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Senator Sheppard Asks Con
gress to Pay $72,000 to
El Paso Victims.
Budget Fund Trustees Pass
Upon Accounts a,nd En
dorse Publicity Work.
Hunt's Friend Will Have
No Easy Running For
Mine Inspector.
Phoenix. Aril.. Feb. 11 Thouph
:,, Hunt Is mureil of the support of
otRanized labor In hi camnalKn for
r nomination find ireelection, his old
friend, state mine inspector G II Bolin,
Is not i fiTtiinate Hunt has been In
formed In labor barters that the unions
.te iroui to Hiippurt IM S. Grant, a
miner ( mploed by the Inspiration Cop
per eoinpui) .it Miami, in opposition to
liolin Thi is nui pleasing; to the po."
tinor. ."i Holm has been of great as
siKtanct to bun in former campaigns.
not rah m his home ramp of Blebee
but in oIImi jilaos where the present
inspectoi it- popular
Bolin w.i appointed mine inspector
b Hunt when the office was Treated
and was i lected lo the place two years
Bo .
Is After Commisslonershlp.
Adtio from the north are that Sam
Fioitor of Winslov,, one of Hunt's
managers uti the floor of the house of
representation last sprlnr. is almost
sure to i un for corporation commis
sioner l'roctui was an applicant for
the Winslow Bostofflce, but It Is unaer- ilowe(1 bv the board of claims are as
Ww-!. atria.C' hr".J,r?,T; ! f"ow.- Adolfo Varela. $3000; Virginia
Claims of Kl l'aso peisons who were The chamber of commerce board of
Injured during the battle of Juarez, in budget fund trustees, in conference
senteco' SrT oTa I T afternoon, a.iowed Items to
bill introduced in the senate by United cover past and current expense to a
States senator Morris Sheppard. total of $5835.16. leaving a balance on
-f 1". "J1" .;"""'" J1", '" ,"". "and as of Feb. 10,
re MKBtSll Uli mr cvi v v tuc .imi"o
amounting to
commission which investigated all
claims filed with the United States gov
ernment asking for redress from Mexico
because of the injuries received from
bullets fired in Juarez which fell In El
U. S. 1 1'ny Clnlnm.
The bill asks the I'nlted States t6
pay these claims and seek the total
amount from Mexico without the United
States assuming responsibility for the
injuries received on this side. It Is
urged that many of the claimants need
money and that, if it is necessary for
them to wait until Mexico pays their
claims, they will be deprived of the
Uke of money due them.
The claims and amounts which were
ised to Kd A. Sawjer. a conservative
iietnoerst I.onp aa-o Proctor was prom
ised the support of the Hunt wing of
the party If he chose to try for a place
on the corporation commission.
Ormonde for Auditor.
.1 B. ounonde of Bisbee. present
assistant state auditor. Is thinking e
nousiv of announcing himself as a
andidate for the Democratic nomina
tion for .lurtitot His chief. J. C Cal
laghan. probablj will not stand for re
election Jesse L. Uojce of Williams,
now secretary to the tax commission.
as the first Democrat to come out for
auditor. . ,
It appeared for a time that David F.
Johnson, present state examiner, who
wants to go back to the treasurer's of
fite, would be without opposition at
Moorhead. $3000: Abundlo Soto. $4000;
Edwin G. Heaton, $2000. Celia Griffiths,
$l."i000. A. R. Chandler $12,000; Emma
Larson, $1000: Elmer E. Crowe, $5000,
Francis F. Williams, $5000: John W.
Keate. $5000; Joseph W. Harrington,
$15,000; William It. White. $2000.,
the Democratic primaries. It is now
known, however, mat v. a jiuuuj ...
Graham county, member of the old
1 land commission and now a land ee
I lector under the present commissioner,
is thinking seriously of opposing Jdhn-
Spaln, Italy and Turkey are the only
countries in Kurope which do not pay their
members of parliament.
Well Known Remedy
Relieves Chronic Case
Important to Ditpote of Waite from
the Stomach With !
Peoule freauentlv attribute to failure
of the digestive organs conditions that
are primarily due to inactive bowels,
an1 apply remedies that from their
erv nature are more apt to aggravate
than to relieve the disorder.
When th bowels act regularly the
stomach is in better shape to perform
itx allotted tasks and can usually be
dep. nde.1 upon To keep the bowels In I
loiidition tin re is no more eiiecuve
icinedy than tin omblnatlon of simple
laxative herbs known as Ilr. Caldwell's
rup Pepsin which Is sold in drug
stores for fifty cents a bottle.
Dr. Caldwell has prescribed this rem
edy In h's practh-e for over a quarter
of a i-entur and it is today the standard
household r med In thousands of
home Mi Thoi TeI.oafh, with the '
Department the Interior. Office of
Indian vff.nis, at Washington, wrote
Dr CaUlwll reeentU that "Dr. Cald- j
w.U's Srup Pepsin is the best laxative j
1 have any knowledge of and the clean- i
In.- up guaranteed by its use relieves I
. i r organ." ,
! otile of Ir Caldwell' Srup Pep- j
should 'he on hand in ferv homo I
WL?- &,- m
ing t
wh n needed . ti ial bottle
I'harg. . an be ol talio d bj wrlt
Jir V P Caldwe 1, 4" 4 Wash
Mniii Clio, 111
Sick People Sometimes Die
From Lack of a Good Stimulant
Jlecially is tine true in grip and
pneumonia, for they are infectious dis
eases which attack weak and stronj;
alike. Serious corapIicatioiiB are liable
lo develop in the eourne of the disease,
as grip settles in the weakest part of the
system, sometimes the kidneys, the
brain, the stomach or the heart, result
ing often in heart failure, but the most
dreaded of all. pneumonia, which is
particularly fatal when arising from
znp. As one able medical writer says:
"In all severe type of pneumonia there are two sources of danger
heart insufficiency, and high temperature. A large portion of deaths from
pneumonia directly result from heart failure.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
judiciously used is one of the most efficient means of preventing or over
coming it."
The reason it is a remarkable reraedv in the treatment and relief of grip,
.soughs, colds, influenza, bronchitis, catarrh, pneumonia, and all diseases of the
throat and lungs, is that Duffy's I'ure Malt Whiskey aids in keeping the di
gestive functions in healthy condition so that the body gets the necessary
health and strength from food eaten enabling It to throw off disease
germs. For more than 6 years It has brought the blessings of health to
overworked men, delicate women and the sickly, who find in Duffy's the
htirngth-Kiwng properties that are so necessary to them.
"Get Duffy's and Keep Well"
.old in SEALED BOTTLES ONLY. Beware of imitations.
$213.84. The matter of part payment for
the Texas School of Mines, due Jan. 15, i
amounting to $2000. was formally al-
lowed, in view of the approval voted at f
the previous meeting of the board. Foi
the convention of the American National
Livestock association, a total of $3244 56 !
was nllnwe.1
ruhliclt Department Trained.
Discussion, unanimously favorable,
preceded the passjng of an Item allow
ing $50u for the chamber's publicity
bureau's expenses for January. During
the consideration of the allowance for
the publicity department endorsement
of the work of the publicity committee
ofnhe past year was given and en
dorsement of the work of publicity
commissioner George II. Clements also
was given. Included in the irenornl re.
I view of the present budget fund was
president Burt Orndorffs statement,
that the fund now stood at about $39 .
000. and that a total of $60,000 would
probably be realized when the canvass
of the special ways and means commit
tee had been finished, to occupy per
haps two weeks.
On the matter of the work of the
publicity bureau. Interest was mani
fested and the attitude of the trustees
was cordial.
Committeeman James Graham lie
N'ary, when the question of passing the
$500 figure to cover the publicity bu
reau's January expenses was brought
UP, praised the work of that organiza
tion. In part as follows:
Suggests JI0OO n .Month.
"Nothing is moro' Important to a city
than publicity. Publicity has made this
one grow " more than anything else.
Nothing is more beneficial to the
growth of a. city than fresh publicity.
If we raise a budget fund of at least
$48,000. I think a quarter of that should
go for publicity, $12,000 for the year's
efforts along publicity lines; $1000 a
month to do it richt"
President Orndorff lauded the results I
...out; puuucuy channels, as achieved
under publicity commissioner Clements,
saying in- substance-
(Jetting Good Publicity.
"Our publicity bureau gets more space
for the money expended than that of
any other city in the country. The pub
Hcity secured by our outlay of monev
demonstrates without reasonable doubt
that ours Is a wonderful bureau
Clements, at the head of It. has got
long articles into such publications In
st,tand north a tne Xevr York
t,Pk Tribune- Bton Globe. .Chicago
Tribune and other representative news-
,e ir?obw Placeg- Mhere results may
ot.oeed,or 'Uh the DUncn n them."
r2 . 'iems PHS'ed by the budget
fund trustees Tbnnj... i,:.j", ?L
tommitteemen present included chair
man Itobert Krakauer, J G McNarv
i.anicr. H. L. Simons and M. W, Norton
ant' secretary .Malcolm A. Fraser
- Hollaing TermlU.
To Georrr IV fihn-n ... . . .
salow on lot. ,, Si 17. btaik JiaJ'S
raso; estimated cost $:& " H
. r;B " anarp to build i
"" i'n at I'ledras and
streets: estfmatji - rA
btack ItTltJ'V " ""ritree't!
TO IndiV .o?rk: "tlmd o.t 12000
i Anderaon-Filler company, to bond
brick rejldenee on lot. 4ano 41 block Jf
rierce-pnley addiUon. estimit'eSit $BM
t v., . Ieed Mled.
or'l r.'J"d.8-,v- .? d wife
T Vt "" "y 10 .i ii. Mardner and
booth for
-ok R
his S
The world has been eating wheat for thou
sands of years and never knew its full flavor
and sweetness until
Take a saucerful add cream ormilk and taste
the new, delicious flavor that natural sweetness which
eomes out more and more as you chew KRUMBLES.
The true flavor and sweetness of the wheat were
never brought out before, because no one ever thought
of just this KRUMBLES method.
Look for this Signature
Jv .,eJS' .80u.!h one-Wof" action
j f cents, in the Kellogg
1 v WAXTITE package,
which keeps the fresh, good
flavor in and all other flavors
Jfig M
Get Dnffy'n from yonr loenl druggist, srrocer
or dealer, fl.00 per bottle. If he cannot sup
ply you, vrrlle us. Send for useful household
booklet free.
The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co.. Rochester. N. Y.
No orders solicited In violation of Texas laws.
Just as easy to open a savings account with us as though yon
lived next door.
WE PAY 4 per cent Interest, compounded Twice Every Year.
We do business under the Depositor's Guaranty Law of the State
of Texas and are a Guaranty Fund Bank aa provided by such Law.
Our plan, in addition to being convenient is tafe. profitable
and liberal. Nobody bas ever lost a dollar In a State bank In Texas.
Write today ror our free booklet "BANKING BY MAIL." Yon
simply mill your deposit
EI Paso Bank & Trust Co., El Paso, Texas
iirij ."d "'"". . .-. . .
so ,: "Z..:i"?. " " " nd
tlon It:o7j."mSiT iTTSli"' c"
South side of Aitura Boulevard btir.n
Sir?8," a-d YK$ rtr"r n"w.lkerwn."
krti 4 ' 57 .'r" i""5, A"na J- Ah"-
v5,.. ' 21 and 28- Hook :;. Aitura Tirk
addition. con.ideratlon ,J00; January -
South sIH nf A lan,A....i. . . .
Tuna onJl 7t- -.SUjui. Iireet. MlTPfTl
S3 -5?f ?JVF reeUr-Frank A. Overton
. ii: :r "ei. y- jum. it t
lTVt( l - DK
"""nuu, connaeratlon
Eut TT1 rai.
J4000; February 8.
100; Febru-
SOUtb Side Of rmraM .&. .. - .
... .,-.'.".-- """-. 1-eiWfeH L1I
Mnr. ... .""?:" """"I-Jo.quln R
Ij.lt.. .jj.r.rl """-m. lot 17. DIOCR
arr 1 191C consideration
aJSr.!.?!" " -"-n PMr.,
n..'T;,".,"T-: Tbornton and
tlnn.i !,:",." .o"'. " " Jonnson.
dAi .-.'!'.; au " "lock 47.
liii ' "-"""oeraiion xi:.,0-
January t.
tial l?,l . ?m?f njr 0 & R Fields of Tavn
r, 'iAr 'V, V",? ' 30- S1 an - block 1
Hl Paw llelRht. addition. Jt and other cot,
eldwatlona: December 3 1J15
.,0UXh ,",d' of Oro Mreet. between Oram,
BankTrmT1-080?' W- ? r
M Stoat SP?i:PaiJJi.l.'?t" :3 anU hln
KiofTa'nul.'ry ?" COa"ir"
""""; or I-a Iaii trt. between T...
Jam,. A M,,n "f-i-P'-k O Haak to
lames a Mortenxen and wife lot 7 nn.i .. 7
lion "U0tJ,- Wfk "tllft"
tlon. conrt. eratlon I128: May n. 1315
North shin 0f ij, T.i. ..,.;; Vi'."1''- .
mar mi Trnti.... -. ... .v. ".""i lo
. ir ." '."' ""5"? "ee
" ,n.r IU i . ,
01 lot 6. Block
and Dyer
""IEfesi'pAID ON SWCOK'0
Mexican Money Bought and Sold,
201 S. EI Paw Street. p. 0. Box 1029. Telephone 1371
t. . r ""n J-i. John
Haak. lot 1 n.t . " ..
1. n.- : r; : "'..r
conaiderauon I0. Miy 30 1914 ""'"'"'
T . I-'wnted to Med.
n R Jenklna to Jean A. Qras
V. rl? Jfmlr to Paula Gutierrez.
SSS?i SS5'7- VLJ!ff.SrTw
Allf.in.nlnljui T l. , v
i:iti,ii:.;" .." M.Tiiti.
... ...viiru Ainsa, bum
treeta; Ford roadnter
o32 L. D Neal. 1009 East Boulevard
cen pauenirer Buick. -"ouievartt
33 TflrflnrIf.An. T..ft,
; Morgan buildint; Art truck. caPr.
.., n. j. uaKer. Alamo rooming h,.
flie naseenger Maxwell. 5 none
5365 v," J. Sampson. 140S Eat nt
Orande: five paewnrer Overland.
360--Enrlqu J. Vsldex. 30l Manan
treet. file urninir., w-a aniana
Iealln. '
Bemadloa Ratcon. 701 St Vrain !.
February 10. ged 05 yeara: burial Concor?i.'
.cmeterv Februarr 10' Concordia
rarl Spllebury, block 73. Government Itlu
February 10. aged one day; burial cwitn
cemetery February 10. Umcordla
Altha Kay, 20 Bucalyptui ftreef v.t
ary 10. at.d three jeari; burial cin'
cemetery February 11. u""i LencoriHii
Kdcar Barton Benware, 4M9 rnt.-.
.treet February 7, ifl Js , lS
Eersreen cemeterv February 11 nai
Hlrlh-lloy, '
P-2 rr"FebirrSm,,nn- 7" 'h '
win uH?rZ,yr?n- -
Febru"SC M rt"' "'' Boulevar.1
. ,. Blrtlisfilrls.
'To lira Kponrir B. Tugli !. ,-., , ,
street February 1 " ,-- Oxford
,.,To. Mra-. Bobert A Bemphni. 311 South
Mrg-lnla Ktreet Tebruary south
ti; - a? &. 3acsi5,3ss3s& m &&$msmi&8$&y$&&&&&8&
All trama arrive and depart from tfnlon
station, foot of San Francisco street All
arrlals and departures siren in El Paso or
mountain standard time.
For Albuquerque, Denver. Chicago, Lo
Angeles No. SIS Ira. 3:50 a. m.: JJa S10
at 8 p. ra
From Albuquerque. Denver. Las Angeles,
Chicago No. 309 arra. 10 a. in.: No. SIS
at 6:5S p. m.
(Western Dli'lon.)
For Arizona aud Calif ornla No. 3 Iva,
!:&& p. m . No. 7, at 7:45 p. in.
From Arizona and California No. 8 arva.
7 a. m.: No. 4 at 1:10 p. m.
(Kaslcrn Division.)
For Kansas City. St Louis and Chicago
No 4 Ivs. 1 a5 p. ra.: No. 2, at 4:45 p. m.
Tor Tucumcarl No. 8 Iva. 7:30 a. zn.
From Chicago, St Louis and Kansas City
No 1 arvs. 6:30 a. m.: No. 3 at 3-40 p. m.
From Tucumcarl No. 7 arrives 7.20 p. m.
For Smn Antonio, New Orleans and Wash
ington No. 103 Irs. S:15 a. m.: No. lo at
10 30 p. m.
From Washington. New Orleans and San
Antonio To. 9 arvs. 5:J0 p. m.: No. 101 at
19 p. m.
For Arizona anfl California No. 1 Iva,
.o. iui at mut p in.
C 45
J34 La3mA&L
iMeetitrs of Xew lork are looking for an insane person wIiq it is tlioughl
i endangering the IUcs of infants by attempting to 'throw carbolio acid upon
them. $
Mrs Nina Lombard rqiorted that she had found tho pillow in her infant
daughter's carriage wet with carbolic acid. The child, Kao Lombard, 11-2 yeors
old, was unhurt.
Following so closely upon the act of a maniac who last week threw Ivsol
on Julius Clemens, three weeks old, while lie slept jM frollt 0f a caudv store,
the police are making every effort to catch tho perpetrator.
Austin, Texas. Feb. 11. Jewish stu
dents at the State university have or
ganized a Young Men's Hebrew asso
ciation similar in scope to the . 31. -.
A. The men are very enthusiastic and
desire to establish Y. M. H. A. s in all
of the lancer cities of Texas Mil lo
hold a state convention in Austin tne
l.ittcr part of the spring.
1'nMd Lnwii of Austin, the firit
piesident elected, desires to corres
pond with all Jewish younsr men to
urge them to organize and to instruct
''!", ln methods.
The Y m. H. A. alms to give the
joung Jew the opportunity for develop
ment through its social activities,"
said president Lown. "It seeks on the
one hand to help him Interpret his Jew
ish social background arfQ to impress
upon him a vivid Jewish conscious
ness in the Jewish social sroup. keep
ing alive his nu-i.il entity in thig mael
Strom of eolution, whilr on the other
hand traininK him for the best type
or citi, nship "
KnKllsh Unn Stationery 2Bc the
r?."m1.', ,'l.Paso Book Co. Mills Bids.
It's HaniH." Adv
From Arizona and California No. 10!
arva. 8:30 a. m.: Nft. 10 at 19 n. m.
tex.s jt p.vcrnc.
For Dallas and St. Loais No. t. Iva 8:80
a. m.. No. 4, at 7 p, m.
From St Louis and Dallas No. 3 arvs.
9-15 a. m.; No 5 nt 9 38 p. m.
For Aguaacaiientes and Intermediate
points Lv Juarej at 8 p. m.
From Aguaacalientes and intermediate
point: Ar. Juarez 7-30 a. n.
For Pearson and Intermediate' points Lv.
5Ie Mondays and Thursdays at 8 a. nu
From I'eareon Ar. Juarez 6 p. m. Wed
nedaa and Fridays.
IlICKOK HOIXL and auto Une, Blgle, N.
. Trips to Elephant Butte and Paloraa
bprlngs. Caremet all trains.
LAM. ALLEY. Ilillsboro ahel Klngaton
. ? ,ta8 nd express Una meets all trains
JJLn!"! ,vlly wire at ray expense for
special trips anywhere at any time. Rates
reasonable F W. Mister. Illlllboro. N. M..
?,l.I'TE,,.clT"-OcToi.I.ON stage line, one
way 7o0. round trip 815 Stanley steamer.
;ilJPa"S.n?,r car- 'N'" "r write for reserva
Si?!, ut yeara experience Uogolton read.
Sliver TumMena- P- O Box 708. Phone 34.
TtJL.KOSA-MESaLEHO anto lesv. T,,.-
I rosa for Meacalero. daily. 33 round trip, fare
10 Aiamogorao ji. D. W. Shoemaker Auto
Line. Tnlarosa, N. M. 1
MAKFA-TORT DAVIS auto mall Un leaves
Fort Davis dally and Sundays 8 a. m. Leaves
Maria 3 p. m. One way. 82.50; round trln
34.00. Q. w. Davis. Prop. .
I1LCK IL1NGE auto stage and express line.
passenger service leaving Engla and Chlor
ide daily except Sunday at 7 a, m. for E,e
phant Butte, Cuchillo, Willow Springs and
Fairvlew Through tare one way. 15 Inter
mediate points. le per mile. Baggags car
ried 50 pounds free, excess 3 cents per
pound. "
nc?T? "WENIX-Elght hours. Via
aiob d.iw?-,. Leave Dominion hotel.
S m vl ' .V ,L m- A",v Pbeenlx 4:30
ranTe. rZ MJ;, Make ".ervatlpn. In ad
vance. Gila alley Auto Stage Line. Globe.
fir' El4 pI1SLJN.T Wl","'"' "" CIlnt
rr El laso dally, including Sunday, at S:3Q
2:. m:. Beturnlng
id Herald ofrke at
and parcels carried.
3 30 p.
car leaves
m. express
Tilivftv w... . ....." "r -
llnV Saie . , " V,I-LK "omobll. stage
Ill e "" "
VltlVUV 3 1 115 11 1)1)
11. i a. m ur
each wav J& 00
can, Arizona.
arrive Sol
Iadvsi QamlAasrsiMMwIllA
arriv. Duncan J15 p. m. Fare
i eia. manarer. Dun.
KOSttELL-CAKBIZOZO maU line Passen
ger service leaving both Roswell and Carrl
zo dally and Sunday at 8 a. m. for Pica
cho, Tlnnle, Hondo. Lincoln, Ft Stanton.
Capitan and Nogal. Through fare one war.
88 40 Intermediate points at Sc per mil".
Baggage carried up to 178 pounds. CO
pounds free. Excess at lc per pound, Kos
well Anto Co owners and operators.
FABENS-CLINT-EL PASO automobile stage
Une. See the lower valley and enjoy a real
good ride. Round trip fare to Ciint 31 00;
Fabens 31 50 Automobile leaves EI Paso
nerald office each evening except Sundays
at 3 o'clock and returns to El Paso at 8
o'clock Make reservations at Tho Herald
auto. leae Lordsburg dally 1 p m. ta
Tyrone, leaves Silver City dally 8 a. m.. via
Tyrone Through fare one way Ji round
trip 313 Silver City to Tyrone one way
33.00. round trip 38.00. Sce't Oarage Lords
burg. N. M.. Broadway Hotel, Silver City.
N. M.
nWKGO-Ul'ENA ISTA auto mill line.
Svery day except Sundays. Fare one way
31.28 G. c Marshall. Proprietor
Pkool EInVTta than v to serve! our customers promptly anfi efficiently.
WOOD m lS10&Ut.ou,i at.
wwkij PiCJJ ruuuiMi ou--iico
iau!ivu.L-aLAJIOGOBDO passenger and
express line. Automobiles leave Alamogordo
for Roswell at 7 30 a. m., arrive at Roswell
at 8:30 p. m. Westbound automobile leave
Roswell for Alamogordo at 7:00 a. m. Arrive
at Alamogordo at 4.15 r in. Stofls are made
at the following points: Plcacho. Tlnnle,
Hondo. San Patricio. Glen Coe. White Mt.
Ian, Mesealero. Bent, Tularosa, La Lux.
Through fare one way 310 Intermediate
points 8c per mile. Twenty-five pounds
baggage carried free. Excess lc per pound.
Alamogordo Garage, Alamogordo. N. L
EL PASO-L.V MESA auto une. upper valler
west aide. Herald delivery Itaves Herald of
Sfemeaeh wwk day P. m. Fares fro-n
El Paso to the following prints are as fol
lows: Carnitine, 7c; La Union store, 3L00
Chamberino. 31.38; La ilnsa. 31.80 Car
leaves La Sew for El Pascat 8 a. m. dally
Telephone 343. La Meaa, N. It R. T Hewlif
L.S CRUCES auto line, for Mesllla valley
points, leaves Herald office each week day
at 5:18 p. m. Fares from E Caso to Carni
tine 78c; Anthony. 3LO0,; Berlno. 8t :.".
Vado. 3L50: Mesqulte. SL75: Mesllla Parle!
32 00; Las Crueee, 82-00. Leaves Las Cruces
Drug ca, for El Paso at 5 p. m. dally
BIG 8PRIXGS, Lamcsa, Tex., Auto Lino
leaves Big Springs dally except Sunday at
8-30 a. m.. arriving Urawi via Soash and
Sparenberg at 12 noon, return-ng to Ble
Springs out day at 6 p. m. 32 50 one way.
38.00 round trip. CerdlU & Smith. Prop.
Big Springs, Tex. v '
' J

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