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Watchman Says Three Mex
icans Fired at Him; Sus
pect is Arrested.
Three Mexicans with Maxim silencers
attached to the end of rifle, fired sev
eral shots at Ben Powell, a private
watchman, stationed at Seventh and
Kansas streets, late Tuesday night, ac
cording to his report to the police.
A man giving the name of Proto Gal
Tin as arrested In an alley and is be
ing1 held pending; an Investigation.
When approached by the officers Gal
vi s. It is alleged, resisted arrest by
Jrawinr ,i large knife.
Powell naid he heard the whirr of the
1 ullets .is thrv struck near him, but
ueard no discharges from the rifles. No
.rms were found on the Mexican ar
r( sted.
DTHING has shown bet
ter the splendid shoe
organization of the Guaran
tee tlian the fact that at a
time when it is almost impos
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Guarantee is the only one that
has been able to supply the
extraordinary demand of High
Grade Footwear in all light
shades of leather.
The expreu has just broughl
us another large shipment of
Boots in' White Washable
Kid Button style (genuine
T) f ilc pearl buttons) hand
fumed soles, "Louis Quinze"
heels, long vamp.
203 Mesa
Agents Laird Schober Fine
Shoes for Women. Write
for our New Spring Illus-
yi uoiBl .JIIUC diaiUg. jjj
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion, dne package
proves it 25c at all druggists
Something of that much admired human quality known as
versatilitv is found in all
It matters little -vrhat the musical occasion
may be; in the critical atmosphere of the
lormal musicale or the joyous abandon
of the impromptu dance, the Chicker-
lng is equally at home, equally to
be depended upon for a sym
pathetic response.
"The Big
Piano House.
Texas St.
New Whitefish, 5 for 25c Large Scotch Herring 5 for 25c
New Lare Fat Mackerel, 2 for.. 25c Pickled Holland Herring 3 for!"25c
Imported Sardines, 2 for 25c
Sardines, Bloaters, Tuna Fish, Salmon, Shrimp, Fish of all description for
Lenlon Season.
Phones 505 and 50G. 204 and 206 E. Oerland St.
Mail Orders Prompt Attention.
One of the Two Missing
Army Aviators is
(Continued from race S.
Gen. Pershing's line of communication
to Casas Grandes
AVoulil MrenKtben f.lne.
The only reason given for strength
ening Gen. Pershing's, force, knows by
the public generally to be considerably J
more man ivvu, was mat tils Item ot
operations had become so extended j
mui jii xii&iif iiii ui communinuiuii
and the subsidiary lines were much
weaker than they should be.
Some uneasiness was displayed for
a moment at his headquarters Tues
day when it was reported that the
telegraph wires between Casas
Grandes and the border had been cut,
but an official report stating that the
line cut was a "buszer" line which
Gen. Pershing had laid, and that It
had been broken accidentally by some
of the American forces crossing it, al
layed apprehension.
It is not believed here that Gen.
Funston is worried to any extent by
roports of alleged growing1 antagonism
among Carranza troops, although he Is
carefully studying all reports, offi- i
cial and unofficial, on that phase of
the situation.
Villa Hal Many Mobile Troop").
It has not beei forgotten at his
headquarters, however, that Villa has
many more troops somewhere in north
ern Mexico than the few hundred said
to be riding with him in His flight be
fore the pursuing troops uf the two
countries. Realizing the mobile char
acter 'of Villa's bands, it was not con
sidered wise to expose too much Gen.
Pershing's lines.
Min of Armr nn Mexican Duty.
With the exception of four and one
third regiments ot Infantry, two regi
ments of cavalry, and about a regi
ment and half of field artillery, all
troops of the regular United States
army are either already in the border
territory and in 3lexico. or are in
foreign service. This does not Include
the coast artillery corps or all engaged
troops, signal corps, companies and
field hospitals and ambulance com
Regiments left in the United States,
exclusive of those In the southern de
partment and Mexico, or on foreign
tours are:
Second cavalry. Fort Ethan Allen, VL
Fifth cavalry. Fort Sheridan, Ills.;
Fort Myer, Va.. and Fort Leavenworth,
Kas. Third infantry. Mattison Bar
racks, N. Y and Fort Ontario. N. T.
14th infantry, one battalion at Fort
Lawton, Wash. 21st infantry, Van
couver barracks. WasU.; 24th infantry.
Fort D. A. Russel. Wyo.: 30th infantry.
Plattsbur; barracks. If. T. Fifth Field
artillery, with the exception of one
battery. Fort Sill, Okla. Three bat
teries Third field artillery, Fort
Myer, Vt
Money For Employing Civilian.
Gen. Funston was advised from
Washington today that $20,000 had
5sre -s?rm?si iJ?.srSIsri,,rnJ5s: i
ment of the services of guides, scouts,
Interpreters and other civilians it
might become advisable to employ. Al
ready Gen. Pershing is using many
Americans as scouts. They are men
said to be familiar with every trail
and water hole In the heart of Mexico
The work of scouts, it was expected,
would be supplanted by the aviators,,
six of whom have arrived at Casai
Grandes. Lieut T R. Bowen, who fell
with his machine, in a flight near
Casas Grandes, was only slightly in
jured, according to an official report
to Gen. Funston.
l Irelemi In Trouble.
Failure of the field wireless at Casas
Grandes was not regarded at head
quarters as significant since it has
been In trouble a xarse pari oi in
time. Denies Los of Machine Gnnjk
Gen. Funston today requested news
paper correspondents' to deny again
that Villa's men had captured machine
guns at Columbus or anything else.
either at Columbus or on the march
sonth of tho border. Friends of the
general have written him expressing
their sympathy over "the loss" of thi
machine guns.
34th I.NT.VNTRV It.
Cheyenne. Wyo, March 22. Orders
were received at Fort D. A. Russell to
day for the 24th Infantry to proceed to
F,l Paso for field service. Although tho
time of departure was not announced
it was generally believed the regiment
would leave tonight.
Mexico City, Mex.. Maroh 22. The
authorities have closed the last of the
public dining rooms and relief stations
in the capital on account of offiolal
information that conditions have been
greatly Improved.
Over J350.000.000, which Is about one
half of the public debt of the United
mates, is paid out each year in this
pXy'rroIdebrys.ln',UranC6 companl
U.MJEHS ..!.!.
oh 7 BiBKsSftJiA tvjs3es2:
fflffi T
Eeport That Men Deported
to Juarez Were Shot as
Bandits, is Denied.
Were the Villistas who were deported
to Juarez executed?
This report has been In circulation
In El Paso for several ia3. It has
"been denied by the police officials and
Carranta authorities, but
friends of
, ... -..,.
a number of well Known Vilhstas say
their friends have been missing for
several dajs and they fear they have
been put across the line to be shot An
, . , . , ,.
".1H"7 T8 r?cciv1 for one f"eso
villistas Tuasdav afternoon and it was
fhf.'u U,at . ,TepoJ I,ad -,&fn,.he5r.d
that he was to b shot at a Villa bandit,
it i,. ,?ht "r'lOT,r.a ,VfuVtr ', .. v ,
ii.i.. i elJ admi"e'5 tha,1 CIRllt J,'-
vnVl , ,atVe 'Cfn 1dep0,rtd s,",ee h
Villa raid on Columbus but It is denied
that thev were executed ss It Is said
thev were found to have no direct con
nection with the Villa government but
were deported as undesirables.
"Nine lrnder Arrrat.
Nino Villistas were arrested by the
police Tuesday night and are being held
on a charge of belnc- suspicious char
acters The men arrested included Al
liorto Cardenas, said to be a purchasing
ngent of the Villa government. lie was
arrested in a hotel on the south side
The others arrested were: Antonio
aiedinavleta. Antonio VilUlobos, F. Ca
villo. P. Gonzales, Trinidad Flores. R.
fhavira. Manuel Chavira, J J, Chavira
The police say these men are not to be
Philadelphia Millionaire
Wiih Pershing's Column
Silver Citv, X M, March 22 A
millionaire is with Gen. Pershing's
column as a military observer.
He Is John W. Converse, of Phila
delphia, and Is a crack polo player, a
clubman and capitalist.
He was in Silver City when the
Columbus raid occurred and he suc
ceeded In getting a commission from
tho Pennsylvania state guard to go in
with the troops as military observor
for this guard command, o which ho
is a member. He was attached to Col
H. J Slocum's command which led tho
expedition in.
Converse is a member of the First
City troop of Philadelphia, which is
composed of millionaires and clubmen
and he had no difficulty In getting his
Ho was accompanied to Columbus by
J R. Ik-Alpin. a nephew of CoL Slocura.
and by Wayno MacVoagh Wilson, who
have returned here after seeing tho-Ir
friend leave with the column.
Laredo, Texas, March 22. One hun-
-. - -".-- through u.. port
ior mo uarransa government, it was
announred here today. A squaqron of
tho Third cavalry will leave early to
morrow for Fort Ringold.
50327 Cohen at the Telephone, Monolog
George L. Thompson
I've Been Floating Down the Old Green
River, Joe Cooper,
Tenor Billy Murray
50330 Could the Dreams of a Dreamer Come
True, Arthur Lange,
Tenor- George Wilton Ballard
Mister Silver Moon, Arthur H, Weberbauer,
Soprano and Tenor
Gladys Rice and Irving Kaufman
50331 Trumpeter of Sackingen Parting Song,
Victor E. Nessler, '
Cornet Louis Katzman
With Sword and Lance March. Hermann
Starke New York Military Band
50332 Dancing With Ma Honey. F. H. Losey,
Xylophone Charles Daab
Twinkle Waltz, Vanderpool and Reimer,
Xylophone Charles Daab
The wonderful diamond stylus, the secret of Mr. Edison's musical
triumph, brings out all the fine shades and delicate overtones preserved in the
New Edison records. It creates the life-like tone peculiar to the Edison.
,Coni- ! - . ii. thes: new rtcwis We will be glad to play than far you without obligiUon.
El Paso Phonograph Co.
fPf (s
HELD li Jl!
Begs For Counsel; Ameri
can Attorneys Refuse to
Take His Case.
Gen Man ft el Jredlnavicta, -one of the
pi inclpal aides of Francisco Villa dur
ing his palmy days, 'attempted to sc
lure counsel for his defence at the citv
jail Wednesday mornincr In the cell
wlth h,m wa" 'ls ol,l father, partially
I vm mm ueiucuve ot vision,
A representative of a leading law
firm, who withholds his name, advised
I Medmavieta 'that he would not, nor
COTn,a"1y1 "S-att"rnev- t",hls "
I J "e old father, Antonio Medinavieta,
rocked from sjrle to side and said:
! 'God haye tnenty on us.'
I Medijw'rteia asked what the attorney
tlought wduld In done with him and
I ot the repI': "1'ou will be deported.
hero ' no question And certainly If
thev get you on the other side, they
WjU ejfrcute you"
I The old rth-' . i... i
c ,. - z- . r --" ---.... ...
apamsn, cou havo mercy on us.
The younger man became silent
Then he said, "Is there no vvav?1 I
will pay for my defence"
"There is no way," was the reply.
The nine men who were recently sent
across the river and who are said to
have been accredited Villistas, have
disappeared from the scene. The police
state that though questioned by the
custom officials, the men went across
voluntarily. Their passage was facili
tated bv the use of tho "Julio wagon"
The Kl Paso municipal jail Is being
crowded with ex-Villa officials Their
families nre solicitnns nt their n-elfam
and orlng thhigs for them to eat and .
drink The prisoners are taking their t
misfortune with stoicism, though now
and then there is the outbtcak "God
have mercy on us"
All have a horror of being returned
to the Mexican officials and because of i
the unpopularity of the bandit leader ,
and his cause, no local attorney caree
to stake his reputation by undertaking '
men- ucience
A camp fire meeting was held bv
the Men's club of the First Presbyte
rian church Monday evonlng in tho
club rooms of the church. In the cen
ter of the room had been arranged a
camp fire with a pot boiling over It
and heated by an electric stove A
tent was also set up and the chair
grouped around the camp fire.
W. I Benson gave a violin solo, Ed
win Knlckmeyer played a piano solo
and the boys of the IMS class of the
High school gave a part of their re
cent minstrel show.
Talks were made by K. M. Bray. J.
B. Gwln, Rev. C L. Overstreet and
other members of the club The meet
ing was one of the best of the year and
was in charge of G. A. Graham, chair
man of the entertainment committee. I
R. S. Murray and W. A. Burke.
Rev. C. K Watts, aged S3, a wide
ly known Methodist minister in Vir
ginia, has enroled as a student at the
Academic Srhnnl of the Tnlveritv nt
Latest Weekly List
of New Edison Records
We have just received the latest supplement of records
.which is issued for the New Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph v
every week. This week's list contains some master
ful records, full of real art and melody. The
followinij. is a list of a few of these records:
50333 Loading Up the Mandy Lee, Henry Mar
shall, Male Voices Premier Quartet
Some Little Bug Is Going to Find You
Alone at Last, Silvio Hein,
Tenor Walter Van Brunt
80288 Ah! Could I But Once More So Love,
Dear, W. Aletler,
Tenor Emory B. Randolph
Nightingale Vocal Waltz, Robert Batten,'
Mixed Voices Metropolitan Quartet
80289 Pretty Edelweiss Alone at Last, Franlc
Lehar. Soprano Mary Carson
Teach Me to Smile The Girl Who Smiles,
Briquet and Philipp, Soprano and Tenor
Mary Carson. and George Wilton. Ballard
82539 Explanatory Talk for Ah. fors'e fui (Twas
He. Perchance) --La Traviata, Giuseppe
Ah, fors'c lui (Twas He, Perchance)
La Traviata, Giuseppe Verdi,
Soprano, in Italian Lucrezia Bori
Diamond Disc
Motor Truck Supersedes the
Army Mule; No Trace of
One Missing Aviator.
Columbus. X. M . March 22 That the
motor truck and the automobile is-.superseding
the traditional army mule in
the American-Mexican expedition, was
indicated in rush orders for gasoline,
received at the field base here today.
It was asserted that the expeditionary
demand for gasoline has been sreater
than that for food or forage. An of
ficer here asserted that in contrast to
former American armies, the present
field force is traveling on gasoline
rather Ilian on ltsstornach.
Army men here admitted today that
the two d'avs' vain search tor Lleuts.
Robert H Willis and T S Correll caused
anxietj for the ifety of the missing
aviators. Throughout the night line
men worked repairing the army field
telegraph line, with the result that it
worked Intermittently todav. Instruc
tions were sent to the stations between
here and Ascension. 30 miles across the
border, which could not be reached by
wireless, to assist in the search.
Mill Hopes to I'luil Him.
Maj. W. B Sample, commandant at
the expeditionary base herni asserted
that he was still clinging to the hope
that the remaining missing aviator,
who left here last Snndat afternoon to
fly to Casas Grandes, 120 miles south,
may have reported at some outlying
station Maps showing tho topography
of the country over which the aviators
were to pass were being studied in an
offort to determine some lonely valley
in -n hlch they mav have been lost
Several possible e-cplans'tions were
advanced for the failure of the flyer
to reach Casas Grandes, but increased
credence was being given today to the
belief that he may have fallen victim
to the bullets of Mexican snipers How
ever, it wu uomted out also that In
the event that engine troubles have
forced him to alight in some one of the
outlying districts he might have ex
perienced great difficulty in moving to
join the command The civilian scouts.
on station here, also asserted that the
northern Mexican v ista of sand drives.
dotted only hero and there with mes
quite, might easily bewilder a man and
that he might wander through the des
ert and foothills of the Sierra Madras
for days without encountering a single
human habitation.
May Suffer For rood.
It was pointed out that the three
days' rations winch the men carried In
such an event might not prove suf
ficient for the subsistence or the miss
ing man and every effort is being made
to obtain early trace of the officer.
Fear-i that the line of communication
with the troops in the field might be
Interrupted again and with more seri
ous results, caused steps to be taken
today to establish a motor cycle courier
service between Columbus and Gen. J.
J. Pershing's command.
The first lighthouse erecysd bv the
United States government was built at
Cape Henry in the vear of 1701. and
was rebuilt in the same spot In 1SST.
Army Aviators Declare Ma
chines Too Low Powered
For Work in Mexico.
San Diego, Cal , March z2. The air
planes attached to Gen. rershlrlg's com.
mand are too low powered lor success
ful reconnaissance work under atmos
pheric conditions such as arefound
in the mountains of northern Mexico,
army aviators here declare.
United States army fliers here await
ed with anxiety today definite sews of
Junior military aviators 'Bdgar G. Cor
rell arid Robert X 'Willis, Jr.. who are
reported missing in Mexico. Both men
received their training at .the rorth
Island school here as did Lieut Thot
S. Bowen. who was injured by a fall
In bis jnachlne near Casas Grandes.
Gorrell ""rated as one of, the cleverest
and most conservative fliers In the
army. Lieut. Willis Is one of the
youngest aviators in the servlee.
All of the airplanes which figured
in the Mexican expeditionary force
mishaps are 100 horse power tractor.
At the time they were purchased for
the first aero squadron they were con
sidered by aviation experts to be the
best obtainable in this country for
scouting work. With pilot and ob
server the biplanes could attain a
maximum speed of S3 miles an hour
and could carry sufficient fuel to last
for eight hours' flight at full speed.
saw missus iiovnn, cuts
H. A. Ellison, in a suit filed In the
65th district court, asks 16700 damages j
for the loss of a thumb. The suit is I
filed against It A. "Williams, a con
tractor, j
Ellison alleges that on November 10,
1315. while encaged In running a cir
cular saw, the saw slipped out of align
ment and severed his thumb.
Kansas has not had a legalized brew
erv or saloon for 35 years
r '
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Meat Department
Thursday and Friday
Select Corn Beef, per lb 15c
Select Rib Boiling Meat, per lb. 10c
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Scout Writes to a Friend
From the Front; To
Establish Base.
Gen John J. Pershing Is pushing for
ward rapldlv with his cavalry regi
ments, according to a letter reclvea
from a scout in advance of the expedi
tion by a friend in El Paso Tuesday
morning and dated March 18. All names
of towns in the path of march have
been deleted, to prevent the wherea
bouts of the army to become known.
' o Skirmish.
Concerning the condition of ths
troops anff a few details of the mari.h,
the letter follows- "Since- leaving Co
lumbus we have been on an average of
14 hours in the saddle, as it is the in
tention of the commanding officer to
push forward as rapidly as possible As
yet we have had no skirmish with the
rebels but think that we will within
the next 48 hours, as we understand we
are close on the tiail of the. bandit1-.
Except for a few saddle sore ponies and
tired soldier boys, the troops are aTl
right We have had a number of bat
tles with alkali dust, but that's all
To Establish Ilaie.
"Within the ne'xt two dajsjt Is stated
that a base of operations wilPbe estab
lished at one of these Mexican towns
Just where we do not know. We will
then be enabled to get all of the sup
plies needed, as motor trucks are con
stantly coming and going.
Ves but watch wtfc
Oet At The
Grocery Department
Thursday and Friday
Specials '
15 lbs. Sugar for $1.00
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You do not realue what you are
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