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El Paso and West lexis, faux, cooler; Sew Mexico,
Mexican bank Botes, state bills, 918c; pesos, 79c;
Meson (old, 5C58He; nadonales, 17H18e;
bar silver, H. & H. auotation, 9954c; copper, $2330;
grains, lower; Bvestock, steady; stocks, higher.
unsettled; Arizona, unsettled. (Food forecast lor
Tuesday One wheatlcss meal.)
LATEST NEWS BY ASSOCIATED PRESS. pemvbhep anywhere e. a month
Defendant in Trial of 112
Made With the Socialists to Help in Legal Fight;
Says It Is Realized That Adverse Verdict
Would Kill the Socialist Party.
CHICAGO, 111., May . Benjamin
Schrager. editor of publications
issued- by the Industrial Workers of
the World, and a defefndant at tie
trial of 112 leaders of the organiza
tion for the violation of the espion
age art, announced today that an
agreement had been entered into with
the national Socialist party, whereby
that body is raising defence funds
for the 1. W. W.
"The Socialists now sro providing
funds to aid in our defence," amid
Schrager. who is one of the chief ad
visers of William D. Haywood, gen
eral secretary-treasurer.
"It is realised," he continued. What
defeat by the Industrial Workers of
the World in this case would mean
almost immediate action by the gov
ernment against the Socialist party
and then similar action against some
of the labor unions.
"With this in mind, other kindred
organisations have offered to extend
aid. A minority in the big labor
unions also has favored coming to
our aid. but have thus far been un
successful, because of opposition from
high labor officials."
Seym Ceatsafttee in Session.
Adolph Germer, secretary of the
National Socialist party, when in
formed that Benjamin Schrager had
stated that the Socialist party was
raising defence funds for the L W.
W.. said:
"The executive committee ot the
party is meeting now. There will be
a statement later."
This was the first announcement of
an official nature that there had been
Boston Begins Clean-Up
and Paini-Up Work)
Boston, Mass, May C Boston op
ened "clean op and paint up" week
with a rush today. The drive to mas
the city "spick and span" has the en.
doraeaueat or eitsr .pXJlniaaxh!
heads ot an eme ana iasprovesseat
associations. too tusve. vaJ-nni
until the 18th.
Last year's trophy fives the city
teat snowed toe sect reseats m Hew
England was awarded to Manchester,
X. H-, with Maiden, Mean, aecasn. &a4
Boston third.
Moscow, Russia, May 4. By the As
sociated tress.) Hienoias Komanorx,
the former emperor, together with
tbe former empress and one of their
daughters, have been transferred
from Tobolsk to Ekaterinburg, (IT,
miles southeast of Fern on the Asiatic
side of the Ural mountains), accord
ing to a soviet announcement. The
transfer was ordered because of the
alleged efforts of peasanta and mon
archists in the neighborhood of
Tobolsk to promote the escape of the
The announcement does not men-
tion the former heir apparent, the:
young Alexis Romanoff.
Washington, D. C May . Western
railroads today applied to the inter
state commerce commission for can-'
ceiation of commodity rates on
brandies, cordials, gin, rum. wine and
THE coming of X strong push
on the Italian front is herald
ed officially from Vienna, which
announces that emperor Charles
and his military advisers are now
on the front. 'In the Trentino
and the Tyrol there have been
large movements of enemy troops.
Rome does not report any marked
infantry fighting, nor does Vi
enna, 'bat tbe Italian war office
notes a great increase in the vio
lence of the Austrian artillery
fire, especially on the Trentino
front, where the new attack
probably will come in an effort
to force the Italians from the
Piave line. Aerial activity in
northern Italy is Intense.
Emperor Charles leaves his
capital for the fighting front at a
time when Austria is seething
with political unrest. In Bohemia
and all parts of his domains, the
Liberals are protesting against
his action in dismissing parlia
ment. It is announced in a pan
Genaan Berlin newspaper that the
German food department has
taken over control of most of the
Bohemia." in response to the de
mands of the German population."
The members of the Austrian cab
inet are reported to have resigned.
Americas Masy With Germans
American troops on both the
Toul and Luneville sectors have
been more busy than usual with
the Germans. Northwest of Toul
the Germans attempted to occupy
a trench formerly held by the
Americans and which was evacu
ated a month ago. The American
artillery broke up the German
effort, bat further activity is ex
pected. East of Luneville. the
Germans have been driven from
their front line positrons by the
American gun fire and a patrol
has penetrated so yards into the
enemy lines. The Americans met
a German party of seven. Three
were killed and the others were
taken prisoners.
AIM Iaiprsve sasirmits
In preparation for further enemy
attacks, on the Flanders battle
field the British and French hav
been improving their positions in
hw That the Liberty Loan
L W. W. Tells of Agreement.
Real Patriotism Here
Oakland, CaU May . A shabttly
dressed little woman entered the
State Savings bank here and made
her first payment on a M Liberty
"My husband and I have only one
pair of glasses between us and this
money was to have bought another
pair," she said as she tendered the
deposit. "I don't read much any
more, for my husband feels that he
needs the glasses during the day
while lie is at work, and at night
he likes to look over the paper. He
tells me the news, though, and I
can see that we will all have to get
in and help it we want to win."
an agreement with the national so-'
eialist party.
Publishers of literature ased by the
I. W. W. shortly after America en
tered the war testified again today
relative to increases in business from
the organisation during the period
covered by the government Indict
Washington. P. C, May fc The
bill declared frankly to be aimed
against the Industrial Workers of the
World. outlawing organisations
which use or advocate violence to
bring about ""any governmental, so
cial, industrial or economic change,
during: the war, was passed today by
the senate after "brief debate, and
went to the house.
Man Is Entitled To His
Half of Bed Says Court
IndiasanBlia. In- Mar f. When
a man's, wife tries to monopetiae
his half of the bed be may kick
her With immenity. "This court
wKI held. tkeTkiekW of the wife
fWn amen a can is as exercise of
saM judge James A. Conus, ot
criminal court, in dismissing
charges aajii Irmt James Carter.
whiaky between Chicago and St.
Louis' and various points. In western
trunk line territory.
Jerome, Ariz- May C New meth
od for smuggling whisky has been
discovered within a new trunk
shipped from Los Angeles and seised
at the local depot. Officers say it
contained three genuine Spanish goat
skin bags filled with what appears to
be Kentucky whisky.
Globe, Aria, May 6. Fifteen indi
viduals in Globe and Miami, mainly
"soft drink" stand operators, have
been arrested for alleged bootlegging
and have been held under Siooo bonds
in the superior court.
Bisbee. Aria. May 6. The Capital
Issues Advisory committee at Wash
ington nas approved tne zi.uuu.uuo in
county bonds voted for improvement
of the county's msin thoroughfares.
local operations The allied
troops, tn an attack between
Locre and Drancourt, have ad
vanced their line 500 yards on a
front of 100 yards, gaining po
sitions which strengthen the im
portant section of the front be
tween Scherpenberg and Mont
Rouge. German counter attacks
were repulsed with loss. Berlin,
reporting on the same fighting,
attempts to make out the attacks
were made in large force. It says
they were repulsed and that the
French lost M0 prisoners.
On the southern leg of the Lys
salient, which is the one the
Germans must attack if they wish
to connect this battlefield with
the one in Ptcardy by wiping out
the Arras salient, the Germans
have made no further attempts
to push back the British from
their gains at Hinges, earlier ef
forts having failed. The artil
lery fire continues most Intense
on both legs of the Lys salient
and south of the Sonne in Plc
ardy. Further safeguarding of the
southern side of the Lys salient
was effected by the British last
night through a local operation
which resulted in the improve
ment of the British positions near
Locon, north of Bethune.
Australians Make Dashing Attack
It is on the Somme front, north
east of Amiens, however, that the
most important fighting of the
last 24 hours has taken place. The
Australians msd; a dashing at
tack last night in the important
sector between the An ere and
Somme rivers and drove their
lines ahead nearly a third of a
mile on more than a mile front
age in the Morlancourt region.
The attack of the Australians
was so neatly carried out that
they suffered only slight losses
and inflicted heavy casualties on
tbe Germans, taking 150 prison
ers. Further south of the Picardy
area the French stood off success
fully a German attempt at pene
tration. The trial was made after
a heavy bombardment of the line
below Hallles, southeast of
Amiens but the French fire ef
fected a complete repulse of the
enemy effort.
Leaves England To Report
There Is Nothing Doing
In the Peace Line.
Is Understood To Have
Made No Progress
Along Any Line.
LONDON. Engl, May S- Germany's
peace emissary, according to the
Dally Mail, has been busily working
here but has made no progress in any
direction. There Is reason to believe
It says, that the German agent who
has been- reported to be a Dutch
financier, returns to Germany to re
port that there la nothing doing.
Former War Minister.
A Central News dispatch from the
Hague says tbe Dutch Intermediary is
reported to be Jonkbeer Colyn. former
minister of war.
Germany's Proposals.
The sroDosals made bv Jonkeer
Colyn, the dispatch from the Hague
reports, are said there to have been as
1. Germany to renounce all claims
in the west.
2 Restoration of Belgium.
3 Alsace-Lorraine to be autonom
ous, within the German federation.
4 The status in the east to remain
ar at present.
5 Austria to make certain conces
sions to Italy in the Trentino.
( Balkan questions to be solved
by an international conference.
7 Al colonial questions affecting
Africa and Asia Minor to be settled by
a conference of all tbe belligerents.
w uaiiusiiy xo noanovn ail caun
to ner xormer unineee t acecramie or
Ktacchiin, bat tn exchange to receive
certain economic concession la China
An worms'- I'm- Ulrers.
roretsa secretary Han our iota met
Smje4prtSPlBBsaBejdajt thsA. .Qx
pea offers .fctt be made recently
bv the enemv. He added
"There is m repracestative of a
neutral naMsn in this country who
hast made fSatktlve, or informal sug
gestions of peiace negotiations."
Jonkbeer Colyn went to England
last week at the head of a mission
whose purpose was said to be to ex
plain to the British the difficulties
caused by Germany's demand on Hoi
land, concerning the transfer of Ger
man materials across Holland to Bel
gium. Mrs. Potter Palmer,
Social-Leader Dies;
Honor Legion Member
Sarasota. Fla, May S. Mrs. Potter
Palmer, of Chicago, is dead at her
winter home here.
Mrs. Palmer who was born In Louis
ville, and was the widow of Potter
Palmer, of Chicago, where she was a
social leader had nen 111 some time.
several days ago her Tamlly was sum
moned and medical specialists came
here from the north1. She died last
night. The bodv TvllI be taken to
Chicago for burial leaving here to
morrow. During the World's Columbian ex
position. Mrs. Palmer was president
of the board of women managers and
visited Europe for the puropse of in
teresting foreign governments. Later
she was appointed by the president
of the United States as the only
woman member of the American com
mission to the Paris exposition. She
was the possessor of a membership in
the Legion of Honor awarded by the
French government.
For years Mrs. Palmer bad spent
her winters at her borne here which
is considered one of the most beauti
ful In Florida.
When Potter Palmer died In 10!,
Mrs. Palmer for years devoted her
time to the management of his estate,
which was valued at 8,00.000. In
recent ears she spent much time
traveling abroad.
German Socialist Reveals
Plot To Check Democratic
Spread In Kaiser's Army
AMSTERDAM. Holland, May 6. A
sensation was caused In the relch
stag by Gustav Noske. an anti-government
Socviallst. when he read s
circular denouncing the democratic
parties' in tho reichstag. which has
been circulated in the -rmy. The cir
cular aays:
"There la nothing more intolerable
than the democracy of the democratic
parties of the reichstag who wish to
enforce peace in renunciation by pro
voking strikes and secret demonstra
tion. In democratic countries, money
plays the chief role. Today, anyone
who does not do his utmost to nip the
democratic movement In the bud is
Directs the Department of
Inquiry Into the Allegations of Graft Made by
Gutzon Borglum and Also o Alleged
Pro-German Influences.
partment of Justice investiga
tion of the charge of graft In air
craft production made by Gutxoa
Borglum, the scalptor. was ordered
today by president Wilson.
Bolrglum's charges or pro -German
influence also will be investigated.
Demand for a criminal investigation
was made la the senate recently.
The aircraft situation has brought
repeated charges of Inefficiency on
the part of those la charge of It and
demands for an Inquiry prompted
president Wilson to name an Investi
gating committee headed by Snowden
Marshall. About the same time the
president authorized Borglum to make
an investigation.
' Revert Contents Leak Oat.
Bolrglum's report never ' was ma4
pahtle formally, although enough of
w -
thsit -the' eesnvesV:-haa' made charges
aas.in.t chose in coutrel and had ul,
leged there was graft in prodtictseB
ox plane.
Suggest Criminal .Action.
The senate became so stirred over
the situation that it demadded a crim
inal Investigation and in debate as
the subject senators asked that the
senate military committee renew its
Inquiry with a view to learning if
criminal prosecutions should be
A majority report by tbe commit
tee some weeks ago charged that gov
ernment officials had kept the public
in ignorance of the real state of af
fairs and recommended a one man
aircraft control. Subsequently presi
dent Wilson put John D. Ryan in
charge of production.
Investigation by the department of
Justice was asked of tbe president
by Howard Coffin, formerly chair-
Francis Says
No Americans
In Ross Plot
Bolsheviki Demand For Re
call of American-French
Consuls Ignored.
Moscow. Russia (Sunday), April 2S.
(By The Associated Press). Bolshe
viki demands that the American and
French consuls at Vladivostok be re
called have brought no official state
ment from ambassador Francis and
French ambassadors Noulens. The
definite demands made by foreign
minister Tchltcherln were coincident
with the arrival of count von Mlrbach,
the German ambassador in Moscow.
Regardless of the strong pressure put
on the entente embassies in the last
few aeeks to recognize the soviet
government, which is msklag fall use
of the Siberian incident, the position
of the embassies remains unchanged.
The Bolsheviki demands on ambaa
sanor Francis were:
First, the removal of John K. Cald
well. American consul at Vladivostok:
second, investigation of his part tn the
alleged negotiations with tne Ameri
can legation at Pekln, and third, the
attitude of the American government
toward the soviet republic
Denies Amerles ns Involved.
Ambassador Francis has sent a
communication to the Bolshevik trov
eminent regarding the alleged parti
cipation ot Americans, French and
British in a Siberian counter revolt
plot' In connection with which the
Bolsheviki put plainly the question of
the recognition of their government.
The American embsssy, the: note says
carefully scrutinized the documents
submitted by the Russian sovernment.
In the American viewpoint the docu
ments falls t6 show any connection of
American officials In these plots.
The American embassy, the ambas
sador continues, interprets the docu
ments to show only that persons plan
ning a counter revolt contemplated
asking the assistance of consul Cald
well, admiral Knight and the repre;
sentatives of the allies In Pekln. in'
eluding the American ambassador, but
failed to show either the consumma
tion of the hopes or the revolutionar
ies In this direction, or that the
Americans participated or promised
aid in any way.
It is deemed unfortunate In the
present state of Russian interna
tional relations, that such fllmsv
charges should arise.
Is Finished, Help
worklng for the eneuy. He Is not
working for true freedom and equal
ity, but in the Interests of a gang of
international rascals.
"July IS. 19M, the date of the
relchstaCs notorious peace resolu
tion, will live for all time as a para
gon of German small minded nee. "
Circulated Among Troops In Ukraine.
The semi official Cologne Gasette
says the pamphlet has been circulated
only among be forces of Gen. von
Elchhorn, In tbe Ukraine.
The government controled Lokal
Anzelger. on April 28. printed a pho
tograph showing Auatro-Hungarian
troops manning a machine gun on the
front ot a locomotive drawing a train
load of soldiers engaged in forcing
Ckranians tov surrender their stores'
of food. i
Justice to Make Thorough
man of the aircraft board, who de
clared be requested it that the repu
tation of innocent men might not be
ranted by charges that have been
Borglum Dispensed With.
At the- same time the order for in
vestigation wai announced, president
Wilson's correspondence with Gutxon
Borgia m. the scalptor, who made an
invesiigarJoa of the Aircraft produc
tion situation, was gives oat at the
white basse. It dlaclaeed that the
president last moath advised Borglom
he never considered him an official
Investigator ami practically Jlsus i!
of his service.
Tells Thomas Probe Ordered.
The president wrote senator Thom
as, of Colorado, today, informing him
that he had ordered the department of
justice investigation . following the
wMn-s roquan rrraay.
-umr in lhmr.wwr east ike rmiln
f those -R-h4e acthmc have fee. j
feetty rsgnhu; said Mametass be pro-
lecxea ami tne gain, if there Is any.
definitely lodged where it should be
The president's Correspondence with
Borglum began last December, when
the sculptor, after having first called
on secretary Tumulty, who made a
report to president Wilson, received a
letter from the white bouse saying
tne president was much disturbed by
his -views of the aircraft situation and
naked him to be more specific in his
Ask Borclnm to Tell AIL
In January the president, after con
I erring with secretary Baker, invited
BorgMm to lay the whole matter be
fore tne war department and gave him
the advantage of having a member of
Dillon Urges
Irish To Keep
Up Opposition
Declares Unity Will Defeat
Irish Conscription Within
Two Weeks.
London. Eng, May 6. An ti -conscription
speeches were made from the
same platform by John Dillon, na
tionalist leader, and professor Edward
Devalera, head of the Sinn Fein, yes-
I terday, at Ballaghadereen. in Dillon's
constituency of East Maya Good
humor and enthusiasm .characterised
the demonstration, attended by 15,000
persona. i
Mr. Dillon said if the Irish kept
united and determined for another two
weeks, they would defeat conscription. I
It was an atrocious form of oppression I
to try to compel a neople to fight fori
a country not their own. He person
ally epposea conscription, wnetner In
Great Britain or in Ireland, and be
lieved It was a great blunder to danart
from England's settled policy against
CTmsrutBory service, especially wnen
it was not to defend the soli of Great
Britain but to send huge armies to the
Professor Devalera said his follow
ers were united with those of Mr. Dll
ion to defeat conscription.
Irish Regard Naming
Field Marshal French
As Conscript Threat
London. Eng.. May S. The aonoint.
ment of field marshal viscount French
as viceroy 01 Ireland, announced Sun
day, came somewhat as a surnrise. It
was known that the government was
experiencing considerable difficulty
in iinaing a successor to oaron wtm
borne and that this was the reason
for the delay In announcing officially
the appolntmrnt of Edward Short t as
cniet ot secretary which was known
unoriiclaliy many days ago.
No one. however, anticipated such a
purely military appointment as the
celebrated field marshal.
, viscount French Is of Irish extrac
tion. He has a seat in Ireland, Is col
onel of Irish regiments and a popular
figure in the country, but that Is hard
ly likely to reconcile the Irish people
to bis appointment for they will see
in It nothing but a threat to put con
scription into effect.
I Wl sbt Kino. wrote tne nrnlJait I , . -w-
Persistently Bomb Rocke
feller Institute Hospital,
Wrecking It.
Dr. Alexis Carrel Will Re
establish Hospital
In Paris.
pARIS. France, May (. The hospital
A established near the front by Dr.
Alexis Carrel, of the Rockefeller In
stitute, has been persistently bombed
by German aviators and now Is almost
entirely- destroyed, despite the fact
that It constantly flew a flag bearing
a hHBi red eras and was further
Identified by an immense white cross
marked as the lawn.
Two Doctors Weunded.
The wounded were successfully re
moved early In April, tbe only victims
of the bomhteg being two doctors who
were slightly injured.
Dr. Carrel will iaatal tbe hospital In
Parks or the lllMH
secretary Baker's staff detailed to aa
al ain Ia mnhiag nn facts.
"Xvery facility of Inquiry will be
placed at year disposal." the president
wrote the sculptor, adding that n ait
ferenea of judgment remained, he
would be glad to have a report from
British Air Squadron
Brines Down 106 Enemy
May C. A wounded
aefc from France re-
aqjuadroa operating In
seder aw We Amiens
I front less: probably nets a
ord bv Itrtnsrhur down IM enemy- ma
chines ha six weeks, including SI on
one day.
Amsterdam. Holland. May C The
lynching at Collinsville. His. 3ast
month of Robert P. Prager. a German.
'who was accused by the mob which
nangea mm ot aiioyaiiy. nas luxu
riated German editors. The Zeltung
Am Mlttag, of Berlin, calls upon the
German government to make strong
representations to Washington, re
minding the American government
that Germany holds a number ot
American prisoners upon whom re
prisal might be taken, "so as to pre
vent the lynching of Germans In
America from becoming a fashionable
Washington, D. C May C Ten ves
sels, aggregating lt.704 tons and 20
seamen were Norway's war losses
during April, the Norwegian legation
here was Informed today by a cable
gram from the foreign office.
The Apffi totals bring Norway's
losses due to the war to 75ft vessels,
aggregating 1.115.51 tons and the
lives of 1M seamen. In addition to
about 70 men on 53 vessel missing,
two-thirds of which are declared to
be war losses.
Washington. D. C May C. The war
department's weekly review of the
military situation has been abandoned
and announcement of secretary
Baker's new plan for furnishing the
nation with adequate and authentic
news of American troops In France
is expected shortly.
Mascow. (Sunday) Anril 28. (Bv
the Associated Press.) Official denial
has been made by Japanese consul
Uyeda to the Russian foreign office,
to rumors that the Japanese are plac
ing machine guns in Vladivostok.
Will You Help Nurse
To Save ihe Lives Of
Five Hundred Soldiers?
Every nurse seat to the war xone
by the American Red Cross saves
the lives of -0 men. according to
American, French and British army
It costs money to send to France
the thousands of brave and patri
otic women who volunteer for this
heroic duty. Will you go into your
pocket for money with which to
pay or help to pay the expenses of
one of these women? If you willA
rou will prove yourself an Amer
ican citizen of the first caliber.
The American Red Cross will
tart a campaign May 10 to raise
tl00.000.000. a part of which will be
used for the expnses of the nurs
ing personnel la France. That will
be the time for you to prove your
American cttiienshlp. the time for
rou to help save the lives of the
soldiery who are fighting for the
very existence of humanity. When
you subscribe to this fund you will
be helping to sav'e those soldiers
just as much as the nurse who
goes "over there.
Bring Up
mMlU. TssBeat
Allies Advance Their Lines and Occupy Many Import
ant New Positions; Berlin Claims the Repulse
of Anglo-French Attacks and Says
300 Prisoners Taken.
yiTH tbe British Amy in France. May 6. (By The Associated Press)
Last mgbt the incpreabie Aastranaas gave the Gerataas wot and
southwest of MoriaBCOOrt, between ihe Aocie and the Somme rivets, asother
drubbing and advanced tbe entente Ere to a depth of 500 yards along a
front of 2000 yards.
The enemy offered Mroag resistance, which was entirety to tbe liking
of the hardy Australians who inflicted heavy casualties and came ba-k with
more than 1 50 prisoners.
Tbe losses of tbe attacking troops were slight.
Paris, France, May 6. After an intense Dombardment tbe Germans
last night attempted to carry oat a local attack near Aachai fans, southeast
of Amiens. Today's official statement says tbe enemy was repulsed completely.
TTITTH the British Army in France.
VY (Sunday) May i. (By the Aa -
sociated FresnO Lack seems to be
going igalnst the Germans along the
crucial northern battle front Sunday
stm found the Prussian commanders
working desperately to whip their or
ganisations into shape for a renewal
of the delayed offensive, while the
allied forces, aided by the weather,
continued counter operations which
which are. most disconcerting to an
enemy planning against time.
. German .Psnas. Upset.
It was quite apparent the Germans
intended axsafber assault In Ffaadesw
Ttrsa)T mo nl mi but the anasig)-
ments wave srpeet by a combhuittae
of event. There were the allied op
ra heavy rate, which,
converted the ground into mod flats
over which It was difficult to move
either Infantry vr artillery. There
was also confusion arising froaa
wholesale relicts and tbe arrival of
strange troop in the German are.
Tbe allied artillery has been main
taining an incessant bombardment of
enemy territory, and Friday night, be
fore the projected German attack, the
French and British gunners played
havoc with the German preparations.
The allied troops also have been car
rying out local operations which im
proved their lines and upset enemy
schemes. '
Allies Oeespy Important Positions.
Yesterday the allies occupied a
large number of important positions
at various points along the front of'
4000 yards west of Kennel The
British also made an advance ot 5M
yards along the front of 100 years
northwest of Locon. thereby gaining
a number ot positions which had been
contested many days. This morning
the Germans tried to regain some of
these positions, but were repulsed. An
enemy sttack yesterday morning in
the Locon area under cover ot a
heavy barrage likewise was smashed.
On the southern battle front the
British last night near Sailiy-Le-Sec
advanced their line in a minor oper
ation without casualties. The Ger
man prisoners taken in all these local
engagements made a considerable
United State Men Inspire AUtes.
The spirit of the allied troops re
mains at the highest pitch. They
know that every day's delay la Itsslf
a victory for them. Each 34 hour
that slips by makes America loom
larger on the horison and bring the
much needed overseas troop nearer
tne oattie lines.
Enemy Mallbag Tells Secrets.
Interesting comments ny German
civilians have been furnished from an
enemy raailbag captured by the Brit
ish on a section of the F lander front
Almost without exception references
are made In the letters to the stop
page of leave and the parcel post
from the front The tone is resigned
rather than recalcitrant One letter
from Berlin dated April 25 said:
"Peace does not seem to be coming
along as we fondly hoped. All this
in the west is too wicked for any
thing. Four years of it now and no
sign of the end. We hope every day
it will come to a decision and the
British will be driven into the Xorth
sea, but they stand firm."
"We have such a scarcity of shoes
In Ettllngen It is Impossible to get
them. It there are any In Belgium,
please send me a pair," says a letter
dated at Ettllngen on April SS.
"Are you not coming home on leave
soon? How much longer Is It going
to last?" reads a third letter.
A note from Rhumsrringe dated'
April l says i
"The mustering of the 1(20 class
Phelps-Dodge To Buy Supplies Here
Large Purchases Are To Be Made
'THE Intention ot one of the largest and richest concerns tn the seathwest
1 to largely Increase Its expendttaree la Kl Paso t shown by the eaeabsa;
or Ihe Phelps-Dodge Supply company at SS Martin swIMtag. This efHee. of
which the function trill be to buy a arrest part of the minras and smelter
suppttes ased by the corporation, vrttt be In charge of J. H. Packet.
The Phelps-Dodge company has large retail stores at Deewte, Cllftea
and Blsfcee. Arlsena, and at Tyrone, X. M. and mines or uwHccs at the asset
named, and Morenet, as well as eiber large tntereat In Setv Mexico and
Mr. Puekett. who has been la the Mueller (apply basinets for 31 year,
comes here front Xevr York, a does ah his assistant. H. F. Worth Is Ete.
"We are going to bring oar families iter." said Mr. Paekett Meaday, ua
hope to become good and teyal eittseas of El Paso."
War Stamp Quo
T ONDOK, Sag-, May (.
1 Li line ha been ad vane
-Tbe British
line ha been advanced os a con
siderable front between, the Somma
and Ancre rivers west -southwest of
Morlancourt, aays the official state
ment from field marshal Haig's bead
quarters today.
The British positions tat the neigh
borhood of Locon and the La we river,
on the southern leg of the Lys salient
in Flanders, have been improved as
the result of local fighting.
The statement reads:
"A successful minor operation was
carried out by as hut night between
the Sooune sn& Ancre rivers, wert
Southwest of Maruuieoort Our Use
In thhr locality has been advanced on
.a ..rnirsjhVraysm- front is anile of strong
opposition from the enemy, whoso
lossi were heavy. Over ltt prison
ers, two machine gun asm a trenen
mortar ware captured by rsr troops.
Our own casualties were slight
"Local fighting took place last
night to our advantage in the neigh
borhood of Looon and the laws river.
Oar positions in this locality have
been improved.
"On the remainder of tbe front the
situation ia unchanged."
Berlin Claima 39 Taken.
Berlin. German. (Sunday) May 5,
i V IXHRDIL cicpuisv Ul A111U-
' French attacks on the Flanders bat
tle ffent is reported in the official
announcement by the war office to
day. More than S0O prisoners are
reported captured. Increased artil
lery activity south of the Somme is
took place here last Friday. Most o.'
them were accepted."
German Tanks si Failure.
Further details are now available
from various sources regarding the
new German tanks, some of which
made such a poor showing at Villars
Bretonneux on April 24. The machine
weighs 45 tons and is so unwieldy it
Is unable to negotiate broad trenches
and cannot move over gTOund torn
heavily by sheila. The tank is pointed
at both ends. It is approximately 23
feet long, nine and one-balf feet bigh
and 11 feet high. The armor la ot a
poor quality of steel and varies :-
thickness up to 30 millimeters. A
direct artillery hit will put one out
of action and they are also vulnerable
to machine gun and rifle fire at va
rious, points. The armament consists
of a 3.3 inch gun forward, which fires
high explosives and case shot and
six heavy machine guns, two on each
aide and two In the rear. It is
equipped with two 100 horsepower
four cylinder poppet valve engine;,
with an electric starter, and one man
can control and drive it easily. Its
top speed o good ground is ten miies
aa hour. A crew of 19 is carried, con
sisting of one officer, three gunners
for the forward gun. two drivers, two
mechanics, ten machine gunners and
one signal man.
Farmer Took The Hint
Cameron, Wis.. May (. Al
though he Is said to have refused
to buy any Liberty bonds or heip
in any way toward the war, Al
bert Heyming, a farmer, is now
the owner of three See Liberty
bonds and has also given some
money to the Red Cross. A big
crowd of loyalists from various
parts of the country gathered near
Heyming' home and he decided to
donate to the cause of patriotism.

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