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i4 week-End Edition, April i-2, 1916. L PASO HERALD SPORTS, RECREATION and OUTDOOR LIFE
By A. H. E. Beckett ("Beck")
Never Before in the History of the Sport Have so Many
Tournaments Been Scheduled at This Time of the
Year and All States Have Not Been Heard From;
Five States Have More Than 20 Tournaments.
by rnTBn. r. carmjy.
THIRt'T-BIX of the 43 state with
associations affiliated with the
Interstate assoclat.on for the En-
ursgeraent of trapshootlng have
i mned their annual championship
rnaments and It is expected that the
irdv members will make known their
iirei quickly
xiiZona, Arkansas, Delaware, Mon
n i Virginia, bouth Carolina and
"-' uth I'akota arc the states in which
up t rapuhooteri hate not put their
1 ' t foot forwaid
fir before have so many trapshoot
I c tournaments been registered or
s ate liampionshlps lifted at this time
tf lie ear This spe iks well for the
tinti and the renewed Interest in
t r ipMiootiiip as ,i iport
ssoriatlons Formed.
'ima (JeortJa Massachusetts,
V n uU, Texas anl Mississippi have
Ttneil state associations within the
r rear and efforts are now being
V in (ret the trapshootlng clubs of
M ii e )uIiImii N'orth Carolina, Ken-
i i t lorida anil the District of Co-
1 1 1 into line There nre many trap-
i ii? organizations in all of these
t(f, hut somehow or other they have
( i 'Am the time nor trouble to be-
.. siyunntril with the governing
i 11n is tlielr loss
tOidins to registered list of shoots
Is led bi the interstate association
, n , 41- shoots are listed in Cuba and
run) zone fertile fields for the
uin which have Just been discovered
t libt of shoots is bv no means com
I 1 to V hen the state championship
1 t ii closed and the clubs make appli-
vi 'us for the tournaments which will
m I! 'a the Gland A nerican handicap
n e jtnber should total close to the 600
State Cham
Mlsi url
nw Hampshire
" e -aska
The total number of tournaments held
under Interstate supervision lost year
waH lit. This, of course, does not In
clude club tournaments, of which there
are hundreds. Present Indications are
that there will be at least 1000 trap
shooting competitions of various sizes
and descriptions within the boundary of
the United States this year.
Increase in 25 States.
In the list of 412 shoots Increases are
shown in 25 states over tbe number of
tournaments held last year and in nine
others decreases are noted. Inside of
another month it Is expected that these
nine will equal the mark of last year.
or better it. For a good many jears
PennsvHania has led In the number of
registered shoots, but this season little
Iowa seems to have the bulge, on the
sons of William Ponn. Iowa has 4S reg
istered tournaments as against, 46 for
Pennsylvania. This makes Iowa look
like the best trapshootlng state In the
country. There are 220 gun clubs In
Iowa. Pennsylvania has 4D2. Iowa has
67 clubs affiliated with the state asso
ciation, while Pennsylvania has 121 The
Ke stone shooters will have to keep
stepping to remain in front of Illinois,
as the Illinois shooters have announced
43 registered shoots and only have 42
ilubs affiliated with the state associ
ation. Trapshootlng Is coming on faster
In the middle west and far west than It
is in the eastern states and there Is no
let up in the east,
Twelv e states have 10 or more regis
tered tournaments, 10 have more than
16 and five have more than 20 The
list of championships state, sectional
and national and tbe tournaments as
listed last vear and this are herewith
City Data
.Oklahoma City ... .April 18 is
Atlanta April !6 :
St koala . . May 2 3
Orcein Ills May '
Imports May is 1"
I-aiwdale May 17 Ik IS 0
Manchester May i i
ii fornfa Nevada
i i ih
t-v. Jersr
r x-in
.i r In nil
! an
ll o
I nd" New Mexico
I I ilio
v Tork
Michigan . .
f-th Dakota
M iachueetta
vomlnr .
t.r-onsin . ...
h hama ...
cut Vlrglala. .. .
i nude Ialand .
u . stem
l 1'tc Coast
1 I'tem
M AAourl .
. Dallas
Seattle .
, .La Salle
Grand Island
.Ban J one (Cal)
. .Sprinffville
.Little Kails
1'ortland ,
Mar sz 23 : :t
. May is :
..Mar :i ii :
..May :z 24 S6
..May : 7
..May 27 28 21 20
..May J 21
..May 34 21. June 1
..June 13 2
.June t t 7
..Jans 7
. Juae I i I
..June 7 1'
Victor (Colo ) June is 13 14
Twin Falla June is u
Montpeller Juae 12 14
Syracusa Joae 12 14 15
Battle Creak Jane 14 li
Lisbon June IS It
Rochester Juna 21 22 21
Wellington June 22 34
Caspar July 9 It 11 IS
Sooth Madtaan July 12 It
. Blrrotnajham July 12 It
Danbnry !" 14 It
.Elklns . . . July 19 2
Froaldoae July 21 22
Sectional Championships.
Clty-State. Date
Meraphia, Team May It 11
. . Omaha, Nab Jane 12 14 U
.Portland. Ore July (tabeset)
Philadelphia, P Jaly II 1 2
National Championship
City. Date
St. Louis Auc 31 22 32 24 21
Comparisons of Tournaments, 1910-1S10.
M inn . . .. .
r rona . . ...
ilifcirnla 4
' nada ...
' 9 nal Zona .. 1
i iiorado
nnectlcut ... , . .
I Waware . . .
Il-trkt of Columbia .
I lrrlda
I lenrela
I lln ls
n nana ... .,.
I oe a
kansaa . . ...
vnnneaota .
Ill 131
1 t
1 2
c r.
E 11
1 3
1 1
2 2
2 1
43 32
11 14
4t 29
is 13
2 2
0 1
a t
t i
t I
2 2
TCo stata Asaoclatloa.
Mlaeoart 21
Montana 2
Nebraska It
Naw Hampsblra 4
Nevr Jersey 3
New Meileo 1
New York 21
North Carolina 2
North Daketa 9
Ohio 1
Oklahoma It
Oracoa 1
Pennsylvania 40
Roods Island 2
Seath CareHna
Booth Dakota '
Tennaaaea t
Taias 2
Utah t
Vermont 2
VtrsiBfa 1
Washlaeten S
West VlrirtBl 4
WUeenstn 1
Wyominr 2
TeUI 412
Willard Demonstrated Real Atility
Nine Rounds
Against Moran
KW TORK, April 1 It will re- chance of further hurting his damaged
quire a ery powerful heavy- I n- s
wolght to relieve Jess Willard of .. "oran must be given credit for put-
crown. This was ilnmnnntratiul ' " ?." V "J?."" '""ui" "u
n err Ha van Conn , April 1. "Tad" Jones,
I ad coach, will assemble his cladlators for
rat swine; football practice May 1 and
i 1 rive them at least a weak of acrlmmace
rk Flmhurst. N J- will probably be
! ted for earlv fall practice.
Racine, Wis, April L Kvr Hammer,
i r Chicago, had a shade on the veteran
d Wolgaat in a 10-round bout here
Trldav night The men are llght
r eights
If Ha i s Tour Prlds lit Hsrpklde
Ithaca, N. T , April 1. The athletic coun
cil of Cornell university haa abolished three
minor eports, hockey, swimming and fencing,
the first two temporarily because the facili
ties for them hers are slight, and the
third far rood because of lack ct Interest
by the students.
Memphis, Tenn April 1. The Now
Tork Americans plied a safe lead over
the Cincinnati Nationals In the five In
nings that Schneider pitched for Cin
cinnati and won Friday's gam here,
S to 4. ..
Beaumont, Tex. April 1. The De
troit Americans accepted every offering
or the local pitchers Friday nnd hit
safely IE times for five runs, while the
Beaumont. Tex., league players were
inaiiini, a. single run
of His Business
Every business man regards his Checking Account as
one of the necessities of his business. It safeguards, sys
tematizes, saves time and expense. Checking Accounts,
large or small, are Invited.
The First NatiomlBank
when Willard met JFrank Moran, the
Pittsburg heavyweight In a 10 round
no-deeislon contest at Madison Square
Garden last Saturday evening before a
crowd numbering 12,000 which packed
the building from floor to rafters. The
contest Itself nas a remarkably good
one between big men; usually contests
between heavyweights, especially of a
limited number of rounds, are not so
pleasing to the fans as between lightweights-
or featherweights, but In this
instance the two gladiators cf the
heavyweight division put up a battle
mat was interesting from the time the
gors? sounded for the first round until
the finish came in the tenth round.
Despite the fact that there was a
difference of practically 60 pounds In
weight between the mefn, still tbev
sized up better than might be expected,
under such conditions. Willard. who
Is a giant In stature, at times towered
above his opponent, but this wa dn,
1 1 to the fact that Moran had a habit of
using mo crouch while willard usually
stood erect with hia left hand fnrtnnl
There Is no doubt In my mind that
Big Jess would have scored a com- I
plete knockout before the end of the '
tenth round had It not been for the ,
fact that ho broke his right hand in '
the third round. Had the big fellow
taken a chance with his left hand In
delivering more solid blows, he would
no doubt have stopped Moran Just the
same, out ine cnampion seemed to pre
fer to play sate, the same as he did
when he won the title from Jack John
son at Havana, nearly a year ago. It
Is lilstorv now, but It remains a fact
that had Willard desired he could have
finished JohnsoiTalmost any time after
the eighth round, for it was in this
session that he delivered a perfect right
hand blow to the negro's Io)dy ,
that really took the steam out of him
Willard may not have known it, but t
from statements made by Johnson him
self afterwards, he was nearly all in
at that time, but recovered and went
through till the 26th round. However,
Willard was playing safe and took no
chances whatever He did the soma ,
with Frank Moran. I
Henllntrd to Cut Loose. I
Thore were times when the cham- '
plon had the challenger staggering '
about the ring and if he had simply .
cut loose and taken a little chance him
self, he could have finished the con- I
test then and there without a. doubt
Probably It is Just os well that the
champion played safe, but with the size
and physical condition Willard pos
sesses It seems that he should have
opened up a bit and taken more or the
aggressive than what he did. There
were many people who were of the
opinion that Willard possessed nothing
but his brute strength and stamina.
They were fooled, however, for th
big fellow displayed a whole lot of
science and his blocking was almost
perfect. Dozens of times Moran would
swing wildly with a right and left, but
In only two rounds was he able to nut
over anv of these swings to the vital
spot. Willard had a habit of throwing
up his right arm In such a way as to
block the swings perfectly, but as
stated before, Moran became desperate
In the fourth roflnd toward the end
and again in the eeventh and succeeded
In putting over several right hand
rwings to WHIard's Jaw. They had ab
solutely no effect on the big fellow,
but seemed to -make him more anirrv.
and the result was that he came back
all the harder and punished Moran
more severely.
I.oiik Left Bothered Moran.
While Moran was more the aggressor
and was given credit for carrying the
fight to the champion, still It must be
admitted that Jess kept meeting hlin
with his long straight left to the face
and they certainly bothered the chal
lenger a lot. It was Moran's only
chance to work oil the aggressive, but
he found that WHIard's countering was
always dangerous and It was only oc
casionally that he took the chance of
swinging with both hands. Willard
also used an occasional right to the
body and each time he landed he
seemed to shake up the Pittsburger
badly His right uppercuts were not
nearly so perfect as those ho used in
his right with Johnson, although he
used them oftener It seems that af
ter the third round Jess was using his
right and bluffing with it a great deal.
but not putting the real strength ba V
of tliem as lit iould ut tike the
. ous odds. The Pittsburger must have
knftTrn that Will,., a- ......
him In every round nnd that his only
chance lay in putting over a decisive
wallop. But this chance did not come
to him. for his swings were well
blocked and those few ho did land
seemed to have no effect on the west
ern giant.
Nine Rounds for Willard.
According to my count, there was
only one round that could be called
even, the other nine belonging to Wil
lard. The big fellow completely out
boxed Moran. being able to Jab htm
with his left at almost any time. In
this manner ho was able to roll up the
points, which assured him of certain
victory by the popular route After
the battle Willard stated that he would
have stopped Moran but for his broken
Of course this sounds verv well now,
but as stated above, I think that Jess
could have won by a knockout had he
taken a little more chance. Moran
seemed to be of the opinion that he
A Great Teacher
Adversity "kicks" home to hun
dreds of Young Men the fact
that Cood Timet will end
Pay day maji cease suddenly,
and then a nervous scanning of
Tramp, tramp after a new Job,
with Hunger, Sickness and
Debts hounding your heels.
and the grinding, sickening
thought of dollars thrown away
hundreds of them! Dollars
that would
But you've paid the price. Brace
up! Back on the pay roll again
and you'll save!
Popnlar Sayings Plan
Savings Certificates in amounts
of $30 and $100 are issued by
this Bank and sold on the
weekly installment plan. The
Investigate this plan.
Rio Grande Valle?
imssjiiiisisisaiii in mi in Tl
Bank & Trust Co
won the contest hirosMf or at least
should have had a draw owing to the
fact that he was the aggressor, but
this Is usually the case with a fighter
no matter how badly he might be out
pointed The Pittsburger was down
very fine in weight and did not carry
an ounce of superfluous flesh. The
faot is he looked to be over-trained.
arA nrnhnhlv If h mt mirrvlnp five or
10 pounds more weight he would be
better able to battle against a man .
line vviuaru.
Moran Should Tackle Fultun.
Moran is out with a statement seek
ing another match with Willard for
the title over the 29 round route, or he
would like to have another chance at .
iiim in a. iv ruuua uuiua a.j mj iAj
of thinking Moran had better first try
(Continued on next page.)
A Rasor for Every Man
It is an exceedingly difficult task to please all men in the matter of
shaving articles.
Some men prefer a Gillette, some like the Auto-Strop best, others like
the Gem, or Enders, or Ever-Ready or Mark Cross, or Durham Duplex,
and there are a few men that still use the old style razor.
We have them all Not only do we carry all the aboe mentioned
brands, we also have the many different styles, for instance the Gillette
razor is made forty different styles and finishes and we carry them all.
Of course we have the blades too.
We are the original Safety Razor people in El Paso.
Gillette and the first Auto Strop Razors here.
We sold the first
We carry the largest stock and sell both wholesale and retail.
We make a specialty of sharpening safety razor blades. Our automatic
electric machine lones and strops. Other machines in EI Paso strep
only. The advantage is obviout all blades are sterilized and deliv
ered in the Feldman way when promised.
See Our Window Display
Dairy Farmers
Are your cows making 30 lbs. of
milk per day? If not yon are
probably not malting much money.
The beet way to get such cows is
to raise them. But to do this you
need a good ball and not a scrub,
but a pure bred dairy bull from &
heavy producing family.
We are milking 420 caw pro
ducing an average of 30 lbs. per
day per cow. Do you know of
anybody else tbat isT Why not
get a bull from our herd, where
you can see his sire and dam, tu
berculin tested and registered.
Come and sec them, it will cost
you nothing to look them over.
Did you ever see a cow that
made over 20,000 LBS. OF MILK
in a year? We will show you
four in a row.
We also sell MILK and CREAM
MILK. Country Milk r
Per quart J.UC
Special Milk 1 O f
Per quart lo'ZC
Certified Milk OOf
Per quart tl2C
El Paso Dairy
phoux 340.
VL Hpfaetm iua
c2 Pain
No More Dread of ihe Denial Chair.
By the New Method of Dentistry we can ex
tract ail or crown year tseth absolutely
without the least particle of pain No co
caine or any of Ua derivatives used in aor
SOTK We are not competing
with cheap advertising dentists,
out with first-class ethlclal men
at one-half their prices.
Full Sets Teeth, each... .r.3o tip
Gold Crowns.... $5.00
Other Work In Proportion.
411 Work Guaranteed In TTHtlnc It Tears.
New System Dental Parlors
Phone 93.
Cor. JO Paso and Ban Antonio St.
In the newly renovated OLD First Nation
Bank Bide:
Spanish nnH Cemtaa SpoLrs. Opes Evenings.
Corner Hen A San Antuala.
Beit Buy in 1 Paw
A. P. COLES & BROS, Agenti.
Should Always go to
When you want the best Wines,
Liquors and Lunch Goods.
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