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Wednesday, !A.pril 26, 191(5.
. '
"I Was at Santa Ysabel;
Bring on Firing Squad, "
Says- Villa Outlaw.
in i. on, Mt April 25, (via El Paso
n.iion Apul 2) Pablo Lopes, th
iu offinrr, who wa recently cap
i i1 in a lave near Santa Yaabel, has
n taken a prisoner to Chihuahua by
' 1 Barnoi. lxipcx la wounded in both
I .-
lAtpez said:
I am in ooAplete ignorance of Villa's
pi r tent ioeaUon and 1 don t know
'utlicr he la alive or dead -It i true
II (I I Wa prefnt at the Santa
ilel maaaacre, for which" Gen Bel
i in wan respond! lilt I never heiml
ill 1 was outlawed but that will not
ik an tiifreieru) as I am quite re
- ned o le ahot bv the firing squad
j mv tinu-Hhat is set for mv death "
'n Obregon aocompanied by Gen.
miin is iperteil to leave northward
mortow for CliilrOahua.
Sfnnition Notice is hereby given
'ilisn theie hai been seized in this
rillitti .n Dietrit for violation of the
i Custom Lhs one brown horaa
nd one white horse, with Mexican
rinds which will be sold at the U.
- i uMom House Wcdnesdaj. May J.
H Vmone rlalminir the property
iv trwtiiifd to apiitar wilhin the time
i - ild bj lav Zach Unur Cobb,
lb i tm of Customs Adv.
Overthrow of Government
and Killing of Americans
Planned, Is Report.
rrivate advices from Chihuahua
Tuesday afternoon told of the dis
covery of a plot there to overthrow
the Carransa state government and
kill the Americana.
The plot, the report sas, was dis
covered last week and In time to pre
vent the carrjint; out of the plans of
the plotters
Is Second Plot.
This is eald to have been" the second
plot of the kind uncovered in Chi
huahua within the past two weeks, a
previous plot having; been discovered
on April 16, which resulted in SO or
more plotters being: arrested, and In
several being executed.
The private advices Tuesday mads
no mention of additional executions.
b r nruiiii n
Capt. Willis and Lieut. Dar
gue Have Thrilling Es
cape From Death.
Columbus. N M. April 2
II. Willis and Lieut II
16 Capt R.
Veracrus, Mex., April 26. The town
of Orizaba, inland about 70 miles south
west of Veracrus, now Is the capital of
the state of Veracrus. All the govern
ment officers were moved there Tues
day except that of Gen. Ileriberto Jar a,
the governor, who will take up his of
ficial resident in Orisaba next Thurs
day. Unn mower sharpened, 404 X. Ore
gon St. Allen Arms & Cycle Co. Adv.
If You L
Good Music
Here is your opportunity to
fill your home wilh the
world's Best Music.
This Victfola
iNiiflli 1 3 II iflUHnSnfill
Including a selection of
Records amounting to $10;
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Oak or Mahogany.
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15.00 Down
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w x
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Don't Put Off
That Viclrola you have
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pick 0UL the kind of music you
lic best, and arrange to have
a Viclrola sent to your home
w. a WALZ
103 South El Paso
military aviators, returned here Tuee
dsy for treatment of their injuries sus
tained when the airpiane in which
they were scouting- over the Sierra
Jtadrcs was wrecked. A vivid story
of their accident and of their subse
quent long hike to the expeditionary
field base also reached the border
The storj. emanating from a re
liable source, told of 46 hours spent
bv the two aviators half erased bv
their injuries and hardships, marching
ow two mountain ranges and
through a desolate. Vlllista infested
At 6 oclock on the mowing of April
IS the fliers rose through a i thick fos
bank to start on a special co""
mission. Acording to the storv. after
flvina through the passes and rock
I defllea of thi Sierra Madres for four
r" ,i,k. f.mnH themnelves con
fronted .with a jagged mountain peak
rising sWr before them Unable to
develop sufficient engine Power to
overcome the cuppy air and unable to
land because of the nature of the
eround they threw their plane for
ward In the air. time after time as a
swimmer attempting to breast the
waves, in a vain attempt to UlmO
the peak. . . .
.Machine Crumples and Falls.
Suddenly the propeller s'PPedrl"
volvlng and the machine fell, crum
Fling the plane's left wing and bury
ing the two fliers in the debris on
in? mountain slope 400 feet below.
How long they remained that way
even the men themselves dJd "i
know. But finallv thej extricated
themselves and found that their in
juries, while painful, were minor.
Airmen Hum I l Plane.
AVllh but emergency rations taken
f rom the w recked plane and a few
swallows of water, the airmen, after
firing their plane started for the
American camp. The walked all that
day, all that, night, and the walked
ail the next day and well into the
fosrth. . .,
Climb Two Mounlnln Itnnces.
Over two mountain ranges thev
climbed, through rock defiles and ovr
. .1. m .-..!... 4m- rl Kit a nf rnr'Ir
xraiis irom wmtn jjisbc wi .,
protruded, knife etaarp and ruinous to
. . m i .. tva All hilt
the leet meir iw P," ",,
they found a little alkaline hog wal
lntr ami after the scum had been re
moved, they drank their fill and
pushed forward again.
The sun went down and the stars
. .-.. H.tll .I,aw miollAfl nil
came oui aim .n i.j K.,.... ..
Occasionally the men muttered to each
other, but mainly they talked little
everv effort being reserved for the
a . . . . i . .. .. A nal-ln 1 .
aeggea aiiemp- w rent-i --...-
IflDGar- iimiiir,
Under the heat of the sun their 1
longuee Desjan 10 iui ..." ?""
and their feet ached and throbbed.
Bite of "hardtack" from the emer
gency rations crumpled Into fine pow
der In their mouths from lack of saliva
to dissolve it.
rtcenn' to Ilnvr Hnllnclnntlonv
"And then Willis and Dargue began
lo have hallucinations," said the man
who brought the story to Columbus
"One of them I forgot which told
me that out of the dark fabric of the
mountain came a light, which be be
lieved was that of a locomotive. He
said that the rav shifted and vanished,
reappeared and grew bigger and final
ly focused Itself on a far off point,
plainly nothing Tnore than a star. Then
there were the balloons and the cam pi
of American aoUTtere and th bubbling
brooks that at. tlmea the believed
surrounded thenf
Kind AVntrr by vccldrnt.
"Through the baffling mountain
E asses they made their wav. alwavi
eeptng in mind that thev mut skirt
viinsta lniesiea viiiaaee n.mi... ,
thirst drove thera into the environs of
a. town, determineu to sieai muer n
possible, if not to fight for it "
thT entered the town a passing
horseman caused them td jump into i
clump of cottonwoods for safetv, and
there at their feet ran a cleat moun
tain eprinar. alkaline, but drinkable
first Two Jllnutex. I'uali On.
Again they pushed on, with a halt
of two minutes for rest. They could
not atop longer for fear that to do so
would mean stiffened muscles, and
perhaps victims for the long beaked
vultures that began to wheel in the
sky above them
"After 43 hours, through the clear
ing mist, the two filers came upon
the American advanced fifld base
sprawling its length over a hill top
Ifere their wounds were treated and
their reports for it was to make le
porta they were sent were delivered"
Capt. Willis, whose home is in Balti
more, and Lieut Dargue. who hails
from Ilidgewood, X J , arrived here
In motor cars Neither would talk
of their experiences. Caot Willis
wore a white bandage about his head
and walked vvivn a pronvuuveu nine,
but medical officers eaid his condition
is not serious. With the exception of
ar injured idui, i.ieui. .'ttiguc ii
entirely recovered from his injuries.
Vrn I'lnnca "Not Much Heller.
Aviators testing four new planes
here for expeditionary service assert
ed that while the new planes have a
larirer winir saread than the old ma
chines, they have the eanie hoise
power and consequently are unadaptea
to flying In the high altitudes of
northern llextco.
.snlnlnc All long T.lne.
Intermittent sniping continues all
along the American line of communi
mtinn enrfltncp tn renorts of return
ing truckmen.
one man arriving irom mc noin
aara a ouiiev waa xircu t mn ., mice
miles souvn o, ine Amcrn-nn .ivn.i-,, i
while numerous complaints were made j
of sniping In the rock canyon between .
nil vane ana i-as truer-
The bodies of nine Villistas, all ap
parently dead from wounds were
found recently, it was- reported, by
the crew of a truck train, at in un
named point. '
Jose Valles, said to be a former
Villa general, was released from cus
tody Tuesday, afternoon on a habeas
corpus proceedings sued out by Lessing
& Bowen, his attorneys, before judge
P. R Price in the 41st district court
Valles was first arrested by the po
lice and then turned over to the
rangers. The habeas corpus proceed
ings were instituted on April 20, but
a postponment was asked by the state
and agreed to by bis attorneys t
that time he was placed in the custodv
of the sheriff.
Valles was held on a vagrancy charge
the officers having reason to believe
that he had been in communication
with Villa and might have valuable information.
Gen. Jose Tuei Salazar, with some
28 men, is reported to be In northeast
ern Chihuahua, not far from the border
line, making his way in the direction
of Ojinaga The movements of Salaxnr
are not well known to the Constitu
tionalist authorities and the report
that he crossed the Mexican National
railway at Villa Ahumada is discredited
by consul Andres Garcia, as Sali7ar has
at no time recently ben near the rail
way line. 'What h.ilazars plan is,
neither Constitutional or meru in au
thorities can fathom. Ojinana is -well
K.irrlsoned with Constitutionalist
troops and nas recentlv been reinfou ert,
providing against just suih a eontln
m'j as in .itt.irk li Villisl i smpi-
UII7C1S 01 I Tlll I'll IllOM IIKIlt.
slnnbik Grill jiUU Liiui m, fe Orikvii
Corner Me-a Ave. nnd San Antonio M.
llrlvnte Branch Exchange 3.100
Open Satiirila)K Inlll Mi.tO p. m. I
April Suit Sale
Qwer A Thousand Suits In Wonderful Styles
Today Is
OUR women in April.
IRC-.? at Arlington Ceme
tery one year after the fall of
Fort Sumpter, were the first to
begin Memorial Day, when
they decorated the graves of a
number of soldiers buried at
Arlington Heights, Virginia.
The next y?ar they did the
same lovely service and the year
after the same sad duty at
' Thereafter the service gradu
ally became general, several
State Legislatures and veteran
soldier organizations recom
mending it.
So as we pause a moment on
this Southern Memorial Day,
we say Hallowed be the spot
where lies the precious dust of
the heroes who laid down their
lives for their flag.
SEirt Sale
li r? n w ....
present in the
basement two
lines of wom
en's skirts in
dress and
sports styles.
You'll like
their style, the
fabrics and the
tailoring. They
are made of
serge, woo!
poplin, gabar
dine, nove'ty
mixtures, plaids
and stripes.
Many in the
new drape and
flare mode's,
with yoke or
trimming of '
buttons and
novelty braids
Skirts you'd
expect lo find at $5.00, $6.50 and
$7.50, Thursday in two lots, at
$2.95 . $3,45
t U ''AJ ' V'jtBm. . I
Blowses, 59c
Ip HE Basement seems alive
with these Summer Blouses
Each so bewitching that one wants
them all.
Blouses in the most fetching little
models some daintily hemstitched,
some handsomely embroidered or
lace trimmed others that are in
pleated styles.
They are made of Voiles, Dimities
and Lawns. Plain white, colored,
novelty plaids or white with colored
And so they go one prettier than
another an indescribable charm
about each and every one of them
that women can't resist! You'd
expect to pay from 95c to $1.50
for these blouses, &a
marked at 5?G
"E Lave made extra efforts this season to
place before the Avomen of El Paso and thti
Southwest the finest productions that the New
York manufacturers turn oat. We have carefully
selectcd and scrutinized the material from which
they are made, and as always, insisted on the
"nearest to perfect" detail that could be obtained.
We are certain that-you will find in this greatest
April Suit Sale unexpected values'' and unlooked
for styles. -.- j ,
I goo
Velour Checks Maaiaish Serges Belgian Blue Roseda
Small CliecRs Poiret Twills Copeniaagen ChecKs
Large Checks ChiiToa Taifetas Mixtures
Gabardines Erps de LrOndres BlacR "avy
Popliias Faille SilK RooKy Tan
N this assemblage are many coats greatly reduced in price as
an added attraction for Thursday's selling.
Cheviots. Twills, White Sport Fabrics, Tweeds. Men's Wear
Serges, Velour Checks. Plaids, Worsteds, Chinchillas and Mix
tures. Unlimited selection of the smartest, vivacious short coats, medium
and longer models, in the popular blue and sport shades, new
Spring greens, white and rich bronze tones. All are the acme of
style bringing out the fine beauties of any costume. Priced &3
follows, in three special lots:
$15 and $19.50 Coats Reduced to $10.00
$20 and $25.00 Coats Reduced to $15.00
$30 and $35.00 Coats Reduced to $19.50
Wonderfully Clever Dresses
TH) AYTIME and Evening dresses of refined styles, in Silk Taf-
fetas. Crepe de Chine, Chiffon and Georgette Crepe. Com
binations with all the smartest new features, and in all the newest
colors in plain, striped or plaid; also Gowns and Dresses for even
ing wear in special "Popular" models, at $10.00 and $15.00.
Warner's $1.25 Net,
Ssififflier Corsets, 95c
DO you want a corset that will last all Summer clean and
dainty, fresh and cool? Then buy one of these Warner
Bros'. Rust Proof, Summer Net Corsets, worth $1.25, that we are
offering special for Thursday, at 95c.
Water cannot hurt them none of the metal parts will rust and
the corset will always keep its original, comfortable, fashionable
It is money saved to buy one of the Net Corsets, with four hose
supporters. They have double boning throughout and are em
broidery trimmed. Sizes 19 to 30.
Stamped For
women. Mad of a sood, soft nam
sook. Round. V, or square neik.
styles, to lie finished with scallop or
laee yoke, full
sizes. Each, at
DRESSES Sizes 1 to 4 year-,
Stamped in cross stitch or French
embroidery designs, on pique. lawn
' or linen; scalloped yoke and sleeves.
Specal, each, QQ
SACQCES Made of sheer lawn or
rrepe voile l,OWB 'a white, pink
light blue and yellow: stamped in
French knots and solid embroidery
design. Special Q
I. .
- BW
Grraettiatiori. Stilts
For Young Men-
f mm.
-,- r en It
li.-ive declared that this old world of ours
is made up of vibrations of different degrees
of intensity if so, we have corraled the
icc,cr iiiinf.li of vibrations in the way of
I clothes that ever graced this planet. They
were produced' by a house that has a "Kcp
for making distinctive clothes for young men.
Just a little tip as lo "what's what" in style for the season.
Striped patterns pjedominate in Saxonys. Flannels and Wors
teds, and the always popular Blue Serges.
Coats are a trifle longer this season, snug-fitting with high
waist lines. The biggest change is in the lapels which are
considerably narrower, most lapels being of the pointed type,
known as peak lapels in the clothing world. Belted-back
coats are fast swinging into popular favor and will be worn
more than ever by high school and college men.
We would advise you to drop in some day after classes and
see these new arrivals. Our courteous treatment and intel
ligence, backed by quality merchandise, have made our store
Clothing Headquarters for High School and College Men.
55 $10 To $20
ceptional showing of Blue Serge Suits for you young fellows.
Come in tomorrow and ask to see S&IO iasf"
"The Popular Special." at p) 1 A o?J J
(We Have Others Up to $35).
CpprfshtButScbaUacr &Mn

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