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6 Wednesday. Sept. 3, 1919.
ALTHOUGH there fiire been a few clashes, nothing as Jfisln In tffope'ratfth tfith the Glutei ind tfce aStfahUges
,.. . iif .iA i,.r. gain in the fatore will be obtained is the same man-
Anybody Fed A Draft? - - - w
to tHttifv the fears entertained here and
there of a race war in this country between whites and
negroes. The fact is, both races have too much sense to
fight: each other. . .
there was 48 oot&reak in (fticago recently, doe to th
fact that the negro quarter ini becofaf overcrowded, with
the result that negroes, having to live somewhere, moved
into sections previously occupied only by whites.
There hai'atte been a fight at KnoxTiUej Terou the
result of athrfit to Itncfi a ifcfrfc. Th wis evidefitly a
dash over a man and no qnettien of race eijiiility was
Then there was the beating of Tohn R. Shillady at
Austin by two county officials. Shulady rs styled "secre
tary of the National Assohatita for .the Advahcemlnt bf
Colored People." SflilladVs vkrl to Austin was ejjuthffi!
as an
but it is not apparent that tie negroes of Texas have
become in the least excited. .
In fact, a big meeting of negroes' was held in Austin
Sunday night at which it was staled by negroes ihat
there is SB iJt erM t6r,cer2piStet regirdiag the treat
ment of negroes ft th Mlk ifid a iesoliiU&ri wis iafeted
deprecating intermeddling by northerners in the relation
ship between whites and negroes in the south.
About the only late deveWpment of some significance
as affecting the racial problem was the application by
negroes in Austin, Greenville and other Texas Cities for a
grressive association. The charter was refused by the act-
A Plfea For Socialism.
. A. WORSLEY, a Tutsoii lawyer, who WjeyS cOfisid
erable pfominence in labor circles, is quoted as hiring
saidjn his address at Cleveland Square dn labor day:
flEe c'Jy is coming and it is not far away when there
wilt S? fib mister and nd servant, ho einplByer nor em
pleyej when mechanical power will work in hanrieny with
nanpower and will bless IaW instead of curse it as it is
doiijg, nnf ."
- jf. worsley is intelligent enough to kriew thll we do
not have masters add servants in this fret tbuntfy except
in effort to Hrie up ttt SMrSei ttr socUl equafity.. He SSrfKn ITLrXiZL J 2?
.tK .iu JujiU:t3Z .v .1. in.t present. The orlongman and working woman of Aratr-
r; rZJZZlVtCZT H ZitC:: .t ?1 i nearly independent as any heings can be inde
pendent is the matter of choosing occupations and Condi-!
tioss. As a matter of fact, no man; woman or child is
cdfriplettly independent of others in every sense.
His declaration that the time is sear at hand when
Usere will te no efabloyer at employe sbunds like pure
Socialism. He might as well have gone ahead with a
Socialist 8r t Vf. W. speech about "the downtrodden- prole
tariat" tilrihg the tools away from the capitalist class
and operating all industries "for the benefit of jabot." For
years Mr. Worsley has been a Democrat of strong Socialist
leanings and this Labor day speech of his doubtless carried
his own convictions. El Paso labor is not as ready as' Mr.
Worsley appears to be to believe that cooperative effort,! I
Suppose there is a ISfrSf shortage on iciouni of iS
negira or ipreignus to iceir native lanas, wny snosia we
be alarmed? L ifitm go and let us keep them Sit
Surely' fie "melting pot" idea has been . proven a false
eans can learn to work once again.
A lot of newspapers are urging that we all quit hating
th6 Germins if we would be a -happy ana tranquil- worm.
Might it not be time to make that plea when Germany
show a contrite spirit? The word repentance does not
appMr to be in the German language.
Tlfy seldOrd hEaf W May getting bitten bya ralUe
any more, taere neing jpien. pi reason
by a fittlesnilg bdt the remedy being hard to una
land harder to pay for.
i?r w rL t? i. t head or direcUon, will bring an industrial milks-
formed for a number of purposes for which the secretary
of state is not authorzed by statute to issue charters.
It was stated that the association is composed mainly of
negroes who saw service in France and that its chief aim
was social equality.
Since the negroes in uniform during the war were
numerous enough to form a considerable army by them
selves, and because most of them got across to tngiana
and France where negroes have privileges different frotd
those obtaining in the United States, it is but natural that
they should return with the idea that changes might be
made in this country to tin advantage of their race. France
treat 3 blacks on an equality with whites from a jttll
sf-xnclnnint thnnefc -nesnl them as elsewhere choose tnlfr
friends where they please, and England, too, fcJ4 fStter
cmpcBsizea racial cquauiy, mosga some suciui inuituuu
are being imposed now, the dispatches say.
The point that these returning negro soldiefS inTzriablj
stress is that if negroes were good enoueh to flare 3nd die
for their country, they are good enough tholft Si the3
who are jetting back alive to have the sardS privileges is
whites. There is surface truth in that, hut thE fact remains
that certain distinctions have been found (6 6$ for the
good of both races, and, until it is certain ffiit those dis
tinctions are not for the good of both TaceJ; they will con
tinue to be observed.
There win be some changes, it is probSWe. ShillsUlys
to have both races mingle socially, intermarffj' eft, as it is to o but tS J omt with ptHe to this ye.
to get for all negroes the right to vote, the right of jury
service, and the right to travel in sleeping eirs ind to be
served in dining ears. The orjaniiation Say fet soSe
where with its program, especially as. regards, jcrj service
and voting, but it will fake time. JHfeanwf lie; ft is ribt
helping things along for negro" ergiSiraBfisI i& write
Washington that a race war rd&y result if i&tzi fittrasj
Io not get what they demasd.
There are nearly 10,000,00(1. negroes in ffiS . uSita
States, most of them the descendants- (if Africans bf3h
o this country by early colonists. Theyfhave Uvea and
multiplied in this country in peac arid generally in content,
living side by side with the whiteS andjrking wili them
-i for them. Such advancement ii they have achieved has
Wondfr if they wiil Sliii the courimartial of CafiL
ng mk
Matlock fSr not navihS iMii Other $7500 ranSom cflmey tb
those MExtcin bandlti? Wlshington ii asveWpl:
wonderful ideas of iibnor.
If the Renublicans claim credit for an amended and
bettered peace treaty there's nothing for the Democrats
ars bumper crop.
The pf8Spfcts for tfife wdmes get ting to vete at tfe
next i'iesidential election ire ndne tod bnght. Thus fit
only 14 states nave rauiiea tee ameamneau
f 6e pf drlteers ari HtJrlfy enWih to fiSliev'S in grap-
plinf tlf fffendi to them with fiWks Of eaL
flgw can anybody say El Paso is hot when people flock
to bay army blankets in August?
The He Tsas dead
Aiti dan&ei. taid stoSi uS imltBi.
ttbbert tt&wtilnc
Van Horn Gives Gimi WtfbdffiS To Governor And 'Party
Postal Employes Gdt tttile Fddd Af Government SalB
DOUBT if there is another tbfrfl
the United States that cdCfd
entertain such & crowd as Van Htfrq
aid at the old settlers' reunion and
"flebration for the governor and tB
' ighways commission," said Adrian
Pool. -The Van Horn people and the
ranchmen in Culberson connty did
ti.ingrs in a marvelous jnanner. Too
r. uch cannot be said of their effi-'-ncy
and hospitality. It was the
most complete and perfectly organ
ized entertainment I ever attended in
cli my life, and hundreds of persons
aid the same thing. It was ekil folly
managed as one could Imagine. One
,ir" the leadincr spirits was judge J. C.
Hunter. It is a blessing to a commu
r.itv to have a man like him live in It.
"It was interesting to hear what the
governor and Mrs. Hobby and xnem
. era of their party said about the
celebration. The governor and his
r-artv paid hlch compliments to west
Tei.as and Culberson county and Van
Horn in particular. To feed, lodge
and furnish free ice cream and ice
TTftter and lemonade and provide en
tertainment for a hi? crowd like that,
o show everybody a good time, free;
f charge, and to give them such
unique entertainment and such hos-
r.itablf treatment are things which
n ill be long remembered- The gov-t-nio-
said that sucb spirit is what
- akes Texas great and it Is."
' I was surprista to learn that the
s&p of the army supplies at the mu
nicipal store proved so successful"
Bald L D Malone. "because I bjtre
.earned that it was not a success1 si
far a? the government employe are
allies; Oa t pther m
J.W k.Ji I III I 11 I 1 III I I
sfcMfiol teaeherf ihb jiitMSU
Drdvieions of the orfflitinc
cted to use
Is re-
pet at rlKht
s dlaBonally.
r. forbids a
l wisn
and the
'.y or ln-
rd to the
and warn
tBejn to walk in the correct manner
upon the streets, especially in tne
business district. " 1
Paao ouEht. by all means, to
a nurse for the DUbiic schools."
Misa Catherine Kellv. "Without
purse the school physician cannot
to perform his duties with the
est efficiency, and it will be Jif-
Qt to keep the standard of health
he school children on the highest
El Paso is the only city in
that does not have snch a
which is a stlsxna upon tne
rees of -the city.
d the auto-1 rturlent Art s sgll rnafitoe ,'trnJ8
mt oeaes- iormr uw.n. tubbwe ii io ,a uw
i. n lira 3uin.ua .Jflurc'ltUB'
Rain Samuel T. Cunninsrham. of Lo
Angeles. "One of those items was the
account of the firing on Ameriran
aviators down Laredo way. I do not
wish to be understood as being
pleased at the wounding of my coun
tryman; one of the flyers. ar, from It
-4-MLlt Is whrt X MS eSbectlng. It
shawid what Oarrabta and.hti. gov
ernment will do and no American who
knows the Carranza regime Is sur
prised ft IC THe only wonder is. that
sosSethlhg lllsS Jt Jug not takeilc
berore tnis: in I act, it nas. Tne iinng
cn those aviators Is In keeping with
tjarranza s message i
where he practical
of anv eovernment to
protection of its nationals in Mexico.
He practically argues that Mexico is
at hound to reitpH American Jtsnta,
34 mejsaee B. Cacranza ail tag
firing on our aviators are jnst the
continues -ruDouur in.
d&rt ind the Americ
;o contend for the'
. Otr iroverTi
American people maf
fret thlr fill' of CarrancA ftiethodt
sutne day. 'Qui en sa.be T"
14 Years Ago Today
From TKE Herald ol Thl. ilSU. iOOS I
T'he ptlblicatlon of the demands of
Japan oil lidssia show It "points."
x-uoiication or a comparative report
Showtrit the loss to each .nation in
men, snips and money shows that
lanan lost 2S0.000 men dnrlsic the
War arid jtussit lost 3"S.a. The re-
Of the wir to both beUlgefehts was
rtfik an illness,
' :Jfias returned
th east. Mm
ill be home in
G. Buchol
toms col lectoj", has
city from Saa Anti
Winchester Cc
from his vuatlAi
uooiey, Jtnd chil
two kit
Mrs. a AT&MteiH and children re
turned thlsv MJt from California.
Mrs. SL $olberg and family re
turned thjSTOk from California.
J Jt Caixnon and family have re
turtied zrotn a vacation in the east.
eynoias. former principal of
SCbooL accomnSniM hv him
left todav for Cnllfnrnf n
mfllce his future home in that state.
The theater saaion will
tern be r 14 according to Roy Crawford,
manager of the new Myar opera bouse,
who has announced the attractlone
booked for El Paso this year.
AttJtMi Texas, Sept, 1 The balance i
n the slate treasn
Ing of the fWcal.y
ras 8.8lj.412J in .
TH' road t' success hain't so tocgi
if you know wten t' sidestep. Ttf
Cincinnati Reds wnz about ti' last
t go np.
treasnry at the begin-
year. Septembsr 1.
was 8.81.41.i In cash and 14.052.-
2. SO in bonds. Oishursements for
?i.3?Klr enn'ng August 31 were
54.581.08 iash and JS59.:9 bonds. Ke--eJPts
were S44.7.14 3g lntan.t
celved from state depositories for
"W". I. Brown, chairman of thn
Austin. Texas, Sept 3. Judge Wal
ter F. Schenck has resigned his posi
tion as an assistant attorney general
and will resume the nractice of law
at his home at L,ubbock. His place
taken by tne appointment
Red Cross ehan f huT nn I ?f.Z?Z?ZX
ieeilne of radp.ates in advance- t public buildings and grounds. The
fSt aid COUrSeS In El Fasti tn mf-r . .innoinlment nf TlniUel) Smith In 111
Sf-SSj$k rTKf afternoon at the ceed Bryant was announced in the
Reg Cfos Shop fh the TMara.
1 lovemor's office.
'i fete Others In the enftt1nvmnt
t'ie government ordered more than
lortfa of goods and,tmjy :
get i
r.rceniap-e was delivered to
ine- were told that, their
-Aoull be filled befofe the.
i lutrs imen, except ipr a. sm:
r-i:caa?- or rneir ortier. Th com:
e- m rtiarjfe of tne work for
7':ta employes did its part. I
loin, nut alter tne men had pal.
money in advance, it was not re)
to them for some days."
'"Jar traHcins' on the streets 01
raso win not t,e -tolerated,
councilman William T. firiffith
members of the police.force have b
j?iven positive instruction to enfoi
tne oramance reculatlncr traffic
the streets of El Paso to the let
ana violators or tne ordinance
subject to arrest. The- ordinance
cesiKnea T" protect pyiMtnit
ciallv children, from intomSfl
dents and reduce the humber oTcj
i mstm
tnv charse to the trrand Jury
cted that a complete invest!
of conditions at roadhouses '
the valley be thoronKbly made. 1
Jude W. D. Howe, of the 34th f
ict court. "While I nave no posit- :
vidence that nnlawfnl conditions
t the roadhouses I am assured t
indiMnnfi ar stifti an ttt neces.
te an investigation."
era institute, now in ses- '
essinz verv snccessiuliy. 1
s Mrra Winkler, coanty sn-
dent ach sneaker whose
Xbpears .on the program Is a
list in hil.br her nartlcnlar line -
Ind. bie futltnte will derive much -
P(HLjkc)'t& tfcese lectures. Folly 0 r
tSaclerl ttH attending the meeting.' .
:k can come close to a man 1
in iflis, oil nme ana then pass htm ;
vv est on. or isait Laae ,
Is mighty hard when
good money, as I did
y irom dame fortune.
t aoout two years
80 acres I had a
t is now the heart
ina field in Texas. I
for his report and he
and I naturally trusted
nt I paid for. Todav
is worth $1.50fl.0. I
ear to being: a millionaire
Keep away from that for
is what I call hard luck."
i,i7 two stories In The Herald (
tJatrnoqn that snowed that presi. I
itCCIasf .Mevspaper Syndicate;
COS.-rlsht. urn. bj
th vrliat men may a Slokamme-
dait Troiuan iritfi propriety anow
htr facer 1. E. S.
.4 jViJ,S1aiP 5"0man
9V.w nor :
may not ljiarry.
tee.only tornetj fBq
iparry.. Tul? means i
may see the face of His mot!
niters, daughters, stmts, .
ine etner nf tne wonten or his cii
Q. Whstrl;Jhe,f IsSt. worfl Ir tiff
L. Patter And Chatter.0.
The War Is Pbilporled On Accolihl Of Rain
Owing to heavy tains t&e Americas farres that started la parinlt of the Mi.ran
banilits are making their way back across the Rio Grande. Dispatch from 3Iari,
WE hoped they would chise tie pernicious guerillas
" ' till the last filthy ettt-tlir3at was brought b his ksleei,
But orir boys, in Ineir hurry, forgot their umbrellas,
. Arid it seeds that they failed to find sheltering trees;
fob' bad that the witting has caused the upsetting
tif all our high hopes; but why sit and complain?
We ISH lack the power to shut off a shdwer
Sb the war ii pdsfponed oh account of the rain.
WE Used to be told that the trenches were muddy
Where the boys we sent orer io France had to fight;
They waded waist-deep where the water was bloody,
But they had to keep at it by day and by nigbt!
Denied any shelter, they went through the welter,
Aciietiug the purpose we wished thm to gain,
And we nerer got word tnat they waf ered, or heard thft
The war Was poifponed on account bf the rain.
TOO bad that we failed tb equip with goloshes
The men we sent after the murderous arid;
Our heroes return while the Mexican sloshes
In plaits ihat once were hit stretches of iW.
They were ready to hand it straight-armed to the bandit,
To wipe out an old and unbearable stain, .
But the fond hope vie theriited was drowned, it has perished,
For the war is postponed oil account of the rain.
Whd can adslbt the loyalty of the American, neoiplfl after bearing the ap
ptltise when piothres of the Prince of Wales are ssown on the movie screens"
iiE tyobin Prefix vs. AXvnow.
''Ton and I mast be able to .shake, bands with the canlaUst or the aa:
la borer,", says Lieut. CoL Roosevelt. All right, colonel, as long as you don t
tberade the landlord.
A MlriTHliEjS rjTnftE.
I am not spendlss mohex now
Por tickets to the playj
Hdt people maaaee iXUU iomeliotr.
To jcet my ebanse airay.
So nken the strikers terms. are, met
Arid tnln&a go an eace more,
3ly irroeer probably win fct
The seat I had before.
Bf B.
the staSdpolnt -of Its
competitor for the honor, as is right.
rain. love. uoa.
U. IIott. many motns plclnres are
there In the Untied; State.. M, n.
.L1- JiSf isaita for
ISZi rl""ls iff. tr , '?J.Blv1"
Sofctll adSssTonj
4tf is
i ftao -
slons in the eoorM of a
anaomisslbwotildmonnt to ffjo.-
O. .nhat (5 a e'ooA innbnrn iotioat
(Ion Shpola be dabbed on the Inflamed
SjfiStlti.t8m1.plfe or
Sprayed with as, atomuer every hoar
ii convenient. shonld. not bo rtbb
Info the skin. If no medicine Js ava
sow coin somDressea win el re reliec
ll,. 'i'ndly, anwerihei foIIo,Tqj;
!!!iSffr'Ba,i A S t'ajfnc a Sty
SFTn,'i-liJ ' VitT o call
oppn H and bldv htm iroodbye or Tlce
IT?? I" f"Ve.A Is a female
"air iiuma same roie apply r
eh, food frienfls ire Berlins.
Reentered C. S. Patent offfce.
.fly ft. C B.
It,,' not necefcary jo, iiind nooa
cefejhony. In.blgFlfit feoodjhye. bBtjTfi
fbr the .
I eoodbye. in
( tezvini
one i
depart zndf Mi
It Is not nnnanal
toft to e.aretsJV
It U a. man ho Is
caruunly not . be
n. saw js. it
j.,nirea a jaaaos
Of the OtfAim
paid him UK
turned t9Uk
arrinsf and his so railed gov-
Rippling Rhymes
TurbiileHt Times
T TKCXE SAM ii feebly swearing, as he never did before, and his wintry locks '
he's tearing and we see him walk the floor; for the country's all excited, !
and our old time peace is b&gbted, and the wrongs that shonld be righted come I
a-rapping at his door. Every man has got a hammer, and we all rear np and
knock, and we yawp around and yammer, and we heave the brick and rock; '
and we strike and quit our labors, and go rioting with neighbors, till the I
soldiers with their sabers drive ns homeward in a Sock. We are full of pep '
and mettled, and we stamp old systems flat, for the country is unsettled, and I
we don't know where we're at; profiteers are driving shoppers to the refuge
of the paupers, and we whip the village coppers, and knock off the statesman's
hat. All respect for law and order we have lost and care no hoot, and we're i
Uniting to the border of black chaos and its loot; but well stop before arriving, I
and our Uncle, still surviving, will behold us nobly striving to o'erwhelm that '
chaos brute. For a time we've lost our senses, after all the wartime strain,
and we're tearing down the fences but well put them np again; for we all
are too blamed clever to keep op this lick forever, and we soon will make ,
endeavox to convince you that we're sane.
r ty Georse Matthew Adams WALT MASON.
say kbddbyd iand wish film
Id. It won
amiss for htm to call
1 rrieria ann bt.
: efer. 'she mlfrti
rbne and say
tfr.oirtrUf tbe.fiames
-.C2.n!,f"',' ' " rndtanorf
manlnir ton river: Maine ia regard
ed as of French origift from the
t-rovinee or Maine: MaaaaehnsetM
i an Indian
I (Jr.
i : . .
"iw xni's: iiew ttamo
nsn, comlne.from Marhn
ord meanlns; . .Placo df
Knslond: fermont t PrdAZH vv
. 5l"nt." meanlns: -fcefci SSnfitsip,"
I With rpfor.n-. t)vl., , ,T, ,V .
, ,l " " wmw. Tor rne l:
! of Rhode and others for a prom!
r"iei nBi,(i cnodes.
tnlted Stairs? n. T: If:
A Technically the I'nlted States
ann Gertianr are ntill at tx-e ,a
zens qf the. Utter countrr iL nor ).
muteo. This condition llt ((
untJI the peace treaty has been ratl-
s O. -ivhat Is split InfialtKer It.
A The usual form of split. lntlnlt
fh 11? ln whifh an adverb Is Wter
b.Slwn, h Preposition and the
verb "To QUIctlv ittnn " H..-.
By K. c B. T - - - r , i -
DEAR K. a B. As I sat on my pbfeh and read your -gossip in tonay s
paper I was reminded ever so clearly df the minister's Kttfc girl, DC i
Miller, vrho was ia iBxalli
AU dav iotr" she sat ia her wheel eflsir, aad I would go over to see
Stbd tia the paper with nte and read ynr eorriam to her. She. as well n
other littk ones who were atwiys a tiered aronnd her chair, grew to kno ,
rim and Kke yoti very nrdeh. Aad I wait yon fo know flat When I failed to
appear Ae missed rt so.
I often wonder if the people in large, cities where there is so much doin j
enjov your writings Kke we do in small cities.
Lrttl Delia passra away one year ago; and I can't help thinking 01 h r
as I read your eolunm today. Very sincerely yqjir?,
JIT DB-rt Xrs. Rackett.
ivrriidcT ajjt apology.
Fdrt pItf,TTi.G fohr letter.
i'jt bUbfG further.
ASD rM eolns to teU yon.
iUA-tjiS 1 sat her.
and liE-XD yoar letter.
if tinftrCHT to ray mtmt
tIie Little Jim" ward.
bp HIE Children's Hospital
iS SAX Kranctsco.
tvllhnc TWO score children.
t.iT QCIBT.all day.
AND tJEt ill nlSht
M f LASxtn casts.
AStJ STitAPrErl to boards
iStJ I used to so there.
them slL
r-e.J . . I t, 1-1 -WI'HII S9
eVl T"" V? sry -""vi'tiyevhut it u
often done in speech ittid JnrjiiT
'Any reader can set the ansier t
anv guestton bv Writing The Herald
k'n Director, tvastilnirfn,. r
"jM name arid uridrMa I,
enr stamb.for return rwSUiT rll
olor blindness occurs In Bfiiy 2
percent or wofrep in every day lift
amons healthy lneTivHIoals In America
X Knew
AND Tlirrr Knew me.
AND ONK aCternoen.
I TOOK Harry Hondint
AI1 MB took little rabbits
III GUT OUT of my hat.
And' A bpshet of canety.
rRO.lt A 5 cent sack.
SILYHR dollars.
FROM. A little boy's ears.
AND IIB made them laugh.
SO THAT bbe little girl.
TBtiri iife Star 3t
SHC HAD laughed so much.
IT HAD cracked her case.
I TOOK up a bend.
AND TIIET Sat around.
OS THE little white beds.
AND ONB little kid.
iLili "titf: atnsmnftr nun.
And" AN'oTirtnt Hi
1IAD A tiombooe man.
Asfi Al.i qr the ward.
EAtni titlLTJ Sad a nan.
Bifcnx TlttdtE on Sli bed.
An'd iiOTC ttlty pUyed:
TiloSR rJifc band men!
A A I) sbjife of them cried.
AND i'M ielllns yoil this.
In Srtrh of. tfle fact.
Tliix Sdili: poor aeol.
WlM, JilSE up ind say:
tHAt xit btassln igatn.
AtB 5it answer is.
THAT nONE Snnday nlsBt.
I BltACCcb Jllte this.
fRHh.A church platform.
AND tUe very next week.
.4 DOZEN men.
TOOfil hundred orphans.
ON A rrand ptcnie.
1 i iUnk yoa
Short Snatches
From Everywhere
If the law of supply and demand '
responsible fax extettae prices It o?c;
to be amended. Littlo Rock A-ki".-sas
Chairman Manly of the war ;.,
board warns that "food Is goir.e t.- te
very scarce and hlwh In the l"f el
awes during the next 12 momMi
Bot consumers will continue plent f-l
and cheat. New York World.
Little Chris I
"rank. "la iilti
U ChrK. -it 0a
i dont take me hunting
irlth you vthiie I'm ilt
j tie. bowli I know Tihen
I i grorr np bij- ihfch
i birds to till arid irfclefi
not to suit Tort Save
1 th cret . me bootn and
; take jam with yOn."
SILttL Mrs A rtlAHpfttN. AND TIWT BVU SllAlX
II. n. sifter, editor kod eontrolinr iwn,r. .Jtai Mrrvted Th JItt Ur SI jean;
J. C. nilroaCMh U UtnXtrr rftW O. A. MnHfa t Mirrtfirtic GKr.
member AriATiOij IlfiS
CIATION ANAimitgi'i:
v of rffLTOLATins
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Eft rrfiliHERS ASSO-
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1 Th El Pup.
The Dail NfWl T(4Cr4lttl
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raid tnctodrs. also bj.
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Th RpahMcaTi Tttt Bqiiftm.
TEKMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Daily HmVLs pr month. 70c: Cr r
day and W-k-tfi$ lanowi rtl! b ma 111 for $1.00 per yjir
91 00
ar. 17.50. Wfins
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plrte novtt report 1)3 Awociated. Prea IZSCB wire aihi :
covenne Art ion. New 31xict- W w Texaa, Hxtco v. (srnn
Torlt. Entered at the Puataffitfr in JCT PMtO. Trias. SfC
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-a Matter
The E! Paso Herald Infnrina'ttoa f&TWm it Was&tnciaa fsrnubva readera. f-a of
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concernins which tn foliation can b- bad from the onparalleled reaAtt.'cei nf thp vr -Ous
frderal government departinenta, the rreat Library of Conirreas and the tear.
zperta and acient'sta tn the rovernmenf aervlce at WaahinKton. Two cenra tn past
are for reply must accompany each Inquiry State clearly th Informatica aar- tJ
and aridresa The El Paao HeraltS InforxoaUon Bureau. FreUexic J. Haakio C r z
T'v3h rig ton, IX C

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