,. . , . i... '- cs- -- ----,---... - , , .. DrnfnM rx bop. 1
...... , --. ? nlalOr CO JSft Mmir nUw t... r ' H.lm 1.1 1'nti.r llr.i, i-.niiinr .l. ......... .....
menieo wiin 1 1 ri-ini- ' I ' 1 . vii- i - - . n. .mami,, m ,--...- -...-.- . ..,..., . ., ) 1 uj .Mimn 1 rs 1 i-ikil Aui.
! nlalor Co.
nin n,n Kin hnra villi h, wif mt 1 lOT 3 TerT HanOSOffie and lntnu-tlv. ImrOV
J thilfir-ii in the ihaisc Mrs Simons J' is fl"ed with sussestiTe Ideas of great
J al-o exhibited i ui iinl -alitor tha' 'lelp to 1 women interested in the subject
I i lietn ii inW.il ti.; n tl rou.h her of maternity And best of al! ore sock let-
mil m, . tt-r ii - of ,ec r. sh ters from motoira that arc reI IniBiratiori.
wrjtc todaj. '
1 ul Et
II -1
1! 1
nurd .t
1Vby ot!
II ind panted Japanese pot
llait t irti-1 -ind vtatlorerc
'e t . nal le
IJeneh'n rt hop.
' .li N oi al Ii ii. -v i'llL-
Dr. lorfnril hn retlirned nnrf rAcnm
ir.li. i practice. 21S Mills RMir Ph S3 irtr
i rues
SnperfluouA hair K. mole removed
fJr i e S.nni P.'nitnl.i?! t fl.T-
auv fieri.,-. . j,it. I Aii.ititr.nt
AU Good 7-Passcnser Cars
f Rate, $2 Per Hour
Phone 503-510
, City Iall Staxd - - 418 San Aataait

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