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Tuesday, Feb. 4, 1919.
Calls Him "Bertie" and Says "He Did Not Think Me
Fit To Go To Congress and I Don't Think Him Fit
For Mayor"; Win. J. Moran Protests At the
-rw Tl . 1 "T "T TIaKUai.
unions Jiiniermg into rmuzau. ruuuu.
MAYOR Charles Davis and his four
aldennanlo candidates were en-
rsed by the El Paso county labor
r.gress at a meeting In labor temple
'onday night. Opposition to this move
ent developed, the protestants bas
S their opposition on the grounds
at the Bl Paso county labor con--ess
was non-partisan and that the
dorsetnent was contrary to the pro-
- sions of the bylaws. W. J. Moran.
' itor of the local labor Journal, led
e opposition to the Davis endorse
Vestlonnairos. consisting of 16
queries which had been put to candi
cri'e?, were receive! and read.
The candidates who addressed the
cr.pr ess were mayor Charles Davis,
i-hn T. Harper, Ben F. Jenkins. Park
r.tnan, Joseph D. Page. Billy McSain,
Martin Sweeney. J. C White. Con
cressman Hudspeth also addressed
t 1 mef .ne-
The meeting was a stormy one and
la.-'ed till nearly raidnlfrht.
pressman-elect Claude B. Hnds
re :h sat on the platform. In close con
s jl;ation with Frank Bait, president
of the r-ongrees, and that he was there
f r the purpose of dominating the
T roeecdings was markedly manifest
i -nm the tail or the ravel tui an aa-
j urr.T.ent was finally taken more
.in three hours later. The conjrress
r an elect was in his best political
o,' am was evidenced by his sneer'
it allusions to "Birdie Orndorff and
I s 'airily you know what I mean"
' " e course of his formal speech.
. h r i was far and away the longest
cneecT of an evening devoted to
1 was a "Hudspeth evening" and
' 1 e Hudspeth followers made the most
r the opportunity to make it plain
iat the vlsdietiveneES dismayed not
n: br the congressman elect himself
,.: fcv his followers, including the re
' notable Joe Sullivan, wis because
' :he fast that Bart urn don I sup-T-r-.'-i
Zach Lamar Cobb last July.
Hudspeth made no aecret of the
eaue of his displeasure and said
If 'Birdie Orndorff and his fam
ily did not think, last July, thnt I
aa fit to send to concreaa.
neither do I now think Birdie fit
to alt In the ehalr of the mayor of
the city of EI Paso."
1Tb T.Ikra Seta.
Murine the course of his talk.
Hudsp'th said that "the men of or
ganized labor are my friends and
v a-, e fought my battles for rae. They
' are done more than all other pow--s
combined to curb corporate
;? reed "
They said I should not meddle in
r.; campaign," he continued. "Bart
rr.dorff said last July I would not
ak a good congressman. X say he
vc.j'd not make a good mayor. i
' u Know him? Seth thought I would.
hi"e Seth Is XL food sheriff, but
--th ib not now a candidate like
"rrue and some other members of
' 1 am for Davis. Some say he has
a backbone. Did It not take cacK-
iu to stand up against the street
i - company and tell them they
- oulii not raise, the fare? The same
" :h the eu company? I understand
-'. y have a pamphlet out against!
I'avis. running back to the tune ne
-is a barefoot boy, almost. They
aim that he favored in the legisla
te a bill not to allow a suit brought
eainft railroads except in the county
v tiich the accident occurred. I In-
-jduced that bill In the state senate,
.abonne men showed me later where
was against their interests and
and I went and killed it In
i r-ittee. Davis was young and ln-
ipr-r.mced then and he consulted
.- en all his voting. I Introduced
V fjll crew bill and Davis voted
:o- tnat bill in the house. Davis, as
,r,r. has keot down expenses, has
a'.'ed wages, recognized labor, has
jght the good tight, has kept faith;
-'jw will you sot stay by him in the
rht against unlimited money over
the Sheldon hotel?"
Ye Goda, Listen!
" Standish saM he doubted Orn-
ff s Americanism. This brought a
' of dissent from even the rad
element and Standi sh went on to
irlain that Orndorff had proved
-nqelf unAmerican by his opposition
' that great statesman, Claude
.M jdspeth. for congress."
Henry Walker Takes a Hand,
H-ir? M Walker, of the United
Siate? employers sat service and for a
FredericR Goodman
. February 3, 1919
You are hereby notified that
a meeting of the parties interest
ed in the oil and gas leases to two
certain 40-aere tracts of land
located in Eastland County, Texas
and one certain '50-acre tract of
land located in Stephens County,
Texas, which said leases were ob
tained in the name of Frederick
Goodman, is hereby called to be
held in the city of El Paso, Texas
on February 6 , 1919 , in the Shel
don Hotel Basement at 7:30 o'clock
P.M., at which meeting arrange
ments will be made to form an un
incorporated joint stock asso
ciation to become the owner of such
interests in said leases as maybe
obtainable, to adopt articles of
association, trust agreements, by
laws, underwriting contracts, and
such other business as may be
brought before the meeting by any
of the interested parties.
Ion? time employed by the Davis ad
ministration as a timekeeper, said "at
least two-thirds of all union labor
men are for Davis" and expressed the
belief "that every one knew Mr. Har
per, good man though he is, has no
show for election." and that he should
The early minutes of the meeting
were taken up witn tne reading tne
answers made by the several candi
dates for the various offices to the
questlonalre submitted two weeks be
fore by the congress
Following the reading of the candi
dates present were called upno to
make oral statements. Mr. Orndorff
was not present, as he had appeared
before the congress at a previous
meeting. The speeches of Messrs.
Davis and Haroer. the other two may'
oralty candidates, were much the
same as made by them at the meeting
of the woman Voters league ana re
ported at the time.
Army of Candidates Heard.
At the conclusion of the five min
ute speeches made by the little army
of candidates, a delegate In the back
of the ball arose and moved that the
candidacy of Davis be endorsed. That
started tne nreworKs.
W. J. Moran got the floor and
called attention to the wording of the
constitution and by laws which pro
hibited partisan political action by
the labor congress and limited en
dorsement of anv candidates for po
litical office except those as might
be carriers of union cards.
"If you are going to turn this
Into a Davis elub. say so and take
down your sign,9 he said.
Joe Sullivan admitted that Mr. Mo
ran had quoted the constitution cor
rectly but said the time had come
when the congress should show what
it really had been organized for. TVe
know that Orndorff is out of the
question." he said. "There are two
candidates for mayor, v. ho are friend
ly to our cause, Davis and Harper.
Hsmfr has no chance to be elected.
If he Is the friend of labor he says he
Is he should withdraw and mane tne
election of Davis sure, ir Harper
doesn't withdraw, "Birdie," as my I
friend Hudspeth has tailed mm. win
slip in."
suiuvan tnen appeaieo t: uie nou!
to say if he were not right and was
greeted with a chorus of, "yes.
you re right, "liaraer has no snow.
-Use The steam luuer."
"Go ahead!" said Mr. Moran. "Rail
road it, use the steam roller: you have
the votes, evidently." And another
storm broke. But the Hudspeth men
were in power and those under lead
ership of Moran were burled under an
avalanche of counter cries from the
Hudspeth men.
Mrs. Alma J. Bartlett cot the floor
and she did not want Mrs. De
Groff for mayor of the city and made i
a demand upon Mr. Harper tnat ne
withdraw from the race and thus "in
sure the election of that staunch
friend of labor, mayor Davis."
In the ourse of the debate, one
delegate. Casey, of the Cooks and
Walters, who frankly announced that
he was opposed to both Orndorff and
Davis, charged Davis wilh havirg
paid the pjII taxes of women and
dared a denial.
Mayor Davis arose to reply, but tboj
rnnirtnan SaJU U1C1B KU UU use u,o
cussing this, as It had been answered
before, and did not give the mayor the
Questions and Answers.
Answers of all the candidates to a!
questionnaire submitted by union
labor recently, were read at the
Below are given the questions
asked and the replies of R. Burt Orn
dorff and mayor Chas. Davis:
1. What is your attituae towara
union labor in general?
Orndorff. friendly.
Davfl. generally friendly.
1 What is your attitude In regard
to tho employment of none but Amer
ican citizens upon all work performed
by or for the city and its subdivi
sions? Orndorff. I favor employment et
American citizens only.
Davis Americans onlyt had ordi
nance to tnat enecr paasea ana Mmc
Is now in force.
t. Will you assist In the prosecu
tion of violators of the state labor
Orndorff yes.
Davis, certainly! I will be glad to.
i will von endeavor to safeguard
the Interests of the people of this
city, by eliminating dangerous grade
Prison Special
With Stiff ragets
Aboard, Coming
Every Woman Has Been In
Jail; All Seeking Ballot;
Here Feb. 19.
Washington, D. C, Feb. 4. Deter
mined to secure tire passage of the
federal suffrage amendment before
this congress ends, 26 members of
the national Woman's party who have
served Jail sentences will leave Wash
ington on February 9 In a "prison
special, which will swing round the
country, touching the Atlantic, the
Pacific, the gulf and the lakes. In a
three weeks" tour. El Paso Is to be
on the tour of the "prison special."
This tour of the country was de
termined upon when senator Jones,
of Xew Mexico, chairman of the suf
frage committee, recently announced
that action on woman suffrage had
been Indefinitely postponed.
All "Exjall Birds."
Every woman aboard the special
will have done time In the govern
ment Jail or work house at Washing
ton. Under the slogan "from prison to
people" they will carry through the
country the story of their struggle In
Washington and the failure of the
administration to take effective ac
tion on the suffrage amendment.
The cost of the prison special,
known otherwise as the "Democracy
limited." will be IM.9", all of which
Is being contributed by state branches
and Individual members of the Wo
man's party.
The Personnel.
Among the women on the prison
niai will be Mrs. Lawrence Lewis
and Miss Mary Ingham, of Philadel
phia: Mrs. John nosers, aiiss vioa
Milholland, Miss Cora Week and Miss
T.nrv Burns, all of New York Cltyr
Mrs. Abby Scott Baker, of Washing
ton. D. C: Mrs. Robert Walker, of
Baltimore; Miss Mary Winsor. of
Haverford. Pa.: Mrs. F. W. Kendall,
of Hamburg. N. T.: Mrs. A. B, Colvin,
of St. Paul, Minn.; Miss Edith Alnge,
of Jamestown, N. T.: Miss Elizabeth
MrShane. of Unlontown, Pa; Miss La
vinla Dock, of Fayettevllle, Pa.: Mrs.
W. D. Ascough. of Hartford. Conn.:
Mrs. Pauline Adams, of Norfolk. Va,
and Dr. Caroline Spencer, of Colorado
Coming Here 'eD. if.
The train will pass through El
Paso on Wednesday, February 1.
over the G. H. & S. A. railroad from
San Antonio. The women will spend
the 18th In San Antonio and tee zoin
in Los Angeles. Only a short stop
Is to be made in El Paso.
crossings where public carriers pass
over, or provide watcmnea ior same
where eliminating such danger Is not
Urnuortr. yes.
Davis. I will provide watchmen at
gate wherever neeemary.
E. Are you In favor of municipal
ownership of street railways and
other public utilities?
Orndorff. no.
Davis, bondinxr capacity of El Paso
l not uffleient at thla time to take
over pnblie utilities.
i. Will you use your influence for
the establishment of a public utilities
commission to regulate the wages and
conditions of service of pubiio utility
Orndorff. yea.
Davis It seems to work out aatla
lactorlly where tried and I am favor
ably inclined toward It. However, I
can not Intelligently answer this
qneatlon until 1 have more thoroughly
studied the matter, a nave iaK.cn ii
np with other cities asking for data.
7. A) Do you believe that mem
bers of organized labor represent the
highest point of efficiency In their re-
inactive crafts? and (B) do you be
Ueve that the most efficient help
should be employed by or for the city
and Its sub-divisions?
Orndorff. a. as a general rule, b,
Davis in the vast majority of In
stance.; b. yea.
S. Do you believe in the establish
ment nf a civil service commission-
whereby merit and efficiency alone.
must be consiaerea?
Orndorff yes.
riavla. veal I Intend to submit
.-barter amendment providing for
same. . ,
. Are you in favor of tho double
platoon system for city firemen?
firndnrff. TH.
Davis, yes. I will inatal this aystem
on April X, 1019.
10. Are you In favor of the estab
lishment of a minimum wage of IJ.S
per day for unskilled larjor.'
flradorff. now
Davis. I am in favor of payment of
good living wages. I have raised the
wages of all thla class of employes of
k. mt and I think the city should
at all times pay the wages paid by
fair emnlovera or laoor. 11 iron
difficult at any time to fix an a:
trarr wncre scale for thla claaa of c
11. Will you nse your influence
1 f 1 1 " . f thn lmDortation of strike
breakers by corporations, during
labor difficulties?
Orndorff, yes.
- . - v -
IS. Are you In favor of the abol
ishment of ordinances detrimental to
union labor?
Orndorff. I am in favor of the re
peal of any ordinance that la detri
mental to the citlsens of El Paso as a
Dnvls, I am not in favor of any
imttnanm that la uniust to any gen
ernl clasa of eltlsena. Thla applies to
11. Are you in favor of the election
and appointment of union men and
women to public office in our city and
MnntT offices?
Orndorff, I am, where best qualified.
Davis, I refer yon to my action in
record to the appointment or Jlr.
Griffith and also Mr. Webb, eonnty
14. If elected, will you agree to
assist, work for. and vote for the re-
.v. 1-Ttt1rttnc- nntfnnnM
pel. vi ...... ... c.
Orndorff. no.
Davta. If It la the opinion of union
organisations of thla city that the
picketing ordinance as It stands to
day la a detriment to our eity and
their organlxatlona, and they will peti
tion the council ror n reierenanm vote
of the people, I will have the ques
tion of the repeal of said ordinance
submitted to the people and Trill glad'
ly abide by the result of said election,
IS. Are you In favor of the six
cent fare for street railways, and the
3S cent raise ror tne gas company
Orndorff no.
Davis, not I have refused both.
IS. Will you Insist that the union
label be used on all printing for the
Orndorff. the law requires that con
tract be given to lowest and best
Davis. I believe in the principle of
the nnlon labor for nil city printing.
and. other things being equal, my ad
ministration has always shown
preference for shops using the nnlon
A Davis Democratic meeting Is pro
gramed at the Alta Vista school house
next Saturday night at S odock. The
speakers are to be C M. Wllchar, W.
W. Brldgers and Win. Allls, besides
tne candidates.
For Weakness After Grl, or Influenza
tttirA nnnvirs "paktftt.trs chin
TONlfT. which Is slmnlv IRON and
QUININE suspended in syrup. So!
I pleasant even Children like it You i
I cat sonn feel Its Strengthening, Invlg-
orating Effect, 60c Adr.
Mayor Wants Police In
vestigated In Eegard To
Stockmen's Hotel.
The civil service commission of the
city met with mayor Chas. Davis at
11:10 Tuesday morning to consider the
draft of the civil service amendment
to the charter as prepared for consid
eration for the meeting of the council
on Thursday of this week when It will
probably be placed on the way to be
voted on at the city election. April 8.
The mayor took occasion to ask the
commission to take up and Investigate
the police department In connection
witM the raid last Sunday morning on
the Stockmen's hotel In F!l Pnsn In
which the police department was men
tioned, xne mayor put the matter up
to the commission as follows:
"As you know. I have alwavs court
ed and adopted the method of open
and fair public Investigations in all
matters. In The Herald of yesterday
there appeared an article reflecting
upon tne notice department of the city.
Under the civil service, von srentlemen
know that yon are In complete charge
of the police department. Tou owe it
to yourselves, to the good people of
El Paso and to my administration to
nave an open ana znll lnvestlsration
of the charges contained in The Her
ald of February J, 191. and if it be
found true that police officers are
keeping immoral women In the Stock
men's hotel or elsewhere, or that they
have been protecting the Stockmen's
hotel or any other person or persons
In the violation of any law. It Is your
duty and you will have mv fnli co
operation In inflicting such punishment
as you may be able under the la to
Claude Smith
Not Smith Of
Stockmen Raid
Brother Ed, Also Gray
Haired, Was There;
Who Employs Him?
Claude Smith, city detective, slated
Monday night that he was not the
Smith referred to In the story of the
raid Sunday morning on the Stock
men's hotel, though no such publica
tion had been made, and. he said while
his brother, Ed Smith, might have been
present, the latter had been, though no
longer was, the said member of the
detective force, but was "doing some
special work for the mayor."
Ed Smith was a witness of the raid.
Records of the civil service com
mission disclosed that Ed Smith was
a member of the city detective force
up to recently when his services were
Mayor Davis stated Tuesday noon
that Ed Smith was not in his employ.
josepnine Martinez and Anna Art-
kins, who were arrested In the raid!
on the Stockmen's hotel Saturday
night, pleaded guilty to chargea of1
vagrancy In Justice J. It Deavers
court Monday afternoon, and were I
fined SI each and costs. The fines
were paid.
5 Minors' Care
Is Contest On
Between Parents
Court Passes Case In Order
To Receive Further
The custody of five minor children
left undetermined In a divorce suit
adjudicated more than a year ago was
the subject of a contest between the
parents In a hearing on a motion to
reform the decree begun In the 31th
district court Tuesday morning.
The original suit was between Sam
and Jessie Reaves. The mother of the
children has married twice since the
granting of the first divorce, having
later been divorced a second time
from a soldier at Fort Bliss whom she
had married at Las Cruces.
To Evade Law.
She stated on the witness stand that
she had married in as Cruces In or
der to evade the Texas statute pro
hibiting a second marriage within a
year after a divorce Is obtained on the
grounds of cruelty.
The court passed the case for fur
ther evidence.
Judge P. R, Price. Presiding.
C A. Brown vs. A. Courchesne. case
with the jury.
Warren Cope va Hat tie M. Cope, ac
tion for divorce: filed.
state vs. Francesco vaaouez. dis
C A. P. Brown va A. Courchesne.
suit for breach of contract: on trial.
Stewert P. Hicks vs. Alice Edna
Hicks, action for dlverce: filed.
Jndce W. D. Howe. Presiding.
Geneva Lee Council vs. Isaac F. Con-
nelL, divorce f ranted and custody of
aooptea cniia awaraea to piaintux.
Wllma irwln vs. .Robert u. irwin,
divorce, granted.
State vs. Joe Wolcott. dismissed.
Howell Jordon vs. El Paso Brewing
company. Judgment for plaintiff for
Francisco A. V. del Campo vs. Do
mingo Campos, judgment for division
or property.
Adolph O. Dreyer vs. A. Asunsolo.
Maryland Casualty company, et al, ac
tion lor damages: filed.
Sam Reaves vs. Jessie Reaves, mo
tion to reform judgment, on trial.
Jndce BuLlard Col dwell. Presiding.
J. R Lyman vs. A. T. S. F. Ry. Co..
damages, on trial.
James L. Lindsay vs. Sarah Lindsay;
divorce granted.
Mary Erma Strange vs. Shelby Kew-
ton Strange, action for divorce, filed.
J. K. Layman vs. a. i . s. jr. nr.
Co- case settled and jury dismissed.
o. K. sngienart vs. A. T. & a. r . ity.
Co, Judgment In favor of lntervecor
for J5W.
May Powell vs. Roger Powell, di
vorce; granted.
Debblelee Weaver vs. John L.
Weaver, divorce: granted.
Washington. D. Feb. 4. Sailing
or live transports carrying about 3 no
officers ana d&ud men or tne American
expeditionary forces, was announced
today by the war department Tbe
Santa Teresa, due at New York, Feb
ruarv 9: the Dante AliKhelri. due at
New York. February i:, and the
Princess Materka. which should reach
Newport News. Fehruarv H, are
bringing mcst ox tha troc;s.
Measure Drawn by West
Texas Mining Experts In
troduced In Senate.
Austin. Texas. Feb. . Senator R.
M. Dudley, of El Paso, today intro
duced in the senate a bill providing
for a comprehensive mining law
which Is designed to encourage the
developing of the mining Industry In
the state. The bill pertains exclus
ively to mining and eliminates oil, coal
and gas and makes provision for tbe
sale and operating of mining deposits.
It was patterned largely after the
federal mining law and was drawn up
by several mining experts of west
Texas with the cooperation of the
commissioner or tne general una or
To Penalize Mob Partleinants.
A Joint resolution was introduced In
the senate today by senator W. L.
Dean, of Walker, proposing an amend
ment to the constitution providing
that any person participating In any
mob or assisting in anv mob violence
which results in taking life shall be
deprived of the right of suffrage In
Texas and shall also be barred from
holding any offlee of trust In tbe
state. The resolution also requires
members of tbe legislature. In addition
to the present constitutional oath, to
aiso swear tnat tney nave not partici
pated In any mob activities before
they are eligible to hold office. The
resolution Is signed by ten members
of the senate.
Packing Houses Denounced.
Packing houses throughout the
country were denounced today in the
honse when a concurrent resolution
was adonted requiring the packing
houses to "disgorge their profits." The
resolution calls on the Texas delega
tion in congress to urge the passage
of measures which will provide peni
tentiary sentences for the alleged
"packing house trust."
The bill by senator J. H. Woods, of
Navarro, providing for the appoint
ment of a tax commission of three
members from the house and two
from the senate to make a complete
investigation of the tax system of the
state was passed finally In the senate.
Invitation to Hobby.
A resolution bv senator Lou A
Smith, of Rush, was adopted in the
senate today. Inviting Gov. W. P. Hob
by to sign the woman suffrage amend
ment to the constitution from the desk
of the president of the senate In tbe
presence of the senate.
Senator J. C McNealus. of Dallas,
had adonted a concurrent resolution
authorizing the printing of the pro
ceedings and testimony of the Ran-
gerc investigation now In progress.
Single Tax Amendment Beaten.
The house todav releetAH Hv mi.
of 191 to 12. a single tax amendment
to the graduated land tax amendment
to the constitution and the resolution
was engrossed and passed to third
reading by a vote of 61 to Sc. This
means the ultimate defeat of the res
olution, as It requires 95. or two
thirds, affirmative votes on the mem
bers of the house to adopt the meas
ure. The house recessed until I oclock
this afternoon. The graduated land
tax amendment had been under con
sideration all during tbe morning ses
sion. Talfca on Constitutional Convention.
in i iiogg, oi Houston, this af
ternoon addressed a Joint meeting of
the house and senate ivtrnmlMu
-onstrtut1enal amendments In favor of
calling a constitutional convention- He
win not oeiieve, newever, that a con
vention shouM be held for at least
i i years.
Senator J. M. ulderdlee. of tails In
troduced a bill making It lawful for
eaaouue supply stations to remain
open on Sundays from S to a. m. and
J to I p. m.
Fight on Normal Schools.
Despite the fact that tha nin,
general's department has held that
legislature naa the right to re
peal the laws creating the new state
normals at Alpine and elsewhere, a
determined fight will be made In the
legislature this week to refeat the
Richards bills which provides for the
cancelation of the appropriations made
for these new school Than. - -
Javorable majority report on these
wins, wiw an auverse minority re
port, and the first fight will be made
w ttuvyi me an verse report.
Pool nail nm to Pass.
Senator Floyd, of Red River county,
feels confident that his statewide pool
hall bill Will be nxrlM Int. 1o. Ar-
Ing the cresent sesalon nf th. 1 n-i..
lature, notwithstanding the action of
me nouse committee on criminal Ju
risprudence in makine an adveraa re
port on the measure and substituting
me w imams nouse Dui inereior. The
Floyd bill has already passed in the
The Floyd statewide pool hall bill
prohibits the operation and main
tenance of pool halls for profit while
the Williams bill merely licenses the
operation of them, and tha latter -i
provides that an annual license of
in ior live taoies is required to
operate pool halls In any city or town
in xexas.
Bank Commissioner Qualifications
The bill Introduced in the senate
yesterday by senator Lon A. Smith, of
iiusK. jor me divorcement of the de
partment or banking from that of In
surance and the creation of two sep
arate denartments one far In-mranM
and the other for banking Is one of
the recommendations of the legisla
tive Investigating committee. Under
the Smith bill, the commissioner of
oanKing snail receive a salary or SMOo
a year and he shall be empowered to
appoint one deputy at t)0e- a year.
AmontT the auallficntlnnn n..,rlhl
in the measure for the commissioner
is tnat ne snail not be less than 30
years of age and shall have had not
less than five years" experience In the
banking business "as an executive of
ficer of some successful banking cor
poration, and in addition thereto be
thoroughly familiar with the banking
laws of the state of Texas."
Senator R. M. Dudley, of El Paso,
will make a strong effort durinr the
present week to obtain consideration
of his bill providing for the readmia.
slon Into Texas of any offsted corpora-
uuna ncrcioiore iinea tor tne viola
tion oi tne anti-trust laws of Texas.
Dry Amendment Signed.
Gov. W. P. Hobby yesterday
aitsueu iub aiaiewiae proamnion
amendment which Is to be sub
mitted to a vote of the neon! A nn
May it. The pen with which the Joint
resolution was signed was sent by
Gov. Hobby to M. H. Wolfe, of Dallas,
chairman or the statewide prohibition
committee and leader of tho prohibi
tion lurces in tne state.
In tbe senate yesterdav the honse
concurrent resolution providing for an
investigation oi tne activities of the
state hlgnway commission was adopt
ed with an amendment attached which
provides that the Investigation shall
be conducted exclusively by members
oi tne nouse necause tne senators are
busy witn other Investigations.
To Study Tax System.
The senate passed to third reading
yesterday a bill by senator J. 1L Woode,
of Navarro county providing for tbe
appointment oi a joint legislative
committee of five, three from the
house and two from the senate, to
matte a complete investigation or tne
tax system of the state during vaca
tion. An amendment was adonted
empowering the committee to employ
a tax expert to assist the committee.
Board Memberships Increased.
Under a suspension of the ru!s the
house passed finally McMillan's till to
Increase tha membership of boards
Private Branch Exchange 334X1.
OU will simply
Sorins styles we
1. m
Ready-to-Wear Section.
Early Spring Suit Modes in Meh slewter, paeefal fines predomi
nate. On these braid and buttons have beat abused to emphasize
their individealitr and distinction.
Fascinating and inspiring are tie many styles shown in Dresses
for both formal and informal oeeasies.
In Millinery Turbans are in the majority floral trimmed Torban?
appear to be the favorites of ratttoa.
The larger Hats are equally inspiring and quite as appealing with
trimmings of jet, ribbon or flowers.
Xew Houses sad Skirts divide attentiom with tbe other Spring
SPECIAL NOTEIl is oofy al The Popviar tkal ym see
MUgtim Creations.
(5th Floor)
Your Baby
Special stt cation la
paid to oat of town
orders for thtags fer
the Baby.
Special Prices
Made by Hart Schafjner & Marx
Guaranteed All Wool, at
$26.50, $28.50, $36.50
EVER before have we sold such high grade suits as these so
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The reason we can afford to sell these Suits at the above low figure
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We purchased the doth many months ago and bad it laid away.
We then had tbe suits made np betweea seasons and new we can
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sutta in the regular way.
A Larg'e Variety
Yoa nave a large variety to choose from. There are hundreds of
models is regulars, shorts, stouts, longs and stabs.
End of the Season Disposal of
Winter Suits and Overcoats
25 Per Cent Off On All Fancy Winter Suits
30 Per Cent Off On All Winter Overcoats
Disorders At Antofogasta
Take Admittedly Bolshe
vist Turn.
Buenos Aires. Argentina, Feb. 4.
Dispatches from Chile report an
alarming; situation at Antofogasta.
where It is said that disorders which
have been prevailing for some time
have taken an admittedly Bolshevist
It Is said the axltators are demand
ing: the establishment of a new gov
ernment there. Police are said to have
raptured documents, showing a long
list or nusiness nouses, warai are to
be sacked and destroyed by mobs.
governing eleemosynary institutions
from six to nine. The vote on final
passage was 102 to 1. The bill was in
troduced yesterday morning and upon
motion of McMillan was by unani
mous consent taken up out of regular
order late In tbe day. The object of
the bill Is to relieve the situation in
a number of Institutions, where the
boards now consisting of six mem
bers are tied on a number of ques
tions pertaining to the respective In
stitutions. Tbe senate finance committee yes
terday afternoon gave a public hear
ing on Westbrook's bill to create a
board of control for tbe conduct of
about 65 state departments and insti
tutions TTs Mil was referred to a subcom
mittee for revision and redrafting.
e Sprm
wonder at the wealth of
are now showing in the
TWO? or thereabouts ? And just beginning to notice the difference, between her
every day and dresg-np dresses. Now is just the time to train their Uttie
mind, in the right way to dress tastefully. Tbe Hk and dirfkes f
oped in them now when tbey are at the rapfestaonaMe age Is what wOI mflnnic-
wJeiUe if they develop a taste for gnady clothes and you are repaid
if they dreeTwith pktnreeqoe stnartBess. Oae of tbe most appropriate thing you
can do to her now is to place her uarfer a dainty Silk Poke and fettea her up m an
embroidered Coat.
You Hwf find them here among scares of others for tilde tols of Offered, types.
Coats of Crepe de Chine, PopKn, Cashmere and plain Silks, beaatifally emhreiderH
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Drewy little Bonnets to match Coats, at
"o matter what yon want for Baby yoa
are sure to find it here.
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On Men's Medium Weight
Spring' Suit
See the Special Window Displays of
President Bassett Dines
Members of High Line
Canal Committee.
C N. Bassett. president of the cham
ber of commerce, will entertain the
members of the high line canal com
mittee at dinner this evening at his
home on XcKlnley avenue, after which
a business meeting of the committee
will be held and the members will go
into all details of the plan with the
consulting engineer. Louis C. Hill
The members of the high line canal
committee are: George R. Le Baron,
representing the city, chairman; Rob
ert Krakauer and C X Bassett. rep
resenting the El Paso Valley Water
Users: O. A. Martin and J. W. Klrk
patrick, representing the 1 Paso
chamber of commerce; George U.
Clark, of Mesilla. and P. W. Barker,
of MesUla Park, representing the up
per valley water users; A. R. Burgee,
Mayor Chaa Davis will also be at
tho meeting.
Subscriptions amounting to SSS05
were reported at the Y. W.-T. M C A.
luncheon Tuesday noon. Mrs. Julius
Krakauer'a team led the woman's
teams and H. T Bowie's team led the
men. Tht-y were both escorted to the
Liberty status where thev went ua
Jack and Jill's Udder,
Cor. Mesa Ave, and San Antonio St.
$140 and Bp.
Smocked and Lace Trimmed Dresses made
of tbe sheerest materials, in sizes 6
months to 2 years, in regular 7Q
$135 value, are special at i S t
Oms big lei. of 9& Robber Diapers made
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SUS vatMS. are special
Mens Clothing 1
to Make This
Cough Remedy
t Thousands of fsmlEes swear by its f
t prompt malts. Inexpensive, T
7 aad saves abost T
Yoa know that pins is used in
nearly all prescrietfens and reMiea
for coughs. The reason is thai pine
contains several peculiar elements thss
have a remarkable effect in too thins
and healing the raerabrasea of tha
throat and chest.
Pine couch syrups are combinations
of pine and syrup. The "syrup'' part
is Usually plain sugar syrup.
To make the best pice couch remedy
that money cms buy, put 2H ounces
of Pinex in & pint bottle, and fUIqtrp
with botBe-made-stigar syrup. Or yoa
can use clarified molasses, honey, or
corn syrup, instead of sugar synra.
Either way, you make a fall pint; -tore
than you can buy ready-made for three
times the money. It is pure, good
and very pleasant children like it.
Yoa can feel this take hold of ft
eoach or cold in a way that meant
business. Tbe eoueh may be drv,
hoarse aad ticht, or may be persist
ently loose from the formation, of
pUccm. Tbe cause is the same in
flamed membranes and this Pinex
and Syrup combination will stop it t
usually in 24 hours or less. Splendid,
too, for bronchial asthma, hoarseness,
or anv ordinary throat ailment.
Pinex is a hiuhrr concentrated COB
pound of genuine Norway pine extract,
and is famous the world over for its
prompt effect unon roughs.
Beware of substitute. Ask vour
druggist for cimces of Pinex
with directions, and dnnt accept scy
thing e!e. Guaranteed to give abso
lute satisfaction or money refunded.
Tha Pintx Co Ft. Wityae, Ind,

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