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Tuesday, April 4,
EI. PASOANS who attended tlu first
of the Rodolfo Forfarl concerts
fn tbe benefit of the Rescue home
Monin night at the Firt Christian
.hurh. enjoycl the treat of hearing
one of the fin ki violinist that hai
wr pl.ifd In VA I'.mo, Karel Havlicek,
v hii perfoi i ijhp nae marked with
. . piiiinal b'.llian of technique and
.m.nifii..nt t.me pioductlon. These.
. iiiinrird with a depth of feeling, gave
am ii tn c and sij.rit to Ins plalng as to
1 i Into something extraordlnarll)
mi and enthuse the audience to a state
iliir unusual with hi Paso people.
In his first sell etion, "Zingiwelsln." bv
mi isatf he Interpreted the fire) spirit
. i Hie niusic In a splendid way. while
i,i,l..vinir a remarkable comniand of
i thniqur His passage work whs ex
t tonally nne
In the final group of
cctlons. well chosen, as they nay led
m to exnreMi
wide vanec.5 "i irei-
ik. Ins cantible pla ing was most
1,. ui itu'. and appealing In the clob
i t, nuiubei, 'Klic.ntan. " by Popper, re
nin i iik perpetum mobile." he showed
,n n versatility Mr HaUlcek has an
.hi iti violin of extiarodinar) tone
The ihevalii r Roilolfo Fornari pos-
ssse a toice of remarkable bigness
id unusual quality of tone. By sing-
niK altogether in a loieign language.
. .lid not make quite the appeal to the
niiliiiiie thai hi might have obtained
i id lie Jecn sinifing in a language
Inch tin people understood. His tech-
1.(11. in the 'Largo al Factotum," from
In li.irbei of Sitille," was especially
mil mil the duet, "La el Darem," from
I 'on i.nnannl ' sung with Miss Carmc-
l i w ilk s. his sinning was excellent
Ml ilkes made a very favorable
i ui i sion on the audience. 6he pos--
i- cc a soprano voice of great rlch
ii. . and Tr colorful, with a liquid
. hint of tone that was especially
i.t uitlfuL Her upper notes were tin
i sii.ill sweet In tone and absolutely
ffi itleHs to attain A big part of the
li urn of her niiiKing was the remark
alil. ease of her all tone production,
em It a relief from the face making gy-
aiions that characterize so many
Miss Malvlna i:hrlirh, the pianist.
iiofd herself an artist at accoropani
inent, playing with exquisite touch and
keeping the piano perfectly subordi
nated to the voice or lolln. In her solo
performances of Rubensteln's "Bara
cull. ' and Dohnan-U's "Rhapsodie," she
dKplaved great ability and feeling.
A group of society girls of the
1 ounner set were the ushers. These
were Misses Ida Hunter, Kdith Robert
son. Isabelle Springer and Margaret
lire an,
About El Pasoans.
Miss Helen titration is quite ill
li.r home in Manhattan Heights.
Harry Hagedon Is In Hotel Dieu.
uoerating from an operation.
He Is
lining nicely.
Mrs K L Simons, who has been quite
ill for some time at her home on Mdn
t ina street, is very much better and la
i Me to be up a little and to see her
1 1 i. nds
Dr E R. Carpenter went to Hotel
I iieu today with a bad case of tonsill
is. wltli threatened comnllcations. He
expects to 4 confined to the hospital
the rest of thj weak.
To render biscuits, cake and
muffins healthful, appetiz
ing and digestible, use
Baking Powder
Absolutely Pure
Made from Cream of Tartar,
derived from grapes.
No Alum No Phosphate
HBBjBWfflBHKMP i "?rf0V -jBrar?385rSw WtaBBsssssssssfflisBi
For Looks
You can have beautiful floors that will stand
the hardest kind of wear by finishing them with
Elastica Floor Finish. It does not mar, scratch,
white or spot. Water does not hurt it.
The One Perfect Floor Varnish
Your decorator will be glad to use Elastica on your
rioors because it is time-tested and approved and is sure
to satisfy you. It dries bard enough over night to walk
on. Only one coat needed on linoleum or oilcloth.
Practical finishing information supplied on request.
Address Dept. J6 , Elm Park, Port Richmond, N. Y.
International Vamuh Co.. Limited, Toronto
Larsrit fa t warld a&d firit to itaMUh dtflalu Qlallty BtudArdl.
Awarded Mtdal of Henr, ra&ima-racttto lntmatlaftl xpetttlon, 1915
White (Glosa, Rubbed
mtxt, and Flat). Will
sot turn yellow.
No. 2
The Standard for more
thandfljenrs For finest
Ulterior woodwork.
The Kbell Bridge club was enter
tained Monday afternoon by Mrs. F. E.
Beecher. at her home on East Nevada
street. Only the club members were
present. Mrs. Frank Langan won the
high score prize Refreshments were
served after the game?. Mrs. M.
Hickejr will entertain the club next
Wednesday afternoon in the De Luxe
n.na.rtrnen tu
The Lupin Review of the Women's
Benefit association of Maccabees was
entertained the last of the week at the
home of Mrs R chard Kev on wr tlln
urande street. The game of 600
the entertainment of the afternoon.
Mrs J. I. Broyles won the high score
prise airs. Stewart A Tulloch re
ceived the second prize The consola
tion prize went to Mrs Jack Holfoid
I Refreshments were enjoyed after the
games. Mrs. Wayne Slaughter was in
i rnar-.e of tne part. There were about
- .i. ...,
people present
Mrs E. H. Booth entertained Satur
day afternoon at her home on Bliss
street with a delightful bridge party
The rooms were attractively decorated
with quantities of yellow carnations.
The guests were received by Mrs.
Booth. Mrs. S V. DaSmeth and Mrs.
Will Seamon. who assisted the hos
tesses In entertaining. Mrs. Booth
wore a gown of ellow pongee silk. Mrs.
DeSmeth was dressed In a white Irish
crochet gown and Mrs. Seamon In
black and white georgette crepe. The
prizes in bridge were won by Mrs. E.
J Lockhart. Mrs F. E. Beecher and
Mrs. W. M. Fink. As the party was giv
en on April Fool's day. the prizes were
awarded for the lowest scores nstead
of the high scores. Refreshments
were served following the games. The
courses were served in golden colored
boxes tied with Tvhlte ribbons. Among
the guests were Mesdames Gus Zork,
J. J Piatt. T. K Steffian, J. R. Enlow.
E. J. Lockhart, S. II. Worrell. E. C.
Ryne, Will Seamon, S. V. DeSmeth,
Maury Crossette, Donald Gillies. M.
Major, Marlon Letcher, F. E. Beecher,
W. W. Fink. J P Hutchson. T. J. Staf
ford and Miss M Illckey.
Miss Delka Mnller, whose marriage
to Arthur Andreaen, of ilorenci, Ariz,
will occur April II, will be the guest
of hnnnr at a shower in hn erivon hv
Miss Irene Schwankbaus, at her home
on Olive street.
Miss Catherine Dunne was the guest
of honor at a party, given Sunday af
ternoon In celebration of her ninth
birthday anniversary, by her narents.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dunne. Games were
enjoyed during the afternoon. An Ice
course was served. Assisting Mrs.
tlnnnn In anlaplalnlni. v., hn.. el.c
....v ... ........ ....... .,n .,. ..... o.a .., .
Mrs. P. F. Connolly. The guests includ-
ed Agnes Morgan, Marguerite Morgan,
EUa Medley, Bessie Medley. March
Carberry. Mary Goodwin, Jane Tobln.
A. Tobln, Catherine McCarthy, Margue
rite McCarthy, Myrtle McCarthy. Mary
Stedmond, Elizabeth Dunne, Evaline
Stedmond, Eugene McCarthy, Joseph
McCarthy. Willie Morgan, Bernard Mor
gan, Francis Morgan, Paul Cook. Frank
Cook, Joteph Dunne and William
Dunne. Mesdames K. Stedmond and
J. E. Morgan and Mr. and Mrs. P.
and Wear
Oil and Acid. In all
popular shades. They
do not fade.
Women's Organizations.
Rev. Miles Hansen will clve n t.iib mi
tho old English May Day customs be
fore mo pupils of the El Paso School
for Girls on Thursday afternoon
1'jans lor me coming bazaar wen
completed at the meeting of circle four
or tne nrsi jiewioeiist onuich Aid so-
ciety, neia aionaay aiternoon at
home of Mrs. David W. Cathcart.
Wyoming street. Mrs J. A. Potter pn
. sided- The committees for the bazaar
I werit if . 7.V fLf "", wil'
J?'". !'-e, f,th:2e??rat' ,n. !,f ,he
".. ""'t """"' "" ?'" wi" ne as
Hinted hv MeHdamen Vnln,.v n.nn
1 i'iitnn , Uf.'snln nnil Huh.,. T ..,...'
Mrs. G. C. Cole will be in barge of
the Indian "ffigw mi ' booth, uheie
elder and grape juu e will he sold
Those In charge will be Mis David
t'athcart and Miss Alma Gallowaj, and
they will be in Indian costume Mrs
William McSain will be in charge ot
the home made candy booth with Mes
dames 8. V. Toung, Alma J ('ox and I;
K Kohler. assisting her. Tin commit
tee to relieve the workers at the
booths will be composed of Mesdames
Minnie Hadlock, G. R. Coles. F. r. Kll
Kore. J. A. Potter and Fred A. Mm hew
Following the plans for the bazaar an
Ice course was served by the hostess i
and an Informal social time enjoj ed
Mrs J. W. Cathcart assisted the hostess
In entertaining. Five new members
Joined the society. They were Mes- '
dames L. E. .Mouiton. w. A. Kessler, .1
W. Cathcart, Alma J. Cox and William
P. McSain. The next meeting of th
circle will be held April 24. at the homo
of Mrs. S. V. Young.
Mrs. L. L. Robinson was elected re
gent of Rebecca Stoddert chapter of
the Daughters of the American Revolu
tion at the monthly meeting of the so
ciety, held Monday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Hornce W. Broaddus. on
Boulevard. Mrs. Robinson had served
the society durlmr the past year as
the treasurer. , M-s. R K. Thomason
was elected first vice-regent, Mrs. B
L. Farrar second vice-rejrent, and Mrs
K H. Allen was re-elected recording
secretary, and Miss Gertrude Yale was
reelected registrar Mrs. AL I. Strong
was elected corresponding sejeretarv,
Mrs. Jack V Itonan treasurer, Mrs.
Caroline II. Evans historian, and Mrs.
W. I S. Tilton parliamentarian. The
members elected on the board of direc
tors were Mesdames A. H. Butler, G. F.
Hawks. W. W. Fink, H. H. Stark, J.
W. Lorentzen. W. G Bansemer, U. S.
Stewart. Lee Orndorff and IL L. Spence.
Preceding the election "of officers, a
business meeting was held and a num
ber of matters, including the revision
of the by-laws, were given attention.
Rising votes of thanks were given the
retiring regent, Mrs. J. W. Lorentzen;
the chairman of the nominating com
mittee, Mrs. Burleson Staten; the chair
man of the Children of the Republic's
man ui me i,uiiuieii ui cue itepuuiii: e
organization, Mrs. Mary Ross Klester,
and Mrs. IL W. Broaddus. for th. n
and Mrs. IL W. Broaddus, for the use
of her home during the year. A short
parliamentary study was conducted hv
Mrs. W. S. Tilton. It was announced
that the anniversary party of the chap
ter would be held on April 26, at the
home of Mrs. C. E. Kelly on Mesa
avenue, from 3:30 oclock to 6:30 oclock.
IIh IT IT CI..W C !. ATinlm.an 1..
charge. Kach member has the privi-
legre of Inviting two guests and these i
will be sent invitations If Mra. Stark j
is given their names.
Dinners, Luncheons, Teas.
Clarence M". Hunter will entertain
with a dinner tonight at the Harvey
house in honor of Miss Ella Mae Jack
son and the members of their bridal
party. Following the dinner, there will
be the wedding rehearsal at the church.
Elmer Bussing and Howard Merrill
entertained Monday- night at the West
Ysleta Country club .with a dinner
dance In honor of Miss Ella Mae Jack
son and Clarence H. Hunter, whose
marriage occurs Wednesday noon. The
guests were the bridal party and a
few others, and Included Misses Klla
Mae Jackson, Myra Jackson, Ellen
Hunter, Olive Thomas of Alamogordo,
and Vera Warren, of Gilmer, Tex.;
Edna Robertson, Messrs. Clarence M
Hunter, Jack Hayes, Perry Jackson, of
Cleburne. Tex., and Ben Hancock. The I
tables were decorated with spring
flowers. ,
C. L. Slrmans. whose marriasre to i
Miss Hilda Ruth Sorenson will occur the
last of the week, was the guest of
honor at a Jolly stag dinner, given by
his bachelor friends Monday night, in
the private dlnUg room of Hotel Shel
don. Tbe groom to be was marched
Into the room to the music of Lohen- '
grins wedding march, played bv the
hotel orchestra. The table was deco
rated with flowers and ferns. II. W.
Browder presided as master of cere
monies at the dinner, which was very
iniormai. composing ine dinner party
were C. L. Slrmans. R. H. Fletcher.
George Franklin, John Ellis. T. J. Tjr
rence, L. S. Reavis, J. L. Fleischer, W.
It Austin, C. P. Henry, W. R Collins.
IL W. Browder, M. IL Barroughs and C.
I Wolfe.
The Woman's Advisory board of the
ni Paso School for Girls le giving for
the school, the third of its series of
musical afternoons, on April 14, at 4
oclock. at the home of Mrs. Zach T.
White, on Mesa avenue. Mis Mar
guerite Buckler, soprano, will be the
artist of the afternoon.
An Informal dancing party was en
Joyed the last of the woek by a group
of the students of tha high school at
the home of Miss Ruth Keavx. no Wont
Rio Grande street There were about
40 ouns people present Tunch was
served during the evening and refresh
ments were enjoyea later.
School Notes.
Miss Eva Crosby will play a piano
recital Wednesday afternoon at 2 45
oclock in the music room of the El
Paso School for GiHs for the pupils
of the 3chooi.
Interesting talks on the progress of
the order, not only in this city but in
different parts of the country, were
made at, the fepular weekly luncheon
of the ltoyal Order of Lions Tuesday
afternoon at the Zioger hotel. The
lunoheon was attended by about 30
members of tbe order and several hon
orary guest.
Announcement was made at the
luncheon that the next business meet
ing of the order will be held Thursday
night, at the chamber . of commerce
Midland. Tex.. Apri'l 4. X. W. and .
Irvine Ellis lost their home and its en
tire contents in an early morning: fire
The Ellis home, on North Main street,
was discovered on fire about 2 o'clock
in the morning. The fire already had
maae sucn progress inat it was im
possible to save the contents of the
house. The building was insured for
J1200 but its value, with that of the
contents, was very much greater tha
Washington, D. C April 8. Brig.
Gen. Crozler, chief of army ordnance
told the house military committee to
day that the army already has a re
serve 2!C,000,000 rounds of reserve am
munition for rifles and machine guns,
but Phoulil have :'I6,000,000 more.
;n Croiei saul it xtuuld he pood
pohry to h.ive .i small aims ammuni
tion plant on both coasts.
-Srj51ft ffiHEa mwiii&tStnesL ! .feUfeS'-;.. laBM
Miss Olive Davis, who will be the duchess of El Paso at the San Jacinto
fiesta in San Antonio, and her maid of honor, Miss Juett Fall.
I.a Cn.cfs X M , April 4 Las CnicM
H holdJirT ttu election today to select trus
tee for the town and a town treasurer
Th norrin e on the Republican ticket
an for trustee. John H. Mays, Dr. II. M.
Cornell. Capt. W R Reber, Jesus Kevaraz
GorgL v Johnston and for treasurer, J. O.
The Democratic nominees, are, for trus
troa lr H G Dyn, Jose Romero, Ramon
jlc-rrerd W H Vlnters, John Freeman,
and for treasurer B T Link.
A final i ally van held by the Democrats
!at night, with a parado and music by a
band as features AftT the parade the
Democrats lathered In the Blks' hall where
addresses were delivered by Xuma C. Fren
fivr. Joso Romero, Ramon Herrera, John
Freeman, Dr EG Dne, E. T. Winters and
Truf. Broiler
Washington, D. C, April 3. A clash
between Halten bifndlts and police in
northeastern alti was reported to the
irnjr department today by admiral
Caperton, United States forces were not
involved in the fighting. One police
man was killed and three wounded,
admiral Caperton stated, while the
outlaws lost several killed and a num
ber captured.
New Tork. April 3. The Miami Cop
per company today declared quarterly
dividend of $1.50. This is an increase
of 25 cents over the last quarterly dis
bursement. THE COURTS.
Wm. II. Shciiparcl, Presiding.
William C Winston vs. O. P. Brown,
mit for specific performance of con
tract: on trial.
r. It. Price. Presiding.
A fichwartx vs. Iloyal Indemnity
company, suit on accident insurance
policy; on trial.
Margaret Walsh Leonard vs. John
Kinna Leonard, divorce; filed.
Louella Bryan Burroughs vs. J. M.
Burroughs, divorce; filed.
J E Nicholas vs. Margrette M.
Nicholas, divorce; filed.
Walter B. Grant vs. George Paul, suit
on note nd foreclosure of lien; filed.
Charles T. Lewis vs. John C. Dysart,
trespass to try title and daiiages;
Dim M. Jnckfcon, lrenldlng.
Margarita Giron de Franca vs. Jose
M. Franca, divorce; tiled.
Ilemietta Watchels vs. Arthur
Watchers, divorce: filed.
Kredrlcka O'Brien vs. William
Charles O'Brien, divorce; filed.
Ilnllnrd Coldnell, lrrldlnK.
M. D. lavis vs. Jesus Torres, Jr., et
al.. suit for 11000 damages for personal
injuries, filed.
Adrian Pool, l'rrtddlng.
State vs. Juan Francisco Corral, car
rying a piBtol; filed.
State vs. Wolf Londoner, embezzle
ment, filed.
State vs. Gregorio Tarin, carrying a
pistol; filed.
State vs. Louis Torar, theft; filed.
State vs Juan Mendoza, carrying' a
pistol, filed.
J. 31. IJenter, Presiding,
State vs Walter II. Wilson, embezzle
ment, filed.
State vs. Alberto Cardenas, vagrancy;
jury assessed fine of $100.
J. J. Murphy, Presiding.
State vs. W. J. Lia-htburn. sDeedlnar:
defendant pleaded guilty and was
fined $5 and costs.
State vs. G. P. Putnam, speeding:
defendant pleaded guilty and was
fined 35 and costs.
State vs. A. W. Millgr. disturbing the
peace: defendant pleaded guilty and
was fined SI and rosin.
State vs II. E. Stone, disturbing the
penre. found guilty by jury and fined
J5 and iirsts. notice of appeal given.
New York, April . No offer of the
nomination for governor of New 1'ork
lias been officially sent to Mr. Gerard, '
u was saia toany ly Wm Church 1
Osborn, chairman of the Democratic I
state committee. I
! MUll SI iifli
u,b,wi-,"wi ,w"i
Winnipeg, ln . April 3. Four sol
diers and one civilian are In the hos
pital in a erious condition, a number
of persons are badly hurt and SO sol
diers are under arrest as a result of
clashes Saturday night and Sunday
night between soldiers and city police,
resulting from the arrest of a soldier.
His comrades sought to rescue him
from the police. At midnight Sunday,
cavalry with drawn swords cleared the
streets. Many windows and doors of
the Rupert Street police station had
been smashed. Rioting was resumed
Sunday night but authorities now say
they have th situation well in hand.
Washington, D. C, April 3. The su
preme court today granted the state
of New Mexico permission to sue the
secretary of the Interior to compel him
to grant title to coal lands In school
land grants.
Phoenix, Arix.. April 4. Dr. Edward
8. Godfrey, former superintendent of
public health of Arizona and" later city
health officer of Phoenix, has been ap
pointed epidemiologist of the Illinois
board of health. The appointment was
made as the result of an examination
before the Illinois civil service commis
sion. In which doctors from all parts
of the United States competed.
As epedimlologlst. Dr. Godfrey's
work will consist of investigating epi
demics, conducting educational cam
paigns and sanitary surveys, organiz
ing local boards of health and super
vising the control of communicable
diseases throughout the state.
Washington, D. C. April 3. George
O. Squier. of the signal corps, mili
tary attache at the American embassy
at London, has been ordered to return
to duty In the aviation corps. There
is an unconfirmed report that he may
succeed Col. Samuel Reber, now In
charge of the aviation service.
For chapped sane, face or lips. Pot
ter's Toilet Cream Is unequaled. Price
25c. Telephone 356 and 375 and have It
delivered. Potter Drug Company. Adv.
Just Call 3300
When you want an Auto or Limou
sine for Business or Pleasure, or a
Truck for Baggage The Jitne Co.
II. D. Camp, Receiver. Adv.
I Johnson's Appreciated Chocolates
always .iresn. .excellent .assortments.
Potter Drug Co.. Phones 355-375. 101
S. El Paso St. We deliver. Adv.
Denver, Colo.. April 3. Transfer of
Hank Butcher, outfielder, and Ed Ste
vens, catcher, fro.a the Indianapolis
team of the American association, to
the Denver Western league club, was
announced today by James C. McGlII,
owner of both clubs.
After terrible sufferings, number
less women have used Lydla E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound and re
covered from ailments peculiar to their
sex. Many of these, who cannot bear
that other women should suffer as they
did without knowing what to do, have
written letters telling their expe
rience to be published to the world.
These honest, 1 elpful stories are con
stantly appearing in the newspapers.
Read them, ailing women, they are
written with no motive but your good.
How Any Woman Can
Remove Hairy Growths
(Beauty Culture)
It is not longer necessary for a
woman to visit a beauty specialist to
have superfluous hairs removed, for,
with the aid ot a plain delatone paste,
she can, in the privacy of, her own
home, remove een a stubborn growth
in a very few minutes. The paste is
made by mixing some water with a lit
tle powdered delatone. This Is applied
to the hairs and after 2 or 3 minutes
n'movea au ine sKin wasnea. when It
ill be left tleai and hairles Be
sure jou buy real delatoue. Adv.
Will Then Tackle Coffey and
Moran if He Is Successful
Against First Opponent.
New'Tork. April 3. Official notice
was received today by the state box
ing commission that Fred Fulton, the
Minnesota. heavyweight. had been
signed to meet three men in this city.
Fulton Is to fight Al Reich April 28.
Jim Coffey on or about June 1, and
Frank Moran. on or atout July 1.
A sjndicate headed by John J. Mack.
Is promoting the series of boxing ex
hibitions with the expectation that it
will result In a meeting between Ful
ton and J-ss Willard later in the year.
According to the contracts filed with
the boxing commission, Fulton is to
receive JS'iOO to fight Reich; J800U to
fi'ht Coffey and $10,000 to fight Mo
ran. Whether the last two matches
will be fought. It was stated by the
commission. Is dependent upon Fulton's
showing against Reich, and if the Min
nesota boxer makes good the percent
ages will be arranged so as to gi e
him about $60,000 for the three
Fulton's manager has posted $10,060
with the syndicate and $2000 with Tom
Andrews, a western sporting writer,
as guarantees.
Kighteen more soldiers were brought
in from the ront Moadar afternoon on
the Golden State limited.
Three were on stretchers. Two were
negroes of the 2tth infantry, one suf
fering from pneumonia and the other
from rheumatism. A white soldier of
the 16th infantry ..'as also brought )n
on a stretcher, suffering from pneu
monia. The soldiers were placed in a bag
gage car and taken to Fort Bliss on
the railroad.
Paris, France. April 3. The diplo
matic representatives here of the
South and Central American republics
united last evening in giving a com
plimentary dinner to Wm Graves
Sharp, the American ambassador.
Dr. Laretta. the Ar ntine minister,
made a speech urging permanent or
ganization as a means of strengthen
ing the bonds between North, South
and Central America.
Washington. D. C. April 3. Personal
property of Chas. E. Yates, David E.
Thompson Ellis P. Ilamer. directors
of the Capital National bank of Lincoln,
Nebraska, which failed In 1S93. was
today held by the supreme court to be
subject to satisfaction of depositors
Induced to become such by false re
ports on the bank's condition to the
controler of the currency.
Washington. D. C. April 3. The su
preme court today decided that in the
failure of a partnership as such and
of the Individual members of the part
nership as such, the individual credi
tors of a member have priority in the
distribution ot assets over the partner
ship creditors.
This decision was announced in the
case of the failure of Wm. Gray and
Sons, of Philadelphia and of its three
partners individually.
rrnalar Dyhamje Tcnic Is a great aid
In restoring strength. Sold by Potter
Drug Company. The Penslar Store.
This week give the El Paso Laundry service a
real try-out.
Bundle up the family wash, drop us a line, call
us by phone 470 or hail a driver.
And when our representative comes tell him what you want
"rough dry," where the clothes are returned to you clean and dried, but
not ironed, and for which our charge is 7 cents per pound; "finished"
uhero the clothes are returned to you, clean, ironed, folded, ready to
lay away in dresser drawers and linen closets.
On any tost you make we guarantee absolute satisfaction you take
no chances whatsoever.
Order a Loaf
Wholesome, Satisfying,
American Beauty
210 E. Overland St.
. Light Creation.
There are several ways of
obtaining light through elec
tricity. In the carbon light sparks
flash from one and another
of near-by points.
In the incandescents resist
ance of the wire to the cur
rent produces the glow and
the light
Then again some special
treatment or arrangement
within the globe gives added
Light shines around our
lives in somewhat similar
The play of mind upon mind
In social intercourse helps
greatly, hence, the value of
orators and conversationalists
and social intercourse.
Resistance to what Is
sometimes called fate gieg
strength, and creates heroes,
and light that glows upon all
Care for our inner selves
gives Increased brightness.
The saint in office, shop, or
home creates a halo f light
A cultivated life gleans like
a star
1800 Block. 1H Blocks North.
On Boulevard.
Kept Spreading, So Bad Could Not
SleepatNight. Itched and Burned.
Ashamed to Go Anywhere.
"Ringworm first began on my face and
spread to my neck and It got almost all
over my face. It first came out in one little
bump and kept spreading,
and it got so bad I could not
sleep at night. The ring
worms were large and as
thick as they could be and
the skin was red and In
flamed. They Itched ana
burned and the itching ra
so bad that I Irritated my
face by scratching. I was
ashamed to go anywhere
"A friend asked ma to try Cutlcura
Soap and Ointment. By the time one box
of Ointment and one caie of Soap were
gone. I was healed." (Signed) Mrs 8allla
Ilarwood, Eveniville. Tenn.. July 18, 1915.
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dress post-card "Cntienra. Dept. T, Bo,
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footbath. It relieves chilblains, frost-bu ,
painful, swollen, smarting; feet and Imctan
ly takes the sting out of corns and buniun.
it's the gieatest comfort discovery of ths
age. It Is a certain relief for sweating i a!
Ions and cold, tired, achlnj feet. Sold l.
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Roy, Jf. T Advertisement.
is not easily made in the ordinary
home. It is usually too dry and hard
or else it mil not cut up nicely. Our
bread is neither dry nor hard and it
cuts up splendidly even when very
thin slices are desired. Try a loaf or
two. You'll regret you had not dono
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rno?fB cs
lv2I3 e&IPltAr JT I

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