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mm ci
Proposed to Build Highway
to Juarez and Have City
Auditorium On It.
1 he directorate of the i-hambor or
c oininrrn went on record Tuesday aft
rrnifon as recommending the naming
.i highway i .nnxtlnp r. Varo with
luarei ill mei!or ol 1 elix Martinez.
Ih rccomniendatlon included the spe-
Ml Illumination uf the street and the
suggestion that lien a municipal au-
llloriutn Is huilt that it be erected
upon this street as a permanent
iin niorial to .Mr Martinez
i rogon street w ill probablr be se
ll i led an the street The recommenda
tion yam offered by John M. wjall.
To llliimlnnte JllKhny.
Mr Wyatt stated that .lame " Me
ai would iicrKuRall interest himself
in thr nutter of raiding :i fuinl for
the illiimination of the new inttrna
iional highway and the ero-tion of J.
building that would meet all the re
iiuirenientH of a municipal auditorium
I he matter of eubscrlptlons lor mis
liiirpose would betfln upon the return
uf -Mr McNnry to Kl Paso It wns also
-tated at the meeting of the director
that a nunihtr of clU'ens had expressed
n uillingness to donate S20 to t-10
each for uch a memorial to Mr Mar
tinez. To Curb Fnker. "
n Important matter brought before
the directorate was the ueed of curb
lap the sensational reports of border
i onditlone that aie being cir-ulaled in
the cast and north b) visiting corres
pondents anil for this purpose secre
tary Malcolni A. Eraser wan instructed
to hae Iseur-d a card stating the act
ual conditions of tranquility that ob
tain In El Paso. The cards are to be
used by the business men in sending
out their mall
No A. A it. College Here.
A discussion of whether or not T.
Paso should work for another state
agricultural and mechanical college
i amc up and the general consensus of
opinion was that Kl Paso is too far
removed to i xpect a state Institution
of this character even if a new col
lege of this haracter were provided
for by legislative act.
Those present at the meeting were:
P.. B Orndorff, J M Wyatt. W. O. Roe.
T. P Keplej, V H. Shelton. H. T.
Bowie. B. L. Farrar. H. M. Andreas,
Otis C Coles. H. T. Ellis, E. M Hurd.
and J W. Lorentzen. The firm of
Tolbert Brothers, dealers in livestock.
nere received Into the organization.
Long Civil War Feared Un
less President Yuan Re
tires From Office.
May Robson Says the Real
Human Plays Are the '
Ones That Live. j
Realistic Description of Vic
tory of Allied Plane
Over a German.
Shanghai, China, Msroh 29. The
revolutionists ha e captured Penshui.
southeast of Fu Chow Sze in the pro-
1111. c VI nac 1 IIUCII, IJUI III VM. 1 UUIUIII, 41111 . . 1 . I i,
are reported to be within seven miles of a8 " cam,e. lnto Promi-ience.
Lachow. A telegram from Cheng Tu , was the , empnat c dec
Order Sulzberger's Majestlo Ham or
Bacon to-day for breakfast tomorrow.
"Deliciouslv Different." Adv.
savs hostilities in southern Sie Chuen
are temporarily suspended but the
bandits are doing tremendous damage,
looting cities in Chang Tu province.
Vrar Hard Clll AVnr.
Washington. D. C, March 2. Should
president Tuan Shi Kal and the rebel
Chinese governors who have demanded
his immediate retirement fail to come
to terms, officials here believe the re
sult would be a long and destructive
ei il war in China. It is knowp that
Yuan has provided himself ivltli a nu
merous and formidable array; according
to Chinese standards, which would
probably be lojal to him so long as he
was willing to draw upon nis large
sources of revenue for their pay..
Yuan 11a Ketlre.
Neither the state department nor the
Chinese legation has received any of
ficial advices concerning the events In
Pekln since Yuan's mandate renounc
ing the throne. Press reports from
Shanghai that Tang Shao Yi, the first
premier of the republic had urged the
president to relinquish his office to vice
president Li Yuen Heng, have been
read with interest, however, and some
officials think Yuan will be Inclined to
heed advice from such a source.
Though Tang was driven out of the
Chinese ministry as a consequence of
the resentment of the European powers
of his conclusion secretly of a loan with
a private banking bouse while negoti
ations were pending for an interna
tional six power group loan, his close
personal relations with Yuan were un
impaired. 1.1 Yuen Stronir Republican.
Tang has been a consistent republi
can and the same is true of Li Yuen
Heng, the vice president, who became
seriously embroiled with Yuan through
his cooperation with the radical ele
ments which resisted the monarchial
idea in its Inciplency.
The wife of Dr. Wellington Koo. the
Chinese minister here, is the daughter
of Li Yuen Heng. but It is said that this
connection counts for little in China.
j where the wife's identity Is completely
j obsorbed Into her husband's family.
I abhoi these nioblem nlais theie . '-ontlon. ling. March L'( ntins 1
., .. ...,. from the front "somewhere in France.'
is noinmg 10 mem, iney oon i lasi; iney a soinicr telu of a aeroplanc battle in
are frothy, sensational and nil the talk j which one of the machines of the allien
for the minute, but forgotten as quickly I almulshed a German machine which
nan oeen oroDDlnc- bombs on the allies.
ara- ! 'us siory is grannie. It ioiiowe:
tlon of Miss May Ilobsou, belocd of "This morning the air was full of
american actresses, in her dressing , erman planes. 'I saw one living over-
room at the Crawford last night during
J her last performance of her El Paso
engagement, bne was resting between
acts two and three and petting a beau
tiful red-brown Pekinese poodle puppy
"He's the best there Is," she Ki.iL as
she patted him tenderl; "His mother
was given to me in London and his
father is the prize Pekinese of New
York." The proud little mother paraded
around the chair as her mistress talked
about her puppy.
As the puppy cuddled up in her lap.
Miss Hobson returned to her discussion
of the drama.
The Plays That Lire.
"How many of these sensational
problem plays will we hear of five years
from now" What makes a play" It is
holding up the mirror to nature Take
the "Old Homestead,' 'In Old Kentucky.'
'Shore Acres' and those good old plays
Why. 'Old Homestead" ran for 24 ears
and it is still popular M; 'Uejinena
tion of Aunt Mar)' has been running
for eight years and still the people
head at a great height, nun after gun
picked it up. followed it across the sky
with the deadly puff-balls, and then
gave it up to the tender mercies of the
next battery as it passed out of range.
The Boche flew on quite undisturbed,
making for the town about three miles
back from here.
Heady tor Air Battle.
"Then l saw that one of our big
fighting 'planes had arisen and, flying
low oer the trees, was hurrying in m
direction as if trying to get as far away
from the German as possible. So it
seemed for the moment, and then 1 saw
he was getting well behind the enemy
ami would rise to his height to attack
him on the return Journey.
"Tho Boche 'plane turned in a leis
urely sort of way and started for home.
Ideal Flying Weather.
"This morning was Ideal for flying,
the air calm and very clear, with her"
and there a heavy cloud floating slowly
across, but not threatening rain, and
everything seemed to point for a safe
UrruKiumi i lai
don't want me to give it in The nlaVs re,urn for the 'nvaflef. He came to
il on i want me to give it up. ine pia I ..rrt , Aav..n 1n., . c-reat mice.
Tenement collections, see Lee Neitmss.
I Enjoy a. Breakfast by Using I
Leo & Pcrrins' Sauce on the simplest dishes jffl
B liam, eggs, sausages, etc. Both on tho 0 jstjfl j&
gJpB CsssJ" lux & rEMUNS. los West Street, New 1 ork City g
I W unit
A request lor oujr new free booklet, "Banking by Mall" carries
with It no otllgation to open an account. All we ask. Is an oppor
tunity to explain clearly why your savings shoull earn 4 percent.
and why yonr money will be absolutely safe if sent by mail to
this Institution. You may have occasion to thank us for this
Write to-day, and ask for our New Booklet
El Paso Bank and Trust Company
a Guaranty Fund Bank
Kt Tmma. Tex.
Tou should happen to break the -windshield glass on our automobile
Just drivo over to TUTTLE'S. We will fix it while sou wait
210-212 If. SUnton.SL Phones 205-208.
the people want are plays that are true
to llfo; that have the sentiment, the
smiles and the real humanity in them.
"When I have retired, 1 want it said
of me that whatever May Hobson
played, it was clean. I was never
prouder In all my life than once in Los
Angeles, when a daughter asked her
mother If she might go to the theater
to see May Itobson, and the mother an
swered: 'Yes, vou may bo to see May
Hobson any time, for when jou see her
billed for a performance, you can be
certain that it is one that will not make
a young girl blush.' Since that, I have
heard many such remarks from moth
ers and It has always made me happy
to know this reputation I have main
tained. I.ILea Ileal Characters.
"I like plays with real characters In
them. I study my characters and try
to make them all real. I tr to put them
before the public as the characters live
in real life. I have neer plajed any
thing but character parts and I like
comedy parts because I think that is
the best way to reach the people. A
play does not become sloppy or mushy
when it has a comedy element in it.
You can introduce sentiment into a
comedy all my plas have it hut with
comedy In them, you don't drive people
into the blues. While you may tug at
the heartstrings once In a while, you
soon bring a laugh that keeps "the
mushy element out. Life is tears and
laughter. A play made up of tears and
laughter is the sort of a play that ap
peals just a few tiny tears: lust
j enough to make people feel the realit
or it ail.
Likes to Make People PetS Good.
"1 have been before the people a long
time and I enjoy it, for I make them
laugh, and sometimes the shed a tear,
and they feel good about it. and I feel
J good for making the-i "Vel good I be
lieve In laughter, as 1 tiH in private
life as I preach it In nlai s Laugh
ter Is the great tonn o- life Without it,
what would the woild b
".V good health lau.habh play Is i
great blessing, but these modern prob
lem plays ugh"'
After the matinee Miss Ttobson re
ceived a number of El Pasoans on the
stage for a short time, including Rev
and Mrs. C. L. Overstreet Mrs. Frank
Frickleton, who knew Miss Robsons
mother, who lived to be almost 90: Mrs.
A. P. Aerill and Mrs. & H Sutherland,
expresident and president of the Wom
an's club: Mrs. L. G. Wltherspoon. Mrs
W. G. Hoe. Mrs. G. .V Martin and sev
eral others.
Likes Kl l'n.o.
"I like EI Paso and the west.' she
told them, "and I am alwajs happy
when I come out here. Y'our people are
always so generous In their appreci
ation. I feel as If I am among real
friends when I come here. I am golns
on to Lob Angelei for a week and will
fill engagements at Pasadena and other
places nearby for another week, so I am
going to have two whole weeks in that
delightful California city, and I am
going to take an apartment and keep
house. Think how nice it will be to
keep house for two whole weeks."
Miss Hobson. who In real life is not
a miss, but Is a grandmother, is a -companled
by her daughter and little
grandson on her trip and she thinks
there is nothing in the world like the
wards me down wind at a great pace
making an almost Impossible target for
our "Archies" (as the anti-aircraft guns
are always called). Thev seemed to
realize this, and hardly a shot followed
him as he sped across the sky. He
passed over my head and made away
for home, skirting along the edge of a
large, dark cloud that stretched away
towards the horizon.
The Attack.
"I glanced up again and, as I looked,
the 'plane made a sudden swerve away
from the cloud-bank and a larger and
darker form seemed to spring out of
the shadow just as you have often Been
a hunting spider dart out of its hiding
place and seize some wretched insect.
It was the fighting 'plane I had seen
rising some time before.
"Almost before one could realize
what was happening, the machine guns
were firing and the German was plan
ing madly downwards for his life.
The "Icllni Falls.
"At first I thought it was merely a
ruse to help him shake off his big op
ponent, but the Tol-plane vwa turned
into a spiral, and I knew that some
thing was wrong. For a few seconds
he came down steadily and then seemed
to lose al control. The radius of the
spirals got less and less, and the de
scent more steep till the 'plane was
pitching headlong downwards, whirling
round and round as it fell, like a
dancing Dervish dropping through
The Foe aVnlsheil.
"In amongst the wonderfully varied
mixture of the noises of the 'front.'
which at first seem so strange, but
which one quickly comes to disregard,
there came a new sound, a crash which
might possibly have meant the falling
of a shell some distance away.
"I looked up again at the spot whero
the short duel had taken place, but the
sky seemed empty, absolutely Innocent
of 'plants! My 'spider of the air' had
slipped back to his hiding place again."
they were accompanied by a man with
n paid admission ticket.
We Fnmlah Full Equipments. Guaranteed First Claaa. Get Onr r'peclal Pi
V. O. Hex S3 Plume 438.
01-303 So. El
rriLii s cclock.
Established April, 18l Capital, Surplus and Profits, JI00 000
CR MOREHEAD. President. C. N. BASSETT. Vice President
L. J. GILCHRIST. Asst Cashier.
Mexican Money Bought and Sold.
201 S. El Paso Street. P. 0. Box 1029. Telephone 1371.
Batter prepared than ever to cenr oar customers promptly anC efflctmllr.
into i HlMonrl St
The Manhattan Musical Merr mak
ers will open an engagement of musical
comedy tabloid at the Crawford the
ater tonight, presenting for the open
ing bill "The Plotters." The company
numbers 15 people, the majority girls.
There will be two shows every night,
the first at 7:15 and the second at s.
The bill will change twice weekly on
Thursday and Sunday.
Just to show that he Is a good fel
low, manager Maxwell told The Herald
today that It could notify its women
leaders that he would admit them free
at the opening performance tonight if
ROUND $43.45
Tickets On Sale May 12-13-14
1 6X8S 'sSg
Pacific .
g Sprains and
i Bruises s
S are so common !n every home S
that it pays to keep a good Lini- a
ment handy. Nothing better S
than Sloan's Liniment It stops
pain, relieves congestion, re-
duces swelling and does it j
J cutctiy too. just appiy a lew JJ
J drops and the pain disappears. J
S'eep n bottle in your home."
Price Sc, 59c il.oo
Our Delicious
Spanish Peanut Bar
15c The Lb.
A poem by Kdward Madden, called
The Mills of the Gods" inspired this
dramatic masterpiece. "The Devil's
To." a strone sensational story In
which the very beautiful and stately
Adele Blood, famous as "Ever woman,"
Montagu Love and Edwin Stevens, are
co-stars. Besides being a play in which
ihere is a real story and interpreted bv
Fuch artists as those named above, this
sensational drama has many points of
interest, among them, being scores of
magnificent gowns, each a creation of
fantastic loveliness. Huge and massive
sets, hundreds of people in the big en
sembles, marvelous spectacular scenes
of unbelievable splendor, an unforget
able production throughout Realistic
revels actually photographed at the
Biltmore ice gardens. New York's latest
craze: scenes in a packed and splendid
metropolitan theater during a mad riot
of enthusiasm and scores of other no
table feature, all combine to make one
of the biggest and strongest, most sen
sational features of the centurj Adv.
Mesa Avenue ana Texas Street.
Jre Our Lanter lHnplny.
"The Ruling Passion," an Oriental
story with all that mystery, romance
and color permeated with the Incense
of the warm East that one associates
with stories of Hindustan. Is the thril
ling and unusual photo-drama that the
Wigwam theater offers photo-play fam
for today and tomorrow. This produc
tion was made in and around Jamaica.
West Indies, a tropical and colorful
background for a picture with Oriental
settings. The story deals with an Kast
Indian prince with a hypnotic Influ
ence over women, who lures a woman
of high position into his harem. It is
brimful of adventure, thrills and sensa
tions produced with Infinite care by
Herbert Brenon. The cast Is headed by
Claire Whitney and William Shay.
Special music will be furnished on
the $10,250 Hope-Jones Unit Orchestra
by Henry Francis Parks, the pipe or
gan expert from the Mary Anderson
theater, Louisville Adv.
Booth Tarklngton's clever story. "The
Flirt," which ran with such popular
ity for several issues in the Saturday
Evening Post, has been made into a
Photoplav and will be the attraction
at tBe Bijou todav- and tomorrow with
Marie Walcamp playing the title role.
Three men had been her victims; tho
"flirt" was utterly heartless and self
willed Her sole aim ill life seemed to
be the enticement of men Into her
meshes, onlv to cast them off as lightly
as sh- would one of her dainty wraps.
The village belle was notorious for her
tlirtatlous conduct until one da the
"light man" came along and she was
abundantly punished. How she received
a dose of her own medicine will be il
lustrated in the production to be shown
at the Bijou todav and tomorrow, lion't
miss it: it is something fine Adv.
liiot-nlx Art . Man h 3, Hundred of
vmUv shurn K.mbs perished In a snowstorm
near Klondike, Graham t-ouuty. in a snow
storm Maivh -t. according to K K. Koont..
4 hlrf of the Hrlecllng and leasti.e section of
tnt fctate land department, who nan Jut
returned from a trip through that district.
Th Jitorm rvai wholly unexpected and when
four Inches of snow fell the lamba, a well
as loine of the older sheep, were unable tu
ufthftand th cold
Pho -iU n., Marf-li 'i - I.irnl Texan
ha r mid invitation to att n1 1 1n an
nual .iiii fuliitu tin rhrtlon of th Ari
Kona I dH Hil"t to b- lir-M a M. sl
April - Th- .nnimltfe in h,n- rt is of-
ferd .i Tn f "n )fJt rt,i option in
JVxrt M a hool child Ulidr ,1 CJn
Hunt Tom V N-alon. of lhonl am!
1inlg Iin M .la kon or IJi I'ao t 11 1 1
nii'iilt iht prrfk r " ariou , n i, In pot I
Hill !"" -UtK il
i f Lit i- ' ill ii ilitnr j." -
r - t r !. iu(' llif iij i 1 j, i 1,
iEOINXIXG tomorrow and continuing everv Thursdav thereafter until
.further notice that dav will be known as OPPORTUNITY DAY at Even'.
body's. That this day is to hold imprecedented opportunities will be fully
appreciated when it is said that every section of the store offers for the one
dav onlv, merchandise fresh from its shipping cases and never shown before.
Furthermore, this merchandise is to be offered on OPPORTUNITY DAY at
price not to be proximated elsewhere or at EVERYBODY'S ON ANY
As tomorrow marks the inauguration of the first Opportunity Day and to thoroughly and permanently
establish in the minds of the public the importance of the occasion we are presenting prices in this an
nouncement. The unparalleled. opportunities to be presented on these days will not permit of the lavish
use of expensive newspaper space. We shall expect you to come and see what Opportunity Day has to
offer. The full scope of Thursday's wide range of opportunities is not embraced in this announcement;
the following items serve only to impress one with the significance of the occasion.
SO New Trimmed Hats
VALUES TO $7.50-To emphasize & A or
The Importance of OPPORTUNITY lO
A FTER combing through myriads of splendid bargains to be offered on
Opportunity Day, we have decided that this offer is justly entitled to the
"headline" position on our program of opportunities. An adequate offer
with which to usher in this unprecedented once-a-week selling- event that's
our conclusion.
Here you are offered your choice of fifty exquisite, newfy trimmed hats at
just about one-half of their real value. You are assured at the outset of
absolute individuality, for among the entire half a hundred hats not one
approximates a duplicate. Choosing from this lot will not be difficult
These are not to be classed with so-called "sale hats" but are haU made
to sell for $7.50.
In the collection there are sailors, large and small, rolled and straight brims,
poke shapes, turbans and in colors to match every new suit shade.
Choose From SO Different Styles- $4.35
In Center Aisle-main Floor
500 Pieces of Dainty Neckwear, Possessing all the
flPPfiS?TI IMITY tye f e C an ' Kindi 19c.
3 1 Ull WIJ I I JVestees, guimpes, fischues, separate collar and collar and cuff wts;
....... ... rnade of sheer, organdies, laces and embroidery, in white, and trie colors
Special liC
75c AND 98c BOUDOIR CAPS, 39c
Poudoir Caps of fine laces and combinations of gold and silver lace
with dainty colored chiffons; about 100 in the lot.
Opportunity Day,
Number Three
.Choice of 500 Leather Bags. Every new shape, every known color.
choicest ot leathers, perfect finishing, Dest ot lining Q f
sme leather-lined. Easily $1.25 to $2.00 Value. Choice OC
OPPORTUNITY r GENUINE hosiery opportunity
W VillVni I J Women's silk lisle hose deep garter top reinforced heel, sole and tee.
F0l8S Colors sky, lavender, green, American beauty, ?Q
l I UWal Copenhagen blue. crev. mahoeanv. Resular 50c value ... . tijt sir
i J
At Table No. 5 Wide brimmed, flexible Mexican straw
hats. You'll need one from now on
$.00 11
CORSETS, Choice f Several
Models, Opportunity 9 QC
Day Special .... F-
Extra Large Bath Towels
Extra large Bath Towels, a superior quality good.
heavy nap; values to' Vc each. Ihursday op
portunity Uay f nee. Limit one
dozen to a customer.
At each
$1.25 black chiffon taffeta, full yard wide, medium
weight with high silk luster. "Jff
The wanted fabric for spring and $rf"
summer wear, the yard
36-inch Shirting, a good, heavy quality in neat
stripe effect for men and boys' shirts. 9 pet
Values to 25c. Opportunity Day. lO
Special, the yard U
75c Stripe Mohair
75c stripe mohair 36-inches wide, colors navy blue,
bottle green, Belgian blue, dark brown, regimental
blue, battleship grey, golden brown, rardinal,
African brown, laurel green, white a rat
and black with hairline O.H(
stripe, thr yard -',
75c Table Damask 49c
75c Table Damask, 49c yard. Full 72-inch
Table Damask, extra heavy quality, a fi
highly mercerized. Thursday Oppor- -lyf I
tunity Day. Special, the yard I
We Give &C Stamps

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