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-Mukan p-io 4B VnclonalM Wis
1 S ' urnnu urrency 1 Bar silr
Ml nij . Harmon quotation!) M
' i i r $28 O0W2H SO Grains lower
' m k KtmnK- Stock attire
Kl Ta and wft Texn, probably rain,
n-Hrnirr, 'Nrw Mrxlro thunder thowe-ro,
roltlrr; Arltonn, mln, colder
4 vialor Is 84 Hours Overdue
To Report A I Field Base
At Casas Grandes.
Slory Of Herrera Reoolt Is
Unconfirmed; May Be
False, Officers Believe.
COLUMBUS. N. 1L, March 2 J No
word of Lieut. Edgar S Gorrell.
the missing aviator of the U. S.
irmy afro corps, wan contained in
to 1 t f dispatches received at the mili
iwN base her With the lieutenant
M hours oerdue to report at Casas
nrtfB and last seen southwest of
t i e o er Colonla. Juarez, hopes that
ie mav hae been delayed in some
s 1 m d district are waning The three
i vs rations and the small canteen
f water, which he carried, must be
xhausted, even If thev were not lost
i dest roved in a possible wreck of
i if plan Consequent! . arm men
1 if realize that Lieut Gorrell now
r 1 1 he face to face with death from
i li st or starvation
Herrera Report Unverified.
Vo additional reports were receded
imisv if the reported defection of Gen.
I uis Hewera. Carranza' former raili
i i governor of Chihuahua. n inti
i ition nas received, however, from the
si orf from which the original infor
iii ition rime that there is a possibility,
i' i ot a probability, that the story
if Hi rr ra'a break with his chief may
f f lf
Tlif report h.s not been confirmed
1 1 there Is a. strong possibility that
1 f announcement may have been pre-
i lature," It was said.
AH Transports Reported Safe.
With the resumption today of wire
'. ss communication with the expedi
i na advanced base at Casas
i nniin It was learned that all of
Hie transport trucks and wagons were
sifo .ns were their drivers and guards.
Mnrh trouble is being experienced In
hi Kiri; a way through the sands of
i h t Kion and some df lay has been
uis'fl It, was eaid The field tele
i i h continued to be practically use
le sa
Herrer Nrnr Cult.
Ttrpnrts regarding Gen. Herrera indi
ittd that with his comamnd he Is be
i cmi the San Pedro river and the foot
i ills of the Sierra Madres, which lie
nst north of the line of the Mexico and
Northwestern railway in central Chi
li nhua This would place him prob
allv somen here about CuBihulrachlc
Communication Interrupted.
"oTiimunlcatlon between the military
r .se nere and Brig. Gen J. J. Pershing's
ominnnd tn Chihuahua again was In
ifrrupted bv intermittant rains during
i ne night. Both the wireless and field
if graph line were hampered How-
e i it was expected that conditions
won Id be normal later In the day
I'rvr Mexicans Iong Itnufe.
TTca sands in, the desert between
I border and Gen. Pershing's head
in irters in Mexico are proving a serl
o i hiTidlcap to the operation of n otor
v In m the field, according to unof-
lal information reaching here today
urlfis arriving from along the
Unerlran line of march asserted few
M.xh ins are to be seen in the district
upierl bv the troops.
'luantilv of telegraph wire ar
rived in the night and work of repalr
n g the field telegraph was begrun im
riK (Hatch
Mfxi o Clt. Mex . March 23. Reports
funi the state or Chiapas state that
"," i" nr '-uHtemala have crossed Uie
f n i I . i and engaged Mexican troops.
1 illing rrnn of the garrison at Tapa
luila and taking 200 prisoners. It Is
i o n ported there have been many
lis'n along the Guatemalan frontier.
A telegram rm e Ived here from Pa
r u a repmts the blowing up of a train
I'lifin that place and Tulanclngo, de
st'ii'iif a number of troon cars and
1 1 11 in the passengers in a coach at- 1
i.hd 1o the train Constitutionalist
troops arc pursuing the miscreants.
Tuft l.ieut Sebring C Megill and
the rerniinlng members of company- I,
signal coips, V H army. left at Port
I liss list week when Gen. Pershing
li ok s of the men when he went Into
M. o will leare this evening to join
tlif i luiTin in the Sierra Madres
I 1 1 ut I- Prosser and ten men
will mialn at Fort Bliss In charge
I the tarfio station therr, but Lieut
MfKil! villi take four reel carts, all
lhe n inn In about 50 the wagon train
,nli tlicr equipment of the company.
Aiii'.i.n wrwci'N nvMiiTs.
Brown ille. T March 23. The
r'Mintv (irand jur, t'l() returned in
iImUihiiIk against loicnzo iapez and
l.f jf 1 1 ilmllfro allied Mexican ban
I ts ( hai kiiil. thein w uh thf murder of
7 r 1 II Mi Cain ifter a train wrfck
ini In (ut Is laM Ramon Pisana,
i bi i li i of Ani tin I izana supposed
i r now held In Matamoros, was
,1po i Intnl. chaigcd with the murder
,f hi llerbeit MiUuIre -it Los
lulii'" i inch near here, in August
eiix Martinez's Faculties Were Always
Eeceiver for Bank Denies
Lorimer Was Dishonest,
As Shown By Books.
Chicago, 111.. March 23. William C
Xiblack. receiver of the La Salle Trust
& Savings bank, resuming the stand to
day in the trial of Wm. Lorimer.
charged with conspiracy in the bank's
failure, renewed his charges against C.
II Munday, convicted ice president of
the bank.
"Do the books show Munday got the
money"' asked assistant state's attor
ney Bell
"Yea air, large chunks of it," replied
the witness "One large item Munday
got was $120,000 worth of Southern
Traction company bonds "
The witness eaid the books showed
no evidence of dishonesty on the part
of Mr. Lorimer and declared
"You can't keep books so skilfully as
to cover up evervthing One can gener
ally find where the defaulter has laid
money said, to keep his familv when
thf crash cam
"Washington n C. March 23 Con
sideration of the Hay annj increase
bill continued in the house today with
only two Important sections of the
measure awaiting disposition One
was the military pay provision under
wbich the bill is expected to produce a
force of 425 000 national guardsmen
within five years, and the other was
that providing for the construction of
a nitrate plant. Passage of the bill
virtually was assured
The Chamberlatn btM. doubling the
number or cadets at west 1'oint mili
tary academy, passed by the senate
yesterday, went to the house today.
Washington, D. C, March 23. To sup
port the contention of private manu
facturers that a government armor
plate plant cannot be successful, vice
president Bar OB, of the MIdvale Steel
company, told thf housf naval commit
tee todav that his plant, with all its fa
cilities and technical equipment, had
already lost $300,000 on a contract to
make armor-piercing shells for the
"And when Wf make delivery." ha
Raid, "We are through for all time with
making projectiles for the navv under
its present specifications of testing. K
ery naval officer we have talked to has
said be hoped he would not be assigned
to armor making, for he could not
do it"
Austin. Tex., March 23 The trial
of the case of the state against Karl
Druesedow, tax collector of Harris
countv, charged bv indictment with
the misapplication of public funds, was
begun in the criminal district court.
A motion to quash the first of the
three Indictments charging misapplica
tion of public funds, was made and
The contention of attornev s foj
Druesedow Is that the alleged offence
i a misdemeanor and the criminal
district court has no jurisdiction.
When this motion is disposed of. the
case will be gone Into on its merits.
Wellington, . f, March 23 Lieut
Col Samuel Heber, chief of the army
aviation service, fell three stories In
his home here today and was badly
injured He was removed to a hos
pital. Col Reber Is a soninlaw of Gen.
Nelson A. Miles
ustin. Tex, March 23 Maj X
Lapowski, of Ll Paso, of the fourth
Texas infantry, was today detailed by
the adjutant general's department to
inspect Kl Paso high school cadet corps
on April 21, at 1 p m
Los Angeles, Cal March 23. Gen.
Harrison Gray Otis, editor of the Loa
Angeles limes, is seriously ill with
pneumonia at a Hospital here,
Otis is 79 years old.
Debate was resumed on the
Indian appropriation bill.
Finance committee considered
the house resolution repealing
free sugar taiiff provisions
Kern amendment to bank law
to permit bank directors to srve
as directors in other banks, was
favorably reported.
Debate on army organization
bill continued
Ways and means committee
Democrats met to perfect the
administration tariff commission
Naval committee continued na
tional defence hearings
The War At a Glance
French still ding to a
rt of the little hill of Ilau-
i-nnrt southwest of Maian-
court, on which the Germans gained
a footing Wednesday evening.
Paris announces today that trie
German infantry attacks In this
sector w ere not resumed during the
night and even the fire of the
heavy artillery diminished.
The bombardment east of the
Mouse was continued with undimin
ished intensity.
Iluntlnn Ire Vttacklng
Besides striving hard against
German positions on the northern
end of the Russian line, the Rus
sians are displaying notable activ
ity in Galicia
The Austrian report that Infan
try advances at some points in
Galicii w erf repulsed
More Ship- Sunk
SinkniB of the Norwegian berk
Lindftel.l the British ship .sea Ser
pent and thf French bark Bougain
ville vv is announced todav
Pans dance March 21 The I'rench
official statement toil i says that last
night a violent bombardment took place
east of the Mruse river est of the
Meuse the fire diminished in intensity
and the general situation is un
changed The French war office this afternoon
ave out the following statement
"West of the Meuse the bombard
ment diminished last night. The
enemy did not renew his attacks on
the little hill of Haucourt (about one
kilometer Southwest of Malar.courti. a
part of which we hold
"Bast of the Meuse the bombardment
has continued with Violence at several
"In the Woevre tllec has been no im
portant development to report, w ith
taaxcejitlan of -ajfyJateradtUnt can-
"West; of Pontvfi-'Mouseoo a surprise
attack upon a trench of the enemv In
the vicinity of Fey-en-Have resulted
in our taking several prisoners
"The night passed quietly on the re
mainder of the front "
Rome, Italy, March 23 Thomas Nel
son Page. American ambassador to It
aly, todav visited baron Sonnlno, the
Italian minister of foreign affairs, to
make representations regarding oases
of Americans who complained of ill
treatment In Italy. Since the begin
ning of the war several Americans have
been arrested on suspicion Other
Americans have been expelled from
Baron Sonnlno promised that all the
cases mentioned bv the ambassador
would be examined again m the most
friendly spirit, as Italy rejoices in the
continuance of the best relations with
the United States.
Rome. Italy. March 23 The Mes
sagero publishes a report to the effect
that cardinal Gasparn, papal secretary
of state, has sent a long dispatch to
cardinal Hartmann. archbishop of
Cologne, requesting him to intervene
with the emperor of Germanv to pre
vent anv measures being taken against
cardinal Mercier and urging him to ob- I
serve the greatest prudence
The situation between the Vatican
and Germany, the newspaper says, is
most delicate as a result of what in
happening in Belgium and the Vatican
mav be placed in a difficult position
should cardinal Mercier. as feared, be
Interned in Germanv
Berlin, Germany, March 23 (By wire
less to Sayvllle) The Austro-Hun-garian
official statement Wednesday
night said:
"Russian artillery fire has been
llely on the whole northeast front
On the Strlpa and Kormin sector Rus
sian Infantry detachments attacked
our forces but everywhere were re
pulsed. At one place in Hast Galicia
a Russian force of Hbout one battalion
suffered losses of three officers and
no soldiers and 100 made prisoners,
whije the Austro-Hungarlan casualties
were only some soldiers wounded"
Stockholm. Sweden, March 23. Three
Socialist editors, Messrs Hoeglurd,
Oljelund and Hedon, have beeen ar
rested on a chaige of high treason. In
consequence of the passing of a reso
lution at a conference of Swedish So
cialist organizations, that a general
strike and a revolution be started in
case Sweden enters the war.
n.niiGns Mini: in M.i.ms
Rome Italv, March 23 Answering a
question In the chamber of deputies
concerning the pledges made by Italy
to her allies the under secretary of
state for foreign affairs said that Italy
was adhering to the London conveu
tlons concerning the agreement of her
allies not to make a separate peace and
that she also had accepted all the other
conditions agreed upon by the entente
powers, including the restoration of
London, Kng, March 23 The British
steamship Sea Serpent has been sunk.
The Norwegian steamship Kannik
was sunk Wednesday night, according
(Cnntlnnrd on pnee ft. Col 8
No Deaths At Augusta, One
At Nashville, and Three
At Paris, Tex., Report.
ABOUT $5,000,000
Sixteen Thousand People In
The Three Cities Made
Homeless By Flames.
AUGUSTA, Ga., March 23 -One of
a aeries of fires which have
caused millions of dollars'
worth of damage In the past few days
in the south and southwest swept
through ten business blocks of Augusta
and 20 adjoining residence blocks last
night and early today, and before be
ing) got under control had caused dam
age! which was conservatively esti
mated at J5.000.000. No lives were re
ported lost, although there were scores
of narrow escapes.
The flame-swept area included the
city'a largest office and business build
ings on the north side of Broad street:
warehouses on historic "Cotton Row."
containing thousands of bales of cot
ton, some 600 homes, many of them
in the city's most exclusive residence
section, and St Paul's Episcopal church,
built 135 years ago.
Todav local militia eompanies were
on duty
Homes imd-b.otals.4n the-soction or
the city not reached by the fire were
tlirown open to those whose residence
were burned and steps were taken by
local authorities to give relief to the
30u0 persons who had lost their homes
Big Buildings Burn.
An area of about one and one-quarter
squaie miles was ravaged by the
flames, which were driven by a heavy
gale. Fire apparatus from Columbus,
Charleston, Atlanta. Macon, Savannah
and Waynesboro was sent to the aid
of the local firemen The wind sub
sided just after 1 oclock and not until
then did the firemen gain tbelr fight
The fire started ye.terday evening at
the Kelly drv goods store in the Dyer
building. From there It spread rapidlv
to Cotton row and deetroved block
after block on Broad street. The 1
story building owned by the Augusta
Chronicle was practlcallv destroyed.
The Augusta Herald building also was
burned The Chronicle established an
efflce In a Job printing plant and was
issued this morning. The Herald will
be issued this afternoon from a tem
porary plant
Cot'on Interests today estimated that
the fire deetroved about 32,000,000
w orth of cotton stored in the ware
houses along the river front
Flame Leap Otcr Block.
The 000 block of Broad otrfet pioved
to be the miracle block of the flrf The
flames leaped over this block and not
one building was damaged until S 30
oclock this morning, when fire wm
found In a small warehouse This
blaze was quickly extinguished
W T. BIrod, an nutomobile driver.
rescued two young girls from the Dyer
building. He made two trips to the
fifth story and was painfully burned
Illg rirc tn Anshrlllf..
Nashville, Tenn.. March 23 Citizens,
civil and church organizations of Nash
ville were today caring for 5000 made
homeless by the fire that swept East
Nashville late y esterday, destroying 600
residences, caueing one death and
property loss of 31,500,000 National
guardsmen patroled the burned area.
Boll of Anrn Stnrt lira.
The blaze started from a lighted
ball of yarn thrown Into a grassy va
cant lot A planing mill was first
destroyed. The flames quickly spread
to an extenslvo negro settlement,
where, fanned by a high wind. Ivery
house was consumed. The conflagra
tion then broke Into two distinct
blazes, one of them going east of Sev
enth and the other down Fifth avenue.
An area of 50 blocks was swept clean,
which included many of the most cost
lv residences of Nashville, several
churches and one charitable Institution
After paralleling each other on sep
arate streets for many blocks, the two
fires again Joined.
Ilellevr Pari lire Sufferers.
T'arls, Tex . March 23 Work of rc
lieving the sufferers and the homeless
in Tarls. after the 33 000,000 fire Tues
day night, was carried along swiftly
todav Large sums of money, raised
In Paris and nearby cities, were dis
tributed to the needy by the relief
committee, headed by mayor E. H. Mc
Culston. 8000 Homeless Cared For.
The 8000 homeless spent last night
In the homes of friends and relatives,
on lawns and in such public buildings
as remained. Railroad waiting rooms
were turned Into dormitories for the
women and children
The greatest task today was clear
ing the business districts of the debris.
Of the five banks In Paris three were
razed Officers of tMiso three ex
pected to make attempts at opening
their vaults today and believed they
would find the contents unharmed.
The death list remains today at
three, with one person missing
mill i
London, Eng. March 23 Walter
Runciman, president of the board of
trade, announced in the house of com
mons this afternoon that the British
government was contemplating the pro
hibition of the importation of hops.
Urgent Appropriation Reaches Congress From "War De
partment and is Up For Speedy Action; Report of
Herrera Revolt is Heard in Washington But No
Confirmation; Protocol is Sent to Carranza.
A.SIHVGTON". D C March 23
A rush appropriation of $8,S07,
05 to cover the extraordinary-
expenditures of the expedition Into
Mexico, Including the Increase of the
army to its full strength, was asked
of congress today by the war depart
ment The amount contemplates J7.350.077
In consequence of the full enlisted
strength and the balance. It Is stated.
Is for "urgent expenses brought about
by the extraordinary conditions pre
vailing on the Mexican border and the
complete fitting out of the expedition
entering Mexico in pursuit of bandits."
The aggregate includes items for
emergency purchase, maintenance,
operation and repair of airships and
other aerial machines and motor vehi
cles, not to exceed 500,000 altogether,
and for purchase and maintenance of
pack animals, motor trucks and other
paraphernalia for the expedition The
appropriation will be hurried for quick
o Confirmation of ReTolt.
Confirmation of the repoi t that
the Carranza garrison uuder Gen.
Luis Herrera, at Chihuahua city.
had revolted and Joined Villa, Was still
lacking today at the war department
The department insisted that Gen Fun
stons message last night stated merely
that "it is reported ' that the Tevolt
had occurred, adding that there was
no confirmation.
No new advices had reached the de
partment officials said, ir.f it wa. de
clared there wa no iiidh -ctictn In anv
message received since the American
expedition started Into Mexico that the
troops had fire a shot or been fired
Gen. Funstons problem is to dispose
the troops at his command in such
fashion as to insure the line of com
Bandits in Torreon Region,
Poorly Armed, Are Now
Giving Little Trouble.
Ton eon ilex. Match "i Canuto
Reyes, one of thf chief illista bandits
in Mexico, is arranging to surrender to
the t'aria.-.xa forces through the agency
of Gen. Jose. Ibabel Robles, It is re
ported If he were to surrender, a
large body of Rovernment troops would
bf released for patroling the lailway
and protecting the ranches against pet
ty bandit depredations, putting a stop
to the destruction of cotton and other
farm property and the burning of
railway bridges.
'llnndlt IiOznno Mils Partner.
Captured Villlstas reDort that two
gangs of bandits are operating in the
district south of Laguna. dne under Lo
zano, who killed his partner, Perez,
near .Matamoros last Friday, and tho
other under Canuto Reyes.
Loxano's band, poorly armed and
short of ammunition, is said to be op
erating in the Puerto de los Perlcos
foothills, south of Matamoros. Reyes
retreated to Sierra Pneta. almost due
south of Torreon, after his last fight
The foregoing dispatch from Tor
reon, received today, makes no mentton
of the report that the Carranza garri
son had revolted.
Gen Gavlra, at Juarez, today con
firmed the report that the bandit lead
er, Canuto Reyes, was parleving with
Gen Robles In regard to a surrender.
Heves, according to Gavlra, sent a mes
sage to the Juarez headquarters some
days ago, expressing w illlngness to give
up the fight if satisfactorv terms could
be arranged. Gen Robles accordingly
went to meet him The result is not
v et known to Qavira
The 24th infantry, now under orders
to come to the border from Fort D. A.
Kussell. Wyoming. will add the
strength of two ordinary regiments to
the Pershing column, It Is stated in
military circles, since the regiment is
recruited to full war strength of 150
men to a company, the onlv regiment
in the country at present up to such
a strength It has but recently re
I"r,n,ed from a tour of duty In the
Philippines This Is the regiment that
was stationed at Brownsville several
years ago when the black soldiers
secured their guns and shot up the
town. Col. Chas. W. Penrose, who
commanded the regiment and Fort
Brown at the time, is still the com
manding officer
A train of empty tourist Pullman
carsl eft EI Paso over the Southwest
ern Wednesday afternoon for Fort D.
A Russell to bring the regiment to
the border
Denver. Colo March 23. One bat
talion of tho 21th United States Infan-
trV Till St(t(l tlivrriti crti Tm.a nAnr An
-- j -- iiivudii j. 'cuv ci tuuaji nji
route to the Mexican border I
The other two battalions werq to
Ieae Cheyenne later todav '
Engaged In Constructive Effort
munication behind the foice in Mexico
.Tore Reinforcement skedf
Secretary of war Baker, when asked
today if Gen Funston has asked for
more reinforcements since the Fifth
cavalry and 34th infantry were ordered
to join him. said:
"I think I will not answer that
question." ,
Transport Problem Solved.
A message from Gen. Funston laat
night said that the motor truck trains
had solved the problem of getting sup
plies to the advance column. Gen.
Funston had been uneasy, it was said,
over the supply situation, but had re
ported no shortage.
The navy department was without
advices from Tamplco where a dis
quieting situation had. been indicated In
official reports A" message from
admiral Winslow on the west coast
said quiet prevailed at Bnsenada, 1
Lower Callfornia.
Herrern Troop "Well rnied.
The troops under Luis Herrera are
described here as being probably the
best quipped in northern Mexico and
they are said to be well supplied with j
ammunition. Luis Herrera at one time
was ono of Villa's most active aides,
as was his brother. Maelovio, who '
despite rumors of his death, is now
believed here to be operating In the
.tate of Coahuila with a considerable
force. i
Protocol Sent To Carranza. '
Before the Funston report arrived
counselor Polk of the state department,
and Pliseo Arrcdondo. the Mexican am-
hisiidor designate, had completed the
tlr .ft o the protocol asked for by Gen-1
"Jarranxa to govern the operation eft
the American forces In Mexico and pro- !
vide for cooperation by the troops of
the de facto government Mr. Polk
and Mr Arredondo were in entire',. ....
accord on the terms of the proposed
(Contrnoed ob Pare Z. Col. 3)
TT.'l I, '.-,. Trrt. : -" rfUr..nA
VllllSta WnO, It IS Charged,
Held Bilboa For Ransom,
Captured at Sanderson.
Marfa, Tex, March 23 Pablo Vil
lareal. the Viilista who, itis charged
recently robbed and obtained a $1500
ransom for Juan Bilboa, a cattle buyer,
has been arrested at Sanderson by the
sheriff there.
Villareal, it is said, took 3690 and a,
watch from Bilboa, and then got the
ransom from Bilboa's employers. Ma
ple & Walz, El Paso cattlemen. A dis
pute 'with bis subordinates over the
money caused Villareal to abscond
across the Texas, border
Mny He Deported.
On the person of the prisoner were
found a woman's watch and bracelet
and 3250 in cash He will probably be
turned over to the Carranza government
for punishment
It Is reported that Bilboa's fatherln
lavv was killed bv Villareal. who has
still another charge against him in the
kidnaping of Tierso Castillon. a
vyealthy Mexican rancher, for 31500
Brownsville, Texas, Man.h 23. Four
Americans, one of whom gave tho name
of W. H West, of San Beiuto, Texas,
were arrested In Matamoi os Mex.. op
posite here last night, and detained un
til today, according to their story told
here. The men say a Mexican army of
ficer arrested them without cause and
they were not released until each paid
a fine of J40 and then only through tho
efforts of another unnamed American.
While in jail they were subjected to
abuse In various forms, according to
their storv.
West said that after their release the
automobile in which thev were riding
to Brownsvule was fired upon by a
Mexican soldier at the inte-rmH nal
bridge. The automobile bears one bul
let hole.
Get Your Fight Bulletins
From the Herald, Pioneer Plaza
r-HE KL lSO HERALD has arranged for a special I, id win in.m
I the ringside at the Willard-Moren fight in Maih-oii Nuare aiden
New York, on Saturday evening, and bulletins l.v rounds will be
furnished the fight fans of Kl laso. These bulletins will be megaphoned
from the balconv of The Herald building and there will be sufficient room
in Pioneer plaza for all who are to listen to the reports fiom the heavy
weight battle.
Both men have many friends in El Paso Willard trauvil here for
several weeks, while Moran had several battles at .Tnarer
The bout is expected to start at 10 oclock. New 'i irk time, as the
New 'ork state boxing commission rules require tint unliim" start at
that hoiy This wijl ;ncau that the first bulletin lnmM In in Kl Paso
about 8 oclock on .Nitttnliiv evening
Come to The Hi in Id for vonr fight mws
Carranza Consul Here and
German Consul at Chihua
hua Deny Defection.
Reported That Herrera Has
Joined Villa With 2000
Carranza Troops.
G.YI.VBSTOV, Tex., 3larch 23.
Gen. LnU Herrera Is con
ducting active military oper
ation against the VHIn force and
ha not gone- over In the 'uindlt
leader, according to a cablegram
from Mexico City, rereltrd lT the
Mexican consulate here tiMlar. This
message any that the ferrrrn
campnlBB against the 1 1lia forces
Is being waged in southern Chi
huahua. ANDP.FS C, R( I
sul In El P-asn
nles that Gen I
revolted with 2nni t-o
ranza. deel .red w .r
States and joined fore.
Mexican con
steadfastly de
11 s Herrera
s azainst
I th. In 1
with Vill i l
. i ..
thf report on the br -
der that CoL lano. the Carranza com
mander at Namlquipa. reported on Mon
day as fighting Villa, had joined Villa
instead of fighting him, consul Garcia,
admitted that he had no advices on
which he could deny It He said he
did not believe the report, however. He
denied positively that Herrera is in
Gen. Pershing, In a wireless from his
location somewhere south of Casas
Grandes, reported to Gen. Frederick
Funston at San Antonion on Wednes-
. day that he had received the report of
' Herrera's defection. Rumors along the
border Wednesday night credited the
story also, out wild rumors or an sores
were flying thick Wednesdav night.
Including reports that the Juarez gar
rison had revolted, also that numer
ous other garrisons in numerous parts
of Mexico had done likewise There
Lwas no truth to the Juarez report, aDd
apparently no foundation for it
Say Still Loyal.
Ygnaclo Knriquez, civil governor f
the state of Chihuahua, sent a telegram
to Gen. Gabriel Gavlra, of Juarez, to
dav declaring that Gen. Luis Herrera.
commanding tho Carranza garrison of
Chihuahua city, was still loyal to tha
first chief, and not to credit reports
of his defection to Villa. Gen Gavira
made public this afternoon his mes
sage from Clov Ennquez. which reads;
"Chihuahua, Mex. March 21
"Gen Gabri.l Gavira, Chief of Arms,
Juarez, Chin
"Your message Press reports about
Gen. Luis Herrera disavowing our gov
ernment and Joining illa constitute
the greatest absurditv ever published
by the papers of that c itv If tbeYe hal
been any basis for the reports I would,
have previously communicated with,
you. Please dqn't give anv credence to,
yellow press reports I have Just talked
with Gen. Herrera and he Is as alwavs,
on the side of the legalists.
"Governor of Chihuahua.
"Ignacio C Errique7 '
The El Paso Herald had previously
Investigated the report and had printed
on Wednesday the official deniil This,
paper having declined to give sanction
to the unsupported rumor of the re
volt Whether or not the report of Her
rera' defection was correct it was ob
vious th it in mil'tary circles much ap
prehension was felt over the situation
at Chihuahua.
No Defection nywhere.
"I have no knowledge of defection on
the part of Carrancista troops anv
where in Mexico " sid Andres Garcia,
the Mexican consul. 'Col. Cano Is in the
field operating against the Villlstas and
the last report from him could in no
(Continued on Pane ;, Col. 3)

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