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Wfdnobdav, ATarcli 20, 1916. 11
$38,000,000 is Invested in 3000 Shooting Clubs; 60,000,000
Shells, Worth Five Cents Each, Were Fired During
1915 Season; 412 Shooting Tournaments Will Be
Held During the Season Opening in April.
Nt w TOKK, .Mai ! Travpshoot-ln-
is another one of thoe nice
unK sport that have come
along during the pust few vcars and
I yn.-n,.d a many of the ded-in-the-
w ool hnsehall fans ,
The popularity of tlie target game
' t innruri! by leaps and bounds dur
im, the Mft few years. There are at
lr im '.nn.ooo actiw irapshooters In tne
r.iiintrv todav men who indulge In the
M it reitulail' There are almost s
inn in. i who tinve a fondness for
). i-iiiik tli. ! iut who cannot rina
"i ui.h Itipme to prmit them to en
t. .. in mote than f.c or six shoots
p. i ' . .. i
Mjtuti.s receftlv rompllcd snow
H tli t !hie ale in the I nlted States at
ti p-nt time approximate 300
cm. ml . l'iha The total outlay by
. v. . lul.n foi club houses grounds,
nniif ttapB and other devices U
i.w.n.l the JJ.OOO.OOO mark
Intcstnirut Total as00,u00.
I tw- axeraav expenditure for guns.
in rases, glasses, cleaning roda,
hi.ritinj: iacketa and other trap cloth
ink i about $50 per man whith means
Hit the trapahooters of the eiountrv
1 i e laid out approximately S 35,000,
ii'iii for their equipment This added
to the til 000,1)00 for club houses, etc.
ht that J3b,0,uOO Is invested In the
n.H t
Aiiout fcO.000,000 chells viere fired
.iiiiing the 1915 season Each cost an
.mi ae of five rents. That means that
lnpshootrr spend , 000.000 annually
f .r ammunition dd to thla the sums
inid out for railroad fare. but. hire,
hotel 1.111k, etc. approximate Sl:.
ouo 0" and 'vou find that the lovers
. r Hit t la bustini? game spend fir. -inn
pno earlv in following their
Their- -1 141 be 41? shooting tourna-
, I ncnts dining the season beginning in
p pill .ind rerv community of anj sie
v ill stage one or another of the
Sport Appeals to 111.
The beaiitv of the trap shooting
sport Ih that it appeals to women as
vU a men that it is a game for the
r-v old and ry young, as well as th
i il.l.ll. .ieed It is not a game that
. j'li. foi tronuous exercise It doesn't
tiro ih( -Tuscles It's one that de
mIotis the 1 enness of the eye, speeds
on the brain, and nidi health gener
ic hei-ause It biinps its devotee out
ii. tne open
I'r..bibl the oldest trapshooter in
tl . ountr Is Mmle Joe" Heinman,
. ' W u ishu Wis , lie's 91 and he never
i ue. j shoot in his particular aec
ti. i 'I ml? Jo. ' bangs tha targets
vitli iMonishiner rt-gulanty and his
) Mink .t.iage is far beyond that of
the bulk or th ordlnarj shooters who
trr onl on.'-half oi one-third as old
is I in.Ir Joe "
lloi. are on the list of registered
i ip shooteis i. ores of men around the
v" .oai tnaik Thousands are oter 0
'i I i e in t. ii of thousands itho are
'ill in their teen1. One of the rem
. U r t-hi..ters is a l-er old youth
i lin s. cms to liae inherited the skill
fnmi Iiif nthr-r who nlivais tanked
1 luh r the tournaments
llnnr llomra Ire Good hota
rh. 'iiiinl'er of omen who are find
n - r. ,t pleasur. in the g'eat out-
i ioi -pint ih incr. asing steadily. A
t. njrn ago theie were only a scat
1. 1 mif few Todav the feminine shoot-
i " lot i! well along into the thousands.
M.m . f them compete with the male
urinous in the various shoots and the
iwiagra turned In by the fair sex Is
euipriniTierlv high.
statistics coerlng the sport show
thnt tli number of enthusiasts has in-
i ist-d . ifn ;er during the past IJ
' irs Neier once has It slowed up.
I liere were only a fevs tournaments
Oliver Carr, Manager. 418 San Antonio St.
A i tra n arriM. and depart from Union
aim r. ct or Son FranclKO treot All
rrl i aid .'cpartures given to El Pio or
sniuntain tan 'ard time
For Alkuijuerqnt. Denver. Cblearo. Loi
Anrale No H Iva. (:it a. m.; No. 110
nip w
1-rom Aihu4uari)ut. Dtnvtr. Lea AEialet.
'VarNo ioi arva, 10 a. rn.: No. lit
at LS o nt
el taro A BOirrnvrevjTEJiiir. ;
Cneatern Dl-liioa.)
Tor Arizona, and California No. I It i
i & p m ; No. 7, at 7:4( p. ni. t
Fion Arizona and California No S arva.
"am .o. it 1 II p. n. i
(Eailern IMvljlen.)
r.n Kinu City St. Leuta and Chlcaro J
, 4 r p m : No. t. at 4.4S p. ra. i
e 1 or i u utmarl No. 8 Iva. 7:30 a. m.
rror thuacs St. laxHa and Kaaaaa City
Si. l ni 30 a, m.: No. 2 at l:0 p. m.
t mm Tu mcarl No. 7 arrives 7:2a p. nx
O. H. Sc H. A. AMI 8. 1. TRAINS.
r Sn i A'nonio New Orleans and Wuh-
i - -n .-.. ": lia. X:4I a. m.; No. 10 at
0 p T"
"ii " (tinrter. New Orleans and San
A i -m- , ,r,. j i p. m.; Jim ui lt
i'1 u
1 4 a 1
f i r. r i
and Callfsrnla No. 1 tra.
i '-' at 6 p. ni.; No. 101 at
From A- and California No. 102
'--' i ii i No. 2 at 4 241 p. m.: No.
u at 10 i
I EXAS rAcinc.
For Ha! .11 and St. Loulu No. C, Iva. f:20
a in ?.o 4 at 7 p. m.
Trm St Lools asd Dallas No. 2 arva.
i . a. ii No & at 1:2s p m.
No r't ilar ai hi-oule
K il.r v-hedule.
IIItK'lk IIOTKI. and auto line, Ear!.N.
i Kiephant Butte and Patoznas
: r neet all tralne.
Mki t l LEV. Illllaboro and RIspton
i. .no ezprcoa line meets all tralna
k' al!e Wlra at toy expeosa for
i -!li anywhere at any time. Rates
.' nabie r W Milter. Hllliboro. N. M.
MLEK CITl'-JIOGOLLO sttco Una. osa
v j- .,0 round trip 21i Stanley ateamer.
i . pa?iif or car Wlra or write for reserve
ii Firht years' experience Mcrollon road.
rank Tmrnaend. P O Box 702. Pbona 241,
i pr Olty
KOSWELL-CARRIZOZO mall line. Paaitn
t'i srrvice leaving both Roswell and Carrl
"-o dally and Sunday at 2 a, m. for Plca
i e Tionie. Hondo. Llaoeln, FL Btacton,
apltac and Nogal Through fare one way,
it 4 Intermediate points at So per mile,
fug tare i arrl'd up to ITS pounds, to
i una free Excess at lo per pound. Rob
v. Auto Co owners asd operatora.
KOSH EM.-ALAMOOORDO passenger and
.i.ui line AutomoMlfi leave Alamogordo
f r Hom.ii at 10 1 . a m. arrive at Roswell
f in i m Vt eetbonnd automobile leat a
It"MirI f r Alamocordo at 7:00 a. m. Arrive
at Alamogordo at 4 1S p. m. Btopa are made
.l the
Ifl i On
ir.e ioi owing points, pieacbo Tlnnle,
fai tatricio. tiien Coe. White Mt.
Veiniero Bent. Tularosa. La Lux
- th lirr one ir sio Intermediate
r.r mile Twenty-fhe pounds
rr J f-. Kxceea lr per pound.
, nil parage Alamogordo. N M.
'ni Tfi rllOEMX right hrnrs la
back In 1901 to 103 In J91.J. lmwerr.
the shoots, numbered 286. In )914 they
jumped to 3H and last year 333 tour
naments were staged. The number
thla ear Is nearly 100 beyond that of
"And the game is Just hitting Us
stride," the trapshoolers say "The
public is just awakening to the pleas
ure that one gets In following the
sport When it fully realises all the
advantage of the game, the trap
shooting aim will number Into the mil
lions "
Hartford, Conn., March 2i. Eleven
races for a total of 333,000 v 111 com
prise the program for the annual Orand
Circuit races at Charter Oak park. Sep
tember 4 to 9, It Is announced.
Six of the events will be on a new
half mile track The princlpal.race will
be the Charter Oak 2.03 trot for JtOOO.
Kntries close May J.
At Chattanooga R H. K.
Chattanooga, Southern Assn. ..0 4 2
New York Americans Sit 0
At Jackson llle- K. II. E.
Brooklyn Nationals C2 10 l
Philadelphia Americans 0 4 6
At New Orleans 1L H. K.
Cleveland Americans 4 11 0
Cincinnati Nationals 1 1 1
At Corsicana It. H. K.
Houston 2 8 6
Detroit 2 4 3
Waxahachie. Texas. March 29 The
Detroit Americans defeated the New
York National baseball team here Tues
day, 8 to 3.
Smooth Stranger Wording
Wallpaper Cleaning Game
If a smooth stranger comes to your
door and asks permission to demon
strate his wonderful wallpaper cleaner,
shoo him away with a broom if you do
not wish to have jour best room re
panered or cleaned.
The game is an old one In a new
dress The wallpaper cleaner knocks
and iishers himself In as soon as the
door Ih opened. If it Is opened by a
maid, all the better, for be can then
get in his work before someone in
authority arrives.
He proceeds to business without loss
of time or motion Taking some green
stuff from his grip he makes squares
and circles and futurist designs on the
front room wallpaper. Before he can
1 stopped, the paper cleaner has made
the wll look like a small town fire de
partment had called
Great splashes have been made to
appear several shades lighter than the
Fiirrounding wallpaper and there It
nothing left to do but to hire the
cleaner b the day to finish, the job
of have the room repaperecT.
The new- spectacle mounting without
screws saves you money. Geo. V.
Kendall. 228 Mesa Ave, Makes Glaitcs
Right. Adv.
Relieve your sore feet Telephone
Warner's for a remedy TeL 731 or 732.
Mexican rents a specialty, fn. 94.
Rooaeteit dam. Leavea Dominion hotel.
Globe, dally. I 20 a. m Arrive Phoenix 4:10
D m. Kara Sl. Maka reiervatlona In ad
anee. Uila Valley Auto State Line, Close.
EL PASO-CLINT Wbeeler'a ear Ieaveec7int
for El Pa-o daily. Inoludlnc Sunday, at 1:21
a. m. Iteturnlne to Clint the car leevta
Tb Herald office at 2:20 p. m. Expreia
and parcels carried.
BIO SPRING. Lamesa, TtZTjuito Una
leavee Sic Sprlncs dally except Sunday at
36 a ra., arriving Lameaa vl Soaah and
Spareoberc at 12 coon, returnlnc to Big
Rprlnti aaue day at 6 p ra. Jl.tO oca way,
C 00 round trip. Cordlll A Smith. Pro pa.
Big Sprints, 7x,
EL PASO-I.A MESA auto line, upper valley,
wast aide. Herald delivery leaves Herald of.
fiee each week day at 4 p. m Farea front
El Paso to the following points are aa fol
Iowa: Canntlllo. 7Sc, La. UMon atore. 3LO0,
Chamberino 1 15; 1 3Ieaa. Jl.tO Car
leave La lit for El Taeo at 2 a. ra. dally.
Telephone 242. La Mesa. N. M. It. T. Ilewltf.
IS CRUCE8 auto lice, lor Meallla valley
polnte. leasee Herald office each week day
at :.H p. cii. Pares from El Paso to Casu
titlo, 75c. Anthony. 51.00. Eerlno ll.Ii:
Vada. II. 0: Meerjnlte, J1.75; lellla Ptrk,
2J f; Las Cruces J2.00 Leaves E. T. Johna
News Stand, Phone 1(5. for EI Paso, at 6
p. m dally.
TULA ROSA-MESOALERO aoto leaves Tula.
roax for Meaealero, dally. 23 round trip, fare
to Alamogordo 21". D. W Shoemaker Auto
Line, Tularosa. N. M.
MARt'A-FORT DAVIS auto mall lino leavea
fort Davla dally and Sundays S a. m. Leaves
Marfa 1 p m One way $2 SO round trip
14.00. a. TV. Davis. Prop.
BLACK RANGE anto stage and express Una,
passanger service leaving Ecgle and Chlor
ide dally except Sunday at 7 a. m. for Ele
phant Butte. Cuchillo, Willow Springs and
Falrvlew Through fare one way. 3t; Inter
mediate points. lOo per mile. Baggage car
ried 00 pounds tree, excess t cents per
DL'NCAN-bOLOHONVILLE automobile stage
line. Save ope day between Globe and Clif
ton Leave Duncan 8;20 a, m.: arrive Sol
oraonvllle 11 00 a. m. eave Solomonvllla
11 45 a. ro : arrive Duncan 2:12 p. m. Fare
ear-h way It 00. R. U Reld. manager, Dun
can Arizona,
l'AIJENS-CIJNT-EL PABO au'.otnoblla ataga
line Seo the lower valley afjd enjoy a real
good ride. Round trip fare to Clint Sl.:i,
Fabens tl 76. Automobile leavea El Paso
Herald office each evening except Sundays
at 2 o'clock and returns to El Paso at 2
o'clock Hake reservatlona at Tha Herald
auto. leavea Lerdaburg dally 1 p m.. via
Tyrone, leaves Silver City dally 2 a, in., via
Tyrone Through fare one way IS: round
trip 212 Silver City to Tyrone one way
22 00, round trip 22 00 Seo'.t Oarage, Lorda
burg. N. if.. Broadway Hotel. Silver Cltj.
OMEGn-niJKNa. VISTA auto rnali iinT.
T-.ry day e-ept Hundaya Fare one way
21 . '. c Marshall Proprl'tor
Bl EN V y IsT-(.RANIIrU.LSautomaTi
lui' l.ra s ItUfua 1 litH ' n in La 'S
l.ririrl nlli 1 I Tn Vart one wa l; uc
' ( Tlmnllr Projrltnr
alu wv do xs, han6 ApouMi, SSS i?&2 T 9 , i
(CX .5-V MOVIES OR. 50MB FOOt . HEU -Xm' 0l
J? Wv TIRED OF IT gps Of y TW
&iJl y. &Lj "rHEM l geT f ? cv riP'l$lf
H liWiMA.nr,-n: r "-feja-
laHAVEToTAKETHVN- pREUM.rtA18.ES 4. ffa t
BELiVE ME -TWO CrODO L- s lM ARE OVER - 2r"lj-fft rij
) .-r-..rv c-..r crzi-ftC . I "" fiTk rj-iN riLtN rPtCH yPvrSr' ! "V
VX" wp -jrit rnn . i- rvv$ji w ...-. 'm i m, v .J5- ,.r,
eaes PrrA . AiJvn-N rv l fymsmm A nMz.V.4.
i ea ft!jaa is7s-xv. if mm. 1 I jiffi
i IP-might i sy rX -Sja it-lffl81" i' 1
8 io rounds' i) f&JSk. w'&SM TfeySE -' jy
1 BorwrtG JmrWSSk yrnmiRh nslrraLJir----88 ?
i Kelly jn-.mEb, (Qtf)afflBfl m-mm i '4$&&gfa
S , m. 4 V' 'CB . f - . -.5T.er w l vy l l 3r -- 'U&- --. rSl.sSBBOCSi. " XSff -j-S.
Ivnln Ilnllella.
Texas & Pacific train. No. i, from th
east, due at 9:25 p. m , will arrive at
10.05 p. ra. All other afternoon and
night trains for today are reported on
Dr. .. T. still. Osteopathic Infirmary,
Dr. Ira W. Collins, physician in chief;
Pr. Georpre U. Wells, Dr. Carl Gibson.
201 TV. Missouri street. They cured
others.. They can cure you.
Murray Grocery, 805 N. Oregon l'h. 1721
Girls Ilooat Mllltla Enlistments.
Jlonroe. Wis, March I. Twenty
young women here have formed a so
ciety foe the promotion of enlistments
in the national guard, they announced,
Tuesda. The girls say they will re
fuse to welcome any callers at their
homes who are not members of the
local mtlitla company.
Dr. II j era, dentist, over Union Cloth's; Co
CVM) Companies llnrred From California.
Sacramento. Calif, March 89. Gov.
Hiram W. Johnson, issued a proclama
tion here Tuesday, excluding from In
trastate business in California about
5500 corporations, including the Ford
Automobile company, for failure to pay
the state franchise tax last year. The
Ford Motor company refused to pay
124.000 tax, levied by the state, upon
the ground that it was excessive
Dr. i;nerr,tdentlst, 21C-21S Mills Bids.
El I'aao Distilled Water Co, Ph. IS.
Cecil I.jon erionslr III
Sherman, Tex., March 28. Cenl A.
1.3 on. Progressive national committee
man and ranking officer of the Texas
national guard, was reported in a seri
ous condition Tuesday night following
an operation for nbceas of the liver. He
has been ill in a hospital here for two
weeks Mr Lyon formerly was Repub
lican national committeeman of Texas
While Cafe; best place to eat, for
quality-service 105 B, San Antonio.
Powerful I.I Kht Invented.
Washington, D C, March 29 Inven
tion of a dry cell electric signal lieht
capable of projecting its rays 160 miles
and through comparatively thick smoke
and haze. Is announced by the coast and
geodetic survey. It will be used on sur
veys in the mountains of the west
where the distance between ntations f i e
uently is more than 100 miles
Mt Franklin Country Club JI'mbirs
The members of the Mt Fianklin
Country club are requested to meet at
the office of the secretary , 31U Two
Kepubiica building Thursday, at S
oclock p m for the purpose of or
ganizing a rifle club and securing arms
from the goiernment. If you cannot
attend, communicate with the secretary
if you wish to Join and apply for arms,
which will be without expense to mem
bers or liability to military service
D. C. Sutton, Secretary.
Fake Jail Victims Degglng.
On the pretense that they were ic
tlms of the clt Jail fire on March 6, a
number of morphine users end vagrants
are stopping pedestrians on the streets
and asking for aid, according to reports
made to tho police
Dr. Anna Itcom, Buckler Bid. over Elite.
San Drue Co. Phones 791-792.
( Imrc-il With Hull 1'raiid.
Fort Wnrili Tex M.ir. Ii ." H II
Ronfoe of iikUlu'in.1 fit', tah. ii
rrsted hi r Tuend l i ll.il M i u It ll IIMlli
the nMils to ilpfr.md it lh r miii'M of
llip I mlPil SI it v itt'irn, f.M tlirwMl
mil illMrnt of DM ihnin i It i ihI
Copyright 1915, International Nss Service.
t V vVS)iS AM 53S ?A X' NK. ,iPi-j-.;."
r T WJT7c?toSSSv"4' -rZzxL S ft. M - 'Sm
i' i c av' v v;abmi u&xsrm . n n j -x. rs- x- avaasr
ssx - WXWi vv sfedaiir5fez Fiz2
'S3F -
that embesxlement of $100,000 is in
volved in the case, ana that St. Louis
and New York banks asked his arrest.
Bonfoey was a commissioner of the
Louisiana purchase exposition.
Proposals For Fresh Beef and Mut
ton: Office Department Quartermas
ter, Fort Sam Houston. Texas. Sealed
proposals will be received here until
11-00 a. m, April 26. 1916, for furnish
ing fresh beef and mutton required at
posts. Southern Department, during the
fiscal year beginning July 1. 1916. In
formation furnished on application
Kills Self Avoids Sentenre.
Kaysville. Utah, March 29 John W.
Prero,M7 years old, killed himself with
a shotgun at his home here Tuesday, a
few hours before the time set for his
sentence to the state penitentiary for
an attack on a girl of 12 years The
penalty for the offence is from 20 years
to life imprisonment. Prero had a wife,
several children and grand children.
Loosrrrell Be carerul of jour baggage
checks. Leave at Longwell's. TeL 1.
Illsliop's Brother Found Denil.
St Louis. Mo. March 29 .The body
of James P Moreland, a brother of
bishop W. H Moreland, of Sacramento.
Calif, was found in a freight car In the
St. Louis railroad yards. Moreland had
been crushed to death by falling timber,
v. ith whit h the car was loaded. A letter
in his pocket, addressed "to whom it
may concern," stated that be bad been
without funds for several days and un
able to obtain any but by the most
menial labor.
Dr. Daurhert, Dentist. Mills Bids'. l'h. 4t7.
.Strike Vertcdj I.rndcr Arreiled.
Mexico iU. Mex. March 29. The
threatened strike of motormen, conduc
tors, shop workers and track laborers
of the Mexican Tramways company was
averted Tuesday by the prompt action
of rhe government which arrested the
strike leaders and placed soldiers on the
. ' I have moved my law office to
716-17 First Natl. Bank Bldg."
' Frank Judklns.
Lend Benches Top Price.
Demer, Colo.. Maroli 2. The highest
price ever paid in Colorado, for lead
was recorded today 7.85 per 100
pounds according to the quotations of
a local concern.
Accused of llarlog 'Dope."
Jose Gomez was arrested by the po
1m Wednesdav morning at Eighth and
Santa Fe streits on a charge of hav
ing cocalni and morphine in his posses
sion He will be delivered to the fed
eral offices
Osteopathy ! op. Dr. Kldwell. Herald Blur.
Rat nt Snvoy Cafe, 110 S. Stanton.
Irxlnln Hepulillcnns Meet.
Roanoke, Va., March 29. Kfteen hun
dred delegates were present when the
state Republican convention was called
to order here today.
cita or hi. l'VMi. j.m'I.uiiim; wa-
.. w. iiunirr.
lull Office Krpnlnteil.
ii ti ni j.iilni I i ml. ;-tiiiimt
t Ih ill J it ind ofn iior itioii , If i K j
!fHiiil'i t.onaaW wliah v, is baJlv
ntli!l r II" Jill ni' on l urn
- a
have been repainted and are again In
Chnrged With Lumber Theft.
Charged with theft of lumber, city
detectives arrested Jose Sillas Wednes
day morning. lie was alleged to have
taken lumber from & building being
erected near the new high school.
Funeral Notice.
The funeral of Mrs. Amelia Gollnik
will take place Thursday at I oclock
p m , from the Undertaking parlors of
McBean, Simmons & Hartford. All
friends are invited.
In a ratd rn two roomtne houses tn the
lower part of the city late Tuesday night,
Mffht arrftsts of women on charges of vag
rancy were made by detactlvea and police.
The first houite entered -was the Victor
hotel on East Overland street, where five
arrest, of American women w-re made. The
proprietor of the hotel, Mra. "W. C Ware Is
belns held la the Uty jail In default of a
bond of J 400
Three ounp Mexkan sirla -ffcic arrested
a short time ntrr In a house on South Ore
gon street on charg-es of -affranc.
Antonio Vlllasando Is beinc held by Uy
detectives on a charts of burslary In con
nection with the theft of a number of ts
of carpenters tools. Vlllasando was taken
Into custody by city detective Drown
A man JJvi&c; the nam of Jim Quinn was
arrested in the Una hotel early 'Wednesday
morninK by ye police after he had "been
found In a room occupied by J. H. and 1' S.
Stolto. visitors in the city Quinn is beinc
held in tha city Jail on a charge of vag
Three automobile tires were found by
police early Wednesdav morning in the
rear of the Cromble Produce coinpato,
on South III Paso street.
The tires, it la said, had been dropped
by several Mexicans who fled aft.r
being fired upon by a watchman.
Three In-ge cnkesi of Glycerine sonp
Just the thing for the hard ater
25 cents delivered to any part of the
city Warner Drug -Co , Tel. 731 or 73 J
Globe A-One Egg Mash
m Guaranteed E TAKE THE 1
i..,ias I Golden State Limited 1
than".0'1."9 c.n I This Train Has Always Been and Still k the I
Nitrogen free ex- S r rjn.
ito.Siw 1 rremier I rain of 1
V ?try I The Southwest 1
rav f I Recently added alt steel, electric lighted Obeervatian-CluJj and During Cars I
Kg y gj hate been pronounced by expert "the last word" in passenger equipment, jf
jB H and greatly adds to the comfort and pleasure of your trip. S
Ask Your Grocer or Write to m ' 1
.-- -..ii
'r.-S . r
3wt.t . T i - - iTA-i, jL-vlsj.
- - i-. x-i"V':3-
i&"3?- -?J rf?e'3?l
sik-ss?p - -, 'X i:- - - - -a.
k. ' ' - ... '-t
--'- &
- . i ... --.
-i-i-ioV csjat. ', ,.-
l - - j: . ''irs.i. -- --
irfT .- J -. 5Sg. , (S,
.-, -- ti.
lfcXAi tAffcKl I-KIUAI 1
A bisetluK Important to hoit raisers tn
this locality, win be bald in the ainombly
hall of tha chambar of commsreo Friday.
March 11. it 4 p m Dr. Frank R. Jones,
veterinarian in chars;, of diseases common
to bona, atate of Texas, who is connected
with the bureau of animal industry of tba
department of agriculture, will have char in
of the meetlss, at whluh will be discussed
all phases of Interest in relation to the
ErowlntT of hots for profit.
Dr. Jones his devoted his life to this
study and this opportunity should not be
n-Rleeted by those encaiced or about to en
cage In this Industry. The prevention and
cure of diseases peculiar to boss, proper
feeding and the whole realm of subjects
with which hog raisers should be conver
sant, wil be treated of at this most im
portant meeting and all men and women In
terested are welcome.
Recruits are being enlisted at the cham
ber of commerce for th, new citizens'
training camp which is proposed to be held
at Fort Wise thla summer if sufficient bual.
ness men can be enlisted fo- the camp;
The enrolment started Tuesday and a
number have already enlisted for the train
ing camp The camp will be located at Fort
Bliss and will b, similar to that which was
held at FlatUburg, N. T.
The camp has no connection with the
presant border situation aa the movement
for a training, camp was started last sum
T.ufs Carrion was arrested Tuesday
night in the 9300 block, on Bliss street,
by motorcycle officer H. P. Scheerer on
a charge of exceeding the speed limit.
Carrion, it Is said, is the drivi r of a car
for one of the military officers In
All kinds of foot remedies Tele
phone Warners T'l or 7". Adv.
53Sr vj:
I gMiTp or I
H Robcrtv.Banncr Bldg. Phones 594-5851 1
A Great Teacher
Adveisity "kick" home to hun-
dieds of Young Men the fact
that Cood Timet will end
Pay day maj) ceate suddenly.
and then a nervous scanning of
Tramp, tramp after a new job,
with Hunger. Sickness ami
Debts hounding your heels.
and the grinding, sickening
thought of dollars thrown away
hundred of iheml Dollars
that would
But you've paid the price. Brace
up! Back on the pay roll again
and you' tetvel
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Savings Certificates in amount
of $50 and $100 are issued by
this Bank and sold on the
weekly installment plan. The
Investigate tii plan.
!io Grande Vallt
Bank & Trust Co
No Gas
No More Dread of the Denial Chair.
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cals or any of Its derivatives used to any
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Other Work la Proportion.
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New System Dental Parlors
Phone 9S4.
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In tha Btwlv renovated OLD First National
jefana xsias.
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p3t"1 i'SN
pSsBBl No
VV tasarsastoaa tests If
Ula Ike tsernrac . .
. Pain
Holeproof Hosiery
for Men, Women and ChiMrea.
Sam Antonio A Orcgoa.

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