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Leonard Says Was Hit Over
Head With Paper Weight;
No Arrests Made.
.ihn I' Leonard was takm to his
r r,tl". Nashville street at noon
nu.sii.ij, Ins head bandaged, and auf
f. i iiik from a number of scalp wounds.
Ti-.nmrd stated to si Herald reporter
4 mil h" had lif'n assaulted by C. K.
M li.irton In room 910 Mills building,
and that be liad been hit with a paper
v.'iKht m the left temple.
"Mr. Wharton owed me 115 and I
Vr.cl koic to his offlie to collect it."
En ill Leonard.
during the inorninR 1 phoned Whar
tun that I wirlied to collect what was
Ju.. me and he replied that If I would
11. me to hit" office he would pay me.
I i-ainr to town in my automobile
ai .1 went Immediately to Mr. Whar-
T-.n'- office.
S. ou have come to collect 119.1
rutin me'" Wharton said.
lilt on the llrnd.
"T replied, yes He then called me a
1 p skate.' and the next thlnff I was
Vii on the head with a paper weifiht
. n 1 iifterwards was cut. 1 am not
m 1 Irar on what happened, a the
1 l.. rrem tha paper weight stunned
me '
"' 1" Wharton, who was for some
1 me the secretarv of the Kio Grands
.ttle Loan cumpan. said that Leon
ard nnr Into his office and started
f roulile. , . .
I!,. Called me a 'damn crook, said
"tlr Wharton, "and T tried to put him
cut of the office. He struck at mo
first He had no claim airalnst me or
tin. 1 on puny and our accounts snow
ih.it 1 did not promise Leonard to
li. tV: or any other amount, as there
,,s notViiiiR- owlns: him. But on the
i.Hmi lunil. there is still an outstand
l m ohiiration which lie has never set
tle.! with 111."
Icoiruii mss treated by Or. H. J -It,
i.H .11 Mmi l"ls Mills biiildliigr. No
:i mMm.ii i.ipiiilntiitv were made up to
1 .inn in tin- ,-ilti'rcation.
v 11 tin, ivxaa. April 2t. Quarantine In
S r hihI health officers have been
urjr.-4 Dr. W. B. olUns to cooperate with
ih tif health d partment in prarenting
11 -pld( mtc of tMhus fe.pr In Texaa.
UHk thf aftuatl'tti lt now under control.'
ul ir Collins, "there still is much da
r thni the dimwr may gain a footing.
ll jlli and puhllr huflUlniTH a well aa
that" ar ahpInK curt. str-i t earn Mini
mM uhll ihtclts Hhould be .litnfected and
u- pi 1 nn and f r from vermin." pa
Dr. Collin. He urgri the rjoperatlon of
jti' in?, nw and hilth authnritla In th
ii.tiff. tin of enrh '.' of Uphu and th
bagiflg' and lothlnt 'f tphun pat Ion Mi'i
avIi th health department! of the rlties
tonnn should itikl.tuU- h rlea.n Up .tn
l.jtlipi in the home of th lower ctaaa to
in art thrm fre- from lite and vermin of
nil iimlM
Pliocnix. Arts., April 26. The State
Meilical association Is to convene here
1 Irs nk, the state association of
limit h officers and the state anti-tuber-
iilo-i citna;resB are in session for two
1! - i.etore the meeting; of the general
iMvoi'iation. Dr. Claude C. Pierce, sen
nn Miriee'tn of the United States pnblio
ti.altli set vice, and now stationed at Vl
I'lisi, ih ,, ittor at the convention.
Tin- National Kepubllcan club will
ti.Mc it meeting; this evening; in the
county court room to orgranixe for
he n.itional conention and to select
m ! i;iics for the oiint convention
v 1 k h is to be held In May.
Jl:ic 011 motored out to Austin Ter
race? It Is a revelation as a future
resident e section to El Paso. Adv.
The ordinary eoat of a "Want Ad In
The El Paso Herald Is 35 cents. It
reaches an average of about 100.000
readers each listie.
Just Apply This Paste
and the Hairs Vanish
'Helps to Beauty.)
A safe, reliable home treatment for
the iiulck removal of superfluous hairs
from your face, or neck Is as follows:
Mix a stiff paste with some water and
ttowdered delatone, apply to objection
able hairs and after 2 or Z minutes
rub off, wash the skin and the hairs
are gone. This simple treatment is
unfailing and no pain or inconvenience
.it tends its use. but to avoid disappoint
ment be certain you get genuine dela
1 one Advertisement
m hi
400 Attend First Annual
Dance of Auto Drivers;
Band Concert.
Members of the Chauffeurs and Au
tomobile Mechanics union No. H?
were the hosts for 400 HI Pasoans
Monday night at a dance given In the
Fraternal Brotherhood hall, at Over
land and Oregon streets. The dance
was the first to be .given by the new
organisation and was a complete suc
cess. Music was rendered throughout
the evening by the Mallow orchestra,
while dancing was enjoyed until a
late hour. Refreshments were served
throughout the evening.
Preceding the dance a parade was
held through the streets and the Mu
nicipal band gave a concert at Oregon
and Overland streets preceding th
dancing. At the dance prizes were
awarded as follows: first prize for the
old fashioned waltz. T. P. Derry and
wife: second prize, D. M. Boozer and
Miss Minnie Curtis: one step, first
prise, E. G. Campbell and MiSB Mar
guerite Stewart; second prize, M. ,
Lynch and Miss Elenor Beckor: D. M.
Booxer and Miss Mabel llankins (tied).
Those present at the dance, as pre
pared bv secretary-treasurer Teddy
Mcllold were as follows:
Mrs. Mary Mcllold. A G. Croswell.
Mra. 11. I. Dean. Miss Klsle Anderson.
H F Dsan. Mm Thaw. Moore.
Jack Miirrar. Miss Doris Snyder
Jack Farmer. A. M. Weber.
J a. Miller. Miss Mattel Livingston.
Henry P. Loyl. Mrs. G. Maxey.
W. K. HuKhes. Mrs. K. I. O'Neal.
Teddy Mcllold. W. II. Dauxhort).
II. D. dates and wife. F. Doi le.
Owen Pitman. Geo. Cleveland.
W. Brunson ana nltf. i-niium.
Itoy Walker W. It. Lesslnc.
K. J Melster Mrs. Diamond Cook.
It. II. Kernell. Miss Velma Klmore.
Bertha cha!lcndr. : N. Pierce.
lira. E. 1.. Knupp. F. fcclcles.
C H Tlce Martin Janffan.
V. A. Andrist m. Franklin.
D. E. Mullens and wife. R. R. ?" .
Paul Miller. g- Bdavirda.
T. flAtiltta. Flora Kdwards.
.; KThorn. '- ' Bush and wife.
1 Rravn L Marlowe.
T. F" K- Mario, e.
.1. Hi.rlf. M. Marlowe.
SrL "ai In Th- ""
Vul " J. Twvnham. Mrs. R . B Il.nderwn.
lfln Herbert . B. Iedloro.
Kd". Campbell. V. O. McClelland.
J. H. I'umphro. K- Newman.
Hiarles .Mi-Adams. - A. Marlscal.
I I.' stnll t. R. rlske.
i.' H I usk. Miss Nellie D. Walker.
Miss Bessie Oil.
Homer o'Nell.
Mia. Emma Smith. T. D. ratten
.1. M Calvert.
B. F. Itcltullen.
Mr. Bertha Steele. " BaKley.
Mrs. s. V. Gorman. ":.- 0VStr'
vilt.ur W. Brown. A,l1v",?J1"V.rH.
Ml May Hall. Mlas Kthel Cordery.
11 Lochrldge. ,XJLmlScn"iJ;
,.ii inn harlle Crallte.
hr . Hicks. J v- Garner.
11 1 H K-n Edward W. O'Nell.
.' TuUw and w.f. Venturm.
H .-.ri '- A. Bucket.
1 11 Hamilton ,J " Bradford.
", I'M'Jrreroreen. . May B.rksdale.
i w MMa Cramer,
M1- M. C Cramer.
, , Wliii'
.1 U. Trommel I.
Stcrlinc Jonea,
r.ik itene. .
i fci. Make.
1 a h'illamsn
!; '"n,t l. T. Herrera,
M V,J km" H ii. Burn.
- i' 1 ,l ... lutK Wat kins.
J !!
ml !fe ,
. shar.
A. .1. HaJl.
. '.. a lien ton,
Joe OoetSt
... AieCartT,
K HennlDKer,
.1 I Murpft.
4' li. DennU.
.tohn McCloekey, Jr
: Iter Cttllan.
.-imer Gustavas,
Kd F&Qtiet and faintly.
i:.i MtM'lintwk.
:t. ...I-
I It .
r. p
' .tin 1 tin,
I 111 r-r
1 itr "ole.
I nll.EII I .a. I
, ...- rt u ixano.
.. , . ,.r. M,b,iHne am,,,,,.
l. lozano.
" ' ' miss Hasten.
, '-"'" Menry lUstch,
1 1. "it'" wrB coJson.
I. Kohtnsitii , FeBUna Nsan.
I R.,khardl COUBB.
Miss Zora Sena. . viler
. Mella Bouse F sheerer.
!" unrn- H. Woods.
j . H. Duncan , r. Howe
' D. Bryce and lte. , rMiien.
' J!1- war Hisfid"- ?' kKs
1 Miss Abble Harold. .'naa. Holmes.
: Miss Uladya Jordan. J"5; iace.
I :Vbn.Ior.ma,, Bar VauKhn.
Miss 01a uirr, M11M uhel HMklna.
T. B. Larock. kh Walters
"'" " i- v c. Scott.
Mlaa Nolmt EaelU
Kdward Taos.
Mrs. Annie Cheater. v,,.en,e Enrlou.l,
Mrs. .1. W. Uendort, , ,!,' ""
U 1' C7Su Jonn 0JlKhr.
Mrm.AMA'SrlS3iv R- J- Burner
J. W. Muehleadorf, N .
Mra. A. U Fallon. cffl.
.Im l-'jfna lllffhl -ir' ".-
Chaa. Maloney
Lawrence Ritchie.
N. W. McMulien.
J. F. Davis.
Rafael Gonsalea,
Leon Castro.
W. B. Wallace.
1L A. Bnick.
John Chadwltk.
L Falrley.
K. pittman.
Hiram Jonea.
Clare O'Maboa
H. I). Perkins.
George Suwalk,
J. A. Bandera.
R. M. O'Brien.
Fritz Wehner.
IL W. M. Wehner.
Wm. Wehner.
Mlaa Velma Sondeson.
Richard Male).
Mlaa Marie CRelllv.
Mis Testis O' Hell It.
Velmar Saseton.
J. V. Garner.
J. Vetter and wife,
Ben Claff.
Miss Mrrtle Clad.
7.. Craft.
R. S. Smith.
Jim Brake.
Geo. BroderiCk.
Miss Xlary Jones,
win. B. Austin.
Plnkev Wlilard.
A K. Chauvet.
.lea Mlllur.
J. IV. Nunn end -wife. ' Bjs'e. Claff.
1. HM . tiirdun.
II. Barker. It- & Tatum and wife,
Miss Mabel Banklna. Rr Starbuck.
J. Barlor. Miss Mary OallaKher
H B Jones Claude Branatettrr.
Vflllle CIlnK. Orite Schulti.
Dan Barnum. - C. sanndera,
Robt. U Mtnner. J- Jordan.
Mlaa Celeetie Mlnter. Mlaa May Smith.
Frank U Meal. M' Jessie Smith.
Fred HuKhett. Mlaa Boale U Laky,
eo Wlntturn'. Mlaa Kuth Laaky,
C W. Harris. Sam Bendorf.
M.si Pitna Wilson. Uouls Snyder.
A. Cohn. Oscar 1. leteraen,
K. U Solma. Leon aillcpls.
E. E Runnels. ''red Frederick..
Thos. Boone. Crast N. Cooper.
I. II Hanes. Uroee R. Cooper,
-Miss I.. Becker. Mix Saaie L. Cooper.
K. Washburn. Waiter Herbert.
Mlaa K. Becker. Walter A. Herbert.
W. V. Lynch. IL F. Martin and nife,
Mrs. F. M. Wad. worth. Fred Meat.
J. V. Berry and wife, Teddy McBold.
Miss Mav Boieman. R- Dale.
A. K. Neth. R. F. Hudson.
Miss Josephine Krvin, R. T. Jones,
l.'i.vn Ratliff. T. Jonea.
hd Kelly k. C. Thomas.
.1. l.a Manna. Itol. Bebb.
.1. U Collins. Arthur U I-evlnsoo.
r. R. Owen and wife. Wilbur Divine.
Frank Myers. n. u Harris.
Miss Trlna BJorner. Ben Harria.
M Sehusaler. Arthur Pickens.
A. 8. Kelly, Anthony Itubins.
M. E. Kelly. Tony Pattl.
Thos. Davis. k. Oosaalea,
B R. Warner and wifcE. Oensales.
Miss Kolterta Crabb. Robert Hazelton.
J Bartlett, Grace Bocers.
S- F,-,Frr'. Sid Jloorr.
R. It 8mlth. Mlaa Ethel GlcheL.
R- D. Stepp. . Mrs. J. It Steele.
Benj. Parraetter. j. a Steele.
J. F. Drlemll. Elmer Johnson.
Miss Galvan. Kay Johnson.
JJ. F. Stewart. jira It. J. Johnson.
Miss J. W. Anderson. A. JC. Roblnaon.
B. E. Nenton. Ted Oelaney,
J. It. Moore. e. E. Byan.
1 C. Hanaon. ills. Florence Walker.
H. van Patton. Mis. Virginia Terhuna.
Mra. J. c Hanaon. Miss Marv O'Malley,
Joe Woloott. Mlaa Teresa O'Malley.
m. Rusaelt Terence Boyle.
J- A Blelle. c C. Casey.
" Bllaabeth RoKers,a P. Hudson.
if? Peterson. c. A. Haya.
Ml. Ilaael Fowler. Dedrlrk Fenton.
1 . G. Rlaney T. O. Stolt.
J. r. Lelsner. Miss Lula FrelberK.
County to Support Demon
strator; City to Pay For
Jail Fire Expenses.
Farm demonstration wck in Kl Pa
so couoty will be carrieo or, during
the coming year as a result of the
renewal by the county commissioners
of the J1O0O yearly Appropriation.
Farm laxpert Tnlka.
J 1 Zuicksall, or Waco, district
acent of the extension work of the
state department of aKrlculture ap
peared beforo the court Tuesday morn
InK to urge a renewal of the ap
propriation for demonstration work
ur.der A. G. Graham, county farm dem
onstrator He spoke of the organiza
tion of pig clubs in tlfe county and
told of results In other counties of the
etate He also spoke of general dem
onstration work in the state giving
the results that have been attained
in counties where the work of this
kind has been carried on. On motion
of commissioner Seth B. Orndorff an
appropriation of $1000 war authorized
for the coming year. The Chamber of
Comerce appropriation of a similar
amount has already been provided for.
City to Pay Kipenses of Jail Victims.
The city will be asked to pay the
bills contracted for supplies and other
expenses in the treatment of victims
of the city Jail fire. The court re
ferred back to the superintendent of
- . ,.! a rv a ITn lllln O hill
the nospua tw owe.. .;&."
containing, among other things, ex
penses Incurred In the taking care of
the patients, with instructions to sub
mit a bill containing all items of ex
pense incurred in the care of the vic-
' "'"motion prevailed that the matter
of furnishing clocks for the courts
new court house be referred to tn
county auditor and county attorney
with power to act.
The hospital board was requested
to make a report of the work they
have done and make recommendation
for future work at the county hospital
Reform Wing of Republican
Party Wins Two of Three
Proposals Tuesday.
Albuquerque, N. M., April 25. The
reform wing of the republican cen
tral committee, led by chairman It. C.
i:iy, in session here this morning as
a preliminary to the state conven
tion, won out on two or its three prop
ositions, the abolition or the unit
rule In the county delegation and the
packing" of its delegation by the
county In which the convention is held.
A third, the prohibition ot present or
prospective officeholders from the dele
gation to the national convention at
Chicago, will be fought out on the floor
of the convention this afternoon.
Itepudlntr Unit Ilnle.
The committee recommended to the
rules committee of tho convention a
repudiation of the unit rule plan. It
passed the question of the double-size
delegation from this county for this
convention, but voted thatthe next
call for a state convention should spe
cify that there should be no taore dele
gates seated from any " conflty than
there is apportioned to It under the
call, regardless of the number of dele
gates named by the county convention.
). llorton. Mrs. J.JU Fraitr.
M. Bowman. W. M. Fltchett
T. ' W. Johnson, wife and daucbt.r.
AV. Ii. Herbert and wife.
MlM'Marcarite Stewart.
IL IL narrteen and wlte.
Mr. and Mra. John Dorres.
I Lv Butterfteld and win
Miss Josephine Jackson.
Miss Shirley Barrlmcton.
C. J. Dewltt and wife.
J. B. Cook, wife and daughter
Thos. O'Bourke and wife.
Kdwln V. Brake and nlfe.
Mlj. Genevieve Barkins
R. L. Valentine and lady.
Mlaa Violet Richardson.
Mra. Charlotte Starbuck.
Miss Winnie Branstrtter.
Miss Margaret Mahoney.
J. W. Ramage and wife.
Jack Sullivan and wife.
Bert Jobnson. wife and daughter.
Li out. Col. Tyree Rivers, or the 13th
cavalry, who has been ill with pneu
monia In the field hospital at Colonla
Dublan, reached El Paso from Colum
bus Tuesday afternoon on the Golden
State Limited. Col. Rivers contracted
pneumonia while on the chase of Villa
and for a time it was feared he could
not recover. He now Is convalescing.
Col. rtlvers was met at the union
station by Mrs. Rivers, Lieut II. C
Pratt, aide to Gen. Bell and Dr. K. G.
Iluber, surgeon at the Post hospital at
Fort Bliss. Col. Rivers is on leave. He
went to Fort Bliss Tuesday afternon
but will leave, probably tomorrow, for
the east, spending his vacation prob
ably at Fort Riley, Kas., where he was
formerly stationed.
Three sick soldiers, also came In
Tuesday, but none was seriously sick.
Phoenix. Ariz.. April 2o.-The pro
posed coming or the moving picture,
The Birth of a Nation." has caused a
protest by local negroes. It was an
nounced from the pulpits of all the ne
gro churches that a mass meeting will
be called for this week and steps taken
to bring the matter to the attention
of the courts. Most of the more con
servative negroes are opposed to the
movement, but it Is considered probable
that an attempt will be made to stop
the showing of the films.
AUmoRordo, N. M.. April 23. Th kllltne
or Oxtm Carmm some time Saturday night or
early Sunday morning, near hie home at
Brief, Is aa deeply shrouded In mystery as
when the body wu first found Sunday
morn in. C. H. llaynrs, deputy aheriff. han
rr turned to AlamoKordo, after having made
an Invest! Ration. The single barrel ahotgTn
with whlrh it is supposed the killing1 was
done, is aa yet unidentified and there Is no
rlue upon whlrh to build a theory. A par
tial post mortem has developed the fact
that the ahot fired into Carnon's breat were
but-kihot of very large size. No motive
evn for the killing has b-rn developed thus
far. The sheriffs department Is still car
rying on the investigation.
jinxiCAx i.Anonnit is cut.
Kugenlo Hernandez, a laborer resid
ing on Canal street, was cut slightly
in the right breast Sunday night in
a fight with another Mexican on South
El Paso street A warrant has been
Issued for his alleged assailant.
A dollar saved by buying goods pro.
duced elsewhere Is a dollar thrown at
your neighbor's birds.
Ninth Day of Trial of Las
Cruces Banker Will See
Case With Jury.
Alamogordo, N. M-, April 25. Al
though the day's session was pro
longed until 10:45 last night, the argu
ment was not finished in the case or
Turner- It. IL Smith, former president
or the defunct First State bank of Las
Cruces. Indicted tor the embezzlement
of $4160 of the bank's funds, on July
IS. 1914. This is the ninth day sinco
the trial opened.
Court was reconvened at 1:30 yes
terday afternoon, following the inter
ruption early Saturday night on ac
count of the illness of Julio Salcido,
one or the jurors. All or yesterday af
ternoon's session was used by L. A.
Dale, or El I'aso. who concluded hla
argument for derence. He spoke a
part of Saturday afternoon and Sat
urday night until the trial was halted
because of a Jjuror's Illness. Itencnan
used all or last night's session in his
argument. Holt spoke this morning,
closing for the state. The case will
I be given to the jury some time mi
I afternoon. The public generally Is not
making prophecies as to what the ver
I diet will be.
I Holt had not concluded his argument
when the noon recess was taken ana a
resumed at 2 oclock. . ..
The case will not be given to the
Jury until late In the afternoon.
Holt's arraignment of the detendant
has been merciless.
Phoenix. Arli.. April 3S. The city attor
ney has filed suit for a writ of mandamus to
compel the mayor to sign certain resolutions
of the commission dismliilns the present
city auditor and consolidating the offices o
city clerk and city magistrate. Under tne
charter, no power of veto Is given the may
or but, he undertook to veto the resolutions
mentioned, which wen- passed by a unani
mous vote of the commissioners, and tne
auditor and magistrate have been at their
offices every day since the resolutions were
passed more than a wek ago. and reiusa
to surrender their positions.
An interlocutory writ was granted and
made returnable on Saturday.
Anthony. K 11.. April 25. Notwith
standing the rosy reports from other
sections of this part of the valley, of
a large crop of alfaira. C. A. Thompson,
manager of the South New Mexico
Farmers association, says that he doe
not expect half a crop and that it will
be much later than usual. The associa
tion does not expect to have any nw
hay to offer before May 15 or 20.
If you want to see a picture that Till
succeed in holding you charmed and
fascinated for the full time it takes to
show it, go today to the Alhambra and
see the beautiful Lasky star, Marie
Doro, in the emotional romantic play.
"The Heart ot Nora Flynn." Last
night when this picture was shown, for
tho first time in the United States, it
was the recipient of nothing but
praise from all who saw It. There was
not a dissenting voice and many waxed
extremely enthusiastic over its excel
lence. It Is a picture that Is so true
to life snd so well portrayed that it
cannot help being a big success wher
ever shown. It is tense and thrilling,
swift in action and does not allow the
interest to drag for a moment. The
management personally recommends
this picture as extraordinary even in
this house of extraordinary attractions.
The Alcasar theater at 506 South El
Paso street has just Installed a $8000
orchestral Wurlitzcr. This popular
theater has always been progressive In
its pictures and now it has gone a
step farther and added splendid music.
It has been proved conclusively that
pictures without music prove a poor
entertainment. However, good pictures
and good music make an Ideal enter
tainment. In selecting the new "Wur
litxer. the Alcazar management has
used splendid judgment as these in- c
struments are beyond douDt tne solu
tion to the motion picture musical pro
cram. Thl new 1C000 TVurlitzer was
sold and Installed by the El Paso Tiano
Co- W. It. 'Schutz, proprietor, 208
(south side) Texas street This com
pany is sole agent for Wurlitzcrs in
this section. Advertisement.
Charlie Chaplin's burlesaue on "Cai - j
men" is a scream and in a class by
Itself. It is diiiereni irom any pinun
ever produced, with an atmosphere
that is fascinating to the extreme. This
feature is crowding to capacity tne
largest theaters of the country right
now and it is iloluc; the same at the
Unique, so arrange to come during the
day if possible and avoid having to
wait for a seat at the, night shows.
The shows start on the hour and the
admission is 25 cents for adults and 15
cents for children. Advertisement.
MARY Fri.I.I'.Il AT THE HUnniv .
Emotional drama in five acts reatur-
ine charming Mary Fuller, depicting a
young girl's peril on the Great White
Way. This unique, beautiful and
strong play is from the famous story
of Wallace Irwin. It is preceded by a j
wonderful scenic spectacle of the court
of emperor Nero, witnessing Christian
maidens being thrown to the lions.
Po not overlook this magnificent pro
duction. Admission will be: Adults,
0c. children, 6c. Advertisement
Tobacco Habit
Easily Conquered
A New Yorker of wide experience, has
written a book telling how tho tobacco or j
snuff habit may be easily and completely J
banished in three 1a3s with delightful bene-
fit. The author. Edward J. "Woods, 1251-G.
ouftiiun r4. iicw jorK -iiy- win man cis dook
free on request.
The health Improves wonderfully after the
nicotine poison Is out of tho system. Calm-n-s,
tranquil sleep, clear eyea. normal appe
tite, good digestion, manly vigor, strong
memory and a general gain In efficiency are
among the many benefits reported. Get rid
of that nervous feeling; no more ned of
pipe, cigar, cigarette, snuff or chenlnc to
bacco to pacify worbM desire Adv.
CAns, i.3o per nouR.
Season Tickets For Chau
tauqua Program Being
Sold Rapidly.
Two hundred and seventy-six Chau
tauqua season tickets have beer, sold
for the big Chautauqua which will open
here Monday for the week ot entertain
ment. This is considered a remark
able showing and the committees which
have been at work, including the no
tary club committee and the commit
tee or guarantors, are much encour
aged because or the sale.
Those who have purchased season
itckets Tor the Chautauqua, with, the
number purchased, are as follows:
It. H. ICinehart 10. H. I Htevens 3.
W. H. Shelton 10. J. A. Smith 2.
A. It. Ryan 10. Chas. A Hirsch 2.
Glenn T. Moore 10. L". H. Yale 2.
J. A. Chilton 11
A. Bliss Albro 2.
E. C. Davis 20.
G. A. Martin 10.
V. It. Schutz 2.
Alan r.odes -'.
Burt Orndorff 10.
S. H. Worrell 2.
Itobt Krakauer 10. Dr. J. M. Ridle) 2.
E. U W. Polk 10. P. W. Norton -'.
Ii B. McClintock S.Henry S. Beach 2.
Sig. N. Schwabe 5. C. D. Miller 2.
O. A. Danlelson 5. Henry Welsch 3.
Dr. It. L. Harney 5. U. S. Stewart 3.
Fischbeln Bros 5. J. F. Williams
Fraser Bros. 5.
Herman Andreas 2.
A. G. Foster, jr., 2.
A. I. Coles 2.
Otis Coles 2.
Dr. P. H. Brown 2.
J. II. Turner 6.
Acme Laundry 5.
W. T. Hlxson 6.
Dean D. Clark 5.
Dr. F. N. Brown 5. A Friend 2.
W. IL Wagner 5. Mrs. W. A. White 1.
K. L. Simons 5. Leo Ferlet 1.
S. a Awbrey 4.
First National Bank 10.
City National Bank 10
The "White House 10.
Dr. J. M. Richmond 5.
Wilson & Mllllcan Cleaning Works 5.
Frank B. Simmons 5.
Dr. C M. Hendricks E.
Las Cruces, N. M.. April li. Great prep
arations are being mads by the Las Cruces
schools for the Shakspere tercentenary and
May day festival to be held here Saturday
night. Bach grade In every school is to be
represented. Two hundred and fifty children
are to take part.
For quick results Use Herald Want
Fish Camp
No. 2,
Will hold their reg
ular meeting at Odd
Fellow's Hall, Tues
day, April 25th. 191.
I-nONES S 09-310.
Oliver Carr. Mir, 418 San Antonio St
f - y a l -
IvS irilAt JIMIflllF TODAY J
I Si '" ; lliL tP' 1 "5" UW'UUE TOMORROW I
Stat College. N. M., April 25. The an
nual student body play. ,-As Tou Like It."
was given In Hadley hall, before an ex
ceptionally large and appreciative audience.
The play was given as State College's -nn-trihutlon
to the national celebration bein
h.'Id over the United Stat,", in honor of the
:i00th anniversary f Shakvpcrc's death.
The play lastrtl for two hours and a half.
The student at though In xperlenced. did
remsrkahK well ami entered Into the spirit
of tin pia. MKsc Ah." Stewart and Ber
nlt oriiie taking the leading parts for the
piiN w,re espe. tally good. Robert 8ossonu.
slant. lirown. Kit hard I3uns snd Edward
Wharton, in the leading roles for the men
w.re lilterallv prated.
Takine l.i ft in the plav were: Casper Rea.
I.rwls Bahcork, William Tuttlc. Stanley
Brown. IMnard Lines. Nugent Bo'jsmjn.
All Aboard For The
7:45 TONIGHT 9:00
The New Judge
One Long Laugh '
3:00 P. M. 10c.
7:45-9:00 10c; 20c, oOc.
I At The Alhambra I
The Beautiful Lasky Star,
And Her Supporting Cast Completely Captivated
Everyone "With .
The Heart of Nora Flynn
The kind of play that sets the pulses throbbing
and holds the spectator spell bound all the time.
It was received last night by an enthusiastic and
appreciative audience.
mffAUiTW rain??
The English Language
The American Stage
firranfTQ NmM.
Mrs. Clark's Cafeteria
f -IJmPiS&B " 'tJaar'i e 'rsl ncw Chaplin subject in six months 9
"Stofev iPifflfcWBS'- ' ' an l'le 'arScst feature Chaplin ever starred in. 1
HKPJHHpPJM Every one wants to see this picture, so come dur- 1
Tuesday, 'April 23, 191G. ,
Robert Sessom" Itobert Foster. Edwaril
Wharton. Andrew Archer. Rowell Smith.
Richard Buvens. Leslie Briggs. Noel Blazer
Lawrence Campbell. Cheater C.nrrett, llarrv
Conway, llta.es Alice Stewart. Bcrnlco
Orme, Ruth Livesay, Margaret Buvens an. I
Barbara Worcester, and Karl Heilman.
Robert Klrby. Ian Mai lavish, Arthur Jer
dan and llilraar Ateerschaidt.
For quick results Use Herald Want
April 25ih.
Open To The Public
Good Music nnd Bntertclners.
Everything Strictly First Class.
After the first night ti-e root garden
will be open only to mbers.
111 S. Snutri Fe St.
Boasts No Greater Novel,
Knows No Greater Star.
nntne. Farhl
WW.1IV -...,.
UlE At.l II AT

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