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Mi xlran tMHi 7 -Narlonlwr bill"
' tihum mrrriK j l Bar ntlwr
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uj-vnii-it FORKTIST
Kl l'ao. fnlr. iret T-, fnlr ami
coMer, fr Jlnlco ant. rlzomi, no
m.riF.riD ANvtvitFrK 60 cnvTs a month.
Overcomes Crew Of 56; Is
Put Ashore After Robbing
Vessel; Now In Jail.
of the holdup
Schiller Says He Had Been
Ordered By Germany
Blow Up the Maloppo
Ll M- s 1 el , March 11 Krnest
chiller, the jounc German who
. aptured the British steamer Mj
I'M and tenonzed her crew of j
ii on Wednesdaj night short! after
H lup had sailed out of New Tork
I ii foi Vladivostok with railroad
ill I Ins for the Ftaramn government,
ii il tod that he via a ap for
i '.tiinan government AAearv from
itiincnt undergone in his efforts to
- in fiom the steamer Thursdav af.
i' he hid held tie crew in his power
h pistols a!i of AVedresdav ularh t.
thiew himself upon a rot in the
!'(, jiU eail) toda and sought
vf I am a pi foi the Geiman gov
in nt " he said 'Ion can believe
i oi noi It makes no difference to ma.
i ot nn instructions from the German
ok rim. nt to tf ft aoo id the ship and
i 1 lii up to prevent her rarg"0 from
il in. I: us 1 1 1 could have blown
- in I'ut the raptaln s plea for his
w U iirt dvughter wns too much for
and I had not the haatt to do It
I miyii to take the consequences,
I sk that thev keep rae ashore in.
i I of sending me bark to the ship
i 1'i iiptaiii to take me In charge."
Mnj- lie Tried for I'lrary.
- h Her had lieen old thst as lus dar.
iiiloit occurted outside the three
t r limit, he would in all likelihood
i' t Kin to British possessions in the
ie-st Indies for trial for piracj Fed-
1 1 .minorities and representatives
' nm the lirltlsh government ciuna
i tod-u to examine Schiller and to
i !o whit to do Tilth him
n - -eminatinn into Schiller s men-
' i oral it Ion will be made Those who
I t talked wtth him he!iee he is ir-
iionMb! and that his stor of his
fcr i not true
Tells Ills HUtory.
s hlllrr was reluctant to tell his his-
i T was boi n m Germans ." h
s i I Ne-ver nnnd the tonn or my
i cum name i hav e bet-n in this
imiti one veil in e 1 ork three
i -Km T was sent l the German gov
. inptii to England soon after the war
-in tin and at German) s request r en-
M, in the British naw and was is-
-lie! in the training ship Conws at
I i ' i pool I
I wvnt to saj riant now that there
-everal thousand Germans in the
I tish mi 1 know vt hat this means
i mi Its the Tomer of London If
" cit me back to the Matoppo But
1 wi it soft just bear that In mind"
' t Rnhad Bergner of th Matoppo
id he iB con imtd that Schiller is a
' n e r naval officer
1 1 hSf rihiiisr Ins expel lence he said
7n dciuibinp hi' experience Schiller
r n 1
1 spent three necks in Hoboken pre-
liirn L foi this 1 went tlong the docks
i in imjt drinks for the sailors and learn-
i fiom them vihat ships were sailing
u il ontraband
i !i In the lifeboat on the upper
K w ntinK for the ship to sail from
ns.ln until the following- Wednes-
' nislit for two da s I did not eat.
I h in onl brought some sandwiches
v th in" 1 ut I stuck It out"
( antnln Tells of Holdup.
Itloueh Dr W It Messick, who ex-
i i in the prisoner after he had been
I turd In the .ie of the federal
iot iiaul launih as he was being
ii i eil isheire fiom the Matoppo, de-
in tl it lie nelieves the m in In men-
i 1 1 cspo isible t ipiatn Bergner
s he is fu fi in beiiiL, simple
n lc 1
III fellovi ma ,nt 'h fool now,"
T ..i r iiid, hut lit is fir fiom being
ilc iiinded ss ioii will see b what
i I f i "d Up lift New loik W ednes-
ii nine and hid passed the Sandy
I I liht I was in m cabin Wo
ii hound for ladioitok with rail-
i I in iterlal fot tbe Russian proern-
n ii' and had t rew of 56 men of
mIi h nnlv 14 weic Englishmen The
thci. w re iMit iene coolies Suddenly a
i f t i i the link shouted Hands
i i
UeiHandril Moner.
i t ' mil fued Schiller wllh two
c i nilie vomtcd at me I )!se
j i e ie! mined and planted with
I ' n 1 v hiller snid ' ou do as 1 tell
i ft i u ind our whole crew and
1 ii will c;o down in less than two
mutes "i ou base 1000 in your safe
id I w int e,er pound of It ' 1 pro-
i.Ktei that I had onii 10
We will soon see what iou liae
jil - hiller and produced a paper
I ii' of m ship on wlil Ii he inji itcrt
I mi th inoi t was supposed lo le
II s h in ot iu lnp vt ik a'l iiht but
he i i-i, hox In leni imled held onlv
1' i u id of C (ion 1 hi n he t ent over
II tin papcis in th ho
1. 1 ol here m t mi m (ir pipi i h sav
i u i ii i bail - I u n e T hit s, i ontra
1 nd mil 1 am i 'hm tn iihts in
v liking iou tllll i n' I
simnslird the M ireless
Tine i
Must then tr sirii.l ei en
snl - hillei o e i I mi t w i
' imllnileH mi pace i. t ul 4 I
Declares Only Information is From Newspaper Reports;
Washington Awaits Answer From German Govern-'
ment or From Ambassador Gerard Regarding
the Responsibility For Late Ship Disasters.
ERUX. German), Mardi JS ia
IOndon, Eng, March '.1 ) In
quiries in swvernment circles de
veloped the statement that nothing is
Known here concerning- the explosion
which daam-ed the cross channel
steamer Sussex beiond the newspaper
reports from abroad Officials are re
fraining from comment in the absence
of definite Information
WASHINGTON. D r March -1
Chairman stone of the senate
foreitm relations committee
and chauman Flood of the house for
eign affairs committee, went oer the
submarine situation full with secre
tin of state Lansing todav at an earlv
Ordrnary dela in communication
with Berlin was one reason advanced
for the failure to receive nn response
from imbaeaador Gerard to t .c Amer
iian go ernment's lnqulr whether a
(erman submarine sank the husses Vs
the inquirv to the American ambassa
dor was sent last Tuesday officials
stated, with Immediate nctioi ! him,
a repl could hardl be rcdled be
fore todn
More Vfflilnvlls on Anj.
Smerlean ambassador Page at lu
don cabled tbe department today that
he was forwarding In mail additional
I'arls. Prami Much m The Ger
mans delivered s fieri e attack Thurs
day .night on three sides of thefvillage
of MalaiM oui t, suvs the French official
statement issued this morning The
French retired from the v iIHrc nroper.
which was In ruins but continue to
hold its outskirts
Fierce infantrv fighting lasted for
the entire uigtit before the Frenih
withdrew from the untenable position
(in the village of Malancouit, the of
ficial statement adds
The Germans again tried to iarrv bv
assault the position which the French
had won back in the vocourt wood.
but thev were repulsed
Tilke 32S I'rlnnners.
Berlin German. March 11 ( npiure
of the village of Hal&ncourt in the Ver
dun region wsst of the Meuse was an
nounced b the war office todaj The
Germans took 32S prisoneis
aohmfcton, n ( MarxJi ii De
partment of justice officials .mnouiued
totia th it two alleK 1 conspirator!
with Cipt Hrti TfUBiho in the plot
to blow up the Velland an tl were un
der Trrst ni New ork that i thud
wts undei pur eillance m New KnianU
and that thej expected to ui rest a
lourth in a few das
Kiinc Vityrlaid Much I Two
airplanes s.f unknown nationally
dropped fiv iaige bomls al dinii to
da on the small Swiss village of
I'oreriiruy, neai the French frnntiei
Home damage to propertv was lauscU.
lAiudon, Eng, March 31 Heuter
dispatch filed at Oldenzaal, Holland on
Weonesdav. sajs ttiat man) persons
list their lives in a fire in a powder
f i'torv at Troisdorf. near Cologne, Ger
landon Eng Man h. 11 British cas
ualties in Maich. as compiled from the
published lHta amounted to 310 offi
ceis and 19,317 men
. 1 Ulllslll KMtCTlSH
I he lass f'itv stimp club wis Tor
m il organized at the meeting last
i veiling, the following officers b Ing
ucanlmousl) elected J U I'.irtUtt,
presldenl 1m V Uowsei secutarv
and treasuier Other tiece-saiv i.ffi
tcis will be elected at an nlv meet
ing Mr Kaillttl ippointcd T I lopeis
ll u 1 1 mi--tot iiirf win l i Her h
loniniilte t .Ii ift Ml in f i th lub
I I he
I tun
he h it l
will If h. lil i pi
vat j
HI 11' I
affidavits of mei ictus inoled in the
Sussex disaster All evidence so far
indicates tbe Sussex an unarmed pas
senger ship with mei leans on board.
was toipedoed without warnins
Officials declared the w ere not w or
iled because they had not heard from
ambassador Gerard, who was instruct
ed to make inquiries of the German
foreia-n office, wrethei a submarine
torpedoed the steamers Sussex and
Aside from the slowness of communi
cation between Washington and Berlin
it was pointed out toda th n the
American ambassador ma not have
carried his request to the foreign office
w nile it was ens-aged in the delicate
situation In the (ri rman rcich-taj; over
the submarine poljcv
o t umpllrntlons. Says Sionr.
Chairman Stone said no complications
in the situation inspired his call upon
secretary Lansing
xne tact tnat cnairman i looa or
the house committee was also at the
drpartment was a mere coincidence."
he said
Chairman Stone stated emphaticallv
theie was nothing involving congress
at present, that eecretary Lansing re
ferred ao question to the foreitrn rela
tions committee, but arranged to keep
both ihairman In close touch with de
velopments GOPPEB STOCKS.
t'npper Btx igdin fHt rd the niarK't
Frule-T r ordinc to dTir to furti-
Alcnnfnr Co jtorki and bond- l'lrst si
tlonal toanR butldjns toypsri were )oi hy
Miami which mibd a harp ndanco t'
3fc 'v Intplratlon and Armn ndi nrr a'-o
fatureil uid htno sind I 4 t ' l H
Torts that larse dom'1,!ti (n-lerv had b n
pl?ud for copper metal str nxthined the
whole ItsVt 9t eoppTR Calumet i. A r' eon a
Was altw Atm at ll's
Tradfna; In thr dprtmpnts wm qmt
ind on m profffwlonal ton' with tbIIs asain
lower r ap ialtlen wer quiet
Copper Morkn Quo(atlon
Th following w ir quotations furnished
by Curtis Mstnnint Co gi tho noon
Anaeonda -1
Butte Superior 90
alnraet A Artaona 74'
rhino . 6'
rpp?r Hi(go fi-f1
QF-ene Tanana T 9'4
Kennecott -?1"
Miami IR
Sen Co-neHa 1
orth ftatt . 2S
Ray Consolidate I'f1
Shannon ,1
httuek 3S
Tneftee Copper 3
1 ntted erde Eat"n.on -ISC
Jerome rde V IT 16,8 '
Industrial and I tall road Mock.
merlen Car A Foundn . 67 U
Am-rican Iocomotive . '
American Smelters ll '
Baldwin troromotite 101
rmdlan Pa-ifl- . . K?'
' ntral Leather
foi. rado Fuel & Iron 44 U
Cruribl' st "el - 89
.r at Northern Or 41'i
1 ackawanna Str 1 .. 'ft
lexirnn PMroIcum . 10KS
Mldvale Stpl 64-4
Rppubllf Iron & Steel 61) W
Rock Island . . 1
Intrtn Farlfie 131 "4
1 T 3 StrM . SZ
j 1abah . 1
J "WetttlnshouB 6C
i.ew York, March 31 The grand
iurv toda returned an indictment
ihirginr minder in the first degree
, aizalnst Dr vrthur Warren vvaite ac
i i using him of poisoning his fatherm
' 1 iw, John 1- i'"ck, inillionani drug
I manufacturer Of Grand ltaflds Mich
rreseott Ariz March 31 Mories or
a mvstenous an plane beum seen and
heard on Plale creek hnve been biotiKht
to Prescott bv se'eril persons whose
veracity "" nevei before bi en iues
tionod.' Accordins to iheii accounts the
nrplane has ben seen sever il eve
nings about dusk It carries onl a
dimly Hg-hteo lantern but the buzzing
of its powerful engine can be piiinlv
heard. Their belief is that some inven
tor has constructed a machine in that
isolated region and is making test
Big Springs, Tc Alan li 31 Show
rs are fallinu over the Bit, prini.v
i ountry The indications are for roimI
iain Farm work will now open up
tiid gras and weeds will diovv
Hem i i-cheutflei vv h . mi til i i
s i(lvv flvpapei into tin I i He 1 Mite' j
now tuns a lestauianl in 1 01 ilaud. ot i
Strike Would Cost tbe (Country
Part Of the Prisoners Exe
cuted By Villa After
Being Captured.
Whereabouts Of American
Troops Is Result Of Bor
der Speculation.
AN advance guard of the Carranza
army under the command of Gen.
Cavazos. is reported to have
brushed up against the travel stained
cavalry of Villa within sight of Guer
rero Wednesday afternoon. During the
engagement, ilia is reported to have
been shot in the leg Gen. Gsvirs re
celved the Information of the engage
ment by telegram from the front
Thursdav evening The telegram stated
that following the battle Villa occupied
A pai t of the Carranaa garrison sta
tioned at Guerrero, it is Gen. Gavlra's
information, was killed In the engage
ment and those captured were later put
to death. The garrison was" stated io
he numbered approximately 172 men
If was not ascertained from the co
msLSsjsncla whether ot not Gen. Cava
zos had eosse out f ross Guerrero to meet
ViVVc or jihether he taa encountered
tiasUrUU$ while nurvrhg Ms. cslumn
soMlli. Th infi-nc is that ws the
latter rase, as Gen. Mose Cavaxos was
leportea to hare -Been in tne neisrnoor
hood of Namiquipa when Villa and Col.
Caro had a bittie
V. here the troops of the HevenHi, 10th
and i:th C S cavalry regiments ware
at the time of the engagement Is per
plexing to manv who have been study
ing the progiess of the expedition
On Monday of the current week; tbe
Ameilcan troops were reported to have
penetrated as far south as Guerrero
The It- of the land from Santa Tonus
to ouerrero, a distance of 2$ miles, is
an open eountr similar to the Rio
Grande vallev east of El Paso, and
could have been covered with rapidRv
bv the Ameilcin cavalrv
Mlln Cuts Wire.
ilia Is reported to have cut the
Mexico North Western telegraph line
somewhere south of Madera. The line
is said to have been cut at the same
time that ilia's men burned a num
ber of bridges in the vicinity of Te-1
These bridges were small ones as
the largei bridges were destroyed
south of Madera several weeks ago by
an Independent band of Mexicans who
burned six. including one 75 feet long
near Temosachii
f.avirn Denies Humors.
Gen Gabriel Gavira, of the Juarez
garrison said Fridav morning that be
had been making even effort to learn
from Geni Francisco Bsrtani anything
additional to the Dews that had come
to him on Thursday that there bad
I een an engagement between Gen. Jose
avnzos and Pancho Villa's band at
Gnerrero but lha.f he had learned
nothing more than that ait engage
ment occurred
Jle denied emphaticallv fiat he had
n ade unv statement to any one that
40 men of the Guerrero garrison had
been killed in the engagement and 60
put to death b Villa after the gar
rison capitulated J.ha.vf ra$on to
believe that Guerreio is in the hands
of the lllistas, but more I do not
knpw. ' he said, "nor do 1 think that
Gen Cavazos had with him so many
men as 172 not- can 1 'u'nilersfanil how
tub Information got abroad on the
merican side
1 ilia's Ttrporled AVouud.
Gen Bertani 'did nop say pomively
i i his dispatch to me that Villa was
wounded In the leg He said that Yhe
imnoi had been to that effect. The
onlv thing posit ii we Jure .is .that
there was an engagement and, that
ilia is In the neighborhood of Gusr
leio Gen Gaviia was consideiabl occu-.
Pied at the 'line a Herald" reporter
callqd and refused to te interrupted,
but upon leirning that the news had
spiead on the mericin side that there
had I -en a vvholtsale slaughter of Car '
nncista tioops u Guerrero, he stopped
long enuush to sav Theie is no
tiuth in it so far as I can learn, and
I d like to know the. sourcic of the in
foimation ten. (niariin nt llnuce.
. mi I'lvaros who commanded the
i iir.ui7i Harrison at Guerrero when
A ilia attacked that town, was attend--ing
a dime heing held in honor of
his officers -n the town hall of the
mountain town
AV hen Villi statu d Ins attack. Gen
Cnvi7os is said to have jumped out of
i window and escaped with a number
of his officers and men the remaining
troops of the Cauanza garrison having
been killed
COURT PUTS $45,700,000
M Louis. AIo Aiarch 31 A minimum
pru. if !4a700GOO was placed on the
St Louis & Win Francisco railroad by
iliciiit judsje sanboru in the tedeial
distiict court here todav This was an
nouiaeil bv the judge when he aid lie
would Issue a foreclosuie dc"-ee
lohti It l.ohl itt of tiieensnuii; ( ml
1 is ii hi in"cioii the fui dolliu li
e tr earned which was 54 ears igo
Triple Murder Occurs at or Near Minaca- on the Orient
Railroad; Blakenburg Was Either German or Amer
ican Citizen; The Others Thought-to Have Been
TJ. S. Citizens; Blakenburg Here Recently.
TURKK foreigners were murdered at
or near Minaca, Chth , bv Villa,
according to a message received
by private individuals in El Taso Fri
day morning
One was Herman Blakenburg, an
American or German mining man, who
has been a mine foreman for various
companies in the Minaca district foi" a
number of jears The two other fer
elgners. whose names were not given
in the brief message, are believed to
have been Vmencan raining men.
Minaca is located on the Kansas
Citv, Mexico and Orient railroad, a
abort distance from La Junta, where
the Orient line forms a Junction with
the Chihuahua division of the afsxico
North Western railroad Tt Is about 1,0
miles southeast of Guerrero, -where
Villa is reported to have massacred 17;
Carranciata soldiers
1'rlrate Dispatch.
The information about the killing of
the three foreigners was received here
in a private dispatch after it had been
sent to Chihuahua over a private line
bv an emplove of an American mining
companv It was then relayed to LI
Blakenburg Is well known among
American mining operators who have
been in Mexico He worked at a mine
American Forces Are Reported Upon the Heels of the
Bandit, According to Scout Returning to Headquar
ters ,at Casas Grandes; Gen. Pershing is afcthe Ad
vanced Base; Villa May Be Heading for South.
m r.i:oiu.i;
FIELD headquaiters Punitive Expedi
tion, V S Arm, near Nueva Casas
Srandes, Mei , March 3D, by aero
plane to Columbus, X M, March 31
A scout returning to headquarters to
night from some point southeast of this
place reported that A'illa is rapidly re
treating eastward and is within approx
imately a abort distance of the city of
American armv officers in close touch
with the situation refuse to discuss the
scout's elorj. though they also refuse
to discredit it The story has had its
effect, however, to arouse much specu
lation .as to the probable objective of
the fleeing bandit and his meager force
Those most familiar with the geogra
phy or the localit in which Villa is
said to be, are of the opinion that the
bandit chief is not so much Intent upon
reaching the cit of Chihuahua as he is
to get Into the fertile Concho valley,
where lie mav la in suppfies of food
and forage to maintain himself while
trying to etlect a Junction with some
of the chieftains of the southern portion
of tne republic, upon whom he can
rei fer support
Vlay Play for Chihuahua City.
It.nw.b. too; thai, he will pursue the
same tactics pursued by Salazar and
Campa, Who, after taking Juares at the
outbreak ot the revolution of 1912. and
starting louth, halted at Sauz and de-
monded that the then governor of the
state of Chihuahua, l'asiiual Oroxco,
Come to that point and outline to them
bis plan plan for turning the capital of
.the state ower lo Ihem
It is not believed he is In communi
cation with the present governor of
Chihuahua, nor is it believed possible
for Villa to repeat the Salasar-CamDa-
Orozcb cbup of I dirr j ears ago
Americans t lose lo A Ilia.
The scout who brought the store of
Villas whereabouts to the camp also
said tbe American forces in the field
wereiin close pursuit of the bandit and
in his opinion it would be a matter of
but a few ilnvs oi probablv hours before
thev would come up with him This,
too, was a matter which aimv officers
would not discuss
Gen Pershing commander of tin pu
nitive expedition is still at the advanei
haie a-bout l.'o miles southwest of this
place There is no intimation as to
when he will return to headiiuai teri
or whethei or not hesdouartis will be
moved forwatri to what is now re-
l ILUINi. penuits is,md cluriujj the
reached in value $1 204,998. an increase nt $583,673. oi nearly 50 nrient
over the same nenoil m 191 The same' amount oi business owtsme.i
ilurui' the renin imlei ,,f the vial will lanj tlie lnirs oi limKlin tin in cvcis
ot $4UiMniuii tlie jjiatist in the lnstotv ot the e it v
I In I vui is toi Mind wen $407 T7J auuinsi $Jlj oT0 tin m in, nth m
1"1t an uieiias ol $llt ;!.' toil ot 17h units wne iu d a,nn-t 118
in 'Marrli 111; nn .increase of 38 permits
about 5 miles from Minaca as a mint
foreman and has been in Mexico for a
number of vears as a raining operator.
It was at first questioned whether or
not Blakenburg was in the Minaca dis
trict but later in the day it was stated
by an American raining man that Bla
kenburg and other Americans were
known to be in thst section awaiting
for the mines to reopen
Aas Pro-German.
Blakenburg is said to have been
stronglv pro-German in his attitude to
ward the Buropean war and it is "a
question whether he is a German or an
American citizen Little is known of
his past and American mining men
here state that he has no known rela
tives in this countrj He was in El
Paso one and one-half months ago on
business and returned to Minaca by
way of Chihuahua Citv.
Other Ametlcnns There.
Other Americans known to have been
in the Minaca district Include Aeklln.
Hemple, Dr Stell and a man named
Lock, who wired here to the local rep
resentatives of his company recentlv
Max Weber the German consul at
Juarez, said that he did not have a
Herman Blakenburg an his register
of German citizens in Mexico and that
if Blakenburg were a -German, he did
not knew It.
lerrea to In the dispatches as the ad
vanced base,"
trie of llailroad.
News was received here toda b
wireless to the effect that permission
has been granted the United States to
use the railway from Juares t r-a.o.
Grande for commercial purposes, which,
is interpreted to mean that the road
may be used for the transportation of
supplies As usual, officers at array
headquarters refuse to discuss the dis
patches or their purport.
Gen. Herrera Promises To
Send Villa's Head Here to
Consul Garcia As Souvenir
Gen Luis Herreia ss he is golm;
to take Villa prisoner, eveciite him and
send his bead to Carranza consul Gar
cia m Fl Paso to prove that it really
was A'illa whowas captured by the
Carranza troops.
Gen. Herrera sent this i a iett,r
which was received bv consul Garcia
Thursday night vwwu
Consul Garcia also received a tele
gram from Chihuahua saving that Gen.
Herrera and 1200 men had left Chihua
hua city for Teraosachie with the In
tention "of capturing A ilia He left
Chihuahua cit Wednesdav according
to the message
The mission stud i lass of the Last
III Paso Methodist church held its reg
ular montl)lv meeting Tuursdav after
noon at the home of Mrs George Smith
3117 Manzaiia street Airs J H Ne
velle was in charge of the i..n..n ...
Of the dsrv Discussion of the thlrH
chapter of the stud book The King's
Highwa; ' was conducted hw Mesdames
J L Gilbert. A L Hill AA O Br an
K AV Williams and J II Xevelle
social hour followed the progiam and
a salad course was served bv the bos
tess assisted bv Mrs Charles Poole.
Kach guest was presented with a clus
ter of violets, tied with white ribbons
The members present were Mesdames
AV O Bryan L A AMMiams, AV I
Hill I !.. Gilbert. Charles Pool, J II
Nevelle and Ke H P Bond. The
guists were Mesdames Hen-v Micel. L
C smith dolph Hoffman A 111 Frame
and R v Hill
fust thin months ol the caleudar vrai
$10,000,900 a Da:
Eliseo Hernandez, Bandit
Leader, Is Killed In Fight
! At San Geronimo.
Declares Bandit Commander
Now Hiding Somewhere
Near Guerrero.
AMERICA troops have been en
gaged in battle with Villas
forces, Mexican consul Andres
Garcia toda said he had been informed
by Gen Gabriel Gavira, Juarez com
mandant. A battle occurred on March ".) at
San Geronimo between a column of
troops of the Seventh cavalry and i
Villista. force of 500 men under Eliseo
Hernandez. The Villistas lost Hernan
dez in the engagement and 3d other
men., while the American lgasas were
iWiteioBayUa. atCaeas QimkIsk.
Col. Daviias uttrnm uit thit i,
had received his information through
padltlonary force St TresTBfl8ssl&p.
under instructions from Gen. Pershins.
Confirms Ilia AVonndcd.
The telegram'Tilso confirms the re
port that Villa was wounded in an en
gagement with the Constitutionalists
at Guerrero and that he is now hiding
in that neighborhood
The hunt for Villa is being continued
by the American troops, the bandits be
ing scattered pell mell through the
Guerrero country
Text of Messajcr.
The announcement from consul Gar
cia, read.
"Lieut Col Refugio Davila has
wired from Casas Grandes to Gen.
Gavira at Juarex as follows:
" 'Chief or staff of American expe
dition at Tres Alamos camp. Instructed
bj Oen. Pershing has informed xne
that the Seventh eavairv nn IVfareH 2i
at ban Geronimo fought a Villista. col-
ximn composed or 500 men under Eliseo
Hernandez. Villistas lost Hernandez
and 30 men. American forces had sev -eral
wounded. Confirmation received
that Villa was wounded at last fight
with Constitutionalists and is hiding iu
neighborhood of Guerrero,' '
SAN ANTONIO. Texas. March 31
General Funaton today awaite I
news that fighting between Amer
ican troops and a A'illa force had be
gun along the Mexico North Wester i
railroad between Madera and Chihua
hua Information that be styled unof
ficial, reached headquarters since
Thursday that a considerable fore of
A ilia's men had concentrated In that
region and that the American cavalrv
was moving forward in strength.
"Wila to Take Offensive.
Carranza's troops also were reporteti
preparing to resist Villa's men who
were said to be assuming the often -an
e The exact position ot none of the
three organisations was given out, but
Villa s outpost farthest from the Amer
ican lines was said to have been within
50 miles of Chihuahua .city Thursda.
Caters Santa Maria alley.
V report reaching Cen Funston
Thursday night said Villa had turned
north into the Santa Maria vallev foi
lowing the fight with Carranza troops
at Guerrero last Monday. The same
report. said his path to the south was
cut off by American cavalry
Kills Garrison, llrport.
After killing everv one of the 1.-'
men in the garrison at Guerren
Francisco A'ill moved northward
Thnfsdav anel now is somewhere tier
the headwaters of the Santa Man v
nver according to unofficial infoima
tiun securest by Gen Funston t th
head of a considerable force A'llli was
reported to be on the fran Geronini
rineh or the Que in ad a ranch, an 1
troops of both the United Mates an I
Alexico were believed to be closing in
uu him.
This Information was regarded bv
Gen Funston and his staff as probablv
correct.. If correct. It appeared pro!'
ahlc that very soon A Ilia either would
have to face his. pursuers In fight oi
nuke another break through the tight
ening line of troops
AA hther his assault on the garrison
at Guerrero was the same engagement
reported by Gen Per-utng Thursdav
was not known, but it was considered
likilv. since the actlor renorted bv
Gen. Pershing occurred Alaich J7, some
where in that region
Shipments liegla soon.
A nether Ge i runston bas et given
oiders to Gen Bell at 1.1 Paso, to ofu .
supplies to the North AA estern for ship
ment to the merlcan expedition coul.i
not b learned here this morning. Geu
Funston coriiiiuel siieme on the tail
road situatioi n is helieved. how
ever tin- in,, f the line will begin
either todav t tomoiio-a' providing
obiTtion is i "t made 1 Mexican iu
iliorities at Inarez

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