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Bedtime Story For the Little Ones
"Uncle Wiggily and the Jumping Cow."
Tine old niil gentleman.
Marled .nit fiom h.n hollow
inni bungalow '-in1 '!. to take a
v 11. He hoi'pr-rt o.i the fields and
'I Miukli the won. r.ndering whether
n not w might itoti with an adv-en-i
Mien, atur i little while, ho
Cue t" the llmisr that Jack Built.
nt thin, nnelv w rapped up in a
1 i- if btinn unele saw the malt th it
li m the Huiim that Jaik Built Malt.
v ii Know, Is a t-ort of flour, out of
vlinu the make buikvvheat cakes.
M goodness'" exclaimed Uncle Wig
p a- he sentihed hid pink, twink-
li .. nciae "I di.l i-ot think I had come
lie stood In front of the House that
i I T?inlt, wondering whether or not
uht not go in and say "howdy do. '
v ti he saw coming out of the house
t r..t that ati th nnlt, and the cat
if nuKlit thi rat. and the dog that
ci i ii- i the cat ih it caught the rat that
a tin unit that li it the House that
1 I'uilt ,
vv.ll tl t 1 vr Rtrange," said
t I. Wickilv t.. liim-.eir. "They all
f ni to be rtinnn c awa ' And indeed
i wire For the cat was chasing the
i it .1 th. dog was chasing the cat
I the cat wat- basing after its own
t ind then, all of a sudden, out came
I I . i .oose hi rself
.i hae ou seen her. Undo Wig
c v iskcd Mother Goose. "I am so
i" ted il.out her'"
. en whom? About whom are you
tot-ied"" asked the rabbit gentleman.
The jumping cow," answered Mother
C, .- "She's gone1"
,;uess ou mean the cow with tho
. rur.iled horn, don't you' asked tho
I unn- uncle "She's the one. you know,
i , .t tssed the dog that worried the cat
II it c Tight the, rat that ate the malt
ti it la in the IToiise that Jack Built
No don t mein fiat ow." answer
t MotVt tiooM 1 iman the jumping
, w fat s the worst ow for Jumping
-on nc saw. Mie Jumps over all the
1 t ok ad stone walls and when we
a tut he to fttu some milk for Little
Tniiimie uckei t- supper otic isn t to he
f mid le look il ivtn where for her.
lot I rHt fin.l hei oli. ihar' Such
It untile' thom-ht she might be here,
in the Hew thit .Ink Built, with the
niiiipledlorn ok Hut she isn t
Ha' Jt von leae It to me. if jou
t . ise ' sd Uncle Wiggilv. ktndl
1.1 find ie jumping con for jou. I
Startlig Statement Made
Recetly Regarding the
Nev Stomach Remedy
Th, nds of people arc dailr Pre-
,XIIU,ind building up their health,
1 ,t usefulness and happiness b5
t ,, if the new herlnl system tonic.
1 1 int irP nature own peerless rem
t x .t a dav passes hut stntetnents
-, lied from r "pie in ev et walK
, , i,i. 11 hi, of the benefits thej- ha
. , ,.' t i in the use of Plant Juice
I ,, instance, Mr Rov Hook, who re
f ,l,ut No m6 Orace stieet, Indiana
, h Jnd . state
pish ', speak a word In praise or
,me.li. iii. Tor seeral years past
j I e I een lirtliend with tonstipation
M '. in i. h wa full of gas and I was
, wt'hout a bad taste in my mouth
T 1.. red t. ith eight different doctors
il . v Tuver helped me as much as
r t tt le of jour Plant Juice I wish
t that jour mediilne has lifted me
f, i th. (.rave in tnree aays aner i
Fit. it Icing PI int Juice. I was out of
11 I w ill epeak highly of our medi-
t f i. h i eer I so ' ,
T ie ire numerous symptoms of this
oiihle that Plant Juice can relieve. In
t mi of the following may denote
IT. turns of the st..inib Indigestion,
M i psia. In KhitiK of wind, bad breath.
tin i hbing In id H he. poor circula-
nltflit sweats th it tired feeling.
Vim . ts. coated tongue or a poor
i I. ion
i ii i luice is sold in El Paso at
I 1 Pollird'a drug store Adv.
. i
Stands for Highest Quality Groceries and Meats at the Lowest Prices.
li lb.s. Suear for $1.00
Honir Dressed lions, per
1 Ib l'ancv Colo. Po
tat no for . ...
", lbs Creann r But
1 or for ...
Irchh Eggs
per doren .
lu. White Hoime Coffee 17P
tor . ....O
(. can Liglit Houe
1 leansor for
8 rolU Toilet Paper
.alio IiimaUxa
f. T
cans Prk and Beans
Prompt Delivery Service
PHONES 1571-1572
We Handle
B.rfg7Ti iim Mil ix'.t..ai
SBr't 1MB
can start off in my automobile, with
the sausage tires, that go faster when
jou sprinkle pepper on them or in my
clothes basket airship, with toy circua
balloons on the handles"
"You had better take jour airship,"
said Mother Goose "A Jumping cow
would be found up In the air. I think"
"I think so myself," said Uncle Wig
gllj So he hurried back to the hollow
stump bungalow and got out his air
ship Tn that lie sailed over the woods
and fields, looking for the jumping cow
' Do. please ask lier to hurrj- back."
said Mother Goose "For she has all
the milk for supper, and Tommie
Tucker and the Children of the Old
Woman who Lives in a Shoe, are so
hungry thej- don't know what to do"
"I'll get her," promised Uncle Wiggily-
On and on he sailed In his airship.
But he could not see the jumping cow.
Up high he sailed and down low, and
finallv. when he came close to the
ground, near the place where Sammlo
Littletail. the buj rabbit lived with his
sister Susie and his father and mother.
Uncle Wiggily heard Jollie Longtail.
the mouse boy, singing a song that
went like this
Hi diddle, diddle'
The cat's in the fiddle'
The cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed
To see so much sport
And the dish ran away with the
"Hello, what's that" cried Untie
Wiggily. bringing his airship to n stop
and sailing down to earth. "What cow
Is that Jollie, that jumped over the
"Oh. Mother Goose's cow," answered
the little mouse boy. "You see, Joie
Kat. tho little kitten boy. crawled in
side the fiddle, having a game of tag
with Tommie. his brother. And when
Jack Spratt tried to play music on the
fiddle it made such a funny noise that
tho cow, who was waiting for Little
Tlnv Blue to blow his horn. gave a big
jump, and away up over the moon sho
went That's the way It was," said
Jollie Longtail.
"I see," answered Uncle Wiggily,
"Well, In that case. I suppose I must go
sailing up to the moon to find the
jumping cow She is needed to bring
home the milk for Little Tommie
Tucker's supper"
.lust then along came Mother Goose
"Oh, look'" she cried, pointing her
broom up to the sky "There's my nice
jumping cow now She's falling down
from over the moon. Oh. she'll break
her horns, surely. Oh, dear! What
shall I do""
"Do Do nothing," said Uncle Wig
gilv. kindly "I'll do it myself. See.
1 ha e my airship, I'll sail up and catch
the Jumping cow before she has time
to fall. Then everything will be all
i ight "
Oh please do'" begged Mother
Up in his clothes basket airship went
I nele Wiggilv Longears, the rabbit
gentleman. Up and up and up.
The cow was falling
down and
"Oh. dear'" cried Mother Goose, on
the earth below "The cow should have
known better than to Jump over the
"I think so mvself," said the Man In
the Moon, "tried to stop her, but I
"eer mind." said Uncle Wiggily.
"It will be all right. I'm sure."
Then he steered his airship right
under the falling cow, who was no
longer jumping Instead, she was sail
ing toward the earth, with a piece of
reen cheese on one horn She reallv
hart jumped over the moon, but she
slipped and that's how the green cheese
got on h r horn
"Here ott are'" cried Uncle Wigghly,
in his Jollv oice Just like a trollev car
ondut tor "Plenty of room up In
front "
Then the jumping cow landed gentlv
in his airship and he brought her down
to earth as lightly as a feather and the
cow was just In time to bring the milk
for Little Tommie Tucker's supper.
So this teaches you that Uncle Wig
gily can do many things besides eating
carrots and having the rheumtatism,
and if the egg beater doesn't skip out to
whip the carpets to earn five cents for
the moving pictures. I'll tell you next
about Uncle Wiggil". and the pussies
Copyright. 1916. by McClure Newspaper
Si ndicate
I'leet street in London Is one of the
busiest thoroughfares in the world and
is famed for its newspaper offices.
lb 18c
i Jkixes Jwatcnes
Quaker Corn Puffs,
regular 15c siz
S bars Lenox Soap
tor . . . j. .
5 lbs. Bulk Lump Starch OP
for CiOC
10 lb. can .Snowdrift
10 lb. can Pure Lard
Monarch Presen es.
tegular 30c sire .
ltltie Label Presence,
regular SMV size
4 pkpr". Krnikle Cm n Q C
Plakcs for 4SDC
Only U. S. Gov. Inspected Meats.
408-410 WYOMING ST.
A conlmitien of tola liquid u t
pute. TBey procice a brilliant,
kilis(uiewilliTcrj little effort
Tleie polii lies ccBltinco add uj
will not crack the IuhSer. Tltj
preserve the leather sad' incrtait
tie life of your iLoet.
THE L F. MlUr CO.. IB, B3FFU0. IT.
U. S. Women Organize
League for Selr-Derense
Guarantee That if Men of America Will Protect Their Country and Their
Homes From Oppression and Treachery They Will Look
After Their Own Safety.
by ui.Lt tm:ci.i:it wilcoX.
ANEW league has been organ
ized by American women. It
is called the American Wom
an's League for Self-Defence.
Its motto is: American Women First
Its object is to educate our women
to the highest standard of health,
purity, efficiencj-. proficiency, self
reliance, to take the place of husbands
and fatlini-R when necessity reauires
It Its platform Is non-polltlral, non-
racial, non-color and non-creeu.
Its founders are Miss Ida Lbsworth
Lowberand Mrs. H Vandercook-Browne
its adviser is Mrs Lee G. Boardman
and Its secretary Miss Ida Vera Slm
onton. Here IB what one of its members has
to say of the league, speaking of what
war has taught woman:
"It proves primarily that women
must depend largely upon themselves
for adequate protection. It shows con
clusively that governments, especially
in cases of invasion, are powerless to
protect their women while their fight
ing men are at the front
"It demonstrates that the women
themseles are no match for the un
healthy local rabble that unable to
enlist plunder and pillage when op
portunity offers. It is a well known
fact that weeks of prolonged hardships
foster a mental recklessness that de
stroj's all decent sense of consideration
and abnormalism precludes the bet
terminded in an Invading army from
shielding women from Its own rampant
tViiraim Cannot Ilely Upon "Hnn.
"Clearly woman cannot rely upon
man (o save her In war time, she must
find her defence, as she finds her dan
ger, solel within herself This em
phasizes the necessity for the 'weaker
sex' becoming, not the 'stronger.' but
a 'strong sex." Surel-. If it comes to
finalities, a quick, clean, honorable
death from n. well-aimed bullet is
preferable to the lingering horror
which comes of considering one's self
innatelj" helpless
"This organization positively Is not
for regression, but for protection. It
is for repulsion In case of attack.
ORE Trutk
Than Poetry
A 1 ise Onih of Preparedness.
Gen. Funston evidently believes tn
having a few troops on hand in case the
Mexicans take Mr. Wilson's permission
to enter this country too seriouslj.
Speaking of Swapping Horses.
This Is a fine time to break in a new
secretary of war.
AVe-'d eer 3II 1.
What a fine spring it would be with
March left out
Beyond Computation,
If. as a court has decided, the loTe of
the superintendent of an apartment
house is worth 112,500, what would be
the value of the lovo of the Janitor?
IteKt Comdt of Doing Whnt Yon Like.
Mr. Edison has sent a laboratory to
Florida so ho can pass a pleasant va
cation. Which reminds one of the street
car motormon who spends his daj- off
riding on the platform of another mo
torman's oar.
One product of a single track mind is
a single track railroad on which to
move troops and supplies in an emer
gency. A"! Catch Lp to Hie TarSdel
"It is now up to senator Gore and
representative McLemore to Introduce
resolutions w arning Americans to evac
uate all cities. townB and homesteads
within 50 miles of the Mexican border "
N. Y. Tribune. Wake up! Bryan is
sued that warning not only once, but
seeral times when he was secretary of
Cheer up The weather will get
warmei just before the spring reduc
tion in the price of coat
Hut That's All.
Mr Taffs opposition to Mr. Brandeis
nia possibly impress the senators from
Llah and Vermont
Where Credit I Hue.
Justice Hughes Is at Uast a good
: - . i ,a . j r ,j z -ni..uLU,Ae.
P W L A. " Mm V "&N i
iPlllii JsM& LNf JvYMBit wot s ir
"This league Is a guarantee to the
men of the United States that if they
will endeavor to their utmost ability
to protect our properties, our homes
and our beloved country from oppres
sion and treacherj', we will assure
them that w e can protect ourseU es
"Fair weather will see practice
marches and women's military camps,
with all their active routine, including
range and field firing. Tou will learn
gradually of sights and wind gauges
and their adjustments. Tou will bo
Initiated Into all the mj-storious and
fascinating milltarj detail which, when
mastered, spells a sure self defence.
Tou will become eentually a self
reliant, splendidly (o eloped, courage
ous soldier gill, well ablo to take caro
of yourself and a dozen others.
Large Department of Ilon't.
"To sllpnce Mrs. Grundy and keep her
busy we shall sive her a large depart
ment of Don'ts. Chief among them
will be the admonition 'Don't talk too
much, lion't be militant: bo milltarj
Hon t be aggressive: be conciliator-,
lion't lose your head: others may go
with it Don't shirk work.' and a hun
dred other 'To be's and 'Not to be's '
Hers will be the task of keeping well
persons well and with her dampening
caution calming excltables and quell
ing panics."
Eight women out of ten who believe
themselves to be Invalids or semi-in-alids
would tinquestionablj be cured
were thej- to Idcntlfj- themselves with
this Woman's League of Preparedness.
More than three-fourths of the ail
ment's which afflict women are caused
bj- lack of interested thoughts, lack of
an alertness of mind, lack of exercise
of nil the mental and physical organs
of the human being
Inertness, an unfocused mind, aim
less longings, hint; cells going to waste
through lack of deep breathing, mus
cles of the body growing soggy through
lack of proper exercise these things
are the disease producers. The Wom
an's League for .Self-Protection, If it
did nothing else, would prepare her
for health and usefulness and actiwty
in the dally walks of life Join it
Copj right, 1916, bj- Star Companj-.
The Daily Novelette
the co.-vsrntAcr.
Mitnr n nun wait for a shin to
J come In who never ent one oat Prof.
1 .
A ITER slinking about the slums
for several hours, Geoffy Blddle
at last saw three low browed
cutthroats who. he thought looked
murderous enough for his dark de
sign He approached them warllj and
slipped a five dollar bill Into the
hands of each. That got their interest
' There's two more like that for each
of you. mv men. If you're open for a
little business," he whispered. And
In guarded tones he told them what
he wanted. Apparently nothing was
too black for them to do, for they
agreed immediatelj.
"Good'" said Geoffry Biddle. "And If
vou have any trouble and your own
weapons don't suffice, j-ou'll find an
axe and one or two odds and ends like
that all ready for jou in the vestibule '
In the dark of the next night three
evil figures descended on the Biddle
home, and for five minutes there was
clamor and strange sounds. The next
morning the horrified family discov
ered that the baby grand piano had
been hacked into kindling wood
Geoffrj Biddle figured out that it
would be months and months before
little Arthur would be able to take
practice again in the house,
judge of political chances He wants
to know where he is going before he
is on his waj'.
"Worth Trjlng, nTTir.
An Elisabeth man whose whiskers
were removed was found to be mad.
AVh not applv th same test to sec
rttary Redficld and other ashington
At the present price of gasoline the
man of moderate means may have to
lay up his car. but he still can afford
to take a grease spot out of his clothes
now and then.
r s -. sr)smx I
YEARS Ago Todaj
From The Herald of Tall
Date. lac:.
According to dispatches received in
the iit. W. W. Turner of HI Paso,
and judge James It Harper called upon
postmaster general Payne at Washing
ton, presumably in the interest of the
campaign of It F. Campbell for the lo
cal postmastership. The Democrats, tt
is said, are using every possible influ
ence on the Republican senators to
bring about Catiiubell's appointment
Attorney John Franklin returned this
morning from a trip up the Santa Fe
railwaj line. ...
I'ehx ISrunschwig was expected to
return from the east, where he has been
on a buvmg trip
Miss Geraldine Combs .mned In the
citj from Las eruces to visit the family
of judge A. U. Fall
Bishop J. M. Kindrick, of the Episco
pal church, left this morning on a visit
to Phoenix and Tu son
B. M Donaldson, representing the El
Paso Saddlerj- companj, left on a busi
ness trip to the west.
It. C LtghtboiU left for the east
where lie will make extensive purchases
of goods for the Lightbody companj-.
T H. Tracej left for New York today
in the interest of a big mining deal
that he w ill soon close for the Mine and
Smelter Supply companj.
Superintendent choate, of the El Paso
& Southwestern, made a trip of Inspec
tion to the site of the new bridge
across the Rio Grande above the city
Edgar D Fewel. a son of Maj. W. J.
Few el, amed In the city todaj- from his
ranch near Oscura, N. M. He states
that the cattle ranges are In excellont
The Banco Minero de Chihuahua,
which has a branch In Juarez, has de
clared an annual dividend of 10 percent
on its capital stock of 4,000,000. The
stock of the bank, -valued at $100, Is
now quoted at $1 IS.
Charles Stewart, of the .Missouri
Bridge and Iron works, arrived in El
Paso with a force of ten men, who will
be nut to work immediately construct
ing the new bridge of the El Paso &
Southwestern railway.
M. IL Webb and Clifford brothers are
moving from their store rooms on San
Antonio street, in order to make way
for the erection of a large new busl
nes block by Millard Patterson on the
corner of Utah and San Antonio streets.
CAUimilll DAY.
Tomorrow being the last Saturday In
the month. Herald carriers will present
bills for March subscriptions Sub
scribers will please note and be ready
tmm Va Km-a I
To 107 Texas St.. about March 21th.
Anderson-Filler Investment Companj-.
Phoenix-El Paso Building Company.
Get n can of Dicksie Sliced Peaches
and treat the homefolks to a good old
fashioned peach cobbler. Adr.
Mexican collections, see Lee Xewman.
1 trttiii..ia.t M I
1 J ?3!SVKm
Clotkes Everybody Admires
COME in and see hotf clever the styles of our
spring suits and topcoats are, and how well
they are made. Get acquainted with their graceful
hang and comfortable jit. With Adler's Collegian
Clothes yWll make "some splash" and have the
lasting satisfaction that m
always comes from making Jllg $15
a good clothes investment.
Take the ElevatorSave $5
TUP ItatarMnmfJTMeartm ' " '
Six Mexicans whose names were con
tained in a Hat found in the possession
of Pedro Morales, arrested Tuesday
night by the police, were taken Into
custody late Thursday nigh' and are
being held pending an investigation
All six men are said to have been Villa
More arrests are expected to be made
within a short time. The men arrested
were Tomas Ginn. N itivldad Perez,
Burrondo, R Awl.i, . Ruiz and II
Emilio Valenznela, euitor and propri
etor of La Constitucion. a Mexican dailv
published at 620 South Stanton street,
was arrested by the police and the mil
itary authorities Thursday afternoon,
charged with printing an article de
signed to arouse anti-American feeling
among the Mexicans of the citj Five
others emplojes of the paper were also
taken into custody and will be held in
the city Jail.
Several forms of type and a large
amount of paper was confiscated tem
porarily by the police, and the publi
cation of the paper suspended.
Members of the county commission
ers' court met Thursday afternoon and
authorized county judge Adrian Pool to
sign a contract with the Southwestern
Portland Cement company whereby the
latter is to supply cement to the road
contractor at J 180 per barrel.
Judge Pool was also authorized to
sign a contract with the Warner Ele
vator company for the installation of
elevators in the new courthouse. The
contract price Is j:o.0OO.
Wo IT5 ,1
7kc new
To Trie
Club toons
nncc vmiD CTfinnspu
will orange
'Long fecei
And One Dose Has Often
Dispelled Years of
Mart's Wonderful Remedy can reall
be termed WONDERFUL. No matter
where you ltse you will find people
who have suffered with Stomach, Liver
ana Intestinal Ailments, etc, and have
been restored to health and are loud In
their praise of this remedy. It acts on
the source and foundation of these ail
ments, removing the poisonous catarrh,
and bile accretions, taking out the In
flammation from the intestinal tract.
and assists In rendering the same anti
septic Sufferers are urged to try one
dosei wtlch alone should relieve your
suffering and convince you that MayVs
Wonderful Remedy should restore you
to good health. Put It to a test today.
Send for booklet on Stomach Ailments
to Geo. II. Mayr. Mfff. Chemist, 151
Whiting St . Chicago, or better Btill.
obtain a bottle from your druggist.
For sale by druggists everywhere.
Ad ertisement.
All Your Gray Hair and Entire Head
of Hair Becomes Dark, Charm
ing, Wayy, Lustroiu.
When your hair turns gray, streaked
with gray, premature or Just turning
gray; it your hair la falling; if you
have dandruff and your head itches, a
few applications of Q-Ban Hair Color
Restorer will turn all your gray hair
to Its youthful dark shade. Entire
head of hair will become clean, fresh,
lustrous, wavy, thick, soft, full of life,
evenly dark and handsome. Q-Ban
doubles the beauty of your hair. Also
stops Itching scalp, dandruff and fall
ing hair, and promotes its growth.
Q-Ban Is harmless not a dye but a
delightful hair color restorer. Give It
a trial. Sold on a money-back guaran
tee. Only 50c for a big 7-oz. bottle at
Peoples' Drug Store and Kelly & Pol
lard, El Paso, Texas." Out of town
folks supplied by mail. Adv.
A .-j"r tff h
Should Always go to
When you want the best Wiaei,
Liquors and Lunch Goods.
Phone 105.
520 N. Stanton.
Herald Want Ads for results
1 I

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