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City Health Inspectors Visit
2500 Rooms; Immigrants
Are Deported.
Shuts Doors and Window of
Room in Flames and Then
Crawls Onto Balcony.
Nil moip cnutaglouH diseases have
l u found by the city health Inspec-
' ra in the southern part of the city
'ter a room to room Inspection of the
"uih vide from Stanton street to the
iot below Overland street.
Knur Inspectors have been at work
., iii!,K me vwihq Vies and to the room, where
hi ciuarter and ordering raps ana , ,. ,.-,,,..,
i.ddliilt infested with lii'e Uurnea at
ire one rase of measles was dls-
er.v! on the south side after an in-i.-i
tlon of L'iOO rooms This was the
il contagious case found. The In
.. . ...... .. nrw fit work In the vicln-
i i of the Stanlon street bridge and
the district east of Stanton street.
Iir C. (' Pierce, senior surareon of
- V S public health service, arrived
1 i idaj from Ijindo and is making an
nsneition of the Mexican quaiter
ith lr J V. T'ppan. local L. S.
.MIi officer
l'lif immigration service officials
iiiid.d up a large number of Maxi
ms mho had smuggled themselves
h.ks tin- rler without passing
i.ui-ii Jlir immigration station ani)
l rr..iii.r inspections
Gray Hair Changed to an Even Dark
Shade by Q-Ban. Harrcji
No Dye.
M hen Mis Cileries B. Stevens heard
the plaster fall from the ceiling of
the servants' room at the Stevens home
on West Boulevard Thursday evening
and discovered the room to be filled
with flames, she never fainted nor ran
out of the houseVscreaming.
ineiean sne went up the back stairs
oom, where the fire viu con
suming the bedding, shut the doors
leading Into the hallway to preient
the fire from spreading to the re
mainder of the upstairs, climbed out
of the window onto -the balcony of
the kitchen porch, after closing all of
the doors and window, and waited un
til the firemen arrived and ran a lad
der to the balcony for her to descend i
Itoiini In Plumes.
The fire started at fi.20 Thursday
evening while Mrs. Stevens was in the
kitchen broiling a steak for Mr.
Stevens, vho has been ill at his home
for the past week. AVhen she reached
the door to the room he saw that the
entire room was in flames, the bedding
was burning and her spring clothes,
upon which a. sewing woman had been
working In the servant's room, were
being destroyed before her ees. As
ehe started into the room the electrlo
lights went out. the wires being burned
In the room The fact that she closed
the doors leading into the main part
of the house prevented the Stevens
home from being destroyed, chief John
, W. AVray declare, as the fire had
j succeeded in creeping along the panel
ing oi me nauway nnu me enure nouse
was filled with smoke.
Unknown Origin.
It is not known how the fire started.
It is not belioved that the wiring
caused It, as the lights continued burn
ing for some time after tho fire M-as
discovered. The bedding In the room
was completely destroyed, tho furni
ture was ruined, the woodwork so bad-
'Ton can easily turn your array, life-
1e drv faded nr atrealcad with crav I ,v damaged that It will have to be re
less, dry. laded or streaked w lib gray laced and the ,nterior of tne upsUIra
1 nr t.iautifully dark and lustrous if reflnlshed. The fire did not spread
iifll opplv. a few times. Q-Ban Hair to the roof of the house, or it would
olur Restorer to hair and scalp like I have been destroyed.
shampoo Q-Ban is a harmless, ready- "" "J1"" 0"- ,
. ,, ., , .,., j .v-. The Central and Sunset fire depart-
t.-ue liquid, not sticky, and darkens J mtnte an8wered the alarm and suo-
jllyour gray hair so evenly that no one ceeded In putting out the fire after
in tell it has been applied. Q-Ban is ! minutos of effective work Little
.... ,Z 7 water was used, the small hose from
i ot a dye. but acts on the roots, makes tne chemical engines being used in
1 air and scalp healthy, naturally stead of the large streams of water
, hanging gray hair and entire head of , " "Jt e damage lias
U, J-- MV1 S.SIHH 1 WJ ..... V.V..O
Herald's Young Agent
At Pearce, Arizona
hair to that soft. even, dark luster,
fliiffln. sb, beauty and abundance which
t: tikes the hair so fascinating and at
tractive, besides preventing dandruff,
thing tcalp and falling hair. Guaran
i led to satisfy or money refunded
.'jily ."in. for a big 7-ox. bottle at Peo
ples Drue Store and Kelly & Pollard.
J 1 rj'd, Tex. Out-of-town folks sup
r Ued bv parcel post Advertisement
but will amount to several hundred
dollars. A new auto tire, which had
been placed in the room, was destroyed.
C B.'s steak, which was left on the
stove by Mrs. Stevens when she went
in search f the fire, was a total lose,
with no insurance. The remainder of
the loss is fully covered by Insurance.
Santa Fe Fuel Co.
Tel. 586.
London, Kng., March 3. Having re
mained in the United States since the
outbreak of the European war, Francis
Nellson, liberal member of parliament
for the, II) de division of Cheshire, has
taken action equivalent to resigning his
seat Dispatches from Chicago have also
mentioned speeches which M. N'eilson
has made scoring what he called the
"secret diplomacy" of rGeat Bhltaln as
being a factor in bringing on war.
The whole household will relish Sulz
berger's Majestic Hams and Bacon
"Dellclously Different" Adv.
IVhnt the Mrlter and the ImpcriMiunlor
of "Madam Butterfly" Say About
Kach Other.
"Because the sorrow In 'Madama But
terfly' is as we learn by Bushido teach
ing In Japan, I lose myself in it It
might hae been an one who marry not
right Life is all like that for girl in
Japan when she love and what you
say loses. When Japanese girl leaves
home of glrllshness to become wife to
the man her father chooses, her honor
able father gives her a goshinto a
short dagger. It is the symbol. It is the
protector of her honor as we are taught.
She keeps it until her death Some
times" and the smile on the little face
died a moment "It is her death 'When
one can no longer live with honor, one
must die with honor." When Mr. Long
write that he know. He know much
Japan I have linown him when I small
girl and he live in my land. My august
and honorable priest say Mr. Long is
first to write the truth about Japan. So
I can live this girl in the play "
So has said Tamaki Mlura. the first
and only Japanese prima donna the
world of music has known.
And regarding the vivid impersonation
of the little oriental artist. John Luther
Long, who wrote the story of "Madama
Actress Tells How She Man
ages to Captivate Her Au
diences and Hold Them.
PLEASANT smile pays In more
ways than I can say. How I
wish even- itlrl might reallzn
just what it means way down deep
every time she smiles. I think we would
remember and smile oftener than we
do." Thus wisely speaks little Miss
Edith Maxham. in the Field-Mayo farce
"Twin Beds." soon to be seen at the
Texas Grand
"There :uc was and ways of smiling.
One mav smile and have It mean not a
single thing, oi one may smile and havo
a person feel it as deep as his finger
tips. Such a smile Isn't easy, but what
a compensation one may have for any
trouble taken to learn It. after the re
sults are considered. So many people
have told me how very hard It Is for
them to smile. But in spite of very
thing. I have never heard anyone give
a smile anything but the praise It de
serves. "I hav e a simple recipe for smiling which
I had to learn before smiling came as
easy as it does now. These days I Btntle
from force of habit but I really mean
ever) thing my smile says. My recipe Is
this When you are about to smile,
think first that In your smile you arc
about to promise something That Is
&' X''f;jfe,gg, Wm
Thin in n picture of C.eorce Melville
Cunnlnghnm. aged seven years, agent
for The Kl l"no Herald at Pearce, Arlx.
He li one of the jonngest ngenta In the
service of The Herald, itlno one of lis
best hustlers. The lad's mother, Mrs. I-.
K. Cunnlnghnni, snjs he hua been sell
ing Heralds since he was four yenoi of
nice. Everybody In Pearce knonit George
anil they all wait anxiously each day
for his appearance with their favorite
Cold evening, maae pleasant when
you use our coal. R. C. Sernple, succes
sor to Southwestern Fuel Co. Phont
531. Adv.
Phone your dealer today for Sulz
berger's Majestic Hams and Bacon
"Dellclously Different" Adv.
Tlase Hall Goods. El Paso Book Co.
Mills Building. Vdv.
To Follow Her Example, When
Need of a Medicine, And They
Have Profited By Her Adivce.
The base of Empire Beverages where pos
sible is juices of Ihe fruil and all the other flavors
are harmless.
El Paso physicians in many cases allow their patients lo drink
all they want, especially where they have fever and are unable
lo retain other foods. The carbonic acid is beneficial and the
drink is pleasing to the sufferer.
The hospitals of this City are also large consumers of
Empire Beverages, serving their patients direct.
The water used is the famous
what a smile is for, you know It is a
Butterfly.'" has sent .the following let promise, and you may make it any kind
i ter i- '? juiiiMpmi. you. UKessaoma. peopio
"Something within is rather clamor
ing to express itself this morning con
cerning Miss Mlura's Cho-Cho-San (if
that Is the way she puts her name Into
i English) but I am a bit afraid to let
I It go for fear that I might not go so
far after the enthusiasm dies
I "But I felt upon leaving the opera
j house last .night that Miss Miura had
I more nearly realized my ideal of 'But
' terfly" than any singer I had heard.
Please present her my compliments and
hardlv move their Hds at all In fi smile.
others smile entirely with their lips and
leave their ejes expressionless. , But the
nicest smile of all is the smile that
promises most
"You may practice smiling at your
mirror with great success. Just conjure
up the person you want to smilo at and
then fit the smile. It is really like a
game, and you would be surprised to
know how many different promises one
may suggest in a smile.
I "It is so nice to have a person around
who smiles on general principles, and
To Cure n Told in line Ony.
TnhlAt. nrlltrsrlKts refund monev if it
fails to cure. B. TV. GROVE'S signa- ' you know, and tBe best thing in
ture is on each box. 25c world for an attack of blues.
promises nothing at all but gladness at i take Cardul,
hlnp nliff ' .... I .. ..
Asheville. X. C. Mrs. W. IL Rhoades,
of R. F. D. No. 4, of this place writes:
"For five years after my marriage, 1
dldnt have very good health. Every
three months I suffered for several
days. . . I had terrible pilas In my
abdomen and back. I tried various
remedies and medicines, which gave me
no relief.
Seeing the testimonials in the al
manac, I thought I would try Cardul.
After taking the first one or two bot-(
ties, I began to feel better. I took it
off and on for about four years. I Im
proved all the time after I began to
beincr alive.
"Cheerfulness like this is infectious,
The Ballet '',,Coppella;,
Is and How It Is
Wnat It
Germless Water
is the watchword in the production of
Empire Beverages, the machinery for
cleaning and sterilizinghe bottles cost
ing thousands of dollars. In fact, if
you will pay us a visit you will be as
tonished at the precautions we take in
the perfection of what you usually call
a bottle of Pop.
Safe for the Baby
Good for You
VTURDAY night the Pavlowa Rus
sian ballet will give the ballet
CoDuelia." by Dellbes, after the
opera "I Pagllacci." Following is the
story of the ballet, which is a sort of
pantomime with music:
In a little town of Gallicla there lives
Co"ppelius, a maker of automata. One
automaton, which he had placed in his
window, is eo very wonderful that
Empire Bottling Works
400 Mills, Corner Kansas
The Power
To Accomplish
is largely within one's own
control keeping fit by right
living and eating.
The pure food
made of whole wheat and
mailed barley supplies all the
nutriment of the grains, in
cluding their vital mineral
salts phosphate of potash,
etc. These mineral elements,
lacking in the usual diet of
many persons, are imperative
for keeping body and brain
healthy and vigorous.
Grape-Nuts comes fresh
and crisp ready to eat direct
from the package with cream
or good milk. As a daily
ration along with olhei food,
Grape-Nuts has worked won
ders for thousands.
There's a Reason
people think it a living creature and
name it Coppelia. Coppelia's attractive
face catches the eyes of all the swains
about, and many fall in love with the
machine girl.
Prantz is one who Is caught by the
sweet face of the automaton, although
he alrepdy has a sweetheart, Swanllda.
Learning that her Frantz goes to Coppe
liim's house to flirt with the little fig-
' ure in the window. Swanllda becomes
, Aery jealous. By chance she finds the
key to Coppelius's House. Swanllda,
with some of ner inenus. sic.iis into
hii workshop. They meddle with all of
the automata and have the gayest kind
of a time winding up the dolls and set
ting them going.
Coppelius hears them and they hear j
lilm coming ana an run uway except.
Kwanilda, who hides bohlnd a curtain
and later slyly changes places with
Coppelia, whom Bhe now knows is only
an automaton.
Frantz comes stealing in. Coppelius'
seizes him and Frantz has to confess
his interest in Coppelia. They drink to
gether. Frantz. is drugged. Coppelius.
bv his magic art, thinks ho can bring
life to Coppelia through Frantz. The
mischievous Swanllda makes the auto
mata maker, to his great Joy, think
that Coppelia has truly come to life.
Frantz reviTes and escapes with his
forgiving sweetheart, leaving Coppelius
in despair.
There is a fete next day at the manor
where dowries are given to betrothed
couples. Among them are united Frantz
and Swanllda. Into the midst of this
rushes CoDDellus to demand reparation
for his lost automaton. Luckily for.
Frantz and Coppelia, he Is quieted
down by a purse of money thrown to
him by the lord of the manor and the
fete goes merrllv on.
In this charming ballet, produced In
1870, Dellbes is considered to have done
his best work and it gained for him his
greatest success. The story' Is excel
lently adapted to Its purpose and gives
ample scope for pantomimic action. For
the second act. In Coppelius's workshop,
Dellbes has written music which Is a
classic of its kind, representing the
movement of automatic dolls in de
lightfully amusing fashion.
Washington, D. C. March 2 The
final report of tho strike commission
which investigated for president Wil
son the labor troubles in the Colorado
coal fields, was presented today at the
white house.
The commission made no recommen
dations but reviewed the situation be
fore and after the strike. Charles W.
Mills of Phiadelphia, and Patrick
OUtlay, of Clearfield, Pa., and Patrick
report. Chairman Seth Low was un
able to be present.
President "Wilson writes all his
speeihis arid publl" letters In short
hand befoie doing them on tho typewriter.
Cardul and Black-Draught both are
fine medicines and I always advise my
sick neigbors to take them and they
have been ImproVed or cured by fol
lowing my advice. I would also advise
all suffering women to take Cardul, for
it brought about a permanent cure for
me and I always have It In the house.
I am well and strong and have had
good health in that respect since using
that medicine." x
Many ladies, who once suffered ter
rible pains, now do so no more, or at
least are relieved of many of their
troubles as a result of taking Cardul,
the womanrs tonic.
Try it. For sale by all druggists.
Rosy Cheeks
ART works on tho outside with
rouge, to beautify tne complexion.
VATURB can do it better if it has a
letter quality of blood. VITOLOX
Is NATURE'S helper because it
arouses the torpid HVer, flushes the
tldneys, cleanses tho bowels and
purifies the blood.
Iron Is Greatest of All Strength
Builders, Says Doctor
A Secret of the Great Endurance and Power of Athletes
Ordlnnry Xaxated Iron Will Make Deli
cate, AervoiiM, Hundoirn People "00
l'rr Cent. Stronger In Two
Weekx' Time In Mnny Cases.
NEW YORK. N. T. Most people fool
ishly seem to think they are going to
j get renewed health and strength from
I some stimulating medicine, secret nos
I trum or narcotic drug, said Dr. Sauer,
I a specialist of this city, when, as a mat-
ter of fact, real and true strength can
i only come from the food you eat But
) people often fall to get the strength out
or tneir Toon because tney naven t
time simply by taking Iron in the prop
er form And this after they had in
scire cases been doctoring for months
without obtaining any benefit But
don't take the old forms of reduced Iron.
Iron acetate or tincture of Iron simply
to save a few cents. Tou must take iron
in a form that can be easily absorbed
and assimilated like nuxated iron if you
want it to do you any good, otherwise
it may prove worse than useless. Many
an athlete or prize fighter has won the
day simply because he knew the secret
of great strength and endurance and
lined nis blood with Iron before he
rt because tney naven t weni intn the oiv n.hii. nm on-
enough lion In their blood to enable It j other has gone down' to inglirious de-
to change food Into living matter. From
their weakened, nervous condition they
know something is wrong but they can't
tell what, sc they generally commence
doctoring for etomach, liver or kidney
trouble or symptoms of some other ail
ment caused by the lack of iron in the
blood This thing may go on for years,
while the patient suffers untold agony.
If you are not strong or well, you owe
it to yourself to make the following
test See how long you can work or
how far you can walk without be"com
inn tired. Next take two five-grain
tablets of ordinary nuxated iron three
times per day after meals for two
weeks. Then test your strength again
and see for yourself how much you
have gained. I have seen dozens of ner
vous, run-down people who were ailing
all tho while, double their strength and
endurance and entirely get rid of all
symptoms of dyspepsia, liver and other
troubles In from ten to fourteen days'
feat simply for the lack of iron,
NOTE Nuxated Iron recommended above
by Dr. auer Is not a patent medicine nor
secret remedy, but one which Is well known
to druggists and whose Iron constituents Is
widely prescribed by eminent physicians
everywhere. Unlike the older Inorganld
Iron products. It Is easily assimilated, does
- ot Injure the teeth, make them black, nor
upset the stomach; on the contrary. It la a
most potent remedy. In nearly all forms of
Indigestion, as well as for nervous, run-down
conditions. The Manufacturers have such
greet confidence In Nuxated Iron that they
offer to forfeit 1100 00 to any charitable in
stitution If they cannot take any man or
woman under SB who lacks Iron and Increase
their strength 200 per cent or over in foot
weeks' time provided they have no serious
organic trouble. They aim. offer to refund
your money If it does not at least double
your strength and endurance In ten days'
time. It is dispensed In this city by Cwl
Dm? Co . A. B. Ryan and all other drug
gists. Advertisement.
Oar Flour Shines
like the sun when compared with
ordinary brands. That is why El
Paso women who know it will
take no other. Those who have
not tried it can have no idea of its
superior qualities. If you are
among the latter rectify your mis
take by ordering a sack the next
time the Flour Bin is empty.
. OR
"Cost More, Goes Further"
"Made in El Paso"
1 1 I I y
Electric Block Signals
Speed and
Oil Burning Locomotives
No Smoke,
No Dust
No Gnders
Sunset Limited
Only One Night
to New Orleans
Cily Ticket Office, No. 206 N. Oregon St
We Will Check Your Baggage
From Your Residence
Phone 3400 Branch 11

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