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Agricultural Demonstrator
Bainer Says the Earlier
and Deeper the Better.
.' t in to Souiliu 'M'lii 1 aimers
iji , p .ration foi Kpt ip.k tiopn,
i"r, nRrKiiliiiMl dsmortvfrator
aiti Ft ayht in, a.i.vp
n tally j'i ins plowing, Hnd
lii ilwuya b 11 mi cessiul in
.11 u. t tlif flufirr th better,
M-) r the bptfr On account
' ntt brm 4(nstirnp(J fit har-
il- ' nonnnus mps of last
iittlt fail plowing" mux done,
t'n tune wintti -mm on much
. i i.o Ii tr plow at all
i iKini? so-i for oirmiMi tropfl
m -ults come from !i faking; tht
1 2 to : im hcN in depth,
i tin" .. ,).,, in the fall oi
Tit i o 1r ,i k i im usually con
'f r.iblr ti tli. Nolid mold
'r fui -i-ut h. st i n condi-
l i(M lrt'ki n 5ud should be
1 roihngr. .lo.iUnir or discing
m t,lraikM, inimediatI b-
i ink(r thN tomp.it ts thi fur-
iint tn aubsoil the-reoy
ii1 f nioitur and ineuriiiK
to. tins t'd that ir rovered
' n arasn will rol quicker than
1 ' ' 1 1 with (in graft For W-
1 or speiin rops, which are
1 mated the first jear, the aod
t - liroken eail and Miallow,
i i -should ht' .horouahlyMlsovi
i nls replowed about two
1 i"i. thus insurtnp n fl.ie seed
! - ill woiK lil, old land.
IMfmina: Old Land.
f-ti LtioiiM Iism ptued beyond
i it ior t ii ji,i tV plow old
im Die -spium Thtee to fire
i -., at Hup unit , ih deep
.Hiall w Im n the lime foi
tiiwi ln farmers
ii df-p anr' loos' seed beds dry j
(iiii 1, U and fail to produce
ij- the more firm prepftra-
i i iiiowniR must have tonsld-
to aettl" or buonip firm,
urmilatc moisture before
f me Whether the ground has
I- pri or not, all row cropK
! t planted in furrows and not
vm fa . thee fui row can be
v ti 'istor oi with sweeps.
J Ii listing insures beat results.
1 I the f-tvt time oipr thn
dnne In IP fa!! or irlr win-
''ii ! lint im the wp nag is not
ihlfss theio in an abundance
r W hen moisture is lim-
1 1 effort miiKt bn made to
ii " n double discing-for the first
1 km will gi best renulu. fol-
" u " f ""' h tunKle listing and im-
i 'Hi , .laniinp Jt is important to
lam hi oii.t follow hi- the last Ilstlnp.
.. n i w ift lor the fit-Id to dry out or
oi ,-. Jf to pet a start.
should lie Harrowed.
II IiMfd hind should be harrowed
MJinif.. espe mllv if there ts a
, .sam aom-' moisture. Land
I il It
H .i i is !,f(.n plowed in the fall should
ft -ousli Kprlng plowed land re
"" " "ni harroaing. but should not
1 ii too smooth or fine, cape-
i h ii there is danger of the soil
blow i i
' 'i ;allinrei of New Hamp
w ho i.eenth elcbratsd hia 7th
' .iiinheTSHi , has been a
j -. n-sBenatoi for 25 years.
(icr a bad cold or a spell of (Le j
j.'r.pc ' i ou need a tale tonic to help
Natuic hni(? bhek yor health and
iren ih assist the digestion and keep
th-- l)o'Arl regular.
I hi suggest a fair trial of
Stomach Bitters
Dairy Farmers
'..I,,-- (os making SO lbs. of
mi la' If not you are
i -.1,1 iv mt DLikius; much money.
' ' 1 1 -t way to get such rows is
u-i t Ik-id But to do Ulis you
i i .i L'l bull and not a scroll,
I i.i a nrc bred dairy bull from a
i i j loducing family.
w ' Hie milking 420 cows pro
ii ii at aeraee of 30 lbs. per
im ir cow. Do jou know of
.iinlmlv else that is' Why not
v ' a bull from our !ird, where
mu -in M-c his sire and dam, tu
b in! in tested ami registered.
li-rxn. and sec them, it will cost
j u uothinp toi look them over.
Did you ever see a cow that
mi.!. ,er 20,000 LBS. OF MILK
in a year' We will show you
nr in a row.
. !so sell MILK and CREAM
MILK Country Milk
1'. ' quart
special jniiic o tu
l'-r .(! t .... l0'2C
Certified Milk
1' r .(Mart
El Paso Dairy
PHONE 340.
1 here's not a boy or a girl in this whole, wide world too young, too rich
.' loo poor to leam the lesion of thrift taught by systematic saving.
And once they come lo understand iu teaching it would be a laijc to
i iduce them to Mop, To them this menage goei forth '
Combining age, experience, stability and prudence with progressive
methods. The American Trust and Savings Bank offers its- courteous
soi vice in behalf of the safe future of the younger gineration. '
We pay 4 per cart compound mitral on tavingt deposit:
$1.00 optas an account
American Trust and Savings Bank
Salt River Water Users
Governors Refuse Pacific
Electric Current.
Phoenix. Ai ix.. April s. That the Salt
rilrr Valley Water Users' association
will refuse to grant the Pacific Oas &
Electric company anotlrer exclusive
contract to purchase and retail in Phoe
nix power generated in connection with
the Salt river reclamation project. Is
now evident The governors of the as
sociation hae refused to approve a
.ontra't submitted h the company to
irplaee the old one, which expires next
In til. lieW Contract the Cnmnnn? nrn-
poed to pnv the association less for the '
powi u'i-'raiea nt the Roosevelt dam
..ml In the alley, but also submitted a
Mhedulc of lower rates to consumers.
It Hgreed to forfeit Its purchase con
tra, f If it did not live up to the new
Subject to Scirrnl InirtIs;ations.
The old contract dates back a num
ber of years and has been the subject of
several investigations. Years ago the
Arliona Water company, which owned
the Arizona canal, granted the Phoenix
Light & Fuel company an exclusive
contract to purchase power generated
at 'ts plant, and to retail that power
ii Phoenix. The Phoenix Light A Fuel
company sold out to the Pacific Gas &
riectrlc company and the reclamation
f.erlce, on behalf of the farmers, took
over the canal. Government attorneys
held that the reclamation service was
bound to continue the old Phoenix
Light & Fuel compani's contract
I'nder the old contract the Pacific
Ga: Klectrlo company must use a
crnstant current ef at least 1500 kilo
watts. The proposed new contract
irlls for a minimum of 2600 kilowatts
For service up to 100,000 kilowatt
hour a month the new contract culls
for the prenent rate of 3 1-2 cent a
1 iiowatt hour, nut uove that a reduc
tion of 25 percent le proposed.
The proposed new schedule of
charier s to consumers iocludea the re
duction of the minimum monthly bill
fi' m $1 to 75 cents. It fixes the liase
i ate for electric service at nine cents
a kilowatt hour, a reduction from 10
At a meeting of the governors to
which this proposed contract was sub
mitted, there was a general disposition
not to enter Into n.nothr xfliiHiv
T contract with any concern and also not
to rcauce tne present cnarges for
Construction Chafer Dlncussrd.
The charges assessed agntnst the
farmers by the reclamation service for
the construction of power transmis
sion lines and canals were discussed at
the same meeting. The governors
agreed that the charges are entirely
too high and a vigorous demand for
their reduction will be made.
It is alleged that the entire power
iivision of the project is in poor con
dition. The power canal above the
ItooHevelt dam is useless because after
it was built changes were made at the
unm wnicn, wnen the reservoir is .full.
put the canal under water. It is said
that to replace the dam which diverts
water Into the power canal, and to re
pair damages to the canal caused by
rrtent floods, would take at least
J 200,600.
'So AemenlK.
No assessment will be levied against
the members of the Water Users' associ
ation for the next fiscal year of the or
ganization, which begins November l.
This was announced b the board of
governors after making up the annual
budget. The association will have tit -000
in bank at the beginning of the
fffni covr "Pnses estimated at
Austin. Tex.. April e. Dr. R. M.
Harkev, field organ Her of the Exten
sion department of -toe Agricultural
and Mechanical college, had a confer
ence with state warehouse manager I
C .(A inert relative to increasing the
yield of sweet potatoes In Texas, which
Dr. Harkey claims is one of the best
paying products in the state and one
which is being neglected. lie polntea
out that last year 10M cars of sweet
potatoes were imported into Texas.
Mr. Harkey is now organising cur
ing plants for the storing of sweet po
tatoes by farmers. He said lie had al
ready organised seven of these plants
and all of which have proved suc
Austin. Teat.. April C Approxi
mately noo Texas farmers and thoie
Interested in that occupation will at
tend the annual convention of the
Farmers1 institute which is to be held
here on July 24-2. according to com
missioner of agriculture Fred W
Davis. Mr. Davm said that practicallv
all of the different organizations have
accepted the invitation of the depart
ment or agriculture (5 become affili
ated with, the state institute and will
have delegates at the convention.
Phoenix. Ariz. April 6 Plans for
a movable farmers' school to replace i
wie agricultural demonstration trains,
are being completed by the agricul
tural extension service of the univer
sity and the various county farm ad
visers The plan Is to hold three-day
sessions at the most Important points
In counties that have farm advisers.
Quick, Safe Way
to Remove Hairs
(Toilet Talks i.
Keep a little delatone powder on
our dressing table and when ugl.
hairy growths appear, make a paste
with a little of the powder and some
Watf- .nnlif n.J 1 . l am.-
-""- !' onu let reuiAIII Oil LHV
hairy surface for 2 or S minuter then
run orr. wash the skin and the hairs
nave vanished. This treatment is quite
harmless and rarely more than one ap
plication is required, but to avoid dis
appointment care should be used to
ouy the real delatone. Adv.
' Krazy Kat
CoutrltUL tSli. International Nen Service.
IS fViftDTd DO
Im, II
' i
to woiiiv ox i:.ni,isu imiuis
Copenhagen. Denmark. April
Danes, all sons of farmers, are going
Jiom Denmark In batches of 200 to
help make up the shortage of labor
on English farms.
(But I thwit
S like This
)1S EASlfcfc-)
i. r .
Ml. f F4DE-0W5;.
7 ) Lm This -J
WITHIN Till: f'ltv or BL
PA' l'KA.u (ND t'ROVlllIM, UK.
rill. III .Mi Mi lUNMK)N'
Of PI I.MINS 1 M, M.I l 1 IIKRT:i I Rl
AT,, lMIMM ll'IMtlls 1
'' i' ii'i N '. i "is rm ii. M-rniN r
RKOiir atSUI1.. 'r8v NATIONAL
i,wr;n.0lo,Te?.nrTAiMiB sat -
cSBhvl&JfiJrZ&tJvtr AND
stSSgffl&AJSESg r
. .-..- m-u
Section 1. Any Dtrwrt. firm or corpora-
tlOn. CnrUTKl In nv ttKnnt tA IICam in IDG
I bnsiness of InstallioK or rspalriaK, electrical
"ires. pparatuK or aopHano " c"". JC
tare, klnrt or dearrlDtiou. la or about the
lnterlor of anv building or atructure within
the City of Ki Paao. h-w they ara haraby
reuired before enrairlne: In or puraulna
iuch buainesa. to Me. with the City Clerk an
Bpoll-atlon in wrltlna for llcenae to oarry on
or iik in ,uch btulnesa. and shall ac-
comDanv said asnllcatlon with the sum f
fifti d.,000! dollars The Cltv Clerk ahal
oresent such SDDllcation to tha Electrical
nAsniinint: noara for Master r.ieir.tiu..
said Board to conaist of three members, one
of which shall be the City Electrician, who
jhall be ax-offlolo chairman of aald Board,
the aecoad member to bo a licensed Master
Electrician, and the third member to be a
Journeyman Electrician Tha last" t o mem
bers to be aoDolnted by "he Mayor, and aerve
n ituout Day
Any person, firm or corporation maklnjr
auch aDDllcatfon. ahall oas examination be-
..-. ..u t- . . nA4n
Uie aa.l(I OUHra OI MOall OftVe UUWiij-
tentlent in charge of theif work, one who
shall Mas an examination before aald Board
as to nfH nuiiffir aii. n An. tnr csvrrv on
such work. The Hoard shall retort the jlnd
inirs of such examinations to the City Cleric,
and if said applicant shall have passed at
If.. 7r,. cn W examinations, the City
rierk aha'! Issue irach applicant a llaater
Rlectrlrians Ucenae to encage In and earry
on such business, provided auch applicant
ahall be required to sive a bond, payable to
the Cltv of El I'aso. In the sum of two
thousand (12.000 00) dollars conditioned that
said applicant wllL In cood faith, comply
with au Cltv Ordinances
Said tond to be approved by the City
Council, and the City Clerk afcall keep a
record of all licenses so issued. Said record
mul show when aod to hom such license
nM issued and Its date of expiration, and
such license shall authorise the person, firm
or corporation receiving the same to engage
in ana curry on sucn business zor a vexiw
of one vear thereafter Said license will
be renewed at the end of such time, upon the
fat men t of twenty-five 125 00) dolliv's. un
ess revoked or cancelled for cause t)v Bald
Board of Examiners. Sard license shall not
be transferable, and no permits ahall be Is
sued under said license for work to be done,
vent by bonaXIde employes of the person,
firm or corporation obtaining said license.
Section 2. No person, firm or corporation
shall enter upon the erection, construction.
Alteration or change of anv electrical work
til he shall have secured a Master Klectrlclan-
tAcenee af herein before set forth.
nor until the .proper application has been
made to and approved by the City Elec
trician, and a permit Is granted by him to do
such ork.
Section 3. No person, firm or corporation
shall enter upon the work of maintenance of
any electrical installation of any nature, kind
or description within the City of El Paso,
until an Electrical Maintenance License shall
have been properly granted
Application for said license shall bo made
to the City Clerk." who will refer same to the
Electrical Examining Board for Master Elec
tricians. If said applicant shall have passed at least
75 (V on the examination, the Cltv Clerk will.
upon payment by such person, firm or cor
poration, the sura of five (15.00) dollars as
an annual license fee, issue an Electrical
Maintenance Ucene to continue In force for
a period of one1 vear unless revoked for
cause (Such license shall not be transfer
able.) The term "WORK OF MAINTENANCE.'
as herein uel, shall apply only to the re
pairs necessary to keep the Installation In a
safe condition, and under no circumstances
ahall a maintenance operator Install new
material as applied to extensions to old work
or in any wav Increase tha else of the In
stallation. The terms and character of any flf the
foregoing examinations shall be uniform to
all applicants in each division, and not of
a discriminating character
If any application should fall to pass the
examination, he shall not be entitled to re
examination for ninety days from date of
first examination.
Section 4 In the construction and Instal
lation of all electrical wiring or apparatus
within the City of El Paso, tho rules and
recinfrpmentn of the National Board of Fire
Underwriters, known as the National Electric
Code, together with the special rule as
hereinafter set forth or as thev may be
amended, shall bo compiled with itrovtded
that the latest edition of said Code shall
be the Code as herein need.
All appliances, parts or fittlne. used In
the construction of electrical work shall be
ss are approved by the National Beard of
Fire Under writ era
Section 5. AH applications for permits
for electrical -wiring or construction or erec
tion and installation of any electric ap
paratus of anv character hall show:
(a) The number of oWleta desired.
b) Whether for Incandescent or arc lights
or whether for fans or power purposes. ., ,
(c) Whether tho work Is now. or addltHm
to. or alteration of old work.
fd) If for electric signs. It shall ah orr
the number of lights to bo need thereon.
() If for moving pictures or other show
purposes, it shall give tho location of such
moving pictures or show, and each applica
tion shall show tho maximum number of
amperes the v. Ires are to carry.
Section 6. A separata permit and a sep
arate inspection will bo re a aired for fixture
work, except in cases where old houses are
wired and the fixtures are Installed at tho
same time the wiring Is done by the person,
firm or corporation doing the wiring.
When any additional outlets are to be In
stalled on a Job upon which a permit lias
been issued, a separate permit must be ob
tained Section 7. The City Electrician shall num
ber esch application for permit, and file
same in numerical order, and ahall keen
record of same and shall keep a record ef
all permits issued, and auch record shall
show the number of the application, the
date of issue, and to whom issued, location
of budding ami purpose for which said per
mit was granted
Section S. Upon completion of the work
covered by a permit. It shall be th duty
of the person, firm or corporation doing the
same to notify the City Electrician 1 m me
al ate ! v. tnat same is reany to do inspeciea.
Section 9. No Inspection will be made of
anv etectrical work, unless a permit to ln
staM same has been issued by tho City Elec
trician, and when all fees pertaining to tho
same have been paid. It shall bo tho duty
of the Cltv Electrician to Inspect such worfc
within 48 hours after the notice Is received
that name is completed.
Section 10 On all large buildings Inspec
tions shall be made of different sections of
said work as mmc ahall be comnleted. In
order not to delav or hinder the other work
being done in connection with the construc
tion of the building
Section 11 When an Inspection has been
made of the Electrical installation In any
building, and passed bv the Inspector, ha
shall post a blue tag In the main cabinet
stating that tho same has been passed.
Section Z. It shall be unlawful for anv
person, firm or corporation to lath or cell
the building or in any way conceal said
Slectrtca! Installation unless the blue tag
posted in the cabinet.
Section 13 When the finish and fhrtures
have been installed, and found to compiv
with this Ordinance, the inspector shall poet
a white tag In the main cabinet stating that
tbe rk has been installed according to the
ruls and regulations of this Ordinance.
Section 14. When anv defect has been
found in anv electrical Installation, the ln
spe tor thall pot a red tag In the main cab
inet stating that the work has been rejected.
and when a rU tag is posted by the inspec
tor it shall be unlawful for any person, firm
or corporation to lath or In anv way con
ceal said electrical installation until the de-f-fts
hae been repaired and the Inspector
haa passed on same
It vhaii be unlawful for anv person, firm
or po-poration to r-rmve or destroy said tags
until huiTtiinir lis- hecn completed.
sp'""'i 1' If iftcr a permit is issued, the
work .or an reason oered hv the- nermlt.
or am old Mork In the building not covered J
in in- o mm (ioet not comply witn the
ruM mil rffuir-inPntH of this Ordinance.
the hv Eleurt.lsn shall refuse to Issue a
ertifi, ,. of tn-ve Hon and all owners of
building all elet iru licit and power coro-paiii-r
ai nrohibltptl froii onneciing. or
causing to he conned tod. anv auch wiring to
the Hource of electric supph
Section n All bteam fining, plumbing.
gin ftltlntr. furnace work, telephone, tele-
ki-hdii signal winng and other piping or
Uibe work wliiih are ti be concealed, must
be in pU'i he fori the ie trie lU,ht or fao-a er
wiring h ill be (otnnleted and no wiring
-hall be iin dred "inul-te m.r a rertlfl
citt of auprmttl indued thereon until th
w-o-k rff rre.J to nnutt i-hall hi in til.., o
.Section 17 Tt "hill he unlawful for nn
own-, ,r auent ,orilr.i..r or workman .m'
rftithorid to do He trhai work under thN
rotmin. . to m urn manner Interfere with
the cleitiH-al wiring In am manner whatso
ever ie( Hon is it -hall le unlawful for anv
rompin furplsMng eiei'rti current, to con -ne
t its wire8 to th. wiring or snv building
stru ture or resort w Ithout having first
obtained the written permHoion of tho CHv
r.l irh Ian to do .
section 11 Am peron tirm or corpora
tl'ili u ho shall do or .ii.imni t-. ) .!.
in. a. ii'ruaiiauon m mane service connec
tion v, hetner origin- 1 work nr itratir.i
. !
without fir-l obtaining a permit to do Much
work nhali be d-em. audi or tt niiJi--tue.umr
.ii pi upon ioui. ,i1HI xiiall be fined
as provided in Section jk of this Ordinance
Sfition SO Any occupant, agent or owner
of premises- where electrU wiring or elec
trli.il appliance are uned. who Mhall prevent
or Interfere
Ith the n IJeitrbian In 'the
dis. hurs, or his duties tthall
he deemed I
guiln "l a misdemeanor and upon eonvle
lion Mur i, fined at, providtd In hei tlon '3
of tin- unlliiame
8e. tlon 1 The fullun.ng in.pc tlos fees
ahall l, liiraed
,u "' "irnii; whether oueii .,r con
ceul I v ll .. ta ea Ii foi the flr-it tm
outleu 1. ,i mh Ir u4r ten and up
to tisnn id its each for all outlets over
li.i lor vMruis in lamps Oo ,t-i eai h
foi the fli i i ,i , t(, r( , f(M i,
ti- pi i h
t Sf frsctloa thereof, orovided the maximum
I to.b. eh.rKed for each motor, shall not
"wfir -w ouurtde decretive
, sriv'se: sp?r,,a,rQts:.tKe,, a fM of ,LM
e r nxtures or drot if cts.. each
for the first 10 and 6 cts.. each for all
over 18
(f) For temiorary lntalltlonn of show
' vlnAV eYhllilllnilK .MMnlliiM. n,1 h Ilk
there shall be charged a fee of 50 eta . for
' eacn inspection.
(B) pof mcb eonnecUon for llxht o-
. obwer jft cta.
(b) pr Une ork. 2S cta. per pole. I
. (i) yor re-lnsoectlnc any over-head. b- .
dereround or lotenlor wires or asullances.
there ahall be collected one half of the fee
, oreacrined above. I
i (j For the Inspection of electrical aopara-
tu, f0r which no fee is herein prescribed.
or for any extra Inspection made neceaaary
ny worK neinr rejected on first Injunction,
an extra fee of flftr cta per Inspection will
be chanted. Such fees must be paid before
the person, firm, company or corporation
doinir such work will be granted -mother
permit to do electrical work of anv kind I
In said City.
Section 21. No permit alie.ll be Issued for
less than SO cents.
Section it Tne INfv T3l-M-tf-4ian shall I
' have the sunerrielon of the installation of
all alaritrlnol rtrtrtwtxr aak .al a anil nnnll I
iv-mivhi mint. IVIUltCUVan u mmvf
anctw In. on or about any bull din vacant
lot. nubile nlaee. strict or niior in the City
of El Paso. '
It shall be hia dutv to Inspect all inside I
ttnA nilt Bill lsuTtaI mlrlnei in that CAtV Of 1
1 Paeo. whether telephone. teleRraph. elec
tric llsrht or power or other wlnne, and to
report any unsafe conditions to tne person.
I firm or corporations own in or wntrolllnc
the same. It shall be the duty of the City
. Klectrlclan to disconnect any electrical nlr- i
! inp. connections or appliances by polling ;
' the fuses or cutting the wiring, connections
I or appliances by pulling the fuses or cuiuuk
t,ua vs aasssai vuVUIIIK HlfS SBIIICi r Hiius."" i
such electrical wiring, connections or appll-
an ces shall have been found to be In an .
unsafe condition., and it shalt be unlawful 1
for any person, firm or corporation to use I
such equipment until it has been repaired J
and approved bv the City Electrician, pro- I
vlded, however, that whenever such equip
ment has been t mind o he In an Unas f e
V.sj nleu ho. 1 .. nihanas-Sr'
condition, the City Electrician shall give
or cause 'to be gHen to the person, firm
or corporation owning or controlling the
same written notice thereof, and demand
tttat the same be repaired within the time
fUad by the City Electrician, before dis
connecting the same, as herein provided.
Section- 14. The City Electrician shall
decide all questions pertaining to the In
stallation of Electric writes and appliances
not otherwise provided for in this Ordinance
Section 26. The following special instal
lation rules shall be observed.
(a) Service entrance must in all cases
be at the nearest point to the nearest pole
from vtikh service will be rendered.
b Only one service each for light or
power will be allowed, in the same building.
(c) No service wires shall be smaller
than No. 10 U & fl Gauge
'ril All earvlpat wlras must Ha of tt fl
padtyof all branch circuits and each branch
circuit must be figured as if loaded to i
capacity. i
(e) All service switches must have a I
capacity of not less than thirty (30) ampere ,
f) Any lighting cervices of more than
thirty (SO) amperes must be a three wlrs
(z) Serving switches must not be placed
higher than peven feet six inches or less
than six reet six tncnes irom me noor ex
cept by special permission in writing from t
the Cltv Electrician. ,
(h) All meters must be grouped, and an
approved meter board must be installed for
each meter or group of meters and each
meter protected by switch and fuse
(1) All knife switches snd fuse blocks
must be Installed in approved metal boxen.
(J Service wires must extend at least
two feet out of condulet.
(k) Wires used as buss bars on branch
blocks must not be smaller than No. 10
B & 8 Oauge,
(1) All neutral fuses must be coopered.
(ro Approved metal outlet boxes must
bo Installed at all outlets
(n) Heater boards must not be less than
two Inches thick.
(o) Tbe use of armored cable for con
cealed work will not be approved unless in
stalled In such a manner as to be readily
withdrawn and replaced at any time with
rtnf riirnips to wall, reilliur. floors or other
portions of the building. I
10) AH wires on top oi snow wiuuowa
will be considered sublect to mechanical
Injury. and must be placed to conduit.
q All attics and roof spaces shall be
bored out for knob and tube work.
r) The Capacity of all outlets in resi
dents shalt be wired as follows
Porch eel line lights not lees than 40 watts.
reception hall celling lights not less than
40 watts: living room and dining room
Slllng lights not lev than 110 watts kitchen
iHnjr lights not less than CO wstts. bath
room and bed-room celling lights not less
than 40 watts and all bracket lishta for the
foregoing, 25 watts.
( Ksrit llrhts shall be Installed In all
buildings requiring fire escapes which are t
occupied at eight. These lights must be on I
aananla s-ll-ssil'. At a-Mnilta MMinaftMl CHI
the service side of main line, with only one
set of fusee between lights and tbe service
it) Bell transformers mast be Installed
In plain sight and readily accessible.
(u) The installation of wires In wooden
moulding will net be apnrovcd.
(v) Unfinished attics will not be consid
ered as accessible.
. w) Exposed wires on side-walls most be
protected by rigid Iron conduit,
ix All crossover tubes must be at least
six laches long.
(y) Circular loom must not be substi
tuted for porcelain.
(a) Wires must be loomed In partitions
with less than three inches clearance be
tween wall.
(1) Cord drops must not extend below
six feet from the floor, and most hang free
from rosettes.
(2) AU sockets within eight feet of ex
posed metal ground, or in rooms or base
ments with concrete floors must be of porce
lain, or hang not Jess than eight feet from
tho floor and be controlled by a switch.
Section 2. The use of rigid conduit will
be required for.
fa) All new wiring, and additions to. or
alterations of old wiring within the follow
ing district:
Commencing at a point on the Rio Grande
Itlver where Third Street. If extended would
intersect the River, thence along the centre
Une of Third Strt to a noint nrhara Tnln
atrt tottraects Florence St: thenes In a
Northarlr direction aloiur tbe centre Una, of
Floren Street to a noint where Florence
Street intersects Missouri Street: thence la
a Westertr direction alone the centre line
or aflasonri St. to a point where Mlssnorl
Street intersects Fisher Street: thence In a
Soutierlr direction alone the centre line o(
s.snar Bir&ec 10 a noint wb.r. siaM.r KtrMt
Intersects West Main Street, thence alone
centre line of West Main Street to a point
where West Main Street Intersects Lowton
Ave: thence In a Southerly direction alone
the centre line of Lowton Ave., to a point
where Ixiwton Avenue It extended would
lntr.t it., nlj, "!.... tii... .Lm.,.. f
r Souther! v direction alone the meander. e(
saia nver to the place or beelnnlns.
(b) Wirea In City. County and Stale build
Ine. (c) Wirea In theaters, schools, churches,
hospitals, lodge rooms or ether places of nub
ile assembly.
(d) Buildines In which 'there Is a store.
t i? Oarsee. clesnlne works, machine shops,
boiler rooms, in all factories, and In all stor
aee war. houtes. and all hay or cm In ,or
aeee. f) Wires exposed to mechanical Injury,
or flying combustibles
(K All service wires te points of distri
bution. (hi Show window wlrlne
11) Wires for slens. from service switch to
body of stain.
i All motor wiring.
Ik) Wins en metal celllnes. and In base
ments. (11 All apartment houaes of four or more
apart men ta
(ml Wires on, or throuch the exterior
walls of buildines
(n) Alt wires In cold storsee or parkine
houa. plants, which must be run In approved
ealvanlscd conduit, except In cold atoraee
(oi All exit llehts
Section 7 Durine each performance, a
licensed Electrician mast stand at etaat.
switchboard or eluse eiioueh to It. to be
able at all times to operate said board.
The Llcenaed Kl'H.trU.lan shall uae full
charge or all electriclana. traveling com
PAnlea Included, and must ace at all times
that thla Ordinance la enforced. He will be
held responsible for nil electrical apparatua
used on the rtaee. and munt not allow any
unsafp apparatus to bel used
Commercial lump tord must not bo nsrd
on the staee. except for low voltage battery
turn nt
.sit ilon "8 Am person firm, or corpora
tion who Hhiill lolate any of the provisions
of this ordinance or w ho shall fall to uom
PU with rfiiy of its requirements, shall be
deemed guilty of a niledemeanor. and aha.il
be sublect to a fine not lees than ten 1 10.00 '
do lars. nor more than one hundred (S1M.00I
doUars. and ea ti and eierv dav s continu
ance of any Molatlon of the proilalons of
thla Ordinance h.tll constitute and be
deemed a separate offence
.Section 2S This I irilinunee nhn.l not re
peal the provisions of anv other txlatlng
Ortlnaucea of the Cltv or 1:1 I'-eo except
asuch as are In direct .onflhl hereciltb. bul
all Ordinances not in direct . nnflii t here-
,.,i, akuii i-. . n... . I
Mth shall Is construed a- i iniiilutlve of
and In addition to the tirm Imuhib of ,lnd
Ordinance, s.
Section .10. The fact that from Improper
aod unsuitable electrical work, already con
structed und being constructed and main
tained dallv. ilitn.ee maaikni . bpIbka k... i.
to Persons ind property crealea an urgency
aiiu .iiicm-uw anu on account OI tne tin
rnedlate preaeratlou uf public aafety ra
uulrlne that thla ordinance take effect at
once It U ac ordlniclv ordainetl that this
Ordinaiu e shall take effect tmmedlal-i af
ler iti. pa-aaae auuruval and nuhlfcatton as
in the- thai lei in auch cases made jnd
prov ided '
Passeu and aopun :U this Juih da! of
Munh V 1316
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I Golden State Limited l
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1 rremier i rain or
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Can be used to polish an Automobile as well as furniture or floors.
It gives that rich lustre so much admired.
Small Size SS cents.
210-212 IT. Stsnton St. Phones 205-205.
All trains arrive and depart from Union
station, foot of San Francisco street. Air
arrival and departures given la El Peso or
mountain standard time
For Albuquerque. Denver. Chicago. Loe
Aatele No. SIS ivs. S SO a. m.. No. J10
'iat 8 p. m.
From Albuquerque. Denver. Loe Aneeles,
. ! .1"No- m "TT- a. m.. No. SIS
at C:SS p. m.
(Western Division.)
For Arliona and California -Xo. J Ivs.
S:SS p m.: No. 7 at 7-4S p. m.
From Arliona and California No. ! arvs.
!in. No. 4 at 1 10 p m.
(listrm DUIsIon.)
Kansas City. St. Louis and Chli ago
'"i l ' p- m No- 2 at 4 45 p. m.
For Tucumcari No. 3 Ivs 7 30 a. m
From Chicago. St. Loul. an.l Kanaas City
ii?' arrs. (.30 s. m . Xo C at 1 40 p m.
From Tucumcari No 7 an- 7 "o n m
G. If. X 8. A. AMI S. P. TR I-.
I"or San Antonio. New Orleans and Wsh
Mgton No. 102 ivs 8 4J a m No 10 at
10:30 p. m
From Washington Nw Orleans and San
Antonio No. 9 arvs. 5 30 p. m.. No. 101 at
10 v. m.
For Arisona and California No. 1 Ivs.
:4S a. m. : No. t at p. m. . No 101 at
1:1S p. m.
Frost Arliona and California No. 103
arrs. S:S0 a. m.. No. J. at 4-30 p m . No.
10 at 10 p. m
For Dallas and St. Louis No Ivs -0
a. m.' No. 4 at 7 p. m.
From St. Louis and Dallas No S errs.
9 15 a. m. No. ; at 0.35 p. m.
No regular schedule.
No regular schedule.
rM www, -irji auto line, upper valley
west sMe, Herald delivery leaves Herald of.
flee each week day at 4 p. m. Fares from
El Paso to the following points are as follows-
Csnutlllc. 7".e, La I'nion store 11 00
Chamberlno. $1 ja. Ls Mesa. 31 so Car
leaves La Mesa for El Paso at 8 a m dam
Telephone S43. La Mesa, N M Tt T. TI.ltt
Ia.S CRITIIS auto line for Me,l!ia valley
points, leaves Herald office -aeh wee dav
at J 15 P m Fares from El T'-iso to Canu
tlllo, 75c, Anthony. 1 00 Horlno. 1 tS
..do- I1,6; Mesqulte. 1173. MesUla Park.'
JJ.OOr Las Cruces. 32 00 J.eaves E T. Johns
News Stand. Phont 14;. for El I'aso at 6
p m. dally
KL PSO-CI.INT Wheeler's car leave, .-lint
lor Rl Paso dally, including Sundav -. V
, m Returning . riJUf ;;nu'' -l1t H
The HeraJd office 1, i? ' rar leav
' nA rteraia otriee at 3 30 n m r,nr,
and parcels carried
FAIJKNH-CIXVr-CI. PAH6"antomubll stsTo
line See the lower rajlev and enjoy a real
Kood ride Rtuid trip fare to Clint $1 ".
Kabf-ns $1.75. AutomoMle lpa Kl pis,.
Urmia office eacn evening- ai opt bundajs
at 2 o clock and, returns tf Kl Ha-uj at ,
ieluiK. Make resenation-i at Tht H.-rul I
f. i.i ma. in niutsMX Cinhi hour-. i
Roosevelt dam Leaves Iun utioo hutrl
Olobf dalh 8 30 a m Vrrit Phoenix 4 10
p m Fnrr Jt.. Make n -..-r .ition-. In a!
offl( ""
' RION " j
hih- ( Hr hMp Auto tagL Lint' Oloh
IUM IN-sOLIMIOXULI.l. ., n ., :,i t ,-
lo Gel Bargains.
fine. Save one day between Globe and Clif
ton. Leave Diincaa S:30 a. m-; arrive Sol
omonTUle 11:00 a. m. Leave Solemoavtlle
11 45 a. m.: arrive Duncan S:1S p. m. Fare
each wav S5.00. R. L. Raid, manager, Dun
can. Arlxona.
niCKOIC 1IOTKL and auto line. Bugle, N.
M. Trtpa to Klephant Butte and Palomas
Springs. Cars meet all trains.
TLL.VltOsA-JIBSCALF.no auto leaves Tula
rosa for Mescalero. dally 93 round trip, far.
to Aiamogordo S3. D. W. Snoeraaker Auto
Line. Tularosa. N M
LIKE VALLKV. Hlllsboro ami Kingston
auto atags and express line meets all trains
at Lake Valley. Wire at my expeBse for
speclal trips anywhere at any time. Rates
reasonable F. W. Mister. Hlllsboro. N. M
SILVER CITY-MOOOLLON staee line, one
st- 37 u0. round trip SIS. Stanley ateamer
12 passenger car. Wire or write for reserva
tion Eight years' experience Mogotlon road.
Frank Townsead. P. O. Box 703, Phone 349.
Silver Cltv
auto, leaves Lordsburg daUy 1 p. ras, via.
Tyrone, leaves SHver City dally 3 a. za., vUv
Tyrone. Through fare one way St: remvl
trip 31" silver Ctty to Tyrone one wav
33.00, round trip S3.00. Scott narage, Lords
burg. N. M . Broadway Hotel. Silver City,
N. M.
HLACK RANt.K auto atage and express line
passenger service leaving Engle and Chlor
ide dally exeept Sunday st 7 s. m foe Ble
phsnt Butte Cuchllto. Willow Springs and
Fairview. Through fare one way. M: inter
mediate points. 10c per mile. Baggage car
ried JO pounds free, excess ; cents per
ROSUKLI.-CAItRIZOZO mail line Passen
ger service lavlng both RosttpII ami Carrl
Soso dst I ami Sunday at s a. m for Plcs--rho.
Tinnjc Htmdo. TJneoln Ft Stanton
rapitan and NoiTal, Throuffh fare one wn
.40. Intrmeltat points at 8c yer mil
Baggage t arrid up te 176 pounds. 5ft
poends free. Kxeess at lr per pound. Koe
well Auto Co owners and operators.
KO.HVKl.L-ArAIO.OKIf passenger snd
express lln Automobltes lea1 Alamogord
for Ruswell at Jf 15 a m arrle at RoswpI'
at 830 p m Westbound antomoblle leavr
Roe well fo- Alamoaordo at 7 99 a m. Arrive
at Aiamogordo at t IS p. m Stops are made
at the following points: Picacho. Tlnnle,
Hondo Snn ratrlcte. Glen C Whits Mt
Inn, Iesnalro, Bent, Tularosa Ta T.uz
Thrnugh fare one waj H Intrmediat
points c i r mile. Tuenty fi pounds
haitsraj?e cnrrlt.i free. Ejccw- lc per pounO.
A'' ii'i-.i i ifiw A-amoeordrt V y
0U:(iO-RIKN V1RTV auto mall line
Kverj duy ?xrept Sunii ' Fare one wav
$1 35 O. C. Marnhl, Proprietor
MKKA-PORT DA VI-. uto mail Une Ifnavo
Tort Dsis daily and SundiLVr- Sam Lea
Uarfa -' p m. one wa $ " round. trtj
$4 00 r, V Inli Pro.
hfi I,- t- Huen i i i it
it ami IVIls 1 ii in 1 i r i
' Ii iriiblt l'r pn to-
uito mall
, iv 12 oe.
BI(, hPK1N(K. iirnnk ir, Auto Line
lttvof Hlg Hnrins;! dailv cxcpf Suituay a'
" t' .. in jrilinff Tuiii.r-.ii via aai "knI
tur nt" i , ir 1" noon r t.irntnK to T'f
irin -j; nni ' i . 5 p m - .ft on-1 ws
' i. ii i ti i i -.nil v Mi,'h Prps.,

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