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Warring Small Nations Defy Edicts Of Paris
Because The Allies Are. Unable To Use Force
f Hun -'t nations and
alii ' irtd more des
r n nc - ihat was to
- i e branch has
la i - t ted still more
r ,o K at each oth
" H5 e.'-.sTer Symplon
. -or ,i i ry throughou
' ' e - J as iwircel: i
, n j t- -,c-ance four-fifth- 1
n ' ' Europe lie idle I
r di " s .k; to ownership!
. -po- -i ire coal when
- .e z- . , r-.-s olamor to tl
"ii-s - - p i --ot one-twelffn
11 - c " - , .
ra.T .-.if .l'jtry throug-
oun - txccpiing' Gre t
v' " sp- .3 t' e snirit of cla.
, -de - i: land 2.on?.OC 1 ,
- a-e 5i - t ' I v governnert i
"'13' " i'-t own land1- (
..ict n because of
- - .wr - cpnrtation and '
c - !- rulers of the
"s r --i themselves
erif - - t r decrees on'
r na .
.re-nt P.racri Uefied.
v au ' r v tris have ,
- ' n c f ' i the world
i 'Ti v a n vealed
'- m -h w n the Ru-
.'d " 1 t -ouch Hun- J
i ir.r:r l j mured'
Labor Troubles and Unwillingness of Troops to Fight
i- Ti: .jti; -r-i i a .... t
vAMiiiJuuiM! jjiuiuuun oi jsig xive DyAuituae oi Italy
and Aloofness of Japan; European Anarchy
Feared Unless Solution Is Found Soon.
f the La Creole treat
La Creole will bring
ray, gray streaked,
t:iZz& hair to its youthful
errand beauty. LaCreole
ceriums no dyes and so
c - nc t cbanfee the color of
the Hsir suddenly. It works
::h nature and its effect
gradual but certain.
I tl'e capital city
j s -d a?t quantities of war mater-
i ,t1 and food, all in direct defiance of
th great powers. The subsequent
i wimarawai or Kumania with soft
wurds will not alter the fact that she
pot vi hat she wanted. And similar
independence on a smaller scale has
be.-n shown by every country in the
rear east
The writ of Paris no longer
run outside of Britain. France.
Dels i am and Holland. Scandinavia
and western Germany. Broadly
i speaking, the reat of Karope I
either in a state of complete anar
chy or in acting as it chooses.
Eten Italy, officially claused iu
one of the Kreat poiver, has
Trashed her rands of cooperation
with the allien In trying to faring
about order, and the decision of
the nrvr premier -itti to with
draw Italian troops from all the
interallied activities rras greeted
at home rrltb, enthusiasm.
Accounts of new war, revolution,
plots and intrigues merely add to the
confus.on and disgust of most Amer
ican readers, who have neither time
nor inclination to unravel so tangled
a skein. But our vi hole future is
wrapned up in this sad business, and
we c-nnot afford to look on with the
same lack of comprehension we did
m I9U. In this story I propose to
paint with broad stroke the general
European situation as it is today
rather than supplement the endless
details of particular rows and hor
rors which the cables carry daily.
Trro main perils confront En
rope today ( all others are second
ary.. One is the revolutionary
movement everywhere. fosteYckl
and encauraged by the success of
the Russian soviet republic fn
holding out. The second, in my
oinlon as serious, is the break
down of the balance of power.
S What is the balance of power? After
I the world dominion of Rome was de
stroyed bv the barbarians, a period
of anarcny supervened until after the
, reisn of Charlemane a rough
i equilibrium was brou-nt about be
l tween the nations. The theorv of
the balance of power was nothing
new; two thousand t-ars ago Poly
bius defined it thus.'Xor should so
great a power he allowed to anyone
as to make it impossible for you af
terwards to dispute with him on
equal terms concerning our mani
fest rights "
UI Coalition Wars.
From fharlemange onward this be
of Budapest and was to rule, not bv division hut hv
union, not by "balance of power" but
by "community of power."
On Verge or Anarchy.
iison failed, in Paris, to secure
this aim. As a result of the war. the
balance or power has been destroyed,
but there is no "community of pow
er, and most of the world Is on the
verge of anarchy. When the presi
dent now urges the senate to ratify
the league he brought back, he is
loolting not to the present but to the
The league may. If It gets start- j
ed. develop Into a world organiza
tion to keep the pence.. As at
present constituted It Is merely
an alliance of Amrrim. Tiwtn
Kraaee. Italy and Japan to Impose
their will In the Interests of peace
and order and in their own inter
ests, Th is all iancp Taa .
has in effect existed in Paris during
aid since the peace conference. But
thre have been and are rifts in the
IUte. Janan Is th rlnmin.nt nnwt-
in half of the world, indeed the only
strong native government in the east
urLcen . umornia and the frontier
ui rrauce; ana tne sincere adhesion
of Janan to th nact i mnM h
doubtful. Her ambitions in Asia her
anxiety to find an nutlet fnr-
vruwueu population, together with the
uppuiLunuy presented by the down
rail of Russia, and her failnr tn se
cure racial equality in Paris, combine
to raase ner annoyed with the be
havior of the western white nations.
One nation from five leaves four.
Out of the four great powers, which
fought the war together in Europe,
two show separatist tendencies. One
of these is the United States Our
refusal to keep a large army in Eu
rope, when doubts that the veteran
troops of Europe would consent to
remain longer in arms were pressed
upon W ilson, alarmed our allies,
though they politely said nothing.
e are hesitating to ratify the league
agreement, because we do not want
to be called upon to interfere in every
little Eurouean oumitaI Rut it wA
refuse to make ourselves responsible
for the peace of Europe, we cease
to be an effective member of the
league as at first conceived.
Italy Favors Xm Alliance.
If we are counted out, one from
four leaves three. Italy's growing
separation from her allies is more
marked and more certain than ours.
Robbed and tricked at Paris, as most
Italians think they were, many of
came more and more the policy of the 1 fho" V.vt t"y were, many o;
1 w... u J .them favor a new alliance wfth fir.
, Philip of Spam. Louis the Fourt?enth. I 5"' S"1?" Auaa aain8t the
, Xapolean and in our t.me William the ! fZf1!, na".d tew Danubian con
Second upre all at bottom coalition j of -Slva and Ruma-
-ars based on the desire to restore! , . ,
i the balance of power. All nations. mP idin"Germ" ofio
wbatever their quarrels or conflicting J"1 aJi sI1SSnd( The"
(interests or old enemities, were at ?th"d"V ta Si
, . . . , oi tne nress. and in trim nmna nf tha
a.iy lime relay 10 Dana losraier 10 a. , , , , H . o .7
r i
r - c. :;-a healthv condition
- ari scala which nature
- ' re6ned people use
- In coafawd wtta Jygs
1 1 " I- lock cn 1 5tain sch
" - M'jiIj op r c"
V-e3 is r soft fir- be;.nful Elim--"s
i-a-cru5 Garar:eed to hnr
'z t vz: $ color o- T-oiey rrfTir.ded.
"v fT fsa-. booklet, La
C-ecle 'Heir Bern--.-.
A r-T:frii5ts srd toilet coensexs.
P-.p SI CO
I 1 . r Dealer can't tspphryou. tend
-s -e and address. We will see
trii j are supplied.
at no wf.r o var a 11 "" leaning towards the central powers
!Sr?r ateory lesson, and whv o. hasroLV, """j
, drar Podvfclus and Charlemange into pSniiv fhh Itf0!1, IL !? mRsk
a news story" Because a little "high- f"1??1:'.? deI Cp?n re"
brow" discussion of the balance of if"11' f"i 4 f eeonomlc oues-
power is essential to an understand- ftlltli,5, i T"."rI be realized, one of two alternatives
tw , uT.-irJr.rZ.1 ?.uo" must be brought about. A hegemony
one power over the world might re-
est; but we have lost at least and
can most afford to be generous.
Now we get back to our old friend
the balance of power. In the middle
ages it was only when one country
-threatened to dominate Europe that
me principle or tne balance was in
volved and other countries coalesced
against the ambitious one. Continual
wars between more or less equal na
tions were the rule and aroused no
oDjectionft. in the I9the centucy.
to maintain peace, the balance of
power theory was enlarged and bal
ancing coalitions formed, of approx
imately equal strength, which acted
together to prevent war between
small countries that might drag all
Europe into strife. The object of
these coalitions was peace, although
Prussia, afterwards Germany, used
them to prepare her own hour to
strike for world mastery.
Back to Small States.
We are now witness in a- a revival
of the wars of the middle ages. The
balance of power has brooken down;
the three last autocratic empires, sole
survivors or tne imperial tradition,
have dissolved. For the first time
since Augustus assumed the purple
there is no longer a European Caesjr
czar and kaiser were both corrup
tions of the Roman title. Europe ha
again dissolved into small state.-,
Germany and France and Italy ai v
the largest left; but Germany is pros
trate and Italy, facing a revoiutio:.
ary crisis, is drawing away fro .a
There is no "balance between com - 1
peting groups of nations; thus one j
weak but partial safegurad of peace
has gone. There is no unity. Much
depends on France, for France how
ever exhausted remains the strongest
military and economic power on the
continent. But at the last these days
everything comes back to labor; and
soaring prices and business paralysis
in France have not left that gallant
country, whose sacrificed 1.600.000
lives against German v, in any position
to assume unaided the task of polic
ing Europe. Moreover, if the wishes
of a section of French politicians and
financiers should be followed and
France should attempt to dictate to
the continent while keeping on good
terms with England and America, the
old cry would go up that one power
was seexing to ruie aione.
The world has never since Charle
magne permuted this. Nt doubt a
coalition would be formed against
France If she sought to revive the
dictatorship of Napolean, which at
present is unlikely.
Who Can Step Them.
But as things stand, with no dicta
tor and no balance of power, who or
what is to restore peace and prevent
constant struggles between Poles.
Russians. Ruthenians, Rumanians.
Hungarians, Austrians, Bulgars. and
Bohemians and Southern Slavs' These
struggles are at present moderated
by the blockade threat: but once Eng
land and America have t feed the
starving and the new countries think
their food supply is assured, all the
records of history indicate they will
fly at each other unless prevented.
And who is going to stop them?
No doubt in time, by a couple of
devasting wars, the balance of power
can be restored, new empires or sovi
et republics arising and absorbing
their neighbors until an equilibrium
is reached again. But such a process
j of natural selection will take genera
tions and depopulate Europe.
unless tnis nopeiess prospect is to.
S,ZS Hungary 5h.w that they 2'
than France, England or Americl" l1;
Vea Vlc-t-Mamfitld Draft Cc.lfoAm
Menrpms, lean. 13
ing of the present s" nation in
woria: it is to
balance ff power tha' the present
formidable and alarming symptoms in
Europe ae mainly due.
It is nor pleasant to sav that our
country has failed in what she set
out to do in this war. We beat Ger
many and that 2t least was some
thing Germany tried to overturn the
balance of power and rule the world
as Rone once did, and thanks to us
che failed. But our president de
nounced the balance of power as an
nld. outworn theory that led to con-
understand it and can solve it better!
PT, h-j , v, j i power can naraiy se r ranee. lor a sea
"As France FnelanS S5?aSSl!aed: I "wr means economic strength, and
as x ranee. England and America are ! lavUs nnmr Jnnan is
ri-rff Vorfd" -SLSSECn0"1 ?e'r 5?S3iat wetknYtoo faraway
ourselves It will not be difficult:!
we snaii pernaps not even need to
move a cannon or machine gun. It
will suffice to tell the peonies of Eu-
rope, Asia and Africa distinctly that
uoeys me iriumverate no longer.
om. outworn tneory that led to con- and u d circumstances obey
JHr-. af.rfPr2,0Uo1;tthe tyrants of congress tS" conVe- i
t r c
Allison Has Furlough
Before Being Discharged I
mint unuui.u 11
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vtctIC s greatest authorities that
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New -rt.
she will confine herself to Asia. There
remain America and England as can
didates. I will not pursue these spec
ulations further.
The other alternative Is a realiza
tion of president Wilson's dream of a
"community of power," a United
States of the world. Of this at pres-
quences of such a, step on the part of powers affords no hope, and that fart
-- , ik um ui0 tvmagc or wtison s program was eitner ae-
to take it. would be enormous. The , feat ed or indefinitely postponed by
Austrians. Maygars. Bulgars. and the reace conference.
Turks, even the Egyptians, would If" this story seems unduly pesslm
fight in greater surety if Italy was 1st Ic, the writer can onlv plead an
with them in spirit, and if they knew
that the Italian army would under
no circumstances aid the trlumverte.
Beaten at the congress of Paris, we
can be the supreme arbiters of Euro
pean poh tics, if only we have the
courage to use our strength."
Italy Counted Oat.
These words, of course, do not rep
resent Italian government sentiment.
out iiaiy nas withdrawn her soldiers
from all interallied activities, stopped
honest effort to present the situation
as it seems. Conditions in the past,
and perhaps by substituting economic
for military pressure we can restore
and maintain peaces-Copyright 1919,
by the McClure Syndicate.
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For Skin Made Flabby
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Relums To His Home If
through Adriatic ports to allied
i troops m the east, and it seems safe
i to count Italy out, as an effective
j member of the Paris council, willing
(to back up her words with deeds.
' One from th ree I eaves two. By
elimination, we have reduced the
Paris allies to two nowers. England
and France, whose rulers are willing ; .
to use force anywhere on the conti- Sailor dels IJiSCnQrOe
jnent to tarry out the conference de-. " VJCIO i-aoctuigc,
crees. They are willing, but can
they? Italy and Japan are doubtful:
America remains great factor, in
some ways the greatest, because she
controls more economic strength than
aujune eise. uut tne last resort ev-
eryining in sucn conditions as main
tain in the east depends on soldiers,!
the willingness and ability to use'
them I
iwl frim ii hut 1 Ka .- t t I I
ly doubtful whether labor in either '
jcngiand or France will permit the
use of Tommies or Poiolus in trying
-u cuie D'mnaaries as .fans wants
them settled. Labor is in such a posi
tion m both countries that iim.n-
ceau and Lloyd George dare not defy '
i uciuiauji U ICU lO KICK QV r
the traces, at least at present, th
old war reeling would revive and
prompt action could be taken bv will
ing troops; but the men rho fought
the war do not want to fight again '
to enforce decisions in the near east
upon populations they knew nothing
oi anu care noining about. And I
do not think thev will so fiehi with
labor at home backing them up a it
' 1- HP 4 cjlirin .elf contained Mine Hol.t
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If my Interpretation of the fa.,
be accepted, the weakness of the im
posing congress of powers in Parit
now stands revealed. Hitherto fit
least, a country's at rn o-rh n )...
San, winds and flyinr dust often cauie u orlri ho rt.tA m th i-.r
sculntina' and other contortions whi'-h i pl. , i.".
make wrinkles. You can Quickly gei rid , 'f ' , ', Vil J v "iS c
of ever, ,.ae. how-ver caused., by unS , K f"?. 'flfSl'J
fan ounce of powdered saxoilte in a hair ! themselves; indeed Britain and Amer
I pint of witch haxel. The ingredients can , ica are so strong they can scarcely bo
I of course be had at any drug store. attacked But the bfg five is, offen-
iWhon depressed by the heat and yon sively weak, it cannot enforce lis
want to freshen up quickly for the after- ! decisions by arms, because of di-sen-mmtTrfh-'nV1
f". for 1 slon between the ffve dominant coun
moments in the saxolite lotion. You 11 I tripq hcm. th. nimn
"na tnis more refreshing than an hours . .h--. liii TT. " H .
rest. It is fine for overcomes that ap- , most of l; he Wlll no' countenance
-pearance of flabbiness so common in hot ! ue VJ troops for interfering in ,
oiner lanus no maiier now loity the
motnes of Intervention. The soldiers
now tnohilixed know the peoples will
ie nenna mem, 11 mey do not want
to fight.
If the Paris dictators have anv pow
er left throughout suffering Europe
it is because they control the food,
the raw materials and the credits.
America In tfaeae reaneefn
stand strongest of nil, with Eng
land seeand, France and Italy are
weak i Japan counts only In Aula,
Bnt the big fle cannot agree
concerning the disposition of
economic aid, their strongest
weapon Is paralyzedt and It Is no
secret that the bitterest commer
cial jealousies have been aroused
betvreen all of the countries concerned.
If .
the facts were known of the
M 'Ml
m. w i ill
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navy August 9. 1918, went to San
Diegro, Calif., and was stationed there
three months; and was then sent to
Hampton Roads, Virginia, where he
was stationed nine month".
received his diT'iarcre ami
iniriKues in nrnrrpue mi- i it . ir- -, ,
. h.nds I think nould show the clean- JLaLghlin, me at i-ort ' Bliss." "
Pershing Would Leave
U. S. Dead Overseas
As Reminder To Allies
Washington, D. C Aup. 10. Gen.
Pershing, in a cablegram to the war
department, has expressed the opinion
that the bodies of American soldiers
who died abroad should be left near
where they fell.
"I believe that, could these soldiers
speakk for themse!es. they would
wish to bo left undisturbed with their
comrades with whom they fought the
last fight." Gen. Pershing said.
"Those who rest in England gave
their Iive in the same cause and their
Fie ha. remains represent the same saltation
turner ic.-t thofe who lie on the battlefields.
J "The graves of our soldiers consti
tute, if they are allowed to remain, a
perpetual reminder to our allies of
tne noeriy and locals upon which the
greatness bf America rests, I think
the sentiments above outlined are
held by many who nave siren this
subject thought. These sentiments
should appeal to the relatives and
friends. 1 recommend that none of
our dead be removed from Europe un
less their nearest relatives should de
mand, after a full understanding of
all the sentimental reasons against
such renin ai. and further recommend
that immediate steps be taken for per
manently improving and beautifying
our cemeteries."
Washington. D. C, Aug. 20. Col.
William 11 Johnson, infantry, has
been ordered to El Paso He will re
port to the -1th infantry, which is at
Columbus, X. it
Steel Helmets Adopted
Ufficially As Part Of
U. S. Army Equipment
Washington. D. a. Aug. SO. Steel
helmets having been officially adopted
as part of the army's war equipment,
steps will be taken to insure a re
serve snpply of the new tvpe designed
hi ? r- "riiisn helmets now
will be disposed of. except for about
000.000. which will ha k.nt
duction of the new model in Quan
tities is assured
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