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Wednesday, Sept 3, 1019
Wife of American Bobbed and Brutally Slain and 10-Year-Old
Daughter Criminally Assaulted, According
to Story Brought to the Border by Neighbor; To
Be Told Senate Investigating Committee.
ANOTHER story of the outrages" pointed revolvers at her head'and told
committed by Mexican bandit, on f , tell -aerawhere
aBD. This lime it is a story never
before told because those who kaew
1 1 feared to tell ft, knowing they
would be killed by Mexicans if they
This time it is the story o the bra
Tal murder of an American Mormon
Hoir.an, Mrs. E, A. MartenseB. and a
criminal attack on her little 16 year
old daughter n their home at Guade
loupe, near Casas Grande a. In Chi
huahua. The story was brousrht to 1 Paso
br J. N. Quail, field secretary for the
National Association for the Protec
tion of American Rights in Mexico.
It was told to him at the recent Van
Hrn reunion by a ranchman from
Casas Grandes. and neighbor to the
unfortunate Mrs. Marten sen. The
ran-her who came to the United
States especially to tell the story is
1 k. jums. 3i r. anus is wen Known
Cavalry Enroute to Juarez
Is Detoured to Inter
cept Force.
That the cavalry which was to have
reached Juarez from Chihuahua City
to act as a borderrpatroL has been
detoured by way of the CJinaga dis
trict, was the statement Wednesday
morning of Andrea Garcia, Mexican
consul general here. The purpose of
the change in route is that the car
airy may intercept Hipollta Villa and
several rebels who are said to be
moving south from Palomas to meet
-11 Jim. 1 . miiw ta wen Knowutk.. . . ... . . . '
in northern Mexico and the upper Rio I "L MIt m Iront
Grande district. Mr. Quail says. Sn. Ti.SriSi
Old. Story Jnit Told. JjL3'? wM
The story had its origin hack In Jf?T J""1 Portly .released
isi.;. when Mr Martensen, the hus- S ,1?g,Ve?' eIte? to an
hand and father, was erlven from SS'J.JSJ t?f5SLreivf?r hlv
Meiico br conditions which made It J?Ejfi"e5. ?J r.laf Jhta story
mpossibie to continue work on the , tC. 2..
Under threat she told them.
When they had found the money
the Mexicans demanded that Mn.
Martensen get up and make some cof
fee. Barely alive the woman pieadeu
to be permitted to die in peace. Bat
the Mexicans persisted and tne woman
made an effort to rat up and make
. !, Mu ' ;,- .n 1.. , WAAn k....
the stove. Then tie Mexicans shot Francisco Villa near San Salvador,
the woman several times and killed
In another room, hiding in mortal
terror, was the 10 vear old eirL When
she heard the shots and her mother's
j&xptrtns; screams, the girl overcame
ner tear ana rnsnea to ner mother s
prostrate Body.
Nelchborv Attracted.
The Mexicans seised the crying girl,
tore ner clothes fronts her body anu
attempted to outrage her. Her
screams and those of her mother pre
viously had attracted neighbors; and
some of them, also American -Mormons,
came over to see what top trou-
oie was." une or tnem. a man. was! tn thr Airt. r..i..i
August . James A. Bollomen. staff
correspondent of that paper, and who
has been here studying the Mexican
situation. saj that president Wilson
where he is said to be tn hiding!
Hiprlito Villa recently recovered
from a severe illness and Is said to
have begun the march southward to
join his brother, when news of the
latters flight before federal troops
reached him.'
Says Britain, France
Warn Wilson Affairs
In Mex. Must Ghange
ranch. He decided to leave his wife
nd HauKhter at their home and come
to El Paso to find work. He found
' and after a short while sent his
w .re $4f in sold
' ne night the wife1 called at a little
-rvery store in Guadeloupe, wMcfe
in scrven as a postal nee, ana was
r: i b tie proprietor that there was
in old thfcre fqr her At the time
V"-;e voung Mexicans were attttng
n the -nore, smoking. They over--rd
me srecer's remark and saw
'h' cold delivered to the woman.
A '!t she haj trone the three Mexl
.iic; followed the mother to her home.
Ar ivmsr a few minutes after she
reached her borne the Mexicans,
''j : ie s'orv ifoes. fcund the door fas
rf They knocked. Mrs. Marten-
n wanted to know who was there,
.ml u'st thev wanted.
Ve nant in and we want that!
-p'' was the reply. j
You can't have It" Mrs. Martensen I
sii to bive- retorted. "It is for!
' support '
fct Throneli Door,
-t the Mexicans began shoot in
i1 'r 'h 'bf rfoor andj broke in. One
f thA bullets had penetrated Mrs.
nn s abdoTien and she lav on
tmonz the manv raanv mhmri
in evidence to the senatorial in vest 1
fEattnjr committee when it comes to
SI Paso.
has been inform eft hu the. TtHtich
French goeramenja tnat they will
not tolerate the present state of af
fairs In Mexico. The warning gives
by the nations mentioned, according
to Mr. BoUoinon. contained a flat
statement that if the- tjtalted States
does not take- measures to stabilize
the Mexican tfoverntnem. aini to make
the lives and properties of foreigners
safe in tne southern republic, the
themselves will Intervene.
At ue eonxarence at which this
Wasnrntrtan. T f? sn 9 rw '
plaint that effort was beinptmnd,. to: intimation nf h hi.nH... - !,. '
create "an American Monte Carlo" at j Hons mentioned was given it was
LTiajuana. Hex, near San Diego. Ca'ii, pointed out that there Is not sufft
made to the state department by rep-1 eient capital in Mexico to develop
resentatl v Randall, Calif orals, was and create Industry, even if the con
answered Tuesday by secretary Lan- flscallon contemplated la the new
sina; with the declaration that if the1 constitution of the republic is-carried
aiLuuiioa n me atexiean city became uu L-
acnte. "no doubt measures for meet-
ms n win nave to oe consi?9rl.'
Aordlng to a dispatch from
Merlda. Tncatan. Mexico, the governor
of that state has ordered destrnrtion
or tne itnnors tn warehouses of ih
state government, hi compliance with
me promoTiton law ot teat state.
nearly dead. The Mexicans serious damage-
According to travelers from Tor.
reon, rfjns have been so heavy that
corinir crop was threatened with
Hard to part
With that old staaw "Kafir,"
but it's about tinfe yon were
getting acucalnted with a new
Fall Hat. Come In and we'll
introduce yon to the sw el lest
line of Soft Hats In town t
$4 and up
I op J
IIS Saa Antonio St. Sj-
Between Stanton and Mesa
AITT fiTAnnii
UUi 1 rUln
Mr. Hollomon states that after the
peace treaty controversy is ended, the
next thing to be taken in hand will
be "formidable action with regard to
Attendance 22 Percent
Larger Than the First
Day Last Year.
Aroint thee, summer!
Vacation begone!
Work In the concentrated form of
readtn'. ritln' and 'rlthroetlc today is
For this morning, with every wheel
oiled, every preliminary ended, the
public school system In El Paso began
its flying course, full steam up and
a long, straight track ahead.
Registration was conducted in all
schools in the city yesteruay. Includ
ing the high schools.
D.UOO Iteglatratlon.
The registration indicates an at
tendance of possibly more than sevO
school children this term.
When the clock struck today, the
thousands of EI Paso school children
between the ages of 6 and 18 filed
into their classrooms, took their seats.
and within an hour books were in
their bands and the season's work
'Avacbers Inspect Paraphernalia.
Yesterday the teachers throughout
the city repaired to their respective
rooms. Inspected the stocks of books
and saw to It that there was ink in
the inkwells and chalk at the black
When school opened this morning
enrolment was completed.
All of the elementary schools were
closed Wednesdav at noon for the day.
The high school continued its classes
until the regular time tor erasing.
Classes Adjusted.
Wednesday was taken un with the
adjustment of classes. Several classes
were overcrowded and this condition
was lessened by transfers to other
schools. A derided crowded condition,
was notlcable at the Aoy school. Many
of the pupils at this institution will
be transferred to the Franklin school.
Several schools srave out Bart of the
i free text books that are supplied un
der tne -new state law. Beau senooi
led in this, all of the books used by
the upper elementary grades being
All teachers elected to positions for
this term aer now at their duties ex
cept Miss Mary Evans, of the first
grade at Aoy school and Mrs. J. L.
wood, tnanual training teacher, super,
intendent Haugbey announced.
Nine thousand three hundred and
thirty one pupils enroled In the public
schools Tuesday, according to figures
given out by superintendent of
Cor. Slesa avc and Saa Antonio St.
Private Branch Exchange 3300.
Mall and Phone Orders Promptly Flllei.
BY PAPERS OF MFYim riTV schools Hugbey after a meet
oi mrrjo yr mtAlLU Ul I mB of all of the principals of the city
Mexico dtr. Mex Sent s STtv tfcAtheld In the Ballev school Tuesday n
Associated Press). The newspapers ' afternoon. . Vv,
An Event Carefully Planned and Carried
(hit According to Schedule
OUR Annual Fur Sale, on the 5th floor, is the center of attraction
here this week. Even if you are not ready for your fur coat or fur
pieces now. we will be glad to place them in cold storage until needed.
The two big facts of this sale are so impressive that no woman who
thinks carefully of her comforts and appearance and her pocketbook can
fail to be impressed by them. ,
. you buy your Furs during this Annual Fur Sale, you
will save money.
2. If you buy your-Furs at the Popular you haqe that confi
dence that is the essence of every transaction here.
'jy'HETHER you buy a handsom; Hudson Seal coat or Russian Squirrel coat amounting;
' to several hundred dollars or a simple stole or scarf, you have positive assurance that
the style is authoritative.
School Girls and T5ie College Miss
FALL fashions for the junior miss and the school girl are varied and beautiful. Girls of
all ages are invited to spend a short tine m inspecting the stocks, especially suitable for
school wear, that is now being dkplayed. It will be better still if you will ask your mother to
accompany you.
' ' Annua! Sale of
Furs in The Girls'
of the canitaL dealing ivllti nM.lil.fir
rCarranxa's message tp congress, con
sider tne document as having given, a
clear and saiisfaetoW exnositinri nf
"Mexico's relations with , the United
El Universal says it breathes se
renity and equanimity and comes as
a sedative to national opinion, now
excited and restless."
The newspaper says it thinks the
utterances of the president wilt do
much to clarify the aJtaatlon-
El Democrata Jo Ms headlines pro
claims the address as a dear expose
of Mexico's foreien relations and
"The Dnited States, in violating
our sovereignty and independence,
demonstrates that the greatest mis
fortune a people can have is to be
Juan X. Fris. and 'Adelberto Hias.
two senators who last week recofti
xn ended vital amendments to article ;
27 or the constitution, dealing with
petroleum legislation, and later were
reoorted to have reconsidered their
recommendations, declared Tuesday jwoodlawn
that tney nao no receaea- tram incir
original position and tnatrtney wonjo.
champion tnetr amendments 10 con
The attendance la the largest In the
nisiory 01 me Bcnuui jsicui biju
marks a 2? percent increase over!
opening day last year. Excluding the
attendance at the firandview school
and not counting the attendance at
the Woodlewn "school, which has not
been, reported, there is a 1" percent
Increase over
The Bnrolment.
The figures on attendance -given
out by Mr. riugney iohow.
School. 191" 1918
Alamo ?2
Alia VUta S96
Aoy 99
Bailey 519
Beall 9S5
Franklin 5Ii
Highland Park 351
High fll
Junior High 310
Lamar '51
San Jacinto Wl
nonglass (colored i i.
. . . . L
3 :,5
SI 2
It May Net Be Troubling Yoa During
the Warn Weather, But It It St3I
In Yosr Blood.
Catarrh is not only a disgusting
disease but is a dangerous one, and
you should never kt up in your ef
forts to get it out of your system un-l
tU you have done it thoroughly. Get
rid of it, whatever it costs you in
trouble and money.
there is no use in pernnttiog your
self to be deceived. Perhaps, Bke
thousands of others afflicted with
Catarrh, you are about ready to be
lieve that the disease is incwable,
and that you are doomed to spend
the remainder of your days hawking
and spitting, with no. relief in sight' edy, made from roots- and herbs di
Don't be misled into thinking your
Catarrh is gone. The first touch of
winter weather wiB bring it back with
all of its discomforts,
The blood ii laden -with the Ca
tarrh germs, which direct their at-
'ack against the tender and delicate
membranes of the nose and throat
These germs cannot he reached by
sprays or douches, which, of course,
have no effect whatever upon the
Mild weather wiB aid the' treatment
and this is an excellent time to thor
oughly c?eanse the blood .of the germs
of Catarrh and be forever rid of the
troublesome sprays and douches that
can only relieve you for the time.
S. S. S. is a purely vegetable rem-
Austin. Texas. Sept. 3. bemor
ranger captain W. M. Hanson has been
granted an indefinite leaVe of ab
sence by tba governor In order that
he may act as special Investigator
for the subcommittee of the senate
foreign relation committee, which is
to investigate all abases, of relations
between the United' States and Mex
ico. Capt. Hanson left for "Washing
ton today in response to a telegram
he received f-om senator A. B. tfall,
chairman of the committee.
Capt. Hanson has seen lone service
as both federal and state official on
the border and he spent several years
In the Interior of Mexico.
Contractor E. E Shaw Is making
' good progress In the bulldlnc of the
1 railroad west of'Uano Grande in the
state of Durango, Mexico, westward
49 kilometers to a large timber tract. I
according to B. S. B. Washington re
cently from there and now In Bl Paso.
Be said Mr. Shaw had from ISO to
1800 men on the work and had about
25 kilometers of the track eady for
the ties and rails three weeks ago.
The rails werte there ready to be put
down. Tbls piece of rnd is nvt of
from inflamed and stepped-up air
passages that make the days miser
able and the sights sleepless.
Of course this all depends upon
whether or not you are willing to con
tinue the old-time make-shift meth
ods of treatment that you and Many
other sufferers have used for years
'with no substantial results.
You must realize that the disease
itself, and not its symptoms, is what
you have to cure. Of course you
Know that when you are cured of any
disease its symptoms wii! disappear.
Ca'arrh manifests itself by inflam
mation of the delicate membranes of
.ne nose and air passages, which
rftnLe up and make breathing very
o fficii! To get rid of these "dis-
rect from the forest, which combat
promptly disease germs or impurities
in the blood. This great remedy has
been used for more than fifty years,
with most satisfactory results. It has
oeen successfully used by those af
flicted with even the severest cases of
Catarrh. It relieves catarrh by treat
ing the disease at its source S. S. S.
is sold by druggists eve ywhere.
For the benefit o5 those afflicted
with catarrh or oiler blood diseases,
we maintain a medical department in
charge of a specialist skilled in these
diseases. If you will write us fully,
we will give your case careful study,
and write you just what your own in
dividual case requires. No charge is
made for this service. Address Swift
mt effects you must remove i Specific Co.. 414 Swift Laboratory.
enure i Atlanta, Ga.' j
Tl 8130 7 693 m
High nam l0 Stndrnts.
Ttwular school work commenced
Wednesday morning at the nign
Jl.rr rJ .it. f the largest num
ber of students ever enroled In tie
school, the work started with MUte
confusion. The office gae out 110
,hK . .nrntimnt. numur of stn-
dents m high school and Junior hteh4
Toere are several new
year to attend to tne mcreaseaiiuu
.... ui u.tilda Alonxa win teach
Spanish. Miss Edith Coyne will have
charge of the unrary. Miss neien up
ton will teach In the history depart
ment. J. W. Smith will again teach In
the science department after a year's
absence. John Oakex will have charge
of the mechanical drawing otpun
ment. Ifnat rtrnort Harlr.
At the regular assembly Wednesday
morning principal it. w. rowier u
noaaced that only those living at dis
tance from the school will be permit
ted to report later than 8 oclock every
morning. .
rvMch T.uther Coblentz called
meeting for all football players at
:U. Four "letter men" of last year
return Soringer. halfback: Talbot.
fallback; Kel 'hersid and Martinez.
guards. Bes)de tnese. coacn ooienu
has a number of players from other
schools and second string players of
last year With this material ne ex
pects to develop a strong Tiger team.
Cadet Corp. Large,
All cadets reported on the parade
ground Wednesday at 1:15. All ca
dets or last years corps were issuea
the projected line of the National lines ?" "fli L'1. ri.
?i SI'S. ? . r.,.ew men'wjir.ulp
to Maratlan. the seaport of Sinaloa.
as soon as possible. Col. Gbnperllng
expects a corps of 400 this year.
The T. N. T class will meet Friday
rtDUlll di vr tiTCunnpciln the scienoe lecture room at the
ui.rvii.ru, i i.y i nuiuiuuivr record period. Election of officers for
rit. ospu . ur. ri o- the senior year win be held.
Altendorf. former member of the j
American inllitary Intelligence serv-
ice. who Issued last week a statement i jeCllOnal iVleCtin&S
ucriflBn ptvi to cur up a Micao in
vasion of the United States, has issuej
a supplementary statement charging
president Carranza of Mexico with
oelnr directly Implicated in the plot
(Continued from puce X.I
aero to cap to re or eattcr the
offending Mexlerns
Col Goillerxno Valles, assistant
ehiof of stall n5 personal represen
tative of Gen. Mann el Dtejroez. com
mander of the northern military zone,
sLaicu ioqhj i wo Atnencan airpLa ea
flew over Chihuahua City last Thurs
day- He aafd they t ere much larger
than the Mexican airplanes and were
flying very igh. Mexican officials
here said today no formal protest had
been road to Amgrfan authorities
aga'nst the crossing of these planes.
A protest was filed (rare In August
against American airplanes flying
across this order.
Jadgre Jesas M. Cuen, of the federal
court in Juarez, who recently peti
tionee! and obtained a leave of absence
for six months, has received word
that Antonio Norma will arrive In a
short time to take charge of the
refort cArrunis OP JOHN
lfexlco City, Mex., Sept. S The fem
oral authorities in Tars pi co report the
rapture of five rebels, among whom
were the. assassins of John N. Correll
;m American of Ada, Okla.
F. Noel, of Dallas, Tex., is In Jail
in Juarez, charged with disturbance.
According to Juarez police Noe! had
been drinking and attempted to 'bre-ik
up a uance" after fiphting with a
polifnan He will be given a tr.al :n
1l2t- z this afternoon
Are Held by Teachers
The county teachers' institnte was
again divided . into sectional raeet-
inir Wednesdav. The Drimarv de
partment was under the direction of
Miss Anna t. white, wniie tne in
termediate section was presided over
by Miss Jennie M. Langston.
The program in the primary sec
tion included papers by Miss Ansa
T. wnite, Miss Jiaren Jensen, Mrs.
Grace Long Ross and Miss Edith
Alias Jennie 3. jangston. Atiss
Dorothy Clark and Hiss Leopoldina
Koblitz addressed the intermediate
A feature of the forenoon session
was an address by Iflss Blanche M.
Campbell, extension secretary of the
y. W. -C. A. She explained the Camp
Fire Girls' organization.
G. P. Putnam, president of the
county board of trustees, addressed
the institute on "the real work of a
Among the afternoon speakers
were Mrs. Albert J. a Evlar. W. A.
Burk and Miss Helen Hunjt Swift 1
Nleht school in the high school
buildine ooene tonight to continue in
session till June 1. with J. E. GiUcey
as principal. Plans have been made
for a wider scope of work than was
offered durinsr the past two years.
About 60 students have registered in
advance and classes are assured in
bookkeeping, typewriting, shorthand,
commereial arithmetic, business Eng
lish, mechanical drawing and Spanish.
It is expectpj also that classes will
be organized in chemistry, algebra,
eeometry. nt-nmanshin and .ihorthand
dictation, several prospective students
having asked lor tnese subjects.
A feature will be a continuation
of classes in English for foreissners.
with training for merimn cltszen
shlo. in accordance with the nation
t irte movement for rb Vmer'caniza-
tion of alien population In this
The Annual Sale of Furs is a biz item in toe Girk
t Own Shop this weeL
We offer in the very newest Fail Etytes and snperior
orlonanship furs that inefede PatagoBia. Ted and
ray fox, squirrel, nutria, rwfcx, brook mink, mar
mt, imitation ermine. cvcneyt opposum and naouf-
"X50" 25 tO SO Sent
fnrs in the Girls' Department eas be bought with
the same confidence as. the fars ea the 5th floor
for mother and older sister. - - r
The special dteplays and attractive prices of ging
ham dresses for the joaior dun, school girl aad
kindergarten tot are weil worth your attentios.
I Jti Heor.
Downstairs Store
'E'HIS week we are offering weH made gragham dresses for school wear of good quaKty
and fast colors. These come in plaids, checks .and solid colors. They are divided into
two Io'ts.'as follows:
Girls' -gingham dresses, sizes m -e Ti f
2 to 5 years, special price I e U J
Girls' gingham dresses, sizes
6 to 14 years, special price
r ORE than ever this Fall our Drapery Department will asset housekeepers. We say this
.rtecause our stocks are larger and we are prepared to serve u better. Special men
tion is imade of the
Maid-O-Net Curtains
JTE.are rather proud to introduce this fine of curtains in El Paso. They are noted for their
" artistic pattms and durability, also the substantial way in which they are made.
7"Acre is a aide choice in selection. They come in vhile, boiy and cent and me priced per pair
$2.50. $3.00. $3.50. $4.50. $5.00. $6.00 end $8j00.
BpHE longer you are without a Hoover Suction Sweeper, the iQnger
you are without the greatest of all modern household conveniences.
Stop Ruining' Your
CWT you non thai tohaTtng them vilh stiff caT-pel-beaters
is the norst thing you could do? Yet
when that imbedded grit u removed only twice a year,
for months your rugs and carpets lie on the floor full of
sharp grit and every time you walk on them you grind
that grit against the soft wool and cut the nap.
Your carpets and rugs have doubled in value since the
war. This country has no wool to waste in prematurely
worn-out carpets. Stop ruining your carpets!
The solution is to clean them regularly with
Electric Suction Sweeper
Hoovers are sold on easy payment plan.
Special demonstration at your request.
Drapers Department 6th Floor.
LL this week yoa have as op
portunity to btrr ginghams by the
yard much less than it will be later on.
This is National Gingham Week and
the present low prices are accounted
for by reason of the fact that we plan
ned this' event far m advance and now
have the co-operation of the manufac
turers. '
"Prices Are
Lower in EI
. Paso"
OQR present prices on ginghams ar"
jnneh lower, than, other cities- At
lent three eostaraers yeeterday who had
priced ginghams, one in Chicago, one in
Denver aad one in Los Angeles, took the
trouble to tell ns thT our present price?
were considerably lower than thev ba-i
been offered in the three above cities.
This week we offer yoa a wonderful as.
.sortment of standard ginghams in checks,
plaids and colors. The following are the
most interesting items:
27 -inch dress gingham plaids tn dark,
medium and light, also plain colors an. I
eheeka. Prfee, '"JS
per yard, at J
37-isch novelty dress ginghams, nsed for
women and children's dresses, beautiful
plaid effect, abo plain colors and checks.
Price, per Q1?
yard, at & i
32-inch Amoskeag and EaSmmie dress
ginghams, large asortmenjb of desirable
plaids, and plain colors, line weave and
Prd . 35c
12-iach wphyr ginghams, large assort
ment in plaids, cheeks and ' A Sjt.
stripes. Price, per yard, at yZs C
New Vegae woven yarn fasrie ginghams
36 iaefces wioe, plaids and looks like
ltL ' . 69c
Fine Scotch zephyr ginghams, come in
dark, ae&B and light plaids, alsu
ehaaks aad plain f
colors. Per yard UVC
Fine vaave imported ginghams, wonder-
rol colorings, piSMs only, tstra speciai,
yard at
For .
Renfrew winter ginghams, fast colors in
dark "plaids, suitable for school dresses.
Thin kiddy eloth comes im a large as
wrtTitBtf of checks, stripes and plain
colors. Just the; material for children's
Per yard 39c
Devonshire Cloth in a large, assortment
of odds and ends in checks, plaids and
stripes, some plain .-)
rolors, per yard C
Woven yarn madras for boys' or men's
suns, large assortment ox colors in
stripes. Per
yard, 50e and
The Boys' Department will supply the School Suit and Furnishings
school mora than 100 forelsners have
learned to apeAK and read intelligent
ly in the English language and to
write simple caisusa. nu iuuy uiu
ers are starting tn' this work. Ses
sions are held on Mondays. Wednes
days and Fridays from I to s o'clock.
TWo Thousand Bids
Received At Austin
For Slate Lands
Austin, Texas. Sept. I. Over r.000
bids 'were offered for the purchase of
state lands. f5,000 acres of which
went on the market Tuesday. This
ts the biggest land sale ever cun-dut-ted
by the state. Bids came from
nil over Teas and from various por
tions of the Vnifd States. Including
New Yorlc California aad South Da
kota. Of special Interest are several tracts
of oil land fn Kastland eonaty, one
being 77 acres aad on which there la
a producing well. The bids were
opened and classified and tin awards
will be made to the highest bidder aa
soon as possible.
Crac Marksman 'Kills 3
Fishermen With 3 Shots
Port Angeles, Wash. Sept. 3. A
crack rifle shot sat Tuesday on a
bluff back of Pillar Point, three miles
west of here, and shot and killed
three fishermen. Jobtl Petersen. Hau-
den Olson anri Swiert Anderson, nho
wre ioa.rne a ftsb traD below the
bluff, n-e murderer sent one ballet
Into each of bis Tictiro.
Police, wko snapeet John Smith, a
l uauer. is connected with the
crime, have learned Smith, soon after
the murders, set out ia an open boat
for Vancouver island, across 'the
straits of Juan de Fuca from here.
Government boats are searching for
Smith recently had trouble with the
three men. it was said.
Manuel Munguia was fined SI 00
Tuesday afternoon in police court on
a charge of firing a-pistol It was tes
tified that Munguia. who is the pro
prietor of the Franklin tavern, had
the gun in his pocket and it dropped
out and discharged while he was in
the Manhattan cafe early Sjcdi
Educator Shoes
105 Saa Jacinto St.

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