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rii uouDie jam jjTom
Brooklyn; New York and
Chicago Break Even.
N Y jk 20 Cincinnati
ln h frst game and
" f.-cf ' 'lav Rmr 1-
th- .i nr EiIt
-rd hits tn the
r h innne whn
1 on Konelchy's
R. h. :
1 10
P.ina and Winffo,
' k-j. per.
ll (iBIKf.
.. 4 0 1 4 1 0
4 0 9 8 0 s
4 i i : a
. . . . 4 : i 3 fl J
. . 1 i 0 1 0 p
4 0 ; 3 4 e
4 ft 4 2 e II
1 1 0 0 0 n
1 l 0 4 1 n
4 1 1 0 I 0
. . . -4 13 :7 12 1
A B R H PO A F ,
. . . 4 0 2 5 3 1 1
4 0 0 1 1 1
. . . . 4 0 1 1 0 0 ,
. . 4 1 1 3 0 '
.... t o o ; l ,
4 o io o ii
4 0 9 1 1 0
... 3 0 0 J 4 1 J
.3 0 0 0 4 0
3 i : 16 a
00i 101 til e
"0 000 001 1
bae hits. Olson. Z
-i b.iars, Griffith. Ko--'n.t.'-if
jc hit. Daubert.
it-if.ce fir Rath. Don
hr. n KonMchv: Kopf.
Mruckoat, Eller, S:
i :t it- f rt -victory tn Xw
icon 1 'akmg th" f.rst half
York took the
Bsnirs won his
- iit National league
if frames Tuesday.
R. H. E.
mi 510 000 t 11 0
ff'O nnn no Z 8 1
- Al-xandT and Kil
11 las, infra. Dubac
Serid Gam.
0 1 t
2 2 2
13 0
2 14 0
10 0 0
Zi i 8 24 10 0
4- 0
4 0
; i
s o
3 0
t 3
2 5 5 2" 17 1
for CarT in ninth,
. oi mo ooo 1
. 003 c:o O0x 5
Two ba- hit Fletcher. Zim--rVn
bac f Chase Barns 2,
f.e hit. Pa.sk Tt Sacrifice fly,
on balls, off Hendrlx. i. In
i. H'ndnx. C 1-8; Carter, 1 2--
MAKES you the very
unusual offering of
IttV stock dividend
if v, u hav on or be-
- in Af that date the
i go up "-u can buy now
j share cet one extra
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-1 1 the t w."i 1 be 25c a
Now - toot chance to
j'r nifc id price. We'll
- -; a-j SI -K-rth hut we will
nvri tha-i 5101 worth to
Cunt - a wildes- I: w-ea offered
v i nerr cam Me. but .t
- i ,o b, :m- The Bat
-1 ,,-i-r-on 30 -mill ion -ft Gas Well
- ! It right 1 -Ue us, w-t
fc - rr and r-n Wing td
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-v :: at the low price. We
("i ftfres to dpvelop In the
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IT we do your few shares
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Geaeral ArenU.
Ifmns Bide.. rrt Worth, Texas.
TUT? iJWIIAlmr r err anr-
ur i jic hi r jhudix jnim or
o tor 20 Cents 3 for 20 cents
The Uniform Workmanship Guarantees Quality and Salkjacljon
To The Smoker.
La Internacional Cigar Factory
m dr.
Physician and Surgeon
Piles Cared Without Operation
Write for Information
20G"a Mesa
gaat Tex. Sank Bldg
Tast Builder Aggregation
Meets Dodgers Saturday
and Gunners Sunday.
By substituting foi the Tompkins'
Terriers Saturday afternoon in the
scheduled pastime with the Duty
Dodgers. Ma. R. R. Xeyland's Eighth
engineer league leaders, will repay
a previous game played by the Ter
riers in their atead and will also help
to balance the Army and City league
schedule by meeting the 82nd artillery
n fcunday in the second game of the
ouhle bill.
Maj. .Neylana returned
the city Tuesday from Cloudcrof t,
where his organization has been sta
tioned and readily agreed to play two
frames this weekend, when asked
about the matter at . the weekly
executive meeting: Tuesday night He
win prooaoiy worx wees in the Sat
urday game and pitch himself on Sun-
Some Good Rulings Made.
Managers in attendance at the
eecutie meeting discussed at length
the matter of balancing the schedule,
which is at present a bit onesided,
in vjew of the absence of several
teams during the past two months.
According to present plans, however,
it will be even again within the next
three weeks and all six clubs will be
engaged in the pennant race with a
record of having played each the
(arae number. In the case of the
Eighth engineers the margin of games
played by this team and other dubs
or the league, will be materially de
creased Saturday and Sunday after
noons, when the doubleheader Is
Abont Foal Balls,
Some legislation that will be very
valuable to the Infielder was passed
by the managers in the ground rule of
allowing a fielder to catch a foul fly
outride of the diamond territory If
he can reach it without stepping over
tne xence. or late there has been
. considerable discussing about the ?ub-
ject of the ball being in play when
a fly Is lifted Into the bleachers and
grandstand and it seems as If the
plaver has an excellent chance of
nabbing it. He will not be permitted
to jump the fence or run back of the
screen backstop to get the fly. but If
he can reach It by standing outside
of the screen fence he is entitled to
the out if one Is made.
Double Bill Labor Day.
Labor day will be celebrated locally
by a doubleheader in the afternoon
at Rio Grande park. The league presi
dent was authorized to tender the
services of the league to the Daugh
ters of the Confederacy on that date
and the game will be made a bene
fit affair for the monument fond of
the Wade Hampton chapter. Suitable;
arrangements will be made so that;
the teams of the league will receive:
a portion of the gate receipts for the
r layers and other Incidental expenses.
Hit by pitcher, Barnes, 1.
by Barnes. 2; by Hendrlx, 2.
Struck on t.
At Boston. .B.H.E.
St Loaia 2M !M M I 9 1
Boston OM 000 ,111 9 1
Batteries: St. Lenta. Woodward and
demons: Boston. Fllllnfflzn, McQuillan and
Second game. R. H. 1Z
St. Lonls O0 01. 000 M I C 1
Boston 006 001 000 01 ! 9 1
At Philadelphia. R. H. E.
Pittajurs 010 001 010 0
Philadelphia 04 00 040 I 8 2
Batteries- Plttatmrr. Adams. Carlson
and Schmidt; Philadelphia. Meadows and
ScniaticnEl Developmenti!
TEXAS CRUDE has consolldatea
with the All -Tex Oil Company
and these, together with the
properties of the Ranger-Worm.
Union Central. East Paris and Hub
companies will constitute, the Texas
Crude Oil & Refining Company, the
strongest buy on the market in
Texas Oil stock. One dollar a
Khare. Stockholders or the Texas
Crude Oil Company are requested
to send In their certificates for
transfer share for share. One two
mil lion -dollar company unites with
a mi.iion-and-a-nalf company, ana
with the properties of four other
companies included, offers a three-million-dollar
company. AH the
added aesets go in for the benefit
of the stockholders with les fttock
against 'hem than before. Produc
tion now. Tou know how Texas
Crude paid diridendft. Watch for
higg-er and more frequent dividends
from the new Texat Crude. Buy
now at one dollar.
Oil & Refining Co.
General Agents. E.P.H.
610 Main St.. Fort Worth. Texas.
7 cents
Ave. El Paso. Tex.
ffl Ionarch cf the Independent 9
I Companies. ffl
'APWatmiSim 3SaW73i
White Sox Take Two More
From Athletics and In
dians Best Yankees.
Detroit. Mlch Anr. 10. Combining time
ly attune with fees, on bill. Detroit de
feated Waahljigton Tuesday.
Washington. AB R II PO A E
Janvrtn. zs.
Milan, ef. 4
Rlee. rf. 4
Menoaky. If. 4
Gharrity. lb. 4
Shanks, as. .............. 4
Leonard, lb. 2
Agaew. c. 2
Harper, p. 1
Zaehary, p. 0
I am n a
t t 0 t
Totals ..3J 2 8 I
xBatted for Harper In sixth.
xz Batted for Zaehary
Detroit. AB
Bush. ss. 4
Tonne. b. 3
Cobb. ef. 2
Vmch. If. j, 3
Ifetlmann. lb. 4
Shorten, rf. 2
Jones. 3b. 4
Aiasmlth, c 4
Dsusa. p 3
0 113
1 2
0 t
1 2
1 0
Totals 25
7 11 27 12 1
Score by tnnlnss.
Washing ton 001 OtO 001 2
Detroit Ml lit 02x 7
Summary: Two bas hits. Leonard.
Tonne. MtaBoakT. Thres basa bit. Jani.
Stolen bases. Cobb. 2; Jones. Alnsralth. Sac
rifice hltt. Arnew, Young. Sacrifice fly.
Cobb. Teach. Double plays. Jones to Toss?
to Heilmann: Bash te Young to Toung to
Hotlmann: Rlee to Agnew. Base to As
new. Base on balls, off Harper. 4; off
Danes. 1. Ianlnrs pitched. Harper. 8 :
Zaehary. 3; QUI. 1. Struekeut. by Har
per. 2. by Dauss. 3; by OUT. J.
OX TAKE AM -Chicago.
HL. Aur. 20. Chlcaro. after
losing the lead, stared rallies In the sev
enth and etcnth aad orertook Philadel
phia, and won. making a clean sweep of
the series Tuesday. Weaver's batting was
a feature.
Barrus. lb. ...
Kopp. cf.
Walker. If. ...
Burns, If.
Witt. Ib.
Dugan. as
Thomas. 3b. ..
Perkins, c ....
Johnson, p. ...
Kinney, c ....
Totals 25 T II 54 11 1
xBatted for Kinnty In ninth.
Chicago. AB K H PO A E
Liebold. rf. 1
xxaicxniun l
Williams, p. 0
E. Collins. Ib. 1
Wearer. 3b. 4
Jacltson. If. 3
Felach. cf. s
Oaadil. lb. 4
KJsrc. se. 2
scnajk. c. 4
Lowdermllk. p. ......... 1
xMarphy 1
Faber. p 1
Mayer, p. 0
Collins, rf. 1
.11 S It 27 IS 1
xBatted for Lowdermllk In sixth.
xxBatted for Collins In elchth.
Score by innlnsa.
Philadelphia MI 011 2M 7
Chlcaro 101 42x I
Summary: Two base hit. Murphy, stolen
liases, )Copp. Thomas. Rlsberr. Sacrifice
bit. Rlsberr, EL Ce4ns. Walker. Witt.
Johnson. Barns. Double play. Gandll to
Bfeberr. Base -on halls -LowdennllK. 4 :
Johnson. C: Faber. 1- lantnrs pltehed.
Lowdermllk. 1: Faber. 11-1; Mayer. 1 2-1:
Williams. 1; Johnson. ?; Kinney, 1. Hit br
pitcher. Br Faber. 1. Balk. Johnson.
Strnckont. Lowdermllk, 1; Johnson. 1; Kin
ney. 1: Williams. L
At Clereland. R.H. E.
New Tork 1M 043 04 1 1
Clereland 012 002 0,15 It t
Batteries: New York. Qttlnn. Shore and
Hannah; Cleveland. CTeleskle and O'NeilL
At St. Louis. PH-B.
Boston too 000 000 0 1
St. Louis 10 201 Oil 5 10 1
Batteries: Boston. Hoyt. McGraw and
Wolters; St- Louis. Llefield and Severeld.
: g
SI Texas Leasrue Standing;.
8 Fort Worth.
V. U Pet
.31 21 .56
.10 23 .itS
U 27 .471
.24 2S .430
.22 2S .453
.22 27 .44
.20 34 .370
San Antonio. ...
Where They rlay Thursday.
Waco at Ft. Worth.
Shreveport at Dallas.
Houston at Galveston.
San Antonio at Beaumont.
American Leacne Standing.
IV. L. Pet
Chicago 67 39 .432
Detroit 61 43 37
Cleveland 60 4S .171
St. Louis 56 48 .133
New York 55 48 .434
Boston 48 (6 .462
Washington 42 63 .4M
Philadelphia 28 74 .27$
Where They Play Thursday.
Washington at Chicago.
Philadelphia at Detroit.
Boston at Cleveland.
New York at St. Louis.
National League Standing.
W. L. Pet
Cincinnati 73 34 .682
New York 63 38 .624
Chicago K 47 .511
Pittsburg 50 53 .481
Brooklyn 51 54 .481
Botson 40 58 .403
St. Louis 30 61 .30
Philadelphia 37 69 .381
Where They Play Thursday.
Pittsburg at Brooklyn.
Cincinnati at Boston.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
St. Louis at New York.
Coast Leagne Standing.
, - W. L.
Vernon ...S
Los Angeles ...77
Salt Lake 68
San Francisco.... 64
Sacramento 60
Oakland 61
Portland 54
Seattle 45
Where They rlay Thursday.
Sacramento at Los Angeles.
Salt Lake at San Francisco.
Vernon at Portland.
Oakland at Seattle.
Up -to -the-Minute
Oil News
From Texas Oil Fields
Get your name on onr mailing list.
We are watching developments and
will furnish yon this information
Without Cost to You
Oil Operators' Blflg, Ft Worth, Texas.
Boxing Is Cleanest Of All
Sports, Says Gene Delmont
HEX the pasteboard box con
taining the set of gloves to be
used In the headliner contest last
Friday night at the Motor Group
arena was pushed Into the ring by
Lieut. Carl Studer, two broad shoul
dered, sturdy seconds stepped forward
to select mitts for the respective prin
clpals. One of them looked up from
his position over the box and with
a grin of recognition said. "Hello,
Johnny, bow are you tonight?" The
other also smiled and returned the
salutation with "Pretty good. Fred,
bow are you? Johnny Sudenberg.
southern department middleweight
champion, and Kid Fred George met
for the second time in tne ring, but
it was not exchange wallops but
amenities about the weather.
Bach Wax Adviser.
After the gloves were obtained
George and Sudenberg stepped back
into the corners, the former behind
Douelas and the latter as chief ad
viser to Gundy. While the gloves
were being tied on Sudenberg
steppea over to Douglas s corner ana
tied on the left glove of the little
fellow while George worked on the
ritfhL It was In this nosltlon that
they were noticed by Gene Delmont,
tne last mtie J4 em do is ooxer. wno
was occuoylng a seat over by Maj. T.
is. liurnett. me provost marsnai.
"Now there fa a xrood Indication
of the sportsmanlike feeling tn
tbe glove game when two boxers
irho have Just finished one of tbe
hardest battles of their career
meet and slap each other on the
bncfc," he declared. "Boxing Is
the? cleanest sport In the world or
It would have never received the
endorsement of high minded men
like Theodore Roosevelt. Gen.
Leonard Wood, and Gen. John J.
Real high class boxers look upon
the glove game merely as a business;
and engage in It because they like I
it and while T did not witness the
George-Sudenberg fight I am told it
AY I not suggest that the Cincin
nati Ballshevlki be disciplined
by the League of Baseball Clubs?
The dark cloud of black supremacy
having passed over the American
prize ring, it is Interesting to note
that an American negro gave Eng
land an awfnl fright in the very hey
day of her boxing patronage. It was
In 1810. and I take the facts from an
old Ergllsh print.
The subject of the sketch was Tom
Molyneux. a slave who took his name
from his owner, a wealthy planter In
Virginia. It was common practice to
pit "niggers" against each other for
the amusement of their masters, and
Tom showed marked skllL Algernon
Molyneaz. the planter's son. had
backed the negro In several fights,
and on one occasion while with a
gay set In Richmond and under the
Influence of liquor (a fluid used In
the United States prior to July 1,
191,) accepted a challenge involving
3100.000. On account of the great
stake young Molyneux offered his
slave his freedom as a prise for win
ning. Tom won tbe fight and with
it his freedom. After about five years
in New York, during which he fought
several battles, the ebony one was the
At Fort Worth R.H.E.
Fort Worth 4 5 2
San Antonio 2 8 3
Batteries: Fort Worth. Pate and
Haworth; San Antonio. MunselL Burch
and uioson.
At Dallas (1st game) R. H. E.
Dallas 0 7 0
Galveston 1 i 1
Batteries: Dallas, Flynn and Brock;
uaiveston. uudtrer am uewie.
Second game R. H. E.
Dallas I 0 1
Galveston 3 6 3
Batteries; Dallas. Moore. Carpenter
and Robertson; Galveston, Smith son
ana uowie.
At Shrevenort R.H. E.
Shreveport 2 10 0
Beaumont 1 8 3
Batteries: Shreveport. Xapier and
Vann: Beaumont. Bailey and Alexan
At Waco (1st game) R. H. E.
Waco 4 10 1
Houston 8 1
Batteries: Waco. Donalds and
White; Houston, Edmondson and
becona frame r. h. e.
Waco 3 i 2
Houston 4 7 1
Batteries: Waco, Blunk. Zinn and
Hark Ins; Houston. Harris and Noycs.
At San Francisco IL H. K.
Salt Lake 9 It t
San Francisco. 6 11 4
Batteries: Salt Lake. Stroud and
Spencer. Brlr; San Francisco. Scott,
Conch. Bromley and Baldwin.
At Portland R.H. E.
Vernon 10 tt 1
Portland 3 7 4
Batteries:. Vernon,. Flnneran. and
Brooks: Portland, Penner and Baker.
At Los Angeles R. H. K.
Sacramento X 7 1
Los Angeles. 1 12 4
Batteries: Sacramento. Malls and
Cook: Los Angeles. Pertica and Boles,
At Seattle R. H. E.
Oakland' S It 2
Seattle t 0 t
Batteries: Oakland. Falkenburg and
Elliott; Seattle, Relfrer and Lapan.
At Memphis Memphis 0; Birming
ham 8-
At Nashville Nashville 2; Atlanta 5
At Little Rock Little Rock 6; Mo
bile S.
At Chattanooira Chattanooca 3:
New Orleans 3.
At St. Paul St. Paul 6: Columbus 2.
At Minneapolis Minneapolis 7: In
dianapolis 3.
At Wichita Wichita 4-3; Tulsa 6-12
At Joolln Jopltn 2-5 : Oklahoma
City 1-7.
At St. joseon st. Joseph 5: ues
Moines 1.
At Sioux City sioux city Z: Oma
ha 4.
Many 1 Fasoans are spendlnc their
week-ends fishing this summer. We
can supply you with the necessary
eaulDment for such an outlntr and
also furnish you with the Sl.tt license
that permits you to xish in Elephant
Butte Dam. Fishing taekle. lunch
baskets, outtna- salts and all other
accessories may be secured here.
we close promptly at 6 oclock on
Feldman'M SOS San Antonio St AdV
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of new Nettleton's for Men? When
you buy a shoe these days you want
snoe with a name. Th name
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want We have that style.
Lrrnrr Sho Co- 225 San tntonlo St i
El Taso's Foot Comfort Store. Adv. j
was one of the fastest battles that
has ever been held around here.
Likes to See Theui.
"It does me good to see two boxers
oi tnis type meet ana snase nanas,
and when they climb into the Tine:
opposing each other they do the best
tney can ana fight in a clean sports
manlike manner In all of their con
tests. Glove fans are realizing now
tnat tbe old business of "framing up
fights Is cone and that onlv the clean-
cut manly boxer of the order of these
two are the ones they like to see.
Meets Tommy Carter.
Gene occuoied a seat directly behind
the corner of Gundy and had quite a
inenaiy little cnat witn Tommy far
ter, the southern department light
weight champion.
Tommy wn assistant chief tn
Candy, corner and worked on the
cavalry scrapper between rounda
with the veteran Billy Smith and
Johnny Sudenberg. Delmont
praised Carter highly stating that
he had heard much. of the fast lit
tle boxer nnd wished hint good
luck when he meets champion
Benny Leonard In Arizona some
time within tbe next month or
Delmont recently returned from
overseas and while in the east was
greatlv impressed with the favorable'
outlook for the legalizing of boxing j
in many of tne states. lie meets i
Otto Wallace on Labor day at the
Studorlum. "There is no doubt but
that every exaoldler. marine and sai
lor will boost for clean boxing as he
knows how vital it is to his training
as a first class fighting man. he told
The Herald sporting editor. "It has
been endorsed by the highest officials
of the army and the public now under
stands that clean boxing is on a par
with baseball and the tans are
anxious everywhere to se high class
A great many boxers were pro
duced among the overseas units
and It In safe to annum e that
everr American boy now under
stands the rudiment of the nrt of
self defence.'
first to claim the American cham
pionship. As the game was then,
however, almost an exclusive English
sport, and no white American would
probably have fought a negro, Moly
neux made his way to England, to
challenge Tom Cribb for the cham
pionship of the world. For a man of
this despised race, having sprung
from slavery, to show such pluck,
though it offends racial pride, ar
rests attention and forces respect. Of
course the idea of fighting the Eng
lish champion seemed rather ambi
tious and the sable gladiator had to
"go get a reputation." He battered
down two worthy Englishmen, and
then came his opportunity with Tom
Crlbb. The great battle waa viewed
X v ; ,
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' buV. VclTet toi you
stana. aa.
by distinguished sportsmen and aris
tocratic patrons.
Imagine, if you will, this illiterate
black brute who besides his color and
lowly origKi. had the additional han
dicap of an ugly fae, entering the
ring to fight a white man, a very
popular white man. the recognized
premier fighter of the white race, and
doing this in a foreign land where
not a friendly eye or tongue greeted
him Indeed it was a challenge to
the whole assemblage for everywhere
he turned he saw aexiance envisaged.
To win would mean to be mobbed and
yet he dared to try. Could human
courage be more sublime?
Molyneux enters the ring under a
pale of silence. Cribb enters with
thunderous applause. Time Is called.
The gross Virginia nigger stands be
fore the English gentleman and the
world's championship Is at stake. The
betting odds are 4 to 1 on the gentle
man. A tense moment ensues as the
men eye each other, when of a sud
den Molyneux lands a powerful blow
on the ribs, but following a few ex-
rhlnl tho. 1Ri-itith.r fll the hlsrk
and a tremendous cheer arises. The I
second round Is furious, but Cribb de- I
livers a head blow that lays Moly- I
neux full length on the earth. The t
cheering beggars description. As If
the nearo's beelnnlnzs were not lowly
enough he must rise from the soil to
pursue bis ambition. He takes two
blows for every one he gives, but he
holds his feet. His ugly visage as
sumes hideous proportions, but his
fighting spirit never wanes and as
the rounds rotate, he knocks his op
ponent to his knees time and again.
The black man's strength seems to
mount u? as the Englishman's seems
to recede. The ringside irrows nerv
ous and the question arises, "Should
the black win, after alll So It seems,
for he fells Crib with a painful blow.
Bill Richmond, Molyneux's negro
backer, yells "Four to one on Moly
neux. For the conclusion of the battle I
quote from the English narrative:
"The moment Cribb was lifted to
his feet, burst forth a cry that was
almost pathetic in Its earnestness.
'Now, Tom, now. for God's sake, don't
let the nigger beat you. Go for him.
Tom, go for him: Old England for
ever In the 28th round Thomas
Molyneux fairly won the fight, and
the black awaited the award of vic
tory, his Just due. In the center of
the ring. But during the excitement
Joe Ward rushed across the rinsr to
j Bill Richmond, and accused him of
having placed two bullets tn the
black's fists. Molyneux was request
ed to open his hands, proving that
nothing was there.
"The ruse, however, succeeded, and
gave Cribb the opportunity to come
around. As they faced each other
again the champion dodged his man,
and by good luck succeeded in knock
ing him down. Yet nobody was quite
prepared for what was about to hap
pen. The cold had at last taken seri
ous effect upon the nigger. He was
seized with violent shivering, and all
at once he seemed to collapse. Crlbb.
seeing his condition, dashed In at his
foe. knocking him down. In the next
round, however, the black caught his
man round the waist and. threw him
heavily, but In doing so pitched over
him. and. bringing his head in contact
with one of his stakes, he lay there
upon his back in a eeml-stunned
ITIeauty Is as Beauty does that why 1MB
the Talge la the Most Beautiful Car MM
In America. Iieantlfnl without, Inx- mA
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What is Rheumatism?
Why Suffer From It?
Sufferers should realize
that it is a blood infec
tion and can be perma
nently relieved.
Rheumatism means that the Mood
has become saturated with tzric acid
It does not raantra medical advice
to know that good health Is abso
lutely dependent anon pare blood.
When the mnscles and joists become
sore and drawn with rheumatism. It
to not a win thing to take a little
salve and by rubbing it on tbe sore!
spot, expect to get rid of your rheu
matics. Ton mast go deeper than:
that, down deep into the blood where
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' A l?l - -- -- - -
tbe poison lurks and which is not ef
fected by salves and ointments. It is
Important that you rid yourself of
this terrible disease before It goes too
far. a a S. Is the blood purifier that
has stood the test of time, having
been in constant use for more than
fifty years. It will do for you what
it has done for thousands of others,
drive the rheumatic poisons out of
your blood, making it pure and strong
and enabling it to make you well
S. S. S. Is guaranteed purely vegetable,
it will do the work and not harm the
most delicate stomach.
Write the physician of this com
pany and let him advise with you.
Advice is furnished without charge.
Address Swift Specific Company. 233
Swift Laboratory. Atlanta. Ga. Adv.

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