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By A. H. E. Beckett ("Beck")'
sum hit so in st, Joseph
Commercial Leaguers Will Stage Another Double Bill
Sunday Afternoon; The Western League Club
Now Claims Claude Graham Accepted Terms
Last Fall and Wants the Pitcher.
Copyright 1316 International Xewi Strrtce ilee'ttered United States Patent Office.
iiv "ii:ck."
of ih- i uramerclal leaguers,
mss tli it there "will be gone-
nK doing ' nut at Rio Grands park
nn Minday artci noon and the lawrer
usually knonx what he's talking- about
wiicn It comes to Commercial league
arr.ms. There will he two games, but
Imth are of the exhibition brand for
me leafrue schedule has not yet been
property of the club as though he had
Higned .i contract. Cor)'- Graham, how-
I'vr. denies that be knew that this
umpire was officially representing the j
St Joe club, and it may be that this
will be regarded as an extenuating !
i Ireumstance. Powers signed Oorp
liraham on the strength of a recom- j
menrtation by John McCloskey, and the
tip seems to have been good, because I
Chance thinks well of the soldier's I
at.f.ntn(V TTa n AA.1 rm nniA AVIlArlnPR t
OraIIA(J I , f TOm f. n nnntlmr ir A
T"" FeldmanB ro down to make ot of correspondence is now being car
thelr debut for the season and "Red' I riorf r,n ttunn th. Ixi Aneele. and
I Illusion's Tverybodys will be the I .st. Job Mnh with Horn Graham rhtm- i
mg in occasionally with a letter him-
SUCK 3ESi- tJROiTrl V itHiV y jaA.rW
S OT evEV trs-r N , - s. UT
vr-vf v z- uv - s vr. v s. i 'Mi jo
- CZttV - i - ". - - V7 N. . , V l f " Nw. ,, - vtsV
F y S -T-v' J j) --LifaV
r K y C5o; w
firii morsel they will tackle. "Red
asi-prts that it is going to he no
tli ai v for the photographers and pre
lits another win for his fast team
It Is likely that "Buster" Gillette will
work for the counterjurapers Man
ner Howard Rix claims to have signed
up T.ucas. who did such good work
for the Krarkajacks last Sunday, and
if T.mas goes to the Feldmans he will
likel-v be ialld upon for mound dutv.
The fast fielding "Wall team win
stsk up agilnst the Purltys. Juan
iomer basn t iiinounced his battery
but It Is proliable that Pedregnn anil
' hncnm will be on the points for the
1'ikeri- Thv -worked well together
4 wo Mars ago and the Purity backers
ere predicting a Ictory.
Claud Graham is now In somewhat
of a pickle The Army league star
nint.-d his terms to Harry Kane, on
lehalf of the ht Joseph club of the
w . t. rn league, last fall and after
rd signed with the Los Angeles
rlub of the Coast league. He is now
In the Angel c imp at Klsinore, CaL,
end the Ixis Anp b s Times has the
fuliowing to say of Graham's troubles.
'The Los Angeli s club may lose it
clutch on Corp Graham This would
indeed be a calamitv in view of tht
unsettled condition of the Mexican sit
uation here Corp Graham finds him
self In a Jam with the ht. Joe club.
Last Season he pitched for a semi-pro-team
against the 11 Paso club of the
Klo Grande association. The gent who
umpired the game asked him on what
1rms he would sign with tho St. Joe
Iub He did not give an immediate
aner. but later wrote the ump. stat
ing the conditions under which he
would sign later In caso the club offi
cials should negotlato with him All
hinges on whether this letter could be
. onstrued as accepting terms. Ac
.ording to baseball usage, when a
er put himself In writing in a
imtter of this kind he Is ts much the
Rav Kalllo Is working out with the '
regulars of the Oakland squad now and
seems to be a fixture with the rlub.
He has been going good In the practice
games. Ills old "side kick," Sammy
Beer, has already cinched his place and
Is looked upon as the star of the pitch
ing staff.
In the event that Kalllo Is let out
hv the Oaks, he -will go to the new
Great Falls club In the Northwestern
league, under his old manager. Bill
Some of the ball players who will
take part In Sunday's doubleheader at
Rio Grande park are to get trjouts j
with the professionals this year and
every man on the four teams is out j
to make a showing with the prospect i
of a job with the professionals m I
Right now McCloskey is keeping his
ejes open for a second baseman and
also a guou caicner jbck uush isu i i
sure that hell be back in the game this
year and if Mack can t get the old re
liable he prefers to tie up to a prom
ising youncster.
"Red" Kuhn, second string catcher
with the Oakland club of -the coast
leaguo last year and with the White
Sox in 1914 would like a berth In the
Rio Grando league this year, but It Is
doubtful If any of the clubs will be
able to stand the salary Kuhn will
expect He In still the property of
i takland but will be given hi3 release
if he can land a good job with some
other club.
narry Kane has received his contract
with the Western league and will um
pire In that aircuit this year. He Is
now busy as a deputy sheriff on border
duty but will leave for tho north In a
couple of weeks.
v i'
x i
&) - TY
MOfWoi IttC '-,.
ZesCMHiSiVt-el urtT-
TrteoAvroF ; l?J
t CoR-wAH-
Brow . V N ;
cLAii" Jm&ry ,
&rn HTaU.tVW
1 v0JMCOfnS"
-t .. nLBMhiTTl
'- ,N ,ro",.ir,
j'MFPafA iyr
"Ure TrrH
V Birvo-c
. .trmtOH'
Ne4 BOyU (""-''
ON1UC016 NlfHrT-
s, iior
"., T- X t
f HOT ""' f OOl.
Cfe. J
. a if
T 5v 111 I J
rmKm . "v
- --. - -
. " - J ' s
Hit. FtAf )
I0QO 0FTHsT3"-'
AwO - IT-
"Beck's9' Amen Corner
He Predicts Major Leagues
Will Return to Old Sys
tem of Getting Players.
Shroeport. La. March 241 .nx
firmlv com meed." said Bui k Herzog,
"that the time for the re-emploi nient of
major league scouts, all alons; the line,
ii almost at hand, and T onK hope the
Cincinnati club proIdes Itself with
a couple of gnod ones. Last season,
with ihe economic measures that had
to be practiced in inanj cities and with
the clubs artualK afraid to search for
much oung talent, lest the Federals
steal their finds, the scouts lost out
in numerous instances Seeral goud,
old eterans. who had for years marie
their lUing in this manner, were tru
chased off the paroll, and with eondi-Xl
tions as the were, it could hardly be
I "Now. I think there will he a. nnrnl
revival of baseball interest, also a gen
cral revival of activity among the mi
nor leagues. That will mean the devel
opment of man)- good young players,
and the services of high class scouts
will be really necessary. A scout is use
ful two ways: He can discover jouiff
talent, and he can also warn against
the over enthusiastic recommendations
given many juniors long before thev Jf
are ready for the fast company. Ca
pable scouts are coming into their owa
again, and I'd like to see Cincinnati
employ two of them "Which two' I
have no recommendation to make, no
choice among 20 or more perfectly ablo
candidates. Ani two out of the 50
would be acceptable to me. and I onl ,
hope the home offices will reap some
benefit from the employment of a cou
ple "
In Boyland:
School Sports, JnTenlle Sports,
BojV Amotenr Sports, aid
Xevro and Gossip of the
''Futnre Grents."
T MARX'S SCHOOL baseball team
k defeated the Lamar team on IVed
' nesday afternoon by a score of C
4 In a close an' exciting contest.
h teams p!icil i baseball at all
Following wa the lineup of St
" its. Simon Terrazas, p.; Dewey
Scars, c; Reuben Momsen. lb.; Connie
Lane 2b.; Frank Armljo. 3b ; Joe Kelly,
rf Billy Krause, cf.; Charles Titus, If.
The name of the shortstop was omitted
frora the report sent in.
The Cardinals claim a forfeit game
'mm the Feldman Juniors, aaserttng
Mat the Feldmans failed to show up at
i he Mesa grounds for a scheduled game.
The Cardinals are ready to play any
irara averaging SS pounds. They have
n.iw won four games and two others
wore forfeited, according to the claims
of their manager. They have grounds
: the 1100 block on Magoffin avenue
.uid games can be arranged by calling
4819 W.
"With the "Aggie Juniors" and Las
I'mces Juniors seeking games up the
-viiiev and a score or more or good
teams in
ceived this week and the sporting edi
tor would like to hear frem more man
agers and to have more reports of
Inquiries hae been received by the
sporting editor as to how the El Paso
bo-s stand in the national T. M. C. A,
Hexathlon. The results -will not be
glen out in New York until the end of
the month.
Leader of Athletics Declares That Veterans and Young
Players Will Make a Fast Team This Year, But Few
Fans Agree "With Him; Athletics Look Ragged
and Weak; Will Be Good in Few Years.
EV YORK. March 24 "Don't
consign my team to last place,"
is the advice of Connie Mack.
"Just because the main portion of it
will be composed of youngsters doesn't
mean that the 1910 Athletics will b
easy to beat I've got enough veterans
to serve as the foundation for my new
machine and among my new boys are
some rattling good players to replace
the missing parts. So watch us closely
this season. We may spring a surprise '
Connie, however, is almost alone in
his belief that the Athletics will finish
better than seventh or eighth. The con
sensus of opinion is that the outfit he
will head In 1916 will be too "green" to
make any real showing
Looking over the roster of the Ath
letics reveals many unknowns. In keep
ing with his policy of other years, Con
nie hasn't purchased the high priced
talent from the minors. Instead, he has
gone out and picked up youths from
sand lots and college diamonds.
G. MH.MvE.
nitely but it wouldn't be surprising If
the Sox lined up this way. Fournier,
lb : Kddle Collins, 2b.; Terry, s's., and
Weaver, 3b
I'mirnler Is a Hitter,
Fournier isn't a very classy fielder,
but his heavy clouting makes him a
valuable member of any squad. Collins,
at second, needs no further introduc
tion. Terry, the youngster secured from
the Coast, has shown up well and prob
ably will land tho regular shortstop
ping job. That will send "Buck"
Weaver to third There are few short
stops In the game who can outfield the
dashing "Buck." but Rowland thinks
his infield would be much more formid
able by placing "Buck" ?t the third
corner and posting Terry i i short field.
Joe Jackson, the demon batnmlth, is
sure of one of the gardening Job". The
fight for the other two Is among "Hap
p" Felsch. John Collins, Xcmo Leibold
and Eddie Murphy, with chances favor
ing Felsch and Mnrphj
And to round out his team, Rowland
has Schalk. who led the backstops last
ear, to perform the catching chores.
Hot Springs, Ark., March 24. In a bad
pill at the Oaktown track here today
Jockey Rot Gourly received Injuries which
probably Trill caxwo bin death Jockey O.
Gentry was hurt Internally and Jockey Van
Tnsen sustained a broken collar bone.
Physicians said Van Dun was the only
one of th three out of danger
The accident OfMirred In the fifth race.
Just before the field rearhd the wire.
when Souvenir awerred Into Blue Cap, rid
den by Oourlv Gourly was Htruk several
times as the field passed over him.
Too Enrir for Mnn tt lUsc.
"I am confident that out of my nres- T
ent lot of youngsters I can develop a J
few real stars." asserts Connie Mahe i epep HOI F FRFF TFNNTS
y But i "" r . r..." Jr., . ru it:
El Paso there should be plenty I
the youngsters going for a I lt
Boulder, Colo . March 14. Ralph Gltze.
whr was recently ejected to coach Colo
rado nnirersltr athletics, sent word to the
athlrtlo board taat he would b nnable to
oa a tn motball team hero thla year. It
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he can. He's a genius in that w ay Bu
the chances are that the development
won't reach Its crest this vear .that it
will be along in 1917 or 1918 before the
Athletic team will become feared.
Tho Mackian outfield of ills will be
quite veteranish, with Strunk in right.
Oldring In center and Walsh in left
Oldrlng has been fading and isn't as
good as he was In the bygone days, but
Connie feels that he Is far better than
an? of the vntimrstpr nirlceil un winre
last soason Walsh, Oldring and Strunk ! tournaments ara to be held.
are irood fielders, but their batting eyes
Beem dim. i cnrp kock oit hojvakd
St Louis. AIo., llarrh 24 The National
Municipal Golf association and the National
MunUipal Tennii association are to be or
nizd at a three day meeting which
opened here today Delegates from many
rill- attended the conference. The two as
sxclaMoir will foster free golf and tennii
for the people of large rtMes. It Is planned
to organize the country into sections and
after the sectional golf and tennis cham
pl nhlps have been decided state champion
J iTd 1 m IY$-m7KW7
S5x WHERE 1DBU Y xggx
Mclnnls nn Tlrst.
Mclnnls will be on first, with the lijed
Ixijoie on second Shortstop and third
base, however, are Macks big problems.
He has a bunch of candidates for the
positions, but none of them hae shown
anything marvelous. Crane however
has the call for the shortstopping job,
with Hea'v and Hitter leading the oth
ers slightly in the battle for the honor
of being the regular third baseman
JJalone. wlio was with the Athletics last
yean, will continue as lajole's under-
Pitching "Staff "IVenk.
The pitching department will be the J
weakest It's makeup for regular work- j
Ing purposes Is uncertain Just now, but
the tip-off Is that the following f i a I
will carrv the brunt of the Athletic de- .
fenslve burden I
Joe Bush, a good pitcher, but not a
sensational performer. Wyckoff, who is
improving right along. Bressler. voung
and erratic: Xabors. who has much to
learn before he can become a star Me -ers.
who owns a good arm. hut still is
subject to nervousness
Connie has a flock of other pitching
youngsters, but none has shown signs
io far of pushinjr anv of the above
quintet out of regular turns on the
Schang will do the bulk of the back
stopping, with McAioy and Terkins. a
youngster as first aids to the injured
If the Athletics had a great pitching
staff. It might oarrv along the patched
up Infield and the onlv ordinary out
field. Or, if the outfield and the ,nfleld
were powerful, both offensively and de
fensively, they might sweep the pitch
ing staff through to Uctorj But there
is too much wealfneup in eerv depart
ment of the Macklnn -machine for een
the staunchest Athletic rooters to eon
cede it better than seventh place in the
1916 fracas
"What Alll llonlnnd Do
Clarence Bowland holds the fate of
the 191 White Sox in the palm of his
mitts They will rise to the heights or
fall according to the wav that Rowland
assembles into a machine th wonder
ful matenal at his disposal
111 JJsJHT"" iniinai a Ulilll
to get awa with the April leaders, hold
the pace through tne summer and still
have enough left t" swing into the Oc
tober streti b al a leirifie clip
But is llowl.inil the pioper n inager"
That's the big '"Incigo question Row
land had a K'ext ball lam in 1111; but
i mixtii norau or no it
PridKTrt. fann . March 24 Georice
f hi, of pwratle. Pa . knocked out John
ny Howard of Bayonne. X. J., In the Klxth
round of their 15 round match hre Tbura
da nlffht Earh man weighed 159 pound
pIGARETS caused the sale of Chick
Gandil by the Washington club.
Gandil is an inveterate "coffin nail"
smoker and when manager Griffith
started fining players $10 to $20
for every "puff during the training
season, Chick figured that he'd be
owing the club money st the end of
the season and asked that he be sold
or traded.
DOTH Frank Moran and Jess Wil
lard are reported as being "peev
ish" and it is evident that both are
trained pretty fine for the big bout
in Gotham Saturday night. Willard
isn't done as "fine" as some of his
followers would like to see him, ac
cording to all reports, but he is in
good shape and tie fans look for a
hard battle.
DDLLETINS of tie Willard-Moraa
fight will be called from The
Herald balcony on Saturday evening.
The bout should start about 8 odock,
El Paso time.
J-)0N'T forget the "wake" of the
City Basketball league at the Y,
M. C. A. this evening. It promiess to
be a real lively affair. There's going
to be a hot discussion over the right
of certain teams for a "cut" in the
gate receipts. And nobody is going
to be able to declare a dividend.
QHICAGO A. C. is to spend $60,000
on a new "sun parlor." Sunshine
must come high in the Windy City.
It would be cheaper to send their
athletes for a short jaunt to El Paso.
JVJ0W that tie time of the WUlard-
Moran fight is close at hand, the
critics are getting down to naming
their choices. Most of them are for
Willard but if Moran wins you'll
find that the great majority will be
writing "I told you so" stuff. That's
what they pulled when thjy got
home from Havana.
;hm GROUCH?; in IS u
Men Fit and Ready; Wil
lard Trains Hard Almost
to Date of Fight.
New Yuik. March J4 The rapid ap
proach of the time when .lesi Willard
and Frank Moran must enter the ring
and risk their prestige as champion
and challenger has affected the prin
cipals In sharp contrasting ways. Wil
lard s easy going good natured man
ners have not changed to any extent
and the result of the bout Is seldom
mentioned unless someone close to him
insists on talking about the outcome.
Then the champion dismisses tho sub
ject with a few remarks which are non
committal, although indicating that to
hip mind at least there is to be but
one result and that is Willard will be
the winner.
Moran, on the other band, has
.reached the keen fiRhting edge which
all trainers contend 1b necessarj in
boxer who is to be at his best when
he goes against an opponent.
Moritn I Keyed I p.
The Pittsburg pugilist is kcjed to
the point where he Is brimming over
with fighting spirit and confidence. He
can hardly wait for tho hour that will
call him intos the ring. He show
the teiiHion under which he labors
when ho is asked over and over again
by thoughtless admirers "How do
lou f rl ' and 'What do you think
will bo tho risuM"
At suth times it is evident that It
requires considerable control for Moran
to huh! himself in heck. He replies
with the same I will win" that he has
been iisinp for tin past three weeks,
and spelts to uvoid further annoyance
bv turning away
In Kern to Win.
the best be could do w-it, to dn.e tli. m Among the elope group of trainers.
Into a poor third His showing 1 ist s. i- ' " ,l0 ha helped to round Moran Into
son was a distinct disappoint m ni to I "'"l'' '" ' mole communicative and
the White Kox fans and thox aien t I di- ussev mei and over again bis plans
overly confident now ' l"r enmwertng his gigantic oppo-
However, Jtowianfl s friends . Iiim I nent
rhoae 4oS.
320 Mills Street
V. n. IMinilS, Prcs., TOM AWIITK, Mr.
that his experience last jenr v is jut I
ino ining mat ne neeaeo and tli it lif 11
"come through" in 1918 in a w.i iliat
will rank him as one of the trul gieat
Whnt He Una.
Rowland's equipment for the battle
this year consists of one of tht- l-h-it-
est pitching staffs ever gathered under
one flag, a sensational backstop the
flashiest second baseman in the Kame.
four great outfielders and three r four
nfielders who rank hleh m the i,.-i
ball's Bradstreets
Bcnz, Russell, Cirotte ami Fib. i who
performed so hillliantly in the box Inst
icar, will form the regular quartii
'I In will be assisted vi1rtl, ... n, ..
'jn r I'm" or fie of trie piomising l
ounrstT snared from the bushes and
ld Walsh j
The infield problem in t " 1 1 1 . I ilefi I
That h will aicompllsh this feat
ari irs to be a foregone conclusion
with Moran So confident is he of de
f itin Willard. ither on points or a
knockout that he has engaged quar
t rs at a local hotel for a reception to
i held immediatel after the bout on
-itunla night. When Koma one called
ln ittintion to the fact that Jim Jef
fius did the same thing at Reno in
I'M ii before his fight with Jack John-
son and never enteied the banquet
j bill, Moran simply remit k a that it
i would be different this time
Moran Itnther Crniirhj.
Willie Lewis, his trainer m chief
claims that Moran has newr b- en in
rih h superb condition for all previous
bout and thit Ihe supreme ronfideni o
did nthcr groucbj attitude of bis
loiioipil ue the 1m st fnclM.Hlons thit
Moian is nt to f lurli t lasti r bitt.r and
with greater chance of winning declse
ly than OT,er before ".iae
ihe adance ticket sale and the ar-
har""".1!:13 made bT tno authorities to
handle the crowds Indicate that the
greatest gathering of boxing fans that
er witnessed a hout In this state will
L,? a,nd Js"era thousand IS and IS
qmcklj? " SSle Thursday wnt
Although these seats are In the gal-
,r.rl' a,,d f?r above the rinK- "Pecula
tors offered over twice their face value,
"rst to the promoters and then to
those who were lucky enough to be
fine th S,".U.re thpm- Manr st00d '"
line the better part of the night and
laughed at the offers of tho specula
,.0r.!. f .they emerged from the line
with their pasteboards tightly clutched
in their hands
,, l-epnre to Handle Crowd.
-,.ii .."" po,,ce ana Hre department
authorities are planning for an Im
mense crowd, tl predict that, they
will be able to handle the thousand
without trouble. More than 100 police
men will be on duty on the streets
neirny and leading to the garden. Jn
side the amphitheater will bo located
50 detectives and jo firemen.
At the first sign of confusion, the
doors will be closed and no more spec
tators will be admitted until order has
been restored.
1, .x. M"r "'' rive nu-
cr the state boxing commission ad
heres to its announced plans of re
quiring the promoters to put on at
least three four round bouts and one
six round contest before the big event,
the management has stated that It will
stage the opening contest at 6:30 p. m.
This plan will bring Jim Savage and
.uattliner T.evinsicv tntn ,.. ,in in.
the semi-final of ten rounds about 8:30
P m. and the main bout one hour later.
Willard Train Hard.
That Jess Willard has a mind of his
own and a desire to leave nothing un
dohe that would insure his being
trained to the highest possible notch
was clearly demonstrated vesterday
when he insisted on going through a
full session of gym work as well as
six fast rounds of boxing. This was
Contrary to the program mapped out
for him b Tom Jones, his manager.
The latter had mndo arrangements fof
the big rhamplon to go through some
w oi k before a moving picture camera,
but the Kansan told the picture men
to ill tomorrow.
The rhamplon weighed after his
woikout and It was said the scales
fgistered 2501-2 pounds. Willard
himself says that he will be a trifle
under 250 pounds when he gets into
the ring, although he will ease UP to
da) and rest tomorrow until lt Is time
for him to go to the Garden.
Moran worked nnli in ihe lightest
manner fm the benefit of the camera
hiUade j.sterda. and ut down his
spin ling lo two rounds
ark, of the Cubs, already claim
one record. They assert that they
can eat more at the training camp
than any other two baseball players.
And yet the Chicago scribes with the
team assert that the players don't
show any results from the big eat
ing. 'THIS SPEAKER, according to
eastern papers of last Monday,
had not then signed his contract with
the Red Sox, alleging that they
wanted to slice his salary from
$16,000 to $8000. Tns points out that
he remained loyal to his club during
the baseball war and that he is at
least worth as much as some of the
stars who jumped and have been
taken back into the fold at fat
salaries. Speaker will have the fans
with him in his contract trouble. It
is likely that the Boston club will
be reasonable and compromise with
the star outfielder.
gEHNT KATJFF may be the leader
of the National league batters
this year but he isn't showing the
swat stuff in the exhibition games.
So far he has gathered just three
hits. That will entitle Benny to
rank with the pitchers in the batting
Freddie Owens, formerly manager of
the Silver City team of tho Copper
league o 1913. arrived In El I'aso Wed
nesday afternoon from Hurley, N. M,
where he has .been living for the past
two years Owens will return to bis
home Friday afternoon driving a new
Oakland touring car which he pur
chased shortlv after his arrival Wed
nesday afternoon. Al though he has
given up baseball Freddie Is an enthu
siastic booster of the national pastime,
as In the past he has been identified
with some of the foremost teams of the '
Toledo. Ohio. March 24 A brilliant 703
total ttr "William Fro em in r or Detroit in
the two man event vu the feature of
Thunday'a bowling In tho minor event nfi
tha American Bowling1 conjfreea trarcamt'n
Froemlnff wu paired with Ed Kalsch and
the men piled op 1250 for seventh place tor
the beat showing of the day Xeo Allen a
brother of Hay and Harold, who won tha
doubles a year ago, cleaned tip 623 for Th
top mark la the Individuals for the dar
Butte. Hont . March St Bill Dlnetral.
who styles himself the Greek champion.
lifted Joe Stecher of Nebraska, claimant
the world's hearyweieht championship,
high In the air her Thursday night and
slammed him to the mat. Btaeber saved
himself from a fall, however, and flnillr
defeted Xemetral.
The Copper club, which staged the boo,
ennounced a bid of K0.000 for the Gotch
Stecher match In Butte la July.
New York. March JC Al Reich of thl
city, outfoueht "Porky" Tlrnn of Boston ia
a ten round boat here, Ttrarsa&v nleh
Flynn was knocked down In the first row!.
Reirh -weighed 211 pounds and Flynn !
Beat It B
The 1916 Enc of Wright & Ditson
baseball goods is to be found ex
clusively at Feldman's
Tr$ Oar Service
You'll Be Satisfied-
t m
wf e
Ask for Catalog
Department of
Insurance ana Banking
State oC Texas,
'Axistiii, Texas, March" 15, WIG.
No. 163.
To All Whom It May Concern:
This is to certify tbat the
Two Republics Life Insurance Company,
of El Paso. Texas
lias ia all respects fully complied with the laws of
Texas as conditions precedent to its doin business
in this State, and I have issued to said Company a
Certificate of Authority from this office entitling it
to do business in this State for the year ending the
2Sth dav of February, 1917.
Given under nry hand and seal of office at
Austin, Texas, the date first above written.

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