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Program for Worship ati
Temple Mt. Sinai for
Season Announced.
Rabbi Martin Zlelonka, who has re
turned from bis summer vacation, has
issued a program or services for the
corrine season.
.Regular services, with choir and
sermon, will be resumed Friday eve
Tar.c. Seotember 5. at S d. m.
Thib opening service will mark the
I'.'th anniversary ot rabbi Zielonkas
incumbency of the pulp::, cf temple
Mt. Sinai. At that service he will pre
ent some of the things he hopes the
ongreg-ation will accomplish before
he celebrates bis 20th anniversary.
The religious school of temple Mt,
Sinai will open for the enrolment of
pupils Sunday, September 14, at 10
a in-
Kosh Hashano services will be con
ducted on Wednesday evening, Sep
tember 24.
The ML Sinai baseball team won
ihe championship of the Church
league. The Indoor baseball team de-,
fe&t-ed all comers. The boys are now',
preparing for the basKetball season
and hope to win the Church league
Regular Activities.
Following is the program of activ
ities. Regular services every Friday eve
ning at ts oclock.
Regular services every Saturday
at 10 a. m.
Temple Aid society meets second
Monday at 3 p. m.
Hebrew Benevolent doclety meets
second Monday at 3 p. m.
Sewing circle Second and fourth
Mondavs. 3 p. no.
Council of Jewish Women First
Tuesday in eah month. 3 p. rn.
study circle, c J. w. second ana
fourui Thursdays. 3 pm.
Men's club First Monday of even
month at 8 n. m.
Men's Club literary circle Every
ether Tuesday, h p. m.
Rehgious school Every Sunday
moraine at 9:30 oclock.
Mt Sinai Boys club Every Sunday
xnommg at ii:sv ociock.
Mt. Sinai Girls harmony Every
Sun 'lav morning at 11:30 oclock.
Head stopped up
with summer cold
rose or hay fever
will quickly clear it
Healing and refresh
ing. Get a tube
Plan To Boost
Adclub Meeting
EI Pasoans Will Attend
Convention of Associated
Advertising Clubs.
Besides having a prominent place
on the relief map of Texas to be
shown at the annual convention of
the Associated Advertising Clubs of
the World at New Orleans, La Sept
21 to S5. Ei Paso will hand out ex
amples of its unique city building. ad
vertising to the several thousand ad
smiths and bier business men and wo-
men who will gather at the gulf city
to ooost domestic and .foreign busi
ness. This week the convention com
mittee qf the local Adclub. Claiborne
Adam, chairman. Bob Page and Ju
lian Hughes, together with the pres
ident, Scott C WhL. and secretary
Rufe p. March, began planning with
manager Karl M. Roberts of the
cham her or commerce to carry El
iasos message to the meeting.
Just what sort of advertising ma
terials and stunts will be 'decided tjd-
on will be subject for discussion at
the Friday luncheon or the admen at
tne sneiaon. now many business peo
ple and advertising workers are to
go to New Orleans also will be consid
ered. From the fact that the conven
tion will be the largest affair in the
south, bringing together sales forces
looking for Maclean. Central Ameri
can and South American trade, there
probably will be a number of trood
sized El Paso firms represented, out
side .of the folk who write and print
advertising. It is not necessary to be
a member oi an Aaciub to attend tne
President White said he is anxious
that El Paso be fully represented at
New Orleans, and he has no doubt that
if the Adclub calls upon the business
Interests and property owners there
will be sufficient funds raised to
make the trip of the delegates a success.
Odom's Transfer
Austin, Tex Aug. 27. Farmers,
bankers, and officials of Texas have
been called by the State Agricultural
department to meet in Austin on
Seotember 3 to decide iroon a fair
price for the 1919 cotton crop. W. B.
Tearv. cotton specialist of the de
Dartment says that no effort will be
made to pledge .farmers to a minimum
price but an educational campaign
win be conuueted.
Figures nresented by him to the
Texas Farmers Institute in cession
here recently showed the average
cost rf production to be more than 60
cents ner bound. The final estimate
of the United States Iepartment of
Agriculture on the crop wiu be pub
lished December i. Reports tc the
State department from jorth and
northeast Texas are that the crop t
City National and Rio
Grande Valley Will L
Consolidate Nov. 1.
A Serial Of East and West.
The Plotters
Plans are betas formulated this
week for the merger of the City Na
tional bank and the Bio Grande Val
ley Bank and Trust company, ef
fective November 1. The merged in
stitutions will take the name and
charter of the City National bank.
The capital, deposits and resources
of the new bank will be approxi
mately $$,600,000. The merger pro
posal is being submitted to the stock
holders for their ratification.
For the remainder of this year the
bank will occupy the quarters of the
City National. Next rear larger of
fices will be occupied in the new Two
Republics building, to be constructed
at Texas and Stanton streets.
The1 officers of the new Institution
for the present will he: President. U.
S. Stewart: vice presidents, V?. Cooley.
J. P. Williams, T. li. TCIngo and II M.
Andreas. The Junior officers are to
be H. V. Watson. C IL league. Smith
Wltham. K. B. Kimbrougn, J. L. An
dreas. W. E. O'Brien and Stephen
Agulrre. Mr. Stewart is president of
tne city National Dank ana iir.
Cooley is president of the Rio Grande
valley banc
rue merger is to De eixectea in or
der that the growing banking needs
or the southwest may be nanaiea
more adquately.
Tbe organizers of the new bank are
all well known here and in financial,
circles over the country. Bef e they
were connected with the two banks
uniting in the merger Mr. Stewart,
Mr. Cooley and Mr. Williams were as
sociated in the management of the
First National bank. Air. Wingo
came t oEl Paso with the Lowden
National bank interests. H. M. An
dreas with his father and brothers.
organized the City National bank.
By Virginia Terhunel
Van de Water.
.(Copjritht. lilt. Star Company.).
Martha Chapin Sends -for Clifford and Douglass and
Believes John Ended His Own Life by
an Accidental bhot.
Washington, D. C Aug. 27. The
prince of Wales has been Invited to
visit Texas. Representative JLanham.
through the British embassy, invited
the heir to the British throne to
visit Fort Worth, where the Cana
dian Royal Flying corps trained at
TaWferro field during the war.
The commissioners' court of El Paso
county will meet in regular session
Mondav. "Matters concerning county
J road work will be discussed and a
number of county contracts wiu a is"
be granted.
According to the Oil Weekly oi
Houston and Dallas the "suckers"
caught by the bait of worthless oil
stocks are helpless. On this subject
that paper says:
"The attorney general's offices at
Austin are flooded with complaints
from purchasers of stock in so called
wildcat concerns, who assert that
their Investments are worthless. They
insist that misrepresentation has been
made in many instances in order to
get money.
"Unless a violation o( the law is
shewn the attorney general is un
able to act. though many Irrespon
sible oil companies are selling what
appears to be valueless sfock. The
companies are careful to comply with
the laws, but the laws do not prevent
them from selling inflated stock ana
possessing poor holdings in fact
land with little or no oil value."
ynERE is a form of excitement that.
1 in some natures, shows itself in an
unnatural calm.
Such was tbe excitement that Eliza
beth Wade felt at this Juncture.
Breeding and training had taught her
a self-possession that would have
done credit to a. matured woman oi
the world. Her histrionic talent also
stood her in good stead now. She told
herself that she had a part to play and
must play it welL
Had she doubted her lover's inno
cence she would have found it harder
to maintain an equable exterior. As it
was, she stayed her soul upon the cer
tainty of his guiltlessness and the
knowledge of his love for her.
So she was able to talk soothlnirlv
to Martha Chapin as she undressed her
and helped her Into bed.
The matron, appalled and horruiea
at what had happened, was not tbe
heart-broken being she would have
been had she loved her husband better
and feared him less. After she had
cried for awhile her thoughts turned
longingly to her boy.
"If I could only see Clifford!" she
moaned at tbe end of an hour's talk.
"I will telegraph for him at once,"
Elizabeth told her. It was stupid of
me not to think or this sooner.
Going softly downstairs, she started
towards" the rear hail where the tele
phone was. At the sound of her step
Butler came out from the living room.
Through the open door she could see
that Mr. Miller was still there.
"What can I do for you. dear?" But
let queried in a low voice.
She explained that she wished him
to send a telegram to Clifford Chapin.
lou can telephone it to tne teie-
(Continued from Tuesday's Herald.)
-Yes, darling. That is only another
"Very well." she murmured.
She started upstairs, then stopped,
seized by a sudden idea.
"John," turning back, "I want you
to send another telegram for me."
"To whom?"
"To Douglass, I need him."
"Very well, dear," John said slowly.
"But will it be convenient to hiraT"
"He must come wheteher It Is or
not," she rejoined bluntly. "Yes, I
must have him."
"All right." the man agreed. "What
snau i say to mm 7"
"Only 'I lieed you. Come imme
dlately.' Sign it. Elizabeth."
Then she returned to Mrs. Chapin
and. sitting by her bed, tried to
soothe her by allowing her to talk of
what was on her mind.
"1 don't see how Pa happened to be
iosang with, that pistol." Martha
Chapin said. And at tbe words Eliza
beth started violently. It had not oc
curred to her that this slmDle minded
woman had not connected John But
ler with the circumstances of her
husband's death. "You see," the
matron went on. "he never used to
bother much about a pistol. He al
ways kept one, but I never eaw- him
with it on his person till today. Then
he showed it to me when he- came
back from discharging that crazy
Pole. He said he had taken It with
him in case Talak waxed ugly, and
tnat it was loaaea. x ieit kinuer
nervous when be said that.
"1 suppose he was handling It when
he was arguing with Mr. Butler.
From his voice yo ucould know he
was getting reckless in his talk, in
his excitement he must have pulled
the trigger, noC noticing & thing that
he was dping. or what way the pistol
was pointed."
A look at tbe face on the pillow
At The
graph office." she went on. "Simply showed Elizabeth Wade that the
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Investment Bankers
10S Sheldon St Phone 1314.
"It Looks Like a Sure Shot'
Fis said that when president Taft
moved into the white house he
found tbe accommodations utterly in
adequate in one respect. There was
not a bath tub In the executive man
sion large enough to hold a 300 pound
man and more than a quart of water
at the same time.
Accordingly, the ponderous presi
dent has a tub Installed, according to
those who know, which, for size and
white porcelain beauty probably has
no rival in the United States.
Perhaps never since Cleopatra took
her daily dip in the milk of 30 she
asses has there been such an unusual
and special arrangement for the ablu
tions oi any cniei executive.
When Taft left the white house,
this great and glorious bath tub fell
into disuse. President Wilson, mod
erate and thoughtful In all things.
probably felt that his proportions did
not Justify the use of the people's
money in filling such an heroic tub
with hot water once a day. i
uut secretary or war Baker, wno is
frequent and welcome jmest about
the white house, did not take that
view oi tne case, it la said that when
he first saw that bath tub. the well
known Baker grin reached its utter
most limits. And when he also found
ex-president Roosevelt's tennis court
out in tne back yard, he made a reso
lution that he would visit 'Wood row
It is said thatln these hat doe- davs.
the almost daily relaxation of the sec
retary of war is to play a set of ten
nis on tne white house court, and then
take a bath in the Taft bath tub.
Naturally, what was a bath tub for
Taft is a veritable swimming pool for
u&Ker. xnus me secretary oi war IS
saved the trouble and expense of a
trip, to. the seaside for natatorial ex
ercise, and his services to the nation
are uninterrupted.
say that his father is head, and that
he must come on Immediately."
"What is his addressr ' Butler,
queried, taking out
pocket pad.
The girl smiled at him approvingly.
"I am proud of your self-possession,
dear," she whispered. "I will get the
address from Mrs. Chapin."
She was back in a minute with the
address. When Butler had taken it she
asked a question, "Who's . in there
now?" as she heard steps in the small
"Tho coroner and his assistant,"
John replied. Then seeing her change
color slightly, he took her hand in his.
"Don't worry, dear. It is only a
formality that must be gone through."
"I know," she nodded. "I am not
worrying. And you must not either."
"Nu." he promised, "not while I
have you. And, dear, you must not!
mind when the sheriff cornea" j
"The sheriff!" Sse caught heri
breath sharply. I
speaker's words were 'as sincere as
her spirit was guiltless. And as she
.hi,. !,, rrtrV fe.n fnrmrarA
pencil ana! impulsively and, putting her arms
aoout tne woman, aissea ner tenueriy.
"Dear, dear Mrs. Chapin!" she mur
mured. "How good you are! Oh, my
dear, I am so Borry for your'
"Thank you, dearie!" Mrs. Chapin
patted the fair young cheek. 'You're
a great comfort to me, honey. Tou
must not worry about me. It's all ter
rible, but" a glean of light coming
to ber eyes "If I can only see .Clif
ford I'll feel better. You think he'll
surely come, don't you?"
"Of course he will, as fast as the
train can carry him," Elizabeth said
confidently. "And he'll keep you with
him after this always."
As she saw the faint smile come to
the mother's lips Blizebeth Wade ap
preciated that -maternity, not matri
mony, had been the passion of this
plain woxnan s iixe.
To Be Continued.
- , A PE
.New F
to oniftc
JO 110
all Styles Of
eady -to- Wear
At 50.00,
Exceptional Styles and offering quality at this price
that pleases the pane. All newest colors, materials,
and styles interpreted by fashions foremost creajors
in this country and France.
The Suits
Styles for Misses and Women piain tailored, long
Ikes, and shoe strisg belted effects made of trico
baet, gaberdines, serges, velours, tZ pTj Art
tilverto&es, and broadcloth tOU.UU
The Dresses
Silk Wool Satin Charmeuse Crepe Meteor
Georgettes Crepe de Chine Tricotrae, and Serge.
Plain tailored and fancy styles, fringe, beaded, and
embroidered trimmed Every !?5C?A A A
new FaB color VDU.UU
The Coats
You will be surprised at the values we
offer in wool coats. .A large variety
of beautiful styles and colors to select
from in materials: polo cloth, heather
velours, sflvertone, broadcloth, and
mixtures, plain and 5rlF?A A A
fur trimmed VJV.KJV
Evening Dresses
For the social activities which will
soon be in session- we announce a
beautiful assortment, of evening gowns
in satins, taffetas, and nets also com
binations of nets and georgette all
shades. New Shimmy style, the
!r.pr;M..' .50.00
News Brevities
Train liul'-tin.
Southern Pacific stub train Ko. 4
from Tucson, due to arrive at 11:45
a. m. was scheduled to arrive at 4 p.
m. Wednesday. All other stub trains
from Tucson were reported on time.
All regular east bound and westbound
afternoon and night trains were re
ported on time.
Dr. Ebert, Dentist. 21S Mills Bldg.
Dr. Aaaa Beam. Buckler Bldg. Ph. S73
Three Shot la Saloon Flzfcts.
Chicago, III. Aug. 17. Sales of
liquor and saloon lights in which
three men were shot, two fatally.
Tuesday aroused federal and state of
ficials. Since federal agents began a
drive on saloons Monday, 29 arrests
have been made. Fifteen breweries
were put under investigation Tuesday
by the district attorneys, oiuce.
mans have filed with the central bu
reau of immigration and Its substa.
tions applications for permission to
leave the country. The majority of
the prospective emigrants are turning
tneir eyes towara south America.
rr. s. A. SebuMer. eye, ear, rose
and throat. Providence hospital build
ing, i-cone in.
. Sliows Action !
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BLOCK 73 TWO WELLS now drilling on our tract in the
CENTER of this great GUSHER field. Sensational pro
duction due in about 40 days.
BLOCK 83425 teres in the CENTER of a great new pool.
The "Burk-Payton" gusher of 1500 Bbls. and the "Dale"
well of 600 Bbls. have proved up this field. The nearer the
wells come to our tract the bigger the production. The
Burk-Payton is mile west. We plan to drill TEN
WELLS immediately on our 25 acre tract.
Values rocketing skyward. New companies entering this
Held every week. TREMENDOUS DIVIDENDS are in
sight for every stockholder when we block and lease this
big tract.
Oil d Gas Co,
108 Sheldon St. El Paso, Texas
Phone 1314
Pass City Lodee. of the Brother
hood of Railway ClerKs. Friday nleht
passed a resolution condemning con
gressman Thomas L. Blanton of Tex
as for his recent speech characteri
zing the demands of railway unions
as "unfair, threatening and a hold
up." to quote the resolution.
The lodge went on record is de
claring congressman Blanton re
marks as "absurd, ridiculous and
wholly untrue." and referred to his
election as a blight on the record
of this Empire state."
'Quick Action On Your Money
I 13
I ei ssssssBSsSHHSsBaH
Dr. Irvla A Cray. Eye. Ear. Nose
and Throat. Gil Martin BUc rn. 755.
Dr. Ccslye nyde. Osteopathic Physi
cian. Sit Xesa Ave. J'h. Jisz. Aav.
Robber Beaten by Women.
Denver. Colo., Aug. 27. A man giv
ing: the name of "Shorty Dan was
overpowered and badly beaten by a
crowd of women here Tuesday, after
he had robbed and shot up a pool
hall, the proprietor of which was a
son of one of the women. The robber
was rescued by the police and ar
Osteopaths Drs. Armstrong, 416 Roberts-Banner.
Office Ph. 1343 Res. 5365.
Dr. J. Carlton Dysarr, spedallstC 3S1
Mills street, Kl Paso. Tex. Phone 3162.
Lnd Scalded to Death.
Marshall. f!olo Ante 27. The two
and one-ha u year old son or xttomas
Rosser. of Marshall, was scalded to
death Tuesday when he tell into a tub
of boning water.
TTJATTRT T? Avoid Trouble. Leave
j.iiuuuu' Bareaire Checks at
.Longweirs or Telephone Ko. 1-
G ,000,000 IVould Leave Germany.
Berlin. Germany. Aug. 7. (By the
Associated Press; Five million Ger-
Pimples, Sores. Humors
and Skin Eruptions
Are Caused by Impure or Bad Blood-
Internal Treatment Is Necessary.
There are a sreat many conditions
or poor health caused by baa oiooa.
These aisoraers are evidenced by sKin
joints, falling hair and sores on dif-
rerent parts oi lit. zace, limps or
body. While It Is bad enough to be
sick, such troubles are a continual
source of embarrassment and annoy
You can alleviate these troubles
caused by Impure or bad blood by tak
ing prescription i-zzzs. a Dioou puri
fier of merit. The medicinal Ingredi
ents which are used in Its manufac
ture are so proportioned and com
bined as to go directly to the seat of
the trouble, sweep out the Impurities
and purify the blood, that one great
necessity of a healthy body.
Prescription c-2223 contains no
mercury, opium, morphine, chloral or
strychnine: it was originally the pre
scription of a nrominent nhvslcian.
i used in his practice in the treatment
of conditions dne tp impure blood.
If any one doubts the merit of the
' medicinal ingredients used, the man
, ufacturers will gladly furnish this In.
formation to their family pjysiclan.
j Prescription C-2223 can be found at
all good drug stores for 31.50 a bot
1 tie; or tbe manufacturers will send
j prepaid on receipt of price Write
! the C-2223 Laboratory. Memphis.
i 1PDD-. Tor iree lir.rar
El Paso. Tex. 8-S4-19.
Monition. Notice is hereby given
tnat mere was seized at tsi raso, Tex.
Aug. It, 191$, for violation of section
306Z. u. s. Kevisea statutes, one Max
well automobile, motor No. 252,(20 F.
wnicn win De soia at tne u. s. custom
house, at public sale, at 19 a. m. Sept.
-s. 1913. Anyone claiming the. prop
erty is required to appear and file
claim with the collector of customs
prior to sept. 10. 1313. R. s. Craw
ford. Collector of Customs.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals for constructing
the Salt River bridge located within
or partly within the Tonto and Crook
National Forests, State of Arizona.
County of Gila, will be received by
the district engineer. Bureau of Pub
lic Reads, United States Department
of Agriculture, at the Luaa-Strlckler
building. Albuquerque, N. IL. until 2
P. m. o'clock on the 4th day of Sep
tember. 1919. at which time and place
they will be publicly opened and read.
ine ngnt is reserved to reject any
and ail bids, ana none will be consia-
ered except those from contractors
ascertained to be experienced and re
sponsible. The government reserves
tne ngnt to award mis contract oy
groups or items to aixierent contrac
tors in such combinations as appear
most advantageous. The length oi tne
structure to be constructed is- ap
proximately 215 feet. Lump Sum bids
xor tne superstructure win oe requir
ed. Tbe principal Items of the work
for the sub-structure are approxi
mately as follows: 350 cubic yards
ot rocic excavation. Z4U cuoic yarcs
of. plain concrete for abutments: pro
portions l:2V4:b. The work Is to bs
completed on or before axarcn lfi.
1320. The contract form, plans and
specifications mav be examined by re
sponsible contractors at the following
address: 101 u. s. Custom nous.
Denver, Colorado. 213 Luna-Strlckler
Bldg, Albuquerque. New 'Mexico.
Cash or certified .check for at least
S per cent of the total amount pt the
proposal made payable at sight to tbe
secretary cf agriculture of the United
States must accompany each bid as
evidence or good laltn ana as a guar
antee that If awarded the contract,
the bidder will execute the contract
and give bond as required. All pro
posals must De maae on lorms. ana in
accordance with instructions, forming
a part of the specifications above re
ferred to.
District Engineer.
Washington. D. C. Aug. S7. Pos
tal clerks and fourth class postmast
ers will soon receive increases in
salary, house leaders have Informed
J. li. stamps, representing tne pos
tal clerksk and postmasters In Tex
as, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Ar
kansas. Stamos was informed that
an emergency bill to pay larger sal
aries win soon be reported .out o.
the appropriations committees.
August Fur Sale
Exclusive Agents "Rerillon Freres" Furs for the
entire Soath&esL
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Saving Stamps
"The Store of Service"
Swollen faznis.
Announcement was made at the of
fice of sheriff Seth H. Omdorft Wed
nesday ' that the commission as
deputy sheriff held by C. H. Griffith,
who published and circulated "The
Comet," had been canceled. Griffith
was badly beaten at the Franklin
Tavern one night last week.
Manuel Morales was lodged In the
county jail Tuesday night on a fed-,
t-ral charge. He is alleged to bave
violated certain provisions of the im
migration regulations. Morales was
turned over to federal authorities on
Tiotire Dr. J. A. PrcKett. Residence
Ph. 60, omitted from July directory.
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fHIS should be a fortunate day. ae--j
A cording to astro lotrv. Msrs Ve
nus and Jupiter are all Is beneflc
The stars are especially friendly
to the claims of soldiers during this!
sway and there appears to be the '
foreshadowing of a movement thati
will be of great financial benefit to
them. !
Influences that increase energy and
confidence are strong during this
planetry government, which tends to
give ambition and ability to achieve
irci suuai aims. .
The outlook Is uncommonly good
for engineers, mnlrnrio,, amiMnni
iiou norKers, ana contractors when
uars is xrienuiv.
Lumbermen will Hnflt cma il. in
the next lew months, but they are
subject to sinster Influence.
lut unwise policies.
Again women are subieet to the
most stimulsting aad encouraging di
rection of the stars, hut all the lraa
warn them to recognize the need of
suooroinaung characteristics that
prevent impersonal relations in busi
ness affairs.
Theaters continue subject to the
best Influences and a season of ex
traordinary success is presaged.
There msy be a tendency to put
too high a value on youth and beauty
among actresses, the seers forecast
but they prophesy success and fame
for a woman who will win favor by
brains and talent.
Some sort of a scandal growing out
Full-O'Pep Scratch Feed
FuIl-0-Pep Growing Mash. Fnll-0-Pep Dry Mali.
Pansy Scratch Feed. Pansy Baby Chic Feed.
Manufactured by
The Quaker Oats Co.
We will hereafter carry a full line of these well known Poultry
I-erds. A trial sack will convince you of their value.
Fhone 36.
Texas a Dallas Sts.
threatening aspect toward Venus in
the horoscope of the Queen.
Continued manifestations of demo
cratic tendencies are foreshadowed
for Italy. The king will have many
anxieties added to those already
Persons whose birth date it Is have
the promise of an active and suc
cessful year. Money and friends will
greatly increase. The young will
court and marry.
Children born on this day will be
tn all probability gifted and gener-
nn. That. Knhijwfa nf Virtrt. .... 1 -
t win the confidence of their fel
low men aad rise to high positions.
Copyright. 11S. by the McClure
Newspaper Syndicate.
not wear that dainty
Crepe-de-Chine waist ? Use
sblling uarort
A complaint alleglne the ill! -it
of liquor was filed In Justice j. il. ,
Deaver's court Tuesday afternoon i
against Mrs. L. Hollincier. nroiirl.-nr ,
r - wiwsnw.t linger is siiegu to nave kept a -iuan-
1? prrl,ciedi. may ffeet dl- tll7 l0 concealed in a l,rie
tinguished English guests of thelsae. The woman was tak-n cus
Unlted States, as Uranus is In a tody Monday by the police.
the Perfumed Hair Remover
to clear the undcr-arms of
unwelcome hair.
Drnr and Dept. Stores. Pries 50c
UWE EyJERyAjieuT? ticrbkce beajmett.
inc uu MtLDS. FREE
fuausHio by DUNBAR ScCO.
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