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Quits Boxing For Slugging;
White Anxious to Get a
Date With Champion.
II V T. ". M1IEWS.
--. 1 01 k, April 4 Charlie Whito
' iih hko lightweight Is most anxious
10 Hr-aiigv h ehnrnplonship fight with
i rcdriie Uriah, the tltlr bolder, before
iip prosr-nt ttn,un romcB to an end.
Fcfc two Jis-lHwt-ightK have been on
tl" uic of being matched bo many-
i m'r Hi it the bolnif fans look upon
i .i lokp now but it deems that the
imigrr- of thr two fighters liaVO
idili cot togctl'Pi and are ready to
n, vi a conteht of at least 15 rounds.
up '.il5. nm.aa-rr of White, has
, . li' I 111: piolf! with Mat Wells for
round battle at Kansas City, April
Thr Kansas Otv rlub endeavored to
t wlsh for thr same date, but Fred-
liid already b-n matched to meet
1 i in Mitchell brfore the Cream City
il U tlr rlub of Milwaukee. If White
. l..il " ells in Kansas City, he Is to
I e mat lieil .it the same place with
V Mi for a IT. round contest some time
mi.Mn Thin if, a chance of Mltch-
t ! tun.-.' on wth White at Kansas
imi lilnv In rnaVi-s the right kind
linv, ing aciinvl th champion. Of
-r it will In- .i ptottv hard same
i h'u like Mitchell to try and de-
t t i lever I'ter.in and champion, but
ro it j!him ,i chance and Richie
lie is willing to take it
r'hn maniRei, Harry Pollok, has
n iirtimleed Mltrhell a try for the
' in the event that ne maKes a gooa
'mm .lfc-ainir the champion In Mll-
njkei on April 7. so it is not llhelv
t .Mit-lieli -will bother with a match
i Kant-as city against White. The fact
f ihepe to iof are brought to
iiiei it iu ie in Milwaukee and not
KiiiM- "lt ni it would draw almost
i 1' the amount in the Cream City
it v oulil In the west, town.
Melnh Has Ureal" Mug-gin?,
It nuiflit be wll to mention here that
imi'ion We!-h hat. been adopting a
- dnfrient ursc in his ftarhting of
i li vtead of gome in to simply out
it.t his opponents as in the past,
I iiJ'Ih lias Biii't'riM'il the boxine fans
i f'uBKlnp with hin opponents and
i mi more c!i.ime; In his fight here
in 1'lul Bloom the titleholder put op
iniiik.ibl ml' ri stinp fis;ht and
. liloom one of the hardest battles
f in1- i.neer A few nights later he
' i'"'l h bIm.is- l'rank Whitney, the
I lihtweipbt, a severe beating in
1 rounds In thi contest Welsh again
' rin ience to the w inds at times and
li irit.1 il wallopp with the husky car
' ter much to the surprise of the lat-
r t ihi friends
It v. .is, m rely my desire to show the
In ' here that J can punch as well as
rt tl rm if I nant to." said Fred-
r Tim seem to hae an idea that I
COLLAR 2 for 25c
ClurTT, PCABODY a CO Inc. Mikcss
to aid nature occasionally when your
liver it sluggish, your stomach dis
ordered or your bowels inactive. Let
this safe, mild, dependable remedy
figulatp these organs and put them
In a sound and healthy condition.
Largest SaU of Any Mrdicinin tti World.
SoU TcrrwhaT. In boxes. 10c. 25c
"R S"Y
"i ilmply ptttt the ballon anJJHl
mjtclf ani drink l'k 'Ail "
I'm tfi in
Mcpanlle com
panloncflhou lands of school
and college
loi and girli.
nSfl u The concealed Self-fillingDeOice.
Bi U The Jack Knite Safety "Device.
s. SBS )) I am It easy lo Jill, J uish It too lonftr
SI It is a treat to See how quietly I drinV. good int
H ten thousand words in two seconds when you "pre
nV the button." I can lay flat, right tide up or stand on mj
H heid and the ink is locked in
Standard SB? ou T,UI "I"1 ni "' ,,c,t 'ore 4fS&
r.lC cm -.' H ,n "rn. Tome In and Ret if JK&r
Sofcly-$2,50 &r
up. IW'Hl PSSSs
ir-ioeaa. sprpzzassm
PARKER PEN CO. 174 Mill St., JanunUe. Wu.
For Sale by the Best Dealers in El Paso.
212 San Antonio St.
Mills Bldg.
107-109 N. Stanton St.
could do nothing but tap my PP.onf"s
ins more of a chance when you Jiue
;u nnnnn-. -h t feat. fauna tout
niiu uru'iiiiio, liw
it is much safer to box a man than
fight him Or course, when a man has .
the science, there Is no necessity lor
taking wild chances, but I simply wan'- I
ed to show them that I could do so If. l
wanted to. and you can say lor in ""
.li,n T maa T(nf.lj. i,.lioll (n UliWaU- I
kee I intend to fight him any w5',he i
aeaires n tie wants to siug. i wn -
with him, and if he intends to make It
a Ivtp katlla t, wilt flnH TTte tllCr
with the science I Intend to take on all
the Mghtv, eights of class around here
during the next year, and then It is ,
very likely that Freddie will retire "'
good and settle down to the humble
life "
Several tVant in Fight Darcy.
TimmU nimn th TAnnBvlvATlla PfO-
motor ami manager of quite a stable of
fighters, has been putting in a m
fltn nrnnnil Vn, VnrV IhA naat WeCK.
Jlmmle alwajs has quite a bunch of
fighters at work in all parts of the east,
and is probably the busiest manager
around hero and still he is very seldom
heard of outside of his. home toivn and
a few places in the east. Jlmmle is
thinking verv seriously 'of taking
George Chip, his middleweight contend
er, over to Australia next season, in of-
rir to eet a trv with T.e nartT. cham
pion of the Antipodes and claimant of
the w orld's championship Dime Is con
vinced that Chip would hate a splendid
chance against a mixer like JJarcy. anu
as the battle would no doubt draw btg
money, he is willing to take a chance
both ways. In case Jimmle goes to Aus
tralia he will probably take a light
weight alone with Chip and also Joe
cntp, orotner or ueorge and a promis
ing middleweight
Another prominent fighter who Is li
able to visit Australia within the next
six months Is Jack Dillon. Of course.
Jack has been making big money
throughout the country this past sea
sun, but his manager, Sam Murbarger,
ii of the opinion that he should be a
still greater money maker if he could
land a championship from a man like
Darcy, and he has the bug buzzing to
the extent that he may go across the
Pacific and endeavor to put the sleep
producer on Mr. Darcy In the mean
time, Dillon is being kept busy meetinc
light heavyweights, big middlewelghts
and heavyweights. They all look alike
to tne lioosier Bear cat, for he says
-me Digger tney are tne harder they
Ithaca X. Y , April 4. Alma
the rreat Cornell athlete, is a
sameness and fearlessness.
figure of
Knrly tn his youth Richard Indole In
in r I ous port and invariably He waa In-Ji.r-
d lit 'eft )ep was sprained fanr times
and hit right lee; twice. Once h broke
-ome of the small bones in hH right lee in
tb whip accident that dislocated bis wrists
' Tho first time I tried a high Jump. I
broke my left leg above the knee," said
nichnrd. "I was on crutches four months.
Thf doctors told me then thnt I ought to
quit athletics that my bones were too
brittle '
But Richards ignored the advice took a
chanrc of permanent! r injuring himself
and today he ranks one of the grei test all
around athlete i& intercollegiate history.
Rirhards won the high jump in the 1912
( mni s and in 19I& captured the all
Bruund c ha.mplonahlp in A. A. V competi
tion in Ban rrancieco. Last summer be es
tablished a new intercollegiate high Jump
r nl in Philadelphia and he ranks with
th best men in the world in weight heav
ing polo aultlng. hurdler and broad
The most remarkable feature of Richards
. hi' em nt- Is that he has become a star.
el-"-! it th handicap of a Irft leg that Is
prrt -ii Tippled The bone break that fol
i.m'M) Rirhards n first high lump did net
Knit fienU Inntead. the broken parts met
tarn other at an ange forming a dummy
' which protrude to s point Just be
neath the ykin on Richards' s leg.
ColumbuK. Ohio April 4 Prankle Calla
hn and Johnny Hrvj(, New York light
wctchtA, rnuffht a IS rounT no-derlslon bout
ra Monday nieht. Callahan shaded his
opponent, accordlac to newspaper decision.
Hsnsy showed to adrantaeo tn the In
flrhtlnc but Callahan kept Him at lonz
raace duiine the sreater psrt o( the bout.
OkUhoma City, Okla.. April 4. Hilh the
score standing 2 to 1 alslmt them, the
Chlcaco American regulars started a bat
tlnc rally In the fifth which netted four
runs and on from the Oklahoma City
Western association club Monday, 7 to :.
name is Mr. Phil. Uo Quick.
I am the Parker Lucky Curve
Fountain Pen a self -filler and
a safety pen combined the advance
herald of two great ideas, wrought
into one pen.
The office men and the mechanical staff
bowlln tiams from the Cement plant
rolled a special match on the ract alleys,
Monday evening, the mechanics earning the
verdlet. as follows:
Office. 1st
W. R. Anderson e
N. Taylor 14S
C. Anderson 1SI
J Hanson lis
W. It. Kdrineton ....171
Totals . ...
K. L. Clark...
Gus Brelon . .
B. B. Henry .
. .5
n. nueman
C. Qrlnc SO
Totals SI4
760 :n
Mon by Mechancs: hleb same,
187; high total. FUleman 411.
Itochee ter. X. Y . April 4 Ed O. Barrow.
prox for the International learue. feels
confident that his new plan to sohe the
salary limit problem will be successful
The league rules fix the maximum month
ly salao limit at S3S0 In other years tall
end msimates hae charged that the lead
ers acretlj' were exceeding the limit thus
securinr high grade talent.
.Barrow's rule now forces the magnates to
send all contracts to him and he then sends
them to the papers after making sure that
the total salary for each club does not go
beyond the limit.
Annapolis, lid.. April 4. The four big
race tracks in Maryland. Fimllco. Havre de
Orare. Bowie and Laurel, can continue in
operation rree from adverse legislation for
two years at least. The final legislate e
fight was made Monday night and although
the Frick amendment to the Hall anti
gam Wing bill was adopted by a vote of li
to S. the necessary two-thirds vote to sus
pend the rules was lacking and the bill
could not be advanced to a third reading.
Nome. Alaska. April 4. The ninth an
nual all-Alaska sweepstakes dog team race,
the great sport event of the north, will be
run April 11 ovsr the snow trail from Noma
to Candle and return, a total distance of 413
miles. Announcement of the date of the
race was made today by the Nome Kennel
club, under whose auspices the race will be
run. The trail is in excellent condition for
fsst racing.
Pittsburg. Pa . April 4 Piere Maupome
of SL Louis defeated Chas B. Ellis, world's
t three cushion billiard champion. In the op
ening diock or tneir mairn nere Monday
night, 50 to 33 In 63 innings.
San Fran.-li.co. Calif. April 4 "Play
ball" vint th crj today In Pacific coast
league cities with the Portland tesm ploy
ing at San Francisco. Oakland at Salt Lake
and Vernon at Los Angeles.
The literary department of the El Psso
Colored Woman s club mat at the residence
of Mrs. Watkms. 313 Overland street, this
week. Tho program was a general review
of Julius Ceasar, interspersed with selec
tions from Beethoven. Mrs. IVatktns, the
hostess, served a tuo course menu.
The Ei Paso Colored Woman's club Is the
only colored club In the city that Is a mem
ber of the State Federation of Colored
Women's olubs and tbey are doing creditable
work under the leadership of Mrs. II. II.
Butler, president.
The Clvlo department now has on a "City
Beautiful" contest, offering 120 In prises as
an Incentive to activity. Mrs. B. D. Samp
son Is the chairman of this committee and
has received several names for entranoe. In
awarding the prizes, the alleys will have to
come up to the rest of the premises. A
full list or the participants will be printed
in The Herald so everybody can see who
the progressive, beauty loving negro otti
sens are.
The slogan of the contest Is. "You win If
you lose." Another thought Is- "Your
yard: be It evrr mo humble make It st
tractlve. Join the City Beautiful Contest
It costs you nothing '
i YftmifT Miu -fci.Pi & ;DTCttr Mto fl. oiifw., i gac iic ACAU5 . WSSbSsT fl uO vttMzl a. Alive Srsi of - -- v
A asioiec ml -fco pa is hws- i A .t ,ct tw& late-rTrWM aim.TieTefE ft1 CVeW wtJ-J
(waJTr ( GapHlWl j) Wrtoottc.cpsrP . J cwm
-wi- i-i-i- -- - r .-w -- --! i jm iHian r " Tme.-3i.rimr 111 - rm-i - . . . - r -
Ato.R WTrHUt -r,- MlMVUt. ;y - k .yi, fflT T& tfH J- V ZZJZ
s-ibo eocidE pow to ys J- n "I r s fT" r. ' 7. -r ty
Bg ( X -il ' inWfrAiS yiJf &&.
SHI WKgWmz&vWK&K fcfJlf JBtXr wm'trm
zfTYTf Wm&Emft&msLymnJ 7 SssF1 Wm-,imli
I R vPssWT'rsBSB ii TT'T'Tfr'n "TissssssssaV- AsslBsr 5 rpfc?iJ
trMj 'i-J,! K-AiH JsBBBBtt-a (ByagjjwSh , 9H r S3MtL " I?
H....y. hw i mmTatTr -BBssiTrBsssiiTrrTi i . 'Bff . Zzm AJttMwPfiLv M II
raywriitW !1 aMiMIWa jM 7 Hzsm j S-ggmyf
SsSmBBSSSSS vtslmr &Fz'ZWt3MBKsg3atZs
-fefiif ujeu rr-5 Hftcp uicCt.' ear its uocciu rf as sec to "s-sFeii. u-e isNEintD y st6T Rjush TSjrrs 'ZlZ&Z?
flask Irl 60 ILL FcCCE TW OL0 PW OUT OF 603rfc&. lW3-f "M 6cop py; SSCES ltf AClofiS HHCE-rt a-LlW'
SKKv-v 1 fit; MUX) CM rtrt TSoOSH. ILL XffZ'STFn j --.. -- ciopirr -R Mam JXSO'smWS0X
e a ASrraW fa JbM.-bssss1 amr ' 1 pouhH.
&JL 1 Jtim -v? a I f nlT ssssi - sssssl JssPMKrf H . . K ';.
ffiS. 1 J&1Cr3ftSSSSsmBSSBSB U' Kfe
tftjtr -30mb ecMTmr fwe otti yZ'WMIi WWtf 0lp W' W "feE MWies 1
r.ur.r o tirP , trior: TSAT 'y. WM&mm -yZ2?Zl Txrnm iHtga - - r-'
uww. ,, ... - . x irl. 1 , , v nHMJjga TLitSJ nM
7 Ltt-t Tie V. mac , 3 z r I sasssa"iP V.
v ifitce? j -t looksv . WZ IsssssKVt vr ll8Ema&r
I " B aJljBBflBl W$0L 1 8BBBBBsVr!'kW J& tsl I JTsftv JBBff?e-TS?l"fi"3V i-.L-TnJJ6
F "TillSSSSSgJJI iHLJ-in'-LHiwWiidM -Sp zsea&! f gtfJJ. 4 Jr sg
OM HssaaftKP
P . 1 11 C r 11 1 I
j 1 1 Ordinance. Ordinance. J Ordinaiice
Copyricht 1915. International News Service.
-. il .TMll.issssssssssmBF -Lil. J' . I -DOlsl 1 WJtVnir lBEVAmMK&ttmiZiiTjXjrIJ' FTIT3fi'ai-.i!jT '
Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any
person, firm or corporation owning or con
ducting a public hotel, restaurant, cats or
public plac of business or amusement In
the City of El rasp. Texas, to deny ac
commodatlona service or admission to any
person or persons solely on the ground that
said person or persons are dressed in the
uniform of the United States Soldier: and
any person, firm or corporation so denying
such accommodations, service or admission
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon
conviction thereof shall be fined In any sum
not in excess of S3M 00.
Secticn 3. WHEREAS, there are certain
hotels, restaurant, cafes, stc wrongfully de
nvine aeoommoda.tlons and service to ner-
eons dressed In the uniform of the United J
Ntates soldier creates a pnMIc necessity,
justifying the suspension of the charter rule
reciuirlng all ordinances to be read on two
separate days, and such charter rule Is by
the unanimous Tote of the aldermen present
and with the consent of the Mayor sus
pended, and this ordinance shall take ef
fect and be In rorce from ancfe after Its
passage, approval and publication
Passed and approved, this Sfu day of
April. 1316
Tom Lea.
J. F. Dawson. City Clerk.
MKsrp AnnPTTw. thr tittles and
Section 1. Anv person, firm or corpora
tion, engaged in or about to engage in the
Most Richly-Flavored Chew?
That Was Evsr Pressed
Into Plugs
Retl-bloodcd men with real tobacco
hunger find that they can satisfy it only
by chewing, and the most wholesome
and satisfying tobacco to chew is that
made in plug form.
The limit of luxury in tobacco chew
ing is the rich, sweet, juicy flavor that
trickles through your system when you
chew Spear Head.
No other chewing tobacco is so mel
low, so luscious and so satisfying. No
other equals Spear Head for putting a
keen edge on your appetite.
Spear Head is made of the world's
best tobacco leaf the choicest of red
Kentucky Burley. This leaf is selected
for its full, juicy richness with the
most painstaking care, is stemmed by
hand, is pressed into Spear Head plugs
so slowly that not a drop of the rich,
natural juice escapes.
Your first chew of Spear Head will
open your eyes to the genuine enjoy
ment there is in chewing.
Chew the rich and mellow tobacco
that has been the favorite for a third
if a century that's Spear Head. Try
f Sc or 10c cut.
business of Installing or repairing electrical
wires, apparatus or appliances of any na
ture, kind or description, in or about the
Interior of snv building or structure within
the City Of B! Paso he or they ars hereby
reaairea. before engaging in rr pursuing
such business, to file with the Cttv Clerk an
application. In writing for license to carry on
or engage in such business, and shall ae
company said application with the sum of
flftv (150 00) dollars. The City Cleric shall
present such application to the Electrical
Examining Board for Master Electricians,
said Bosrd to consist of three members, one
of which shall be the City Electrician, who
shall be ex-otflrlo chairman of said Board,
the second member to be a licensed Master
Electrician, and the third member to be a
Journeyman Blectrlcian. The last two mem
bers to be appointed b he Mayor, and serve
without pay
Any person, firm or corporation making
suoh application shall pass examination be
fore said Board or shall have as superin
tendent in charge of their work, ono who
shall pass an examination before sold Board
sa to his qualifications to do or earrv on
such mork. The Board shall renort the find
ings of such examinations to the City Clerk,
and if said applicant shall have passed at
least 7S on ssid examinations, the City
Clerk shall Issue such applicant a Master
Electricians License to engage In and carry
on such business, provided such appUcant
shall be reoulred to give a bond, payable to
the City of El Paso. In the sum of two
thousand (:.e00 00 dollars, conditioned that
said applicant n ill. in good faith, comply
with all Cltv Ordinances.
Said bond to be approved bv the City
Council, and the City Clerk shall beep a
record of all licenses so Issued. Sakl record
muFl show when and to whom such license
was Issued and Its date of expiration, and
such license shall authorizs the person, firm
or corporation receiving the same to engage
in and carry en such business for a period
of one vear thereafter. Said license will
be renewed at the end of such time, upon the
payment of twenty-file (S3 00 dollars, un-
iess revoked or cancelled for cause br said
loard of Examiners Said license shall not
be transferable, and no permits shall be Is
sued under said license for work to be done,
except by bonaflde emploxes of the person,
firm or corporation obtaining said license.
Section 2. No person, firm or corporation
shall enter upon the erection, construction,
alteration or change of any electrical work
til he shall have secured a Master Elec
tricians License as herein before set forth,
nor until the proper application has been
made to. and approved by the City Blec
trlcian. and a permit Is granted by him to do
such work.
Section 3. No person, firm or corporation
shall enter upon the work of maintenance of
any electrical Installation of any nature, kind
or description within the City of El Paso.
until an Electrical Maintenance License shall
have been properly granted.
Application tor said license shall be made
to the City Clerk, who will refer same to the
Electrical Examining Bosrd for Master Elec
tricians. If said applicant shall have passed at least
"5S on the examination, the City Clerk will,
upon payment by such person, firm or cor
poration, the sum of five (J.0) dollars as
an annual license fee. iwm an TC1Mtrlesl
Maintenance License to continue in force for
period oi one car. unless revoked lor
cause fSuch license shall not be transfer
as hsrcln ussd. shall apply only to the re
pairs necesssrr to keeD the Installation In a
safe condition, and under no circumstances.
snail a maintenance operator install new
material as applied to extensions to old work
or tn any way Increase the else of the In
stallation. The terms and character of any of the
foregoing examinations shall be uniform to
all appltoants In each division, and not of
a discriminating character
If any application should fall to pass the
examination, he shall not be enUtled to re
examination for ninety days from date of
first examination
Section 4. In the construction and Instal
lation of all electrical wiring or apparatus
within the City of El Paso, the rules and
requirements of the National Board of Fire
Underwriters, known aB the National Electric
Code, together with the special rules as
hereinafter set forth or as thev may be
amended, shall he complied with provided
that the latest edition of said Code shall
be the Code as herein used.
All appliances, parts or fittings used In
the construction of electrical work shall be
as are approved by the National Board of
Fire Underwriters.
Section 0. All applications for permits
for electrical wiring or construction or erec
tion and installation of any electric ap
paratus of anv character ahall show
(a) The number of outlets desired.
lb) Whether for Incandescent or aro lights
or whether for fans or power purposea
c Whether the orV Is new. or addition
to. or alteration of old work.
(d If for electric signs, tt shall show
the number of lights to be used thereon
(e) If for moving pictures or other show
purposes, it shall give the location of such
moving pictures or show, and each applica
tion shall show the maximum number of
amperes the wires are to carry.
Section 6. A separate permit and a asp
erate inspection will be reoulred for fixture
work, except in cases where old houses are
wired and the fixtures are Installed at the
same time the wiring Is done by the person,
firm or corporation doing the wiring.
When anv additional outlets are to be In
stalled on a Job upon which a p-rmlt has
been issued, a separate permit must be ob
tained. Section 7. The City Electrician shall num
ber each application for permit, and file
same In numerical order, and shall keen a
record of same and shall keep a record of
all permits Issued, and such record shall
show the number of the application, the
date of isue. and to whom lesQed. location
of building and purpose for which said per
mit as granted
Section 8. Upon completion of the work
covered by a permit, it shall be the duty
of the person, firm or corporation doing the
same, to notify the City Electrician imme
diately, that same is ready to ba Inspected.
Section S. No Inspection will be- made of
any electrical -work, unless a permit to in
stall same has been Issued by the City Elec
trician, and when all fees pertatnlnz to the
same have been paid. It shall be the duty
of the Cltv Blectrlcian to inspect such work
within tt hours after the notice is received
that same is completed.
Section IS On all large buildings Inspec
tions shall be made of different sections of
said work as same shall be completed. In
order not to delay or binder the other work
being done In connection with the construc
tion of the building.
Section 11 When an Inspection has been
made of the Electrical Installation la any
building, and passed by the Inspector, he
shall post a blue tag la the main cabinet
stating that the same has been passed.
Section li. It shall be unlawful for any
person, firm or corporation to lath or cell
the building or in say way conceal said
glectrlcal Installation unless the blue tag
posted In the cabinet.
Section IS When the finish and fixtures
have been Installed, and found to comply
with this Ordinance, the inspector shall post
a white tag In the msln cabinet stating that
the work has been Installed according to the
rules and regulations of this Ordinance
Section li. When any detect has been
found In any electrical installation, the in
spector shall post a red tag in the main cab
inet stating that the work has been rejected,
and when a red tag is posted by the inspec
tor. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm
or corporation to Isth or in any way con
ceal said electrical Installation until the de
fects have been repaired and the Inspector
has passed on same.
It shall be unlawful for any person, firm
or corporation to remove or destroy said tags
until building hss been completed.
Section 15. If. after a permit Is Issued, the
work for any reason covered by the permit,
or any old work In the building not covered
by the permit does not comply with the
rules and requirements of this Ordinance,
the City Electrician shall refuse to issue a
certificate of inspection, and all owners of
buildings all electric light and power com
panies are prohibited from connecting, or
causing to be connected, any 6uch wiring to
the source of electric supply.
Section 1( All steam fitting, plumbing.
gas fitting, furnace work, telephone, tele
graph, signal wiring and other piping or
Uibe work which are to be concealed, must
be in place before the electric Itdht or power
wiring shall be completed, and no wiring
shall be considered complete, nor a certifi
cate of approval issued thereon until the
work referred tn above shall be In place.
S-ctlon IT. It shall be unlawful for any
owner or agent contractor or workman not
authorised to do electrical work under this
Ordinance to in anv manner Interfere with
the electrical wlrinc in any manner whatso
eier. Section 18. It shall be unlawful for any
company furnishing electric current. vto con
nect Its wtres to the wiring of any building
structure or resort without having first
obtained the written permission of the City
Electrician to do so.
Section 19 Any person, firm or corpora
tion who shall do. or attempt to da, elec
trical installation, or make service connec
tion, whether original work or alteration
without first obtaining a permit to do such
work, shall be deemed guilty of a misde
meanor, and upon conviction, shall be fined
as provided tn Section 2S of this Ordinance.
Section 36. Any occupant, agent or owner
of premises where electric wiring or elec
trical appliances are used, who shall prevent
or Interfere with the city Electrician In the
discharge of his duties, shell be deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon convlo
tlon shall be fined as provided In Section IS
of this Ordinance
Section tt The following inspection fees
shall be charged
i For wiring, whether open or con
cealed work lacta. each for the first ten
outlets, lo cts.. each fpr over ten and up
to twenty. 10 eta each for all outlets over
(b) For wiring arc lamps SO eta. each
for the first 10: and :i eta. each for all
over 10.
tc) For motors SO cts per horse power
or fraction thereof, provided the maximum
fee to be charged for each motor, shall not
exceed S3 SO.
.. C 1!or l,lcn.. "en's, outside decorative
llghta there shell be charged a fee of Si.M
plus IS eta, per ampere
(e) For fixtures or drops, 10 eta. each
for the first 10 and 5 cts.. each for all
over 1.
If) For temporary Installation of show
window exhibitions, r-omcntions and ths like,
there shall be charged a fee or 60 cts. for
each inspection.
g For each
nAvar So eta
connection for light
(b) For line work. 'JJ eta. per pole.
(1) For re-lnspectlng any over-head, un
derground or Interior wires or appliances,
there shall be collected one half of the fee
prescribed above.
(J) For the Inspection of electrical appara
tus for which no fee Is hersln prescribed,
or for any extra Inspection made necessary
by work being rejected on first Inspection,
an extra fee of fifty cts. per Inspection will
be charged. Such fees must be paid b-fore
the person, firm compan or corporation
doing such work vlll be granted another
permit to do electrical v.ork of anv kind
In said Cltr.
Section :- No permit shall be issusd for
less than 50 cent"
Section .1 Th. Cltv riler-trlolan shall
hae the superleiun i.f Ui installation of
all elc trleal wiring, connections and appli
ances In, on or about any building vacant
Ienver, Colo April 4 The Denver TTeat
ern league baseball club was sold today ts
Jf. I. Jones, former owner of the Lincoln
club. The consideration was not announced.
James C McGlll. formerly owner, will de
vote his entire time to the affairs o bis
Indianapolis American association club.
Both 3tcGtl! and Jones declined to tlls
russ details of the transfer, except to say
that Rebel Oakes would continue a mana
ger of the Denver club. Nothing could be
learned about the disposition of John Cof
fey, former Denver manager who resigned
Just before the close of the Hit ssason
lot. public place, street or slier In the Cltv
of En paso.
It shall be his duty to Inspect alt Inside
and outside electrical wiring In ths City of
BI Paso, whether telephone, telegraph, eler
trie light or power or other wiring, and to
report any unsafe conditions to the person
firm or corporations owning or controlling
the same. It shall be the duty of the Cltv
Kleetrielan to disconnect any electrical wir
ing, connections or appliances by pulling
the fuses or cutting the wiring, connections
or appliances by nulling the fuses or cutting
the wires controlling the same, whenever
such electrical wiling, connections or appli
ances shall have been found to be tn an
unsafe condition, and It shall be unlawful
for any person, firm or corporation to use
such eoulpment until It has been repaired
and approved bv the City Blectrlcian. pro
vided, however, that whenever such equip
ment has been found tr be tn an txnsate
condition, the City Blectrlcian shall give
or cause to be given tr the person, firm
or corporation owning or controlling th
same written notice thereof, end demand
that the same be repaired within the time
fixed by thr City Electrician, before dis
connecting the same, as herein provided
Section it The City Electrician shall
decide all questions pertaining to the in
stallation of Electric wlces and appliances
not otherwise provided for in this Ordinance.
Section 33. The following special Instal
lation rules shall be observed:
(a) Service entrance must In an casts
be at the nearest point to the nearest pole
from which, service will be rendered.
(b) Only one service each for light or
power will be allowed fn the same building
(c) No service wires shall be smaller
than No. 10 B & S Gauge.
Cd) All service wires must be of a ca
pacity of an branch circuits and each branch
circuit must be figured as If loaded to
(e) An servtce switches must hare a
capacity of not less than thirty f SO) amperes.
ff) Any lighting services of more than
thirty C30) amperes most be a three virs
eg) s-rvtng swuenes must net be placet
higher than seven feet six Inches or less
than six feet six Inches from the floor, ex
cept by special permission in writing from
the Cltv Electrician.
(h) All Meters must be grouped, and an
approved meter board most be installed for
each meter or groun of meters and. aach.
meter protected by switch and fuse:
(ll All KM re switches and fuse blocks
must be Installed tn approved njetal boxes
J) Service wires must extend at least
two feet out of eendnlet.
fk) Wires used as buss bars on branch
blocks must not be smaller than Ka. lit
HAS Range.
(i) ah neutral roses must be coppered
fm) Armroved metal Anklet Iiatm Tnnt
be Installed at all outlets.
tn) neater boards must not be lets than
two Inches thick,
to) The nee of armored cablA for rnn.
eealed work wfll not be approved unless In
stalled In such a manner aa to be readjlv
withdrawn and replaced at arty time with
out damage to walls, celling, floors or other
portions of the building.
p) AH wtres on tap of show windows
will be considered subieet to mechanical
Injury, and roust be placed to conduit.
fq) All attics and roof spaces shall be
bored out for knob and tube work.
r) The Capacity of all outlets In re'
dences shall be wired as follow-
Porch celling lights not less than to watts
reception bail ceiling llghtn not less than
40 watts living room and dining room
celling lights not less than 110 watts kitchen
celling lights not less than 0 watts, bath
room and bed-room ceiling lights not leas
than 40 watts and all bracket lights tor the
foregoing. 3e watta
() Exit lights shall be Installed In all
buildings requiring tiro escapes which are
occupied at night. These lights mast be on
separate circuit, or circuits connected on
the service side of main line, with only one
set of fuses between lights and the service
(t) Bell transformers must be Installed
In plain sight and readfly accessible.
(u) The Installation of wires in wooden
moulding will not be approved.
(v) Unfinished attics wfll not be consid
ered as accessible.
fw) Bxposed wires on side-walls must be
protected by rigid iron conduit-
tx) All crossover tubes most be at least
si Inches long.
(y) CfrenJar loom mast sot bs substi
tuted for pereelala.
Wlree mast be loomed tn partftlnns
with less than three inches clearance be
tween walls.
fl) Cord drops must not extend below
six feet from the floor, and must hang fres
from rosettes.
2) All sockets within eight feet of ex
posed metal ground, or in rooms or base
ments with concrete floors must be of porce
lain, or hang not less than eight feet from
the floor and bo controlled by a switch.
Section 3- The use of rigid conduit will
be reoulred for-
fa) All new wiring, and additions to. or
alterations of old, wiring within the follow
ing district:
Commencing at a point on the Bl9 Grand
Ttlver where. Third Street, if extended would
Intersect the Blver; thence along the centre
line of Third Street to a pomt where Third
Street intersects Florence St: thence in a
Northerly direction along the centre Una of
Florence Street to a point where Florenc
Street intersects Missouri Street: thence tn
a Westerly direction along the centre Una
of Missouri St.. to a point where Missouri
Street intersects Fisher Street: thence In av
Southerly direction along the centre lino of
Fleher Street to a point where Fisher Street
Intersects West Main Street: thence along
centre line of West Main Street to a point
where West Main Street Intersects Lcwtoe
Ave1 thence In a Southerly direction along
the centre line of Lowton Ave., to a point
where Lowton Avenue If extended would
Intersect tho Rio Grande Kiver: thence in
Southerlv direction along the meanders of
said river to the place of beginning.
(b) Wires in City, County and State build
ing. (c) Wires In theaters, schools, churches,
hospitals, lodge rooms or other places of nub
ile assembly.
fd) BuUdings In which there Is a store
Ce) Garage, cleaning works, machine shop-,
boiler rooms. In all factories, and in ail stor
age ware houses, and all hay or grain stor
ages. (f) Wires exposed to mechanical injury.
or flying combustibles.
(g) All servtce wires to points of distri
bution. th) Shew window wiring.
(0 Wires for signs, from service switch to
ooay or sign.
(J) All motor wlrinc
Wlres on metal ceilings: and In baser
(1) All apartment houses of four or more
m Wires on. or through the exterior
walls of buildings.
n) All wires In cold storage or packing
house plants, whioh must be run In approved
galvanised conduit, except In cold storage
o All exit lights.
Section :t. During each performance, a
licensed Klectrtdaa mast stand at stage
switchboard, or close enough to It. to be
able at all times to operate said board. .
The Licensed Electrician shell have tuft
charge of all electriclana traveling com
panies included, and must see at all times
that this Ordinance is enforced. He will be
held responsible for all electrical apparatus
used on the stage, and mnst not allow anv
unsafe apparatus to be used.
Commercial lamp cord must not be used
on the stage, except for low &Usge batterv
Section 3g, Any person, firm, or corpors
tlon wjio shall violate any of the provisions
of this Ordinance or who shall tall to com
ply with any of its requirements, shall be
deemed gallty of a misdemeanor, and shall
he subieet to a fine not lees than ton (Sl.oo
dollars, nor more than one hundred fS 100.00
dollars, and each and every day's continu
ance at any violation of the provisions of
this Ordinance, shall . constitute, and be
deemed a separate offance.
Section : This Ordinance ahall net re
peal the provisions of sny other existing
Ordinances of the City of BI Paso, except
eunh as are in direct conflict herewith, but
all Ordinances not In direct conflict here
with, shall be construed as catuuUtlve of
nnd in addition to the provjale-as ef this
flection SO. The fact that from improper
and unsuitable electrical work, already con
structed and being constructed and main
talned dally, danger constantly arises botU
to persons and property creates aa urt-encv
and emergency, and on account of the im
mediate preservation of public safety re
quiring that this Ordinance take effect at
once it is accordingly ordained that this
Ordinance shall take effect Immediately af
ter its passage, approval and publication as
In the Charter in suca eases made and
Passed and approved this 30th dsy of
March A D. 1H
Tom Lr-a
Ma or.
J. F
Dawson Citv Clerk.

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