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V-x rar bank, notes (state bills) 12
L, M'cn p-o 1 Mexican cold
43L,-Nat iom!s bl'is IS Carranra cy.
', di V (n-w Bar i!er. (It. & It
.jLi.tatf.nvi topper KS Grain
MkVt Ll.eto k Ntmdjr Stocks lrree-
Germans 'Are Maintaining
Spirited Defence Of the
Positions Still Held.
British Consider the Situation
Satisfactory: New Con
tingents Prooe Heroes.
arRITISII headquarters In France,
l- July 4.- An entire battalion of the
- 18th. regiment of Prussian Infan
try, recruited from the upper Rhine,
surrendered Monday to the British near
-ricourt. The battalion numbered 20
. fflcers and 600 men. The battalion
1 ad been assigned for duty only a
.-hart time before to replace heavy
c sjalties. The British fire -was so
leavy ind the trench occupied by the
Prussians was damaged so badly that
ire men refused to fight longer. The
ituation this morning is regarded by
The British ts satisfactory.
The Germans Monday night recap- i
tured a -mail part of La Boiselle which
, uas tak.n by the British in the new
Offensive north of the Somme. Fur
ther to the south, an official announce
ment eays the British made some pro
gress, capturing a wood. They tooK
prisoners and war material.
PRESS headquarters on the French
front. July 4. Siege fighting con
tinued Monday beyond Fricourt.
Tne British, taking Foodie and the bot
tom woods, advanced toward the main
jrterman second Una of defence.
The Associated Press correspondent
went over the territory previously tak
en by the British from the west of
Mcntauban through the famous Dant
zig valley where the German neat of
machine guns gave the British their
greatest trouble in their first day's at
tack on Mametz and Fricourt, which
now are being steadily shelled by the
Germans Officers and men who have
been all through the fighting said ther
had been regularly supplied with food
but that they needed "a good wash"
and that water was unprocurable.
COO Germans Snrrender.
The soldiers in Dannie valley were
.excited over one of those theatrical
scenes which this rolling country af
1 fords in this close in-fighting. When
the British closed in on the trenches
at Poodle woods, the German sections.
already having been surrounded, came
out holding up their hands. Thus a
body of more than 300 men. after be
ing hammered Incessantly with shell
fire for four days, dramatically sur
rendered before the eyes of the corre
spondents. The British gunfire, so far
as could be seen was much heavier
.-than the German, while, according to
11 reports from the front line, the
Germans have withdrawn all their gunj
from the valley, which Is now con
trolled by the British, to positions on
the ridges.
Tomn Virtually levelled.
Both Mametz and Fricourt virtually
are levelled. The earth and brick build
ings were kneaded by shell fire thrown
into the communication trenches run
ning through these villages. Where
ylli prefatory bombardment was most
.'severe, strong German positions In dug
outs SO feet deep did not save their
defenders from the big shells and
trenches became formless heaps of
earth. Bits of German uniforms, ac
coutrements and flesh were mixed with
rags and churned sandbags in uncanny
Bnry Dead in Trenches.
British soldiers were gathering the
, Herman aeaa ana ourying tneir own In
'Communication trenches. At one spot
where the British suffered in charging
a xnacnine kuo position, ine Dattaiion
mascot, a black and tan mongrel dog.
lay dead beside his human companions
all of whom had fallen with their faces
toward the German trer h.
, Officers on the fronc ii..c agreed that
the new army battalions conducted
themselves -with the same gallantry as
the regulars. Everybody there on the
newly won ground close to the enemy
was expecting at any moment orders to
make another effort. When not "dig
ging in" they slept in the cental sun
light which was not so hot as Sunday.
German Reserves Rasbed Far.
Germans lately taken prisoners, when
Interviewed, indicated that battalions
jwere rushed from as far as Reims and
TUile to meet the Anglo-French attack-Germans
Bombard Boiselle.
The village of Boiselle, recently so
hotly contested, was observed Monday
afternoon to be shelled no longer by
British but by German guns, which told
of the success of the British attacks.
Taking refuge in deep cellars, protected
by house floors, layers of sand bags
and d'bns the Germans brought out
X- their machine guns after the bombard-
X. -ment and resumed the fia-ht The was .
X- -Blent and resumed the fight. The wan
-,jl small siege but the survivors now
small siege bi
ave capitulated.
London. Eng, July 4. Lady Sybil
Grey, daughter of Earl Grey, formerly
governor general of Canada, was ser
iously but not dangerously wounded
(Continued os pace 4, CoL 6.1
gain the
M.EM fell
m mm
Germans Assert French
Have Made Greatest Ad
vances Against Them.
Berlin. Germany, July 3. via Lon
don, July 4. On the basis of infor
mation received by the Associated
Press here, the first results of the
long heralded entente offensive may
te summarized as follows
No noteworthy successes have been
scored on the British front. The only
considerable results have been attained
by the French, whose offensive, as
usual, was marked by great bravery
and dash. Retirement to the second
German lints occurred where tho
French were the opponents.
In coincidence with the Anglo
French offensive, the Russians haTe
develoned activity alone the whole
northern front. Their activity against
the northern German armies for the
Uve! ll&-
.Kress against the front of Gen.
VToyrsch's southern army where at
least eight divisions are engaged. The
Tintti. her ih still stationary with no
decisive results in either direction.
The Berlin papers publish long dis
patches regarding the Anglo-French
offensive from correspondents at field
headquarters but these contain no par
ticular information, being for the most
fart mere commentary on the official
reports. The correspondents pointed
out that the offensive, as in the au
tumn, again was launched from the
junction point of the Anglo-French
armies which has moved southward
Rince artu'nn and now is between Gom
mecourt and the old Roman road fronl
Amieni to St Quenttn. The corres
pondent of the Post telegraphs.
rtia German iine south of tho
mna had to retire somewhat after
..- ----------- damac-ed i le8a inclination mereio in me ww i-
the roD trenches were so damagea assault will not be un-
undera eeks bombardment that they ,shed nece.sary. too. for the aup-
were untenable. I port of those , Gennany jtself who
Brltlah Dae Polaon Caa. I aetest the annexation policy. Tho
The correspondent of the Lekal An- neutrals have' the right, duty and
selger telegraphlrig on Sunday from i power to sit in Judgment where 'the
German headquarters in France, de- I d-fence of the highest interests of hu
scrlbes the opening of tho Anglo- l manlty is concerned. They can refuse
French, attack as follows: I to maintain relations with a state
"For seven days and seven nights. ' which beforehand declares Its inten
guns of all calibers from field guns tlon to use a small neighbor to pay
to long ship guns have unceasingly j the score when the reckoning day
hammered the German positions, camps. ; ctmes."
and shelters behind constantly renewed J
waves of poison gas. The gas drifted
over, mingled with shells, which, as
they burst, threw out corrosive be
numbing fumes. I
"The country between Tpres and
Roye was one vast hell during the long '
Trlrxi of nreDarations which was I
double the length of that which pre
ceded the battle in Champagne last
autumn. The only pauses came when
sallies were made to determine wheth
er an onslaught was possible. German
first line trenches in many places were
completely under a hail of missile
against which the best pioneer work
was helpless.
Infantry Attach a Relief.
Tt came as a relief to the German
troops from an almost unbearable
strain when the bombardment ceased
and strong columns advanced. These
did not attack the whole front but
broad sections on either side of the
Somme and Ancre rivers from the Brit
ish northern sector to La Boiselle.
Along the second sector from La Boi
selle to the Somme the first line
trenches were so demolished that they
offered no support for their hard
pressed occupants and retirement was
decided upon and executed. The ruins
of Fricourt, Mametz and Curlu. which
lay In line with the front trenches,
had to be abandoned to the enemy who
found here relatively his greater suc
cess of the first day.
The sector south of the Somme
reaches to Llhons. just south of th9
Roman road from Amiens to St
Vfar Material Deatroyed.
"The material left behind In the
abandonment of the front trenches
was destroyed before retirement. Th-s
struggle continues along the whole
front, with enormous violence and the
utmost use of artillery both in re
current and counter attacks.
"These are the results of the first
day of this monstrous combat in which
the united forces of England. France
and Belgium with an Inconceivable
supply of munitions and cannon from
the whole world, attempted to breach
the German front. The first day's suc
cess may be regarded as comparative
ly smalL The loss of a limited terri
tory was expected, but no sensible per
son will overestimate this modest re
sult of the first day's offensive, since
the abandonment of a bit of trench
here and there, a ruined village or a
couple of kilometers of territory slg
nifies little in view of the many line
of our position, sometimes seven rows
, deep."
London. Eng , July 4 A squadron of
French Airplanes visited Sofia. Bulga
ria, this morning and dropped bombs on
the military buildings there, says a
Renter dispatch from Saionlki
oAId UfcRiUAn I 171L1. rtUUit
copennagen. uenmarx. juiy . ne- j djd not do ls not a question before the
ferring to the announced abandonment ; peopie a, thi time. The new 'ring.'
by Great Britain of the Declaration of; foeterei by the El Taso City and Coun
London. Capt. I Persius. naval expert j , Democratic club, have been In
of the Berliner Tageblatt, declares in Ciarce 0r the county finances for about
iii ntwitiw ..... mc kwvmmmimm few.- i
eminent proposes again to begin "a I
new and unrestricted submarine war I
, in order to force Great Britain to fol- !
low the rules of international law."
Period of Quiet that Usually Presages a Mexican Storm,
Surrender ;
American Republics and
Neutral European Na
tions Appealed To.
The Hague. Netherlands, July 4.
The complete restoration of the Inde
pendence of Belgium is the object of a
call to the neutrals of the American
j republics, the three Scandinavian
states, Switzerland and Spain, which
has been issued over the signature of
120 university professors, artists, writ
ers and other well-known men of Hol
land. It Is deolared that the government
pnd parllanment of the German empire,
alone of all the belligerents, have of
ficially declared that they will en
deavor at the conclusion of peace to
put an end to the Independence of a,
neiEnl)0r state. Various utterances of
the imperial chancellor are quoted as
bearing this out, and are Interpreted as
( ,eanns tnat neither in a military nor
economic respect, nor even in the ar-
rangement of such questions as the re
.ationshlp between the two languages
of the country, is Belgium to be mis
tress n her own house.
Would Be Source of Fresh Wara.
The call to the neutrals says the
whole world, with the exception of
Germany and her allies, is convinced
that the robbery of any state whatever
of Its Independence must be regarded
as a crime and as a source of fresh
wars. "It seems to us necessary." it
continues, "that this principle shall
now be uttered as the emphatic de
mand of all neutral peoples necessary
in order that those contemplating an
assault on a small neighbor may feel
less inclination thereto in tne Knowi
Paris, France. July 4. The night was
quiet north and south of the Somme,
with the French organizing the con
quered possessions, says the French of
ficial statement Issued today.
The Germans made no attempt to In
terfere with French troops which were
consolidating the new positions. In
addition to the batteries already cap
tured, three more have been captured,
two of which were composed of heavy
guns. French artillery Is proving most
destructive. In one dugout which was
wrecked by a shell. 40 corpses were
The Germans are said to have suf
fered enormous losses In the fighting
near Herbecourt, which the French
captured. At one point between the
Ancre and the Aisne a French reeon
nolsance penetrated as far as the sup
port trenches. Heavy fighting con
tinued last night on the Verdun front.
The Germans made six successive at
tacks northwest of Thlaumont work,
from which they were driven by the
French recently a few hours after they
linri p.rrled If T.aat niht'a atfa.l-.
were repulsed, the Germans sustaining ' nols national guard, left for San An
considerable losses. Southeast of Furaln tonlo early today. All the remaining
wood the French made some slight pro- I mobilization troops of the state will
With People of El Paso County
That Is the Real Issue of the Campaign, Says J. E. Quaid, Citizens' Manager; De
clares Seth Orndorff Sidesteps the Question; Flays Commissioners for Ex
travagance; Predicts Their Repudiation.
f u'HB real Issue In the present coun- i
I ty campaign is "Has the City and
-- County Democratic club kept
faith with the people?" according to
J. B. Qi'aid, campaign manager of the
citizen's Democratic ticket. And ac
cording to Mr. Quaid, it has not.
I read the interview given out by
i Cth W HrnilArfr Iaf Ratiinl.v vrV '
I -"r. " w.. w... . -. . a mj
carefully." said Mr. Quaid. "His state-
. , t, , . , ,,. ., i, I
ment shows he Is out of harmony with j
rublic opinion at this time. He abso- ,
lutely failed to touch a single live
... ..- v.i. n.n,ic-n ir. .- ..b
issue of this campaign. Jie said mucn
about the eld
ring' I think their
record not bad
-In fact, far above eom-
jwo years, liy tne record tney nave
rnje they must stand or fall,
.,..,. ,. .,
Blamea Orndorff and I endell.
"El Paso county is in bad shape
Connecticut Guardsmen Tell
Of Two Incidents Indi
cating Attack on Train.
3000 Carranza Troops Moo
ing North from Magdalena,
Son., Report Asserts.
fxl peculiar
ARIZ, July 4. Two
Incidents, indicating
Mexican sniping at troop trains
crossing Xew Mexico, were reported by
Connecticut militia troops arriving
here today.
A steel jacketed bullet, found Imbed
ded in a car occupied by a second regi
ment company, led to the belief that it
had been fired by a sniper. The other
unexplained incident reflated to the
engineer of the same train, who fell
unconscious In his cab as the train was
approaching Lordsburg. A wound on
the back of his neck, possibly by a bul
let, was the cause. One of the enlisted
men of E company, himself a locomo
tive engineer, immediately took charge
of the train and took It into Lordsburg.
locales Garriaoa Xmaben 6000.
The gafisia hef e now numbers about
69 men."
A report reached here' today from
Mexico to the effect that 3000 Carranza
troops were moving north from Magda
lena and Imuiis to a point 20 miles
south of Kogalcs.
Troop Movement Halted.
Reinforcements to the garrison here
were halted, at least for the present.
with the arrival today of the last of i
the Connecticut lnrantry, wnlcn con
sisted of the second battalions of the
first and second regiments. These
troops, which -went into camp adjoining
the second California infantry, left Ni
antlc Conn, on June 27.
Battalion Quarantined.
The second battalion of the Second
Connecticut infantry was placed in
quarantine upon its arrival here early
case i
- because of the presence of a te"- ,JL' .?".' oJL c,i?
of suspected smallpox which de- "?" ,t"'" 'JLif SS,?
a cwtiv sftr th train left Honduras, a eecond will represent
veloped shortly after the train left
The sick man, Corp. Mathon. company
Hf Waterbury. was not put off the
train when he first became ill. as it
was thought he was suffering from
The remainder of the troops in camp
here are In excellent health.
Neu; Mexico Militia To
Guard Elephant Butte Dam
Columbus. If. M.. July 4. Xew Mexico
militia, sent to Elephant Butte dam
vesterday from Columbus, was sent
merely as a precautionary measure; ac
cording to Maj C. S. Farnsworth today.
A report was In circulation that Mex-
leans had threatened to dynamite the J
big dam. but this is denied The militia
will guard the Wg dam.
Springfield. 111.. July 4. The eighth
(negro) infantry regiment of the 1111-
1 depart tonight.
Has Broken Faith
financially by reason of the wasteful
extravagance of the commissioners
court. When I say the commissioners"
court, i mean commissioners Orndorff
?nd Pendell. for the commissioners
court records show that most of the
extravagance and wastefulness re-
suited directlv from thMr official acta.
nd ofttimes during the absence of
commissioners Walling and Cllf-
.- ?. .. . .-, t.
"T" -"'" -"' T.:rr.
The purchase of the 'golden cows,
for lmpUp was pas, Friday. Xo-
vember 2c. 1915. at a special session
wl'h commissioners Clifford and Wall-
mg absent. This order reads that the
.,.. ... ,-i..i ., u -r. -,.
county 'is purchasing from 11. D. Camp
ten registered cows and one registered
I ull for the consideration of 12160.' I
There are no registered certificates on i
me in the county clerks office. 11 .
:heee cows are leglstered. commis
sioner Orndorff has no right to sup
press the certificates of registration.
They are the property of the county.
nere is a pecuna' thing about these
'golden cows' Mr. Camn sold Mvaral
of the herd to various persons in the tration of the commissioner court s ex
.alley, who had their pick, and the travagauce. At the meetings held for
county took the leavings. Mr. Orndorrf the purpose of purchasing the farm,
says that one of the cows died shortly I (Continued on page 0, col. 3.)
'1' FJrlEj 1 3
JULY 4, 1916.
American Soldiers in Mex
ico Salute the Flag But
Omit the Sports.
Field Headquarters, Punitive Expe
dition. Mexico. July 4. American sol
diers In Mexico were denied the cus
tomary sport of baseball today, as not
a baseball bat could be found In camp.
The Fourth of July celebration in the
American army camp today was tho
sanest and simplest probably ever held
in an American army camp. At noon
every man in camp, from commanding
general to mule driver, stood at atten
tion, facing the flag, while scores of
bugles played "To the Colors." Motion
less, the soldiers stood until the last
note was sounded, then the great ranica
sprang into activity with a simultane
ous salute to the flag
Field games, ordinarily a feature tf
the Fourth in tho army, wera omitted
today and there were no olank cart
ridges for firing saluts.
Carranza Orders Former Brushcutters Near Ysleta
Villa Chief, Who Would
Fight U.S., Deported.
Mexico City, Mex.. July 4. Gena
Juan Gabra. and Sosa, former lieu-
tenants of Villa, have offered their
rervlce to the first cMef In -the event
of a foreign war. Gen. Carranza Mon-
dav nleht Issued an ordei- that hoth
generals be expelled from Mexico.
Offers of services of thla character
continue to be received dally and some
ot them nave been taken under advise-
large troop movement toward the
north has been carried out lately from
that place. Four long military trains
carrying men of all three branches
of the service, seven carloads of am-
nunlton and heavy field pieces and
machine guns have been sent to rein-
force T.-evlno.
tabllsh three new legations In Central
America. One will have
charge of
Mex- J
.hi. .(it k- ,.t.M(.k. i. f?..,-.-i, t
, ... ... -..o..... ... u.
Rebel Leader Surrenders.
The governor of Zacetecas has re
ported to the secretary of war that
the reDel leader. CoL Enrique Ugarte.
has surrendered unconditionally with
ISO men.
Banks, exchange houses and broker
age firms which for the last few weeks
have suspended operations, due to a
government decree prohibiting them
from operating in foreign or local ex
change, will resume business today.
This resumption is due to a decree
of Gen. Carranza. permitting the trans
action of general banking business If
the crisis occasioned over the transfer
cf the paper money Issue has passed.
The exchange value of the new money
has bettered considerably during the
iast two days. '
last two days.
Brownsville. Texas. July 4. A base
hoepitai of ISO beds, costing 120,000
r.as been contracted for by medical
officers attached to Gen. Perkets staff
to be built at Brownsville. The hos
mtal Is to be built on the unit nlan
tvlth provisions for enlargement as
t needed. Construction is to start im-
after they were bought and Mr. Camp
tave another in Its place.
'Worth Onlr 31SS Kaeh.
"I cannot see what business El Paso -county,
in its almost bankrupt condl- !
t.on. has with a registered herd. W. I
L. Tooley has given out the statement
that he can bring as good cattle as the
'golden herd' to El Paso county for
125 a head. Whv then did not Mr. !
Orndorff eend an s.gent to Wisconsin j
at an expense to the county of J 256 or
$300 and buy the -golden herd' direct .
et 212S a head Instead of making the !
county lose $175 per head, or $1450 for ;
the herd. An explanation of why com- i
missloners Orndorff and Pendell re- j
lused to save the county $1450 may be
explained by the fact that H. D. Camp
is a personal and political friend of
'heirs and running on the City and
--i im. iui- uui" "
Another peculiar thing is that there
is no bill of sale on record from Camp
to the county.
oor Fnrm Shows Extravagance.
"The purchase at,d management
the county poor farm Is another lllus-
Believed to Be French
"Seventy-Fives" ; Dozen
Machine Guns.
Six big guns and 12 machine guna
were seen in the headquarters of the
15th battalion in Juarez Monday by an
American who was sightseeing on the
Mexican side.
The guns are being closely guarded
In the barracks and it was only when
a guard opened the door that they were
seen. It Is thought that the six field
pieces are some of the French "seventy
fives" which were, sent recently from
Mexico City to the north. 17 of which
were reported to have been sent to
Chihuahua city.
When the town was evacuated by the
Carranza troops the officers there an
nounced that all of the cannon and
machine guns had been shipped south,
and it is believed that these new field
pieces and machine guns have been
brought to Juarez recently to protect
the border.
Under Fire; Moreno was
Shot as Sniper.
Snipers on the Mexican aide of the
river have been taking pot shots at the
I American patrols and troopers la camp
iat Ysleta. r
1 Saturday af terneoa Mexicans fired
noon troanera of r a. .Urhti, .-
-w-T . -. , o..- -.
I airy, who were cutting brush near the
' river bank for their camp. The caral-
rymen were unarmed, having left their
. rifles at camp when they left with axes
to cut brush.
i -T-w- ...4... .. . i.. ,....! . -,
'Moreno, the Mexican custom guard, who
j was shot and killed by Sergt. Joseph
Fair, of the eighth cavalry, have been
learned. The shooting occurred Thurs-
day evenlnr. According to soldiers of
the Tsleta troop. Sergt. Fair was patrol-
,ng hls bt atFthe ysleta ford. On the
. Mexican side two Mexicans were seen
watching the American soldiers through
eiasses. certrt. Fair saw one of them
draw his rifle. He opened fire and shot , study of the text of the note, the gen
hlm dead at the first shot as he is i eral feeling here was that the crisis
one ol tne cracK sflarnsnooiers ot tne
it was inmn later mat tne man
who was shot and killed was Joan Mo
reno and the protest of the Carranza
government was sent to Washington
because of the killing but Sergt Fair
was vindicated by Gen. Bell after an
Investigation of the killing.
The companion of Moreno is said to
have fired five shots at the American
soldiers after Moreno was killed but.
because of his bad marksmanship, he
was unable to bit any of them.
3 Caterpillar Tractors
Are Rushed By Express
to Army; Charges, $3600
Stockton. Calif, July 4. Three cater
pillar tractors which were manufac
tured here for the American army,
were being rushed by express today
to an jnannounced destination on the
border The exnressaee on the three
machines will come to J360. They
Here crated and traced in a special
1"" -"-" i rubr ,.,.
The American Railway association,
which is handling all the troop trains
on tne ooruer, win establish an office
in m raw neaneeoay. it will be in ' tenuon oi tne Lnited States to use its
charge of E. A. CDoaaelL forces as long as might be necessary-
According to Mr. O'Doonell. the J to perform the duties which the Mexi
army has' turned over to the American . can government neglected, as well aa
Railway association the handling of j to the brief communication sent a week
all troops and equipment and offices ' ago Sunday, demanding the release of
have been and are being established . the troopers captured at Carrtzal and
at towns along the border. i requiring an early statement of the de
F. M. Lucore, assistant to the gen- ' facto government's intentions,
eral manager of the Sunset Central ' General Declaration Made,
lines. Is the directing head of the as, i Officials are most anxious to know
sodation's activities in handling the Just how the latter demand has been
army. Mr. Lucore has his headquarters met. It was Intimated at the embassy
with Gen. Funston at Fort Sam Hous- I that while there Is no renewal of the
ton- (Continued on pare 2. Col. 4.)
Boys, Learn to Swim;
The Y. M. C.A. Is The Place
BOYS: Did you ever go in swimming' Sure von have. That is if vou
haven't always lived where there is no creek, "or poad or rivsx.
My, what fun it is to swim and 'dive. When the son at the backs
got burned and sore, and the skia peels oft Over at the Y. M. C. A. there
is none of thi. There you take a good shower bath and then plunffe in.
The pool is tile lined, with spring board for diving, and a hid horixoatal bar
for climbing, swinging and diving.
Every morning at 10 ocloefc A. L. Holm, the physical director, teaefles
a large dose of boys to swim little fellows, from nine Tears old up. Aad
thev all learn to swim. Would yon like to learn? There'i a phiae Tor yoa.
All then when you get away for vacation, you can swim in the creek, or
pond, or fake, or river, or ocean.
A membership in the Y. M. C. A. will be given to the bovs absolutely
free for obtaining only a small number of new subscribers. Call" to see II. H.
Fris, cireolation manager of the El Paeo Herald.
El rM and wet Texan, fair: ew Mex
I, fair, cooler: rizona. fair.
Mobilization Of the National
Guard Still Continues, As
Rapidly As Possible.
Demands Not Answered;!
Friendly Discussion Of
Difficulties Suggested.
Despite Gen. Carranza' s reply
1 " transmitted to the Mexican
i embassy today and which is said to b
J of a very pacific character, national
I guard contingent will continue to
move to the International border as
rapidly as they can be mobilized an4
j the orders to Gen. J. J. Pershing will
stand unchanged.
The withdrawal of the expedition
toward the border, while it has s eu
to Improve the diDlestatte situation-
was decided upon by military author!-
i tes for purely sltttary reafeas.
j force saw sdtsposee WeS.
I USSft.i KJ- "eJ,ta e oes
! 5S?if poJ'.l..U?L sPaxi aa border.
itujuiam nia une or co-mraumcatlon
! and defend himself to the event of an
attaek In force from the Carranza,
j hind him? advanced steadily be-
rnrrnma lea PaofflM
I Gen. Carr&nza's reply to the deminds
t of the United States reached tfc r-ri-
Sfi-,, !tl!aJ'aB!I'.w19 be
I 5iBii J6,.0' ???, La,n"
, swiLed bvT;,. Jf.C?rP2i3r de"
; ha!a Iti."!.. .to .!5? em
I atSfnJ1 1 05?d "??, i 'JK?
adionwnt of lfffw?t?i s f Slca5
t, iS-eramL S between the
tWO sovernments.
i Cri' . I Belief.
! In spite of a snirlt of r,.. ,.,
. mcn naa oeen oniv a. at.n fmm act,,
I war nat passed. If the unofficial -r.r-
Eion of the renlv la hnmA Art th.
I probably will be a resumption of friend
ly uipiomauc negotiations and. in the
absence of further serious border raids
or unwarranted attacks upon American
troops, there will be little danger of a,
Says Brigandage Being; Suppressed.
According to the information avail
able, the note, believed to have been,
dictated by Carranza himself, renews
assurances that adequate forces of the
de facto government are engaged In
suppressing brigandage in northern
Mexico and protecting the international
line: admits that a serious situation ex
ists, but again suggests that the pres
ence of American troops aggravates
rather than helps matters, and paves
the way for resumption of discussions in
regard to a border protection protocol,
the subject of the first notes which
pessed between the two governments.
Approves Mediation In Principle.
The de facto government announces
that it has accepted in principle medi
ation suggestions from other American
republics, and invites the United States
likewise to record itself There is no
proposal that the questions at issue be
submitted to mediation, however.
Note Is Reply To TJ. S.
Presumably the note is tn reply to
the American response to Carranza'a
demand for withdrawal of United
States troops from Mexico in which.
secretary uinsing announced the In-
Is Over Us

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