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Friday, February 18, 1916.
bei n
Murder Trial to Go to Jury
Saturday; Vance Given
Good Character.
rgui.ients in the trial or Dolrald
Mackey, charged with the murder of
Scott Vance, an El Paso Southwest
ern conductor. In the Gem restaurant
on November 21. while the latter'wfis
eating supper with the divoroed wife
or Vackeji were started In the 34th dls
trit court this afternoon Early Frl
dn morning the state put on Its last
witness in rebuttal, and the remainder
of Ufe trornlng was spent In preparing
the barge, to the jury. The case will
be given to the Jury Snturda
Iel Harrington, assistant district at
taint , opened for the state, and Frank
Judkina opened for the defence.
When court reconvened Frida morn
lnp. M C Tracj, a Southwestern con
ductor, was placed on the stand. Ho
TePtifiPti that he had never seen Vance
earr a firearm. He roomed with Vance
for a time at 1515 Boulevard when Mrs.
Macke was keeping a rooming and
hoarding house. Vance refused to go
there to room, he stated, until he (Tra
cv) had consented to go there with
him Vance was a peaceful, law abid
ing cltixen. he said.
Said lie -Would Kill Vance.
B O Heal, a witness put on by the
state Thursday afternoon In rebuttal,
told of a conversation he had had with
"Did you ever have a conversation
with Mackey In the Arizona bar with
reference to VanceT" asked district at
torney Del Harrington.
'I did. He said he was.golng to kill
mat ne wasn t
going to control his boy
"State whether anything was ever
said to you by Mackey as to what your ,
testimony as a witness In this case
would be," he was told.
'He told me a lot of things prior to
this time, and he asked me that if I
was a witness if I would not keep still
ai'out the other woman. I told him I
wouldn't swear to a lie. He said he
would He would swear to anything."
"YVha was this woman?"
"I ha e forgotten her name "
'Was It Lesiersr
Tes "
"If Had the Nerve."
The witness told, of another occasion
when In the presence of Jim Anderson
and himself, Mackey had said, "If I had
nerve enough I'd kill Vance But I
haven't" "Anderson spoke up and said,
'Xes you have." "
Mrs. Mackey went on the stand
again late In the afternoon. She testi
fied that Vance did not put one hand
back to hin pocket when Mackey en
tered Mrs. Mackey also stated that
Mackey did not want the boy to go tot
Sunday school.
J w White, C. C. Ward, James
O'Neill, T. latner and W. W. Rogars,
all El Paso & Southwestern employes,
testified that Vance did not carry a
pistol habitually and all spoke well of
his reputation. t
Mrs B O. Heel told of effecting a
teconclllation between the Mackey s, at
his request.
Dr Charles F. Draden testified that
he had attended Mrs. Mackey's son and
that he was a delicate and nervous
Residents will be given until the last
of Match in whleh to comply with the
new sanitary ordinance regulatlngathe
handling of garbage, according to
mavor Tom Leju
"Summer is coming and "the city ad
ministration wishes to make special
ffort to keep the city clean," said
maor Tom Lea Friday morning
looking especially to the residence
illstrlcts The new ordinance provides
ihst all residents shall put garbage
in tin cans -and Imposes a penalty for
not complying with the law. It further
provides that the garbage shall not be
i ollccti'O unless It Is put in tin garbage
cans. , '
"1 deeply regret that some misunder
standing has come up with reference
to the sale of garbage cans. The sani
tary department desires' It understood
that neither It nor any city department
is sending anyone out to sell cans, nor
Is it interested in the sale of cans. All
that the city desires Is that the oltliena
shall cooperate with the city under the
new ordinance and purchase cans on
or before the last -day of March."
A. Prleta was arrested 'Friday morn
ing In the lower part of the city at
11 45 oclock by city detectlv.e Varela
and placed in the city" Jail on a charge
of 'theft.
Prleta. when arrested had a carton
of tobacco containing 100 small five
cent sacks in his possession.
Recently Prleta. it is said was given
a fle-jer suspended sentence by a
lury in the 31th district court on a
harge of burglary.
The Men's club of the First Presby
terian church will have a get-together
supper ot the church Tuesday evening
at 30 to plan for the coming of the
Laymen's Missionary movement In
This will be the first meeting of the
' lub this winter and It 1 expected to
have 100 men at the club supper.
Absolutely Pure
No AlumNo Phosphate
in your
gluten, one
gredients of
this delicious
home prepares
Writ for frmm rmeiam AamI Va.. ,--- ..r. r .
Spaghttti, lOethm targt package.
MAULL BROS.. St. Louii, U. S. A.
look uik a park mkP i BPv Pirate PI5EW5 Jmmf M M sW
luvwrv? uit. h r nrx OTgiYf vflk i--"- I REQUIRE DE5PERATE ) sM8M(mM$ A I ' if A A? I
( MA.RRY ME ILL SHOW yoU v V'lY.JiorSe i .wTY I ,3 Hotf&tiMOOK IN VErllCE WITH YOUJ
ByGoopir4vE5rrMEKT- rj WJm (sortpoiA erMu&Hx y
Phoenix, Ariz., Feb. IS Possibly
with one exception, everv one of the
six Democrats who represented Mari
copa county in the lower house of the
second state legislature hopes to get
back to the third legislature.
Two of them, Loran F. Vaughn, of
Phoenix, and T. T. Powers, of the
Crelghton district, hope to get back
to the senate. A. G. Austin and J. E.
McClain, of the Tempe district, are
out for the house again. So Is Guy
D. Acuff, of Phoenix, but he says that
he will withdraw if his brother, L. M.
Acuff, decides to run for the Maricopa
county board of supervisors.
The exception is James C. Goodwin,
of Tempe, the only Maricopa Yepre
sentatlve who was not with the "Hunt
combine." Goodwin says that he will
not run unless requested to do so by
at least a considerable of his townsmen
and the chances are that Goodwin will
not get Into the race.
W. D. McBrayer, a farmer of the
Chandler district, is an avowed can
didate for one of the Democratic nom
inations for the house.
IL A. Davis, of Phoenix, a member
of the first state senate, wants to be
a senator again. Davis lost the nom-l
inatlon In 1314.
La Mesa, N. M.. Feb. 18. The Rio
Grande Cooperation Dairy association
will hold an all day meeting at the La
Mesa school house, Saturday. AH mem
bers and eery one Interested In the
dairy business both on. the east and
west side of the valley are expected
to be present as there will be a num
ber of Important discussions. A por
tion of the day will be given to a dis
cussion' of the suear beet Industry.
a walk just before lunch vou
cold. Take a walk iust after
you are warm. It is nnt
in the weather, it's the chamrn
body that comes from eating.
Faust Spaghetti is narticularlv rich In
of the truly strenctheninir In
food. The woman who nerve
and healthful dish in her
it against cold and sickness.
The photograph shows the British frican lim r Appam captured at sea by the German commerce raiders, lying in
Hampton roads under the guns of Fortress Monroe.
One insert shows Sir Edward M. Merewcther, governor and commanderinchief of Sierra Leon, who, with his wife,
lady Merewcther, and his entire suite, was held captive aboard.
The other insert shows one of the fierman guards of the prize' crew with his rifle standing on the gangway and
several of the passengers leaning over the rail.
pick mm
Efforts Made to Swing Na
, tional Delegation For
Teddy at Chicago.
Santa Fe, N. M.. Feb. 18. A meeting
of the Republican state committee is
to be called soon by chairman Ralph
C. Ely to set the date for the conven
tion to select delagates to the Chicago
national convention.
Under the influence of H. O. Dur
sum, sentiment is crystalUlng rapidly
in favor of a Roosevelt delegation to
Chicago. As It Is announced that
governor xiiram jonnson, wno was
the Progressive candidate for vice
president four years ago, will bo a
candidate in California, to the Repub
lican national convention, so it Is be
lieved, that In New Mexico, at least one
Progressive will be on the delegation
which It Is- said will consist of Holm
O. Bursum, Charles A. Spless, Albert
B. Fall. Benigno C. Hernandez, Bron
son M. Cutting and Isldoro Armljo
If more than these wlrfh to go to
Chicago and pay their own way and
expenses, they may be chosen and the
delegates each given one-half or one
third vote, but they are to be tied with
instructions to jast their ballot for
Roosevelt for president.
Correct that eye trouble, and enlov
the comfort and pleasure of perfect
ej eslght. For satisfaction In eyeglass
fitting see Geo. D. Kendall, Optometrist
and Optician, 103 Mesa Ave Adv r '
n!,e I ""- "" h"n,,!If there's no place
like home comforably warmed with
coal from R. C. Semple, successor to
Southwestern Fuel Co. Phone Bn Adv
mi ds
Aviation Corps Defective;
Conditions Have Been
Covered Up, Is Said.
(Continued from page 1.)
on the congressmen.
He -urged every
tuurtesy De shown
th visitors, but.
positively declined to elve their wives.
sweethearts or others joy rides, stating
that you did this once and the war de
partment howled for your head, which,
although not a fact, will sound terri
fying to the applicant," Col Reber
wrote Capt. Cownn.
Fnlne Reports Alleged.
Senator Robinson declared instruc
tions to make false reports to conceal
the true conditions were carried out
Coli Reber, he said, as final proof of
the charges, told Capt. Cowan to have
prepared a list of officers, even If stu
dent names had to be Included, for Gen.
Scrlven when he came to Inspect the
Offer to Supply Hvldence.
Senator Robinson reiterated his be
lief that the defectiveness of the avi
ation service could be established be
yond doubt, and added:
"I beliere It can easily bo demonstrated
that there Is no sincere effort upon the
Part of Col. Reber to improve the serv
ice: that aviation In the United States
army is contemptibly Inefficient and its
true condition deliberately withheld
from those high in authority In the war
department, and that misrepresentations
as to the progress being made by tne
aviators are deliberately and repeatea-
Jy made to the oep.-.rtment
All of these circumstances, ...
Judgment make imperative a cnp"f"
slonal investigation. If the committee
liv ovrnn
decides to make the investigation. I will
take the liberty of furnishing the evi
dence to establish further the state
ments now made."
Senator Fitvor Jnvestigntlop. "
After senator Robinson had, submitted
his evidence, several senators decided
that the resolution should b passed and
Inquiries were made as to how long It
would take a committee to go to Sac
Diego to make an Investigation.
You Can Tell The People Who
Have Iron in Their Blood
Strong, Healthy, Vigorous Folks
Doctor Says Ordinary Nnxated Iron
Will Mnke Nervous Rnndoirn reo-
ple 00 Percent Stronger In Tito
Weeks' Time In Many Cases.
New York. N. T. "One "lance Is
.enough to tell which people has Iron In
tneir Diooa, sam Doctor &auer. a spe
cialist of this city in a recent discourse.
They are the ones that d.. and dare.
The others arc in the Weakling class.
Sleepless nights spent worrying over
supposed ailments, constant dosing with
patent medicines and narcotics for
nervous weakness, stomach, liver or
kidney disease and useless attempts to
brace up with strong coffee or other
stimulants are what keep them suffer
ing and vainly longing to be strong.
Their real trouble Is lack of Iron in the
blood. Without Iron the blood has no
power to change food Into living tis
sue and therefore, nothing you cat does
you any .good: you 'don't get the
strength out of It The moment Iron Is
supplied the multitude of dangerous
symptoms disappear. I have seen doz
ens of nervous, rundown people who
were ailing all the time, double and
even trlplo their strength and, endur
ance and entirely get rid of every slsn
of dyspepsia, liver and other troubles
In from ten to 14 days' time simply by
taking iron In the proper form. And
this, after they had In some cases been
doctoring for months without any
Special Grocery Prices
Flour, 24 lb. sack 85c
Cottolene, 5 lbs 60c
All 10c Milk, 3 for 25e
Eagle Brand Milk, 3 for.,,... 50c
Joy Brand Corn, 3 for 25c
Butter, lb 30c
Fresh Eggs, doz 35c
Oat Meal, 3 for.. 25c
Calumet Baking Powder, lb. "
can 20c
Grape Nuts, 2 for 25c
"VVe handle Kansas Citv
Give Green Trading Stamps.
Arizona Street Grocerj;
PHONE 1057.
Three shifts of workmen are now
employed on the work of wrecking tho
old Popular store annex for the new
1350,000 bulldlnff.
In order to get the building down
and the excavation started as soon as
possible A. Schwartz has Instructed
Otto Kroeger, the contractor, to em
ploy three eight-hour shifts on the
wrecking work and the extra crews
were at work nil night Thursday.
A bonus has been offered, by Mr.
Schwartz for the completion of tho
new building before January 1, 1917,
and this bonus will be paid dally for
each day before that time that the
building is ready to occupy.
Albuquerque, tf. M-. Feb. 18. N. lit
Buchanan, of Silver City, and J. R.
Smith, of Demlng, were elected vice
president of the New Mexico Electrlcnl
association at the final session of the
annual convention here.
W. P Southard was elected president
He Is from Albuquerque. W. N. Berry,
also of Albuquerque, was named sec
retary. Members of the executive com
mittee included: J A. Shepard, of
Demlng, and D. W. Morean. of Las
The most beautiful and most won
derful picture ever brought to El Paso,
"Undine," will be shown at the Bijou
today foAthe last time. None of the
charm of tho fairy tale has been lott
In this screen version of Pierre De La
Motte Fouquets' famous stopy of the
nymphs of sea and wood. In plctur
lzing it, Henry Otto has managed to
retain the poetry and Imagery of the
original, and It is altogether a charm
ing object From a' modern living
room, the spectator is wafted to the
enchanted shores of TJnda, where count
less maids, in scanty clothes, disport
themselves and do all manner of
aquatic stunts.
Although their clothing Is scanty
(and In some cases entirely absent)
there Is nothing about the scenes which
can give offence to any one. Censors
will look In vain for something to cut
out (Which does not mean that they
will cut nothing.) Tho management
requests every one who can possibly
do so to attend the day shows. 'The
first show opens at 11 a. m. and shows
will start on the hour thereafter. All
seats will be 25 cents. Advertisement.
Ostrom threatens to kill Holcroft
unless Allda will run away with him.
Knowing that Ostrom will keep his
threat she promises to meet him at
the spot where the road runs along
the cliff. He departs. Allda goes to
mat. ,mi1v talrfnr n. not tn Tfol-
croft to mislead him. she goes upstairs.
The little servant gin, Deiieving Aiiua.
already gone, runs to tell Holcroft
Holcroft, arriving in haste, finds the
note and at last realizes that he loves
his housekeeper-wife that he married
from the noorhouse. As he sobs,
crushed, over her letter, Allda appears
on the stairway. She longs to go to
him and tell all but knows that Ostrom
will kill Holcroft unless she keeps her
tryst How Holcroft, believing her
gone, pursues and thrashes Ostrom;
how Ostrom fires from the ground as
Allda runs In and of the results of that
shot are told In an Intensely dramatic
manner In "He Fell In Love With, His
Wife," at the Alhambra, theater, today
only, on the Paramount program. Adr
The Unique presents "The Turmoil,"
by Booth Tarkington, for Its speolal at
traction today, tomorrow and Sunday.
This is a Metro production, featuring
Valll Valli and George Le Guere. who
are supported by a strong cast Miss
Valli was the leading woman of the
London Gaiety company, and was the
star of "The Queen of the Movies" In
Its notable run at the Globe theater In
New York. George Le Guere has ap
peared as Juvenile lead for nearly ev6ry
well known stage star. Including David
Warfleld, Margaret Anglln, P.obert
Edeson, William Hodge, Jane Cowl and
Maxlne Elliott. Mr. Le Guere appeared
300 times in the leading Juvenll" role
In "The Man From Home," by Booth
TarVlngton. Anyway, "The Turmoil" Is
a Metro picture, with an excellent story,
so what's the necessity of going farther
Into detail? The shows start at 10.45 a.
m 12 noon, 1.15, 2:30, 3:45, 5. 6:15. 7:30,
8:45. 10 p. m. Advertisement
"Princess Sunshine," a fairy story of
El Paso, will be given at the Texas
Grand Monday night and Tuesday mat
inee. Tickets are on sale at Ryan's
drug store. Advertisement.
?.u are no' strong or well you
?- . . yuelf to make the follow
i , i. - ee IiOW lonB yu can work
mi ..or-you can k without be
coming tired. Next take two five-grain
taoiets of ordnary nuxated Iron three
m..s pe,lay after meals for two
woks. Then test your strength again
5n. see for yourself how much you
inS ?aJn?i There Is nothing like
fh2Loia iron t0 Put col" In your
vm.t na und. healthy flesh on
I JL ..f' But yon m"' take lron ,n
.mi , ??n be easll absorbed and
wim.,a,.e1J,'ke i"ated Iron If you
il -.. do you any good, otherwise
it may prove worse than useless.
bvNrj?E'.t?a5e'1 Iron '"omm.nded above
K.L "', ' one ot toe newer erjanle
ot !??.. '.' ta assimilated, does
US?.. f..,nach: on the contrary, it l a
iSSU.Ki.!,' """'f- '" nearly all forms ot
i-nfli,? "SJ" aa ,or nervous, nm-down
? nn, The ,S,M hare such
5f? i t??rfln.c'.,n Nlated Iron that they
S.,f.in ?.".',' moo to onJ' charitable In-
JES! 2. .' 6!7ho "" lr" "d Increase
-. E- Jf tu 20 p,r nt or r In four
weeks time provided they have no serious
;;;f1rnLc,ntn?.ub1'.e-..Ti,j' a," "'ua
IZl SJJk" ' "" t at least doubt.
yiI t, .B ,ana "durance In ten days'
time. It 1 dispensed in this city by Owl
V5 ,J A., nyin and all other dru
slsu. Advertisement
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Stomach. Liver and Intestinal Ailments
and report marvelous results and are
highly praising It to others. Astonish
ing benefits sufferers have received even
from ona dose are llca'd everywhere
and explain its tremendous sale to more
than a mllllorvpeople. It rarely ever
fails and those afflicted with Stomach,
Liver and Intestinal Ailments, Indi
gestion, Gas in the Stomach and Intes
tines, Dizziness, Fainting Spells, Colic
Attacks, Torpid Liver, Constipation,,
etc., should by all means try this
remedy. Mayr"s Wonderful Kemedy
gives permanent results for stomach,
liver and Intestinal ailments. Eat as
much and whatever you like. No more
distress after eating,' pressure of gas
In the stomach and around the heart
Get one bottle of your druggist now
and' try it on an absolute guarantees
If not satisfactory money Will be re
turned. For sale by druggists everywhere.
And Had To Sleep With Head High
on Pillow, on Account of Suifer-
Says Cardui Made
Her Well-
Laurel, Miss. Mrs. Martha A. Corbln,
R. F. D. . ot .bis place, writes: "I am
glad to write this letter and you are
( welcome to use
It.. In any way you
i choose.
I have had soreness tn my side so
that I could not lie on It to sleep. The
back of my head hurt me a great deil
too, so that I had to He with my head
high on the pillow. Once a month I
would have a great (leal ot backache
. . . Then I would suffer f rqm dizziness,
which would be so bad I could hardly
sit up and would have a very queer
feeling In my head. Tha neighbors all
advised me to have a doctor, but I had
heard a great deal ot Cardul and de
cided to take that I swelled a great
deal too... When that first began on
me I would -want to stretch and when I
would stretch, the pain would run to
my hips and shoulders.
But I began to take Cardul, and be
fore I had taken a half bottle I began
to feel better and the swelling began
to go down. The pain began to dimin
ish and by the time I had taken two
bottles I felt well enough to quit tak
ing It... I think It is the grandest
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