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El Pasoans Say
Clnunf.v Tlnpsn'f.
County Officials Say Ferguson-Bailey
Party Won't
Amount To Anything.
e ip no i mcauihty of the for-;
" cf a ne j'emocratic party in1
. j count- patterned after the
-T the Jit Ptrg:uson or Joe B&l-;
.is of I
' J Tort V .
HI Paa,
t ' e opir
I -"aunty v
Leaves "Obey"
From Ceremony
At the Altar
Girls, Here's a Minister At
Last Who Doesn't
Believe In It.
Rev. Dr. J. 1L Robertson was sitting-
in his room last Monday night
at 619 Magoffin avenue when his
reading1 was interrupted by the en
rth recently, accord -onty
officials- All
i that the democracy
ill stand pat during
t tion3 rf i'jzq rather than
; ' like irany of tbe old guards
der cracy who recent b
t ' hig t dic' at the Byere
j - t use ie t urt ortn last week,
u i belit-i c the Ferguson -Bailey
m amojr; -o try much in anv
i of the Mat- and will practi
a.e no l.ifUence in El Paso
said jude't W. D. Howe, ot
'1 '.istni LourL
i .a.r opin r.s were expressed dj
B. AS i unlock. I am cer-
' it tne r- vi political party born
recentlj will not
t :ch and I am more
1 not leave the Dem-
any new party
that I -
t i by former governor James
7 ' s abs :jily nothing to it,"
. Leigh Llark, district attor
i med up the nw political
--"ently created In North Texas,
i r senator Baile s intentions
-lips pat-ioti- but his anti
'i suffrage plan and Ins anti-pro-n
plank ul weigh him down
if reforms ns p come to stay. '
Snirsesta Party amp.
H Inpran who sins himself
lfederat ' writing The Her
c -a Phoeni. savs:
i r ad of ex-p-nator Bailey's ef-
: tart a new party with sur-
T think hf bad better stay with
Er 1 old Democratic party that
"orpd him -o hifrhiy in the past.
"rjbition nd female suffrage
r- 1 'us kosll, ana so UD he riles
I -ugeest a name for th ner
Thre- B Beer. Baiiev
S I --jgrgest a narr
- ' Thre- B i
racy at Coving- i trance of two couples of young peo
ple. One of the young men said to
him: "We have a boy and girl here
who are crying- their eyes out to get
"Well. now. that's too bad, and must
not be allowed. said the doctor and
he proceeded to business.
In a few words Mark Miller, Jr
and Miss Florence Spires were united
in marriage
When the doctor was asked whether
he had made the young- woman prom
ise to love, serve and obey her hus
band, with eyes twinkling and a smile j
on his face, he renlied"
"Why, nC. Of all the manv couples
T have married; I never did require
anv promises from either party. I j
rntr at them, note that thev are In
telligent and In earnest, and simply
remind them that very early In crea
tion God noticed that it Is not good
for man to be alone. Then I con
gratulate both of them upon their
desire to line up with God's judgment
on that subject. When they tell me
that they are taking each other as
husband and wife until death shall
part them, I tell them that I declare
thm to be husband and wife, and
after a brief invocation of God's
blessings upon them, I let it go at
You see. I take it for granted that
two young people who have sense
enough to legally become one, will
Hp deferential toward each other, and
will ever after live happilv together.
"No. if the woman were required to
make such a promise, she would not
keep it, unless she wanted to. If she
wished to do so she would do It. any
way, and so what's the good of the
Schools To Have
Heavy Increase
hi Attendance
Anii-Saloon Attorney
Says New Texas Parly
Of Bailey Is Doomed
ington, D CL Aug. 20.
rafonal r.r'.itieal party whose
is to r peal an amendment
I hv 45 states, to resurrect the
Uw less and corrupt traffic
- ner cursed the American peo-
J tn champion reaction gen-
15 doomed to failure before It
- ' said Win. re B Wheeler, gen-
-"jrpel of ir-e antisaloon league
rip; ica. in "ommentinir on the
pany proroed by exgovernor
- n and tanctioned by senator 1
m Advertisement
Rupert Hughes's remarkable "Btory,
"The Unpardonable Sin," is without
question tbe most impressive, emo
tional drama that has reached the
public through the mediujn of the
screen. In it are unfolded the sad
adventures of two sisters, Alice and
IMmnv; American girls both one
with her mother In Belgium at the
outbreak of the war, the other with
her father in California. Dimny is
: destined to great sorrow, but also to
great adventure and ultimate happi
ness. But of Alice Mr. Hughes wrote:
"She was one of those whom mlsfor-
Texas se-it or made one of his ' une ha.d seIe,ted for. !5S verZ.2WV
-n,, n fr.rm n TJ, I ... -. I Innocent, meek, unresisting, without
: , . " " . l - n thA rtohit nf n littlP Wild haODi-
clative harine- at Alhanr on
"-irj 25, when I was present. He
ness. she had known tne extremes oi
horror, of shame, of rejmorse. and had
1 come to that woeful epitaph, better
, dead.' "
To say that "The Unpardonable Sln
Th n-pw Vn-t Wi mildlv: in fact. It is impossiwe
. . rtKcribe the ereat
-aid tou Jestroy the union to
- tne saloon The organization
-w party ip inevitable."
- accepted
trjt day.
power and emo-
picture with mere words. It must be
eepn to be appreciated and that it
will be seen by practically everybody
in EI Paso goes without saying, as
those who have already seen it are
urtring their friends to see it.
"Tbe Unpardonable Sin is being
shown at the Ellanav theater today
and the balance of this week.
-' -,rd primp." ratTS the 18th I '' 'iSS?. 'hiS,
TAnt. At was manifest on that
- ' cosft nu.d Mr Wheeler.
' i dominant factor back of
" njK.scd new party was to be
jo- and antfw oman suffrage
"d-df-rs of this new party fail to
1 i- that we are at the beginning
a new ae in which the real value
'"Canity is to get recognition as
ir tefore. We are slowly awaken
cr to the fact that material things
alue only m relation to indi
and to humanity, and that
iws which promote the welfare or
t an.tv and make a better citizen
i f-.- tomorrow are of primary im
r"ulnce. This is the reason why the
,cr- traffic had to d:e The Ameri
n peopie are not going to progress
- v. ads Even existing political
j,-; cannot live and tie themselves
jnized evils ami dying princi-
political parties will die- at
-f. have no higher mission
v-jr the people backard."
J. Warren Kerrigan In The Best
Week of Aug. 24
Matinee Sun-, Wei. Sat, 3 P. tt.
2 Shorn MsUIlj-, 7.30 and SXK).
Augmented Bv
Pathe Travelogue
and a
Mack Sennett
rriees 10e 25c 3Se
Box Seats 50c
o Reserved Seats
Pica War Tux
502 Martin Bldg. rhone 3SS.
Send n your buy and aell
orders. Highest prices paid for
liberty Bonds.
Man." will be the attraction at the
TJnique starting tomorrow. This play
is as pretty a romance as one could
wish to see and is above the average
in attractiveness and interest Pretty
scenes, freshness of incident and sit
uation, excellent acting and smoothly
sustained suspense are the things you
will first notice.
Warren Kerrigan plays a young
man sent bv the secret service at the
canital to New York, who finds him
self standing before an altar and goes
on with the marrlave to a girl played
bv Lois Wilson. He has never seen
her before. The honeymoon, frcr
which he at first tries to escape, is
not all smooth on account of the
agent of the crook gang which wants
to stop him. Lois Wilson plays her
role delightfully. Warren Kerrigan
is eood. as usual. Director Thomas
Heffron has made an almost perfectly
natural flow of action. The picture
is above the average In every way.
Number Of Teachers Will
Depend On Enrolment,
Superintendent Reports.
A big increase in' El Paso's school
population is expected when school I
opens this falL The prediction, made '
by A. H. Hnghey, superintendent of '
schools, Tuesday night at a meeting
of the school board, is based on many
inquiries in regard to courses of study
and location of buildings by parents 1
who have moved to El Paso since
spring. I
Just how big the increase will be '
cannot be estimated exactly at this ,
time. Consequently no estimate can 1
be made as to what the teacher pay- '
roll increase will be. Mr. Hnghey said '
a teacher would be required for every
40 pupils. Tbe average salary Is $1000.
so if the school population increases
400 the salary roll will have to be in
creased $10,000.
The number of students enroled in
El Paso's public schools last spring
was 11.677. A four percent Increase
is probable. Increases in previous
years In excess of 12,000.
To Employ School Nurse.
At the weekly board meeting it was
decided to employ a school nurse if
the city will pay half the expense. In
most cities the municipality pays all
of the expense of employing school
nurses, replies to letters of Inquiry
sent out by the board revealed.
The employment of a school nurse
was recommended to the board by Dr.
George H. Higgins. school physician,
in a letter In which he asserted that
at least 600 students in the city
schools needed medical attention and
that their parents could not be
reached satisfactorily by note. It will
be part of the duties of the school
nurse to visit these pupils in their
homes and inspect and treat defective
eyes, ears, noses, teeth and throats.
Dr. Higgins announced he intended ,
to establish a school dispensary with
the aid of or. Stephen Schuster.
Changes at Aor School.
Action of the school board Tuesday
night Included an order that one of,
the buildings at the Aoy school, for- i
merly used as a play room, be made :
into two class rooms. It was an- j
nounced that Plans for tbe instalation
of s new heating plant at the Alta
Vista school were n earing completion.
A new boiler Is on tbe way.
No action has been taken in regard
to the transfer of tbe Grand view
school. The matter is left to the city
and the council. th superintendent
announced. Preparations are being i
work when school opens.
A 12-foot stone wall at the sooth-
west side of the high school was
asked for by the superintendent. The j
board agreed to build it if tbe monev ,
could be taken from the building l
Principal Work Ten Months.
A plan was advocated by Mr.
Hughey whereby all school principals
will work ten months a year, starting
two weeks before school opens and
working: two weeks after It closes. In
order that everything may be In readi
ness, lor tne beginning or tne classes
and that al business may be settled
after closing.
Twenty-five teachers who taught
last yar will not be on the faculty
this winter. At Tuesday night's
meeting the resignation of Miss Mar
garet Bryan. Miss Helen Welles and
L A. Chaplain were accepted. Mr.
Chaplain was an instructor in the
mammal training department. M. M.
Hughes was elected In his place. The
other two positions have not been
filled as yet.
President H. L. Harney brought up
the question of the difficulty of fumi
gating school books, which, under the
law. Is to be done In the manner
recommended by the city health board.
Social vice, the most ancient of all
evils, is discussed freely and frankly
in "The Fall of Barbary Coast," the
seven reel production which is being
shown at the Grecian theater today
and every day this week.
Many arguments appear In this pic
ture, both for and against commercial
ised vice; much Is said and shown
concerning segregation. This fHm
presents the facts in an outspoken
manner because It is the intention of
this picture that the people should
know the actual facts.
The Fall of Barbary Coast" is be
ing shown at the Grecian theater to
adults only, the Grecian management
again urging those who possibly can
to attend the afternoon performances
in order to avoid the night crowds.
would have been a fairly Interesting
job except that Bryant fell in love
with the girl himself,
"Love Insurance" is good fun In
Today is the last chance to see
"Sportinsr Life at the Wigwam. This
Is the big Drury Lane production. The
story is an interesting and thrilling
one in which an impoverished English
lord recoups his fortune by the prize
ring and the race track. The boxing
and racing scenes are very realistic
and fascinating. The picture is one
of the best that has been seen here
for a long timet
Mary Pickford will be seen Thurs
day only in a return engagement of
"Behind the Scenes." in which little
Mary has one of those appealing roles
so well fitted to her style of acting.
Tonight will be the last showing of
II. B. Warner in "The Pagan God"
at the Unique theater.
H. B. Warner is one of the most
finished actors on tbe stage or screen
and "The Pagan God" is a high class
production. Can you afford to miss
such an excellent combination of
talent and play 7 The shows start at ,
7. 8:15 and 9:30 p. m. '
J. Warren Kerrigan In "The Best I
Man" will be the attraction starting
Bryant Washburn is at the Alham-
bad "on Earl nTrr Bih- I R!?!" t2!5fr"
gert famous story. , ftj.f?",0"" ,i"4, ' ' e,
The feature to be shown at the
Bijon today. "Mardarin's Gold." is a
powerful oriental story, starring
luiiy uoraon and Irving cummin;
It's a irreat situation. A certain
English Lord is engaged to marry a
wealthy girL In order to make sure
of getting around financial difficul
ties he insures himself against the
marriage being broken off. And
then Bryant Washburn is given the
Job by the insurance company for
which he works or seeing to it that
Him Yet." Friday. Alice Bradv will
be seen in "Red Head." a select production.
the marriage does come off. That i " Safety First'
"The Only Girl" is pleasing large
houses every night at the Majestic
Tonight is the last time to see this
show. The new show tomorrow la
Logan v Bryan. Chicago.
York. Paine, Webber A Co.
ton. Dnlntb.
SIT o. Oregon SC Ph. S4S1.
St. Regis Hotel.
Dos. I V2
"I Have Found It"
EI Paso's Finest Cleaners
PHONE 786.
Odoms Transfer
So cood, so satlsrylnc. so indescribably pilate
tlckllne that evfry sip fills you with delight! It
puts pep in your step. too. and roaet in the cheeks
of the little folks. Made from Nature's pore roots
and herbt. according to the old original Dr
8wett's recipe a favorite with the thirsty for
more than ttfly years. Keep a few bottles on lee.
always. Servo It with meals and In between
ttm.. .
Sold at the fount and In bottles everywhere,
S ett''1'0 '" or " by name say Dr.
Tri-State Beverage Co.
1 Paso, Texas.
Tucson, Ariz.
TRIANGLE BEVERAGES The Tree Fruit Drink are on sale by
all good dealers and at soda fountains. The Triangle label on the
bottle is your assurance of PURITY. Insist on the genuine.
Triangle Beverages are cheaper by the case order a case for the
home today.
"The Store That Sells For Less."
Wonderful, extremely sheer chiffon P A oVl
voiles in newest flora designs on light and dark
grounds Sturdy, charming fabrics, 40 inches
wide, considerably underpriced at 59c and 69c
regular; Thursday 2 yards for $1.00. Additional
yardage up to 10 yards at 50c a yard.
Main Floor.
38 inch and 40 inch flowered voile. P X K)J
sheer quality, dozens of pretty flowered eftects
on light and dark grounds; these fabrics retailed
fonnerlT at 39e and 45c a yard, grouped for
lbursday's selling at S yards for $1.00. Addi
tional yardage up to 10 yds., 33 l-3c a yd.
Main Floor.
V. . '
A careful perusal of every item at these one-day prices -will
mean a considerable saving ta you.
We ask you to attend Dollar Day tomorrow and
hi these seasonable underpriced offerings
Many small lots odds and ends broken lines, etc. and' not advertised on account of limited quantity will be offered for
clearance tomorrow at mighty little prices
boys' school
Good, serviceable materials,
mostly dark patterns. Sixes
S to 16 years. (J 1 flfi
$US-$1J5 values. J X .UU
boys' goods
main floor.
Couch, floor and bed pil
lows, covered with flowered
pink and bine art repp, 16x24
size. $L25 (f 1 ff
regular, Thursday P A .UU
women's gauze
lisle vests
Splendid garments, taped
top or bodice style, all sizes, to
44, 75e value, fjj-j (C
Thursday, 2 for.. P 1 UU
children's gingham
play aprons
In pink and blue 'checks,
neatly trimmed with "ric rac"
braid, 39c aprons, (t-f ff
This widely known
soap on sale in
the basement to
morrow, limit, 4
bars, at
4 bars
for ..
Thursday 3 for.
bungalow aprons of
gingham & percale
Light and dark colors, trim
med in contrasting materials,
side, front and back opening
styles, ll.3o
aprons Thursday,
boys' "Faultless"
muslin gowns
Night gowns for boys 10 to
16 years, trimmed with pock
et and silk frogs, r -1 f(
y X mJJ
boys' goods
main floor.
$1.25 garments.
boys' hats
Fall styles
of doth and wool mixtures,
several styles for selection.
worth $1-25, ff
boys' ;'.-ds
main floor.
Thursday at
boys' caps
of silk and
wool mixtures
Suitable for school wear,
both light and dark colors,
with large peak, snap fastened.
all sizes; $1.29
regular, Thursdav
boys q-oods
mam floor.
day 31.00
20c value.
and rompers
for little tots
Made of poplin and
staunch ginghams,
plain colors and
stripes, embroidered
$1.35 is the
price. To-
children's dresses
of gingham, sizes 2 to 6 years, 75c regu
Ti"7. :..$i.oo
silk mull
specially suitable for gowns, teddies, etc,
plain colon and dotted pat- f "1 f(
terns, 4 yards for tP 1 .UU
curtain Marquisette
white only, 36 indies wide,- 40c yard regn-
3 -yards for $1.00
Basement sale
Thursday. L imit,
3 packages to a
3 pkgs.
36c vahfe.
good gingham
and some of percaline, stripes, dots and
plain colors, with pleated, hemmed and scal
loped ruffle, t 1 ff
$1.25 values ipJL.UU
table damask
63 inch white table damask, beautiful pat
terns; included ! SS nek red and bine dam
ask, flowered design?, $1.25 and $1.19 a yard
regular, C 1 fifi
Thursday tPA.UU
middy blouses of
splendid twill
For girls 6 to 12 years of age some trim
med with collars of red and brae xabttea.
.i. i..-. r v :j i ;
lars; these will make excellent school middies
for the miss and are regular
$139 values, Thursday
heavy, fringed
bath towels
Heavy, durable unbleached bath towels, size
24x45 inches, included are fine bleached oath
towels, with plain border, 21x39 inches. Ton
els that sell regular at 59c, r -s ff
f A JJ
men's work shirts
Durable blue and gray chambray work shirts
and shirts of striped percale, collars attached;
sizes 14 to 17. Ken should buy several, as
these shirts sdl for $1.25 and ( -1 ff
$1.50 regularly Pl.UU
men's Roods, main floor.
men's Gordon hose
1 thread round, ticket sox medium or
lifrht weight, all colors, 40e (ti ff
values, tomorrow 3 pair tpA.UU
men's goods, main floor.
men's medium weight
ribbed union suits
Short sleeve, ankle length styles, sizes 34 to
40 only, white and ecru color, (J - f f
worth $1.50, Thursday P1 .UU
men's goods, main floor.
night gowns
pink, blue and tan
nainsook gowns, hce
trimmed; these $L3S
boys' hose
Med him weight rib
bed, sizes 6 to 10; 45c
Boys' Goods,
main floor.
Gold Dust
Basement Sale.
Limit, 3 packages
to a
for ....
men's Armor Plate lisle hose
good wearing qualities, of heavy mercer
ized lisle and parasflk, 65c regu- (T - fifi
tor, Thursday 2 pair for P1.UU
men's goods, main floor.
men's silk four-in-hand ties
silk washable ties and neckwear of silk fou
lards and jaequarda in flowing end styles in
a. wonderful range of patterns suitable for
Pan wear, 75e regular, 1 ff
if JL w
men's goods, main floor.
Thursday 2 for
women's fibre silk boot hose
Full raaa of colors. Gordon quality, fin
ished with a high spliced heel, sold regularly
hosiery, main floor.
women's full fashioned
silk lisle hose
Gordon and Armor Plate s3k lisle hose, full
fashioned, in all wanted shades, C? 1 ((
75c regular, Thursday 2 pair for P A .UU
hosiery, main floor.
infants' $1.25 blankets
Pink and brae woven, Jaequard blankets,
size 80x40, CI flfl
y z. yjJ
15c value.
children's medium weight
ribbed hose
Gordon Round Ticket hose for children,
white, black and dark brown, sizes 6 to 8
only; mothers should supply the children's
school needs, aa these hose retail freely at
45eapair, C1 Df.
main floor.
Thursday 3 pair for
shopping bags of
leather and leatherette
Several different styles, moire lined; some
are of patent leather fitted with mirrors, etc
different colors and shapes bags that sold
up to $1-75, fs1 ftn
main floor.
priced for tomorrow, 3 for.
27 inch
"C. P. S."
50 pieces of GP.S.
gingham excellent
assortment of colors
and pa tt eras to se
lect from, sells for
30c a yard regular,
tomorrow, rH -f
4 yards for.. P 1
Children's 50c Socks
fine lisle; fanev tops,
Hosiery main floor.
extra heavy weight
bath towels
Large size, 26x49 inches with 3 inch
hemmed border, excellent $1.25 f ff
"Burson" hose
Women's 45c blade cotton "Burson" hose.
Van Camp's
Pork and
No. 1 site, 11 ox.
cans. Limit, 3 cans
to a cnetomer.
IT09... 26c
32c valae.
towels, tomorrow
full fashioned; -size 8
Thursday 3 pair for .
men's canvas
work gauntlets
Heavy canvas, fall leather palm. 45e regu
lar, tomorrow A f nr
3 pair for ipl .UU
men s caps
Selected lot, in
cluding blue serge,
ilk caps and caps of
cashmere and mixed
materials large
shapes and all sizes
in this assortment,
aen& goods
main floor.
"Boy Blue"
sizes 6 to 16 years,
excellent materials;
$L26 and $1.35 values,
2r ...$1.00
1 pound packages.
Limit, 1 package
to a customer.
pkg. .... 38c
lovely voile blouses
A table piled high of these
wonderful waists, opportuni
ties for wide choosing is of
fered, as many styles art.
shown at this price, daintily
trimmed and embellished with
lovely lace and embroidery.
some have clusters of tuck.'.
values to $1.50,
women's union suits
Cotton ribbed union suits,
cuff or shell knee, $1.25 regu-
ir- $1.00
underwear, main floor.
dainty silk
and camisoles of fine wash
satins, neatly trimmed with
filet lace, $1-35 -1 (f
value, Thursday.. pl.UU
underwear, main floor.
Iongcloth teddies
Excellent garments, lace
trimmed regular $1.19 and
$1-25 values, J- nn
tomorrow tpl.UU
underwear, main floor.
muslin corset
Good quality soft finished
muslin is used in the making
of these corset covers, Jat-e
and embroidery trimmed, bac
2 for
underwear, main floor.
shower proof
Sturdy black covering, metal
frame, different odd shaped
Bandies, 26 and 38 inch, J1.3o
Thursday ..
all silk moire
Good color range, up to 5S
inches wide, G1 ff
Thursday, 3 yards ij 1 .UU
main floor.
$1-50 white nvraline ivorv
dressing combs, 9 Tf nfi
. px.uu
main floor.
Fleisher's knitting
German town z e p hy r and
"viseuna" knitting yarn, full
ranee of shades and colors. 4'V
regular, tomor
row 3 1-oz balls
main foor
inch, tomorrow.
42c value.
News Brevities
(Advertisements 1
Train Bulletin.
Southern Pacific train So. 102, due
at z:a p. m- was scneauied to a
rive at 1:45 p. m. Wednesday. All
other afternoon and night trains weie
reported on time.
Or. Ebert. Dentist. 21S Mills Bids.
Recover 15 Miners Bodies.
Trinidad. Colo, Aug. 20. The
bodies of 15 of the 18 men who were
killed in the explosion at the Oak
view mine of the Oakdale Coal Co.
Monday were removed from the ruins
by rescue crews late Tuesday. The
remaining three bodies were buried
beneath the wreckare.
Or. Anas ileum. BocEler BIdg. Ph. 57?
Fether Ordered Released.
Cazenovia, N. Y.. Aug. 20. Donald
W. Fether. of Los Angeles. Calif
student a: Cornell university, charged
with murder m nnect!on with the
death of Miss Itaael Crpn. of Ithaca.
in Cayuga lake. July ). was ordered
released on the ground of Insufficient
evidence bv supr-me
1L Kiley last night.
Dr. S. A. Schuster, eye. ear. r Jse
and throat providence hospital buiii
ing Phone 565
riot, in which whites and nesrroes hat
tied in the streets, firing freely, was
quelled Tuesday, when police reserves
rushed to the negro quarter. The
trouDie started, it is claimed, when
three negroes attacked a white watch
man in a hoteL
Dr. Leslye Hyde, Osteopathic Physi
cian. S14 Mesa Ave. Ph. 116:. Adv.
Osteopath -Drs. Armstrong. 416 Roberts-Banner.
Office Ph. 1343 Res. 595.
Montreal lias Race Riot.
Montreal, QuebecK, Aug 2U. A race
Irene Castle Secretly Married.
New York. Aug. 20. Irene Castle,
dancer and moving picture star, who
was married here May S to Capt Rob
ert E. Treman. of Ithaca, N. Y.. had
been secretly married to Cant. Tre
man for almost a year before the New
lorn ceremony, according to the New
York Herald this morning.
MONITION. Notice Is hereby given
that there was seised at El Paso.
Texas, Aug. 19, 1919. for violation ot
section 303 u. s. Revised statutes.
one horse and wagon, whKh will be
sold at public sale. In front of the
at 10 a. m. Aug. 28, 1919. Anyone
claiming the property is reauired tn
appear prior to date of sale. R. E.
Crawford. Collector of Customs
Drltlsh Steamship Burned.
London. Eng. Aug 20 The British
steamer Ashanti, 2189 tons, has bci.n
destroyed by fire at Dakar, West Af
rica, according to Lloyds.
Or. J. Cnrllon Dysart, specialist ( 101 I
Mills street. El Paso, Tex. Phone StSZ. ,
TRrilTRT.rc Avoid Trouble. Leave
T ... Baggage Cheeks at I
iugweu s or telephone No. 1.
Drs. irvln & Oray. Eye. Ear. Nose
and Throat. S10 Martin Bide. Ph. 768.
El Paso, Texas, Aug. JO. 11.
MONITION. Notice to hereby given
that there was seised at El Paso. Tex
as. Aug. IS. 1919. for violation of sec
tion 3062 u. S. Revised Statutes, one
Maxwell automobile, motor No. 252.
620 F, which will be sold at the U. S.
Custom House, at public sale, at 10 a.
m. Sept. 25. 1919. Anyone claiming the
property Is required to appear and file
laim with the collector of customs
prior to Sept 1. 1919. R E. Craw
ford. Collector of Customs.
M 1
Washington. D. C. Aug-. 20. Contin
uing: his testimony before the house
inters late and xorelsm commerce com.
niucee toaay,
skinirouble apply
It improves a poor complexion ani
preserves a good one, so that yoa need
t no artificial means to enhance your at
i tractiveness-
i At the first sign of skin irritation, of
Sam Cowan, nf Fort KL,-V, . nimnl tkm n, l.imi.n
Worth, representing the Texas Cattle , o..Jl r.7L.. ... .-( ;!
Raisers' association, declare th.t th. PPly Kesinol Ointment, and see if it
cattlemen want the railroads returned doesn't bring prompt relief. It con
tains harmless, soothing balsams, and
ts so nearly Scan colored that it may be
ascd on exposed surfaces without at
tracting undue attention.
Your dealer sella :X
Removal Notice
On and after August 1 5th. we
will be located at 114 N. Stan
ton St.
Money to loan on diamond and
Old location 102 San Antonio St.
to their owners & sneedilv a nnui.
hie. Cowan said the roads should not
only be returned as soon as possible,
but that as little legislation as pos
sible should be passed hampering
their operation. He said all powers
of the state railroad commission
should be restored in full
Order from ni any Oil
Shares yon nee advertised H
jK and yon xtlH set prompt and S
jflj efficient sen-lee.
fl Southwest Invest-
ment Company I
jflj J. K. Lane. Mgr. fK
jB Licenced Broker. II ember H
H CI Paso Stock Exchange. H
IB 111'- X. Orejcoa St- H
i Hj EI Paso, Texa. Phone SZS3 H

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