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El Paso, Alpine and Sander
son School Pupils to
Enter Contest.
1 I Paso will-be represented tv a
i umber of Us m-!ioo1 student in the
innual Intel holiol.if.tlc contests to be
In lil at AuMm 'this spring L"l PaMJ.,
. one of tin- 1 districts Into which
ilie state has been diided. Hereto
inre the debaters and declalmers from
ihr Kl Paso liiKh ichool hae had no
ii .lis from this district, but this year
I'm achooW of Alpim- .md Sanderson,
TfiM In M a contest to select win
in rw to competi with the El I'aso
m hools fin the selection of district
iepresentati ps to k to Austin.
Notification of them qualified con
textants h.is bren lercited at the high
school hire .inii this has served to
jrieatlv stmiuUti the interest of the
local oturients Kl Paso will be rep
i merited by Chandler prude and Loch
II n "affc, of the hig-h school. The
si ttlimciit of a time and Place for the
iinUxt between the Alpine, Sanderson
ami 11 Paso students for the other
en tries has not jet been arranged.
Reliable Laxative
Relieved This Baby
Child was Badly Constipated Until I
Mother Tried Simple !
In spite of every care and attention
to diet, children are very apt to be
come constipated, a condition respon
sible for many ills in after life unless
promptly relieved
Mrs. C. vV Wilson, of Shelbyvllle,
Teiin . had trouble with her baby boy.
TVoodrow, until she heard of Dr Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin She wries, "I
can safely sai Dr Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin Is the best remed of its kind
on earth. It atts so gently and yet so
sureU. Little Woodrow was very badlv
constipated and we could find nothing I
that gave relief until we tried your I
Svrup Pepsin, which grave immediate
relief." !
Dr Caldwell's S rup Pepsin is a com
pound of simple laxative herbs, free
from opiates or narcotic drugs, mild In
nctlon, positive in effect and pleasant
to the taste It has been prescribed bv
IT. Caldwell for more than a quarter i
of a centurv and can now be had for !
fifty cents a bottle in anv well-stocked I fiee of tharge, n writing to Dr "W.
drug store. A trial bottle of Dr Cald- I B Caldwell. 454 Washington St, Monti
wells Srup Pepsin can tie obtained ticello. Illinois.
Thin Men and Women
Who Want to Gain Weight
Should Try At Once This
10 Days Flesh Building Test
Itrport finina t Kate uf Three to Hie
1'oundw A Meek In Mmiy In
stance. Kull Direction
Most thin, rundown men and women
on Id probably be triad to increase
thelf we lsr lit with ten to twenty-fle
pounds of (rood, firm eolid healthy
stay there flesh and fat if they be
lieved it possible to accomplish such
result br merely making the flesh
makinr materials In their daily meals
do a little more work than they are
dolns; now.
This ts i(l to b- the chief reason why
moit thin people do stay underweight. They
nro m constituted that they tall to folly as
i I ml la to the nourishment of their food, a
jTre-jt dal of whlrh pasoea from the body
un waste. Increase aaalm Illation to normal
and normal welcrbt follows as a matter of
If you are ten pounds or more under -w
eiM and believe thin can't b dono
In or ease, hrr la a aimple Inexpensive
and really harmless t ft that is well worth
First weig-h ourvMf Th"n with each
meal for ten dof and ach night as you s;o
to bed tak" h. single HarfrM tablet. Then
welfh yourself again and let the scales tell
the story.
Har&rol nay not larreas your weight as
much as one pound a day bat with what
ever Increase In your weight may be shown
v nu ran deeldn what Its continued une for
few wfks further may be able to do for
0 Us as i 1
Golden State Limited
This Train Has Always Been and Slill Is Ihe
Premier Train of
The Southwest
Recently added all steel, electric lighted Observation-Club and Dining Cars
have been pronounced by experts "the last word" in passenger equipment,
and greatly adds to the comfort and pleasure of your trip.
Roberts-Banner Blag.
l e furnish Full equipments, ft as run teed Tlrst Class. Get Oar rpeclal prices.
r. O. ilox 33 rhunc 43S. 101-303 So. BI so Street.
Setter sreparel than erer to serre our
Ffcoae 84a.
KUIott Chess Is the high schools bo
representatUe and rn Ills Lorls the
girl representative in the high school
declamation contest. Howard Derrick,
of Alpine, and Lulu Cotter, of Alpine.
are their rivals Carl Schwartz, of
the Lamar school, is El Pasos repre
sentative for the boi-' gTade school
declamation contest and Emmie heat
lev, of Lamar school, for the Blrle
Their rivals are Girard Garrett, of
Alpine, and Zula Ross, of Sanderson
So far. El l'aso has not selected a
spelling representative. Lyton Coch
ran and Sybil McKee. of Sanderson,
are the other contestants for this po
sition. (
Alpine rend Sanderson hae no tennis
entries. El Paso has Lawrence Sheay
In the ninnies and Errold Lapowski
and llruce Bevan in the doubles. All
are 'from the high school
El I'aso has as yet no track meet
entries but Verna Richardson, of Al
pine, Is entered in the contest for the
high and, broad jumps and Earl Kin?,
of Sanderson, for the 100-yard dash.
A. O. Alexander is the director of
the El Paso county entries. J. II. Con
nor is the director from Sanderson
and Miss Una Jackson, of Alpine
ivoodiiuw wilson
mi .itroI do mt tf ltnif mak fat
)ut onittng of a ulendldlv balanced
nmhination of ansimilatlve aids and flesh
Itulldlng agents It mixes with your meals
for the. purpose of roakinr it easier for
our blood to accept their strength, flesh
and fat -making nosrishnunt and turn It
Into strength, flesh and fat upon your body
A preat many people ha gladly told
that It succeeds There are many reports
llks the folio win jr. "I hae increased IS
pounds In less than a month." wrote a man
from Colorado. Another man who said he
had been losing- over a pound a week and
w.i under Its pounds, pained two pounds
the first week taking; Sarrol and "been
valnlnr ever since" Last report over 170
round. Better than IS pound i BTaln. A
ady from St. Louis wrote. "J lave rained
Jt pounds and am still Falnlne' Sargrol
at a rule should be taken 30 days er mere
where rHUIts like shore are desired.
The tablets are smalt easily swallowed,
prodeoa no disagreeable effects, contain no
habit druca. are harmless and not at all
expensive as compared, with results said to
be obtained.
NOTE Sarcrol. referred to above Is well
known as a flesh builder to A. E. Ryan, as
well as many other of the leading? local
druggists who furthermore sell it on the
positive guarantee, as found in each large
package, of satisfactory weight Increase or
money back. In view of this liberal offer
and the harmless nature of the remedy, tt
would seem that all who desire Increased
weight should be glad to give this method
a trial Advertisement.
Phones 594-5851
customers pronipMr an efflelenUr.
1510 C. Missouri
Ruler Without a Country is
Pathetic Figure in His
Isolated Retreat.
Aedypsos, Lubes, Greece. April 4
The spot where king reter of Servia
is 'Katherlns; strength to march again
t at the head of his men," as he puts it,
I .ii.. k- nr .. n,.k k..h
might be one
Sllim.L . ,.. v. .( V.TI VUUIlli
the Greek church
monasteries on
Mt ;i.ho. for .ill
the touch it has with the rest of the
I world. iNever easj of access. Aedjpsos
in winter is completely cut off save
I for the intermittent services of a
Greek government tug; which runs from
I Stylle, on the main land opposite, to
I Aedypsos on the island of Eubea.
Nothing couiu lie lonelier than the
life of the king without a country
His suite consists of three of his
countrymen: big genial Col Todoro
vitch, his aid de camp, black bearded,
silent Capt Jukanovitoh, his secretary,
and Jolly old Dr Simonovltch. the
rojal physician. In addition, there are,
on behalf of the Greek goernment.
Lieut. Kolokotronls and Sergt Koressl
and 20 Greek policemen And that is
all. The little collection of summer
villas and summer hotels grouped
around the hot springs of Aedpsos are
empty. Their windows are boarded up.
Dcndly Monotony.
The routine of each of (lie king's
days is in deadly monotony. Stegularly
as punctual as any clock, he rises at
half past three every morning, takes
his alkaline bath, and returns to bed
until half past four. At five his day
begins "the habits of a campaigner,"
he says apologetically "I suppose I
am too old to change'" He goes over
the newspapers and reports that are
sent to him, answers letters when
there are any to answer, and reads such
communiques of the progress of the
war as reach him bv telegraph.
"I wish people would write so legibly:-'
he complains. "Their letters
are so quickly read'"
Maps of Servia are in a heap at one
side The old king clears his throat
and slowlj rises Leaning on his cane,
he hobbles to the trunk on which the
maps of his country lies piled. Ills
trembling, eager fingers unfold them
and spread them out one b one. above
the others, covering over, blotting out
the maps of all the rest of the world.
Goes Over Other Days.
"I ah I was just thinking last night
about the little skirmish at CuprUa,
you remember, BersllaV" he says to
Col. Todorovitch. "TJiere was a hill
over there, and the road went up this
way." But he does not look at the
map. And his blind old eves could
not make It out if he did. He needs
no map, it is all there. In his head is
is every battle, every regiment. ever
shape of ground or turn of waterway,
the very nam. a of the men who fought
and the vil ages they came from.
Adroitly he leads the others Into a
discussion that regenerates the long
row of days of triumph and despair
that have made his life.
Slowly he leads the talk around from
" pasi to uie iuture "Now, you see,
he says, "we could send 20,000 men up J
Liier anu two divisions over here.
from this direction Th FVnoh A-.ri !
send six divisions and eight batteries
! of InrA lnili olin. . I.... i
-- -"" " ". ..win Heir lu uerc
And the British, by making a wiae
detoui " And he fumbles oer the
map he cannot see, asking Capt. Juk
anovltch to point out the place and
that, concentrating his men, himself
again leading his worn and ghostly
legions to the reconqueet of the llb
ertr of Serrla. i
The color comes In his high boned
cheeks, his strident -olce the voice
of a deaf man, who shouts always
echoes through the empty rooms and
corridors or the hotel. Outside, the
ureek nolloeman mHk i,n a a
In the warm winter sun. stops under !
... uk" winnows ana listens. 'Vn
eonqueredr" he ays to himself, short
ly. .And he presents arms.
Biilldlnr IVrmils.
iiF'irf M- Ter. to auk chaoses st
SV.47 s,t: estlmsted cost S3
T. Oeorjre W. Shsrp t. bulM a four room
eert'VstV' mrm "r"t: "3
To H. I. Rtuhlnc to make chanres n.1
ast ,?. KoHh onD "-"'
To Perry-Klrkpstrick company to build a
'Meeplnc porch on building on Iota 7 and
ti Stvena addition, estimated coat
To Perry-Klrkpatrtck companv to build
a easoltnr station In rear of Trl-Htat Motor
company buildlnc. estimated cost II SO
..Tm. V . df""1- extend to sidewalk
bnlldlnp at 4l Booth Stanton street, esti
mated cost ;
Peed. Hied.
B.i'if ,n.O"hrd Park sddtlon John
Bellec and wlf. to O. E. Stevens lots 2t
ft li,J,ik .',' .rch"d Park, considera
tion J7M. April 1. 1M.
Northwest corner of Montana and Jeffer
son Hfreetft tZttvmmwt, ixtn .
------ - ----..u... ui company io
; wSr 'OU " "nd " blo:k Oovern-
rtortn side of Mmunt street between
Grama and Coiia streetsA. De I-atte to
- ". !. is i ana i, oiock r.5. East
EI I'aso; consideration t2J: March 2 191'!
Xorth side of Altura boulevard, west of
Dyer street Pmnk II Hadlnek and W. r
I'orlcr to Lillian C. Ilussell lots :o ;i and
!;.'k Westlyn Heights, consideration
110) March 8. 1U.
North side of Vlacoffln avenue, between
Brown and S'ewman streets William
Rhflinheliner an! wife to George r Pay!
lots U and JE. block 8! Kranklin Heights!
consideration J50tl, April 1. Ul.
Automobiles LirrnrI.
SOS Dr. J. r. Dysart Morcbouse build
Ing: nevsn pa&senger Page.
..5? Trl-8tate funcretc company. 801
Mills building; Hnpmoblle truck
Ms J. lu Fraxler. ll Alameda aenui.
seven passenger Hupmoblle.
. Albert f Elar. Cll California
street: five pass-nger Ford.
S9 II. L. Sawyers, CanSitlllo; two pass
enger Ford.
S7 II. K Stafford (reaened 1
5701 Drs. Paget and Blair, Roberts-Banner
bellding; five passenger Dodge.
Licensed lo Med.
Otto O. Pltx, to Ruth E Culwel!
Jose Oonsales and Josefa Pontes.
Xartado Abraham to Ztnep Restum
J. L Acives to Refugia A. Castaneda
Clarence M. Hunter to Ella M. Jackson.
II. A. Thome to Mary Laud
Waddus Addison to Minnie Thomas.
Leltoy Downs to Nellie Stewart.
, Deaths.
Ramon Olivas. 1101 Tays street. April 5.
aged seven months, burial Concordia ceme
tery. April 4.
Jeeu Ortiz. 11)14 South Stanton street;
April 3. aged si ears. burial Concordia
cemetery April 3
II. 8 Boyd, eruptive hospital, April S.
aged 31 years, burial Contordla cemetery,
April 3.
Helen Irene Major. 11:3 North Oregon,
April 3. aged 3 years, burial Artesla, N. M.
Theresa Coggln. 705 Arizona street. April
2, aged 30 eara. burial Matagorda, Texas.
Birth Ilojs.
To Mrs Jesus Csatenada, 3151 TVest
Ninth strict, March 31
Blrllis !IrI.
To Mr Manuel Castillo, 110 Florence
street. April J
A dollar saved by buying goods pro
duced elsewhere Is a dollar thrown at
our neighbor's birds.
amtas is the name applied to the modern oilcloth. For Walla,
Table", or SheUes. White and Colored. 25c a Ynrd.
210-212 If. Stanton St.
Organization Is Effected
and New Teacher Elected
The Election Totals.
j c WorthinKton, W. TV Mayfiolil
and" 3cott C White, elected school
trustees at Saturday's election, to suc
"T. nh.ri L. Hollidai. Dr. J. A.
Pickett and Crawford Harvie. were
! in.iiu.tori into office at a special meet-
I -.. - - . , . ... .. .
Ing of the school board Monday night,
after the returns had been canvassed
and they were ueuiaicu ciecieu.
The new members were sworn in by
president E. M. Whltaker.
The retiring members, with the ex
ception of Mr. Holliday, were present.
The elction of officers followed the
swearing in of the new members. E
M Whitaker was reelected president:
a' L Hawlej. vice president: S. J.
Freudenthal, secretary: and F. E. Saw
yer, assistant secretary.
Committees Xamtd.
President Whltaker announced com
mittees as follows:
External committee C B. Stevens,
TV. D. Mayfield, J. C. Worthlngton.
Finance committee A. L. Hawley,
Scott C. White and S. J. Freudenthal.
Pageant committee S. J. Freuden
thal, Scott C White and C. B. Stevens.
The various committees will select
their own cnalrmanl
The action of the pageant committee
in awarding the contract for the build
ing of the stage In the stadium to
J. F. Woodyard, Jr.. at J590, was ap
proved. Competitive bids were asked
and Mr. Woodyard's bid was the low
est of three" submitted.
The external committee was re
quested.tc, make an examination of the
new spiral Are oseapes at the school
houses and, if found satisfactory, to
order the bill for their instalatlon
Teacher Resigns.
The resignation- of Miss Marv Gou
lah as teacher of Spanish in the high
school Van accepted and Alberto VI
cartl was elected In her place
I.iuuicn vuhoji n ucbiv janiLui, wnu
, has worked for the schools for 12
j ears, was allowed half pay during
The official figures of Saturday's 1
election, aner tne canvass Jionda
night, were announced as follows: J.
C Worthlngton. 601: W. D. Mayfield,
430. Scott C. White. 484; 1L L. Hollidav.
181, Crawford Harvie, 1: H. Ware, 4;
Herbert Ward, 169; R. Ward. 1: H. M.
Walker, 4: J. R. Burton. 1, J. H. Har
per, 1: C. H. Webster. 2; J W. Peak. 1:
H Welech, 1. C II. Coles. : S. E.
Hughes, 4.
Hood's Marsapnrllla, a Sprlnc Tonic
Medicine, is Necessary.
Everybody is troubled at this sea
son -with loss of vitality, failure of
appetite, that tired eelinff, or with
bilious turns, dull headaches, indi
gestion and other stomach trouh.es.
or with pimples and other eruptions I
"" iub ibic Aiiu uuui. iiib reanun in
tnat. " blood is Impure and Impov-
ioo s
Sarsaparllla relieves all
these ailments. It Is the old reliable
medicine that has stood the test ot
forty years. that makes pure, rich,
red blood that strengthens every
organ and builds up the whole sys
tem. It is the all-the-year-round
blood-pudlfler and healtlt-glver. It
embodies the careful training, experi
ence, and skill of Mr. Hood, a phar
macist for fifty years, in Its quality
and power to cure.
Ask your druggist for It today. Adv.
If Too Fat Get
More Fresh Air
Lack of fresh air it Is said weakens
the oxygen carrying power of the blood,
the liver becomes sluggish, fat accumu
lates and the action of many of the vital
organs are hindered thereby. The heart
action becomes weak, work Is an effort
and the beauty of the figure is de
stroyed. Fat put on by Indoor life Is unhealthy
and If nature Is not assisted In throw
ing it off a serious case of obesity may
When you feel that you aro getting
too stout, take the matter in hand at
once. Don't wait until your figure has
become a Joke and your health ruined
through carrying around a burden of
unsightly and unhealthy fat.
Spend as much time as you possibly
can in the open air: breathe deeply, and
get from Kelly & Pollard, the People's
Drug Store or any druggist a box of
oil of koreln capsules; take one after
each meal and one before retiring at
Weigh yourself every few days and
keep up the treatment until you are
down to normal. OH of koreln is ab
solutely harmless. Is pleasant to take,
helps the digestion and oven a few
days treatment has been reported to
show a noticeable reduction in weight.
This veteran. S B.
7.amphere. was addict
ed to the excesblve
use of tobacco for
many years. He want
ed to quit but needed
something to help
He learned of a free
book that tells about
tobacco habit and how
to conquer it quickly.
easily and safely. In a recent letter he
-writes: "I have no desire for tobacco any
more I feel like a new man."
Any one desiring a copy of this book on to
bacco habit smoking and chewing, can get
it free, postpaid, by writing to Edward J.
.. - IC1 T Olallnn 17 '. Vftrk rMtv
nuw i ' -. " ... . ...... ...-..- .-..,,.
Tou will be surprised and pleased. Look
for ejuleter nerves, stronger neart. Better m
cestlon. Improved eyesight increased vigor,
longer life and other advantages It you quit
poisoning yourself. Adv.
To Avoid Dandruff
You do not want a, alow treatment
when hair is falling and the dandruff
germ Is killing the hair roots. Delay
means no hair.
Get, at any drug store, a bottle of
zemo for 25c or J1.00 for extra large
size. Use as directed, for it does the
nark quickly. It kills the dandruff
Kerm, nourishes the hair roots and im
mediately Btops itchlnr scalp. It Is
sure and safe. Is not greasv, Is easy
to use and will not stain. Soaps and
shampoos are harmful, as they contain
alkali. The best thing to use Is zeino,
for it is pure and also lnexpensn e.
Zemo. Cleveland.
Phones 205-206.
Exclusiveness HA VE MADE
On Our
Cream Walnut Kisses
25c The Lb.
sorr cutter cncAJi easter eggs.
Should Always go to
When you want the best Wines,
Liquors and Lunch Goods.
Phone 1C5.
520 N. Stanton.
B. TOM SSllTn. 3ICr.
AH new. five end seven-passenBer ;ara
11.50 and 5.00 per nour No Fords.
Day or Nlicht. 3:: Mesa Ave.
Herald Want Ads
Bring Results
-Try One find He Conrlnced.
(J kw
T sssTrkLl 'IJasstTsJI JjIa "" " ")r
H T iX ,ssssssfl 111. ih I
V '
r, r
Ml - jjj
J 19JL
- to - Wear Section
See the New Arrivals For
One is in beautiful reseda green of Georgette crepe. Fancy basque em
broidered all over with gold lace. New bell sleeve. Skirt made full
at waist line with embroidered French tunic Many dJiQ --fl
others just as beautiful. They are selling at V v Jr
An exquisite model from th:s' lot is a handsome combination of tan and
midnight blue of Georgette crepe vfUi long basque effect with embroid
ery of contrasting colors. The collars and cuffs are pin pleated.
The fancy belt Js very effective. The price will ap- 3C A A
peal as strongly as the garments themselves PJJuJJ
-p at $49.75 and $59.75 are so strikingly
J. OS sDOITLS su88e5t-ve - Everybody's that you will
&,, AAV fcfc4 -- recognjze their exclusiveness at a glance.
We call attention to one model in this lot which comes in fancy im
ported faille in a beautiful shade of new green. It is made in the full
flare sport style with straps, collar and belt trimmed in champagne
broadcloth. The skirt is gathered from the waistline rf g? Q J ?
in full flare effect. A choice showing of these suits at v) J Zf i J
One in this group suggests itself as a smart dressy semi-fitting mode!
showing the new French back with cord tassel from the waistline. The
jacket and skirt are both trimmed in
front and back. These novelties
Fresh From Our Work Room
50 New
Trimmed Hats
Sailors, large and small, with
bonnets of the newest shapes,
styles with the most desirable
All trains arrive and depart from Union
station, foot of San Francisco street. All
arrivals ana departures clrea in 1 Taso or
mountain standard time.
For Albuquerque, Denrsr, Chlcace. "
Anreln No. SIS Irs. :6 a. m.; No. 'HO
at p. m.
From Albuquerque. Denver. Les Anstles.
Chicago No. IDS arra, 19 a. m.: No. IIS
at 6.SS p m.
(Western Division.)
For Arizona and California No. 1 Ira.
".55 p. m.: No. 7. at 7:41 p. vs.
From Arizona and Cslltornla No. t arrs.
Us.; No. 4 at 1 10 p. m.
(Eastern Division.)
For Kansas City. St. Louis and Chlcaf o
No 4 Ivs. 1 55 p m ; No. 2. at 4:4S p. tn.
Tor Tuenmcarl No. Irs. 7 a. m.
From Chlcairo. St. Louis and Kansas City
No. 1 arrs. I II a. ra.; No. S at 1:0 p. ra.
From Tucumcarl No. 7 arrlres 7-S p. tn.
G. II. t 8. A. AND 8. P. TRAINS.
Tor San Antonio. New Orleans and 'Wash
ington No. HI Ira. !.5 a. m.: No. 10 at
10 10 p. ra.
From Washington. New Orleans and San
Antonio No. S arrs. J: JO p. m.: No. lJJ at
10 p. m.
! or Arizona ana uauiorni i-n .
I V, a. m . No. at p. m.: No. 11 at
I 1016 p. m
I From Arizona and Calltornla No. 101
aris 1,30 a. m.; No. 3 at 4:19 p. m.; No.
10 at 10 p. m.
; For Dallas and St. Louis No. . Its. :ls
e. m.: No. 4, at 7 p. m.
! From St. Louis and Dallas No. arrs.
1:15 a. m.; No S at :S - to.
TJj-i s-stty-tilBf i-ahtAssJ4
f No fffular Bcnedoie.
IIICKOK HOTEL and auto llne Eagle, N.
M. Trips to Elephant Butte and Palomas
fcprlngs. Cars meet all trains.
LAKE VALLET. Hlilsboro and Kingston
aute stage and express line meets all trains
at Lake Valley Wlrs at ray expense for
special trips anywhere at any time. Rates
rea-onable. r. W. Mister. Illllsooro. N. M.
SILVER CITT-MOGOLLON stage line, one
way S7.50; round trip Sis Stanley steamer.
1! passenger car. Wire or writ for reserva
tion. Eight years" experience Mogellon road.
Frank Townsend, P. O. Box 703. Phone 4.
Silver City
BOSIVELL-CARRIZOZO mall line. Passen
ger service leaving both Roswell and Csrrt
zozo dally and Sunday at a. m. for Pica
rho Tlnnle. Hondo. Lincoln. Ft. Stanton,
Capltan and NogaL Throagh (are one way.
JS 40 Intermediate points at So per mile.
Baggage carried up to 17S pounds. t
pounds free. Excess at le per pound. Ros-
well AUIO m owners anu uvciauni.
express 11ns. Automobiles leave Alamogordo
for Roswell at 10 IB a m arrive at Roswoll
at 0 SO p. m 'Westbound automobile leave
Roswell for Alamogordo at 7.00 a. m. Arrive
at Alamogordo at 4 15 p. m. Stops are mads
at the following points. Plcacho. Tlnnle,
Hondo. San Patricio. Glen Coe. White Mt.
Inn. Mescalero. Bent. Tularosm. La Lux.
Through (are one way 110. Intermediate
points SO per mile. Twenty-five pounds
baggage carried tree. Excess lc per pound.
Alamogordo Oarage. Alamogordo. N. M.
OLOBE TO PHOENIX Eight hours. Via
Roosevslt dam. Leaves Dominion hotel.
Globe, dally, 8:10 a. m. Arrive Phoenix 4:I
D. m. Fare SIS. Make reservations to. ad
vance. U!!a Valler Auto Stags Line, Globe,
d in marabout. Yoke (j A Q 7 C
priced ytkU.iD
marabout. Yoke
straight and roll brims. Poke
trimmed in this season's best
trimmings in the colors you
EL P.VM)-CLIT Wheeier car leaves C .nt
for El Paso dally. Including Sunday at t II
a. m. Returning to Clint the car leaves
The Herald office at S 30 p. in. Express
and parcels carried.
BIO SPRINGS, Lamesa. Tex.. Au.o L.ns
leaves Big Springs dally except Sunday at
1 II a m.. arriving Lamesa la Soash a-d
Sparenberg. at 12 noon, return'ng to B.
Springs saus day at & p. m. S3 63 one war.
SC 00 ronnd trip. Cordill : Smith, Props,
Bur Springs. Tex.
EL PASO-LA MESA auto line, upper va ,e
nest side. Herald delivery leaves Hcraid c(
flee each week day at 4 p. m. Fares fnoi
El Paso to the following pclnra are as lo .
lows: CaBUtltlo. 7Sc; La Union s'tre. 31 ;
Chamberlno. SLIS; La Mesa. ILt C r
leaves La Mesa, for El Paso at 3 a. m. 3: y.
Telephone 343. Lx Mesa, S SI III Hew) .
LAS CRCCES anto line, for UeslHa va, er
points, leaves Herald office each week day
at 2. IS p. xn. Farea from El Paso to Can.,
tlllo, 75e; Anthony. 11.00 Ben no 313:
Vado. 11.88: Meaqulte. 31.75 M-sl a Pa-k.
32.00; Laa Craeea 33 00 Leaver 0 - j r s
News Stand. Phone Ho. (or LI lose, u t
p. m. aauy.
TULAnOS-V-MESCALEBO autoTtlves Tu a"
rosa for Moacalero. dally. 33 "ound np. rare
to Ahunegorde 33. D. W. Shoemaker A.'s
Line. Tularosa, N. M.
MARPA-FORT DAMS auto mall line leav a ,
Fort Davis dally and Sundays Un. Lea
Jiarxa 3 p. m one wav j. r v t y
31.00. a W. Davis. Prop.
BLACK RANGE auto stage and express line,
passenger service leaving Engla and Ch r
Ide daitr except Sunday at 7 a. m. for E e
phant Butte, Cuchlllo. Willow Spr'ngs a-i4l
rmirview -inrougn rare one wry ss t3"c
mediate points. lOo per mile. Baggage car.
rled SO pounds free, excess 3 cents per
DUNCAN-SOLOMONV1IAE anf. -not e go
line. Save one day between t,ioto asi C
ton. Leave Duncan, 8 30 a. m .rr e s
emonvllle 11.00 a. m. Leaie So oicn- s
11'4S a. m.: arrive Duncan :ur g Fi e
each way 16.00. R. L. Reld. manager L-n.
can. Arlsona.
FABENS-CLINT-EL PASO au-oxnob!.e stags
line. See the lower valley a'.d enj y a real
good fide Round trip f,irn t t '3
Fabtns Jl 7S. Automobili- li i , - I i .
Herald office each evening exrept Suad-ys
at 3 o'clock and returns to E, Paso a f
o'clock. Make reservations at The Hera d
auto, leaves Lordsburg dally 1pm via
Tvrone: leaves Sller Citv dallv S A m j
Tyrone Through fare one way 3" ro odii'5'
32 00, round trip 33 00 Sco't Parage L-!s-burg.
N. M Broadway Hctcl, tiuver C ty.
N. M.
OI1EGO-BCENA M8TA ao r- , e"
Every day except 8undas nro v.ra w y
IlfKNA VISTA-GRAND F l LS aut . i " f
line, U9mvvm nueiui ii.n v A v i 1
Cl-snd stlltl 1 n m Vnra , at ,-.. 2
C O. Humble. ProprlettT
Herald Want Ads
Bring Results
Try One end Be Convinced.

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