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X X W 7
Medicine Which Made Sur
geon's Work Unnecessary.
Astoria, N. Y. "For two yeare I
was feeling ill and took all kind of
tMHIA w Tftt cowucuiw. , -
i V
Dunk Bolts, Regular Correspondent.
iropjrlcht 1916, Adams Syn ) (George Illuicham.)
B SMITH, who successfully oper
ate the moonshine atlll on Musket
Ridge, has requested us to notify
v patrons around llogwallow that
.rrter all barrels must be returned
s -. on as empty.
i-rrerson Potlocks was called to Rye
-'..iw this morning on a pleasure trip.
m. earned with him a load of wagon
1" ami an outlay of blacksmith
..Is. in order that he would not be
iv d if he had a breakdown.
s ,m Mns and Sidney Hocks swapped
horses at the forks of the road after
a. two hours deliberation and general
nspertion, together with a mass of
't..ubt'ul statements. They traded even,
. a-h giving five dollars to boot.
Mils Rosyola Moseley Is becoming one
tf our most talented singers and her
'.me is spreading far beyond the con
f n.s of this voting precinct She has
a ifn strong voice, and sometimes
n hen "she gets to singing the audience
i i to cet up and move back.
Tiie Excelsior Fiddling band sere-n-tded
the old mlaer on Musket Ridge
Tucsdaj night. When he heard them
coming he locked the doors and shut
i s n s. pretending to be asleep, so
ih-it he would not have to pass out a
it 'O the band.
"iiket Hicks has returned from the
alf Kibs section, where for two days
e tela down an important and lucra
iic position at a sawmill. He has not
et 'tended what work he will engage
it in the future, but will first take a
ti u'h needed rest of two or three
nx 1 1 h p
I sz l.arlow was caught drinking out
tf the 1 1 stern bucket at the Dog Hill
iun l 1 ist Sunday.
1 h. llogwallow Improvement society
i is . irlrrert Jefferson Potlncks to have
n i nr cut by next Saturday week.
Bedtime Story For
"Uncle Wiggily and Billie's Top."
nice rabbit gentleman, was sit
ting on the front porch of his
w stump bungalow one day, when
""I ame Billie Bush) tall, the little
s jim I el bo
Hello Billie"' railed the bunny- gen
i niHii . heerful like and happy, for his
Ik uinaiiftm did not hurt him raucn
i i .1 d Hello Billie"
Hello. Lncle Wiggil." answered the
hatter squirrel chap. Then he came up
fid sat down on the porch, but he
"nmed -o quiet and thoughtful that
I in if W iggil)- asked
Is am tiling the matter. BllHe?"
No wellthat is, nothing much,"
sii'l the squirrel boy slowly, 'but I'd
like tc ask you what ou'd buy if you
had fur rents. Uncle Wiggily."
What would I buy if I had five
ii'" Billie" Well now, let me see. J
Hi. 'il. Id buy two postage stamps and
a ftinn postcard and write some let
el t. t. mv friends. What would you
t.u . Billie""
I d bu a spinning top, t-'ncle Wig-
ii! ' sanl the little squirrel boy. very
vinkl "Only, you see, I haven't any
' i puts You have, though, haven't
. ii t nele Wiggily" KhT'
Vb, r, Billie, I think so." and the
r ii tjenilenian rabbit put his paw in his
j. kt to make sure
Thi . a funn world." said Billie
v iili a long sorrowful sigh. "Here ou
i with fne cents and you don't want
.i tip, and here I am without five cents
.i ) I do want a spinning top. Oh,
dear' '
11 Ha' Ha!" laughed Uncle Wig
hiiv in his most jolly fashion. "I see
what ou mean, Billie. Now you Just
ome alone with me," and Uncle Wlg
ii pkked up off the porch his red,
white and blue striped barber pole
i heumatism crutch that Nurse Jane had
-unwed for him out of a cornstalk.
Where are we going?" asked Billie,
t'.ri of hopeful-like and expectant
I m going to the toD store tn h.iir
spininiir; top,'
aiwncicu Dunnr uncle.
Tea, Coffee
and Children
It would be difficult for any parcn t to find a physician of modern educa
tion who would contend that coffee and tea are not harmful, especially to
growing children.
The fact remains, however, that m any parents give these beverages to
their little folks and allow their use in older children at a time when physical
and mental development is the most rapid.
The drug, caffeine, in coffee and tea retards growth and interferes with
school progress. Disturbances of eyesight, headaches, nervousness, irritabil
ity, indigestion and other ills appear in many, seemingly without cause, and
the damage often occurs at the most impressionable period of life.
Xo parent should permit the use of coffee and tea in the growing young;
for the men and women of tomorrow will be what the parent of todav makes
tho children by wise upbringing.
Children as well as adults need an invigorating, warm drink, and in a
growing number of homes it has been found that the most wholesome table
beverage is
This pure food-drink, made of prime wheat and a bit of wholesome mo
lasses is readily prepared at the table, a cup at a time.
A level teaspoonful of Instant Postum in a cup of hot water, with cream
and sugar added, makes an attractive, healthful drink, and its pleasant flavour
wins children and usually the parents.
"There's a Reason"
- - .. , . ., .. tfgsi
Prof. Sap Spradlen made a flying trip
to iickvillo last week, where he made a
trade for a globe map of the world. He
will use this in his argument with the
trustees of the Wild Onion school that
the world is round, in the past he has
been teaching the flat system, using the
flat maps of the blueback geography.
The globe has been used for several
years at Tiokvllle and will have to be
remodeled here and there on account
of the changes resulting from the Kuro
pean war.
A total stranger passed through Hog
wallow yesterday tacking up some soap
advertisements. Several of our leading
citizens. Including the postmaster, took
exceptions to this suggestion and or
dered the man to move on.
The mail carrier left the postoffice
this morning bound for Tlckville. By
pushing on the lines he believes he can
make the run in a couple of days.
One of the wheels ran off of Tobe
Moseley's wagon while he was coming
down Musket Ridge yesterday. It rolled
on ahead and when he got home it was
leaning against the stable.
A crow has been setting on the hav
stack pole near the postoffice for seT
eral weeks, and it is believed it intends
to build in Hogwallow and will not be
Poke liastley, who has already com
menced to follow the shade around the
postoffice, has been badly upset for the
past few days on account of the cloudy
A strange woman selling to the
women folks things the men don't know
anything about, was through here this
week wearing a pair of shoes laced up
the back. Though she has been gone
for two or three days, Sidney Hocks
cannot understand why shoes should be
made with back door entrances.
tke Little O
"If you think I ought to have one, why
I'll get It"
"Oh, all right." said Billie, sort of
funny-like. "Do jou know how to spin
a top. Uncle Wiggily!"
"Well, I used to when l was a young
rabbit, and I guess I can remember a
little about it. Come alone and help
me pick out a nice one."
So the bunny uncle and the squirrel
boy went on and on through the woods
to the top store kept by Mrs. Spin
Spider, who had a little toy shop in
which she worked when she was not
spinning silk for tho animal ladies'
"One of your best tops for myself,
if you please,? said Uncle Wiggily, as
he and Billie went into the toy store.
Mrs. Spin Spider put a number of tops
on the counter.
"That's the kind jou want!" cried
Billie. as he saw a big red one. and
poimee nis paw at It.
"Try it and see how It spins," said
the bunny man.
Billie wound the string on the top.
and then, giving It a throw, while he
kept hold of one end of the cord, he
made the top spin as fast as anything
on the floor of the store. Around and
around whizzed the top. like the electric
fan on Uncle Wlggily's airship.
"Is that a good top for me. BUlleT"
asked Mr. Longears.
"A very good top," said the squirrel
bo v. "Fine!"
"Then I'll take it." said Uncle Wie
gily, and he paid for It and walked
out Billie following.
If the little chattery squirrel chap
was disappointed at not getting a top
for himself, he said nothing about It
which rag very brave and good. I
think. He Just walked along until
they came to a nice smooth dirt place
in the woods, and Uncle Wiggily said:
"Let me see you spin my top, Billie
I want to watch you and see how it's
done how you wind the string on, how
you throw It down to the ground and
all that Tou Just give me some les
sons in top spinning."
"I will." said Billie. So he wound
Grocers everywhere
I k (
,.,,..,. -- L
CAN a mowng picture be made tlnr
will be funny without at the same
time being vulgar? After looklm;
ocr some of the FO-ca!lea corned n -that
are being turned out in such laic
numbers a neutral observer miptr
doubt if this could be done. Some di
rectors seem to think that as loi g a
plenty of pies arc thrown, there i
nothing further to be desired Impul
sive table manners are pla ed on th
screen, and we are asked to Id ugh
Some unoffensive old gentleman H
knocked down and run oer mid i lie
tell us that this is humor few i it
sons, however, see nothing wotth
laughing at in such m enes Wc belike
the number is growing, and that a i .m
xeated public will ceniuall dem i nl
that all comedies be as clean. f..i n
stance, aB those in which Mr and Vr i
Sidney Drew- appear. May the da i
come quickly.
Hver since that historic da when
Arthur James reached down into hii
Webster and brough forth th.' world
"eloquent." remarkable words ha e
been applied to actors who play th
heavy parts It remains, howeier, for
the Fox press department to reach the
acme of description. ThU department
refers to Stuart Holmes as "the cold,
cruel, cunning, crafty, churlish, cloven
footed, caustic, calloused, cross. ark-
ing, curt, coarsi'. calculating- illlaln"
Having enjoyed Her "wild, barefoot-
ed existence" in "Audrey," Pauline
Frederick was enthusiastic when told
that she was to play a gypsy in her
next Famous Plaers' production on I
the Paramount program. "The Moment j
Before." which is based on Israel Zang
will's play of that name. But, reraem
bering the beach nettles which she en
countered In Jacksonville while there ,
on her last trip, she sighed with relief
when Informed that her particular gvp
sy was not of the bare-footed variet '
Immediately after finishing "Elusive
Isabel" and "Spring Time and Tillie
Tod" for the Universal, Florence Law
rence, the old Imp star, resigned, she
has announced no reason for leaving.
the string on the top again and soon
it was spinlng as fast as anything on
the hard ground in the woods.
"Do you want me to show you how
to pick up a top, and let it spin on jour
paw?" asked Billie. of Uncle Wiggily.
Tea, show me all the tricks there
sell Instant Postum.
NU l rrrri aot
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew.
They hntr -rolled the prolilem of
Iiow to put humor In plrturen without
making (hem lulcnr. The mirr of
their one-reel comrdlei proves the pub
lic renlly like refined humor.
are" said the bunny gentleman.
So, while the top was spinning i-ery
fast. Billie picked it up, and. holding
it on his paw. quickly put it over on
Uncle Wlggily's.
"Ouch'" It tickles'" cried the bunny
uncle, sort of giggling like.
"Yes, a little," laughed Billie, "but
I don't mind that Now I'll show jou
now to pick It up."
Once more he spun the top. and ha
was just going to pick It up when, all
of a sudden, a growling voice cried:
"Ah. ha' Again I am in luck! A
rabbit and a squirrel ! Ist me see;
which shall I take first?" And out
from behind a stump popped a big bear.
It was the same one that Uncle Wig
gllv had hit on the nose with Johnnie's
marble, about a week before.
"Oh, my!" said the bunny man.
"Oh. dear!' chattered Billie.
"Surprised to see me, aren't you?"
asked the bear sticking out hla tongue.
"A little." answered Uncle Wiggily,
"but I guess we'd better be getting
along. Billie. rick up my top and coma
"Oh. -h' Not so fait'" growled he
bear. "I shall want you to stay with
me. You'll be going off with mo to
mv den. pretty soon. Don't be in a
hurry." and, putting out his claws, he
grabbed hold of Uncle WlEglly and
Billie. Tbev tried to get away, but
could not. and the bear was Just going
to carry them off. when he saw the
spinning top whizzing on the ground.
"What's that red thing?" h asked.
"X top Billie just picked out for mc,"
said Uncle Wiggily.
"Would vou like to have It spin on
your paw?" asked Billie. blinking his
eyes at Uncle Wiggily. funny like.
"Oh. I might as well, before I carry
vou off to mv den," said the bear, sort
of careless like and indifferent. "Spin
the top on my pav "
So Billie picked up the spinning ton
and put It on the bear's broad, flat paw.
And no aooncr was it there, whizzing
around, than the bear cried:
"Ouch' Oh. dear' How it tickles.
Ha! Ha' Ha1 Ho' Ho! Ho! It makes
me laugh. It makes me laugh. It
makes me giggle! Oouch! Oh. dear!"
And then he laughed so hard that he
dropped the top and turned a somer
sault, and away lie ran through the
woods, leaving Billie and Uncle Wig
gilv safe there alone
"We came out of that verv well,"
said the bunny uncle as the bear ran
far awav.
"Yes, indeed, and hcie is vour top."
spoke Billie. picking it up off tho
ground where the bear had dropped it.
"My top' No that's sours." said tho
bunny gentleman I meant it for you
all the while '
"Oh. thank ou so much"' cried hap
py Billie. and then he ran off to spin
his red top, while Mr. Longears went
back to his bungalow.
And if the pillow dne-n't leak Its
feathers all over, and make the roo:n
look like a bird's nest, I'll tell vou
more about Uncle Wiggily anil the sun
li am - i op riUit 1 - 1 6, b McCluio
Newspaper B; udRate.
?i JA JlTfflSWTOa2WE ah. V
Beauty Chats
Building Up
Thme are three ways of building up
, . . . - . j
one s chest, and I am going to ae-
BCribo each way briefly, and then let
the narrow or flat-chested -woman try
one of them-or all In combination.
First, breathing, since thi3 Is tho
most important. Try some of the
Yogi methods of breathing described
before if you have mislaid your
paper describing the Togl methods It
is easy to get a back copy. Or, try
any good breathing exercise. I sug
gest the Togl method as the more
complete one.
Second, standing correctly. Re
member to keep the chest high and
forward, and the rest will follow ot
itself. The abdomen will go bark
where It belongs and the shoulders
will settle back into their proper
place. You will unconsciously take
in more air, as the chest will be
Third, massage and cream. Get
the best flesh-building cream you
can or cocoa butter, which is not a
patented preparation, but only the
oil that comes in chocolate, skimmed
off before the chocolate is ground
into cocoa. You can see it yourself
In yellow globules like melted butter
on the top of your cup of chocolate,
provided you have purchased a good
Massage the chest well each night,
rubbing in as much cream or cocoa
butter as the skin will take. Then
thump the chest all over with the
tips of the fingers, as shown la the
picture, breathing deeply as you ex-
nalna i4d4 An ? liw a w I t l a AliAaf
Clkl3C CatsU UU UI UAOlJIMft llit? VilvOb
over with cold water or rubbing It
with ice, first having wiped off the
superfluous cream. This is to close
the pores ana avoid the possibility
of catching cold. Also, it closes in
4hn .vonm ldftlnM 4l,n alrln ali.n.K
-j m-v- fl.v it - ni t .
miu uaag uau ui il ab vyiii. Jl 13
best not to wear good nightgowns, as
the cream may soil them.
Questions and Answers
rfrote tetl me urhtl I can do for callcm
tpots around mv natU. Will lemon juice
ncip anyTacziy a.
XProterted by Th
YEARS Ago Today
rmm The Ilernld of Thla
Date. 1002.
J. II Boone will probably be nomi
nated for the position of sheriff by the
Democratic party of the city, James
iUagoffln, the other candidate for the
nomination having agreed to withdraw.
Both men had a large number of friends
on each side and the contest would
have doubtless been a bitter one If
both had determined to run for the
office. Boone was backed by Park
Pitman and Geo. Huffman
Judge McMillan, of the district court
of Socorro county, N. M , is in the city
on a visit.
Mrs. Buell will leave in a short time
for California, where she will spend
several months.
Mr. and Mrs BIchard Wilson, from'
Seguin. Texas, are visitors in the city
for a short time.
II. B Ferguson, ex-delegate to con
gress from New Mexico, is in the city
en route to Lincoln county.
B. W. Curtis, southwestern freight
and passenger agent of the T- & P.
railway, arrived in the city from Ari
zona and will spend several days.
Mrs. Seymour Thurmond and chil
dren will loave in a short time for Vic
toria. TBS. where they will spend
the summer visiting friends and rela
tives. Mrs. E. Kohlberg, president of tho
Woman's club of El Paso, and Mrs. J.
TC. Townaend, vice-president, will leave
Tuesday morning for San Kranclsco to
attend tho convention of Federated
Women's clubs.
The Woman's club has arranged all
details for its part in the entertain
ment of its delegates to the national
federation gathering at I,os Angeles,
who will pass through this city several
hundred strong next week.
Tho two sets of playground appara
tus installed just one week ago in the
playgrounds of two of the city schools
are proving to be the biggest kind of
a success. The apparatus was pur
chased by public subscription.
Tho Builders' exchange held Its first
annual olection of officers Tuesday
night. The old officers were re
Ciwp jubstitate cost YOU some prica.
opiwoj"--J?1 " r
AWMICK I "e. mi
By Edna Kent Forbes
The Chest
,,,'"uvf y"" ""t.,??'':
cured, and uen keep it up, you will lose
ow callous spots Likely the cuticle i
hardened around the bus of the sails and
stopping; the circulation. Meantime. ue aq
J" cold cream on them.
Araa?inj7 ffc cream vXU put ffeft
on M: cnat
, ,, ol;(gea t0 you if vnv mM
tell me vhat to do for my lips The imctt
" " " ","'fc " the upper on tticu
I am nohtecx. AnxUrjs.
neplvSo jovms a fare should
manv other rhrrr ti nverhllance
mouth. Forget your mouth, and keep II
uiuiriio uy a nappy aou imeresieu couDie
nance, which ot itself will bring sweetne-l
and softness to the lower part of the fr
and no one will ever think of your foil
mouut. wDfn tho expression is lovaoia
Lips alwajrH thin as they grow older, also,
well-kept teeth count for much is thi
beauty of tbe mouth.
Adims Newspapar S&rrtstl
elected as follows: Frank Powers,
president; Henry Rattenbury. trea
surer; L. W. Hoffecker, secretary. All
of tho old board of 12 directors were
reelected but two.
The big new smelter, known as the
Bl Paso Smelting Works, has been
blown in. Hardly had the ashes of the
old smelter become cold last July, un
til plans for one of the largest plants
In the world had been made, as It has
taken only nine months and fifteen
days to rebuild it.
AVednendny. April 2C 101B.
ACCORDING to astrology the plan
etary Indications for this day are
not important. hile the sun
and Venus are in beneflic aspect, Ura
nus, Saturn and Jupiter are all imldb
&.d vorsft
It should bo a favorable time for
women to aeck einplomeiit or prefer
ment, especially if they desire to be
speak the patronage of persons of in
fluence. Singers, actors ami artists or eery
vocation should benefit under this sway
of the stars, whn h. hi-wr is sup
posed to encourage eontrn- and ex
traordinary ideas.
Hotel proprietors, thcatrual mana
gers and all woh cater to public ap
proval have the forecast of a reoiiih
that is profitable.
The sun is believed to give to m-n
of prominence added powei to please
and for this reason the da t-hould i.
most lucky for those who desire politi
cal favors
The soutn comes unaer
that W most promising, in that it tore-
casts business activity and the develop.
ment of neglected resources.
The aged should conserve th'' r
strength while this rule prevails
Uranus and Neptune give proph n
of an earth-consciousness concerning
spiritual condition'. The rial -r
gome old order of teaching promts 3 to
excite much interest
Theaters have a direction that is read
as presaging the greatest public intoi
est and cooperation, which may be a
source of loss as well as gain, the seers
Honors for a reformer who must
suffer persecution are predicted.
Again gossip and even scandal are
presaged for a great organization of
ePrsons whose birthdate it ii should
be cautious where letters or .'ontroc's
are involved. The voung v ill havt ro
mance or marriage in the coming year
Persons born on this day will ii-i-i
respect and even revereiue Gtils v .ii
be favorites with the oppnsiio sex
"opyright, 1916, by the JKL'luie News
paper Syndicate.
nel mi als rickv. nk Cafe, i'o
X uit
tonics. I was cet
ing worse everyday.
i naa chiiis,my Head
would ache, I was
always tired. I could
not walk straight
because of the pain
in mybackandl had
pains in my stom
ach. I went to a
doctor and be said I
must go under an
operation, but I did
not go. I read in
the caper about
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound and told my husband about it. I
eaid ' I know nothing will help me but I
will try this.' I found myself improv
ing from the very first bottle, and in two
weeks time I was able to sit down and
cat a hearty breakfast with my hus
band, which I had not done for two years
J am now in the best of health and
did not have the operation." Mrs.
John A. Koenig, 502 Flushing Avenue,
Astoria, N. Y. ,
Every one dreads the surgeon's knifo
and the operating table. Sometimes
nothing else will do; but many times
doctors say they are necessary when
they are not Letter after letter comes
to the Pinkham Laboratory, telling how
operations were advised and were not
performed: or, if perf onned,did no good,
but Lydia E-Pinkham's Vegetable Com
poundwas used and good healthfollowed.
If you want advice write to
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.
(confidential), Iiynn, Mass.'
To End Catarrhal
Deafness and
Head Noises
Persons suffering from catarrhal
deafness and head noises will be glad
to know that this distressing affliction
can usually be successfully treated at
home by an internal medicine that in
many instances has effected complete
relief after other treatments have failed
Sufferers who could scarcely hear a
watch tick can tell how they have ha. I
their hearing restored to such an extern
that the tick of a. watch was plainlv
audible seven or eight Inches awa
from either ear. Therefore, if you know
of someone who is troubled with heid
noises or catarrhal deafness, cut out
this formula and hand It to them and
ou will have been the means of saving
some poor sufferer from perhaps total
. clearness, 'lne prescription can De pre
J pared at home and is made as follows
secure irom your druggist 1 oz. Far
mint (Double Strength), about 7S cent
worth. Take this home and add to it '-?
pint of hot water and 4 oz. of granu
lated KUgar. stir until dissolved Take
one tablespoonfnl four times a da
I'armint in uped m this -wav nnt
tf reduce bv tonir action the infl 1'
tion and swelling in the ' uri '
Tubes, and thus to e.niah"
i' i
n-pBsure on the drum, toiL
hm eTfes o" secretions in
fir, and the lesul's it gn. es
lai, nmi-li anri effetie.
Every person who has ratarrh int
form snouid give xnis repo aii
free themselves irom mi.
disease. Advertisement.
Beauty is Liver
Good health, cheerM
dispoatian, dear com
plexion depend upon
an active Erer.
Pooulor since Grand
ma wasa cid. K
your brer right and
most of your troubles
wiH never happen.
ymiimmiyi a-g
Stop Using a Truss
TRUSS WEARERS. Ken's Crest. Good. News
Tiresome. ToriiuYim Tranat ran tin Ihrflwn a.wlT f or-
vr. and tfi ill bennia STT ART S rLAPAO-rMJS
are different from the painful truss. balQK inrdlcm
, dipptni and to iMord an arraniiinicnt to hoid tSe
distended muscles securely tn place
s'r erne V imm 4 Pt:
I VKt n
8 KIM. of
cannot slip, so cannot chafe or press against the putud
bone. Thousands have treated themselrea tn th prlvat y
of tho borne most obstinate caiea cured do delay
from work. Soft as reive! easy to apply inexpeni i .
Process of recovery Is naturiL so afterwards no c ?a
lor trusses- Awarded Cold Modsl !iumatioosl Expo
sitor., Rome: Grand Prix at Pari. Write as today t
prove it b sending TRIAL PLAPAO JREE. Addr s
Flipao Laboratories, Slock 253 SU Louif, lief

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