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8 Week-End Edition,
THERE will be three -wedding on
the social calendar for the coming
week and all are of interest to El
Paiio people. The first of these will oc
cui Tuesday, when Miss Pauline Her
ri ngton will become the bride of Per
i Ival Rosser The ceremony will be per
formed at the home of the bride's aunt,
Mrs S S Blrchfield. on East Illo
Itlo Grande street On Wednesday Miss
r,lla Mae Jackson and Clarence Martin
Hunter will be married at noon In the
First Presbyterian church. On Saturday
evening, the wedding of Miss Hilda
r.uth Sorenson snd Clifford Leo Sir
mans will occur in the First Presby
t rian church.
The social affairs Riven in honor of
What shapes our beliefs, not
our professed ones, but those
that we live byT
Our BIRTH PLACE does in
part. If born of Buddhist
parents we are Buddhists, if
cf Mahommedan we are
Mahommedans and so on
and so on
CONVENTIONS do their part.
What most people believe,
we do, especially if we are
somewhat indolent.
Sometimes, however, we
shape our beliefs and when
we do it is often because of:
us up and make us think.
TROUBLES. Under deep stress
our theories often break
down and we have to find
new ones.
KNOWLEDGE. The more we
know about life the more
we have to weigh what wo
Beliefs should be able to
stand four squares beside
science, trouble and all life
experiences; unless they can
they are not worth much.
"What Shapes Onr Beliefs."
Sunday's Subject at
1S00 Block, IK Blocks North
On Boulevard.
Mr. L. F. Griffith-
Mr. Griffith k a photographic artist of
national reputation who has recently come
to El Paw to associate himself with the
FeWman Studio.
Your friends can buy anything you can
give them except your photograph.
m&lkB&Sem Mb
Bwwlfap MBk
Valrkka fturatr, America's Self-Made
Ileuty-AetrM, Gives 3Isny of
Her Secrets for th Attain
ment of Surpassing Ueanty.
ANDRUFF Is one 'of the main
causes of faHIng hair. Another
cause Is "starvation" of the hair-
root. Ordinary hair tonics merelv
stimulate for the time being and can
not stop dandruff or make hair grow.
Supply the necessary nutriment so that
the tissues of the scalp and hair roots
may return to their original condition
of vigor and health this is the key.
For this purpose nothing is so effectlv
as my formula which is a mixture of
one ounce of betaqulnnol, half a pint
of alcohol and half a pint of - ater (or
with a fall pint of bay rum instead of
water and alcohol, if preferred). Thi
costs leas than any prepared hair-tonic
and Its results in forcing hair to grow,
stopping dandruff and the falling of
hair are very remarkable. Every wo
man should use It It will not fall.
DESIROUS My shampoo dissolves
every particle of dandruff and fatty
accumulation, which soap does not do
because of the alkali it contains. This
is the only head wash that acts on this
principle. It makes the scalp extra
ordinarily clean, and the hair silky and
easy to do up. Dissolve a teaspoon tu I
of eggol In a half cup of hot water.
Enough eggol can be secured for a very
inodeat price at any drug store to fur
nish a dosen or more of these unusual
MRS. G. O. You can remove super
fluous hairs more easily, quickly and
thoroughly by sulfo solution than any
other way. This simply dissolves away
tlie hair Instead of burning It off as
o ordinary depilatories. It never
leaves a mark, and never Irritates the
most delicate skin. Any druggist can
supply you with the sulfo solution.
TRYING It is a certainty that you
can get rid of blackheads completely
in a few minutes by simply rubbing
them with a little neroxin, sprinkled
on a sponge made wet with hot water.
Any drug store can supply you with
the neroxin. This removes every
blackhead, large and smalL
OLDISH What every woman wants
and can now obtain Is tile quick re
moval of wrinkles. My following for
mula is one which does this in a very
amaiing way rn a few weeks' time.
ou make this up yourself at home in
a very few moments by dissolving two
tablespoonfuls of sljterlne and two
ounces of cptol in half a pint of hot
water The satiny cream which results
r moves wrinkles almost magically
I.irKe and small wrinkles, crow's feet
li'i.s of aae and tagKiic of flish ill
April 1-2, 1916.
these three brides have been many dur
ing the past few weeks. During the
coming week Miss Jackson will be the
guest of honor at a delightful party to
be given by Mrs. Otto It- Armstrong on
Monday at the tea rooms, on Montana
street Mrs. A. E. Rowlands will enter
tain Thursdav afternoon with a party
In honor of Miss Hilda Sorenson Miss
Sorenson is the guest of honor today at
a party given by Mrs. Rowland Gil
christ and Miss Gertrude Leighton. Mrs.
W. L. Crockett is entertaining this af
ternoon with a luncheon for Miss Jack
son, while Miss Vera Ballard Is the
hostess this afternoon at a party for
Miss Herring ton.
The monthly meeting of the Rebecca
Stoddert chapter of the Daughters of
the American Revolution will be held
Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Horace W. Broaddus, on East Boule
vard. The offlceis for the coming year
will be elected.
The Woman's club will hold its gen
eral club meeting Wednesday afternoon
at the First Christian church and the
discussion subject will be El Paso as a
port of entry.
Thursday afternoon the El Paso
Equal Franchise league will hold its
regular weekly meeting in the chamber
of commerce. H. B. Gamble will speak
on the legal status of women.
There will be a number of informal
club meetings through the week. Mrs.
L. A. Etie will entertain the Merry
Maids and Matrons club on Tuesday.
Mrs. James Vance will be the hostess
of the Silk Stocking club Tuesday af
ternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Carr will
entertain the Week About Bridge club
on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Clow will entertain the Double Six
Bridge club on Thursday night On
Friday Mrs. B. F. McDaniel will enter
tain the Friday Bridge club.
There will be the usual weekly dances
Thursday night at the West Ysleta
Country club, and Saturday night at the
El Paso Country club. Friday night the
younger school crowd will have a dance
In the Elks olub house ball room.
The Complexions of 1 Paso Women.
The El PaBO Climate Is hard on com
plexions. Realising this we carry at
all times the most complete stock of
reliable Toilet Articles to be found In
El Paso. If you want to preserve your
good looks depend at all times on the
Toilet Articles you can obtain here?
Scott White & Co.
"Safety First" Druggists.
Mills BIdg.-Bob.-Ban. Bldg. Adv.
Br Mui
disappear quickly and completely
transform one's appearance.
ZESTER T. W. I want you to use
this cream on your face, arms, hands,
neck and shoulders, and In a short
time you will find a remarkable Im
provement In your complexion. Red
spots, freckles and blemishes vanish,
producing a most exquisite purity and
tint to the skin. I consider it one of
my best formulas. It Is the beautifler
without a peer, ind Is very economical.
Mix one tablespoonful of glycerine In
a pint of hot water and add one ounce
of zlntone, which can be secured at any
drug store.
Mrs. R. B. S. Sorry indeed you
couldn't get at the drug store the
neroxin for removing blackheads
quickly. In such case, my secretary
will get it and send It to you If you
will address "Secretary to Valeska
Ruratt, Thompson Bldg., Chicago,"
and enlosing the price, which is fifty
SUBNORMAL It is usually a diffi
cult matter to develop the bust, and
this cannot always be assured. A
mixture of two ounces of ruetone and
half a cup of sugar In a pint of cold
water, and taken in two teaspoonfuls
after each meal and before retiring,
has produced splendid results, however.
The ruetone can be secured at any drug
MRS. T O. K Hdroll7ed talc,
which can be obtained at an pharm
acy, will at once relieve that unnat
ural and excessive perspiration of the
armpits which is so embarrassing, and
so damaging to gowns. It also de
stros all perspiration odors Instantly
and all other bodv odors AU.
SJBsssiiisP1 sbHHbIsbHkHB
Miss Sarah Ginsburg entertained a
number of friends recently with a de
lightful bunco party and dance at hei
home on Upsoii avenue The room"
were decorated with pjlms, ferns ainl
spring blossoms At the lonolusion f
the game refreshments vteic served
There were four tables of plasers
Mrs. J. C Meece was gten i pleasai t
surprise party Thursday afternoon, i'
her home on Louisville stret t, by th.
members of the I'hilathea clas o
Trinity Methodist church The aftii
noon was pleasantly Bpent in ners i
tlon and a two course lumheon w.is
served. Among those pi cent were
Mesdames B. L. Murphy. II Hei.l
George Beaudette, M c Yerkeo, Charle-,
H. Rhoades, Misses Pauline lleriington
Erin. Middleton, Vida Baitej. I'alni. r
Kingsbury, Frances Burleson. Nettie
Wilson, Pernon Cunningham. Margant
Cunningham, Vera Ballard, and Juanita
The Young People's Miss'onarv so
ciety and the Dorcas circle of Trimtv
Methodist church were entertained
with a jolly St Patrick s blrthdav
anlversary tea Friday evening by Mr
and Mrs II. N. Miller and Mr. and
Mrs. I. J. Ayere at the home of the
latter on North Florence street. The
rooms were decorated In an attractive
Irish color echeme with numerous
shamrocks, Irish pipes, Irish hats and
Irish harps in evidence. Amusing
games of various kinds were played,
including a game of pinning the pipe
in an Irishman's mouth. Another en
tertainment feature was an auction,
with II. N. Miller as auctioneer. The
Srlzes in this were won by Irvin
leary, Mrs. W. F. Packard. Mrs. C H.
Rhoades, Misses Anita Corbin, Era
Thomas. Bernadlne Schultz and Betty
Mary Smith. Henry Barton sang sev
eral selections, with Mrs. J C Ballard
playing his piano accompaniment
Recitations were given bv Miss Betty
Mary Smith and Miss Anita Corbin.
Refreshments were served from three
prettily arranged tea tables at which
Mrs. J. C. Ballard. Mrs I. N Winans
and Mrs H. N Miller presided. The
tables were laid with cluny lace cloths
with birthday cakes, ornamented with
green candles In the centei and green
candles in crystal sticks, tied with
green tulle bows about the table. Each
person cut his own piece of cake and
In the cakes were many Irish trinkets,
such ae pipes, little hats and dolls.
White carnations were presented those
whose birthday anniversaries occurred
In March. There were about 60 people
The primary department of the First
Methodist Episcopal church Sunday
school will give an entertainment in the
church on April 7. The first of the en
tertainment will be a playlet "The
Ten Little Japaneses," which will open
with a drill In which those taking part
will be Margaret Cowherd, Mary Ebert,
Helen Valentine, Helen Jackson. Made
line Frey, Harriett Hunter, Marjoi v
Franklin, Marjory Dow, Elsie Strauss, i
Anna Lou Ebert Marian Gardner . . ,
Elizabeth Orr. Miss Isabelle Valentine
will sing the "Japanese Love song,
which will be acted in pantomime by
Austin Foote as "Chu Lee," and Hannah
Bell White, as the little maid from Ja
pan. A Japanese lullaby song, "Rock,
the Dolly," will be sung by Louise
Hunter, Tudle Ebert, Harriet Hun
ter and Mary Ebert The Japanese
sandman will be acted by Richard
Price. The other little Japs in the play
will be Helen Erlckson, Gladys Porter,
Sally O'Brien and Catherine Winters.
The second part of the entertainment
will be a series of tableaux depicting
children In art The first group will be
taken from pictures by Sir Joshua Rey
nolds. Sarah Kuhn will represent "The
Age of Innocence." Louis Price will
be "Miss Simplicity." Mary Ebert will
bo the "Strawberry Girl." Sarah Kuhn
will be "Miss Bowles" and Sally O'Brien
will be "Penolope Borthoy." The sec
ond group will represent various
artists' works. Ames Hetrlck will be
Gainsborough's "Blue Boy." Madeline
Kuhn and Margaret Cowherd will be
Van Dyke's "Children of Charles I."
Mildred Carpenter will represent "The
Disgrace." by Barbar. George P. Banks
will be "Master Lamston," bv Lawrence.
Madeline Kuhn will be Van Dyke's
aaoy smart," and mine Orr will be
' Alone. ' by Burreger. Mrs. S. V. Young .
Is in charge of the tableaux. Mrs. W. I
a. .price ana Jurs. uavid uathcart are
directing the Japanese playlet. Miss
Clare sneii will play all the musical ac
companiments for the ringing and
Women's Organizations.
The Young Women's Christian as
sociation quarters will be closed until
Friday of the coming week as the as
sociation Is moving from its quarters
in Everybody's building to Z1S Texas
The Highland Park branch of the
Missionary society of the Westminster
Presbyterian church, met Friday after
noon at the home of Mrs. J. II. Logan,
3115 Treraont street The meeting was
an Interesting one. Bach member
turned in the money that she hail
earned during the past month. All
started with an outlay of five cents
and Increased the amount through bak
ing, making candy, sewing fancy ar
ticles, eta Each member described her
work in original poetry Fifteen dollars
was made by tho society In this way.
An April fool, lunch was served consist
ing of Adams's ale with a straw, animal
crackers, walnuts and a number of
amusing .April foolers Those present
were Mesdames E. B Elfers. J. G. Low
man. J. H. Hamilton, E. A. J. Seddon. J.
A. Newton, E. Tannhill, J H. Logan.
S M. Janes, E. Held. E. J. Campbell, T
D Jones and B. S. Hargrove.
El Paso, as a port of entry, will be
the interesting topic to be discussed at
the meeting of the Woman's club Wed
nesday afternoon, to be held in the au
ditorium of the First Christian church
The speakers will be representatives of
the various government departments
here. F. W. Berkshire, supervising In
spector of the U. 8 immigration service
here, will discuss El Paso as the port at
Immigration entry and the work of thu
immigration service. Dr John W. Tap
pan, of the United States public health
bureau, will talk on the health work,
and C. M. Lyman, of the U. S customs
serTlce, will speak on the (in.mits and
exports through the port of El Paso
Mrs. Helen Roberts will play a piano
buio anu aiisb ueiie viin win biii
Mrs. Frances Well will be In charge
of the program. Preceding the progran
there will be a ver5 important business
meeting of the general club, the last
business meetinsr for the year. There
will be the revision of the bylaws ai
a number of other important matt m :.
presented to the club for action and the
meeting will begin promptly at 3 ocloc .
The hostesses of the meeting will lie
Mrs. Fred Norton and Mrs. D. V. Fen
nessy. Lodges and Clubs.
The Mayflower EUerary society of
the First Congregational chuich held
an interesting meeting Fridav night
In the parlors of Hotel Orndorff. Ttev.
Miles Hanson gave an Interesting talk
on thn characteristics of old English
villages and the life of the villagers
illustrating his talk With sketches on
the blackboard. Dr. II. A. Malley
talked on the village of Houghton.
England. The meeting was well
El Pasoans Returning.
Mrs. A. Goodman and her daughter,
Miss Estelie Goodman, who have been
visiting in Mineral Wells, Tex., for sev
eral weeks, are expected to return to
El Paso Sunday or Monday.
Johnson'ii Apprrclnrrl Chocolates
alwavs fresh, .excellent .assortments
Totter Drug Co Phones 356-375 101
S. El Paso St We deliver Adv,
Utile El Paso
Girl Musician
This is a picture of Dorothy Heller
stein, who plas a piano solo at a
musical recital to be given tonight at
20S Texas street Dorothy is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. II. Heller
stein. School Notes.
Carl Schwartz won the first place n
the junior declamation contest for the
grade school children, held in the au
dlotorium of the ' igh school Friday
night. This subject was "The De
lusion of Militarism." This en
titles him to represent the El
Paso grammar schools in the an
nual junior Interscholastic declama
tion contest to be held in Austin this
spring. The declamation contest was
a triumph for the children of the La
mar school as the first second and
third places in both the boys and the
Birls contests were won by Lamar
school children. The schools to which
the contestants belonged were not
known to the judges until after the de
cisions were announced Thomas Jones
won second place. His declamation
was "The Duty and Value of Patriot
ism " Rutherford Meece . sceived third
place for his declamation, "Peace
Through Preparedness." In the girls'
contest Emma Wheatley won the first
place with a declamation, "America
First " Myrtle Nold received second
place Her declamation was "Urt
guarded Gates." The third place was
given to Virginia Dawson, who gave
"Casslus' Speech to Brutus," from "Ju
lius Caesar." There were 13 contestt
ants from three schools: The Lamar,
Bailey and Sunset The judges were
T. O. Brooks, L. L. Stone, H. E. Wyatt,
J. i: Gilkey and Miss Ada C. Burke.
A G. Alexander presided as chairman
of the contest. A good crowd attended
the contest in spite of the rainy
Saint Augustine arriving at war-torn
England, as the new herald of new civ
ilization with the message of Christian
peace and love will be depicted in the
pageant of civilization by the children
of the Highland Park school. The pa
geant Is to be presented the last week
in May at the stadium of the new high
school building as the dedication of the
stadium and the graduation exercises of
the high school and grade schools of
the city. St Augustine will be acted
b Roy Sanderson. His interpreter
will be John Ledbetter. Lang Frank
lin will be the British king Ethelbert
Myrtle Ermlnger will be queen Be.' ha.
St Augustine's monks will be Ri 'OJ
Hawkins, Frank SQwman, Fleming
Page. Carrol Alston, Robert Heffelfin-
ger. Frederick Obercamp. Fitzhugb
Banks and Frank McClure, "The period
of English history when Robin Hood .... ' a . b were aT J MeOnat
and his merry men roamed through , a?a "S, Lindauer Clafence
Sht" '2 I d.SK";Sf "!? I Thompn. Knee?and JekfAs, Bobert
m rA'T'V?,T .nrfEnSii.h e.:
will form the second Lngilsh scene,
acted by the Vilas school children. The
very popular outlaw hero. Robin Hood,
will be acted by Frank Gillette. His love,
the maid Marion, will be acted by Mary
Wilson. James Earle will be F-lar
Tuck, and the pupils of the vtlas
school's fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth
vntilM will h tho nittlnw .dflnrAra .'ind
chorus. The scene will open with a 1
i.hiH .hnwin,- th mnrrlaire of Robin I
and Marion in Sherwood forest At the
close of the tableau the Ma7 pole
dancers come In while the chorus sings
the "Country Dance" from the opera or
"Robin Hood." The scene closes with
the Maypole dance.
About El Pasoans.
Little Miss Dorothv May Allen is sick
at her home, 3625 Hueco street
Mrs. L. J. Trost Is .reported to be re
covering rapidly from her recent opera
tion In Chicago.
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Lee Smith are mov
ing today from thefr apartments In the'
Knickerbocker, to 1021 E ast Rio Grande
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Bowie are the
parents of an Infant son, born Wednes
day at their home on Prospect avemie.
The baby has been named Robert Ger
ald Bowie.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edgerton, of
823 West Missouri street, have been re
ceiving the congratulations of their
friends upon the birth of a baby boy on
March 17 a fine, 10 pound St Patrick's
day baby.
Austin Tex., March 31 The Jury In
the case of Karl L. Druesedow, which
had been out for the past two days in
the criminal district court was dis
charged this afternoon at 3:30, having
failed to reach a verdict
Druesedow is tax collector of Harris
county and is charged with the mis
application of public money.
Washington, D. C, March 31 United
States attorney Marshall's recent letter
to the sub-committee investigating
reDresentative Buchanan's Impeachment
charges will be submitted to the house j
wjuiuui idL irvoiiiiiiciiuttLiv.ii aim it irsu-
lution to find the attorney in contempt
of the house will be offered.
nrcniinrre rvt? urm xsrvmrv
TATF RANK Sllfinftiinfl
I K , ,, i ? -7 Vi I , 7,
Santa t e, NM.. March .1. The total
resources pf New Mexico state banks
are Jll.OOO.uOU, according to a report
today by the state bank examiner.
Thej' Increased J565.000 between Jan
uarj 1st and March 1st, with four new
hanks, making a total of 51 .
London, Eng.. March 31. The seizure
at Kirkwall of all the mail on the
Scandinavian-American line steamer
Heligola, consisting of 800 sacks. Is
reported In a wireless dispatch from
Handy Andy sharpens and repairs
lawn mowers. Gen. repairing. Ph. 3310.
For chapped nands, face or lips. Pot
ter's Toilet Cream Is unequaled. Price
25c. Telephone 35S and 375 and have It
delivered. Potter Drug Company. Adv.
Our Water is Distilled. REBOILED. Thrlct
Phone lit or 115.
We rnslntain Our Own Delivery System.
El Paso Ice & Refrigerator Co.
Dinners, Luncheons, Teas.
Miss Ella Mac Jackson was the guest
of honor at an informal luncheon .given
I rida in the tea rooms on Montana
street1 by Mrs. Otto R Armstrong. The
guests were only the members of Miss
J.ickson's bridal party. Sweet peas and
ferns decorated the table.
A very successful tea was given Frl
rtai afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. . Is.
Br' an on McKlniey avenue for the
h( nefit of a widow of a Spanish-American
war veteran. Tho guests were
met at the door by Mrs J H. Hurxthal
and Mcs. J. Mason Pollard. Mrs. Bur
leson Staten was the treasurer of the
l.enefit fund. During the afternoon an
.(ocili.i- nroorram was given, or
which Mrs Thomas O'Keeffe was in
i harge Mrs. Edith C. Lane played a
piano solo, "Memories of Mexico.' Mrs.
i.ertrude O Ledbetter recited a scene
from "The Clansman" and for an en
, ore sang a negro melody, accompany
ing herself on her guitar. Mrs. J. h
Daughertv sang "Absent" and for an
encore "Annie Laurie." Miss Evelyn
l'.iugherty played her accompaniment
Mrs. J A. Potter talked on the kind
ness of women to womtn. J. C. Rose
borough of the John Browne camp of
Vnited Confederate veterans spoke in
tribute of the women of the south.
Mrs Alice Barlow gave a fihort talk.
Miss Anita f'orbln recited "Take Back
Your Heart" Miss Edna Long plaed
a piano solo, "A Perfect Day." Mrs
Walter Stowe sang "Blue Bells of
Scotland" and "The Maiden's Wish." by
I Chopin. She accompanied nerseir.
1 Mrs. A. E. Rowlands recited "I Saw
I Her Steal Her Apron to Her Eyes."
I Refreshments were served In the dln
! ing room. The table was decorated
I with a cut glass bowl, filled with pink
I and white sweet peas and maiden hair
( fern. Tea wan poured by Mesdames
I William Tf Samnle. Alice Barlow and
C C. Crews. Mrs. Joseph H. Hurxthal
was in charge of the dining room and
she was assisted In serving by Misses
Edna Long. Ozelt Stevens, Evelyn
Daugherty, Velma Casey, Olive Thomas,
of Alamogordo, Treasure Hartmann.
Beulah Brown, Mesdames Edith C
Lane, David Robertson and J. Mason
Pollard. Assisting through the rooms
in entertaining the guests were Mes
dames W. II Byrd. E. Brooks Jones,
R. M. Rigdon. Edith C. Lane. Charles
Pelham. W. F. Packard, E. W. Bryan.
C F. Elliott, J. H. Cunningham and T.
W Lanier.
Out Of Town Visitors.
Mrs. F G. Phillips, of AJo, Ariz., Is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Lee C. Boswell,
and Mr. Boswell at their home on
Louisville street
Mrs. O. & Potter of McGregor, Texas,
is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Robert
R. Bowie and Mr. Bowie, at their home
on Prospect avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Kayser arrived
Friday from Mexico City, to visit Mr.
Kayser's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Kay
ser at 1019 Brown street
Mrs. Roy C. KIrtland. of the Md
infantry, with her little daughter, will
arrive Sunday from Douglas to visit
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Wlngo for a few
Mrs. Walter Earhart who has been
visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. E.
O Lochausen, on Arixona street, for
the paet month, left for Los Angele.1
today to join Mr. Earhart Mrs.
Lochausen accompanied her and en
route they will visit the Grand Canyon
in Arizona for a short time.
Miss Leila Polan will give a dance on
the evening pf April 16.
MiSipLulse Welch will entertain the
younger school crowd with a dance on
the evening of Arpll 28
Miss Mabel McMullen will entertain
informally tonight at her home on
El Paso street with a dancing party.
A merry crowd of young people mo
tored to the West lsleta Country club
Friday night and spent the evening
dancing. They were chaperoned by Mrs.
E. B. Welch. In the party were Mioses
Louise Welch. Helen Agulrre. Doris
1 -u . -..i. t .
, kV"'' -" "f.
Mary TIncher,
T?nt- owdon Wlngo and Cooper
The Knights and Ladles of Security
Ball and Banquet.
At Ysleta, April 1st is postponed on
account of weather; will be held at
their hall Tuesday Eve, April tth.
Gentlemen, with or without lady,
$1.00. Lady without escorts, 25 cents.
Extra music, plenty to eat, and an
enormous time 8:30 to 12:00.
Money will be refunded for tickets
for Ysleta entertainment Adv.
The world famous traveler and lec
turer, E. Burton Holmes, has Just fin
ished his leoture season in the big
eastern cities and starts on a six
month's tour of South America April 1.
Such was his popularity this year
that over 608,000 people paid admissions
to his lectures ranging from EOc to
Mr. Holmes has now been traveling;
for 23 consecutive years and has cov
ered over 400,000 miles In his Journeys
embracing all parts of the globe. Adv.
Its Flavor
And It
H Ul id I .Ullll
albeht mm
3F v VbHesbbBBBBKI
AT- tt nffv!sB&
"It has been tin lulirif pasbion of
my life since I was i toddler always
it is the music, music, music. It seemed
that I could neer get enough. I
wanted to be near it, to hear it, to
make It all the time I wanted to
live in a world of music
"My family are all musical, so I sup
pose it is only natural that I should
he a musician. Since I was T yjsars
old I have had a violin and bow in my
hand. I never had any idea of doing
anything else I can't conceive of my
self in any other occupation. My life
has been one direct line of purpose
Nothing els occupied my thoughts but
my violin, and I am glad of it. I do
not regret a moment of the past, for
at last I am realizing my ambition."
The speaker was Albert Spalding,
who has won for himself the crown of
Master Violinist of America Spalding
Is a straightforward young man, not
yet out of the twenties. He is whole
some faced, eager, full of fine fire,
with much earnestness of voice and
"My violin is a very famous one. It
Is a Guarnerius Del Genu and is about
100 years old and beautifully preserved.
It has both the mellowness of age and
the fresh tone of a young violin. It
Is with this violin that I make all my
records for the new Edison Phono
graph. They are really very wonder
ful. (The Edison seems to be the only
Phonograph that makes a violin sound
like a violin.) Sometimes this old vio
lin actually surprises me. I get to
wondering where the beauty, the rich
ness and the charm of Its tone an
come from. It seems so wonderful, and
It Is wonderful to think of the music
that sleeps in a violin.
"My most famous Violin Teacher was
T.afnrt who is one of the areat masters
of the Paris Conservatory of Music, j
However. I studied at all the European
centers of music for eight years. I
made my debut when I was 17 years
old. Since then I have been fairly suc
cessfuV Spalding's parents, early appreclat
in,, hia lnvn of music, srave him a three- I
quarter slse Gallano Violin when he
was seven ears old. He commenced
to study with Chito, or Florence, Italy.
He was somewhat handicapped musi
cally by the prominence of his family.
On June S. 10. Spalding made his
debut at the Nouveau Theater, Paris.
In the words of a French critic, "Spald
ing conquered Paris at once and for
ever" The late Algernon St. Brenon, after
Spalding's American debut wrote: The
successful career of Spalding marks
an epoch In the history of American
music Ho is the first American who
has won for himself a European repu
tation as an Instrumentalist He is
the first American who, out of sheer
love of the thing, has devoted himself.
is so well known
that it is hardly necessary to announce
that we use the same methods in
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