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Tuesday, March 28, 1916.
Advances Outnumber De-
clmes, but Course of
Trading Is Irregular.
NOTK Rotations reflect cloilcc prk
Tuenday. March 2.
New Vork. March as. Further ttin-artaia
tndencies wtr mnntf"it at tb opening ot
tod market, il though u4vanrw wt
numbered tin lin-. Gams of one to tw
points -wfTf mad- by Continental Tan. In
tr national Xftkel, National Cloak and Rait,
and Philadelphia rompan -hll Crucible
frtecl and Amorlrau B1 t Sugar rose frac
tionally. oath Porto Rii o Hugar acored a new
high record on Its rise ot five points to
Losses of a. point were recorded by Mer-
an til Marine preferred and Maxwell
Motors, while Htudfbaker and Baldwin and
American Locomotive, aa well as Western
Maryland, were nominally lower.
(By Associated Press.)
Xw Tork. March 28. Following- were fbe
rloalnr Quotations at the New York stock
axenanfe ror tne stock raenuonea;
American Sugar Reflnlug. .
American TaL & Tel..
Anaconda Copper
Chlno Corpar
Tnapiratlon Coppar ....
Northern Pacific, bid..
Southern Pacific
Inter Pacific
r. B. 8teel
I". S. Steal, pfd
... 86.
. ..uiti
... 5SS
... 17S
... SS,
... m
(By Associated Press.)
N'ew Tork. March JS. Mercantile paper
302H percent.
Sterling: M day Mils 473H; demand
Oovarnma&t bonds steady.
Railroad bonds steady.
Time loans firmer, ( days 2VS.
Call money steady, ruling rate 2.
Copper steady; electrolytic, nearby $2St
nominal. June and later S2a.7stt27.S0.
The metal exchange qnotea tin apot I49.S0
Th mctal exchange quotes load at S7.S0
Spelter wt ouotad.
London. Bng., March 28. The Ixindon
metala market, closing qttotattena were:
Lead 34. all.
Speltar HI.
Spot ceppar 111; futures 1; electroly
;ir 126.
Spot tin f2S; faturea 1M.
alexlaa enrrency (state bills) s'itM'..
Mexican Naefonalea bllla 1SH.
Mexican pesos 47.
Carranaa corrency 2.
Kl Faao Smeller Qnatatlons.
(Corrected Dally.)
Bar Hirer (Handy & Barnum) QJotktlacJ
Loadan load (S3, si.
Pig lead 17.
Copper wire bars 2!.i0
quotations furnlsheti by El Paso Hxcbangt
v.Ht.n, iOl South Kl Paso nrreet.
Aru1lu.fi v ja
n aa i
. -..WW I
rull,- nu"M
M.n luva
Ili.nov . ini
P"u' Xii'jrtt'-n
Oro : .1 ii"
lUill" Ol W?t.atln
. i. rui . . j . .
l.oiulrcf" y Meilcu.
bu tiotv
Tucson, Ariz., March 18. The funeral
.f Mrs. Minnie Robertson, killed In
hi automohile accident near Globe,
"ill be held here tomorrow. The body
; NrouKht today from Globe. The
. N.niobi. in which Mrs Robertson
id .hix others were riding turned tur-
. when a tiro burst. Mr. and Mrs
Imm-r and Mr and Mrs. McClain were
tn urfd In the ncciden
Notice To Classified Advertisers
All ClaastfUJ Advertising ordered to
run iDdeflnttsly (L C) most be In writ
ing. No L t advertisements accepted
over the telephone. Orders to discon
tinue t f- ads moat also be In writing
and cannot ba accepted over the tele
phone. A stop order receipt wltt be given
when all ad If ordered discontinued.
Rates For Qassified Ads:
ne Cent per Worn. No
charxe lesc than ...55
Six ConsecnLve Inser
tions, par Word 05
Dallas Times Herald; Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
El Paao Herald: Houston Chronicle:
8an Antonio Light- Combined guaranteed
circulation over 110,600 dally; 17S.000 Sund7.
Combined Classified Rates: 4c per word per
insertion dally, 6c per word Sunday, a 2a
wurd ad In all five papers will coat only 1L00
for one weekday Insertion or 11 ?n 'or ihr..
insertions. Including one Sunday Minimum I
fharge baaed on 20 words. All copy for !
Sunday Insertions should be ubmltte-1 y
r,oon of the preceding Thursdnv. Send or
bring your orle with cash to Classified Ad- I
i ertlsipg Department of The E! Paso Her- I
aiu, ana your ao vui oe p aoea In thtst
papers. Cash tc aeeompaay order.
Answers to Herald Ads.
?W,..."," 7.f Jnf2"?-d..fr-!
a-ucwers to Herald want Adevrtlse-
ments are now being held for delivery
at The Herald business: office:
AA 13
MB 2719
B. !. V.
H 13
15 17
R ,'4
T Si
F 40
.1 44
X 7. 241
Mrs. Mason
Mr. O. R. K
ri :.t
i :o
U 3-
i :;i
i: 44
: to
i: :,o
'. u
F it,
yHE intelligent buyer
who wishes to bene
fit by advantageous prices
will find The Herald Ad
vertising a most efficient
aid. It is a guide to the
best stores a market re
port of the best bargains.
Lessened Receipts Give
j Only Temporary Strength
to Corn; Prices Sag.
iChiraico. II! . March :a Wh-at ose in
value today. Influenced larfly hj higher
prlrea at Liverpool, where the market was
hulltebly affected by chances that subma
rine a- tivity would Interfere with supplies.
Opening prlcen, with May at II. 10 to
II 10-S., and, July at J1.DS' to 1.0KSi. nere
i folloH'.-tl by moderate additional gains.
The close nu strong, Zc to 343fcc net
higher with May at Sl.J3Sfel.13V and July
at Silt..
Unsettled weather and consequent pros
' pert of a leaaeninar of receipts (cave only
transient strength to- c-om. After opening
lc to 'Hic higher, the market sagged to
below yesterday's finish.
Prices rallied later in sympaihy with wheat.
The close was firm at 4c o He net advance.
Buying- on the part of elevator companies
put firmness Into tats.
Provisions eased off on account of sell In?
by scattered loort.
Grain and Provisions.
.CMcaco Grains, Cloae.
Wheat May. SMlfe; Julv. II.10;.
Com May. 7Zc; July. 76c.
Oats May. 414 c. July. tv.
Ch Ira x rroilslons. Cloae,
Pork May, 3S.12: July. 2..
Jard May. 11.57; July. 11.82.
Riba May. 11M0; July, 1J..30.
Cotton Market.
w Tork Cotton, CIos?.
Xew Tork. March 28. Spot rotton. steady;
middling uplands, 12.10. Sales. HOG balee
Chicago LIretoek Clone.
Chicago. III., March 28 Hoes Receipt
;,0O0; market weak, unchanged to a abade
under yesterday's average: bulk .8l)f?9.95;
light. I.:.fcle.5; heavy. ts.te.M: plga.
Cattle Receipts, 4D0; market steady: na
tive beef steers. 17.73010.00: western steers.
J7.70Ji.7S; Blockers. t0t8.:;; cows, JI.25
tJS.OO: calves. In.00910.i0.
Sheep Receipts, 10.000: market steady;
wethers. tS.048.1"; .lambs. 9.80iii.o.
Kansas City I.Ireatock. CIoe. '
Kansaa City. Mo.. March 28. Hogs Re
celpta, lt.000: market steady. Bulk. (9.504)
5 76; heavy, .$6g.80; light. $9.406 9.70:
pigs, g.tS4T9.2..
Cattle Receipts. 11.000: market steady to
weak Prime led steers, $9 359.7;; western
steers. $7.75.25; stackers snd feeders,
46.75CS.Si: calves, 14.00610.00
Sheep Receipts. 11,000; market steady:
lambs. 411. Mt, 11.6.-.; yearlings. 19.00W1C.59;
wethers, 18.2509.00.
St- Ixult Livestock. C!om.
St. Louis. Mo., March 28. Hogs Receipts.
9000; market 5 to 10 cents higher: pigs and
lights. 17 259.90: mixed and b-itchers. 19.83
910.05; good heavy. I9.95(rl.05.
Cattle Receipts, 3500: market steady: na
tive beef steers. 37.509.60; yearling steers
and heifers. 18.50499.50: cows, Jj.504318 50
Mockers and feeders. 15.504? S.00. Texas and
I?Ufiters- : cows and betters.
,4?,: " calves. I4.00ei4.00.
Sheep Receipts. 250: market steady:
yearling wethers. 18.004910.40: lambs. 19.00
911.70; eaes. 4 6. 50 8 50.
Fort Worth Livestock. Close.
(By Eelger Hotel.)
1 vrni.',Tr""iKi:ii"""; n,arK't ' "i.
.. JZ' '- T-"
Oattle KecelntZ ?'oa ' ineittR iiui t-
Beef cattle, strong: mockers, steady: steers.
I..00098.25. cows. 15.046.50; heifers, 1(400
8...0: bul!, $4.80t6.2;; Meslcani J4.S0;
ji jii: n0'!.. "" J.: cows.
JJ-I?- he"r"- -00T7.2S; calves.
ft .iOf B.aO.
Sheep Hoovipts. 50: market ntady to
atrong; Roata. average 76 pounds. J3..
Lost and Found.
LOVT Thund.iy Watermans fountain pen.
! md- r phone :".
I.OT Jold match fob Initials E. S. Ret-lrn
to China Palace. Reward.
LOST Toung fcmal Airedale, return to
233 Montana- Reward.
LOST -White female collie pup 6 weeks old
return 1806 Mesa or Phone 3366. Reward.
I UlSTDUmond La Valllere pear shape
with bow knot, liberal reward If returned to
j 1317 Montana or Pnone 714.
I MT Card ease containing B. of L. F. and
. E. receipts and letters. Finder please re
j tarn to Herald office and receive reward.
, I0 REWARD Lost In wreck at Stanton
. street and G. H. tracks Sunday night.
I lady a gold watch, hunting case. Roturn to
H. Capln. 1100 Myrtle.
I LOST Tuesday forenoon b-talen Anthony
i !n1.. Ho"' Zr,er "v Flsk tire and rim
j 2aJ',. . renard for r- turn to Fleming
I Jones, Las Cruces. N. M.
bl-lRELLA COHSETB. Mrs. HaletL Ph. W72.
CIRTAINS cleaned beautifully. Kramer 7619
MASSAGE and mantcurlngi Hotel Hollen
beck, 214 Teaaa St. Room J.
IIAR. Receiving letters .promptly, I'll nerer
iiaiisv. ouio write u possible. B. 422.
DRINK and drug habit cured. Let us send
booklet explaining, the Keeley Institute.
2405 Forest. Dallas.
Money to Loan.
CATTLE, loans VoinerniilCwin'n
"lljt lo"lc- "eT I-eonard. El Paao,
MONEY loaned, notes bought, quick action,
315 Trust Bldg.
,.. . :
MONLl TO LOAN on good Inside business
Property. 7 per cent Interest. Ai P. Coles &
Bros- t N- Oregon.
Business Chances.
FOR SALE Wholesale magazine business
sr.O cash required. D. 30. Herald.
OB RENT-Bpe ,. .w
grocery store
fur meat market. Phone 1J9S.
HILL SLLL first clsss restaurant at half
of Invoke if taken at once. Address L. 103
care Herald.
V.onw2?t tor drtst and doctor. Address
M. T. Robertson. 3706 Piedras. El Paso. Tex.
WILL HLL half interest in good profitable
business It being too much for one persoa
to handle. Address L.
inn care Herald.
I OR SALE One of the beet stores In the
upper i alley, slock, furniture and futures
about J3000. Call qulrfc Kl Paso Assn. of
fr. Men. 307 City Natl. Bank Bldg.
Open fof investigation. Deeded property.
Le..s than 100 miles from EI Taso, on rail
road. Material for making finest and beet
brltk. Portland c-ment. auer tile, crockery
v..ire, and many have fire clay. Good coal
Inductions. Oil and gas. May be so make
gasoline, unlimited amount. Can show 40
foot ein. Are you Interested. Addresa T
:a. Herald.
ESTABLISHED eleven years profit paying
notlou and general racket store. Doing fine
I'uslnrsh. choice location, good town. Alto
residence well Improved in hes nmr r elt
, vi ould like to sell both to same party. Here's
your business chsnoe. start In on good
foundation, take S4000 cash to own this com
bination. . Reaaon am going to enter ths
ministry. Address T. O. Box 738. Midland.
435 stands of bees in the Meslila valley.
, together with all equipment and machinery
i to operate them. Fine well bred bees, and
everything In first class condition. In gooa
locations, not far from State College. De-,i
paying business in the valley for the capital
.required. Last year., these bees averaged
8. pounds of honey per stand. Will consider
trade for real estate In tho city or valley
land. This proposition will l.ear the closest ,
Investigation. Ira C. Farney. Mesilla Park. I
N . M ex. i
Special Notices.
MUX and ljya shtrU made. ThODS 1835.
CI RTA1XS eleaned beautifully. Kramer 71
llOL'SI'S TRANSFER Phone 1166. Prompt
ajid reliable service.
4-OOII i-tinui:
ld.ii.li. In.
t hr.-.anth"mu:n
and lolet
-ii Phone
RKOWN'S .ill Amerli-nn d.-tirv Want- cuff
tuni-ii lr..li buttiinilll. Phone 711'.
Anaconda Is Feature, Ad
vancing to 863-8; Other
Shares Are Strong.
With the market openine with an un
dertone of uncertainty but WtcominS
stronger and more acthe. copper stocks
gained strength Tuesday with Ana
conda leading;, according to advices to
the t'urtlxe ManninK Co., stocks and
bonds. First National bank building.
Anaconda advanced to 86 -8 before
noon. Calumet & Arizona, Miami and
others also were stroncr.
In the general market, which, was
irregular at the opening. Steel and the
specialties were nervous. The inarttet i 1VAXTKD oirl for general housework. No
gradually improved and became strons- I washing. Applicants write to Mrs. B. H.
er and more active with a general Kinney. Carthage. J.'ew Mex.. stating na
broadenlnp. Substantial recoveries tlonality, age, experience, and wages de
were made. 1.. S. Steel leading with I llred-
alt advance of ; to S.1. Crucible also I w.lXTKI) STILNOOUAI'lIKK, good oppor
was active with a Rain of three points tunlty for young lady, preferably. one bav
to alls, and Baldwin. American Loco- ' Ing had mall order or Uept. store expor
motive and Car & Foundry also were lence. Apply Supt. office Everybody's Dept.
strong with substantial sains. Mexl- j slort-
can shares were higher, with Mexican 1 kok MHTIOX PICTI'ItES Training for be
Petroleum gaining- two points to 1 ginners of good facial expression, to take
its 1-:. 1-aiIB were firm ana nigner
Cminer Stocks tluotatlonM.
The following wire .imitations furnished
oy t-nrtlss. Manning i;o.. give tne closing
prices :
Butte Jfc Hupiior
Calumet & Arizona
Copper Range
Greene- :anana
New Cornelia
Vorth Butte
Ray Consolidated
Shattux k
United Vinl' Estenfion .
Tennessee Copper
Jerome Verde
m .
55 7i
17S 5.17.j
.. .. 23
.. . St
. . . . :
.... iZ
Industrial and Railroad stiK-k.
American Oar A Foundry
American ljoromotn e
American Smel ter
Baldwin Locomotive
Canadian Pacific . . .
Central Leather
Colorado FuM t Iron.
Crucible stteel
(Jreat Xorthrn ra ..
Lackawanna Steel
Mexican Petroleum
Mldvl. Steel .. . .
Republic iron A St-d.
Rock Island
" J'i',
. 90
. 44
Westlnghouse 66
Special Notices.
CROCHET lessons giver Phone i676 W.
GARDEN HOSE, rubber or cotton. A. Taffe.
409 S. El Paso Phone 164C.
WE CAN fix your place Into a laivn or gar
den, everything furnished. For information
Phone 6701.
WOKKIMiMKN hear comrade Paul Michel
son of New Vork. who mil deliver a aeries
of lectures on scientific socialism, corner
rian Antonio and Broadway at 7:30 p. m.
That V B. Andreas and Antonio 'A. Men-t
aiara have severed their connection with the
Chihuahua exchange and are no longer re
sponaibie or liable for the obligations or
transactions of the said exchange.
V. It. Andreas.
Antonio A. Mendlara
Notice ts hereto- given that I will sell all of
the stock of auto tires and tubes, bicycle
tires, auto accessories, repair stock and fix
tures ot the R1 Paao Rubber company.
bankrupt. located at 305 West San Antonio
Billet, i,i i-aao. lexas. on weonesuay,
aisrcn 9in. oeglnnlng st to ocloek.
All persons having repair work given to
Kl Paeo Rubber company are notified to
notify the undersigned trustee before the
date of sale and to appear and claim the.r
property and pay charges on same before
date of sale.
SI. V. Ward. Trnsfee.
6S Caplea Building. Phone 711.
Legal Notices.
The State of Texas.
County ot El Paso.
WHEREAS, by virtue of authority vented
In me. as trustee, named and appointed !n
a certain deed of trust, recorded In book 87
on page- 305. et seq. of the deed of trust
records of Kl Paso county, Texas, executed
and delivered to me on the 10th day of
April, 1914. by .Tames T. Smith, a single
man. to secure the payment of one note for
37600 of that date, payable to Jay F. Knox,
bearing 8 per cent interest payable semi
annually irom date, and providing that
failure to Day any iutalmnt of Interest I
on saw note when due. shall, at the option
. .- - . - .
of the holder of said note, mature alt of
said note at once, in such event the holder
thereof may proceed to collect the same
In the same manner as if the full time pro
vided In said note had expired and also
proviuing xor tne payment 10 par eet addi
tional on the principal and Interest then
owing on said note, as attorney's feev if
said note Is placed In the hands of an at
torney for collection, and
WHEREAS, said Jay F. Knox. i. still the
legal ov.-ner and holder of said note anc
deed of trust and default has been made It
the payment of v the interest due on saWJ
note and said note has been declared dtie
by the said Jay F. Knox, the amou.it of
principal, intereat and attorneys fees being
at this time in the sum of t!2u7.00. and
aald James T. Smith has been so notified
In writing, and
WHEREAS, said note being now due and
unpaid, the said Jay F. Knox has requested
me to enforce said trust. I will offer for
sale, between the legal hours thereof, to
wlt: between the hours of ten o'clock a. m.
and four o'clock p. nv at public auction, to
the highest bidder on the first Tuesday In
April, A. D . 1916, the sann being the 4th
day of April, A. P., 1;. st the eoprt house
door. In the city of El Paso. Texas, all of
tbe following described property situated in
El Paao county, Texas, to-wlt:
All of the south half of section 15. in
township 3 in block No. SI, T. & P. t,ur-
veys In El Paso county. Texas, certificate
No. 7023, said land being located at i
miles N. 10 dtgrees east of the city of El
Paso. Texas, known as the Hoilvwood
Heights Addition to the c-lt: of El ' Paso,
Texas, being all of s.iiU addition excepting
certain lots which have been released from
said deed of trust with all til" rights, mem
bers and appurtenances thereto belonging.
Witness my hand, this the 13th dav of
March, A. D.. 1916.
ILJF... MeKenney. Trustee.
Help Wanted Mais.
Tall & Mitchell, Kmploymrnt Agtncj.
VANTEI Gentlemen
302 .Sheldon bote!
,eo Kelt or. Gardner
W Floral i
aUt-iV boy with blrrle. pot
'u. MUIf Utdc
lVANTlsIJ Boys with wheel A. m
Top MwBTgef Servfr. if) Broadway.
PERMANENT position for aober. reliable
man on poultry farm. Chance to lease.
Poultry man, tare HraJd. (
3IEN, our illuetratftd ratalojpie explain
how we teach the barber trade In a few
weeka, mailed free. Moler Barber College.
Ft. Worth. Texan.
AnLE-ltOIHEI) MEN, Zood eye-sic nt Tor
flremu and bra kern en on railroads in Ei
Paso vicinity 1 100-$ 120 monthly. Experi
?c.e. unneesary. Answer In English.
Urlte I tall way Association, care Herald
IlQl'ItLE ontry bookkeeper, for mdse. store!
!a!Lnr.2lJnft.i Wurki-veirernre. state All bids moat be sealed aud each be ac
aaiarr cxpectetl. Addres Arizona, care El comoanled bv a certified chock In tl. um
Paso H'Twld.
Help Wanted Agents.
M'wtpii As.a.., . T, .. .
vicinity for a largf manufacturinK com- .
pany. j:.50 per day for w das guarjnteed
salary. For contract, etc.. apply to C&as,
A. Bailey. P. O. Box 354. Ft. Stockton. Tox.
WANTfcD Neat, energetic and honest
nvriieutatlto.. yu ,.rfll ,. E mone,
s. Illng ll.slth A. .,.1. nt and l.if Insurance.
b joui own lio...s and hne .1 j,. rmanent it.
i'i..l In. .iiii. .'all or writ- Ljj Kros ,
1'I Tru.n Bldt , J-Jl r,,-o i.iu
Help Wanted Male and Female
WANTKD A reliable man or woman to do
E'-ner-il housework. Must have refere ice.
Apply Mrs. c. It. l.add, 129 Upson, Phone
Wanted Help Female.
WAXTF.D Girl between 9 and IS
home for right party. Phone 7817.
WANTKD English speaking chambermaid.
ai- Aiyrtie. ;
WANTED Good cook, must stay on place.
Phone 1302, 1318 Montana.
WANTED Esoerlenced srlrl for general
! housework, must stay nights. 535 Diaz, llou
; dy Heights.
1VAVTKI1 German or colored woman for
-. cooking and general housework. Stay nights
Phone 440.
AMERICAN girl neat and clean for house
work and care of children. Room furnished.
Phone 5284.
WANTED American or German girl for
housework. Must atay In nights. No wash
ing, good pay and good home. Call 630
Prospect Ave.
1 part .in pnoto plays. Learn this pleasant
.profession very reasonable. Shafer, Direc
I' tor. Office 211. Caplea llldg.
tor, umce sis. taplea liiug.
ners of good character for training to t ike
. part in photo play?. Learn this pleasant
iasrhfraststi.v a3lsl4.v
profession. Shafer. director.
office 'II
Caples Bldg.
Situations Wanted Male.
BOY with wheel wants woek. Ph. 7165 V.
EI. PASO window cleaners. Phone 1174f
WANTED Position as bookkeeper, good
references. Address D. J. care Herald.
COLORED man wants work, willing
drive teams. Address G 1. Herald.
KXKRIKNCED bookkeeper and Engllah-
Mpenlsh stenographer desires position, city
references.- Phone 4065.
wtivtuwrvn I...- . Affi.. o-ai-
! ant. Must hare work what have yon? A-l
j references. Address tl. 10. Herald.
and repair work. Promptness. Reasonable.
Try as. Have money.
CHEF, competent, fifteen years experience.
Can take charge kitchen hotel, restaurant,
boarding house. Address f". 56. care Herald.
WANTED Position as receiving or shipping
clerk. 4 years experience. Can furnish best
of references. Bond If necessary- Address
O. 7. Herald.
RELLVHLE man and wife wants position on
ranch, thoroughly experienced In farming,
irrigating, dairying and gasoline engines,
woman good cook. G. 9. care Herald.
WANTED Toung man. good habits, deslrn
posttlon as bookkeeper, or collector in town.
Cood references, hard worker, r. A., care
El Paso Herald.
1IV EXPERIENCED office man. married
nine years, stenographic and general office
work in railroad, law and other business.
First class references. Addresa F. 53, care
Situations Wanted -Female
fRKTAI.VS cleaned beautifully. Kramer 7C19
GERMAN girl wants house work or waiting
table with room on place. Address F. 5.
rare Herald.
MARRIED woman wishes position, house
work or children. Address W. E. care Her
ald. I WANTED By
experienced chambermaid
I iwl
white) work in hotel er rooming htus.
In or out f city. Address 2114 Hamilton
St or Phone 420S
HOUSEKEEPING position by American
woman In famll; where lady is employed
or unable to do own work. Address !.6.
Wanted Bids.
Bids will be received at the office of the
count auditor in the court house at Kl
Psso. Texas, until ten (10) o'clock s. m.
April 3 1916. for the paving of Maple
j aienuc from Dyer St. to the E. P. 8. W.
TO t eencctnv anlunelmatlnc 1 4AA es
Piv. in, to be what li known as Standard
Hen- liltulithic paTtnij.
Pli.r.s and specifications may be obtained
at the office uf Mr. Cnaa. S. Ilennlns, coun
ty road engineer, in the court house.
Boy D. Barnum.
County Auditor.
Tnat th Cftr C.erk be and herebr la di
rf't1. to J vert la for bida for .the con-
! rui-i iriTi it si naismAni nn t-.a ar i-fin raniu
Mruxtion of a Daement on East Rio Grande
street from the Intersection of Cite east line
ot New man strec-t to the west line ot Cotton
avenue. .
Said pavement In all respecta to conrbrm
with the specifications therefor prepared by
the Cttv Engineer, and now on tile in his
office uhiih said specifications have been
approved by thu Council. Said advertise
ment shall appear in each isMie of the of
ficial paper whieb appears during the ten
(10) days prior to the 6th day of April. 1916.
All bids must be cealed and each be ac
companied by a certified check tn the sum
of one thousand (11.000.00) dollars, payable
to the Mavor of the Cttv of El Paso, and
which shall become the property of the Cltv
in the event that tbe Udder, if successful,
does not within ten (10) days of the ac
ceptance of his bid. enter Into a contract
with tbe City of El Paso to complete said
pavement in accordance with said specifica
tions within three months from the time of
icning of the contract. Alt bids must be
filed ith the Cltv Clerk on or before ten
1101 oelot k a. Tn. the 6th dav of Anrll. 101 li.
Tl-e Cltv of El Paso reserves tbe right to
reiect anv or all bids.
Passed and approved this, the 3trd day of
March 1916
Tom Lea.
Thm th City Wert be and hereby is di
rected to advertise for bids for tbe con
tstru'tlon of a pavement on Arizona, street
from the interaction of the east line or
North Orea-on atrct to the west line of al
l' in bloVk SH. Hart.
Said Dacinfnt in all resoects to conform
uith the .'DetJii.'atlons therefor oreoared bv
tli Citv i-;ns;ineci, and now on file in his
office, which bald sDeciflcatlons have been
apijroi h1 bv this Council. Said adTertise
mnt sliatl aooear in each Issue of the of-li'-lal
pater which appears durlur the ten
(10) days prior u. the 6th day of Anrll. 191.
All bids must be sealed nd each be ac
comnanlod bv a certified check in the sam
of one thousand S1.0tA.00 dollars, payable
to the Maror of the Citv of HI Paso, and
which shall I come the propertv of the City
in the event that the bidder. If successful.
doet not within ten (10) days of the c-t-Dtano
of his bid. enter into a contract
'.th the Citv of El Taso to complete said
pHVcmen in accordance with said specifica
tions within three month from the time of
the aiKninx of the cttptr-ivt AH bids must be
fl.d v. Ith the Cltv tJlerk on or before ten
U0 ocluck a. m. th Ah dav of April. 191.
Th City of El rsr reserves tha ritrht to
relent anv or all hdi-
Phased and approved thit. the 23rd day of
March 1916.
Tom Lea
That the Citv Clerk be and hereby is di
rected to advertise for bids for the con
struction of a yavement on South Kansas
street from the Intersection of the south
line of Improvement District No. 1 to the
north line of Eighth street.
Said pavement In all respects to conform
with the Atjclft cations therefor prepared bv
tli Cltv Engineer, and now on file In' his
office, which said specifications have leen
a m roved by thin Council. Raid advertise
ment snail appear in each iseue or tne ox
r one thousand m.ooo.oo) dollars, payable
tne Aiavor or xne iitv or Bi I'aso. ana
uhii'h shall become h nr4inrt of the OAtv
in th event that the bidder. If successful.
UWI) "vt wiuun un i"i aays or tne ac
ulth the Cltv of 131 Paso to comDlete said
iiiivpmprtr in airnrnani' ti. it ti n una. ifi..fa'
tions utthln three months from the time of
signing of the contract. All bids must be
filed with the Cltv Clerk on or before ten
(1 ocloek a m. the oth da of April. IS16.
Th- it of Kl Paso reserte the right to
:..-.! .m i.r ..11 bid".
l'rtse.l .in. I app.ovid tlli the 23rd da of
Mar. li I'lh
Tom lea.
11a ) or
Wanted Bidf.
Bids nlll b. n-ori'i at me omce oi in.;
county aulitor in the court house at El
Pai.o Texas, until ten (10) o'clock a. m.
prll 10. 141. for the ejection and comple
tion of said building.
Plan? and -specifications may be obtained
at the offl e of Ftraunton ft Jjelbert. archi
tects, 001-602 Two Republics building, Kl
I Faso. Tixas.
i The rounty re-erves the right to accept or
I reject any or all bids.
Roy D. Barnum.
County Auditor
Wanted Real Estate.
WANTED To buy cheap small bouse from
owner. Not over 41200. No agent. Uuyer.
Phonr 7797. .
1VVNTEII To purchase E- Paso business
property, close In. Address 1L S. V., Her
ald office.
I WILL PAV CASH for bargain In t or i
, room hous... must be bargain, give full par
, ttculam, Mexico, care Herald,
WANTED To buy from owner 2 or 3 1' ts
tocether In fttannaxian or uc ...-.-.
State price and esact location in first letter,
Address L 101, carr Herald.
425 stands of bees In the Mearna vanev.
i I.l.. Mh ait amtnmont and machinerv
to operate them. Fine well bred bees, and
overythliig In first class condition. In good
locations. "ot JV 'rm..? Ce- i!??
paying ousin . ... .-w V.
Jns JglKaiTi ItaTd. Tm'ZZSSS
trade for real eatate in the city or valley
land. This proposition will bear tne rioee-ii
i1.etlo-ation. Ifa C. Fame-. Mesilla Park.
... 41PX.
Wanted to Rent.
iiMVTFll Rv srentleman. board and room
In private family. Must be first class. She!- ,
don Hotel. Room IS.
NICELY furnished room in private family
by young lady employed. nererence -changed.
Address. L. 100. Herald-
WANTED To rentliy couple S or 3 unfur
nished rooms with bath, must be close In
and reasonable. Address O. 3. casre Herald.
Wanted Miscellaneous.
to i WANTED Copy of pictorial Review. No
vember 1915. Phone 1763.
LUMBER wagon, condition for traveling,
cash. Phone 1S8S J.
WANTED TO BUY Thousand tons alfalfa
feeding hay. Quote lowest cash prices. Ad
dress P. O. Box 410. San Antonio. Texas.
WANTED Bags. Junk and rubber of every
description, scrap iron, brass, copper, rope,
rags, write or wire for prices. Louis Ka
minaky Co.. Houston, lexas. '
For Rent Houses Furnished.
IT WILL PAY you to buy your garden hose
from A. Taffe. 409 S. El Paso. Phone 1C16.
FIVE room furnished housu and sleeping
porch, "all 711 Brown. Phone 4427.
FOR KENT Furnished coxy 3 roomed cot
tig... iunqlre 2624 Oold St. Phone 7290.
FIVE room furnished house, no sick.
N. Florence. Phone 6477 J.
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished 6
room houpe, heated. good neighborhood
Phone 4416 W.
FOR RENT Two room flat 47. 410 Piedras I
St. 3 room house furnished 37a- 713 Tetas
W. R. Weeks. Phone IS 40.
FOR RENT 3 new 4 room apis, very de
alrable. Urge front porches, beat, hot water
and janitor scrvi- e. Phone 245.
Ft'RNIMIED bouse, t rooms and sleeping
pcich, hot wster heat, bath snd shower, no
cljectlon to children. 1 block from achoot
and car line. Phone 6412 M.
FOR KENT Nicely and completely fur
nished 4 room bu.,gaIow. walking distance.
Price reduced to 137.S0 mo.
Ph. 5075. Creel & Phillips. 304 Mesa.
FOK RENT In Grandvicir near car line.
two modern 4 room furnished cottages with
porches, gas. No very sick. Ft. Bliss car
to Fort Boulevard and CopU. 1 block north.
3219 Grand Ave.
R-R furnished complete ". mln walk to
'itv, chep reat: half ot house rented for
135. Price only S350. onli 1500. Ph. 2296.
Jay F. Knox Co.
For Rent Houses Unfnrnished.
TH'O room house for rent. Phone 6693 M.
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished 1-S
and 6 room bungalow. Phone 3S.4.
NICE servants quarters
toilet Si. Phone 3337 W.
with water and
FOUR room brick with' sleeping porch.
Grandview. References. Phone 4017.
FOUR rooms and large sleeping porch.
Phone 3437 evenings.
FIVE room house, garage.
Phone 6346.
McKlnley Ave.
FOUR room bungalow in Grandview for
rei.t reasonable. Phone 3964 M.
THREE room cottage for rent.
Phone 1S20. Mrs. J. B. Roberts.
GUARANTEED price and quality on garden
hose. A. Taffe. 409 S. El Paso. Phone 1646.
FO;; RENT 4 R. furnished bungalow, large
sleeping porch. Rent 130. Phone 3196. In
nulre 209 Mills St.
FOR RENT New 5 room bungalow, break
fast room, furnace heat. New 5 room bu.i
gaiow. big sleeping porch furnished. H. E.
Kllburn Co. Phone S03.
631 W. Missouri Ave $:'
Douglas C. Crowell, Agency.
324 Mills Bldg. Phone 373.
FOR RENT 8 room 3 story brick 1403 Rio
Grande street, price $30 per month, just be
ing tinted and newly painted.
Rio Grande Realty Co.
11-312 First Natl. Bank Bldg.
rooms, new bungalow, Tularosa. St. never
occupied 40 mo.
5 room new bungalow near Country club,
never .jccuplM $30 mo.
Ready April 1st.
Ph. 6075. Creel t rii.IUpi. 204 Mesa.
i Km. buafulow. Attura Blvd.. uu
furni'hed. $20. furnished $35 per
s Rm. bungalow S.ivannah SL. un
furnished 10. furni hd tit per mu.
t Rm. houi-t- Ru..l ami Martinez. $10
prr n.o.
W. F. Pne.
401 Mtia. Phone l-'"0.
For Rent Apartment Furnished
THE mVYKK. vory desirable. Phone 45iiQ.
IvNirKERIIOCKKK 4 rooms, batb. rcas.on-
able tn r pon-lhle partiea. Apt. 17. )
ONE ni-wlj furnished two roam apartment.
Phone 650J AV.
tO.MrLKTKLV lurnlsheu 2 room
ment. HOC Texas. Phont lSli.
SIALI, furnished apt-rtment, summer rates.
Hotel Lockie. Phon otOS.
llOOTII apartments finest in El Paro, large
sleeping porches. 2(1 w. Boulevard.
VL'KMsIIED four tiicm sparlmcnt,
Mundy. Phone 3201.
T1IKKK rooms, bath 'and sleeping por.u,
also two rooms. 701 X. El Paao .4t.
FOUR room furnished apartment S35. 601
M.Mil.t" housekeeping apts. for rent. 714 X.
TWO rooms, kltchenet, bath. 711 N. Stau
ton. Georgetto Apts.
ri.lLN modern apartment, sleeping porch.
130 Wyoming.
ONK, two and three rooms, private bath. ,
near itr oarns rnone -U91.
TW O room
Phone GJ78.
front apartment. S12 Mesa. I
MODERN" furnished apartments, one room,
klti henct and bath, 1100 WyomlnE.
Fl'KNI.MIKD apt. to lit nt 1002 Arts. Phone
APARTMUNT 103 Kansas,
Court House
.intan.i A pp.
r. ot.-the .Montana. 917
DKHITT furnished apt. j and 1 roomi. Pn
ate bath Ph"ne 110.
For Rent Apartments Furnished
490 East Missouri. Pnone 3105.
I"OK IIKNT Furnished apt. In best apt
building in city. Phone S02S.
FOK KKNT Nice furnished room and
apartment, summer rate, 1319 N. El Paso.
Phone ion).
' THE FENNKLl.. small apartment Hint ana
j airy, hot water, private bath, close in. 71-
.n. sanl I re.
' MAKfil EK1TE
. room apartment.
ompletely furnish"! April
Apartment 1. Phone :I7
A SWELL big suite furnished compel',
itnctlj modern. The Echo, 11J. Alrtlc.
Phone 32"7
I TWO room apartment with sloping por- h
also single room. 1007 N. EI Paso. Phone
For Rent Apartment! Unfurnished.
COilNELIA, modern apartments. 908 Mesa.
KOR RENT Modern i room apartment aim
4 room cottage. Phone 1358.
kitchenette and bath Phone 13S4 and
THREE room apartment unfurnished, phone
( K& water :12 w
ming. Phone 779S
; fN FUBNIMH ED 3 room apartment. W.I-
' lace Annex. April 1st. Phone 721.
NEW MODERN 3 room apartmenta clow in
m Myrtle Ak. J25. private baths, bulltln
feature. Horace B. Steve. MHIs Bldg.
rOB jtENT Large nest two room apart
ment, Wnh private yards, IS per month.
...... i, .n.l Madera Sta. Perk ear n.i .
FOR RENT 2 large 5 room modern ap - irt
trr'enclr-J.-psoTon.'lyi8 """"
FOR KENT I rom apartment with sleep
ing porch. 0 Prospect, $30. $27.50 witti
la.-. Phone I2b.
1 Attractive apartment one large room, kitch-
enette and private bath, only 122.50. Phone
Park W. Pitman Realty Co.
701-2 Two Republics Bldg.
ROBINSON AITS., three rooms, glas- en
closed sl eping porch, light and iv 11 i.
tilated. M32.r.o.
PALMS COURT, three rooms with sleepm
porch, Ie?.o0: also 4 rooms. 440.
FISK AITJv. one room, kitchen. I.ath S2S
RAMSEY AITS, five rooms, sleeping porch
very conveniently arranged 4 o.
M'X.Nirr AITJ... W. Rio Grande St. 3 rooms
and porch. $30.
Sift W. MISSOURI, four rooms and porch.
We offer a liberal service to tenants.
' Ilsk-Ramsey Really Co.
Phone 1073.
Apartments Furnished & Unfurnished.
RULO modern
Phone 6941 M.
apartments, na children.
APARTMENTS furnished aad unfur
nished. Rivervlew apartments. 705 W. Main.
Phone 6122.
FURNISHED and unfurnished apt- also bed
room with private bath in the aew De
Luxe. 1013 N. Oregon, pnone r,e n.
Virginia street near San Antonio, new, mod
ern and sanitary. Two, three and four rooms.
Prices reasonable.
W. H. Aurtlo,
First National Bens: Bldg.
105 ST. Oregon St. Phone 4715
For Rent Housekeeping Rooms
TWO rooms. SO:: X. Virginia.
LARGE front room, S09 N. Oregon.
HOUSEKEEPING room. !: Olive.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms. 400 Myrtle.
LIGHT housekeeping room. Phone 2413.
HOUSEKEEPING snd bedrooms. ilJ Msrtle
TWO housekeeping rooms 115. Phone 6336 W
IIOUSEKKEPING rooms 11H San Antonio.
HKG. rooms. s!etilng porches. 606 N. Oregon
THREE housekeeping rooms.
enc. Phone 33"!..
J09 S. Flor-
Phone 3109.
room for housekeeping.
NICELY furr.ibh'.l housekeeping rooiiis,
walking distance. Phone 4913.'
THREE clean furnished
rooms. Phone 6473 J.
TWO housekeeping roams, lights, phone and I
water, sis. Phono 1.974 R
Ph.-ne J....
1319 N. Oregon.
ROOM for
Phone 40.:.
housekeeping 804 Montane.
TWO clean housekeeping rooms,
porch. No sic'.:. 910 N Kansas.
ONE room with kitchenette SlJ.eO. Sit
Rio Grande.
!NtlLE housekeeping rooms, cool and clean
13 aad 12.50 week. Phone 474.
TWO connecting front rooms, kitchenette
and large porch, 123 Aria.
LIGHT housekeeping room. 515 X. Flor
erce. HOUSEKEEPING room oompletely furnished
$10 month 1316 San Antonio.
LIGHT houaekeepins rooms, down stairs.
Phone S49.. 700 N. atanton.
TVO housekeeping rooms, sleeping porch,
$18. 622 N. El Paso.
T1VO nice housekeeping rooms, also
rooms. $3 up. 0$ Wyoming. Phono
HOUSEKEEPING rooms 602 Upson. Ph-.
o3i7 J.
TWO housekeeping rooms with private bath
1003 Ollvt.
, NICELY furnithed room and kite hen, t.
f rose In rh,ironable. 60i Myrtle.
FOK KENT l large room and MtcheneL'.
partly furnished. Phone 1579.
FOUR room housekeeping suite, running
wat?r. close in. ."01 Mesa. Phone 49L
TWO clean comfortable rooms, private en
trame. Phone tai,s u.
large front room and kitchenette.
717 N. St. Vrain. Phone IT2 M.
NICELY furnishe.! housekeeping
.-Imping ponh. 719 N. St Vrain.
liOlSKKEKTIAT. ro.mr rlose In. 501 JItsa. J
rhoi.e 4S1. I
I.IdllT hou.t Ueplnc room with sleeping
! r. li. mi, n. Ksnsn-!
HK ItKNT 1 furnished honsekeeplnc
room. p.,r. h No heilth seekers. No chtl-'Ir-ii
1 1 I :-. X. s-loren.f I'honc 1S4S.
11 1 hu K--plnc; iooin nice, convenient,
second floor bar't. Joi.lr.iMe couple. 012 N.
Fkjr.-uce I'honc .1"0
TUO compl-t l; furnisUod honsekecpinx
rooms, with prnatt porrh In prlvste home,
tils Noble.
ItKXT ' fnrn..h,.rl tinn.. k.-enlnv
lrldi. famll:. nice neighborhood. I
I 1703 E. Bouleiar.l
TIKI ale. y furnish i rooms and slet-plas
liorrli V. l.-u. no (hll.iren. 1451 Ilueco St. I
rnon- jn,3.
FOIt UKTJ.Mn I. n,'..& ..tl.. k...
furnl-hed connecting housokeeDing' rooms, i
Gai, for coolinr .1..IH. llvK ..! .!,.... .
home ,,.i...,. - ..."; r". ;,j.
home conveniences. No children or Invalids.
" orth Stanton, corner Boulevard.
For Rent Housekeeping Rooms
Unf nrnfahe J.
TWO or 3 room suite unfurnished. Ph. 1H5.
F"1R KENT Two unfurnished rooms. In Or-
''hard Park. Phone 173S.
T1IEHK unfurnished rooms i7 West
Orande. Phone 111.3 W.
1 OK 1IKVT--Twn nnnirni.liMl ho.t...l.Au..-
Ing rooms. 1413 E. Missouri Phone 3490 W.
For Rent Rooms and Board.
HOARD and room. Ml', San Antonio.
IAKGK room and board. 1001 X. Stanton.
bk r-i: Phon
ile.e--nt home reason-
KOOM. l.o..rd.
pr.tittt. Tamil;, references
hone 301 xv.
j ForRejntRomsnfarnbhed.
UOOM. board, sleeping
pore h. genu- nian.
Phone ii79 J
re r.valeseent- Mrs. Moon .
ROtOS. board and sleeping porch for on
vl .. ent. 'ID. Phone 5S.
BOARD and r..om 'OS Mirtle Ave. It's.
W. V.. Armstrong. Phone 7si3.
rt'RMMIKU room !oard If d-Klr-d. 704 X
Santa Fc St. Phon. 52.3 R.
KOtIMb and bus.nl trlitly flr.it class 11 i
W. Mo. lira. C. F I.earj.
. .
A'KIIY desirable room w.th or ithuut board,
opposite Cleveland dfiuare. 909 Vpson.
ROOMS and board with sleeping, porches,
two excellent m"aK S4.50 wek. best resi
dence part' city Phone 2237 W.
WILL UK vi. nnt hy the firt. ill. - Sarg?
room with connecting sleepmic por' h with
or without in...!-!. 1007 Montan.i.
THE BACHELORS dining room tmdr tl -supervision
of 3Irs Depew. 70S N. .Oregon.
Phone 7090 "
NEW private dining room first . la-s boar.!.
sanitar. family ftlc. Remember 417 N. El
Papo St.
EL P.1MI SANATORIUM for tulj.rcule.i-,
1109i . Cotton Ave L'nder new manag. -ment.
Moilerate ratea. Phone 174. Mrs.
r. i. iLAnglot
. NICE large FRONT room w.ll furn
all convenience ., alw KACELLENT '.e.ir..
gentlemen ..nl. lelO N. El Pao rhone
For Rent Roomi Fmnished.
- LARGE front
droom. Phone 2412
. rnn, ,, .. .
-OI)L desirable
1015 X. ttant.
- J BKIIKOOJI.S J2.50 week. 11 N. r-imp... '.
'"- " ' " ,
i SOUTHERN notal 12 wk pp. 453 a EI Paao. J
LAROE cool room, close in. Phon 77
SMALL bed room Is month.
700 N. Stanton.
LARGE lr.i t room with connectlnr b' 'i
307 N. or. gon
DULMAK ROOMS. 417 X. Stanton r
wtr.. free bath. .'.Or. 41 day. J2..70 op .
FURNISHED frOnt rOOm. renfleinen t
Phone 1C99 J.
ROOM for rent for party employe.!, all .
" ; -
I H" nll' furnished edrooms. 1U
W Paao.
FURNISHED room for gentleman. No K.v.
No. 4. Brazos.
NICELY furnished room, adjoining bath.
also board U desired. Phone 459.
FOR RENT One large furnished front
room. 1200 N. Kansas. Phone 3359 T.
FURNISHED room for gentleman. 30 :.Ij.
Apt. 4.
NICE front room, hot water In bath. Ph
NICE sunny sleeping jioreh S6. M4 E
FOR RENT Small bedroom
sleeping porch. Phone 305, 407
FOR RENT Small nwm cool fur iiirnm
8. Call 904 Upsfcn. after 4-10 p m
FOR KENT Furnished room, close m
Phcne 6134 W. after 5 p. m
FURNISHED room for gentlemen prt.jl.
entrance. Phone 3490 J.
NICELl furnished rooms, private firr,
close in. 710 Mesa.
MODERN heated furnlahed rooms,
517 tt
LARGE nicely furnished front room pr"
entrance, close In. Phone 4890 W.
R003IS single and enjulte S3
-'14S Texas.
week UJ-.
NICELY furnished cast front
THE DBSKIN 116 B Pranklic, nlcerj
nlahed rcoras.
JUiW Ol. X UVUB 1 i jr.
MODERN furnished rooms, five b!..cts fr- -i
plaaa. 310 Vest Missouri. Phone 13S -.
LAROE bedroom ualkxng distance Fuor
S-.-4 Magoffin.
Ith use f
FURNIMIED fron' -oom with l ..in e
bath, .-vrrj . onni.-n' e. reasonahi- ,i-.
.1. -stance. 401 E. Rio Orande. Phone fl-
IIOTKL NORMANDi Centrally located ,
outside room", s-t-am heat, hot and -o .
vdtr atr.-'tl first cl?js. Phone MM
COMFORTABLE room for summer ra -- -tate
home SS, priwlege preparing raea -Ftaone
1969 W.
YOUNG lady to ottupy apt. with rr.arrl-J
woman. Terms ery reasonable, o. 59 are
Till; CECIL elegantly furnished street ror a
cheapest rent in city Summer ratea. ZZ9 L.
FINE large a-t front room for one or t-
PnavAtll Klsft n ikmi es ha .4 nstAnlsi 1 ? T
V id....S VSS V l- llSlajai,B JpTSTSJSl-. . xs a ss4 H
Paso St. trft
riis lumk-hd rom in an apart
for one or two gentlemen, all onvemenre
tti minute walk from poetofflce ou O-c-gon
street. Phone 449N.
TWO lovely room": in private home, all con
lenience, hot and cold water, batb. waits.1 s
distance, board if desired, very reasonab.
Phone 1337.
LISTEN, Ll.STEN Men t!ome ss""eoo!t
:w sliest rtidii(. rooms, altitud. top
Mills building. f.ir blocks postoffice. foi.
fifteen. West Boulevard.
Elegantly furnished rooms for gentlemen,
ery (ouunlcme, rite verv r. asnnao e
-ui Sn Jacinto, corner Second. Phcne ''
V McPowell Prj)
For Rent Store and Offices.
lnqvtire 201 Mills St
room or part of st
11ASKMENT store room Brazos. Ai ?1
FOR RENT Offices in best lor.-u . ,
' it betwten the three biggest .- - -Mesa.
St-v.na Bldg.
113 N. Kansas St
4J0 E. San Antonio St and basement.
bi-0 San Francisco St. and basement ..
IougIa.i C. Crowell. Agency.
:4 MUN Bldg. Phne
For Rent Miscellaneous.
Vl,T'Y I?8 ehous. o
- CSliL-'i
Sell Livestock Buy.
IIOKSK. wagon, harness. 7;. Ph. IT'
IIORSKS nnd dogs clipped. 40i
i-none zz.
OOl mare. Ms
Antonio and O t
I..-aer. Phis ll
l'OR J..I,nr-
..Idle, l-j;g a a I
1300 Maxottn."
nml hi .leva fi.r
r" 1
mtiuM rtijr.".
harness for sale cheap
ICEMI mllrh soat waated,
-st Phon. 1440 w
WANTED J0.000 Miiloan sheep. How n
hjve voir Join Kmtas Phono j.'l
"K .!.. Oood
u. her- wagon h.
till 0S S. Kl ri-o
nd barmass
PiMle 1511.
UUltOC Jersey hoa K. rlstered stork
. breed, good tare, pi.-di.ee good In.llvldufl
i Pride of ownership fullowed by inrrea" -1
f satisfaction as pWit coma In B. si !.!....!
in xne v-esT. Klorl.lM I- :rms. Pernln'; X T
For Sale rPianos.
FOR SVI.E An upright piano for
half pnr. Apply Xortnandt hotL!.
tonloan.l Ciimphell St.
Plants for Sale.
Sweet potato slips, early Triumph, rell, i
yams. etc. Book orders now. Ask prices. T
II. Pattersons. Tsleta, Te.

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