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Mexican bank notes, state bills, 818 Pesos 53
Mex. gold 53 Madonales 19 Bar silver, H. and H
quotation, 781-8 Copper $2930 Grains lower
L:-ei:ock steady Stocks linn.
LI Paso and West Texas, generally tair. Tic v
Mexico. local showers; Arizona, local showers.
nfllrrF nlinurn
nflmiio, DLflunLu;
Inbound American Steamer Smashes Into Transport
Awaiting Sailing Orders; Panama Keeps Breach
Plugged With Own Nose Until All On Board
Are Taken Off in Tugs and Other Craft.
AN ATLANTIC PORT, July 30. An American transport, the
Saratoga, at anchor, awaking sailing orders, was rammed by an in
bound American steamship, the Panama, here today. The ship
Beaded toward the beach in a sinking condition.
Meanwhile those on board were safely taken off in lifeboats or by j
tugs and other craft in the harbor which responded to distress signals. So i
far as is known no one was injured. I
A deep hole in the transport's port quarter extending from below the
vater line to the rail resulted from the collision. The captain of the Panama
held the bow of his ship tight against the transport, effectually blocking the
wound until all on board were taken off.
Later the Saratoga was beached.
Task of Getting Supplies
To Fighting Line is
Reduced To Science.
T emnd the British Lanes in Fiariee.
50. What makes an indelible
Tigress-ion on the newcomer to th
i tile-front is the tremendous organ-y-.it
ton back of the actual fighting
i the miles of roadas aottej
w :, traneport of war food for men
end horses, she lis for the guns, am
rruritiou for rifles and machine gtina
Tne final and most interesting link
this ast organisation is the opera
- o-i of getting the food right up to
i e n-.cn in the trenches. It usually
:ak3 place under cover ef darkness
.in the enemy is unable to impede
: t v-oj-T'ss as efficiently as with the
.. ,i of da light. Night alter night
- goes on. After one recovers from
.---p 'ses at the quietness with which
dor.f he is bound to marvel at the
' ocKike precision of the whole per
!."! all of which testifies to the
, . ,
organisation necessary in ,
r like this.
Tr- first Intimation that the trans-1
is preparing to move out toward
front line is a Ciatleung 01 norm
.-es on the cobbles of a french farm
d Then voices call out orders.
.. f r crts are filled; horses are har-
. .1 to the wagons and a few min-
. s '..tu r the whole column is stand
k :eadj. Mlent. the transport men
. :;,ud, tne quartermaster, trans-
rt officer and a sergeant on foot.
i.otner mutant a whistle sounds.
c ip a cracking of wnip. tnen an
cl.iittr on the cobblestones and
.. -jmlile of heavily laden wagons
i nhnle column moves out to-
, , j
First "he Star Mien.
'e? r.iles ahead the first star this morning, the Canadian front was
- eh'ot up .and little sudden advanced in tbe region east of Reser--.
of flame come from the ene- voir Hill Into the Cite du Moulin, the
- iruT.s theu there is soft burst of only suburb lying between Reservoir
ii r.-l lollowed by the deep boom Hill and Lena
' 'lie h"av guns. The losses of the Canadians were
oad :s narrow but wide inconsiderable and the advance gives
' the umbers 01 otner rt-gi-;
.., .hers ambulances, army
lorries laden with tools
hTr.res. Arrierlies on bio -
t ounded men to pass on
v. i lunner uac ui , utix. i
roi .i K-ord is heard as the two,
-t is each other along this jGRMAKS STRp BELGIAN
i t ium -coins in" ith the, FENCES OF BARBED WIRE
up Closer 10 iiiicsj
fhill!, and boom of the big
ooine more distinct. Sud-
n column, halts sneus nave
---i ;:i the- road or on either side of
a i.li - way ahead. When this
c - prohabty for only a few mln
.f i r word is given to move on
p Tn column continues to crawl
o - -i'i-il it reaches a battered old
- l.estrie the road and within
.-r-eS throa- of the support
. p -i . Here are left the supplies
n up by this column.
Food Detiiered.
T e ret sight is a stream of men
pick- and shovels and ammu
T : on; a sergeant to see that the ra
i r-s fjr the different companies are
d in diffe-ent piles: a post cor
i iral hurrjms hither and thither in
eec-ch o U company's letters, which
; .e .een mislaid: and the transport
cer nd quartermaster supervising
. r.i controhng everything alwaye in
-7 ot impenetrable darkness, save
w 1 a tar shell lights up the white
I - the svtating horses aud the
T'i transport offieer gives the
t. d ?n,l th empti wagous Jolt out
to the road again to Join in the
th t flows back towards bil
. a:nl --leep. (Correspondence of
P i
Herald Is In High
Faoor At Gibson
Gibson. X. 1L. July 23.
n 1 ' ri Paso Herald:
1 t.e Herald is favored so much
h"- e that I am eager to subscribe
to it. l'lease send it to me at
o-ce Mrs. Florence Sibilio.
Geil. SayS 100,000 Amer- j
icans Would Be Nucleus
for Million Russians.
San Francisco, Calif., July 0. The
presence of American troops on the
eastern front would be fatal to Ger
many, according to Gen. Michael Tas
sukovich. chief of the Russian mili
tary commission who was here todaj.
It America send 100.6 men
to Russia, she will furnish an army
that will be the nucleus of . .Russian
axmy ST l.llMM 1HCM 'Watt may be
grouped with fatal results for Ger
many." declared den. Tassukovich.
There is no doubt that splendid Rus
sian armies of l.tfrP.OM men each, or
ganized, stiffened and encouraged by
the presence of your troops, tan be
built up on the foundation of each
1,0 Americans sent to our front."
Captive French Forced
O Salute Dummy Officer 'loophole for misinterpretation.
, .' Wee't Take German Sol
July S. The
j. -oeenond-n- ot a Stockholm
Slr wsTSm tte Germaf I
m Prance of the treatment meted out
to "disrespectful Frenchmen who did
1-- ..I., - ntfsil frAnhmAn At A I
(not know the correct missian metnoa
j They were oroognt into a large
1 room and compelled for two boars at
a stretch to pass and repass a German
officers started uniform, sainttng
each time they passed it and saying
respectfully : "Bon jour, monsieur
j A sentinel with fixed bayonet stood
jnear to see that the salutations were
properly made.
Canadian Headquarters in France.
Ju,. j0By a minor operation early
tnem possession ot a stretch or difii
ser-icult country extending about IS
yards north and south with a deDth
leasterW from our former front tf
over 4V9 yards. (By Canadian Press, j
Amsterdam. Netherlands. July 39.
The Germans are requisitioning wire,
and particularlv barbed-wire.ill over
Belgium, according t" the latest ne-vs
from the frontier. The retention of
only one wire is allowed, to mark off
the oivision ot the fields. They are
likewise breaking ud more and more
car tracks and lij-ht railroad?, cyrrj-
ing off the rails and sleeperf. as well
as cars and locomotive.
Rome. Italy. July SO. "Minor fight
ing resulted in our favor on the Tren-
ttno iront ana we iook some prison
ers, on the Julian rront mere was
considerable aerial activity. An
enemy machine was brought down."
the war department announced today.
Berlin. Germany. July 20. The
naralYxinsr defensive of the Germans,
says tbe official statement issued to
day iy me uerman war aepanmeai,
had an influence on the entente artil
lery In Flanders, which yesterday did
not attain the strength maintained on
previous days.
CoDenhaaen. Denmark. Julr 3.
Dark days literally are coming for
Berlin. An order has oeen issueo re
strict lag the lighting of atores. hotels,
restaurants and cafes.
The order is due to the admittedly
Inevitable coal shorts r and transpor
tation difficulties of the coming
SDi N. IZns . July A Ku-
I i niaiuan communication dated last
' Thursday, has been received
x here It announces the capture of
l Teutonic allied positions on a front
of more than 18 miles and to a depth
of more than nine miles and also the
taking of additional prisoners, guns
and munition?.
"On the 27th. between the vallejs of
Casin and Putna, we again advanced
and occupied the villages of Soveia,
Pragoslav. Negrileati, Topesti. Valea
sares and Colacul." the Rumanian war
office announced today.
Ieertera Killed Br Wholesale.
The correspondent of The Times at
Itussian southwest headquarters (Ga
lician front) says Gen. Kormloff is
executing- deserters by wholesale.
Premier Kerensky is on his way to
headquarters of the southwest to con
fer with various commanders regard
ing restoration of discipline among
disaffected command I-atest dis
patches indicate Russian troop no-th
Papers Declare Michaelis
and Czernin Wrong in
Ideas of Conauest.
j London, Eng., July 30. Statements
J by Dr. Micnaelis, German imperial
chancelor, and count Czernln. the
j Austro-Hungarian foreign minister,
i which are regarded here as obviously
made in collusion, dominate the news
columns of the morning papers. They
are generally treated editorially as a
of reference to the future of Belgium
and Servia is considered to exclade all
credence in the desire for peace by
understanding. A ustro-German peace
talk, unless accompanied by aa under
taking to evacuate and restore con
quered territories, is declared merely,
to be aimed at delaying America's1
preparations for war.
Wan In AVar Aim Annouured. '
Herr Micbaelis's accusations against
France are dismissed by some com
mentators as best left for refutation
by French allies. The Daily New,
however, lmrtats that a. statement of
war aims to, be-- formulated at -Je
coming conference of allies must con
stittfte an explicit disapproval ef all
thought of conquest for conquest's
sake. The paper denounced the "ig
norance or the folly of Sir Edward
Carson's threat to drive Germany be
hind the Rhine, which it save, has
given herr MichaeJis a weapon which
he was swift to use.
"It is in the poer of tbe allies to
render the weapon innocuous, even
turning it agafnst himself, but the re-
nnillalinn lu i-ho rrra tnnct An
quickly and in a form leaving no
ine fnronicte proclaims lis Deuet
ht it would be unwise for the allies
? uepve rmany iibm r-
chancelor talks of Vast territorial
modifications, he mentions only the
Soar valley and it suggests that
France may be aiming to restore the
old German frontier of Lorraine.
. - . i . . .
Con Make Kxeeptlonal claim. ! f - 'both these restaurants were exclu-
lf France desired mis for strategic Included rsrt ef (.erm.ny. jsively patronized is taken to indicate
reasons, the Chronicle would not say "This treaty assured to France herithat no discriminations will be per
sbe necessarily had the right, but it I frontiers, but amended on lines ofjmitted In the enforcement of the fool
would be an exceedingly small affair.
not comparable for an Instant to Ger
irany's seizure of two large provinces
in 1S71. It must be remembered, too,
that after losing some millions in
killed and wounded in a war forced
upon her and wherein she has borne
the brunt of battle for liberty
throughout Europe. France has the
right to make exceptional claims for
her futjire security such as Germany
had not in 1S71 and no other state
unless Belgium would have toda.
Germany to Keep IlelRlunt.
Copenhagen, Denmark, July 29.
The Berlin L-okal Anzeiger. comment
ing on tie recent proceedings in the
Britisn nouse 01 commons says
-Mr. Asqulth inquiry as to wheth-,
w, ..m reaav tn r.inr. R.lt-inm. !
er we were ready to restore Belgium's
full freedom can only se meant as a
rhetorical question for Mr. Asquithi
must know that, aside from a handful
of dreamers, nobody thinks of hand
ing Belgium again to Engiana and ;
The Catholic organ, the Cologne
V'olks Zeitung. attempts to prove that '
the retention of Belgium and annt-xa-,
tion of regions In tbe east are indit- -pensable
to that protection of the .
German frontiers which chancelor,
Michaelis specified.
Serial I tt In OttPttM tion.
The Tages Zeitung adopts this, con-i
ten tion enthusiastically. ,Som of the
radical Socialists, on the other hand.
seek to give the Impression that the
go eminent is so bound by the reich-t
stag resolution that the entente allicv
hate only to propose peace without '
annexation or indemnities to obtain it.,
Says Allies Deilre Conquest.
Berlin. German j, July 30. Pr.
Georg Michaelis, the German imperial
chancelor. on Saturday summoned a .
large number of news paper mm to
whom he declared:
"The speech of David Lloyd Geo Ke.
tbe British premier. Queen's h .it.
London, and the recent debate in tlie
British house of commons again hue
proved with indisputable clearness
that great Britain does not desire'
peace by agreement and understand-1
ing. but only a conclusion of th1 war'
wbUh ivans the enslavement of Ger-'
many to the arbitrary iolence of our.
enemies. I
"Proof of this may -e seen in the 1
fact that Sir Edward Carson (member!
of the British war cabinet t recent I
declared in Dublin that negotiations ,
with Germany could begin only after
tbe retirement of German troops be-.
yond the Rhine.
ay Germany Mum I.taenntr.
"In response to a question put b t
commoner Joseph King, A. BonarJ
Law. the spokesman of the British
government in he house of commons '
modified 9hls declaration by fixing -the
standpoint of the British govern-1
and south of tl.e (ialician area hae
been compelled to modify the r lines
to conform to the Teutonic advance
and that at the pmt where the deep
est dent has been made fn the Russian
lines, Russian troops have been forced
back to Russian soil.
I.fRlnr I Mlle.
Petrograd. Russia. Jul 30. Niko
lai Lenine, peace agitator and alleged
German spy. has disappeared from his
usual haunts in Petrograd and his
whereabouts is not known to the
government authorities.
The stories published in the United
States that Lenine had been seized by
the police at Oxarki. Finland, on July
24 and that later he had escaped dur
ing a battle between government
agents and anarchists at Tornea. Fin
land, are said by the officials to be
May Ke In Sfnekhelm.
A vague story was current in Petro
grad July 2 that th- suspected Teu
ton agent had fled from the capital
to Kronstadt. that hf- had been smug
gled through r.nlaiifl to Stockholm
.did alrt ady h?tl re -mpiI ;-rmany
One Company From Each
part Immediately For the Training Camp To Make
Preparations For Remainder; Troops From
Other States Will Soon Be on the Way.
ES MuINES, la.. July C". One
company from each unit of the
owa national guard will de
part "immediately" for tbe training
camp at Demlng, X. M.. under orders
received today from the war depart
ment. The remaining state troops
will leave about next August 10.
The presumption is that th com
panies ordered to Demin? will pre
pare for the coming of the remaining
units in order to facilitate their es
tablishment when tbey arrive.
C'RmiMHe In CftMeM.
A campsite for the national guard
troops to be trained at r-mlnp h. s
been chosen by a board of resu!.ir
ment as helnc that if Germany want-
ed peace sue xirst ox ausnmsx aeciare;
herself willing W B5aunafc4 ecu-1
pied lerrltorw. - e - - j
ed lerrltul wsk - e - - - j
-Wrf pftbess dear proofs that tbe!
lemy Jives assent tb a declaration !
going evert further than that impu- j
S.ti.- n,.a. k. sir M.rd f. r
You all know that detailed informs- conquest.
Hon regarding the French plans of ' o; conspicuousness of the jus
conquest, ayrroved by Great Britain ' of ur defensive war. the chan
and Russ:a. has been clrcuUted for ce"r concluded, -will steel our
weeks past in the neutral press and strength and determination In the fu-
that it has not been denied up to the tore.
present- ,,.-, ..r
I-roof. Reeelved By Cerm.ny. j ' f AoftlUfAADLt, BCXLIW
-It would be of the greatest im- i RESTAURANTS ARE CLOSED
portance for the enlightenment of the I ti . u:..
whole world regarding the true rea-l trlin. Germany. July Hitlers
sons for the continuation of the san- and Dressel's restaurants, two fash
guinary massacre of nations for it to : lonable Unter den Linden establish-
be known that written proofs of our,
enemies green ior conquest navel
since fallen into our hands. I refer to
reports of the secret debate on June ,
2 in the French chamber of deputies, i
-Is it trne or not that the French I
nremier at the Instance of Gen. I
Rerthelot. head of the French mill-1
iiiJTJ'SP" i,hmA,Ir:5iPrt" l purchasing supplies and of ,
,iarv mission i
entrusted him with
previous 'wars the conquest of 1870 to t
include Dsiaes .isace-irrainr. i
Saarbruecken and vart territorial!
modifications on the left bank of the
"As desired bv France hen M.
Teresehenko ithe Russian foreign
minister) took office, the Russian
government protested against the
French aim of conquest, which also
included that of Syria, and declared
that new Russia no longer mould be
willing to take part in the struggle
if it learned of these French sar
sys l'rsoee Csfi't leny.
-Wasn't it the principal obiect of
Albert Thomas ipremier of the French
council! on his Journey to Rus- i
0:a. Vlrdimir Roc; an., p.:.; l-in..
wMiiian-ii.ii.iiiiiiimiia iiiMaaaapwjiiiiiiiMMMMiM ,
4Smm jStti Jkta
IIKI.IN, I'ermany. July :." ilei-
man troops are advancing
throueh the Suehawa valley in
the Austrian province of Bukowina
towards the town of Seletyn. It was
anounced officially today by the Ger
man general staff. They have pushed
forward to east of the upper Mol
davia valley.
The statement says the Kussians
are holding the heights to the east of
the river Zbroez on the Russian fron
tier which has been crossed by the
Teutons at several points.
Despite the resistance of the Rus
sians between the " OneiMer and
Pruth rivers, the German statement
says that the Teuton forces pressed
back the Russians to a point south
west of Zaleshchyki.
No official confirmation of this re
port could he obtained. Another
rumor current eterday was that
Lenine a operating in Stockholm.
Eegiment is Ordered To De
army officers and varied preparations
are being made for the reception of
the more than 30.000 officers and men
who will constitute the division to be
stationed there.
The announcement shows that all
the Iowa troops will leave for the
border about five days after August
the date on which they formally
enter the federal service.
Seme (luarter AinHaMr.
Quarters left by three Arkansas and
one Wyoming regiment, stationed at
Dentins at the time of the border
raobili ration during the Mexican crisis.
S?-etpaVTort'See!?opar,,ab,e j
Troops under orders to take station
at Deming include the national guard
of Towa. Nebraska. North 'Dakota.'
sia to overcome this remorse of M.
xerescaenao tne rreiiea Krn.
ment will sat be able to deny all
uis." , - - - -
Drr. PS& ?5.,,t
manlfeet that Otemaar enemies
responsible for the tiralongatlon of
the was and were "actuated by lust of
and the proprietors sent to Jail on the
cbante of violating the food ordi-i
n,"c's- .
tne restaurant owners are accuseu
of navinr In exro-of the maximu-n '
serving ravorea patrons wno were
without food cards. The fact that !
eiv- u-
mznsm SAVH ,
London. Eng.. July 3. .iccoraing j
to a Renter dispatch from Zurich.
Math ias Krzberger. one of the lead
ers of the clerical center in the Ger
man reichstag. who has just arrived
there, declared to the Zuricher Na
ehrichten: -If I could talk aith Lloyd
Georae (the British premier), or
I Mr Ralfonr rib. Kritiah foralen wr.
t retary . we could in a few hours reach
'an understanding which would enable
official peace negotiations to mm-
;c:i or I.; re. nt Butte dam by
Says Committee on Conduct
Of War Would Be Re
flection on Himself.
May Veto Bill as Amendedl
In the Senate, He Mattes
Committeemen Belieoe.
ASH1.VGTOX. D. C, July C"
President Wilson today de- (
clared again his opposition
an administrative board of three in- I
' a congressional committee on expen- '
! ditures in the conduct of the war. j
I A Reflection On Illmseir.
The president's position was made
clear today to senator Chamberlain, i
one of the conferees on the bill. The
president considers the committee on f
I conduct of the war a reflection on
himself and insists that there can be'
I no question of the greater value of '
lull HluiklUUUI iuua Ui!lMliaiI AUVIt
; over an administrative board of three.
MlRht Veto Mraaurr.
Senator Chamberlain left the whit
house convinced that unless the con
ferees eleimlnate those provisions.
the bill must en hsnk tn th senate
and house for further action. The i
possibility that the president might
veto the measure if they were left in
it. was widely discussed in congress.
Tb Jmuolh Out IHffrrrnrex.
After a conference arranged at tbe
white house between the president
and senator Chamberlain and repre
sentative Lever, representing the con
ferees, the committee planned to meet
again la an effort to smooth out the
only remaining point of difference
between the two houses.
11KT1I AUTfVrD irv CAI I C
raAn rx,r.,. , t..t-
. In an address- delivered here last
night, secretary of state Lansing de
clared the fnited States will fight
Germany usUI jtnnin jHTw""r
overthrown: anffn the wefrda ot the
president, "the world is' safe for de
mocracy." The secretary ef state denounced
the evil character of the German gov
ernment which caused that govern
ment to promise to refrain froui ruth
less sea warfare, a pledge which was '
never meant to be kept, but was made j
only that Germany might gain time
for the construction of the submarines
, which it had lacked to make unre- ,
strtcted warfare efficient. j
The secretary of state also said that !
Germany's plot to prooke warfare '
between the I'nited States and Mex-1
leo was proof of Germany's malev-
olence toward the United States.
nor ancTllcrc DDnntirrinL'l
. m
nnsainsion, v. .. jury r
for. ln.vrs.ia!lon tn Production
completed Tat a ! confirmee tlay of,
leuerai iraae commission oiiicisis. ,
department of agriculture experts
and renresentatires of the food ad-
The investigation sill be a part of
the trade commission's general in
quiry Into food prices. Wheat and
breadstuff s will constitute one of .its
main diviaions.
,,.. - , t n j violation
and uneconomic method s-in the man
ufacture and sale of flour and bread.
Washington, D. C July The
navy department has ordered i.l -,MK
pounds of canned peas to be delivered
as needed at tentative prices of $1.15
to ll.of a dozen can?, with all orders
subject to revision so that prices may
be based on cot plus a reasonable
profit. The contracts are distributed
T nnnv firn
AeUman A I..rmn. raoto.
squad of New Mexico Buhtiamea.
Complement of 677 Officers and Men; Ship Was Well
Rlmiinnorl TA7ifrl Runs 3r1 Tvrnprln TnTviC ThnncrVi
She Was Not of Modern Type; Official An
nouncement Fails To Give Details.
LONDON. Eng.. July 30. The British eruiter Ariadne, of II. 000
torn, has been torpedoed and sunk, according to an official statement
issued today by the British admiralty.
Thirty-eight members of the Ariadne's crew were killed by the ex
plosion. All others on board were saved.
The Ariadne was hoik in 1896. She was 450 feet long, 69 feet
beam and had a maximum draft of 27 1-2 feet Her complement con
sisted of 677 officers and men.
The Ariadne carried 16 six-inch guns, 12 12-pooaden and a number
of smaller guns. She abo was etiiupped wit" two snrNnerged 18-inch tor
pedo tabes.
tIIATEVER military
A velopment may be
pending on the Belgian
front, the great artillery battle
there has not yet resulted in in
fantry movements of impor
tance. Today's British official
statement is colorless, contrast -iac;
storaajx with, eW-aaeaaX Ger
man eaXsehU reports ed aaprece
dented nearr gunfire la this
Color is lent the assumption
that operations on a notable
scale are in prospect here, how
ever, by the official accounts
from London of the Intensive
aerial work in progress, in
which photographic observations
on a large scale have been car
ried out. The destruction of
aircraft yesterday was heavy on
both sides. 39 German machines
being downed and 13 British ma
chines being renorted missing
The French front likewise was
devoid last night of infantry ac
tions aside from raiding excur
sions. New Mexico Breads Out
With Remarkable Series
Of Freaky Accidents,
banta Fe. A. M July 3
A Dog:
I Can on farmer with his hand fast
a plow, dragged by frightened horses
ap ana oown a lie id; a Cuervo soda
fountain tender with his hand frozen
stilt by gas from an exploding drum:
a Carlsbad man with his hand pierced
to the bone by the fin of a catfish
a 299 pound Socorro man falling
through a tin ceilinsr tr reMllt flruiP
and a San Juan Mnntr ha.lw ..;,
45 feet into a well without injury
siiwaK me remaricaDie freak
th r.m.rlr.Ki& 1.
accident renorted bv New ,.
country papers this week.
A a. Able tn.
reonv.r thnnh K.11.. Zll
with three finaers com fmm mI
hand. Frank Cunningham, the soda! 'f t. r this the ...,,.. .
cterk. may hae to haTe the frosen man.ler waved to the h ,i of f
hand amputated. Hhile T. Wright, the eo to the pos'tion whl -h" -,n- ,
catfishs Tictim. is threatened with! and se-eral other nr-p-, ,.r, ,
blood poi-sonint- and Nicanor Pino, thetmlntr ahout to p!c them i,. t
man a ho as kno. kek.l senseless by snr.m-.rme then wen; mv on
his rail throueh a ci il.nir got oft with 1 surface.
revere bruises. The bab was the S; The captain ar.l the -.mi"nc-
!" oia enna or nomas Line-, neari
Austin. Tex.. July 3c An appeal
nas been filed in the court of erim.
,inal appeals in the case of H. J. Span-
; nel. from Coleman county.
' Spannel aas g-l'cn a term oT fie
j ears "in the penitentiary n convic
tion of the killing of l.ieut. CoL M C
Hutler. of the regular army, in lpine
i Brewster county, on July 20 191.
ine case win come up for submis
sion at the (X-tober term of the court.
i jesty was delighted wi:h the aoi.lie--
'NFW TRIAT PflR MflANCV i ,v appearance of the tnca. The k i --
' tUK "WWhY Jl.rierv addressed the men. welcon .,,
URGED BY CALIF. 0FFICLU. ,htm to EnRiand.
an Francisco ral,' 1..1, -i 1 Tne 'ensorshlp allooe.I nensiu" -new
trial for n' ilf '0' A ,0 Prin pictures of king Geore-
5rb?iainSl : 2ZS5?ixx'ott. vr,
rltVa ,ul . i.Vr y 4 a aocu'-M, , mission The favorite sui.jcct.i-.
riled hi the state supreme court those showing the kin- ta kin - . , ,
5ehlf no Sr"' fr0m m.?l n"h
jfoon.. ,B,f his rifle an.l kit the kin.- ami ., ,c
Moonej mas tried on a murder i walk i n e throueh I'-,-- of Uutis
.charge, an outgrowth of a Prepared- .oMicrf and the m ir h ,.,,t V"
Prosperity Bulletin
VT ' are 'ry optimistic m to oumbcss .onditioiis n t ns ...uiimv
W .,or ium' tim ,0 - Oui sjJes thu lar Uu year show an
im-rease over pretiou. years, and we are expecting I . do a t.!l
brger volume. We haTe increased our advertising approprial n tor i..
fall campaign, and tan see no reason to doubt that business ' ui i.
correjiiondinjtH .
Graad Kapids aicii
i Germans Fire On Men
Struggling For Lives
in Ssall Boats.
London, Eng.. July so k
were killed and several ou
: the shelling by a German si.
of the life boats of th- KI.I-
ster steamer Addah, whirli
pedoed on Jane srcor-ii- t.,
official version of the afft.
boat was sunk by shrapnel f. -the
submarine and th- "unnors
sprayed with shrapnel whii'
were in the water waiting fjr :
other boats to pick the- up
The official narratie sai ihi i
submarine commander went alo'i-in
one of the Addah life hoar- -i .
made use of her to send some of ihr
crew of the submarine '! i ; lr
Addah just before the -team-r -a-When
the submarine's Tew hi! 'e
returned to their crafr, tie or .
command of the life h at ira-
dered to move awav f T.m xh -marine.
By this time. the official t.
the" captai
ment reads, "the boat iorninar',n .
Of the AddAh nhi .
the shells from th ai-l.mn.n
.-hout ..00 or 4 yard- av.i f -the
German craft.
Again Fires n f aptalH.
"fe sut-'nrine .uruin op,T
on the captain's boat with p
K'lliui: eight men and taki-i
hoat'p stern off. Even "ter t ie v.
had been unk and :h. men w.
swimnm in the water. t'ie jum
shelled tnem
with shrapnel i
tTie ,:rraaa thought
he had fin' Vl
, erer hcly who a i " he
"?' 1" then ortened f:e on the
orri.-er s boat. f)nr:sr -.t -hnr
rormnaieiy noDonv
t,n,v holing the h..
break r
ioar and nounding veral
m-"i "ere then . ke
taken aboard the chief o'fire
were eventuallv pi. ked
French patrol stesif.e-
"Th ' the otatement .,,!,!
fine .,n1 irallant record for
! ins for "the freedo'n' of ,e s
I". S. TK OKI'S. TO t(.l.n
London. Ens. J,:lv no K':i'
i Georce. aceompanic-1 1' -luten la
land princes Mary, yepte .ia went h
.motor to the Borde-i vamn anil tp-
ppectea ine American
irimFM oii.i -
' terei at ,he ontlyln.g c.nnp Hii -a-.-

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