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Tnal of Man Charged With Murder Less Exciting After
Story of Scheme to Murder Is Related by Clark, who
Claims Jones Told Him How the Lyons Killing
Was Done; Witness Gets Part Pay.
j Says Jones Said He Killed Lyons
rjcriee of the science of
' '-'ii'A ntlne studv were gone
to in minute detail fn the
3 VTt court Friday morning
Fiat- witne- testified to hav-'r.'-'i
with the utmost care the
.,- of Kelix n Jones, charged
ip ji-t.rr in cot nf-ction with the
u ' Thomas li Lyons on a tele
didn't know what was taken from the
prisoner. One of the party found a
grip, witness said, in the room.
"How closely did you observe his
Jones's) personal appearance at the
time of the arrest?"
Speak of Jodcjk Gray I lair.
"Would you say his hair was any
darker now?"
"I wouldn't say that, but he had
by Jones and addressed er ni5 eara no aA9a 1
fi f at the time of his arrest.
.-. ne rompared this telegram
- h teres in a Colorado City
r ai-'r of date prior to the al
' r. and having arrived at
.Mn that the same man
aniiation wa? so minute and
' at as t progressed, the
ri the ourtroom slowly
i and departed. 50 that when
r.our waF ' eached there
. a cant -atf When court
bf direct examination of
had n-t et been com-
-nrm 4ir C ossln About TnrqaoUe.
attorney Leigh Clark be-
.! iiir witnepp for the state
i.i'-Minjr, whn the first was
x j- -v a cattleman, who tes
i Millard Coggin in a car
Trvjoi&e. X. M.. May 18. wlt-
from Orogrande to Kl
.'! ''oggin. It was a Buick.
--aid. sayfnfr Cogsin had
w itnessF home the night
t anything in the car?"
v jb a grip tn the back, just
'ur;. . old fashioned grip."
- didn't ko'tw hat was In
- 1" t-aid.
1 'r- Ah no cross examination.
hrrift MeGrafli TeMfflr.
M.rath, who was sheriff at
' i.ist May. was the next
Hf knew Thomas Lyons, de-
Witness came to El Paso
z''er the killing, about May
ith James Blair, meet-
" "unningham and sheriff
" iif-e The party then went
" where W. G Clark was
hf said, going thence to
and Beaumont. Witness
' the party arresting Jones
-r place. The arrest took
f i doctor's or a. dentist's of-
r . .md others of the party
-! o'lrp witness said, but he
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In arranging with Clark at Abilene
about the rewards, witness said he
was acting for Mrs. Jones.
Mr. McGrath was in a party, he
.ud, Juno 7 that took a car nut of a
parage here, Mr. Orndorff being prer
nt and Dr. W. W. Walte being called
immediately. (Dr. Waitc had testified
he examined spots on the car and de
termined they were blood.)
"Did you see hair matted In blood
on that auto?"
"Yes. sir."
"How aid it compare in color and
length with Mr. Lyons's hair?"
' Same color and about the same
length as the Hair on the top of the
Describes Jones to Many.
Crossexamlned. Mr. McGrath
couldn't say exactly how much gray
hair was on Jones's temples at the time
or the arrest. There was no bam
spot, witness said. The hair was
"dark" at the time, witness added.
"When did you first say the temples
were gray?"
"I suppose I described the man
Brn n' to 1 50 people.'
"When did you first tell them Jones
had gray temples?"
"I told them that was the descrip
tion we had."
MeCabe nldcs In llulck.
The next witness heard was John
T McCabe. cattleman, who recalled a
shipment of cattle Hay 18 at Tur
quois, where he saw Millard Cogcin.
Aiier cnecKing ana paying ror tne
stock, witness said he started for El
Paso in a -ar. a Buick, with Millard
Copgm; but near Oro Grande they
strucK some sand and the trip
stoppea. ltness rode In on a train
and Coggin remained to soend the
night With Mr. Fleck, witness said.
Tom Coggin was there and went out
with the cattle shipment, witness said.
(The jury was instructed by the court
not to consiaer tnis T. J. tggln rer-erence.)
Croeseiamlned. witness said his
company's ranch was about 75 miles
across country from the Lyons ranch.
mm woggin was a partner in wit
ness's company, he said.
Eyes Jones Closely.
Will Dougherty, of Van Horn, then
took the stand. He knew the defend
ant about eight years, and said in the
early part of May he say Jones in El
Paso, talking with T. J. Coggin at
noiei &nemon. on crossexamlnatlon,
witness said he talked with Jones at
the time and saw him talk with others
"Jones looks now like he always
"About the same."
Tou don't think he was ever bald
do you?"
"I never noticed. I never paid any
Witness then left the stand and
went up to Jones, eyeing him close
ly. Tou don't see any difference at
all?" he was then asked.
"I don't see any."
Sheriff Cooksey Testifies.
J. W. Cooksey, of Colorado City,
sheriff, was then called. He remem
bered getting a register from the
Ernest roominir house tlwrp ahant int
June. Crossexamlned. Mr. Cooksey
said the book's condition seems un
changed. He noticed a name crossed
out wnen no got the book, witness
said. The rooming house was vacant
at inai time.
lXnndTrritlne- Tim nn
Will M. Tkpton. of the state land
office at Santa He, JJ. iU then took
the stand. He was formerly connected
wim me u. o. aepartment or the In
terior as a special investigator of
land and other matters, and was a
handwriting expert, he testified. He
dm maue a complete study of "modern
disguised handwriting." he added.
His experience goes OTer 33 years
and includes studies In Mexico City,
San Bernardino, CaL, Santa Fe and
other archives, and has testified In
cases Involving elaborate forgeries In
Mexico and Spain.
Defence Aaks Documents. -At
judge Dale's suggestion, the Jury
was retired at this point, when the
defence started a crossexamlnatlon of
the witness, who said be first came to
El Paso in July in connection with
this case, on which he has spent in
all about five days In preparing to
The defence then moved. In view of
the fact that all of the documents
examined by witness have been in
possession of the state, that the de
fence be granted a reasonable time
to have the documents examined bv
an expert on their, the defence's, be
half. "Judge Dale, did you have knowl-
edge, or reasonable crrnnnri to h
lieve, that this character of testimony
would be used?" the court asked.
"Only an Intimation when sheriff
Orndorff testified," judge Dale re
plied, and since that time has un
dertaken to secure handwriting ex
perts. The arrival of an expert is
expected now," added Judge Dale.
The motion was overruled and the
defence excepted. The court had pre
viously asked If the Silver City reg
ister had not been introduced at the
examlningtrial last June. The state
reouea in tne anirmatlve.
Judge H. D. Terrel. of the defence,
told the court that he had received a
communication that the witness Tip
ton had not Indulged In expert hand
writing study for years.
Jury Is Itroncht Back.
The Jury was then brought back
Into court and the state continued its
examination. A telegram from Jones
to his wife and a cltDDinsr from the
Silver City hotel register were Iden
tified by witness as specimens he had
studied. The same aDDlied to "P. R.
Jones, Fort Worth," on Angelus hotel
register. Hay 16. witness said. Asj
to two signatures dated "5-17" andi
i-zv. Irom Ernest hotel. Colorado
city, witness was not certain he had
seen them, but his impression was he
had. Matter In the "Coggin note
book" had also been seen by witness,
as well as Jones's mileage book and
a cneck on an Ardmore, Okla., bank
signed by "R. M. Brown."
The telegram written by Jones and
addressed to his wife whep he was
arrestea- was me Dasis ot witness a
study, he said.
Tell of Handwriting Study
Witness went into minute details
of how he studies handwriting, fol
lowing which . a blackboard was
brought into court and witness dem
onstrated thereon the features of the
handwriting he had studied on the
basis as compared with the "F. R.
Jones" signatures of the Colorado
rooming house register.
Mr. Tipton observed similarities in
the "F's" and the "Js," explaining the
peculiar features or each.
In order to have the demonstrations
in the record, large sheets of card
board were used from this time on.
Witness then went into the details of
the formation of each letter In "F. R.
Say Same I'eron Wrote Telegram.
Witness, after explaining his study,
said that in his opinion the same per
son that wrote the telegram In ques
tion had written the signatures in the
rooming house register.
"In your opinion, who wrote the
memoranda on leaf IS, of the "Coggin
note book?"
"In my opinion, the same person
who wrote the telegram."
In witness's opinion. "Ft. Worth."
on the date line of the telegram was
not written by the same person who
wrote the body or the message.
Dr. Walte Examine Anto.
Dr. W. .W. Walte, city chemist, took
the witness stand after the noon re
cess Thursday. After qualifying as
an expert bacteriologist and chemist,
he told of examining a Buick auto
mobile last June in the custody of
sheriff Seth B. Orndorff. "There
were several red stains, and the
question was whether they were
blood or not. There were also bits
of hair.
"Most of the stains were on the
back curtain. Sections of stains were
taken out and examined to see if
they were blood or not.
"I made a chemical test and de
termined they are chemically blood.
I found on test it was human blood,"
said Dr. Waite.
Says Stain Unman Blood.
Witness said he had also examined
an iron bar and a whisky box with
stains, taking specimens and deter
mining the stains weer human blood.
Witness said he had also taken sam
ples of hair on the bar and on the
auto curtain and found they were
alike, witness said. He had ex
amined the hairs under a microscope.
They were "white with a little black
mixed In. He said.
Describe Telchmann Test.
Cross examined by Judge L. A. Dale.
Dr. Walte said the blood snot exami
nations were made about the latter
part or July. The "Telchmann"
crystal test was used, witness said
Common 6alt and vinegar heated to
gether, are used. The stains are then
put In the solution and if the stains
are of blood, certain characteristic
crystals are used, witness said. He
was then asked for and gave a tech
nical definition of blood. Judge Dale
continued with a detailed technical
series of questions on blood, until
the court stopped this line of ques
tioning when the witness was asked:
"Would you advise an operation
for appendicitis if there were 0,001
white corpuscles per cubic millimeter
anything said about the
money did Jones
"I told them there ought to be
money up."
"How much
"Five hundred sixty-five dollars
and thirty-five cents."
"Where did he say he got It?"
"Five hundred dollars from Tom
Coggin and $65.15 from old man
Lyons after he had killed him."
"Did he tell you how he killed
Say Jones TJsed Hammer.
"He said he had him in an antoJ
ami Bwa 113 mey Km on a aarsj
street, he got him out to light a
match, after he (Jones) put his foot
on a brake, and he then hit him over
the head with a hammer."
"Did he tell you about a bar of
"He said he hit him with that to
Keep Mm from coming to.
Witness mld the day after the ! cook it.'
found out from Mrs. Jones at her
home there where in Beaumont Jones
"Mrs. Jones didn't tell you Jones
was in Beaumont to see a brotherin
law?" "Xo, sir."
"Where did you find Jones in
"In a doctor's office."
Say He Received IC5O0.
Witness aald he has already re
ceived $2504 of the reward, and if
Jones Is convicted he Is to get $7500
"Have you any Interest In thisi
disc ;
If Jones Is convicted as the man
who killed old man Lyons, I want pay
for my work."
" Here do you stay here?"
"Courthouse most of the time, but
I stopped some at the Del Norte."
"Where do you eat"
"With the deputies. The trusties
Colorado City alleged conversation
ne leit lor Abilene, by way of Sweet
water. "Did you go back to Colorado
"Yes. sir. he (T. A. Morrison)
phoned me. and I went back."
wnat did you do there?"
"He told me to come up there and
I went to see that money to be given
for killing Bill Johnson."
"Did he have it?"
"Tea, sir. In a eack."
Did you complete the arrange
"Yes, sir, I made him believe
would kill him."
The rooming house register con
taining witness' signature was here
iniroouoea in evidence.
AiIvIkcn Mrs. Iyon.
After this conversation In thn
j willing House me nrst time, did you
' toucn wim airs, ljyons .
"ii me urei limo.
"The second time?"
"Yes. I wrote her 9 an,i .1.1 .
letter and tried to iret her hv Inni.
When did von know nf the re
ward offer?"
"After I got back to Abilene."
"Did officers come to see you at
Fort Worth?" 1
"Yes, sir."
Sheriff Orndorff was among the of
ficers, witness said, and the party
went to Beaumont and back to El
Paso, after Jones's arrest, wltnem
"Did Jones tell you how much he
got for the Job?"
Say Jones Got 920OO.
"Yes. $2000. Ha said Tom Coggin
gave $589 and he tried to get Mor
rison and then me' to get the $1500."
"Did you get It?"
"?o, sir."
"How much did he say he got from
"$66. and he read In the paper he
left a nickel, and he said if he'd
a known that he would have taken
that, too."
Crossexamlned. witness said he had
testified twice before and this was
the first time he mentioned May S9
as the time of the visit n r-i. i
City, having refreshed his memory
.....a hi 14101. yroceeoings.
Aou lesuueu Deiore it was the
"Yes, sir; I thought It was."
"Did Jones tell you at Abilene what
the cold-blooded Job was?"
"No. sir."
"He told you to go to Colorado City
and see Morrison?"
"Yes, sir."
"You did go to Colorado Cltyt"
"Yes, sir."
"Because Jones told you there was
for the man who would do a
cold Job."
"I wanted to catch Jones and see
what was the Job."
Flayed a Jones's Friend.
"You were his friend?"
"1 played him as a friend."
Witness knew Jones since lll and
11-om ne -piayea Jones as
, c.-i - - it was ilar
Is there anvbodv ekt vm, nimj I o'oratio Lity,
as a friend from 113 to date?"
"No, sir."
"Do you know how T. A. Morrison
knew you were coming on that train
when he met you?"
"No. sir. He walked up and Intro
duced himself and told me Jones had
described him to me."
"You had never seen him before?"
"No, sir."
"You hadn't told anyone yon were
"No, sir."
Morrison's and Jones' room a.
joined and opened into each other in
tne oioraao uity rooming house, wit
ness said. Jones was In his room and
in bed when Morrison and wttnera
arrived. Clark said.
"Bump" Johnnon, Get $4000. I
'Jones told me there was X4008 for
auyuuv v no WOUIO. Dump
nf Mnorl"
The witness was then asked of the 1 olI-t
tests used to determine If a given "hat d,d Morrison say?"
blood specimen is human blood. The "He waited till Felix explained it
"precinitive" test -Bias the one used. Jand then said that whoever would
the ffrat ,l.n K.lnir th. finm.til-lni.1 kill JahllMll VAIlM have tn Irlll 1Tb.
Say He Carrie Gun Around.
After coming here from Beaumont
witness later went to Silver City,
where he carried a gun and worked
with officers, he said. Later he went
to Gallup, remaining about two
months, wearing a gun there, he said.
Then he came back to Silver City,
staying there two more months, then
returning to El Paso, he said, saying
lie nas stoppea in tne conrthonse
since, sleeping in jury rooms and eat-
in cr in laii.
"When did you start carrying
gun here?"
"About 15 days after I came."
"Did you get any money since yon.
are here?"
"About J39 from Orndorff. It
might be more than that, rd have to
ngure it up. i sold him a diamond
ring and he still owes me some
"Who else's money did yon get?"
Says air. I.yon Pay 5300.
"Mrs. Lyons furnished me 1500 ex
pense money about two months ago."
"She advanced yon that on the
"She took a long chance on that
"Yes, If you figure It that way."
"The fact Is that you read of the
finding of Lyons's body and that Is
the only Information -von ever hud
about the killing?" witness was
No. sir. All I know Is what Jone
and T. A. Morrison told me."
"It Is true that yon didn't give the
name of the alleged murderer nntfl
after you had the contract?"
les, sir.
Witness Is 41 years old and a
widower and has four children, two
in uaiias ann two in Abilene, he said.
Indicted for Stealing Own Saddle.
"Have you ever been indicted far
a felony?"
"I was Indicted for stealing my own
Yon were indicted for stealinr
your own saddle?"
"That was at San Angelo?"
"Yes. sir ."
"When was that?"
"About 1912."
Another time, witness said, some
one "tried to get him la trouble over
seme mules, but the prosecuting at
torney threw the case out of court."
"Weren't you Indicted in Tom
Greene county, the charge being sel
ling mortgaged property. In December,
1911?" I
Claim Caae Was Thrown Oat.
"I don't know. I was arrested and
made bond, and I showed I had paid
the mortgage on the mules and the
case was thrown out."
Judge Dale then Introduced In evi
dence a certified copy of the alleged
indictment in Tom Greene.
"What other times were you In
dicted?" "None I paid two fines for fighting."
witness was again-asked whether
19 or zo that he was In
but ha coaldn't nv
pasiuveiy, ne saia.
Details of the time of the telephone
message from Morrison to witness
were read by Judge Dale from the
habeas corpus proceedings record,
and witness denied that details of the
record as read were correct. The
record told of two telephonic mes
sages, and witness, at the present
proceeding, said there was only one.
Didn't Rfmcmber Question.
"You were In a room with T. A.
Morrison and he (Jones) came in
"Yes. sir."
The above question and answer
was re an ny Jtfdge Dale from the pre
vious record and witness said be
aian t remember them. (At the nres-
ent proceeding, witness bad testified
mat joaes was in bed in the room.)
"About n. week after i-m. .t
Johnson here after the Jones arrest, do you
jiwireuiwr meeting k oni uonand and
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23, 1918.
of the blood of some animal, a rab
bit being used In this case. The
serum used nas tried first on
Guinea pig- and a rabbit, but it was
not used on a monkey or any other
aninropoio. xnis eerum gives a pre
cipitate only witn numan mood, wit
ness said, but he had tried It only
on quadrupeds, except human blood.
Bennmnnt Mnn rIV 1 1 fir.
W. H. Stallings, of Beaumont. tooK
the stand next. He was engaged
wiin tne rostal Telegrapn company
there last June. He was shown, on
the stand, two telegrams, filed June
1. at 8:10 and 10:29 a. m. respectively.
xne messages went to Dallas, wit
Bess said, one was to ilrs. coggin
and is said to have asked where T. J.
Coggin was, and the other was to
T. J. Coggin and is said to have bad
reference to some stocks. Neither
was read in court at this time.
Rpxcoe Cattleman a Witness.
Oscar Lonsbottom. cattleman and
oil man of Itoscoe, Texas, next wit
ness, said ho was In Colorado City
in May. 1917. "Witness was shown
the register of the place where he
stopped there, and said he did not
draw lines that appeared through
his. witness,' name In the register.
"Did you write that name. 'F. It.
Jones," there?"
"No, sir."
Charles M. Blanchard. traveling
freight agent for the EL P. & a W.
railway, was then placed on the
stand. He told of a livestock ship
ment from Turquoise to Tucumcart
and further, contract dating May 18.
Jo further questions were asked this
Clark Is star Witness.
W. G. Clark, star witness for the
state, was the next witness.
"Do you know Felix JonesT" 1
"Yes, sir; ever since 1911."
"Md you see him about May 1,
"Yes, sir. In Abilene, in J. F. Cun
ningham's law office. He asked me
If Td do a cold blooded Job for money '
WllSOn. Of EI PHIL In 9 mtann.l
nere .
No. sir."
mer. hiS SOnlnlaw AS th twn ,,--. lilmlt. T 1 1 ... r irim
always together." I Tiid you say to them that If" Felix
uid you make the agreement?" Jones was freed, ylfu would kill him
"Yes, sir, with T. A. Morrison. He , before you came ont of the court
t w gei. me mosey ana saiu oe uuuse .-
would phone me." 1 "No, sir. not to them."
At witness's next visit Jones wnfl! "Did you sav it to anvon"
oioi mere, ana witness had the room
Jones had used, Clark said.
I said I'd have It tn do
"Do you know a man named Carroll
who is a barber at Silver City?"
"Yea. sir: I met him at the exam
ining trlaL"
"I'll ask you if about one week be
fore you left Silver City for El Paso,
you did not say in Carroll's barber
shop, that if Jones came free, you'd
kill him?"
"No. air; I said I'd have it to do."
Objection by the state to the last
question was overruled.
Gets Ills Saddle Again.
On redirect examination. Clark said
the mule case had been dismissed
without even a trial. The saddle
case, he said, was as follows: He
had loaned someone the saddle and
the latter paid a debt with It. and he.
Clark, at the advice of the district
attorney, went and got the saddle.
"Where had you heard Cog-gin's
name mentioned first?"
"Jones told me T J. rvtmrin hrf "rzf."'
paid him J590." , service.
fr.rrBf th? reorde'Sf"!HIGH BASKETBALL BOYS
c-ase. dated June IS. mi. charging HAVP TWO fiAMFC. nK
tlieft Knfi.r ISO fMm Tin, !- . i --. - - ' U. .......j .
"Did you tell him you would?"
At the
first visit, when all three were pres
ent, the conversation was in low
tones and lasted nearly all night he
Jones left the next morning and
witness said he next saw defendant
at Beaumont.
Advlned to Go to Branmont.
"T. A. Morrison told him to go to
Beaumont." witness said. "Felix
wanted to kill Johnson himself, but
Morrison said: If you were In S00
miles of the place you would be ar
rested. You better let Clark do it
and you ko to Beaumont.' Jones
About 10 oclock that moraine wit
ness left, he said, going to Sweet
water and thence to Abilene. Before
leaving Morrison bought a paper con
taining an account of the Lyons kill
ing, but witness didn't have time to
read it before leaving.
Morrison made the remark. The
papers are all full of It.' and when I
got to Abilene I got a paper."
Two or three davs later Morrison
. - men u
canea witness over tne tunone, witness county. i
auu. ne went oacK to jo oraoo . witness then left th. tn .ft tee will play the Sen,
tin ijn?Tii - 6 to nn examination lastlrfg over two committees this evening at 7:J0 In the
Kill Ittll JOanson. imnra I hleil rvmnulum.
""" MSne.Z. In If s' , ! Testifies As To Telephone CnlL Tomorrow evening the high team
On the second trio witness reals- -u,. vi..i. n.n.u I win ni.- ,. n..n vim,.-.. i...i
tered at the roomlne house, but not I r" '""? ;T: TH' " .Z.L
i,.,. 5 ' if , sec"S ln charge there, she said, of the of- they will be champions of the south-
lslt Morrison had the money. "He fce 0r , tlh mmnv. a,..,, ui us thov hv lrrf H.f..ti
took It out of a trunk- Jt was In a with her on the stand a record of a , the Roswell boys once and the Ros
! HSoo !,nt A.' hut said; call from Morrison to Clark, May 23' well boys have defeated the majority
there was 51000. He then told me at fi io tn in , .i .f k.i.
ho.ti EO about kw"in Johnson " I filins to completion of call.) She also i
friendVou ptoy Mr' Morrlson for i LI,1..' nV. "JEfL if- ?; ! AMERICAN AVIATOR IS
I dldn't tell him whether I or having been completed. Both came KILLED, FLYING IN FRANCE
me jbrne8t rooming fcouse. New llav.n rvmn itok is i
City, she said. She also cablegram wu rxiv.i at Vol.
Dallas, Texas, Feb.15. To demand
Immediately the creation of a twenty
five mile bone drv zone around every 1
.mn nwtA avlatlnn 1 1.1.1
.11 111 J va. . .my u,i u h-uuu .....w
in Texas, to last during the war and I
the period of demobilization: the ere- i
atlon of a ten mile bone dry zone .
around every educational and elee
mosynary institution ln the state fos-
tered by public taxation, to last lnde- :
finitely and be in effect statewide
prohibition: the enactment of a bone 1
dry anti shipping law and the ratlfl-
cation of the national constitutional
amendment by the approaching called I
session of the legislature and the sub
mission of a prohibition amendment I
to the state constitution by the legls- I
lature at Its regular session in 1919.
is the legislative program of the Anti
Saloon league of Texas, according to :
a signed statement issued today by ,
the executive committee and the su- :
perintendenL J
Commissioned and noncommissioned :
officers of the Home Defence league
meet tonight in the courthouse to re- ,
ceive instruction in oiucers aciiutii. t
Lieut. CoL Roy D. Barnum said Fri
day morning that one point should be j
ttnucraiuuu uj i . t raw wcu miv
mismi oe wavering avuui joining n
of the comnanies nf the Ifeatnia and '
that is. that the league would be sub
ject only to the orders of the sheriff
Of El Paso county, or the chief of po
lice of the city, in case of necessity.
It has no connection Kith the state
government. There may be a na
tional league formed to secure aid
from the government, but the present
intention is to mane it strictly a nome
body, with no obligation for outside
The high school basketball commit
tee will play the School of mines
I not. I from
Later witness went to Abilene, and I Colorado
alter "about three or lour days" he i had a record of a call of Aorll 29
-tie tola me there was JlOoO In ir .C z . ; .ium ai.muin 10 joaes.
ISO bills for the man who would do didnt see 'he reward offer before he Tell, of Clark'. I'none Call,
it, but he didn't tell me what It was. 80 communicated, he said. He had.! C. A. Boulte. of Abilene, manager
He told me to so to Colnrarfn Cltvlhe said, wired to Mrs. Lyons I of the telephone office there, then
and see T. A. Morrison." Dld Eet an answer" took the stand. He had record of a
Witness said Jones left Abilene t.. . ancenea can from Clark at Abilene
that night and said to witness he
was going to El Paso.
uid you go to Colorado
"Yes. elr."
"Either the 19th or 20th.''
nid you find T. A. Morrison
to Mrs. Lyons at Silver City. This
I knew there was a reward offer?"
"Yes, sir." (Witness had distin
guished between communicating with
"Mrs. Lyons or some of he: n-i.re-, al! was continued from Mav'il to 2G corps.
City7 ot'iian'c ivuucviivii L-uifiu mil oe naa.
! Vh4n lhA nffn'prR uw on nn Til next ttilirn mi I un n...
ot Colorado city, a telephone opera
tor, said she saw Clark in that place
in May. and she remembered hfs Imv.
"He met me at the train We went 1 officers and actually seeing them.) ng a call for Silver City for Mrs.
to a restaurant and then to the" Gets Check, Telia Officers. ! Lyons, the conversation to be had at
Ernest rooming house." ! The officers in question included Abilene She did not re;all the exact
Taiic Abont a Killing. ' urndortr ana Mcurath, witness said, i uaie, sne saia.
DId you find anyone else there?" 'all going to a room, where witness! "
"Found Jones. ln bed." said he told them he knew who killed. Pleasure To Know Day Of Munth.
What did you do?" 'Lyons and where he was. but witness- e nae left a limited number of
night saying 1st Lieut Frank Browne
Turner, of Wicomico. Md.. was killed
by an airplane fall in France Feb. 9
Turner left college before his senior
year ended. Joined the New York
naval militia and was transferred to
the aviation section of the signal
"We sat up and talked about kill
ing Bill Johnson, of Snyder. It was
all talked over and said if T Icilic.l
Johnson, I'd have to kill F. A Hamer.
"Was there any definite agree
"T agrel y k .1 rm
tn.s mi-i
didn't gne the information
check was nut up.
'Then you told thein
was" '
' "s, Beaumont."
"Witness said he auic
offeei-s to that vlace
'n O'-est'o-i
until ai'alendars These Calendars are so
i pretty that it will be a pleasure to
he 1 know the day of the month Call at
our office in Hotel Paso del Norte
and one v-ill be eiven j ou free
upanieu tho City Servlre Company.
!dentif trt J W Kirkpatrick, Premier:
tcpi,e 1 a- H T Ca:-.r- v--..
I- a ... ilv....b lai -.i;
For Indlgentlon. Ooustipatlun or
Just try one 50-cent bottle of LAX
gestive Laxative pleasant to take
Made and recommended to the public
by Paris Medicine Co, manufacturers
of Laxative Bromo Quinine an-l
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic Adv
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Druggists
efuncl uoney if it fails. 25c
aturaay s specials
4 pounds Fancy Gano Apples for 25c
Eggs, strictly fresh, per dozen 60c
Rice, full head (last chance), pound 10c
3 pounds White or Yellow Meal for 25c
Dill Pickles, California Home (No. 2 size), per can 20c
Pickles, Sweet or Sour, Sliced California Hone (No. 2), can 25c
Pink Beans, California, per pound 11c
45c Folger's Golden Gate Coffee for. 40c
White Honse Coffee, pound 38c
Shilling's Best Coffee, pound 3Sc
Hills Bros. Coffee, Blue Can, 40c; Red Can 45c
Brooms, each, 85c, 95c end $1.05
Water Pails, 8-quart, each 35c
Mackerel, nice and fat, each 15C
Fanst Macaroni, Spaghetti or Noodles, pkg 10c
2 cans No. 1 Sliced Peaches for " 25c
2 cans No. 22 Yellow Free Peaches for 45c
Boh White or Lenox Soap, per Ear 5C
4 large rolls Crepe Toilet Paper for . . 25c
4 large hoies Matches for 25c
Olives, Queen, Mason quart jars, each 55c
Pickles, Mason quart jars, each "...."!!! 45c
We make delivery of $1.00 and over.
Every Point Means a Savin
Montana and Piedras Phone 3344
First Church of Christ, Scientist
of El Paso, Texas. Announces a
fi WILLIAM IV. PORTER. C. S. B.. of Afc Yatk
Member of t be Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church. The
First Church of Christ. Scientist, ln Boston Masa
FRIDA Y. FEB. 15. 1918. at 8 p.m. Doors Open at 7 o'clock.
Take Arizona street car to Ochoa St. Free Automobile Bus froia
Arizona and Ochoa Streets to the Hlch School Building-.

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