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FWF nflTH IM i iff OTIU JL 1,1,1? Jl 1LM MRmM ZINESSOll"'E''E
Forced to Land in Chocolate Pass to Avoid a Collision
With Eocky Cliff; Machine so Laden With Sleet and
Snow, Impossible to Rise ; Mexicans Friendly arid
Want Villa Caught; Ge tting Good Lessons.
l.xppdltlon U. S. Army. nar Nueva
mas Grande. Mexico. April lv-.
i!v truik train to Columbus, N. M.
Aiml 3.) Two of the atrplanlBta oper
.iime flying; machines in connection
with this expedition between these
iir-ad.ii.sirtern and the advanced base
" .N.trulqutp had an experience, thrll
Hiir In tnc extreme and one which they
nill rctnemo.-r long after the object
' the expedition lias been achieved.
Illlnded Ily Snon.
'I lie iillot and an officer as observer
r, making their way back from
- mlquipa to field headquarters yes-
i day through a most violent storm
r wind, rain, snow and sleet and had
u hi-d a point abqut half way through
' ii'uolate Pass when a sudden rift
Miuwea ine machine speeding head on
nito the face of an almost perpendicu
ir rliff not more than a quarter of a
i ile alu .id
Saved In Ilare Time.
linih men saw their danger at the
un. moment and shouted to each other
I lie pilot, who was at the wheel, with
i .it presence of mind, with less than
h i If minute to spare, turned abrupt-
ine ngni. ana. aippine at the
-un.- time, dropped below the storm
i l'Mij and found a safe landing place
'uiihin a mile or two of a small col
leiiinn of huts occupied by Mexican
Marhlnr. Ire Kncuniherrd. Italia.
Th. machine was so filled with snow
Din slot that It could not be made to
rise .iK.un and the flyers were com
illd io seek shelter with the Meii
.ans till the storm blew Itself out
nd the machine could be dried out.
Thty were treated with marked con
sidi ration by the farmers, who gave
inem xooa ana insisted upon tnelr oc-
up j ine the best beds In tue Houses.
This morning: the farmers sent messen
K'T to headquarters with notes from
ilu m la tors asking that help be sent
Near Being Dashed to Death.
'It ! an experience I do not care
to repeat," said the captain, aa he re
' ounted the details of the trip after
reaching camp tonight. "We were as
near death as we ever were too near
for comfort; another half minute and
we would have been dashed against the
face of an almost perpendicular cliff,
which would have meant the destruc
tion of the machine and the falling of
iiurmhea a distance of from 1000 to
1500 feet.
d Worst Storm ire Ever Saw.
"The storm was the worst I have
eer experienced since I have been In
the aviation service. The snow and
Meet was so thick that we seemed to
he traveling In the blackest kind- of
night and we were almost frozen In
spite of our heavy clothing. Oar es-i-fipe
was miraculous and can be as-
rihed only to the pilot's quick wit and
his cool nerve."
LrSBOns For risers.
Speaking of the lessons to he learned
from traversing the air in this cam
paign, ("apt. (deleted said "We are
l"irnir ttidni thinsrs about air navi
nation v, tikli
or onl knew
making many notes of our experience,
whloh we hope will be looked upon
with favor by those In command of
the airplane section of the service as
the basis of Improvements In the ser
vice In future.
Condition Differ From Sea Level.
"Airplanes to be used at this alti
tude and in this semi-arid country
should be equipped much more thor
oughly than are the machines used
at sea level or in sections of the coun
try more densely populated.
"In this country, where the days are
hot and the nights cold, we are In
need of a greater variety of clothing
for one thing. We find, too, that the
great heat which is generated during
the day causes currents of air which
we do not find while flying at sea
Wind Are Violent.
"The warm air rising through some
of the deep canyons caused violent
winds to blow at heights when there
Is perfect calm on the surface. We
occasionally drop into pockets which
almost take our breath away "before
we can resume control of the machine,
a thing which only very rarely occurs
when Hying at lower levels. This
campaign Is teaching us many things
which will be of great value to the
aviation corps of the army, if they are
taken to heart by those in authority."
Natives Very Friendly.
The captain gave It as his opinion
that the natives in the rural districts
were becoming very friendly toward
the Americans and welcomed them if
tlfiy came simply to restore peace to
the land and not for the purpose of
'Those people with whom we stopped
last night wore at first rather Inclined
to look upon us with suspicion." said
he. "However, when we paid them or
offered to pay them for the food, they
began to warm up and to ask us ques
tions regarding the intentions of the
Americans In this particular expedi
tion. Want Vllln Cnptured.
"When we told them that we were
Intent only upon punishing Villa for
his wanton attack upon Columbus, they
declared themselves tired of war and
said they hoped we wonld catch Villa
and any others who were keeping the
country In turmoil. Wherever I have
had opportunity to meet the common
people. I have found the same senti
ment prevailing. I am Inclined to be
lieve the masses of that portion of
Mexico where we have been seen and
where our motives are understood are
not Inimical to us."
SLr Airplane Operating.
Of the eight airplanes brought into
the country when this expedition
crossed the International line, six are
still In commission and rendering great
service in the matter of securing In
formation regarding the whereabouts
of the enemy and In carrying mes
sages from thn extreme front to head
quarters and to the border. One of.
the machines covered the 116 miles
between Columbus and headquarters.
this morning In one hour and ten min-
utes. linuiiicr ten minutes from tho
neer Jtnew before bpst r cord for the distance hitherto
theory and "We are nade pincf tho campaign opened.
(Continued from pace 1.)
win's wornout squadron had reached
the s'reets in which the vanguard
w ere fighting and the battle became
n ial
The main body of bandits fled while
tin r-ar guard attempted to check
the Americans. When the batxttta,
inally dismayed at the losses inflloted
in ine fight at the corrals and in th
vtntts. took to their heels. Col. Er-w-in.
after having made sure no armed
men were accreted in the houses and
lacals of the village, took the trail
f the flying bandits and followed
them for fle hours, or till they had
disintegrated Into parties of two and
tin re and had practical! v disappeared
from the face of the earth.
A Splendid Charge.
The battle Is described as one of
'he most dashing charges in which
ihe American cavalry has engaged
Mine the civil war. Tired as the men
iif n.'. a result of a long day and
night ride, they were so keen for ac
tion that when they heard the first
-hot fired at the vanguard It rode
into the straggling streets of San Ger-
in "no. the main body could not be
ii-ir.iin.d, though they took all the
' Mar precautions against being
aiiKht in a trap, as they rushed into
Mi' tillage streets to rescue their fel
1ms of the vanguard.
So midden was the appearance of
Vrwln'e gallant boys of the Seventh
lhat e. hoes of the cry "Tjob gringoes!
I .of gringoes!" with which the out
post Karned the sleeping bandits,
on. .si ill be heard aa the peaked
hats of the troopers showed through
the dawn which was just beginning
to streak the eastern sky.
Duel of Mnuaer and Springfield.
There was no time tor challenges nor
ativ deposition on the part of the as
sailant or assailed to make any in
lulriex uk to the cause of the early
morning call of the American troop-
rs on their big, thoroughly tired
Shot answered shot aa Mauser and
Springfield entered into controversy
for the first time on Chihuahua soli.
The VUUstaa at first showed a dispo
sition to make a stand aa they gath
ered, mounted, after the first shock
of the attack.
F.liseo Hernandes was In command
and did his beat to inspire the bandits
with confidence but he waa not Villa
and wh n he fell mortally wounded,
his men soon broke and began the
retreat which was so soon to prove
a rout
Vllllsta Swept as Chaff.
Erwin's men advanced from all
fides and their advance waa not to be
Erwin was so inconsiderate as to
give the bandits no time In which to
,-atber up their bedding, much less
to load their pack mules with ammuni
tion, food and other eupplies and all
this fell into the hands of the Ameri
cans, including a lot of sorebacked
pack animals.
While the whole army rejoices over
the brilliant achievement of the Sev
enth cavalry officers and men, that
organization is particularly enthusias
tic as the San Geronlmo exploit will
go far tontone for the disaster which
overtook the regiment at Little Eig
Horn under Custer.
Villa Serloualy Wounded.
From prisoners taken. It was learned
that Villa's wounds were serious and
that the disabled leader was taken to
the home of friends In the mountains
tor afe keeping till he could recover
-' ffieiently to again take the field.
if tin hiding place has been disclosed
' I'o Ainiricjii commanders the fact
i" not in ide public bv the military
ai'th.iiitu' icmow of the field re-
I vealed bodies of 00 dead Villlstas. The
number of wounded Is not reported.
There are Blx American columns
now operating in the soufh central
portion of the state of Chihuahua pre
senting a front of probably 75 miles
wide. These columns are so disposed
that they are raking this entire width
as might be done with a fine tooth
Combing the Mountains.
To Col. Dodd has been assigned the
task of searching the difficult passes
of the Sierra Mad res from Nueva Ca
sas Grandes to lladera and farther
south through and on each side of
the valley of the Itlo Santo Tomas,
If It may be found necessary to pro
secute the search for Villa further.
Under CoL Dodd's command are two
squadrons of the Tenth cavalry under
Col. Brown and Major Evans, respect
ively and a squadron of the Seventh
rax airy, the squadron which made the
fight at San Geronlmo.
In adltion, there are operating as In
dependent organisations two troop of
tlie Thirteenth and Tenth under Maj.
Tompkins; a squadron of the Thir
teenth, under Maj. Lindpley. and a pro
visional squadron made up of picked
men of the Eleventh caialry. under
-aj. xjowze
Operating I'nr Kantwnrd.
Tompkins. Llndsley and Howie are
operating on the eastern slope of the
Sierra Mad res as far east as the west
ern edge of the valley through which
the Mexican Central runs.
It Is not believed now that Villa
can escape. His followers are becom
ing demoralised because of the con
stant vigilance exercised bv their
pursuers. Their every move" seems
to become known to the Americans
through the activltv of uvuit, at-
ships and cavalrymen and this cease
lessness Is getting on the nerves of
the bandits It is something they are
not used to
Evidence I being given every day
that the natives have lost their first
rear of the Americans and are coming
to regard them as friends and acting
This circumstance ie having a de
moralising effect upon those who
sympathize with Villa and Is costing
him many prospective recruits.
Two stockades have been begun in
what Is termed bv the soldiers the
suburbs of Columbus." That the wire
and timber has all been hauled out into
the suburbs" is corroborated from a
number of sources.
Nobody seems to know where the
stockades will rear their posts and
barbed wire above the yellowed sand.
Incomers on the Golden State limited at
noon Monday said positively that the
stockades are to be used for the cap
tured Villa soldiers.
Will a particularly sunny spot In a
particularly small space be reserved for
Pancho? Will ho be given separate
?,Y.arterB7 How soon ln fact will the
yilla. soldiers captured in the Guerrero
fight be brought to Columbus? It's the
all absorbing subject of conversation in
Columbus: no one can talk about any
thing else
"If the stockade is for Villa," say the
school children of Columbus, "we can
go and look at him and poke him with
cactus thorns every day."
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plump this
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fashion say
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are again in
stvle. but
the curves
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at just the
right places
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too promi
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tle round
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