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TVeek-End Edition, August 9-10, 1919.
Ten Thousand Barrels a
- , . . .
na.v isrouernr. in. Kxtena-
ing the District. I
Shreveport, La.. Aug. 9. The firstj
deep test to prove successful In the j
i laiborne field Is the Standard Oil)
companj s second test on the Oakes Breckenrldse, Ereckennage to uoob,
Idse Section 29-S1-S. which blew Inland Caddo to Ranger are Improved.
late Friday and Saturday.
It is making; 10.646 barrels daily
fmm the sand struck at INK) feet.
The gusher insures the pooL It is
the oiggest north Louisiana develop-1 eight engineers who are familiar with
dent id many years. oil field conditions and experts on
, , ,. . , . ' highway problems were recently sent
Lease values have doubled over ! Jnway p tfae
night Oil operators from Texas and ut b h, ads mIsnt D,
lahoma are hustling to the new readiness for the rainy months
The new gusher is on land owned ! by . ofAfterCcarefuly going over the roads
r.ehell Oakes. a big league baseaalli. n.gtion. the engineers made their
r.titr. v.ho recently became a mu-.
, ora re, through oil speculation.
AMTm TVias. Ane. s. The Texas
T-d.penaem Pipe Lines j company .will ;
t ave ts refinery at AMlene in opera-
" a few days, according to the
m nouncement maae oy manager
A Coleman. Texas, report is that
i c Sun Oil company" Dancy well. IS
mues northeast of that place, has been
irakmg what is estimated at 350 bar
rels during the last few days. It was
siot. and in spite of a cavein which
was being cleaned out. It was shoot
mir ml all over the derrick. This well
is :;oo feet deep and Is the first deep
Test made in this field. Heretofore
or.Iy the shallow sands have been de
,. eloped.
So This Monday.
The first thing Monday
I , in, film, tn IIS tt
The wll be developed promptly, and I
f prints are ordered, they will be
rr Jy for iou it 5 P. H Ten cents, is, Cleburne. Texas. Aug. 9. The drill
cr ncninal charge for developing! Js down to 300 feet In the test under-a-.
izc roll as it should be done. way. at Grandview. Operations are
Peldmans "CS San Antonio Street. I expected to continue until the Con
Speciil attention to all out-of-town' tract is carted out, unless some un
orders. Adv. " forseen delay occurs.
13 1
Excellent meals, prepared by a French chef, are 1
now being served at all hours, at - i
Eoltons Cafe
1 Where Only Modern Equipment Is Used. j
I Open All Night. 412 San Antonio St. j
v E
m mi i
18 J These, accomolished bv an IHl
M art, give Coca-Cola its in. I
INl SSJ imitame navor. in one put m
A jM the genuine is contained m Iff I
H lm the patented bottle, m
Y& BlWSk. Get it from vour grocer, at
w it rr8"ua,"M-"M
Wi la!
j Ask your dealer for
I Or phone
Magnolia QmK Bottling Co.
To Miners, Mining Engineers, Farmers,
Stockmen and Factory Managers
We cordial Ir invite 700 to see the demonstration of the PIATT
WONDER PUS1PS dott operatinjc at 419 Myrtle street, corner North
Campbell Te one-third less power no priming needed Pump air
and water, sand and gravel to his elevations all at the same time.
Simple. Durable. Fool Proof. Used In 14 foreign countries. First
time In El Paso.
Companies Pledge $10,000
1 - i C
t Jach lor system oi
Good Highways.
Banker. Tex., Aus. 9. Oil operators
or thl3 vicinity state that unless the
roads from lunger to Eastland anl
oil development in this district will be
greatly impeded during the coming
Realizing the necessity of speed.
reD6rts lo the representatives of thj
large operating companies in the
nnnirer fields. Thev showed that the
work would require the expenditure
of 1309.080, whereon each representa-
: tive present pledged 110.000. The
SEnEdTti. ?Mft 11 be raised
r nn
hv snbscrintion.
Each company, supply house or bus
iness association with oil work that
wnnM in nnv xvs v ! benefited bv the
Droposed improvement will be asked !
to suoscnoe, ana it is uiougnt incie
will be no
trouDie in raising toe
needed amount.
By the planned Improvements more
than SO miles of road will be covered.
This work runs parallel with that
planned by the county road commis
sion, but. knowing that a lengthy de
lay would result from an appeal to
the county and realizing that haste is
required in this work, the companies
of this vicinity have taken the matter
in their own hands and plan to hasten
its completion.
As soon as the money has been
raised, a meeting will be held in
Ranger. Thi3 meeting of oil operators
will decide the best wav to SDend the
money and will direct the selection of
an expert engineer or road building
company to carry on the work.
18 REF
Lack of Storage and Pipe
I TJ TT1 J- 3..k:.
mutts nwua riuuuuuuu
Down in Field.
Wichita, Falls, Texas. Aug". 9. Ex
ploitation has given way to perma
nent development In the Wichita
county oil fields. The business of
producing oil has settled down to an
even development resulting In the em
ployment of many thousands of men
and making stable profits for both
labor and operator.
Owing to the Insufficient amount
of storage tanks and pipe lines tn
this vicinity, production has not been
showing the great output It did for
so long a time. By October 1. It Is
believed that ample pipe line facilities
will be In this county and there will
then be a rapid Increase In produc
tion. However., for the next few
weeks, as the facilities for handling
the oil are gradually increased, the
output will be larger and larger.
Hundreds of new wells will be con
stantly on the sand waiting until the
oil can be run to the market and sold
at market price.
In manv Instances oil Is being
hauled over land by means of wagons.
This oil, however. Is selling for less
than market price, some operators
selling for as little as 50
Wichita, claims to have the largest
number of refineries of any county In
the 6tate, there being 19 plants
operating In Wichita county and a
number of others nearlng completion.
While the supply of crude continues
so plentiful, all Independent refin
eries will continue to make money as
they have been doing.
The Noble people of Tulsa are
building the largest casing head gaso
line plant in the world in Wichita
"Despite the large potential produc
tion, there Is practically no waste of
production. In Wichita county, al
though there are hundreds of wells
on the sand, with casings set, ready
to drill in. ,
Now. after mere than a year oi
neglect, the shallow pools of this
vicinity are likely to be developed
owing to the lull In production in the
new northwest extension of the Burk
burnett pool.
Much land and many leases are ex
pected to change hands during the
coming weeks. Many small operators,
with wells on the sand, are very like
ly to sell their property to the larger
companies, since It Is oract cally Im-
facilities. This well make the pools
pools of production rather than i of
speculation as the larger operators
develop their property Instead of
letting 't stand Idle.
East Shows Interest
In Texas Oil Fields
t lent Arthur JS. Skeats. secretary
trseSrer of thA-ex-Mex pll com
pany, of El Paso, returned Friday
from New York, where he had been
for a month or more on business for
his company. He s'ated that in
money circles of that city rreat In
terest Is taken In Texas oil enter
prises, but the production must be
shown up. not wildcat propositions.
Europe Sends Huge
Orders For Gasoline
According to recent reports gaso
line, kerosene and otaer oil vro&aeU
are being exported from the united
... . . in r-rontp, miantitles
I states L(J i , ii .1 1. 1 in e.. ---
than It any time during the war. The
French navy is tue p,,,,,-.
sumer. Gasoline and kerosene are
the principal items in these exports.
other European countries are also re
ported as Heavy u mo v7"
raand for lubricating oils is said to
be enormous.
Henrietta. Texas. Aug. 9 . The Bea
con Refining company has purchased
a 17 1-3 acre tract of land between the
Fort Worth & Denver and Missouri.
Kansas & Texas railroads In the
southwets part of Henrietta unon
which to DU1KI a large rrimcij.
plant is to be constructed of Iron and
i steel ana reinm". w,uu,i -
I have a capacity of 3600 barrels per
i day. An order has been placed for
materials and workmen m
employed ior uays. v
M materials arrive and It Is
believed by. the company that the
plant win oe reaay tot uyc"w
the first of November.
This company, organized by K
. t y 't1 vr IT -fver Tt.
i j. Brown. George K. Fitch. Robert It
HodKe and josepn wiwarus, i
by a capital of $3M.00. :
Petrolia. Burkburnett and the other
principal on cemers in mis "ct-uu
by pipe lines. By reason of its near.
selected as the permanent site for the ;
large new reiinery.
vViorr thA
i. WO more 6iascio, vc -
Amarillo Oil company's Maslerson No.
3, a miie easi oi me ui ima
eood passer, is the latest report from
the Amarillo. Texas, field. The other
I- n ta f rio I? irifh
new passer 10 ' , --------
Creek No. 1 of Hap?ood and associates
ana ts inouRDi .o oo tm"
Masterson No. 3, and the latter, when
ATnniMri trill nosslblv he a better
passer than the original Ilapgood.
The gas sanas are sirucn at ueyiua
from 1600 to 1S00 feet- These wella
exiena xne area ui wuu'-"
very materially In Potter county. The
gas OI ire aiasiersun is baiu i c
in gasoline and a plant for the ex
traction of that Droduct Is under con
Wichita Falls. Texas. Aug. 9. The
Western Oil corporation's No. 4. Tay
lor. Is producing 2000 barrels of oil
dally. This well Is situated In block
97 and the drill is but 12 feet In the
producing sand.
Offsetting the New Pool Oil com
oanj's No. 1 well on the east, the
Warrior Oil company's No. 1. Evans.
Meadows survey. Is flowing with an
Initial production of 5000 barrels.
W. M. Prlddy and the Western Oil
corporation has completed their test
on block SS, the No. 2 'Watgoner. and
the test ts producing 1500 barrels of
oil la!lv.
These wells came In this week.
See the Confteqnence.
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quences of continued eye strain? At
the first indication of trouble with
your eyes, be It ever so slight, you
ahould at once consult an expert op
tometrist. Think what It would
mean to you if you were deprived of
your evesight. It is almost criminal
to neglect your eyes, when It Is so
easy to come in and let our expert
optometrist examine them, and fit you
with glasses that were meant for you.
We have given thorough and satisfac
tory service to thousands of people
in El raso ana tne soutnwest. we
can please you. Need Glasses? Ask
FTI Pa.o Optical Company,
At 108 Texas St . in the Middle of the
Block, Between Oregon and Mesa.
Material Is On Site
For Hueco Basin Well
Materia! Is being steadily taken
to the Hueco Basin oil field for
drilling the first well of the Hueco
Basin Oil company. Four houses
have already been erected for the
accommodation of the men at the
drilling site. H. D. Camp Is taking
out an average of four truckloads
of material a day.
Stephens Well
Of Operators
Church Lots In The Ranger
Field 'Prove Fortune
Makers For Lessees.
Eastland, Tex, Aug. 9. The Ranger
Stephens OH company's producer. Just
completed on the Sue tract,
has done a great deal to revive the
old faith of operators In that section.
When the Humble Oil company's test
on this tract, after showing oil. de
veloped into a dry hole after being
shot, operators who held large leases'
, on this tract become disheartened,
t But now they wear an "I told you so""
expression and are pushing develop
ments forward rapidly.
The second test of the Humble com
pany on this tract Is now making 100
barrels of oil after being shot. A
number of other tests rapidly ap
prroachlng completion are the
Thrives, the Hivick. the Incader Oil
company, the Tulsa Oil and Refining
company, the Riley Drilling company,
the Scanlon and McCootrfe and the
Eclipse OH company, which operators
prophesy will out produce the Ranger
Stephens well. '
The Humble Oil company has a
good showing of oil on top of the lime
on the Forgaston tract. Pay sn) Is
likely to be encountered at any mo
ment In this test. On the McCord
tract, this same company has cased
off a big flow of shallow sand and
have started down after better sand.
Indications are that the Shepherd
OH comoe.ny's test on the south acre
!of the Olden schoolhouse lot east of
Eastland, will prove a big producer
when drilled in. At a depth of 4501
feet oil is flowing over the top of the
derrick at Intervals. The well has
been shut down until storage facili
ties could be provided, but will be
completed at an early date.
On the north acre of this lot the
Texas Crude Oil company Is down to
1200 feet. Operators believe that this
well will develop Into something big
if there is anything in the fact that
no church schoolhouse lot has yet
proved barren.
The Humble Oil company has moved
the tools from the No. 3 Sue to its
Xo. 5 Scott, where It is trying for a
shallow production. This tract Use
south of Olden schoolhouh lot.
The Cladwell Oil company is now In
Mark lime, on the Somer farm at a
depth of S.250 feet. '
The Ardixone OH company Is drill
ing at 2100 feet on the Kincaid.
On the Hawk tract the Folsom Pe
troleum company, Ross & Gass and
Fain and others are drilling. The
Texas Crude OH company is building
a rig on this property. The Empire
Oil and Fuel company i down to 1100
feet on the Peeples anfl getting ready
to start a second bolei
The Drillers Oil company Is setting
close to pay sand on the Barnes land.
The Gulf Production company Is
drilling at various depths In four dif
ferent holes on the Calvin Perkins
On the Brooks heirs tract the Ocean
Oil company is drilling at :0 feet.
The Southwestern OH Development
company Is drilling at 1000 feet in one
hole and is building a derrick for a
a second on this same property.
The Jackson OH company Is ap
proaching the 2000 foot level on the
Allman tract.
Lieut. Arthur E. Skeats. seeretary-
frensurer of the Tex-Mex Oil company
returned from New York where he had j
been on company business naay.
ro innnESS MEN'S CLUB.
St. Clement Men's club at its next J
meeiing. August 11, ai o p. ui m uc
addressed by R. R. Coghlan. chemist
at the Portland cement plant. He
will speak on the subject of cement.
Mrs. Tobolt astonished at
results of Tanlac gains
20 pounds.
"Some wonderful things happen In
this world, and the way Tanlac has
restored my health and built me up Is
one of them." said Mrs. Paul Tobolt,
of 916 California. Ave, Butte, JlonU
in one of the most interesting and re
markable statements yet published in
connection with the Master Medicine.
"My trouble started about two j ears
ago, sne continued, -ana i nave sim
ply been a nervo'us wreck ever since
until now. Last January I went to
the hospital where I was told that my
whole system had become poisoned by
an affected appendix, that an opera
tion was my only hope and it was
doubtful if this would save me. So I
arranged to have my children cared
for. In case I should not see them
again, and submitted to the operation.
Well, the operation was done with so
much skill, and I was so carefully
nursed that I finally got out of the
hospital, and was home with my hus
band and chUdren again. Then I
picked' up wonderfully for a little
more than a month when I began hav
ing terrible pains In my back over my
kidneys. My appetite left me, and
nothing ttsted right. I was consti
pated, had fearful headaches and was
so nervous I could hardly sleep. J
fell off until I weighed less than a
hundred pounds, and was so weak
that It was an effort for me to get
about at all.
"Finally my husband suggested
that I try Tanlac. as it was being so
much talked about, and the results
have astonlsned us both. I couldn't
see much improvement on my first
bottle, but witn ine eecona my appe
tite got better, I commenced to feel
Improved and was surprised when i
got on the scales, to find that I had
gone up to one hundred and eight
pounds. Well, the third bot
tle did wonders for me, releivlng me
of all pain and headache and making
me want to eat up everything. I now
weigh one hundred and eighteen
pounds, making a gain of more than
twenty pounds on three bottles, and
I'm wondering what my fourth bottle
which I have Just started taking, will
do for me. I sleep like a healthy
child, never waking at night at all
and feel like I could eat five or six
meals a day. I dismissed my hired
help, four weeks ago. after 13 months'
steady service, and since then 1 have
done all my own housework, cook
ing and everything. 1 have no
more dull, drowsy bad feelings and
me is a pleasure co me. i can t
S raise Tanlac enough for what It has
one for me."
Tanlac is sold in El Paso by Kelly
& pollard and bv the leading drug
gists In practically every city, town
and vUlage in America. Adv.
DRILL Oil 10
Sterling County Reports
Strike of Oil and Much
Robert Lee. Tex., Aug. 9. Follow
ing is the drilling report of the oil
wells now in progress in Coke county:
Shoemacher well, near Tennyson, on
Westbrook ranch, drilling day and
night. 1900 feet.
Tucker well, south of Robert Lee
on Harris ranch, shut down for a few
days. Depth between 1510 and 1G0
Tritmlnarv work continues at Saul
location. Eddy, Ludlow & Thomas,
contractors. Rig being hauled to lo
cation, and placing of machinery In
Allen & Chaff in well on Areieage
ranch continues snut down.
rtnt.prt T.ee Oil cfflnDtny- wells Nos.
1 and 2, continue temporarily shut
Exnect to get lease litigation
settled and work started up again
soon, lias continues iu ou um.
the around the pipe of well No. on
Stroud larro.
o i . V. ...nil 4n,n and nni half mlieS
northwest . i iJronte, on section 4J1,
exchanging from star to standard rig.
continues saut aown. i.-ui.i,'hiij mi
to procure rig builders.
nataiuuu i -w. . - -
edge of Coke county, by West Texas
Production company, continues shut
aown at 103 zeet.
! Sterling County.
. in 1 1 . .Jl.lnln- PAkA
I in QlUUb Luunvj . .. ..j... . r, - -
county, two new tests arj scheduled ;
:o be Eta net. within the next few .
weeks. The I' Carley OH association
has a derrck erected, boiler set up J
and machinery Installed .n the the.
IParramore ranch. 18 miles northwest
lot Sterling City. The location Is on,
section S3, block IT. Southern Pacific
Railway company lan -. niu -,
ably srud in this week.
The other prospective test well win
be located on railway company land
also. 10.000 acres of which has been
leased from W. L. Foster, president of
I the iFirst National bank of Sterling
City. The site, designated for the
' new test, is one and a half miles south
of Sterling City, on the Big Lake road,
t on section 19, block 12.
Rports came to Robert Lee this
morning that a good flow of oil had
! been struck In the Richardson well In
Sterling county. The oU is said to De
standing In the hole from 10 to -0
feet deep, and work temporarily sus
pended until the well can be cleaned
out and a place provided to take care
of the oil.
IS SOLD BY Tiib irifcKirr
.. ... a Tiht nf
JJalias, lexas. aus. -
way. property and franchise of the
Datias-ureenviiio a 11 LL . . . -
the Eastern Texas Traction company
was sold at sheriffs sale here to sat
isfy Judgment for JEJ.690. issued by
the 8th district court here on June
10 In favor of Phil Karner et aL,
plaintiffs, for debt.
S. B. Brooks, of Greenville. Texas,
bought the property for the amount
of Judgment.
ine saie uuw nut n... ... ...
will not be built. It Is expected that
soon and will rush its completion.
Reports from the northwest Burk
burnett field. In Wichita county.
Texas, are to the effect that the Abner
Davis well No. 10. In the northwest
corner of block 75. Is flowing upwards
of 2000 barrels of oil from 15 feet in
the sand, exact llgures on prouucnuu
have not been made. The same com
pany's No. 9 well In the Immediate
neighborhood was reported down laOO
A Hereford. Texas, report Is that
the Hereford OH and Gas company is
nA tint in that fleM ta start actual
operations. The company Is rigging
up on section j. ivwiuuif .
east. IS miles northwest of Hereford
made and landowners had pooled 32,-
nnA - . ll. l r-- , O.t
VUU till 111 1-J 1 -J .
Frank IL Hitchcock, who was post-;
master general in the cabinet of pres- j
tdent William H. Taft, gave out an i
interview in Santa Fe a few days ago ,
in which he stated his firm belief that
oil will be found in New Mexico In '
paying Quantities. He said he based
that belief upon the opinion of geolo
gists whom he knew and In whom he
had confidence, air. nurnrocK nas
mining interests In the Mogollon dis
trict in Socorro county, N. M.
Ranger Texas. Aug. 9. The Flncher
No. 8, seven miles southeast of Breck
enrldce. in Stephens county. Is mak
ing 2200 barrels of oil dally from a
ten foot Rand which was encountered
at 3200 feet. This test is located on 1
section 3352 of the Texas emigration i
land survey. j
The sixth producing well on the II
Harrison tract is the No. 8 of Dorsey, 1
Gholson et aL This tract is situated
four and a half miles west of Ranger. i
The Harrison No. 8 Is producing 1800 1
barrels of oil dally from sand encoun- !
tered at 3100 feet and extending to !
3465 feet This company's No. 7 is
standing 1500 feet In olL
Kan Ane-elo. Texas. Aur. 9. At a
depth of 2S00 feet, the Whiteside OH
and Gas company's test Is being helf
up, pending the arrival of tools for a
fishing Job. A bit is lodged at the ,
bottom of the hole and must be re- i
moved before operations may Con- j
tinue. 1
With the breaking down of the en- ,
glne. work has been temporarily sus
pended on the Texas-Elkhorn syndi
cate's test on the George Richardson
ranch near Water Valley at a depth
of 3850 feet. The diameter of this test
measures six and five-eighths lnchea
Work will be resumed as quickly as
Marshall. Texas. Aug. 9. There are
three oU producing wells In the
southern section of this county. One
well is now filling Its third $00 gallon
tank. Two strong gas pockets were
encountered while this well was being
sunk, but these were cased off.
Two other wells are on the pump.
The larger portion of the southern
part of the county is under lease, sev
eral of the large companies, including
the Texas. Magnolia and the South
western are In the field with large
Shreveport, La, Aug. 9. For the
consideration of 132,000. the Sinclair
company has acquired a S32-aere tract
in the Claiborne field In the northern
part of Louisiana. This property is
near the Lowenberg tract on which
the Standard OH company brought In
two good producers.
A San Angelo. Texas, report Is that
the only deep test being made in Val
Verde county. Texas. Is down 1700
feet with a ten Inch hole. This well
is on the Whitehead ranch, i! miles
south of Sonora.
Tew Completions Eeported
and Many Drilling m
Proven Field.
The following Is the latest status
of operations in Eastland county:
Fort Ring Oil company, town lot No.
J, drilling at 1100 feet.
Tex-Penn OH company, W. E. Greg
ory No. 1. drilling at 2700 feet.
Tex-Penn OH company. Crowell No.
3. drilling at 2.750 feet.
Taylor interest. Tabernacle No. 1.
drilling at 1530 feet.
" Continental Tetroleum company, B.
L Terry. No. 1, drilling at 1000 feet.
Warren-Wasger. B. L Terry No. 1,
completed with n estimated produc
tion of 2800 barrels of oil dally.
Tex-Penn OH company. Mary
Lewis No. 2, drilling at 3200 feet.
Macnolla Petroleum company. Odle
No. 2. drilling at 2800 feet.
Mannolla petroleum company. Car
ruth No. 1. drilling at 15000 feet.
Star Gas company. J. H. ituhing No.
1. drilling at 2609 feet.
Mid-Kansas Oil and Gas company.
n r, n,.i.vn 1 ilrllllnirst 1 1 fin fet.
Humble OH and Rellnmg company, aerway on mis lease is uowu i
U. & Davis No. 1. drilling. at 2610 feet.; depth of 300 feet. The company has
Beaver Valley Oil -mpany. tt L opened Its local offices In the Knights
Terry No. 1. completed with a produc-i of Pythias building here,
tion of 2500 barrels of oil dally. The Texas Cushrng oil Development
Comanche County company. B. L company has Just brought ten experi
Terry No. 1. completed, with a produc- enced drillers and tool d ressers from
tion of 2500 geet. I Oklahoma and expect to hasten work
Hanger kock lsiana uu compiny,
Schallenburger No. 1 completer, fro-
ilncinir 500 harrels.
Magnolia Petroleum company, 1. C
Berry No. 1, total depth 3000 feet
Making 50 barrels.
Mary Elizabeth OH company. Hen
derson No. 1. drilling at 2C30 feet.
Tex-Penn Oil comoanr. Mary E.
Lewis No. 2. completed, making five;
barrels. t
Slnclafr Gulf company. Hogg No. 5,
schut in as a gas well, total depth
254 feet.
Skelly and Sankey. Hogg No. 14,
producing SS0 barrels.
Skelley-Sankey. linds No. 1, cleaning
out after being shot at a depth of
2S00 feet.
The King 8 Oil company No. 2 has
been organized at Fort Worth. Texas,
with a csDltal of S98.000. The organ
izers of King 8 No. 2 are T. L. Black,
president: R. L. Dewees, secretary and
treasurer; J. J. Whltlock. Aubrey
Chapman. K. Cromer. William
Schmidt. W. H. Perkins. W. IL Meyers
and J. M. Hobson. directors. These
same officers and directors are the or
ganizers of the King 8 Oil company
No. 1. which has already declared one
dividend and expect another by Sep
tember 15.
The holdings of King 8 No. 2 are In
the northwest part of block 67 and on
the same geological structure as the
big producers in that section.
Several tests are about to be com- ;
menced In the western part of Bell I
county. Texas. The Melon well was j
expected to be started up this week.
The arrival of the boiler and engine .
was holding back work on the Nolan
Bell well. Derrick timbers were said
to be en route for the Killeen Bell
well and machinery on the way for!
the Eclipse well.
- A Wholesome Product
"Velvet" ice cream is a practical food frozen food. It's an ideal
table article which is as enjoyable as the most expensive table luxury,
and yet it is an economical, wholesome product a real body-building
food for every day use and Sundays too. Properly made ice
cream, wherein only the purest of materials are employed in the
making, is cheap insurance against sickness.
because it will do you good. Only the best of everything is used in
making this very practical food delicacy. "Velvet" ice cream is
for the man or woman who works, as well as for the children and
those who indulge in strenuous play.. It's nourishing thirst-quenching,
cooling. It keeps you clear-headed for the long, hot afternoon.
At most fountains, drug stores, and cafes.
Velvet Ice Cream Co.
Phones 1 53 and 1 54. 7 1 5 East Mo. St.
New Well Extends the Pro -
duction Half a Mile
Dallas. Tex, Aug. 8. The Lv V.
Ferguson well, of the Humble Oil and
Refining company, came In Thursday
night and is making five thousand
barrels today. It is on a seventy five
acre tract seven mUes west and a lit
tle south of Ranger. The well ex
tends Its production about one half
mile west.
It lies a mile north and west of I
Norwood number one. Number two
and three are locations on the same
Pay sand was hit around 3000 feet.
The same company got a three thou-
.sand barrel well at z&vo :eei on tne
E.;D. C Davis place in Desdemona ter
ritory inursaay.
nirvs BIG LEASE.
Stamford, Texas. Aug. S. The
Stamford Oil and Gas company recent
ly purchased the lease owned uy Kxe
mer and McGlnley. situated nine miles
southeast of Stamford. This tract
consists of 2500 acres. The test un-
Thn Tms i n t ml oil comnany Is
placing material on its lease south of
Sagerton and will begin drilling at
If you are going to buy or sell see
Lee Newman, Tenement Specialist.
So rood,
py THE
TRIANGLE BEVERAGES The True Fruit Drinls are on sale by
all good dealers and at soda fountains. Trie Triangle label on tie
bottle is your assurance of PURITY. Insist on tie genuine.
Triangle Beverages are cheaper by the case order a case for the
home today.
l 209Tcx.sSl
EL PASO'S business women
specially find that it is
here they can get better
things to eat, prompter service
and more reasonable prices
than in any place in El Paso.
THE same delicious ice cream g
which we serve at the foun- j
tain is the same kind we sehd to g
your home. g
Telephone 812 right now and j
place an order for the ice cream g
for soar Sunday darner. g
4 Qa SxTtezi Acetw
so sxtlstjinz. 00 IcfiescritablT
that ererr slo fUIs too with dellzht!
irata pp in tout step, too, and roses In tha cheeks
of the little folks. Mule from Nature's pure roots
and herbs, according: to the old o rig-trial Ir.
Swetfs recipe & favorite with the thlrstr fcr
riore than fifty years. Keep a few bottles on lee
always. Serre It with meals and In bet centimes.
Sold at the focut and In bo tiles ererywherew
Be sure to aak for It by name eay Dr.
Tri-State Beverage Co.
Paso Texas.
Tncson Aria.

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